because of flawless human being

Viktor’s Worst Nightmare

Yuri is pretty used to Viktor having bad nightmares. It’s surprisingly common for him to wake up and find Viktor trying to hide the fact he is right out terrified about something that happened in a dream. 

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okay so you know what really bothers me? when people think that the only reason people like steve is because he’s ‘perfect’. that everyone who likes him/he’s their favorite character only because he’s this flawless perfect human being who can do no wrong. i’m tired of seeing people think the only reason people like steve is because of that, that the only reason people are on his side and rooting for him is because he knows everything. people don’t love steve because he’s flawless and perfect and always right. i’ve never seen anyone who likes him because of his supposed perfection. i love steve because i relate to him. he’s what erksine said that he should be; “not a perfect soldier but a good man.” he tries to do what’s best and he genuinely wants to help people. he may not be always right and he’s sometimes way over his head, but that just adds to his characterization. after he’s thawed out of the ice he’s dealing with being lonely and not having anyone around who knows the real him and he’s so selfless while suffering through his own demons. he even tells sam in the tws that he has no idea what makes him happy. he’s reckless to the point of being suicidal and he has no idea what makes him happy. he’s a superhero dealing with depression and he’s willing to put all of that aside in order to help people. he’s fiercely loyal to those that he cares about and what do you think makes so many people back him? i mean sam, natasha, even bucky even though steve grew up with him and the other two didn’t are putting themselves at risk to help him. steve may not always be right and he’s no where near perfect and that’s what i and many other people love about him. he’s so selfless even when dealing with his own problems and let me tell you that has someone who has dealt with depression before and has bad anxiety, it’s nice to see someone have these problems and still continue to be there for his friends and help other people and basically save the world. i like reading meta and fics that further talk about his problems because i relate to them and i see so many people talk about the problems that he deals with and sometimes it’s so obvious that he has so many things to deal with and to see people just ignore all of that just because they wanna use him as a control group to compare just how flawed their fave is. steve rogers is not perfect, he’s not flawless. he’s not someone you only want around when you’re having a good day, he’s not someone whose perfection you can use in order to defend and prove your ”more flawed, more worthy” fave, he’s not perfect and fans don’t love him because of his perfection and flawlessness and i’m tired of having to always say that because people just wanna use him as an example of perfection in order to make him look bad against your //perfect flawed// fave.