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*points out flaw that a character has/mistake character has made* Someone: but I thought they were your favorite? Me:

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So here’s the thing: I won’t stop being your friend, rp partner, or ship partner, even if we don’t talk for awhile like— Ive had to delete a lot of blogs/lost contact with a lot of people, because of computer failures, broken phones, just life being life.

Basically like, we can not talk or rp for months but as soon as we start talking again I will literally not be any different in how I talk because I still consider you a friend

Looks like I’m the only person on the internet who didn’t unequivocally love The Scream™.

I realise I’m going to need witness protection for saying this but I don’t think it was in character and it didn’t seem quite right. I don’t feel it’s a Bob thing, because I can’t think of any instance in which Bob hasn’t nailed Bellamy 100% so coupled with some of the weird dialogue and shooting choices in that scene I’m going to say I think it’s a script or direction or editing failure because it did not resonate with me at all.

Just as a general note
You should eliminate any thought that there is an expectation that you do anything by any age
You don’t have to be married with kids by 25
It’s ok to be 16 and never been kissed
There’s nothing wrong with you if you haven’t graduated from college by 22
You’re not a failure because you don’t have your dream job at 30
There are no rules to life. You don’t get special points for achieving certain things by a deadline. Just go at your own speed. It’s not a race.

Btw expecting a dog to be 100% perfect always from the day it’s born to adulthood isn’t very realistic. Puppies are difficult. Teenagers are difficult. It’s okay and you’re probably not doing anything wrong. I have to remind myself several times a day that I can love Góa, the teenage pupper, without loving everything she does. 
Just work through it and you’ll get there eventually. 

How Yurio Finds His “Agape” Without Realizing It - Ep. 8 Meta

So for a while, the scene right before Yurio’s short program confused me. Yurio says that he can’t find his “agape” because his grandfather didn’t come. But as soon as Yuuri and Viktor see him, they comment that this is Yurio’s “real agape.” I didn’t understand how Yurio could jump from saying no grandpa=no agape, to suddenly having “agape.”

But after a closer look, I noticed some striking details. This follows along with my Yurio’s Crush on Yuuri Theory posts.

So to begin with the scene, Yurio walks in during Yuuri’s “Eros” short program. Lilia exchanges some words with him, but you can tell he’s definitely watching Yuuri’s performance.

Yurio is impressed by Yuuri’s skating. Remember how blown away he was at Onsen on Ice? He’s even more enchanted by Yuuri’s skating here. This isn’t the face of someone merely studying the competition, he is mesmerized by the way Yuuri moves to the music, by the “eros” oozing from his performance. Finally, he’s watching Yuuri skate a perfect program, like he wished for in the Episode 12 flashback. (”I want to see him skate with no mistakes.”)

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I was re-watching episode 10

I still fucking love this episode for many reasons but something that struck me today.

When Yuri starts to feel anxious when he’s alone in the hotel room he says out loud “Victor help me”

Having anxiety being able to ask a specific person to help you, even in your own head and even if they aren’t in the room, is a big deal.

Your go to state is often “I’m a burden” or that you’re more of a failure because you want help and you worry your need will mean you are rejected in some way.

Here Yuri is mentally aware he can go to Victor for help and be accepted.

I love that detail about Yuri and his relationship with Victor. It shows how much trust he has in him.


Sen. John McCain: Russia’s election hacks have left U.S. “totally paralyzed”

  • McCain said on Sunday the Russian hacking exposed a threat that could “destroy democracy” and leave the country “totally paralyzed.”
  • “This is the sign of a possible unraveling of the world order that was established after World War II … and that is because of the absolute failure of American leadership.”
  • McCain called for a single select committee to investigate the allegations. Read more

Rex Tillerson is the director of a U.S.-Russian oil company registered in the Bahamas

  • Rex Tillerson is the director of a “U.S.-Russian oil firm based in the tax haven of the Bahamas,” the Guardian reported on Sunday.
  • A leaked document from 2001 showed since at least 1998, Tillerson has been the director of ExxonMobile Russian subsidiary Exxon Neftegas
  • He sits along with “other officers who are based at Houston, Texas; Moscow; and Sakhalin, in Russia’s far east,” the paper wrote. Read more

Poll: Most Republican voters believe Donald Trump won the popular vote

  • More than half of all Republicans wrongly believe that Trump won the popular vote for president
  • That’s according to a recent poll released by Qualtrics polling and the Washington Post.
  • Fifty-two percent of Republicans polled said they believe Trump won the popular vote, while 24% of independents say he won and just 7% of Democrats believe he did. 
  • Overall, 29% of Americans believe Trump was the overall preference of all American voters. 
  • Clinton is currently 2.86 million votes ahead of Trump. Read more
Yuri is one of the most relatable anime protagonists I’ve seen in a while

He’s not the cocky “I’m the best! No one can beat me!” sports anime protagonist I’m used to. He’s not all hotheaded and doesn’t act like “this can’t be!!!” when he loses or comes in anything but first place. 

He’s introverted. He doesn’t put himself out there. He lacks self-esteem. He gets anxious. He shakes, he worries, he sweats, he’s afraid to fail, he’s afraid to let people down. He cries, he acknowledges what he did wrong, he wants to improve, he doesn’t want to be a disappointment to people. 

He loves to skate, but he’s not a cocky dick. His failures get to him and he falls into a deep depression, like most people would when met with so much disappointment. He doesn’t even think people looked up to him until he was proven wrong. Because he saw himself as failure, he thought others were the same.

But he’s competing because this skating is what he loves to do, even when doubt came to him. There’s no “bitter fighting” with some childhood bully or some long-time rival who’s always beaten him at every turn. He’s doing this for himself. 

I just relate to him so hard and I love him to death. Thanks, Sayo Yamamoto, for creating such a great character and a great show. 


Thank you all for coming. I’m Lily. I was married to Gordon for almost 30 years. We didn’t make it the whole 30 and for a long time, I considered myself a failure because of that. But Gordon didn’t. A few years after our divorce, I wanted to apologize for things not working out. He just smiled and said: “Lily, what the hell are you talking about? We achieved something together that neither one of us could have done on our own.” Our sons. Harvey and Marcus. When Gordon was on the road, he would call home six times a day to check on them. “Did they eat enough dinner? Had they done homework? How many points did Marcus score? Did Harvey get his tux for the prom?” Gordon was proud of a lot of things in his life, but none of it compared to how proud he was of them.

Ugh I hate the whole “kids these days don’t have any respect my parents beat me and I learned RESPECT” and it’s like ok I grew up in a very strict house where physical and mental punishments were handed out frequently and this is what I learned

-How to lie really well even about ridiculous little things because I was never sure if the truth would get me in trouble

-How to over analyze the body language and tones of voice of everyone around me because I was taught people can snap at any moment and you have to be hyper-aware of your surroundings and the reactions of people

-How to push others in front of me so I could avoid getting hurt

-How to push myself in front of others to protect them from getting hurt

-How to “build alliances” with people toward temporary goals meanwhile knowing at any moment you might have to turn your “ally” in so you can escape punishment

-How to not ever attempt to do things because failure is way way way worse than not attempting

-How to mold myself into a moment so I can become a completely different person depending on the reactions of people around me.

Like knowing these things aren’t worth any level of “respect” I may have accidentally been taught while living in fear of the adults who were meant to care for and protect me. 

something about that airport scene...

So. I guess none of us has forgotten this scene from Episode 7:

Yes, I know this scene was mostly about Yuuri worried that if he failed, Victor would want to stop being his coach. Yuuri was so anxious that Victor would leave because his failure would have a negative impact on Victor’s reputation. Victor was quite quick to reassure Yuuri that wasn’t the case, to which Yuuri replied he knew that.

Somehow, I was reminded of this scene because of Episode 9. It ties in with the ending at the airport scene for me, and further reinforces Victor saying that he wouldn’t leave Yuuri.

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idk i bought this ice cream maker (it churns the ice cream for u) on impulse one day just because it was on sale;;; i tried making some with pre-made ice cream starters but they were too sweet for my taste. so now i’ve been trying to get creative with my recipes and experiment with a lot of ingredients but 99% of the time it ends up in failure because i’m bad at making food lololol ++ everyone in my family refuses to consume my culinary creations

i just end up drinking the milk O<-<


Myocardial revascularization is an alternative procedure for patients with ischemic heart disease who are unable to get percutaneous coronary intervention or coronary artery bypass graft procedures because of procedure failure, diffuse coronary artery disease, small coronary arteries, or stenosis.

When @conejito-de-la-luna encourages you to draw but you remember you could never draw bodies so you start by drawing faces… And I tried doing what I felt should have happened in chapter 52.

Drawing is difficult, I guess I’ll just go back to writing and translating lol

Mika was supposed to be looking cool and I don’t know how he ended up being this cute, it’s no fair

I thought I had a problem of caring too much. When someone enters my life, it is utterly impossible for me to fully let them go. If we see each other from afar, there is a part of me hoping we’ll lock eyes so I can just catch a glimpse of them. Why? Because I care about their well-being. I care about their lives, fully and completely. And whenever I was forced to let someone go, I was ashamed and embarrassed at how long it took me to do this with the result of failure. Because I’d be lying if I were to say that my phone lighting up with names I’ve tried to forget wouldn’t make my heart skip a beat. It would. Because I care. But now, I’ve realized that there is nothing wrong with this. Why has empathy and compassion become something to be ashamed of feeling? There is nothing wrong with caring about people. I refuse to make my genuine empathy towards others something to be ashamed of. I love that I care, why turn that into something negative? The difference now that I’ve gotten older is that I care about myself more. The heartbreak, sadness, and experiences I’ve endured have only served to prove that I deserve validation coming from myself more than from anyone else. I deserve to care for myself more than the care I project onto others. And it took me a long time to realize that. I care about others, but to end my string of feeling heartbroken, I’ve decided to care about myself just a little more. And if you want to call that selfish, go ahead. I call it self-preservation.
—  reasons why it’s hard to let you go