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“Keeping up with the Blacks”

Best thing about coming home after a long convention day:

That first cup of tea out of your own mug! 

That, and a hot shower.

(thanks again @elidoo for the #bornperfect project :D)

One head complete! Trico’s got horns now! :D (the second’s almost done and I’ve started transferring the third’s pattern onto the fabric). Gonna have to buy more grey before I make more of these guys, didn’t realize they’d be this big!

hey guys! first, i want to again thank everyone for their patience with me this past week and thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday — thank you! second, what i really want to talk about in this lil post right here is the fact that I’M MOVING JUN TO ANOTHER BLOG

this move seems to be out of nowhere but i’ve been thinking of moving him for a long time now. for the most part, it’s because i’ve been unhappy with my writing here for some time now. i don’t like any of the writing i’ve done recently and have been wanting to change the way i write, how i format it, etc. i thought it’d be weird to so on here when everything else is formatted one way and i just wasn’t happy staying on this account, so up came the decision to move jun. 

i dunno why that sounded really serious, it’s literally just a move, but! i wanted to explain to you guys why i’m moving him. thanks to everyone who followed me on this account, i’m really grateful that you’ve all shown an interest in my evil son here (’: 

with the move to the new account, i’m dropping nearly all of my ongoing threads because, as i’ve said, i’m not happy with the writing i’ve done for them and also because i am changing some things about jun so some threads won’t make sense to continue with his slightly changed personality. but i will be keeping some and replying to the starters i have out there because i don’t want to have wasted the time of those who wrote said starters for me. 

okay, so, regarding jun’s new blog! PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU’D LIKE THE NEW URL! i will be following people from here but i’m really determined to only follow people i am interacting with or will interact with! anyways, thank you guys! 

NPM, Ch. 16

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It’s not a dream.

It’s not a dream because his face is raw from crying and he still has the damned scar and his heart almost hurts pounding against his ribs, desperate to escape.

But it feels like a dream.

It feels like a dream because they’ve been laying here on his hotel bed, staring eye to eye and basking in it like two snakes in the sun. Otabek’s fingers are warm over Yuri’s scar. His soulmark thrums with life under Yuri’s touch. Time for dinner has long since come and gone but Yuri can’t think of eating right now. He can’t think of anything, really, besides the fact that Otabek’s eyes aren’t flat; they’re layers and layers of all different shades of brown. And his eyelashes are really long. And he must have been wearing that gold eyeliner that drives Yuri mad for his free program because there are flecks of it clinging to his lash lines.

His free program. The one that he choreographed for and dedicated to Yuri.


Yuri thinks back on it while Otabek drags his fingers up towards Yuri’s wrist, drawing invisible patterns into his skin. There was the free program, the long nights over Skype or on the phone, Almaty, Worlds. The bear. Kadyr’s discussion. Tea in Barcelona, both times.

He swallows.

‘Are you in love with me, Beka?’ he asks quietly.

sassycoconut  asked:

Okay for FMK Feyre, Mor and Amren (because let's face it we all have a crush on at least one of them)

I have a crush on all of them tbh

I’d marry Feyre because I think we’d get along pretty well and be the best wives ever

I’d fuck Amren because she like thousands of year old. That girl knows what she’s doing

And I’d kiss Mor

But we’d have group sex all the time obviously and boys would join because who wouldn’t and we’d be one big happy family