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Imagine Mark as Robin from Teen Titans. He’s worked alone for years now, trying to make a name for himself, but crime-fighting, even for a prodigy, is pretty difficult. He’s gotten his butt kicked more times than he can count, but he’d rather not crawl back to Gotham with his tail between his legs. So, he keeps at it. It’s not until he stumbles across a team of rag-tag, barely human heroes struggling just as much as he is, that he really finds what he’s meant to do.

Imagine Amy as Starfire, an alien princess lost on Earth with no way of getting home. She’s tearing through a city one night, confused and afraid, when Mark finds her and tries to stop her. She tries to explain her predicament to him, but in her native tongue, he cannot understand. So, she kisses him, her people’s way of gaining knowledge of language, and Mark is immediately infatuated with this princess from the stars.

Imagine Ethan as Beast Boy. He’s been trying the solo hero thing, too, but it hasn’t gone well so far. He’s picked a fight with the wrong supervillain when Mark has to jump in at the last minute and save him. Ethan tries to hide the fact that he’s impressed with Mark, and when he joins the team, he tries his hardest to impress them with his abilities. It’s taken him years to get this far, and he only wants to get better.

Imagine Tyler as Cyborg, the guy who’s more titanium than human. He’s constantly upgrading his prosthetics (and his car), but he doesn’t really consider crime-fighting until he gets caught in the middle of a supervillain attack. When he fights back, he catches the attention of the other Titans, and they ask him to join. He becomes the team’s strong-arm, and he is an immense help in the building of Titan Tower. Though his designs are… a little on the nose.

Imagine Kathryn as Raven. She’s travelling the universe in search of knowledge and a way to put her father behind her. When she comes to Earth, she’s just looking for a little peace and quiet before running into the Titans. One look at their sloppy team, and Raven knows she’s got to keep them from getting themselves killed. Even though she likes to pretend like they do nothing but get on her nerves, she really does care about the others.

Imagine Dark as Slade, coming onto the scene in all of his villainous grandeur. He’s cunning and manipulative with just the right amount of creepy to make your skin crawl. Soon, Mark becomes obsessed with stopping him, but nothing Mark does comes anywhere close. Dark is the Titan’s biggest threat, and he’s intent on control, power. He wants to crush them under his foot, and he knows just how to make each of them snap like a twig.

Separately, they’re a bunch of freaks with powers, but together they’re an unstoppable force. When they’re not fighting crime, they’re playing video games and devouring more pizza than humanly possible (so it’s a good thing that half of them are aliens). But how will they fair against Dark’s litany of supervillains that he calls The Egos?

(Yeah, so this happened. I love the idea, but let me know what you guys think! If I have any good ideas, I might continue this AU because IT’S JUST SO GOOD… Anyway, stay gold, cutie pies!)

Hey, cutie pies. I’ve been super busy lately, and I know I haven’t posted much. But, I will be online later today. Feel free to send me any requests you might have for longer stories, AU’s, or even just one shots that you might like to see. I’ll try to get to as many as I can tonight!

Thanks again for being so lovely to me, I’ve gotten so many sweet messages lately that have really, really helped get me through the week so far. Stay gold, cutie pies, because, believe me, you already are golden.

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I love it when you call us cutie pies. It makes my day

Well you are a bunch of cutie pies! I wish I could boop all your noses and blow bubbles at your faces and make you feel happy all the time, so I just call you cutie pies instead because who can object to that? XD

show: Rumple or Regina lie to protect their family.

them: omg burn them alive, they will never change! such irredeemable shits

show: Snow and David lie. Surprise! they too are jerks and emma shouldnt forgive them easily.

them: how awful! they’re dumb and don’t deserve their daughter.

show: Hook and Emma lie to others and to each other, and also violate each other’s autonomy because they wuv each other. aww

them: look how relationship!goals our cutie pies are. so romantic!

me, an intellectual: such double standards.

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Just wanted to say that I love the adorable tags!

I can’t take all the all credit now because I get some cutie pies who offer me lovely suggestions for them from time to time! You guys are amazingly creative!!


Nikolai + Marya [War & Peace] | It really does seem like fate, doesn’t it?

Important Announcement

When I first started posting these fics, I had no idea that I would be posting quite so many! But you guys seem to love them, and I absolutely love writing them for you (and me). So, for ease of use, I have tagged each fic with its name. You can search the name of a particular string of fics you want to read on my blog, and they’ll (hopefully) be there all together so you don’t have to scroll all over the place! All the names are listed below just in case you need them:

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Markiplier Ego Imagines

Amy and the Egos

The Host and Amy

Ego Incorporated

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A Date with Darkiplier

Thank you all so so much for all the wonderful feedback you give, and I hope you continue to love my stories because I have plenty more on the way!

Stay gold, cutie pies!

Fluff Fest 2016!

Yay, it has begun!

My humble contributions will be updated all in one story. Last year I wrote “My Everything” and this year’s contribution is a follow-up but can be read on its own. Let’s keep following the Fullbuster Family life with Gray, Juvia, Rose and Gris! ❤

The Time Of My Life

Day 01: Confession

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I already wrote two and a half more prompts and I’ll try my best to finish the others. 

Happy Fluff Fest and may the fluff be with you!


Meta: The colour on Garnet’s visor represents which traits of Ruby’s or Sapphire’s is currently more prominent / who’s in control more. Depending on who’s currently more in control through the visor colour, it gives us a glimpse from the outside on Ruby and Sapphire’s characters. Which we need more of. Because they are adorable cutie pies.

*proceeds to analyze the colour of her visor in every episode*

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I had to post this doodle because I have seen these cutie pies cosplaying Spamano and my friend and I bothered them even though they were really tired and oh shame on us they were PERFECT and we’re really sorry so today in science class I doodled them relaxing, sleeping and cuddling.

Here we go: they’re in my protection squad now.