because of course angel would come

BTS reaction to their S/O wanting to go stargazing at the beach


Jin would be so excited to go. He loves the beach and he loves looking at the stars with you. He’d pack a few warm blankets and of course some snacks. Jin would lay on the blanket, put his arm around you and sigh happily. “The sound of the ocean, the bright stars, and the prettiest girl in the world by my side. How could it get any better?”

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Yoongi would be happy that you asked. Looking at the stars helps clear his head and being with you made him happier than he’s ever been before. He’d lean back happily on the sand with you, his hand intertwined with yours. Yoongi would have a content smile on his face. “You come up with the best ideas.”

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He would be kinda tired after such a long day but he could never say no to you. He’d make sure you wore some warm clothes and he’d bring some drinks just in case. He wouldn’t really be paying attention to the sky though. Not even the roaring ocean could get his eyes taken off you. He just stared, taking in the way the moonlight shone on your face. “Ahhhh…. you’re just like a beautiful angel…”

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Namjoon would watch the stars alone before you got together. He never asked you to come along because he wasn’t sure if you’d like it, so when you suggested it, he had a wide smile on his face. He would hurry quickly to get things ready, get a little book, and a small telescope. As you sat and watched, he’d be pointing up to the sky. “And of course you can’t forget the Big Dipper!”

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Like Hobi, Jimin would be pretty tired at the end of the day when he got home. He may take a little persuading, but eventually he’d agree to go with you. He’d bundle you in his jacket as you sat on the sand, cold ocean breeze blowing by. “So, do you know any of the star names?” He’d ask. Jimin would slowly start to fall asleep to the sound of your voice, the cool sea wind and the sound of waves.

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He would happily go with you. As you were sitting on the sand watching, he had an idea. Tae would take your hand, and pull you closer to the waves. You both got in to where the water was up to your ankles. Laughing and slashing around, he would pull you into a kiss under the starlit sky. “I love you, sweetie…”

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Kookie would happily go, packing a little bag as soon as you asked about going. He laid a blanket down on the sand. He wanted for you to sit down, then laid his head on your lap, looking straight up. “Do you know a lot about the stars? Or do you just like looking at them?” He’d ask. You two would just walk for hours, him asking a million questions while he hung on to every word.

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L.Joe’s contract termination

Okay. Okay. FUCK. Okay. Hey guys, Valerie here. Sorry I’m writing about this so late, I just woke up after being sick. As you guys might have read, L.Joe has requested contract termination. Their contracts were going to expire in July I think, but their supposed “comeback” was before that, and L.Joe had requested the termination before it.

As you guys have known, or know now, Teen Top’s popularity is not the one it was when they debuted. Teen Top was topping charts when they first debut with ‘clap’. For a rookie group from a small company to do so as soon as they debut, let me tell you, it’s VERY rare. Nowadays it’s like it’s impossible. Teen Top were the first group debut under TOP MEDIA, and being the small company it was, it was obvious they didn’t have proper staff for management. It was commented multiple times under various Teen Top articles later on how the company didn’t properly support the boys when they had activities because they didn’t know what the fuck was going on themselves. 

Teen Top then debut with Supa Luv, Be Ma Girl, Miss Right and other bops. They were all hits since they really suited Teen Top’s image, and very very much liked by the Korean Netizens. Everything was going on pretty well. But then, TOP MEDIA, being the underdeveloped and clueless company it was, decided to send Teen Top overseas. This is where the problem starts. Sending your artists overseas is nothing bad, but doing so when their fandom is still stabilizing in Korea is a BIG MISTAKE. The same this was done with NU’EST. They had a great debut song, topped charts, but were sent to overseas and then their popularity dropped to the ground. 

Shit like this happens, and you can’t always have the same crowd cheering you on when you come back. Other groups would debut and would desperately want to take your place, which they did, hence Teen Top was nearly forgotten when they came back.

Their popularity took a positive turn when they came back with Ah-Ah, as their M/V hit 5 million views rapidly and was even re-tweeted by B.A.P’s Zelo. They won awards, and promoted a buck loads with it. If you have been an Angel when they came back with Ah-Ah, you would see how much they promoted. They even went to Japan and did a full concert. 

TOP MEDIA then gave them the song Warning Sign. I’m not going to lie, the song was not my taste, and it wasn’t the taste of the K-Netz either. Their comeback showcase was highly praised, but at the end, no one payed attention to their song and it was a flop. 

TOP Media has also not given any other members any opportunities. Ricky and Changjo have had very few lines in songs, and rather than helping these two improve, they were constantly pushed to the side. When they revealed their nearly debut song ‘Love Comes’, an Angel commented “Ricky has many lines!” All of them laughed, including Ricky, but he must’ve been hurt so many times when it was revealed he would be having very few lines in their song, especially their title songs. Chunji was given musicals, and he is the main vocal of Teen Top, so the opportunity was handed to him, of course. Changjo struggled himself (and NOT with the help of TOP MEDIA) and participated in a few rap shows (they showed him as a rookie, even when he’s 7 years into debut, just because they no longer know who he is). Niel was given another comeback, rather than changing up the game a bit and doing something differrent like giving rapper line a chance, having them promote as a duo. TOP MEDIA’s investment in Teen Top became less, and became more with UP10TION.

UP10TION were given 3 comebacks, all of them hits, while Teen Top were just in the corner waiting for their turn. This has happened to Teen Top before, too, when they had to wait an year long for a comeback. How much more patience do you think the boys have left in them to go through the same process again? I would’ve quit. But the boys stayed together, because they want to. 

L.Joe dropped hints as soon as this year started. He changed his Instagram I.D last year, and then just posted old pictures of him and his brother and/or just his dogs. After seeing all this, I told @kittybear-jellycat that something was off. During the Lunar Year Greeting, L.Joe didn’t seem to be himself, there was just something… off about him. You could tell there was something going on. I DM’ed him, and told him I was worried and hoped for his mental health and his safety. L.Joe then made his Instagram private, but then he made it public after news articles started reporting on it.

I’m guessing L.Joe was in Japan promoting his movie, and he seemed to look very happy when he met his fans at the airport, but at the end of the day, he is NOT happy, he doesn’t want to be an idol who goes through an yearly cycle of just one comeback, whilst other groups comeback frequently and rise to the top. He was worried about his future, Teen Top’s future, so he requested contract termination.

If you want to know, yes, I want L.Joe to leave the company. As difficult as it is for me to say it, I want him to leave it. But I also want the other members of Teen Top to leave. I’m sure L.Joe wants to stay together as Teen Top, and Teen Top has replied that they want to stay together with L.Joe. I just want everyone of them to terminate their contracts with TOP MEDIA. Leave TOP MEDIA and their growing bias towards UP10TION and their coming girlgroup. Teen Top is strong as 6, and they deserve to be treated better than how TOP MEDIA was treating them. 

Thank you for reading. 

Part Two

Good Girls Are Bad Girls- Peter Parker One Shot

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Prompt: You, the daughter of Clint Barton, are seen as a good girl, but you really aren’t. You are a bad girl: a partier and the most popular girl in school. Peter is caught in the middle of your separate personalities, as he knows you from the Avengers and also school. When your reputation at school falters, Peter is there to pick up the pieces.

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Drinking, Slurs, Make-Out Scene, Mentions of Sex, Abuse

Inspired by: ‘Good Girls’ by 5 Seconds of Summer

A/N: I have had this idea brewing in my head for months now and I was finally able to finish it. This work is unusual for me because the reader does not reflect myself. I connect more to Peter in this one shot than the reader (which normally I picture myself as the reader). I want to say this is one of my “darker” one shots, simply because it digs into the misery of a girl trying to be the perfect angel for her family while also trying to be the popular, normal chick at school.


“Well, I’m off to study. I’ve got a big French test tomorrow.” You said, standing up from the coach. Peter watched as you vanished up the stairs, acting as if nothing had happened earlier that day.

But something did happen. He had gone to the library after school to look for a book on quantum physics. That’s when he found you and your boyfriend (he didn’t even know if 'boyfriend’ was the proper term for the other boy). Peter stood frozen as he watched you make out with your boyfriend, Brad, between two shelves. You opened your eyes for a split second and stopped kissing Brad as you noticed Peter was there. Brad’s lips moved from your mouth down to your neck. As you turned to face Peter, he noticed your button up shirt was completely unbuttoned and open.

“Brad,” you cleared your throat, pushing him slightly.

“What is it, baby?” He asked, peppering your neck with kisses.

“I think this section is too crowded. Maybe we should take this elsewhere.” He groaned at your response and looked up, finally realizing Peter was there.

“Nerd.” Brad scoffed, “I’ll be in my ride, baby.” He told you, shoving past Peter and leaving the library.

“I’m, uh, sorry.” Peter said, regaining his stance. You laughed softly, buttoning your shirt as you walked up to him. You leaned in close to his ear and whispered,

“Forget what you thought, Parker, good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.” You kissed his cheek and then left with a silky “Goodbye”.

As Peter now sat on the Avengers couch several hours later, he felt uncomfortable recalling the memory. After all, your father, Clint Barton, is right beside him.

“Peter, you look a little flushed. Are you all right?” Steve asked.

“I’m just feeling a bit unwell. I’ll be back.” He got up and followed your path upstairs. He knocked on your door and you opened it up a few moments after.

“Hello Peter.” You said casually.

“Hey, Y/N, I just wanted to talk about earlier today.” He said.

“Come on in.” You opened the door wider and let him enter. He took a seat on your couch as you returned to your vanity, applying a new coat of eye liner.

“So, yeah I just wanted to ask about earlier. I don’t want it to be-” he coughed, “awkward between us.” You rolled your eyes as you began to apply mascara.

“Look, Parker, what I do is none of your business and my dad doesn’t meed to know either. Do not breathe a word of anything I do to my father or anyone else. You wouldn’t like the ending if you do.” You turned to him with your make up finished, “Are we clear?”

“Y-yeah, we’re clear.” He nodded nervously. You stood up and stripped your grey robe off, revealing a short dress underneath.

“Where are you going?” Peter asked.

“Like I said, none of your business. Close my door on the way out.” You stated, going over to your window. You slid through it and left without another word. Peter sat there for a minute before finally getting up and leaving your room.


The next day, Peter saw you walk into English late with sunglasses on and disheveled hair. You gave the teacher a pass and sat down in your assigned seat, just to the right of Peter. You hunched over in your seat and adjusted the sunglasses on your face. Peter didn’t know much about your social life, but, based upon what he witnessed last night, he could only assume you were hungover.

“Peter.” Someone whispered, getting Peter’s attention. Derek, the boy to the left of Peter, handed him a piece of paper, saying, “Give it to Y/N.” Peter took the small folded paper and passed it over to you, without saying a word.

You ignored it for a minute before you decided to open it. You grimaced reading the humiliating note. You tossed it onto the floor as Derek and his friends snickered nearby.

The bell rang a few minutes later and you raced out of the room. As everyone else cleared out, Peter grabbed the note off the floor and stuffed it into his pocket. He followed the crowd outside and headed to his locker. A few bullies had tripped him and called him names on the way there, but he was so used to it that he no longer bothered to care. Once at his locker, he opened the note and began to read it.

'Heard what you did to Brad last night, what a skank.’ 'You deserved what you got, slut.’ 'Stupid cow.’

“Hey, Peter. What’re you reading?” The bright voice of Liz Allen filled his ears, making him jump.

“Oh, nothing. What’s up, Liz?” He asked, hiding the note in his pocket yet again.

“I was just wondering what you were reading. It seemed very important.”

“It was just a random note I found. Nothing much. Not too important.” He stammered as he lied, trying to push his worries about you and what exactly happened last night to the back of his mind.

“Okay.” She laughed as one of her friends came up to her.

“Liz! Did you hear what happened to Y/N and Brad last night?”

“No, what happened?” Liz asked.

“Apparently Y/N got super drunk at his party and she was hitting on other guys, so Brad took her into his room to "talk”.“ The friend used quotation marks to emphasize that their talk, most certainly was not a talk. "Y/N ran out crying several minutes later with scrapes and bruises all over her. Hilary said she threw herself at Brad, but he wanted to break up and she got the bruises from falling.”

“Of course Y/N would do that. She’s the school whore. I don’t understand how her grades rival mine.” Liz stated.

“I know. She’s such a slut.” Her friend said.

“I’m going to go.” Peter spoke up, clearing his throat. “I’ll see you in physics, Liz.”

Peter didn’t see you the rest of the day and his head hurt thinking about all that could have happened. You were hurt-mentally and physically-and no one really knew why. Peter wouldn’t allow himself to believe everything Liz’s friend said. He just could not see you as the “slut” everyone else thought you were.


“Kid! What brings you here?” Tony asked, seeing the teenage boy and Avengers Tower later that day.

“I-um-I wanted to talk to Y/N. We have an English project.” Peter lied quickly.

“You know where to find her.” Clint said, shrugging his shoulders. As your father, Clint saw you as a good girl with high grades and the highest level of respect. He believed you could never do anything wrong, so he trusted Peter with you. Peter nodded in reply and headed upstairs to your room. Loud music was blasting from inside and Peter cautiously knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” You asked, walking to the door.

“It’s me- Peter.” He stated and you opened the door a crack just to see him.

“What do you want Peter?”

“I want to know about last night.” He said in a hushed voice. You opened the door wider and gave him entry. He sat on your couch as you went into the bathroom. You emerged after a moment with a bottle of dark liquid. You wordlessly sat next to Peter and you took a drink from the bottle.

“It’s my dad’s beer. I hate drinking, but I don’t want to be 100% here for this conversation. It’s going to be a painful talk.”

“Well, I read part of that note. I’m sorry. If I had known what it said, I wouldn’t have passed it on.” Peter said as you drank from the bottle once more.

“I had it coming. I made myself the perfect angel for my father, but that image is too hard to maintain with the world. I decided being bad would allow me to fit in. I thought I would have more friends if I fit into the popular crowd, so I melded into the flow of things. I started drinking and I started being promiscuous. I got too promiscuous because, last night at Brad’s party, I got drunk. I’m a flirty drunk, so I was, of course, going to hit on the other football players there. Brad saw me and he was beyond angry. He tried to-” you cut yourself short and looked down in humiliation. The bottle began to shake in your hands as you started to cry. Peter shifted to put a comforting arm around you. You continued with a shaky voice, “He tried to take advantage of me. Although I was drunk, I still knew it wasn’t right and I didn’t want to. I tried getting away from him and I fell, hitting my head against the side of his bed. He hit me a few times before I was able to stumble out of his room. I don’t remember how I got back here, but I did. Now, the whole school believes I’m some trashy whore.”

“That’s not true.” Peter said and you looked up at him through your tears, “I don’t believe you’re a whore. You got caught up in bad things, but I believe you’re still a good person.”

“Thank you, but I don’t believe that will change anything. It is kind of nice being able to talk to you about this stuff. I feel like it’s so humiliating and personal that I can only open up to special people.”

“You can always talk to me.” Peter said and you let out a dry laugh.

“You really don’t get it, do you, Parker?” You paused seeing the confusion on his face, “I like you, Parker. You’re the only person I can actually talk to- at home and at school.”

“Me? You like me?” He asked, trying to wrap his head around the concept that such a popular girl like you would go for such a nerd like him.

“Yes. I figure I have nothing left to lose, so I might as well tell you now.” You shrugged, drinking some more of the beer.

“I do too.” Peter murmured quietly after a moment.

“Pardon me?” You asked, not hearing what he had mumbled.

“I like you too. I never tried to ask you out because I had always assumed you would go for a jock-not a nerd.” He stated.

“So you like me too, then?”

“Yes. Very much.” Peter nodded.

“Well, then, Parker, why don’t you kiss me already?” You said, leaning in slightly. Peter laughed lightly before closing the gap to give you a kiss.


The next day, you walked into school holding your head high, completely opposite of yesterday. You ignored the stares and harassment as you went straight for Peter’s locker. He was already there with Ned, discussing something about math

“Hey, Peter. Hi, Ned.” You greeted the two boys.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Peter’s cheeks turned a light pink, telling you that he had not yet told Ned about last night. You smiled and held his hand firmly. Ned stared at you two for a moment before a massive grin spread across his face.

“You two are dating? You two are dating! This is the best news I’ve heard all year!” Ned exclaimed, making Peter’s blush darken.

“Ned, calm down.” Peter mumbled. You just laughed at your boyfriend and pecked him on the cheek. You were free and you were happy.

Work Trip

Pairing: Negan x reader

Warnings: inappropriate language and relationship between boss and employee, mentions of exhibitionism because…um this is me we’re talking about, outdoor sex.

Words: 1570

Author’s Note: Requested by @prettyepiic  Who basically wrote the summary for me:

Ok. I want Negan to be some big wig bossman and I’m his little naive secretary. I think he’s smashing good looking but I never realize it until he hits on me. Somehow we fuck and it’s nasty naughty goooood.

The first piece of Negan writing I’ve done that doesn’t feature a threesome. If that’s your thing, check it out here.

You were organizing your desk. You were still fairly new at your job and eager to impress, especially Negan, you boss. You heard elevator to the top floor chimed signalling that Negan would soon be making his appearance. You smiled hearing his gravely voice. “Y/N, how are you sweet cheeks?”

“I’m fine Negan. The reports are on your desk and you have a meeting at 11 to discuss the new Atherton Solutions project” Negan gave you a smile that made your heart race. You didn’t think you would ever get used to Negan and his dashing good looks.

Negan scrolled through his phone, looking at emails. “What are you doing this weekend?”

You shrugged, you didn’t have any plans. You were just planning on watching some television while snuggled under the covers. “Nothing”

Negan raised his eyebrow. “How does a gorgeous girl like you have nothing to do? No dates?”

You blushed and shook your head. You didn’t want Negan to know how unlucky in love you were. “Those men don’t know what they’re missing.”

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can i has more cr sense8 au percy pls? (if your up for it of course)


“I’m still not certain we should be doing this.“

It was a meaningless statement even before he said it. With her arm in his, with the warmth of her against his side and the tinkle of her laugh fading in the air, Percy thought he would trust Vex to lead him down any icy path through the woods, with any blindfold on or off, even if he had never known her more intimately than he knew himself. Even if they had just met, somehow, one day, and she had smiled and beckoned, he would have followed.

Exaggerated gagging noises broke into his thoughts—Vax, visiting as almost always, making Vex laugh in the cold Northern darkness. The drugs all but gone from his veins, Percy could feel him again, that knife’s edge of sarcasm prickling over devotion deep enough to fill the sea.

Two (one? three?) months of isolation was turning him poetic. It was horrifying.

“It’ll be fine,” said Vex, tugging him forward. “Turn right—”

Percy followed her instructions obediently. “I don’t know where you get the confidence that she won’t be looking, just this one night. It’s not like the holidays have stopped them before.”

“Because she’s loony, Freddie,” Vax said with overwhelming fondness.

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What I’ve Done

Characters: Y/N Winchester (sister!reader), Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Self doubt, self loathing, making wrong decisions. Canon typical.    

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Hopeless Opus

This is kinda a rewrite of the ep The Man That Would Be King. I changed and took out a few things to fit in my reader but it is very much based on the ep. I stole and rephrased some of Castiel’s monologue from that ep as well. I do not claim to own any of that writing.

Thanks so much to the amazingly sweet @bkwrm523 for betaing this for me. I love you Sara!

The expression on her face, when she realized he had been lying to them for almost a year was burned into his mind. It was all he saw, no matter where he went or what he did. The hurt, pained expression on her face. His betrayal had hurt them all. His betrayal had angered them all.

For such a long time it had been so clear to Castiel he was doing the right thing. Working with Crowley had been a necessary evil. It had been the only way and Castiel knew the Winchesters would never have understood that. Nor should they have too. They stopped one apocalypse and now the angels or a portion of them anyway, was trying to start another. Castiel had never been more ashamed in his life. Y/N and Dean had lost a brother to this war. A brother Castiel unsuccessfully had tried to bring back. Y/N had gone to school and Dean had found love. They moved on. They deserved to have lives. Castiel hadn’t wanted to disrupt them but he had watched. He had thought about asking for their help so many times. He knew it was his best option, but he couldn’t. Dean looked peaceful and Y/N looked happy. Castiel knew they missed Sam, but it was his choice to not contact them and to keep hunting on his own. Or so Castiel had thought back then. He hadn’t realized it wasn’t all of Sam he had pulled out of the cage. He hadn’t realized until it was too late. As soon as Dean learned about Sam’s missing piece, he had called his sister back in. Castiel had not shown himself but she has watched the anger and pain on her face as she faced her oldest brother. The same pain he had watched on Dean’s face when he had realized Bobby had known about Sam being back, had been written all over Y/N’s face as she confronted Dean.

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Misunderstanding? 6/?

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Genre: Angst/Fluff?
Pairing: ReaderxYoongi
Part 6/?

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

‘Y/N… Let’s talk in the kitchen?’  I hear Yoongi say and just nod.

We walk to the kitchen and he asks me if I want to drink something. How can he be this calm? I look up at the clock: 5AM. Nice. I will look terrible tomorrow. My gaze wanders to the cup in front if me, which I left here earlier, and then continues to Yoongi who is looking at me as well.

'So? Do you want something? Maybe Ice Tea, we-’
'I still have some, thanks.’ I say and take a sip from it.
'Ah, I see..Uhm’

He ruffles through his hair. He always does that when he is unsure or nervous.

'Y/N..’ he says, obviously struggling. 'I don’t know where to start. I-’
'How about this: Who is this girl? Why was she in your room -no- in your bed?’

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I was mad, sad, just done with this.

'Why were you embracing her like that? Why were you with her and not with me?’
'WHY..Why did you lie to me… Work? Do you call this work?’

'Y/N, let me expla-’

'Did you work on your physical condition or what kind of work is this Yoongi??? Maybe you can start ex-’


I stopped and looked at him. Tears, which cannot be stopped anymore, are rolling down my cheeks. He looks desperate. How terrible do I look, I wonder?

'Y/N… please listen. Let me explain. It was really a misunderstanding. Nothing happened. Do you hear me? Nothing!’

I calm down a little and look at him, still crying.

'Ugh..Ok. Ok, listen. Do you know how I told you about that classmate meeting a couple of weeks ago?’

I remember something. He continues talking.

'That was yesterday evening. I went there thinking our midnight date is tomorrow, well today. I got the dates mixed up so I went there to meet old friends. That woman in my bed? She is an old classmate of mine. We were all out together drinking and talking and she got like super drunk. Everyone left one by one and then we were only like 4 people left, I don’t really remember, but the point is that no one knew where she lives. Everyone else was also super drunk and they all have a wife at home so they can’t take her in.’

'So you just brought her here? A dorm with 7 guys?’

'Well, I had no other choice, it was getting late and I was so tired so I just brought her here’

'And to sleep with her in the same bed? Good move, very smooth’ I laughed at him. This is ridicilous.

'It wasn’t like that! Just listen for a second please, god. So, like I said before I brought her here yes, but I left her in the living room on the couch to sleep. She was wearing your slippers because that was the first thing she grabbed… I tried to take them away but it didn’t work, I am really sorry for all of that.’

'But how the hell did she end up in your bed Yoongi? Mind to explain that?’

'To be honest I am not to sure either. I went to the kitchen, drank some water, brought her everything she needed to sleep and went to sleep myself. I was so tired I fell asleep right away and since you didn’t answer I thought it would be fine. I never thought that you would come. I woke up and realised that she was sleeping in my bed and I woke her up right away and send her home. Then I saw all your things on the floor and guessed what happened… I swear to god Y/N, nothing, absolutely NOTHING happened, please believe me.. How could I ever cheat on you? You’re an angel, I love you, please don’t leave me’

He looked at me with sad and desperate eyes. Is this all true?
Hell, how stupid I feel right now. But there’s still something bothering me.

'Why did you lie to me that you were working?’

'I was afraid that you would get all of this wrong… and you would still come if I said I forgot about it so I thought working would be the best choice because you know how sensitive I am when it comes to my work…’

I am so stupid. He knows me better than I do know myself. So in the end it was all an misunderstanding? Was I really so stupid to just assume that he cheated on me without him explaining anything? Yoongi? Actual angel on earth? I feel so dumb right now.

'Yoongi… Is this all the truth though?’

'Of course! You can call all of them, please, do it if you need to! I will give you all the numbers but please believe me. Don’t leave me, I don’t know what I would do. I was so worried when you didn’t answer and I wanted to run out right away but Hoseok stopped me, please Y/N I am sorry for hurting you like this, making you feel like this. I am not worth it but please just-’


He looked at me with tears in his eyes. Holy shit.

'I feel so dumb right now. Oh my god, I am so stupid. Can you slap me please?’

His eyes got wider. 'What..Y/N? What are you saying?’

'Can you just?? Like? I don’t deserve anything less. Oh my god I still can’t believe it’

I look at his face, now in shock. How stupid of me. I hurt him so much with my assumtions. Tears start rolling down my cheeks again making me look down. Got he made me so soft, I feel so sorry.

'Y/N, why are you crying? Please don’t cry? Do you not believe me? Are you hurt somewhere? Please talk to me I-’

'I am so sorry, Yoongi.’ I say, now looking him in the face again. 'I am SO SORRY’
'I must have make you feel like shit, assuming that you cheated on me without any real evidence.. and also not letting you explain before I thought of the worst. God I am so stupid..’

Silence surrounded us once again. The tension is gone. Yoongi looks at me with eyes wide open.

'Y/N,no. No, no, no! You have the right to think that way to feel that way.. I was the one being thoughtless. I am so sorry. I will never do something so naiv and stupid, so please… Don’t leave me like this EVER again..’

How come anything he says makes me want to hug him and never let him go again?

'I will not… I am so sorry, Yoongs.’ I said smiling, still with tears in my eyes.
Yoongi looks at me and stands up going around the table we were sitting at. He stops right in front of me and hugs me.

'Thank you, Y/N. Thank you so much’ he whispers in my ear.

I hug him back. How come I have someone so pure and angel like as my boyfriend?

'I am so sorry, Yoongi. Can you forgive me?’

'Oh my god- YES! Please stop apologising, I feel so stupid..’

'I am the stupid one… I love you, Yoongi.’

He stops hugging me to look me in the eyes. He scans my whole face, every inch of it.

'I love you even more, Y/N, my world, my everything.’ he says and kisses my forhead.

I can’t help but smile. He is still a romantic guy deep down. But I can’t hold myself back. It has do be done.

'Ew, getting cheesy here.Better stop it or we will slip’

'Even now… you’ve learned well. But it’s ok, I will catch you if you fall.’

'Well I had the best teacher’ I winked at him 'but… seriously, who thought you to be so smooth and cheesy?’

'That was probably me!’ I hear a voice saying from the back.

'Ah, Hoseok.’

'Are you guys done? Everything’s setteled?’
We both look at each other and then nod.
'GOOD! Can we like eat sth now? I am super hungry, I couln’t eat anything when I came home..because of a CERTAIN person-’

Gosh, he knows how to make you feel bad.

'I am… sorry? Ok, wait right here I’ll just order something? What do you want to eat?’

'Chicken please. You bag is in the living room, go get it if you need it’ he said while walking up to Yoongi.

I stand up and make my way out of the kitchen not without turning around once again to see Hoseok and Yoongi talking.

Not long after Yoongi joins me in the living room, looking relieved. 

'What did Hoseok tell you’ I asked what caused him to laugh out loud.

'He said: If you ever hurt her like this again or really cheat on her consider yourself a dead man.’
'Holy shit. What did you do to him? Where is he? Is he still alive??’

'I just smacked his head very lightly? He was not wrong after all. I guess he went to his room. He said he will be back after changing’

'I see. Poor baby, he’s probably crying right now’ We both laughed.
'But honestly. Don’t ever do this again, or I’ll smack you tiny perfect ass.’

'I love you too, Y/N.’

20 minutes passed and Hoseok is still not back. What is him taking so long?

'I’ll go look for Hope, he takes way too long. Our food will arrive soon’ Yoongi says. It feels like he can read my mind, what a connection we have.

'Don’t worry, we can finish it without him’ I answer. He stares at me.

'Well, you’re not wrong. Still gotta go look for him. Be right back’ he says and leaves.

I lean my head over the edge of the couch. So it really was a misunderstanding. It seems like even shit days like those have a happy ending right? 

Part 6 of ‘Misunderstanding?’ !
I hope you guys like it ♥
Idk if I’ll finish it here or continue, that’s why there’s still a question mark haha

I would be happy about feedback and comments ^-^

caerulaen  asked:

i love your s12 spn meta post, i love how you've analysed things and looked through different angles, but i have to admit. sometimes i feel that us fans of the show think more complexly about the characters and scenes than the writers themselves. they've shown continuity errors and character development mistakes time and time again, and the queerbaiting is frustrating as fuck. it doesn't make sense to me that these people are the same ones orchestrating such fantastic plotlines.

(i ran out of space for that previous ask) but again, i sincerely mean no disrespect to you or to the creators of the show. it was just my two cents. i’m sorry if you find it offensive in any way, i definitely did not mean for it to come off as rude! :(

Hi… I didn’t take it as rude, so you’re fine. :P

(I probably wouldn’t have posted it on anon, though, just because I don’t see the show as being fully of continuity errors and character development mistakes, and “queerbaiting” is in the eye of the beholder and seems a harsh statement to level against a writing staff that is comprised of several LGBT writers. Especially when they have been addressing queer characters and issues in serious ways, and absolutely not making them the punchline of a joke or dismissing them. It’s a word I would not throw around so casually.)

***On second thought, after typing ALL of this out, I feel like having spent the whole morning on it, it should be on my blog… I hope that’s okay.

Half the point of my rewatch (which, oops, I’m behind on because TNT showed a ten episode marathon the morning after a new episode aired, and the new episode had to take priority over the old) is to point out how consistent ALL of these things are.

There’s a post I like very much that I just saw again yesterday:

People should probably learn the difference between “plot holes” and “things I didn’t like” or “things the franchise plans to explain in the future” or “things film makers didn’t think they needed to explicitly explain because they thought you had critical thinking skills”

I didn’t reblog it because it’s already somewhere on my blog from ages ago, but especially relevant to s12, because of the way they’re telling the story.

99% of the time what looks on the surface like a “plot hole” is actually an expansion of canon, and yelling PLOT HOLE! or RETCON! just because something seems different means there’s a reason for the difference now.

Like the fact we’ve seen several shapshifters who don’t shed their skin like puddles of goo and can just *poof* into a new form. We’ve had shifters like this since s6 when we learned about the alphas. Truly powerful shifters don’t need to shed to change form.

(on a practical level, it makes the prop department’s job easier because they don’t have to create goo puddles, but also they’re able to use a shifter’s ability to change instantly as a plot point, and have done so several times very effectively. Like in 12.20 when Ketch was torturing “Mary” and punched her, so the shifter took on HIS form. They couldn’t have done that if they hadn’t introduced this more powerful strain of shifter before.)

Technically, everything that’s happened since 4.01 would fit the strictest definition of plot hole, because it had already been established that angels did not exist. And yet… here were angels.

Cas said in the past that angels were now walking the earth for the first time in two thousand years, so the fact he’d been down here in a vessel in 1901 must be a plot hole too… unless you assume that Cas’s previous statement was both specific and hyperbolic (which really isn’t a stretch, angels have always avoided certain truths in order to manipulate us). Angels as a whole hadn’t embarked on a unified mission to earth in the last 2000 years, but we know that Lily’s first encounter with Ishim in 1901 was because SHE SUMMONED HIM. She performed a magical spell that BROUGHT AN ANGEL TO EARTH. And the events of their relationship unfolded to the point she felt compelled to summon yet another angel (Akobel) to protect her from Ishim. Well, suddenly there’s a whole flight of angels coming to kill her, you know? It’s not the sort of story that any of the angels involved would be cheerfully chirping on about.

Point being, if Lily Sunder was capable of summoning an angel, there’s probably been OTHER people over the course of human history who’d tried it too. All of heaven may not have descended like they did in s4, but here and there, angels very well may have been watching over us.

It’s not a plot hole, it’s an expansion of canon. It refines our understanding and reminds us that we don’t know everything about the entire history of that universe.

I think there’s two kinds of people: Those who see something they think is a “mistake” in canon and scream PLOT HOLE! and get upset about it and think the writers are idiots, and then there are those who see that same thing and wonder how does that fit with the information I already have and then try to understand.

Sometimes a plot hole is just a plot hole (like the time travel nonsense in 12.13 that turns into a strange loop of infinitely decreasing returns), but most of the time it’s really really not.

As for characterization “errors”, most of the time they are incredibly purposeful. Like the whole scene at the beginning of 12.15. People are STILL shouting, “Out of character! Dean hates germs! He would NEVER do that!” and therefore MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT OF THAT SCENE.

Which was SAM standing there staring at Dean THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING.

Dean was putting on the performance FOR SAM. He KNEW Sam was lying to him about where the cases were coming from, and Dean’s not a moron. They visit the MoL, and suddenly a few days later Sam’s got a “magic phone app” that finds cases for him? Yeah, Dean wasn’t about to let Sam keep lying to him, and yet Sam was STILL lying to him even after two weeks of hunting, so he kept upping the Disgusting Quota trying to get Sam to break and confess. Because if he just comes out and asks Sam directly, he continues to lie and give him weak excuses. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basics right there…

The one characterization thing that actually bugs me was the scene in 9.04 where Sam and Dean are watching Game of Thrones with Charlie, and Jensen and Jared DECIDED TO SWAP LINES because they felt that Sam was the one who would read the books, and not Dean… (Robbie Thompson, who wrote the scene, is still grumpy about it, too). Because DEAN DOES READ. And in this scene HE was the one who was supposed to be mirrored to Charlie through their mutual love of this particular brand of nerdery. It sort of wrecks the entire characterization of the episode, in which Dean’s usual “performing Dean” persona was SUPPOSED to fall down in Charlie’s company, and he would casually and comfortably admit he enjoyed reading the epic fantasy series (which, really, we know Dean reads fantasy novels… he’s a huge effing nerd).

Why do you think in 11.04 (also by Robbie Thompson) he wrote the line about Dean knowing that the phrase “god helps those who helps themselves” was from Aesop and not the bible? Because Jensen COULDN’T JUST HAND THAT LINE TO JARED. He HAD to admit he read. Because Performing Dean is one thing, but when he’s not trying to project that facade, he’s brilliant.

So yeah, 99% of it is 100% intentional. It’s our job as viewers to think about why. You can absolutely watch the show as a passive casual viewer (and the most casual viewer wouldn’t even NOTICE the things that get called plot holes or characterization mistakes), or you can see those things that seem not to make sense on the surface and look for the reason they struck you as being slightly wrong. Because if you dig just a little bit deeper, it opens up an entire new level of understanding about the show.

The writing is NEVER going to hand you all of that deeper characterization on a plate. That would make for TERRIBLE writing. All they want is for the characters and the plots to stick with us, so that we DO turn these issues over in our heads, so we DO think critically about them, and hopefully come to some compelling and fascinating conclusions. Or at the very least we’re eager to tune in again the following week to see if our suspicions are confirmed.

This is a hook that writers have been using since writing was a thing. This is how stories are told. Not just in the words, but in the negative spaces. We’re not just supposed to consume stories, but in the very best way, the best stories also consume US. They make us into an active participant in the narrative, and force us to consider the world and characters on our screens as real people.

That’s how all of this works.

Got7 Reaction to You being Scared of Thunder.


Jaebum would be super protective and be sure not to leave your side as the thunder rattles through the walls of your room. He would whisper to you things like: “I’m not going anywhere, that thunder isn’t going to hurt us.” That, paired with his strong arms wrapped around you would make you forget what was going on outside and remain focused on his calming voice guiding you through to the end of the storm.


Mark, at first, probably wouldn’t know how to calm you down enough. He would cuddle you for a little bit and try to talk to you to distract you from the loud weather. When that didn’t work, he would quickly get up to turn on a movie and lay back down beside you, coaxing you to put your head on his chest. As you finally dose off, you would hear his deep, soothing voice whisper “Goodnight, Jagi, I love you.”


Jackson would see this as his time to shine. He would want to seem as protective and as manly as possible so you can feel safe around him. He would ask you about every 10 seconds if you needed or wanted anything like warm tea or more blankets, and if you said yes, you bet he would be as fast as the lightning outside getting it back to you. By the time you guys wanted to go to bed, he would say “Let’s rest well, Princess.” and kiss your forehead before pulling you closer to him to calm you down.


It was late at night when you and Jinyoung awoke from your slumber, which was interrupted by loud, house-rattling thunder. Of course, he knew of your fear and wanted to try his best to help you, so in a half-asleep attempt, he threw the covers over both of your heads as to create a make-shift shelter to protect you both from the storm. “Are you feeling okay, Jagi? Do you want to come closer?” He would ask from under the blanket with his arms extended as far as your “shelter” let him. Of course, you happily obliged and were asleep before you knew it once again.


Youngjae would notice how you were anxious as the thunder rang through the house, and immediately started to conjure up ways to soothe your nerves and hopefully distract you. He would, of course, bring you closer to him and start singing to you softly (because he is aware that he has the voice of an angel). As he would be singing one of your favorite songs, he would slowly sway you back and fourth with his arms around you, which would get your mind off of the thunder for a while.


Resisting the urge to judge you a little bit for being scared of weather, Bam would want to distract you in a fun way. Yeah, laying in bed and cuddling was cool, but why do that when you can build a blanket fort to protect the both of you from the loud thunder? He would take your hand and lead you around the house, encouraging you to help him get things you would need to make the perfect fortress. After you both were convinced the fort was good, you both crawled in with snacks and talked for a little bit while the storm subsided.


A little while after Yugyeom got home from practice, it started storming. It wasn’t bad at first, but by the time you two were ready to go to bed for the night, the wind had picked up, the lighting illuminated the dark room, and the thunder seemed like it was getting louder and louder with each crack. He would notice your anxiety and want to help as much as possible, so the first thing he reaches for is his headphones. He plugs them in and turns on your favorite music to help soothe your nerves. Once he knows you’re content with the music selection, he would wrap his arms around you and protect you as much as he could from the daunting storm.

Malec Parenting: Grandparents

Maryse and Robert were always willing to watch Max and (when they adopted him) Rafe. Magnus was somewhat comfortable with this, until Max started using magic sub consciously, and after the fit he threw with Alec, he was extremely nervous of the reactions of his Shadowhunter not-quite in-laws. Mostly he was worried that they would begin to favor Rafe if Max lost control again. And though Alec and Izzy and even Jace tried to convince him that their parents would never stop loving Max, the fear that his own parents, and various Shadowhunters (Maryse and Robert included) had place in him made him want to protect his little Blueberry even more.

This all being said, Maryse and Robert were annoying, and demanding grandparents, and were actually trying to set up dates or trips for him and Alec to go on so that they could watch the kids. The most interesting time this was done was when Robert called Magnus to tell him that Alec (by order of the inquisitor) was going to have two weeks off, and that he and Maryse were willing to watch the boys a week each. At that point Magnus knew that he would have to see what happened when they were left with his little angels.

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anonymous asked:

Seeing Cas screw over the brothers over and over and over again in the episode and if the baby isnt controlling him (bobos comment maked it sound like its not control but idk) and Cas has /genuinely/ choosen Kelly/satans baby/"faith" over his family(sam and dean!!) im gonna pissed... if been a bitter!cas since s10 and the end left me feelibg the opposite. I mean i was fine since i thought Cas was controlled but apparently thats not clear soo ugh

When Castiel Winchester says he has faith, I get a deep sick feeling in my stomach that this is not my angel :P 

I was just thinking about the angel tablet, and how it ~controlled~ Cas but not strictly in a mindcontrol sense - it pushed all his angel buttons in that original programming that season 8 made a big deal out of. Cas had an overwhelming urge to protect the tablet - that it was the right thing, and his job to do. He was really acting perfectly “in character” if the character was as an angel and not Cas.

The nephilim has pushed every single one of Cas’s buttons in being lost and broken and wanting a purpose he can do and a win to bring home, and a god to believe in and everything he’s been feeling bad about - he lists his failures at like 3 different points in the episode, and there’s a strong emphasis on him being the Winchesters’ guardian angel, as he sees himself (and has done a long time, as he said in 6x20 about it, and I think is related to just as many bad decisions as that one since it was an emotional motivator there to keep them out of the big bad decisions and do this by himself - his motivation behind “I was there where were you” and turning away from Dean raking leaves is identical to Cas stealing the Colt, and he spells it out to Kelvin after he does it. 

Cas may be controlled in a sense but it’s pushing buttons in such a way it might hardly feel like control or be easy to treat like it, in the same way the Mark of Cain affected Dean’s “programming” and yet he was still somewhat Dean the entire time; Amara never creepily spoke through him and he was never controlled per say. The Mark fed his instincts and blood lust and rewarded him for killing and in this way twisted Dean extremely effectively, but on a scale where he was always Dean to at least sort of Dean and acting on basic emotional impulses that had identifiable origins within Dean, even if the version of Dean we grew to love would never actually act this way from a standing start.

But yeah. Kelly was paralled to Hael, wanting to take Cas over and become one with him, that they’d help each other by him taking her to the Grand Canyon and then she’d possess him. (whee what a great deal :P) - Kelly wanted to go to the sandbox instead, and she succeeded in getting Cas there and lo and behold the threat pays off and they become one - he’s sharing her baby’s power, and the same light is intermittently in both their eyes. He says he wishes he could HAVE her faith, and so she GIVES it to him, and at the end he says he HAS faith. 

And obviously it’s meant to be a bad thing - Cas can’t just HAVE faith like that. He’s a depressed messed up angel with no direction and who God rejected practically to his face (I mean, chinese whispers 3 people removed in God’s terms was pretty much to his face :P). Joshua wasn’t a symbol of Cas’s lack of faith for telling him that that then had to be obliterated and Cas magically has faith again, although you could draw a great false correlation graph between 5x16 and 12x19 and Cas’s faith. He was a reminder that Cas has no faith, because of what Joshua said that day. And Cas cold-shouldered God at the end of the universe. That’s Cas.

Whether it’s direct mind control or not, what Cas is going through is then a manipulation, a false dream and playing off his very loudly broadcast trauma and depression. It’s very clearly not good because Cas betrayed his family over it and seemed to choose Kelly over Sam and Dean, by leaving them there unconscious however gently he did it, it’s an act of aggression he wouldn’t commit against the people he literally was doing everything for to protect all episode until the nephilim got to him. Cas’s actions are not a sign of something good happening to him, and I was actually really disappointed just between Cas having the sweet moment where he was talking about who would be a good guardian for the nephilim and it sounded like a POSITIVE thing where he might do that, and the nephilim choosing Cas without giving him a choice in the matter, and influencing him to want to do it to the point of creepiness and choosing it over Sam and Dean.

Like, bottom line, this is not meant to be depicted as something good for Cas, and though I haven’t seen Bobo’s tweet, he’s presumably straight-faced trolling in the way writers can’t spoil stuff or tell you how to think about a story, so repeating what seems like the obvious surface line here, like, nah, Cas just found faith! lol! Of course he has, but the details of it went from hopeful to horrific in the flash of nephilim eyes on Kelly, and Cas’s instinct to protect and guard people and be the good angel he is, the one angel who ever seems to behave as angels should when it comes to protecting and caring and watching over people, sealed his fate that the nephilim felt Cas would selflessly protect it, and so he would have to selflessly protect it.

It’s tragic because it’s this close to something that could be positive to Cas, but this show of course never goes easy, and so of course it turns into something horrific where his agency has been compromised. It doesn’t have to be full control for his agency to be gone. He just never got a chance to choose to do this, even if his actions said “yes I will protect you”, within moments it had gone too far and crossed too many lines of who Cas is, what he really wants, and corrupts what, ironically, would have been the best thing for the nephilim if it HADN’T got grabby about wanting the best guardian angel in the universe, because Cas probably would have done the job for free >.>

Part One: Are You a Sam Girl or a Dean Girl? (The Real Ghostbusters S05E09)

Useful Links: Last Part | All Episodes
Word Count: 5,450.
A/N: New episode! This first part was a lot of of fun to write, I took the liberty of adding a few things in here that I think would pop up. But to mention, there were a lot of cringe worthy parts that I forget about. (Writing this as a fan is really…weird.) Anyway, I hope all of you enjoy, more out very soon!

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The Only Thing

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,377

Warnings: mention of suicide, mention of attempt for suicide, bad thoughts, bad actions, seriously, it’s angsty, broken heart, drinking yourself beyond your limit, I think that’s all but there might be more.

Request: Heyy, i wondered if you could do a castiel imagine based off the song “The only thing” by Sufjan Steavens. It’s a pretty amazing song, you should give it a listen and I think it would fit perfectly a cas fic!!

Listen to the song here

Author’s Note: I hope you guys like it and if you ever need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open. Please, if you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Originally posted by magneticcas

Walking away was the hardest thing you ever had to do. Leaving the love of your life was the hardest thing you ever had to do. You and the Winchesters were becoming distant and things between you and Cas, well, things went downhill.

He was always gone, doing God only knows what with Kelly and Dagon. You were the type of person who needed your significant other around you all the time. You were always doubting yourself, always thinking of the worst but when Cas was near you, that all went away.

Even before you met him, you were very depressed, seeing nothing good about yourself. But when you met him, he made all the stuff go away. You didn’t want to be so clingy but even Sam and Dean understood that you needed someone there for you all the time.

You loved the brothers but you didn’t see them any different from your own brothers. Sure, they were attractive but they were your older brothers. You loved Castiel more than anything but with him being gone so much, you couldn’t’ take it anymore. So, you ended things.

You’d rather break up so that you never have to see him again than sit around, not knowing when he was coming home to you. You hated that feeling; that dread.

“Dean, you have to let me go. I can’t stay here anymore.” You pleaded, tears falling down your cheeks. Sam was standing behind him, tears already leaking out but Dean wouldn’t let his tears fall even though they were there.

“Please, stay, you know Cas has things to take care of.” Dean pleaded from the base of the metal stairs in the Bunker.

“Who’s going to take care of me?” You asked, no hope in your eyes whatsoever. Both boys were silent and you turned around, picking up your bag and leaving the Bunker.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of ending do you want for Team Free Will? Dean and Cas? Is it enough to be together? To be on the same side? I'm curious about what other people think would satisfy them.

Hi, Nonnie! Around a month ago, I wrote something about the endgame I believe Sam, Dean and Cas will have and why. I didn’t exactly write what I want; I wrote what I think the show has hinted at or foreshadowed. (If you’re interested, you should click here.)

I’m not going to repeat the whole thing, but I’ll sum up the most important things for our 3 boys. By the way, I must say that I do think Carver has moved from the heartbreaking ending Kripke would have given us. I think with Carver we have a little more hope that our boys will get a good ending somehow. Talking about hope… here is what would satisfy me:

Sam deserves a normal life. He’s always wanted to quit and has been able to do it twice without remorse (when he went to Stanford and when Dean was in Purgatory). He can and should easily move on. He should get a love interest, but she SHOULD NOT be a damsel in distress. She should be a kick ass woman who knows EVERYTHING about Sam, including his life as a hunter. She should know about monsters and demons and stuff; she should know what is out there and how to defend herself and her family in case of need. They both should have their normal life, but -because Sam will always be a Man of Letters and will always be a complete nerd- they would be able to provide any kind of lore to Dean. His wife would be by his side all the time, either to watch a movie, have a birthday picnic or do some research on gorgons and how to kill them. The two most serious relationships Sam’s had in Supernatural (Jess and Amelia) were marked by secrets. Sam never told them about his past and the family business. His endgame would be different. Sam’s love interest would know and understand even though she is not a hunter and would not want to be one at all. The most important thing about Sam’s endgame is that HE SHOULD FINALLY GET A FREAKING DOG!

Dean deserves to quit the life for something completely different. I’m not saying he won’t be a hunter anymore, but it won’t be his priority in life and things will be different. I believe Dean will be able to let Sam go so that they both can live their own life. I think that Dean might take some time off now and then to nest in the Bunker and do stuff that he enjoys (including visiting his nerdy brother and his awesome sister-in-law), but –because he feels good when he helps people- if something weird popped up in the news, he wouldn’t hesitate to go and check. He loves to be on the road, to take Baby for a ride, and to do what he does best: hunt monsters and save lives. So I’m pretty sure he would continue doing it. He would even call Sam occasionally to inquire about some weird ass lore. Of course, Dean would NOT be alone. Dean would find love because “who cares where happiness comes from?” and “if it works, it works” (Dean’s words to Garth in 9x12). Hopefully, Dean will share his life with his weird, dorky angel.

GARTH: Why are you being so hard on everyone?

DEAN: Because there’s no way that all of this is what it looks like. No way.

GARTH: Why not?

DEAN: Come on, man. I know you drank the kool-aid, okay? But come on.

GARTH: Look, amigo… I know this all looks nuts, but I found it. Love and a family? Who cares where that comes from?

DEAN: I do.

GARTH: I get it. When I first got here, I COULDN’T LET GO, EITHER. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. But when it didn’t, I had to accept the truth.

Garth was Dean’s mirror in that episode. When Supernatural ends, Dean will be able to let go and will stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. He will accept the truth and the love that has been offered to him since an angel gripped him tight and raised him from perdition.

What about Cas? As I’ve said before: Cas will choose humanity. Once Dean lets Sam go, Cas will stay with him not because he has to, not because they have to save the world, not because there is a mission, not because he screwed up and has to fix it. NOPE. Castiel will stay with Dean Winchester because he wants to. Because Castiel’s goal has always been to save Dean Winchester since he was sent to retrieve the soul of the Righteous Man from hell. Because even when Cas has always “draped [himself] in the flag of heaven, […] ultimately, it [has all been] about saving one human, right?” Cas will be the one saving people and hunting things with Dean because both of them have a great heart and helping others will always be part of their lives.

Keeping Secrets

Castiel x Reader

Summary: You keep your relationship with Cas secret around your brothers, the Winchesters.

Warnings: Implied smut, brief cursing, cuteness overload.

Requested by anon~

A/N: Man, it seems like I haven’t written for Cas in a long time. This request was honestly so cute; I’m so sorry it took me months to do! Enjoy :)

Originally posted by reactionable

“You sure you’ll be fine, baby sis?”, Dean asks, picking up his duffelbag. 

You sneeze. “I’ll be fine, Deano. Just the flu.”

“Alright”, Sam says from behind you, “There’s some soup leftover in the fridge, and you call us if you need anything, okay? We’ll be back by Monday.”

“Thanks guys. Be careful”, you scold playfully, leaning back on the couch. 

Soon, the roar of the Impala’s engine fades away, causing you to grin. “Hey, they’re gone”, you say, your voice echoing off the walls of the bunker.

Not two seconds later, the sound of flapping wings appears behind you, and warm hands rest around your waist. 

“Hey, angel”, you laugh as he places butterfly kisses on your neck and face. You try to place your lips on his, but he pulls back with an amused smile on his face. 

“I thought you were sick”, Cas teases, chuckling when he sees you roll your eyes.

“Shut up”, you whisper, your lips melding with his. Cas indeed shuts up, exploring your mouth with his own. His rough hands land on your hips, eventually sliding down further as the kiss became more heated. 

Once air becomes necessary, Cas pulls away, leaving open mouthed kisses around the exposed skin. “How long has it been since we’ve gotten to do this?” He asks breathlessly, gently biting your earlobe, causing you to gasp as shocks of pleasure ran throughout your body. 

“It’s been too long. I’ve wanted to make you mine for days now”, his hot breath fans against your ear. “I wouldn’t even care if your brothers were here– Oh father!” He cries out when you take over, suckling at the sweet spot around his collarbone and raking your fingers through his raven wings, which are now fully accessible to you. 

Cas allows you to thread your hands through his feathers only for a while, before he grabs your hands with his grace and pins you against the wall, his lips meeting yours again. 

Excitement coursed your form, causing you to shiver. You knew Sam and Dean would freak out if they found out you and Cas were dating (because after all, they haven’t had the best experience with angels…), so you decided to keep it a secret. Though, it got harder to hide the marks on your neck, the look of passion and love that filled your eyes when you saw Cas.

Cas’s hands reach underneath your shirt, causing goosebumps to form as you waited for what’s coming next. Before your shirt can come off, Cas breaks the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours. 

“I love you, Y/N”, he whispers lovingly, his blue eyes boring into your soul. 

“I love you too, Ca–”

“What the fuck?!”

Cas quickly turns around, shielding you with his body and wings. His eyes show pure shock when he’s met with the sight of Dean and Sam’s fuming personas. 

“You weren’t supposed to be home until Monday!” You shriek, a deep red blush forming on your cheeks. 

Dean steps forward. “Well, you were supposed to be sick!”

Sam rests his hand on his forehead, massaging his temples as if he had a headache. 

Ignoring Cas, Dean looks directly at you. “Did he do something to you?” He scowls, his hand going to the gun in his coat. 

“No!” You protest, your hand gently resting on Cas’s clenched fist. You take a deep breath before continuing. “Cas and I are dating.”

Cas’s eyes widen, but he can’t deny how good it sounded coming from your lips. 

“Y/N, you know how dangerous this is, right?” Sam pipes in, giving you a cautious look. 

“I don’t care. I love Cas, I really do. I trust him more than anyone”, you speak honestly, noticing how Cas’s fingers thread through yours.

Sam and Dean look at each other, having a silent conversation.  

“Fine”, Dean puffs out hesitantly. Cas grins, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “But!” Dean interjects, poking Cas in his chest. “If you ever hurt her, Sammy and I are going to hunt you, got it?”

“I understand. I would never dream of hurting Y/N.”

Dean backs up. “Good”, he says before following Sam to the kitchen, muttering something about needing a drink.

When the room is just filled with you and Cas, you break into a deep smile, pressing your lips against Cas’s. “That felt good to get off my chest”, you admit, and Cas nods in agreement. 

“You know what else would feel great to get off your chest?” Cas asks. You look at him with confused eyes until you feel his hands return under your shirt.


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Mickey's Love for Ian & Why He Didn't Just Walk Away

Originally posted by khylinrhambo

Hello loves. So I’ve been talking to some of you since Sunday about 7x10 & basically all of season 6 & 7, & why Mickey would still risk everything to come to Ian. Because there for a good long while it seemed like Ian couldn’t give a shit about Mickey. He had to be paid to see him & then was heartless enough to say so to Mickey. And then his “Yea Mick. I’ll wait.” was so unconvincing & you could tell by Mickey’s face that he didn’t believe it. And that was just the stuff Mickey KNEW. We, of course, know he’s been running around bad mouthing our angel. So, many of you ask “Why would Mickey risk it to come get Ian?” Especially since you could tell the whole episode that Mickey wasn’t sure Ian even wanted to be with him (his asking “am I gonna see you again?” & “is this goodbye?”). Well, I have some theories that I’m going to share with you.

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1. Mickey thinks he’s just south side trash. Y'all remember the episode where Mandy is going to leave with her abusive boyfriend? And there’s that scene where Ian goes to tell Lip. And when Lip asks why Ian says because she thinks she’s trash & doesn’t think she could do any better. That that relationship was all she was going to get. I think Mickey is the same way. Mickey sees himself as nothing worth loving. So he believes Ian’s love is the best he’s ever going to get. Whether or not that’s true is beside the point, because that’s what Mickey believes. Why would he leave what he thinks is the best thing that will ever happen to him?

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2. Ian was the first person who ever wanted Mickey. We lovingly call Mickey our “dirty white boy”. But once upon a time, V actually said that about him. And Fiona looked at him like he was a rat she discovered in the pantry. When asked if he was her type, Karen responses “only if you like the smell of dogshit”. And Kash was so scared of him that he let him steal whatever he wanted. This is what everyone thought of Mickey. No one wanted anything to do with him. He only fucks girls like Angie, who fuck everybody, because he knows they won’t turn him down. Mickey goes his whole life being unwanted & unloved. And then suddenly there’s Ian. Adorable Ian, surrounded by love, who in Mickey’s eyes, could probably get whoever he wanted. But he wants Mickey. He wants to be with Mickey. He wants to kiss Mickey. He wants to fuck Mickey. And this is a first for Mickey. Someone is actually chasing after him for once.

Originally posted by thugswearuggs

3. Ian accepted Mickey when Mickey couldn’t even accept himself. Mickey was scared & ashamed of his feelings for Ian. Mickey didn’t want anyone to know about it because he figured everyone felt the same way his dad did. But Ian accepted Mickey for who he was. Ian liked who Mickey was. Ian liked the parts of Mickey that Mickey didn’t like about himself. Ian made Mickey feel brave. Ian made Mickey feel like maybe there was nothing wrong with him. Maybe he could be the person he wanted to be.

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4. Mickey came out for Ian. And everything changed for Mickey in that moment. As someone who came out for someone else, let me tell you what kind of connection that creates. Who you are suddenly feels very tethered to that person. They are a part of you now. A part of your story. A part of who you become. And you feel them as a part of you for the rest of your life. And that’s how Mickey probably feels about Ian. Ian helped him become who he is. He’s part of Mickey’s story.

Originally posted by shamelessnews

5. Ian was the only person who stayed. For the longest time, all Mickey had was Ian. I think that’s why we see him fall apart so much both times Ian left him. Mickey doesn’t know how to be without Ian. Ian was the only person who loved him. The only one who kept coming back. He is Mickey’s home. What do you do when a person is your home? You have to be with them. Ian is Mickey’s safe place. His shelter from everything around him. Even when Ian was going through his bipolar episodes. Mickey needed Ian. We see this most clearly when Ian is in the hospital. Mickey gets drunk & ends up on the floor clutching Ian’s jacket. Mickey was scared & vulnerable & the one thing he wanted was the thing that made him feel safe: Ian. I think that’s one of the main reasons why he came for Ian. Ian makes him feel safe. And being on the run, he wants that feeling. The feeling that no matter what everything will be okay. Because he has Ian.

Originally posted by tequilalito

6. Most importantly, Ian is the love of Mickey’s life. I’m still not 100% sold that Ian feels exactly the same way (you don’t move on from true love that quickly, although we’ve never seen Ian without a boyfriend, so it could be more about Ian’s fear of being alone instead), but I think it’s true for Mickey. The two times we’ve seen Mickey talk about his “type”, it wasn’t a type- it was Ian. Because Mickey doesn’t want anyone but Ian. Ian is it for Mickey. Anything else feels like a cheap knockoff & doesn’t make him happy (just like how we feel about Ian’s relationshits). Plus, you don’t go through the kind of shit Mickey went through for Ian & still keep coming back unless you really love someone. There were so many times something awful happened to Mickey because of Ian & Mickey could’ve easily said “fuck this. I’m out.” But he never does. We never even see him consider it.

Originally posted by chrstynik

Basically when it comes down to it, Mickey loves Ian with everything he is & he would move mountains to be with him. And I think the thing about real love- soul destroying, heart crushing, bleed for you kind of love- is that you love someone no matter what. You’d light yourself on fire to keep them warm. You’d take bullets for them. And that’s the kind of love Mickey has for Ian. And with the way their lives are, honestly, I think that’s the only kind of love that will survive the fire they constantly have to walk through. That’s why I think Ian won’t find anyone else. Because the fire that constantly threatens to burn down Ian’s life (his family, his bipolar) is too much for anyone else’s love, but not Mickey’s. Ian is never going to find anyone who loves him like Mickey, and I think he FINALLY sees that. Now I just hope he loves Mickey the same way. Because he’s going to need a “walk through fire” kind of love to be with Mickey now.

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captainsunny13  asked:

Could I get some headcannons of Roadhog with a sweet angel s/o please! I just think I'd be cute, big bad Roadhog with a sweet little angel ^-^

  • When they first met, Roadhog would’ve initially tried to attack them
  • The only reason he did not was because Junkrat took an interest in their wings, and Mako was quick to point out that “It’s an angel, you idiot”
  • Because Junkrat would come to the conclusion that selling or holding this angel as hostage would bring them a lot of profit, their life would be saved
  • So, they would end up taking the angel to their base
  • Of course they could not leave the angel alone, because they might escape – so one of them would keep watch on them (most of the time)
  • And, after a few times Mako had to watch them, they’d start conversing with each other (even if they did most of the talking)
  • Roadhog would soon figure out what a sweet little creature this angel was, and he would perhaps be reminded of the humanity in him
  • Once he realized he’d fallen in love, he wouldn’t say anything – just let the angel go freely inside their base, then, eventually, open the door for them and let them leave
  • If they would leave, they would be secretly breaking Mako’s heart, even if he knew it was inevitable
  • If they’d stay, he would question “why”
  • When the angel would confess their feeling to Roadhog, he would try to make them leave anyway
  • Once he figured they would not, he would slowly give in
  • Telling Junkrat what happened was an uncomfortable situation, but Roadhog could easily hold his ground against the mad bomber
  • Mako would protect his s/o with all his might, making sure no harm ever came to them
  • Ironically enough, the only person he’d trust them alone with was Junkrat
  • They would have to adjust to the situation, but being the sweet creature they were, they would allow Roadhog to always take care of them (and in return, do the same)

–Mod Evie


What I really love about this video is this is probably what their actual chats are like. Wolfgang would be the first to log off, Will is tired, but stays up to say I love you and goodbye, the girls are all all really sweet and blow each other kisses…

And then there’s Lito, who gets all emotional and excited and starts jumping up and down in his seat, crying. He just keeps saying “I love you bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!1111″ over and over and everyone just logs off because if it was up to Lito, they would end up chatting into the morning. Of course, Kala doesn’t have the heart to hang up on him when he gets emotional, so she stays up until Lito decides he’s tired but even then, Hernando has to come, drag him to bed, and apologize to Kala. 

Meanwile, at work, Kala has switched from tea to coffee.