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To those Playing Final Fantasy XV, here is a non-spoiler WARNING for you.

You will get to a point in the game where you have to cross a barricade in the beginning of chapter 7 - there is also a side quest you can do to enhance your car in the same area - DO NOT DO THE SIDEQUEST - and stay on the plot. The Sidequest will allow you to fast travel back to Hammerhead to enhance said car, but once you leave that area of the plot, due to said barricade you WILL NOT be able to get back in to advance the plot. There is no patch for this, and it is not fixable, so unless you have a save file where you are inside the barricade or have yet to enter it, there is no way to return.

 This is my happy warning to you all from someone who has to replay chapter 5 / 6 of the game now because I just wanted a faster car.

DO NOT rely on the autosave files, they update too quickly. Make a hard save file, you update yourself. It will save you a headache just in case. 

*hugs you all*

And yet another follow-up because I just realized something else:

Why did the Mastermind even set up this mutual killing game? Because the “reality TV Dangan Ronpa” is what “the audience” wanted…namely US.

So, what would’ve happened if Kaede had remained the protagonist? We would have gotten exactly the “mutual killing game” we had so eagerly anticipated with NDRV3′s release…and thus the Mastermind would ALSO have gotten what SHE wanted, because she AND WE THE AUDIENCE wanted our dramatic “solve the mutual killing game” plot.

Now, what happens in chapter 1? Our heroic, confident, sweet-hearted leader protagonist gets killed off, and we’re angry. We’re getting that bland Shuuichi instead? What kind of mutual killing game could HE solve? Give us back Kaede!

So, first thing Shuuichi does as the protagonist? Make Us, The Audience, Angry Because He Robs Us Of The Story We Wanted.

Fast-forward to chapter 6′s trial. What does Shuuichi do? He stops playing along, failing a couple of mini-games. And in the game itself, the audience gets mad and outright HACKS INTO Kiibo to try to force Shuuichi to continue, which makes Kiibo the final Talk Action Battle. This mirrors how angry WE are that Shuuichi refuses to complete his heroic role. How DARE he not continue?! How DARE he not complete the murderous game we all wanted!

Why it’s no wonder that Kaede was killed off to make room for Shuuichi–even all the way back in chapter 1, Shuuichi did exactly what he needed to do to Ruin Our Mutual Killing Game–he robbed us of what we wanted and made us mad.

You know, I was telling everyone not to give up on NDRV3 in an earlier post, but I was wrong yet again. We actually WERE supposed to think the plot of this game was awful! We were supposed to get mad and quit and be done with the entire franchise! And when we did, the bloodshed would stop and the Mastermind would be robbed of what she wanted.

Ironically, Shuuichi actually DID make NDRV3 suck–which is exactly what he NEEDED to do to truly stop the Mastermind’s mutual killing game.

The Arrangement: Chapter Five

Author’s Note: This little scene was meant to be short but it ended up needing to be longer, so I made it into its own little chapter! I’m so keen to write Chapter 6 because things might get a lil fluffy…

Also, I thought it was time for a GIF change haha enjoy :) 

Feedback is always appreciated, happy reading!


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“Have you learned nothing this past month? If you become distracted for one second in battle, you will die.”

“I know,” you mumbled, picking up the training stick that Kylo had easily knocked from your grip. Your combat skills were steadily improving, though they were still nowhere near a match for him.

You waved the stick lazily towards him, and once more Kylo knocked it from your hands and lightly tapped his own weapon to your shoulder.

“Disarm me,” he instructed, handing you the stick.

“I can’t.”

“You can.”

You dropped your training weapon and crossed your arms.

“What’s wrong with you?”

You were feeling particularly miserable today, that’s all it was. You looked up at him, seeing your own reflection just slightly in his helmet. You looked an absolute mess.

Shrugging, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

“You’re clearly not.”

“Why do you care?” You asked, lightly tapping the weapon from his hands, knowing he wasn’t at all focused on it, “There. Happy?”

He frowned beneath his helmet. He understood that training daily was taking its toll on you, but you hadn’t physically shown your exhaustion until now. He meant what he had said to you earlier, he cared for your wellbeing. The Supreme Leader had commanded Kylo took watch over you, and he was doing his best to adhere to that.

Since the attack on the original Starkiller Base, the First Order had kept a low profile while it rebuilt and recovered from its losses. While the threat of the Resistance remained, Kylo felt that you would not engage in a confrontation with them at least in the near future— Maybe he was overworking you. Your training was certainly proceeding far quicker than his did with Snoke. That thought gave him an idea.

Sighing, Kylo also dropped his weapon, “We’re done for today. Ensure that you are well rested for tomorrow, I won’t show such leniency if this happens again.”

You nodded gratefully and rushed out of the room, tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you headed straight for your quarters.

Meanwhile, Kylo went to Hux’s office. He opened the door, not bothering to knock first, and was greeted to a scowling look by the General.

“What do you want?”

“Arrange an audience with the Supreme Leader immediately.”


“Just do it.”

Hux muttered something under his breath before pressing something on his datapad, “How’s the Princess?” He asked as he kept his eyes glued to the screen. He had barely seen you since you arrived.


“Her progress?”


“Fallen in love with her yet?”

Kylo slammed his fist on Hux’s desk, “Shut up.”

Hux gave him an amused look before finishing his work on the datapad, “Be in the meeting room in ten minutes.”

Kylo nodded, “You’ll need to be there too.”

“What in the galaxy is this even about, Ren?”

Kylo said nothing before he slammed the office door and made his way to the meeting room. Hux entered shortly after Snoke’s towering hologram appeared.

“What is it, Commander Ren?”

“Supreme Leader, I wanted to ask for your permission to speak with Y/N’s father.”

Hux looked confused while Snoke responded, “What business do you have with the King? You met with him just over a month ago, surely any matters you needed to discuss with him were already taken care of,” Snoke said.

“I believe he will want to hear of his daughter’s progress,” Kylo responded.

“He left the Princess in the First Order’s care, her progress is not his concern.” Hux said.

“I believe it will strengthen our alliance, Supreme Leader. Show the King that we have nothing to hide from him.”

Snoke hummed in agreement, “Perhaps you’re right. I’ll send for him at once—”  

“No, I-I,” Kylo faltered slightly, “I would rather visit him.”

“A diplomatic mission sounds more like a task for me, doesn’t it?” Hux said.

Kylo nodded, “General, you will accompany me.”

“I assume you wish to take the Princess with you?”

“Yes, Supreme Leader. Her training will not be affected by this visit.”

“I would hope not, Ren.”

“Oh please, she is obviously the reason for this ridiculous trip! Why are you indulging her?” Hux asked, agitated.

“Has she expressed the desire to return home, Commander?” Snoke asked.

Kylo looked briefly at Hux before he continued, “No. But the Princess has become…melancholy.”

“And is it affecting her training?”

“Yes, Supreme Leader. She needs something to re-focus, perhaps lift her spirits.”

“Well you are her husband, surely you can take care of that,” Hux smirked.

Kylo felt the heat rising to his cheeks, and he was thankful that Hux couldn’t see him underneath the helmet.

Snoke ignored Hux’s comment, “Then you may bring her with you.”

Kylo nodded while Hux frowned, “I would be careful that we do not allow the Commander to be influenced by the Princess’ whims in the future, Supreme Leader.”

“She didn’t ask for this, General. I have made that quite clear.”

Hux raised an eyebrow, “Then you’re being awfully thoughtful towards your apprentice.”

“That’s enough General,” Snoke commanded, “If the Princess’ training is being affected, I see no problem with this matter. I trust you won’t either.”

“Fine.” Hux said before storming out.

“You may leave, Ren,” Snoke said, “Ensure the girl is back to her normal self when you return.”

Kylo nodded before making his way to your quarters.

You were lying face down on the bed, tears still streaming down your cheeks. You shot up at the sound of the blast doors opening and quickly wiped your eyes as you heard Kylo’s footsteps enter the bedroom.

“What is it?” You sniffled.

“I’m taking you home,” he said.

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You answered an ask not so long ago about Yuuri dreaming about Viktor a lot. I assume most of them are, but are they always just wet dreams or does it get more emotionally confusing, too? That ch6 dream wasn't Yuuri's first of such, he says so, so was there someone specific in them except Viktor, too? Were they with a faceless figure? Yuuri is fixated on Viktor, but how do you see his attraction to people while he was growing up?

It gets very emotionally confusing too! 

In terms of erotic dreams before chapter 6 for Yuuri they were all sort of ‘nameless faceless’ type things but afterwards Viktor appeared a lot and he was the only person Yuuri actual knew that he also had those dream about which was pretty damn confusing and also why he was embarrassed in chapter 8 when he sees Viktor wearing red and still embarrassed in chapter 11 when he finds the costume Viktor was wearing in chapter 6/the dream because a lot of his 18+ dreams involved that! Then after he and Viktor start actually sleeping together that gets involved in dreams too but he also dreams about other things involving Viktor not just sex which is why it starts to get very emotionally confusing.

As for Yuuri’s attraction to other people growing up I always HC him as never really being that attracted to anyone else. Like, he could appreciate people aesthetically but he never had the desire to sleep with anyone or really date anyone. But he was fixated on Viktor for a very long time and those emotions grew and changed with him and so Viktor was always the exception to the rule!

Love in Time (Chapter 7)

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Pairing: Yoongi x OC

Genre: Angst, Smut

A/N: I’m posting both Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 at the same time…because it’s @loooveee2ne1 birthday!! Happy Birthday!!

-Admin Moon

Previous Chapters: Chapter 6 | Chapter 8


“Tell me, now! Who the fuck is this Agust?” he asked again, confirming her worst fears. A cold steely hand closed around Jaisa’s heart as she tried to think of an answer. “Nobody,” she said, trying to relax herself. “Jaisa, I know you’re lying to me. Who is Agust?” Her heart started to beat loud in her ears. She honestly didn’t know how to answer his question or what to say for that matter, because he was right. He could see right through her bullshit still years later. She closed her lips tight, saying nothing was the best thing right now. “Answer me,” he growled at her, closing his hand tighter around her phone. “No, I can’t.” She said as she cast her eyes down. “Remember, you have to do whatever I say to save your town. Now…tell me who he is.” Yoongi’s voice was calmer but still angry.

Her eyes snapped up to look at him. Yoongi thought he had the upper hand with that statement, but he was very wrong. Agust was more important to her than Marble Falls. “Fine then, do whatever you want to M.F. Steel. I won’t say a single word to you about Agust, now give me my phone.” She said as she held out her hand. Yoogi’s eye narrowed and sneered at her. “If you love this man that much, Jaisa. How the hell are you here?” She shook her head, “I’m leaving. Now give me back my phone.” He just stared at her for a long time, before giving her phone back. Jaisa turned her heels to walk back to her room to gather her belongings. But, she didn’t even make it five steps before Yoongi started to talk again. “If you won’t tell me, I’ll just find him myself.”

“No! You can’t do that!” she cried as she turned back to him, and pushed. “Leave him alone, Suga. He doesn’t deserve this, neither do the good people of Marble Falls. Don’t do all of this because you’re mad at me.” She grabbed his biceps tight, trying to catch her breath. “Is he aware of what you are doing?” She looked up at him, “No,” she said in a shaky voice. “How would he feel if he knew you were here now?” She let go of him, “I don’t know.” Yoongi set his jaw, thinking. “If he loves you so much, why aren’t you two married yet?” he asked. She shook her head. “I won’t talk about him with you. Now drop this, or I’m leaving.”


Anger swirled inside his brain. Anger to why she was here with him while she was still with another man. His heart was breaking, Yoongi wanted her back in his life. But that would mean destroying her relationship with Augst. “Fine, I will drop this. So stay,” he said ready to move on. “No, you have promise to leave Augst alone. Listen…you can mess with my town, try to fuck up my relationship with Augst, but that won’t be enough for you.” Jaisa was right, but he didn’t say anything as she continued. “What you need to closure. Or you will still be seeking revenge against me.” Her words peaked his interest. “Okay, I won’t do anything to your stupid town or this Augst,” he waved his hand off in annoyance. “Thank you so much, Suga!” She closed the space between them and hugged him hard. He made no moves to hug her back, he just stood there frozen in place. Jaisa then leaned back, dropped her arms and looked at him with sad eyes. “I need to tell you why I really dumped you…” 

When she said those words a chill ran down his back. She took a couple steps back, like she needed to add distance between them. “For as long as I can remember, my parents have always favored my brother. So when my father met you, it all fell apart. My father and I got into a fight over you, he told me to break up with you or he’d cut me off.” She shook her head in the memory. “At that point in my life, I was sick of trying to please him…so I moved in with you. I thought moving in you would show him I wasn’t a little girl anymore…to get back at to him you know?” She rubbed her arms, and looked away from him. “I didn’t even like you that much, you were good in bed. Your apartment was crappy, but I pretended everything was okay. But then it got hot, and it hit me. My dad isn’t as bad as this…so I left you…” Yoongi had to stop her, and undid his belt. “Danger,” he said. Her eyes looked down to his manhood. “What?” He let his robe fall to the ground, “That’s the safe word I want you to use if I hurt you.”


That was all the warning she got before she found herself pushed into a nearby wall. Yoongi weight was crushing her from behind, “What are you doing, Yoongi?” she asked. The weight of his body pressing against her went away for a brief moment. Yoongi pulled her maxi dress up over her head and flung it across the room. With one hand he pinned wrist above her head, and used his other hand to rub her clitoris in slow and hard. “Finish your story,” he whispered in her ear, as he continued his torturous attack. “I was a game for you. You used me.” Yoongi sounded like he was in pain. “Yes,” she said barely able to speak. “It was college, it was fun pretending to be in love. But then the heat wave came, and I had enough of it. I wanted my old life back.”

She cried out when he filled her with his cock. Jaisa was stuck in between him and the wall. Every time he thrust inside her, her nipples rubbed against the wall. This was too much for her to handle, before she knew it she was on the verge of having an orgasm. “Please stop,” she gasped out, “If you don’t…” Yoongi cut her off. “You’re going to come,” he said, still thrusting into her from behind. “You broke up with me for not being rich. Now you will come on my cock.” He was right, because seconds later she was coming. The pleasure was too much for her, her mind was going numb. She didn’t think she could take anymore without passing out. But then he pulled out of her, turned her to face him, and kissed her hard. “No, stay with me…please.”


He knew he was out of control, but he couldn’t help himself. He was furious with her. She thought of him like a game, he was nothing to her. But she was still his everything, and he hated that. “That last week we were together. You found any excuse to have sex with me…but I guess that was an act.” He tried not to sound hurt, but he couldn’t. Being this close to her as she was talking, killed him. “It was. I got accepted to another college. So I was happy that I could finally leave you.” Before he knew it, he was inside her again like a crazy animal. He had been so hurt and confused, he just wanted to get her back, but all she wanted to do was get rid of him.

She wrapped her legs around him, as she continued. “Breaking up with you face to face, would have been hard. You wouldn’t have let me leave.” She was correct. If she tried to break up with him in person, he would have begged her to stay. He would have done anything she wanted, he’d loved her so much. He thought what they had together was real. “The day you left, did you even go to class?” she shook her head and cried out. “I left as quickly as I could. I was such a bitch for breaking your heart.” Yoongi closed his eyes tight. There is was, the story he had wondered about for years. She told him as he fucked her senseless. “We have to stop,” she said. “I’m going to have another orgasm.”

He ignored her, as he continued to thrust into her. “I hate you,” he heard himself say. “I hate you. I hate you. I hate you so much.” Jaias’s voice broke, “I know, Suga,” when she called him by her nickname, she began to cry. “You have every right to feel that way, my sweet. I’m so sorry, I really am.” She came again, taking him with her this time. Yoongi had come hard, harder than he has ever come in his life. Seven long years finally released in this moment. His release of so powerful, they both fell onto the carpet. Both of their energy was spent, causing both of them to fall asleep right there on the carpet.

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

yay! and thanks to @lizziea2 for asking me, too :)

I’m supposed to be working on RE and not doing this, y’all don’t tell anybody

Okay…favorite fics….I feel like I always give the same answers, so I’m going to try to shake it up a bit.

There’s The Gingerbread Man which I like a lot…it’s my favorite Ten I’ve done recently (last year or so). When Ten, Rose and Mickey land in Pete’s World, there’s a duplicate there already…but it’s not a duplicate of Mickey. It’s a duplicate of the Doctor. How does Rose react? (Ten/Rose, OMC/Rose, Rated T, 6 chapters)

Precious Girl - Because everyone needs Daddy!Nine in their lives. Follows Nine, Rose and their precious girl, Emma. This is syrupy, sappy goodness. And I’m working on another story for it! (Nine/Rose, Rated G) Spoiler - Emma likes pears!

Fluffy Pink Armor Against the Universe - when I’m old(er) and look back on the things I have written, this will always be one of my favorites. There is a pink blanket that rests on the back of the couch in many of my stories. This is its story. (Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, one shot, rated T)

Netflix, Chill and Red Lights - because I can’t lay off the West Wing. Besides that, I just love this story. Written when DT didn’t know what ‘netflix and chill’ meant, and sequencefairy sent out a call for netflix and chill fics. I answered that call. (Ten/Rose, high T, one-shot)

(There’s also Just Kiss Already…it reminds me a lot of Netflix/Chill and vice versa. It’s a Nine/Rose & Jack watching X-Files instead of West Wing. If you’re interested. I feel like I can’t rec one without the other.)

And last but absolutely, not REMOTELY least, there’s Reckless Endangerment, which currently owns my very soul. Ian Docherty is a senior law partner at a successful firm. Rose Tyler is the pupil hired by Ian’s partner so she can finish her training. The two spend a year pining over each other from afar…then Rose’s car breaks down. (12/Rose, WIP, Rated M, updates Mondays and Thursdays)

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Hi there,sorry to disturb I just want to ask you, do you think Sangwoo has a mental disorder? There are theory that he might have BPD and personally I think he has a multiple personality disorder because of what yoonbum said on chapter 5 or 6. Yoonbum said that he feels like he is living with twin that has a completely different personality What do you think?

Well he has SOMETHING for sure

“I dig till my shovel tells a secret,
swear to the earth that I will keep it,
brush off the dirt,
and let my change of heart occur…”

for @sawadoot‘s graverobber au!

this was supposed to be part two for the khr collab exchange, but i ended up taking like 2 months to finish it lmao

just a note, this is only up to the end of chapter 6 (not including the prelude), because that was how many chapters were out when i was drafting it

(there’s also a bunch of inaccuracies bc i misread a couple of scenes but shHH)

so there you have it, a small 20 year old with a rapunzel worthy braid who fights with a shovel

what more could you ask for

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Thank for your writing and for your gorgeous art,thank you especially for the way you write about mental illness and gender identity, yours were the first stories where I could actually see a reflection of myself without feeling demonized or alienated, if that makes sense(Chapter 6 had me baffled because you actually used the word dissociation to describe dissociation and wow I needed a moment) Have a good day!

I know right, Appropriate Words for Experiences? Portraying Mental Illness With Consistent Symptoms And Behaviours? Any Knowledge of Mental Illness At All? What’s That Bullshit? This Is Fandom. 

But fr; I am really glad you see yourself reflected in my fic, that shows im doin’ my job at least a bit right <:) Thank you for your comment.

Some people seem confused about Elphaba’s behaviour in this chapter. I’m not going to explain it because I don’t think that’s a fun reading experience, to have the author tell you what you’re reading, but here’s a hint: It’s mental illness and trauma.

also someone asked why elphie was being a bitch and like Do you KNOW who elphaba is THEY ARE AN ASSHOLE

because everybody needs to remember how bluesey started
  • Blue: Can. I. Help. You?
  • Gansey: I certainly hope so. My socially inhibited friend Adam thinks you're cute, but he's unwilling to make a move. Over there. Not the smudgy one. Not the sulky one.
  • B: So?
  • G: So would you do me a favour and come over and talk to him?
  • B: What exactly is it you think I'm going to talk to him about?
  • G: We'll think of something. We're interesting people.
  • B: Do you see how I'm wearing this apron? It means I'm working. For a living.
  • G: I'll take care of it.
  • B: Take care of it?
  • *raise your hand if you knew Gansey was a dead man at this point*
  • G: Yeah. How much do you make in an hour? I'll take care of it. And I'll talk to your manager.
  • *I used a desk to face-palm myself*
  • B: I am not a prostitute.
  • G: Oh, that was not how I meant it. That is not what I said.
  • B: That is what you said! You think you can just pay me to talk to your friend? Clearly you pay most of your female companions by the hour and don't know how it works with the real world, but... but... Most girls, when they're interested in a guy, will sit with them for free.
  • *more conversation that could be summarised by Ronan and Noah's reactions - Ronan, miming a plane crash, Noah, trying not to laugh*
  • G: Dear God. I don't know what else to say.
  • B: "Sorry."
  • G: I said that already.
  • B: Then, "bye".
Unfaithful To A Goddess |Chapter 6| {SeayoungXMC}

This is a short Chapter because the next one will reveal MC’s past and needs really hard work with placing all the puzzle pieces together so it makes scence and it’s easy to understand. 

[Chapter 5] [X] [Chapter 7 -Soon]

You woke up to some strange noise buzzing inside your head. Your head is heavy and throbbing painfully. You slowly open your eyes only to close them shut again because of the sudden bright light. You try moving only to feel your body not moving. It felt like someone is pushing you into the bed of what you can guess is a hospital. The pain is getting worse by the minute and the noise is not helping.

You try to open your eyes again only to see 2 blurry forms above you. The first one is calling your name and the other one is holding your wrist. Blinking a few time helped clearing your vision. Searan is standing above you with a shocked expression. His eyes scanning your face as you try to focus on your hearing. The other person is a nurse, holding your wrist with one hand and looking at the hand watch. “MC can your hear me?” Searan said and leaned forward, blocking the sun completely.

“Her heart seems regular by now and-” she turned her head to the monitor besides your head. “-her breathing is stable.” She turned back to you and smile before saying something to Searan and walking out. “Thank God you are OK. You don’t know how fucking terrified I was. You were pale white an-and shaking really badly with really painful looking purp-” he was talking too fast for you to understand any of what he was saying until you had to stop him with your dry voice. “It’s OK Searan. Everything is OK now, right?” you smiled and looked at him.

His hair was a mess as his clothes ripped pretty badly. You tried to move your body once more but it didn’t respond. It felt like you had been laying like that for days but it’s probably a couple of hours. Wait, what actually happened and you are in the hospital? You looked on your body for any clues but nothing that would explain the situation. Your eyes fall on your ring and everything becomes clear. “Seayoung…” you whisper to yourself and run a finger over the gem before violently pulling it of and throwing it at the other end of the room with a scream.

The memory of Seayoung sitting on your shared bed, half naked with another woman on the screen of his phone fully naked was burned into your head so painfully that the pain from emotional turned into physical. Searan was standing shocked before you started screaming and grabbing your head into your hands, digging into your scal to get rid of the pain. Searan grabbed your hands from your head, so your don’t hurt yourself further. He pushed them into the mattress but you kept trying to set yourself free.

He has never seen you in a state like that, screaming for him to get away and to return to his cheating brother. Everything clicked in his head. The panic attack, Seayoung crying, you throwing the ring. You knew.

Searan screamed for a nurse as he tried to maybe reach and strap you to the bed but nothing. He tried to calm you don’t but you screamed louder and cried out of pain at the same time. The memory flashed in front of your closed eyes violently before hearing Searan calling your name again and again but nothing could stop it.

You were screaming, crying and shaking from pain. A nurse run into your room and reached the drawer beside the bed before pulling out a shot. Searan tried to hold your one hand down and in a second cool liquid was running over your body. Everything became slow and calm, your head didn’t hurt and your body became heavy. Searan slowly removed his hands and cautiously walked to the other side of the bed. You were facing the wall besides the window. He thanked the nurse and sat on the bed.

“How could he…” you said between shaky breaths. Searan turned to look at you and whipped the new tears running down your face. You don’t have even enough energy left to turn and face him  from all this fighting. “You don’t know how ashamed and mad I am at him.” He said and slowly turned your head by your chin. He looked mad and his eyes had a dark light in them. “You don’t know how ashamed I am that I share the same blood with someone like him.” He slowly let your chin and turned to the window. The sun was setting by not but you remember it being early morning. The liquid started slowly taking over your body as you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore.

Searan watched as you slowly fell asleep. He promised himself that he find the truth about all this as well as the meaning of this. “I promise MC, I will find the truth and make him pay. I don’t care that he has the blood as me as long as his blood is on the floor.” Searan whispered and touched your wet cheek.

Seayoung was laying on the living room floor, drained from all energy. He had cried for hours before becoming weaker that a stick against the wind. He had cried about his choices, his wrong choices, his stupid choices. He had received a message from Searan saying that MC had woken up and is stable.He didn’t know what meaning of stable he meant, emotionally or physically. Even if she was stable physically, she was broken and hurt. He didn’t have the energy to visit her nor the guts to do so.

In MC’s eyes he is only a filthy good for nothing but cheating fiance. He is the man she gave her heart to him but failed to keep it. If he had only made different choices from the beginning, things could be much different. He was a genius but he still made the wrong choices. There were no hints to help him know if he is taking the wrong path but that was the wrong choice, waiting for others to help him that take things into his hands.

He had failed before, because he was scared. He made wrong choices and didn’t see deeper and try fixing them. Now wasn’t going to be the same. He had to change, he had to become better as he always wanted and there is never a better time like the presence. He may have failed before but now he has been reborn from his fails and became stronger.

He stood up with the rest energy he had and moved to the computer, he hadn’t opened it for more that 6 hours. The rubbed his eyes behind his glasses as the bright screen opened. A message flashed in front of his screen, the first thought was that the agency had requests to him but he was wrong. The sender was unknown. 

Confused he clicked twice and opened the small animated icon. Tere were only two words on the screen with set panic into his system.



My first ever posted digital art!!! I still have a lot to learn… It’s a lot harder than I thought lmao!!! I hope you like them, Homra-san!!!

Two more drawings of Bury your Flames + a bunch of Amaterasus from Save and Sound because I DON’T FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE IN CHAPTER 6, Homra-san ;A;!!! I just… had to!!!


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People's reactions to VnC so far

They’ve been more mixed than I thought. At first they were all great and they got at the very best when Jeanne first appeared. Then, next chapter most people were disappointed, sad, angry and felt like leaving the fandom. People are still very feely about the Vanitas and Jeanne scene.

Like yeah, umm, get over it?
I mean, I don’t want to sound rude, but it’s gotten kind of old now.
And to those who want to leave the VnC fandom: If you’re really that disappointed, leave. I don’t think ANYONE should have started the manga expecting a PH feel. As sad as it is, PH is over. This is a completely different manga, different characters, different stories, and probably different worlds. I don’t see the point of expecting things out of characters we just got to know just because of Ph?? THE MANGA HAS ONLY 6 CHAPTERS PEOPLE. It’s so new, it’s like a fetus. why are you judging so soon??? For heck’s sake, I continued PH ONLY because I liked the anime. When I read the first volume of the manga I wanted to drop it, because it seemed weird and not my thing. I bless the anime for making me re-read it, and this time till the end. So why is there a different treatment for VnC?

I don’t know about you, but the way I’ve seen some people treat Jun’s decisions about this manga is like the way half of the fandom treated Kishimoto after the end of Naruto. “It’s for fanservice; It’s for money; They’re screwing up their story”, NO! No they’re not screwing up their story. Mangakas like Jun (and Kishimoto) are professional, they know what they’re doing. They’re writing for an audience that will like the story, not them. If you aren’t happy with some decisions then ok, you can keep that to yourself, or you can express it lightly. There’s honestly no point in bashing on the characters or the mangakas. It’s stupid and childish. You have the right to have your opinion of course, but don’t go force it down on people’s throats. It’s irritating and ruining the fun of those enjoying the story.

I’m sorry for ranting, I’m just sick of hearing people complain about a story that’s new and has so much potential just because it’s not like they thought it would be. Of course it’s not. This is why we’re the fandom. It’s never what we expect, I mean heck, we’re talking about Jun freaking Mochizuki here. We’re supposed to be surprised by the choices that are made, but we’re also supposed to support these choices whether we agree with them or not.

On a side note, there is still a debate about Vanitas and the kiss. Is he a bad person? Maybe, maybe not, we have yet to see. Is he in love with Jeanne? Probably just a crush. Is what he did wrong? Yeah, but it’s a friggin story with vampires. I don’t get why forcing blood out of people by biting their neck is in any way more acceptable than a kiss for shocking the “enemy”. Is Vanitas a psycho? Yes, this one I can fully say, since we saw this at the VERY BEGINNING of the manga, when he said how he wanted to “save them all” while laughing crazily. So Vanitas is a psycho, it’s in his character, get over it. Should he be slapped? Yes, please.
Now about Jeanne. Is she awesome? Yes, yes she is. This doesn’t change despite what Vanitas did. She’s still the Hellfire Witch. Was acting bashful weird for her character? Now this is where people usually mess things up. It’s not wrong. We’ve just got to know her, don’t go acting like there’s already a full manga just about her and how OOC she is. Should we say that Jeanne is weak because of her reaction? No friggin way, no. For all we know, that could have been her first intimate interaction with a guy. Mine sure as hell would be even more awkward.
Then there’s Dominique. Is she a badass? Probably, so far she’s awesome. Is she beautiful? Yes, just like Jeanne, Amelia and the other girls, Domi is beautiful. Is she straight? Irrelevant question, but probably not. Right now she seems very very gay for Nox to me, though it’s probably just a joke from MochiJun cuz I’m sure she’s straight. Are her entrances amazing? Yes, no doubt.
Is Amelia a princess who should be protected? Yes yes, #protectAmeliaRuth2k16 Does she have a crush on Noé? Probably, I do, too.
Is Noé a cinnamon roll? Yes. Is he the best? Yes. Is Noé— Yes.

Kay that’s it thanks.

                                     Half a  Year of 21

I feel like i haven’t been doing much writing, much of anything creative or expressive except cutting hair and putting great looks together lol. As i sit and re watch american horror story season 6, chapter 6 over because i forgot it, i felt like it was time to reflect on what I’ve gone through at 21 so far. Mostly some of the events that took left turns and turned into right ones. I think I’m insane most times because i stay in my head, you’d think that someone who stayed in their head that much wouldn’t have been as lost as i was. There i was 21 and still doing shit i was doing at twenty! Hell even before then. I wanted a real change. Of course I wanted to remain nice but being nice wasn’t being fair to myself. I have so much to offer as a friend and way more to offer as a lover. I deserved to be around nothing but good people, people who looked out and have the best interest of their love ones around them at heart. Of course it’s tempting to give into all the things around and settle for less to seem cool, to fit in, but when you’re around a lot of fake people who talk about each other and are plotting on each other you have to watch in the air to see whose back the knife in the sky is going to hit. I’m never going to be fake towards anyone, I’ll have your back even when you’re not around. Literally will help you in any aspect I can if you need it. I just like to make myself available for my friends to feel comfortable and try to distract them from real life shit even on my low days. No one ever tells you everything and I never know what they’re going through. That being comfortable part comes so I can get as much out as I can so we can see if there’s a problem and we can work as a team to fix it. No it’s not my problem to be honest but when you want the best for somebody you care about…you try and help. Me and the ones I consider close we want nothing but for each other to grow I’ve had the same main best friend since I was 12. Irre-fucking-placeable. She doesn’t care who you are, how you dress, if you fuck with us we fuck with you. A lot of people now are all about what can you do for me and it’s never been like that for us which is why I think we’ve been able to become family at this point. As for relationships I JUST CANT FUCKING SETTLE. (you see the caps 👀). Being an artist and seeing beauty in the ugly things yeah it gets you through situations but no one should settle for less EVER. And I’m not saying my exes were “less” but they came with “less” than what I’ll ever put on a table…

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