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Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction
1D Hiatus: Day 447

* A video of Louis defending himself and Eleanor from paparazzi and stalkers at LAX last night is released

* The Sun’s EXCLUSIVE articles about Louis being arrested after the incident at the airport are published, not describing what actually happened at all

* Steve Aoki stands up for Louis via Twitter

* #WeSupportLouis and #WeStandByLouis trend on Twitter

* Harry meets a fan in London

* You can now vote Niall, the boys and Louis and Steve for ‘Best Male Artist’, ‘Best Group’ and ‘Best Collaboration’ at Radio Disney Music Awards

* Nicki Minaj quotes two of Liam’s tweets

* Niall attends the Haye vs. Bellew fight at the O2 in London

* Niall posts two videos on Snapchat, three videos and two pictures on his Instagram account and story

It’s Mar 4th, 2017.

1D Hiatus: Day 587

* An interviewer from ExtraTV mentions Harry’s reaction to the picture of Ryan Gosling that Nick Grimshaw showed him during that heart monitor game on Radio 1 to Ryan Gosling at the San Diego Comic Con

* The music video for ‘Back To You’ is #1 on iTunes in the US

* Liam meets fans in NYC

* Videos of Liam on stage and performing with Zedd during his set at a nightclub in NYC last night come out

* The ‘Sign of the Times’ music video hits one hundred million views on YouTube

* All of Niall’s Flicker Sessions tour dates are officially sold out

* Louis will be joining Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast this Monday morning from 6AM UK time

* A video of Niall answering fans’ questions for the MTV Show is released

* Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis are all nominated for the MTV Hottest Summer Superstar and you can vote for them using the hashtag #MTVHottest on Twitter 

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Jul 22nd, 2017.

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This Day in 1D History - May 14


  • because he may not use emojis but he sure as heck uses emoticons :D 


  • studio time in Sweden :) 


  • Niam are the most delightful duo at David Beckham’s For H&M launch 


  • Harry is absolutely 😍😍😍 out in LA 
  • ot4 record their Late Late appearance!
1D Hiatus: Day 427

* Pictures of Niall at the CAA Grammy Awards party and Sir Lucian Grainge’s 2017 Artist Showcase yesterday are released

* A video of Louis for iHeart’s Love Is On The Air Radio is released

* #OneDirectionWeMissYou trends on Twitter

* ‘This Town’ is now certified platinum in the USA

It’s Feb 12th, 2017.

Seeing your favorite band live is the best feeling while your there and the best memory when it’s over

1D Hiatus: Day 591

* Louis does interviews/promo, meets fans in Leeds and keeps asking them for opinions on his new haircut

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram with the caption “On the road again”

* Harry will perform in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on September 13

* Pictures and videos of Liam at the HQ in LA yesterday come out

* Liam arrives in London 

* Liam posts a video on Snapchat

* Pictures of Harry, his mum, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and their children having lunch somewhere in Canada yesterday come out

* Liam posts a selfie on Instagram

It’s Jul 26th, 2017.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so basic people have only started watching 13rw because of Brandon and have started sexualising him and it makes me uncomfortable because it reminds me of the 1d days when people would only appreciate Harry or zayn basically what I’m trying to say is why the fuck do people purposefully watch a show they think is bad just because one of the actors is hot it makes me cringe when people talk about this

Okay so I actually relate bc I HATE the way young boys in the media are sexualised and it’s passed off as normal. What’s with the double standards? If people treated Alisha the way Brandon is treated everyone would be like ‘what the fuck. That’s gross. Leave her alone.’ Brandon is still a person too, he is entitled to his privacy and he is an ACTOR, let’s not always talk about his looks and talk about his talent instead. If he wanted people to just talks about his face all the time I’m sure he’d be a model instead

anonymous asked:

Hiii!! I have a random question, what was your favorite part of 1dday?? They really need to do another one so that we can have a Larry hour!

Hey babe! 

As much as I loved watching those spoons suffer, I don’t think we’ll be getting another 1D Day anytime soon. (Although I do agree about the Larry hour!)

So here is my top 10 1D Day moments because I couldn’t choose just one. (:

10. The Twenty Turd of November Two Tousand and Tirteen

Obviously I had to start off with this. This will make me giggle for the rest of my life.

9. Lilac Niall

This sweet angel. I am still not over this. 

8. Naked Niall

While we’re on the subject of Niall…

Okay this is slowly just turning into 10 things about Niall… lol

7. Toddler Talk

“I think he looks for treasure.” - Toddler on Louis


6. The Payne Train

… And thats all I have to say about that.

5. The fact that Louis hated every minute of it.


Obviously the better Styles.


3. Define girlfriends 

Louis Heterosexual Tomlinson needs the definition of girlfriend?

“Can you use it in a sentence, Piers?”

2. Little Things

When Harry decided to murder me into oblivion by serenading his boy in front of everyone.


1. Talk Dirty To Me

This was 100% the best thing to ever happen to me. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong. 


When Harry tried to copy his boyfriend and almost leaped straight over Paul with his giant hoppy frog legs.

Hopefully we never have to relive this ever ever again. 

1D Hiatus: Day 512

* The music video for ‘Sign of the Times’ is released

* Harry performs four of his songs at his album listening party in NYC, gets papped and meets fans afterwards

* #SignOfTheTimesMusicVideo trends on Twitter

* Niall posts two pictures with Julian Bunetta and a video on Snapchat

* Louis shoots a secret something in Doncaster, meets fans

* Liam’s first newsletter along with a new picture of him is sent to those who signed up for it on his website

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* Bits from Liam’s interview for the Rollacoaster Magazine are released

* Niall will perform on the Today Show on May 29 as a part of the Citi Concert Series

* Harry will join Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1 this Friday morning to play some of his favourite tracks from his album

It’s May 8th, 2017.

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