because obviously what started out as a fling is turning into something with feelings for both of them


Truth or Dare, Princess

Summary: When the boys are stumped on a case he sends them to the reader. That one case leads to a more permanent relationship with the boys, and ultimately her falling in love with Dean…and Cas. There’s always been something about the reader they’ve loved and a game of truth or dare let’s them explore it. 

Word Count: 4816

Author’s note: SMUT SMUT SMUT!!!! I absolutely LOVE this one guys!! Just as a warning the plot doesn’t 100% follow along with the shows plot. Tell me what you guys think about this one!

You’d been hunting with Sam and Dean for the past year, your paths crossed on Arachne case. Bobby had referred the boys to you, you weren’t a hunter but you focused on lore. After telling Bobby how confused they were he sent them your way, but you never knew how important that one small decision would be.

Bobby had set it up so the boys would meet you at the library you worked at, it was a cover for you. The first and second floors were all normal books, but the basement was specifically for lore and hunters. You had hunters file in and out, and you helped them the best you could.

When Bobby had first suggested you to the boys Dean smirked, “She seems like just your type Sammy, nerdy”. Bobby just smiled to himself about Dean’s comment, he knew the second Dean saw you he’d be sold. Sure you were smart and loved books, but you were also incredibly beautiful.

Sam rolled his eyes, “Dean you of all people should know not to judge someone off of what’s said about them”. Bobby continued telling the boys where they could find you, and how he’d set up the meeting. The boys were in need of help so they didn’t mind. Bobby placed a call to you and then the boys were on their way.

It was closing time, which meant it was just you. You were excited but nervous, Sam and Dean Winchester were legends. Before you knew it you hear the sound of a bell, and eventually two men walked in. Taking in their descriptions you knew it was Sam and Dean.

They made their way over to the counter, and the closer they got the more you realized how incredibly good looking they were. Dean leaned against the counter, “Hey princess, you must be (y/n)”. You felt your cheeks begin to redden, “Yes I am, and you must be Dean”. Hearing him call you princess set butterflies a flight in your stomach.

He grinned, but before he could reply his brother cut him off, “ Thank you so much for even helping us, so is this whole library yours?”. Dean rolled his eyes, his brother was cockblocking him. You smiled realizing how beautiful Sam was too, “Yes…kinda…my aunt left it to me when she passed”.

You had always been close with your Aunt, and she was a hunter. She’d be good friends with Bobby and she was the reason you were even in this lifestyle. Sam forced a smile feeling bad for bringing up something so emotional, “I’m sorry, losing someone is one of the worst things to go through”.

Placing a stray piece of hair behind your ear you replied, “It is, but it’s good to have this place. It reminds me of her and hunters always come in telling me stories. I mean we all know death is never really the end..but enough about me how can I help you guys?”. Sam tried not to laugh but he found you incredibly cute, especially how you babbled on.

Dean licked his lips, he had about a thousand different ideas about how you could help him, “We’re having trouble figuring out what exactly we’re hunting”. You smiled, “Well I think I can help, follow me”. You started to lead them down to the basement while Dean let his eyes roll to the back of his head mouthing, “Oh my god” to his brother.

Sam shook his head in annoyance, he believed there was a lot more to you and didn’t want you to become one of his brothers flings. When you finally got into the room you pulled out your laptop and set it on the main table, “Okay what can you give me?”.

Dean raised his eyebrows, knowing exactly what he could give you but once again Sam intervened, “One of the witnesses said the creature had mottled skin and double sided irises”. You knew exactly what it was, but you were sad things were over so easily. Both brothers pulled a chair up next to you and you felt flushed being in the middle of such an attractive sandwich, especially with the way Dean was looking at you.

You pulled up the file, “I think what you have is an Arachne I know they’re only-”. Sam chimed in, “located in Greece”. Dean wanted to throw up, it had been five seconds and you were already finishing each other’s sentences. He placed his hand briefly on your knee sending shivers down your spine, “So how do we gank the son of a bitch?”.

You bit your lip trying to stop your mind from where it was going. You hoped Dean hadn’t noticed but he did, and he grinned realizing his effect on you. Turning to him you explained, “Decapitation is the only way they can be killed, and Sam I think ever since the apocalypse creatures have started appearing…it’s strange but-”.

Sam laughed, “Strange has become a regular adjective to describe our life”. Sam was amazed, it took you about a minute to know what the monster was and only with a few details. You got up, “I guess that solves things, I hope I was worth it”.

Dean got up too, “Oh trust me, you were so worth it”. You blushed again, obviously picking up on what Dean really meant. Sam added, “It was incredible how quickly you knew what we were hunting, thank you so much”.

Dean grinned, “You know we should get your number for future cases, you’re a lot easier to look at than Bobby” he finished his sentence with a wink. You laughed, “I don’t know Bobby does have this vibe to him…”.

Both brothers laughed but you finally said, “ I’d love to hear how the case goes, and I’d love to help out again”. You leaned down to write your number on a piece of paper and Dean raised his eyebrows to his brother again, signaling how good at this game he was.

That case started the relationship you had with the Winchesters. They called you to tell you how the case went, and then to ask for help on the next one, and then the next. Finally after a couple months you decided it would be easier to move into the bunker.

Bobby found someone to take over the library for you, a friend of his named Garth. You were happy to move in the Winchesters, the library had become the only family you’d had but at the end of the day it was just a building. It was a place filled with memories, but none that truly belonged to you.

Sam had become a close friend, while Dean had become somewhat of a love interest. Which meant; you were hopelessly in love with him but you weren’t sure how he felt. He flirted with you, but you never took it seriously because you soon learned Dean flirted with everyone.

On some cases you worked with their friend Charlie, she was similar to you. She loved fictional worlds, and shared your nerdy tendencies. A friendship soon formed, and you were thankful to not always be the only girl in the house. You told her everything, especially your feelings for Dean.

There was one other person you became close with, Castiel. You were working on a case about angels and Sam called him in to help you. From the moment you saw those piercing blue eyes you were sold, your heart confused at what you felt for both him and Dean. You justified what you felt with the fact that you didn’t even know how Dean felt.

You still remembered the first time you’d met him. You were in the library all alone when he walked in, a determined look on his face. His voice was low, “You must be (y/n) from Dean’s description but you don’t look hot you look of normal temperature for a human”. You laughed instantly, so this is what angels were like.

You stood up, “I’m guessing you’re Castiel-”. You lost your train of thought when you looked into his eyes, mesmerized by their intensity. Finally you caught yourself, “I’m sorry I’ve never met an angel before I-”. He smiled, “It’s okay, I haven’t met a human like you before” he said looking you up and down.

With the pressure of his gaze you felt uneasy, “Would you like to get started, I think we might be dealing with an archangel but I’m not sure”. Castiel sat down next to you and you couldn’t help but think about how close his body was to yours. Your mind started to drift so you tried to pull yourself back, but out of the corner of your eye you saw Castiel smirk.

You needed to bring your mind back, “What does this look like to you?”. Again Castiel grinned, but you just ignored it. He placed his arm over your chair and leaned forward looking at your computer screen, “I think your assumptions might be correct, but we need more evidence”.

You felt relieved that you knew what you were dealing with, until you realized your mind was drifting again. There was so many questions you had about angels; did they have sex or was that a sin, what can they really do with their grace, could angels even get hard?

You were too busy to notice the way Castiel was looking at you. The thing was you’d forgotten one essential thing about angels, they could read minds. Castiel heard every impure thought you’d had, and he was amused by them. On the outside you were so innocent, but he was starting to know how much your desires changed you.

This was something he could use to his advantage, you still thought he was innocent too. He rubbed your thigh lightly, “Are you okay (y/n), you seem distracted?”. You snapped out of your thoughts, but nearly went right back in when you realized how he was touching you. Trying to play it off you forced a laugh, “Yeah sorry, this has been a lot….the case”.

Castiel just smiled, you would be fun. From that moment on Castiel became very interested in you, but you never knew what he was really thinking. Could angels even flirt, could Castiel even flirt? You were in a constant whirlwind of emotions between him and Dean.

You were in the library with Charlie and Sam, obviously researching, when Dean walked in. Castiel trailed behind him, they both looked happy. Dean sat next to you, “Hey princess, what do you say we do something a little more fun?”.

Your heart started to race thinking about what fun could really mean so you missed the look Castiel gave Dean. After a second of letting you go crazy Dean added, “WE all could do something a little more fun”. Finally your heart slowed down, he was talking about everyone.

Charlie was excited, “Okay Dean what did you have in mind?”. The look that formed on Dean’s face sent shivers down your spine, he was up to something. He grinned, “We’re going to play good ole truth or dare….but sexual”.

Sam rolled his eyes, “Really Dean, what are we 16?”. You laughed at Sam’s comment, this did seem a bit juvenile. Dean put his hands up defensively, “Come on Sammy I think we’re all dying to know how innocent (y/n) really is”.

Suddenly all eyes were on you and you felt your entire face turn red. You smiled sheepishly, “Uh-”. Charlie cut you off, “ We’re in” she winked at you. You gave her a look but she didn’t care, she knew this might finally push you to do something with Dean.

Dean clapped his hands together, “Good, now who should go first…”. Again the whole room looked to you and you just shook your head. You rolled your eyes, “Okay, me I guess”. Dean looked to Castiel before looking back to you.

He grinned, “So truth or dare?”. You felt like you’d be screwed either way, “Dare”. Dean’s jaw dropped and the entire room cheered at your decision. Dean licked his lips, “I’ll start easy; I dare to tell you to tell me one of your kinks”.

Charlie started laughing and the rest of the gang became a thousand times more interested in what you were about to say. To the gang you were the innocent one, but if only they knew how you really were. You closed your eyes summoning up the courage, “Well you guys can’t judge me”. Dean had a weird look in his eyes, “I wouldn’t dream of it princess”.

Maybe it was because it was already extremely late, or the fact that you’d been thinking about Dean all day, regardless you told them the truth. For once you had the courage to let them know just how “innocent” you were.

You exhaled, “I like when people are really dominant…not just telling me what to do but just reminding me I’m know…like I better listen to….”. You decided to quit while you were ahead and you hid your face in Charlie’s shoulder. Charlie grinned, “Daddy…she was going to finish the sentence with daddy”.

You wanted to kill her, you weren’t embarrassed of what you liked it you were just shy. Dean tried to hide his excitement, he was so instantly turned on. Finally you looked up and you felt on fire between the looks Castiel and Dean were giving you.

Dean smiled, “Don’t be shy about it princess, to make things fair I’ll tell you one of mine”. You bit your lip in anticipation, there was no way to keep your thoughts pure now. He grinned, “We go hand and hand, I like being called Daddy and knowing I have a good little girl who listens to me”.

You squeezed your thighs together tried to stop the throbbing. Sam got up, “I didn’t need to hear that I’m gonna-”. Dean laughed, “Don’t act so pure Sammy we share a wall so I know what you’re up too”.

Sam looked from his brother to you and his whole face became a deep shade of red. He ran a hand through his hair, “Fine Dean, but I also don’t feel like hearing what gets you going”. Dean winked at you before saying, “Fine Sam, but I have a feeling the rest of the room is extremely interested”.

You felt yourself already getting wet, Dean was obviously talking about you. Sam rolled his eyes and excused himself. Dean didn’t skip a beat, “Alright princess, now it’s your turn to ask someone”. You decided that you wanted to ask Castiel a question. You grinned, “Castiel, truth or dare”.

Reading your thoughts Castiel knew picking truth would be a lot more entertaining, “I chose truth”. You tried not to blush, “Do angels have a sex drive or is that a sin?”. Castiel smiled, this would be so easy.

He looked to Dean and then you, “I have a sex drive, I may be an angel but I can be as sinful as I want”. Castiel looked you over while saying the second part, and the intensity of his gaze sent shivers down your spine.

Charlie spoke up, “Guys I know I don’t bat for your team but don’t bench me!”. Castiel turned to her and asked a question, “What is your favorite part of a woman?”. Charlie thought it over for a second before giggling.

She shrugged, “I’m a tits kinda girl I guess”. The boys both laughed and so did you. Somehow Charlie could make the most weirdest situations funny. She held up a finger, “I almost didn’t notice Cas but you didn’t ask me truth or dare, which makes that a clear violation. Which means you must now do what ever dare I chose”.

Cas nodded his head, he was a man of rules. Charlie giggled again, “Since you’re as sinful as you want I dare you to whisper the dirtiest sentence you can think of into (y/n)’s ear”. You jaw dropped a little, would you be able to handle that?

Castiel just nodded his head again and within a second he was next to you. With one hand he delicately moved your face towards him, and trailed the other up your thigh. You closed your eyes and felt his lips graze your ear, “I want you to be a good little girl for me and let Dean fuck that pretty little pussy of yours while you suck my cock”.

You bit your lip hiding a moan, you wanted so badly to say, “Yes daddy” but you remembered where you were. To your surprise after he was done speaking he kissed you below your jaw. Charlie and Dean were going wild.

Just like that he returned to his seat, leaving you wanting more. Charlie raised her eyebrows, “From how (y/n) is reacting I guess you weren’t lying”. Feeling all eyes on you, you were eager to divert the attention. You looked to Dean, “Truth or dare?”.

He leaned forward, “Dare princess”. You gulped, unsure of what to ask. You wanted to dare Dean to take you right there on the table, but you needed to control yourself. Smiling you said, “I dare you to tell me why you keep calling me princess”.

You figured that would be an easy question and that maybe the throbbing and desire you felt would stop, but you were wrong. He licked his lips, “I like how worked up it gets you, from the first time I called you it I saw what it did to you”.

You felt yourself beginning to blush again, unsure of what to say. Suddenly Charlie got a text and her entire demeanor changed. She sighed, “The bat signal has gone off guys, looks like my night is done”. You were sad that Charlie had to leave, and nervous that you’d be left with the boys.

She hugged you and everyone gave their goodbyes. Getting up you said, “Well that’s my night too, sorry to disappoint boys”. Dean looked up at you smiling, “You never disappoint princess”. You found yourself smiling but before you could walk out Castiel got up.

He reached out a hand, “The least we could do is walk you to your room”. That would be nice, and it seemed innocent enough so you agreed. They got up and gave each other weird looks, which made you rethink your decision.

Pushing it to the back of your mind you continued walking forward. It was a short walk to your room and before you knew it you were there. You opened the door and they both leaned on either side of the frame, “Well thanks guys, I guess I should go to bed”.

The truth was that you didn’t want to go to bed, you wanted the both of them like Castiel had suggested. You were too shy to act on it so for right now it just occupied your thoughts. They looked to each other and Castiel spoke up, “Your mind suggests otherwise (y/n)”.

You were confused, “My mind?”. They grinned now, a look of satisfaction on their faces. Castiel explained, “You’re a very intelligent girl (y/n), but you’ve been incorrect about the most fun part of being an angel; reading minds”.

There was no hiding it, your face turned bright red. You tried to remember everything you’d been thinking about, especially the dirtier stuff. Castiel laughed, “Yes, I’ve heard everything…you’re a dirty little thing”.

Now Dean chimed in, “I can’t believe I thought you were so innocent, I think it’s time we treat you like the dirty girl you are”. Your mouth just opened as you felt your desire growing, unable to respond.

Castiel got closer to you and again lifted your chin up with a finger, “Be a good girl and answer us”. Somehow you found the words and said, “Yes Castiel”. He turned to Dean smiling, everything was falling into place. They followed you into your room as Dean closed the door behind you.

Castiel added, “I want you to call me commander, think you can do that baby?”. You nodded your head but remembered what they wanted, “Yes commander”. Dean grinned, “Look how quickly she catches on, this will be fun”.

You just gulped, waiting to see what their next move would be. Castiel shook his head, “I can still read your thoughts (y/n), so eager”. Biting your lip you still waited to see what they’d tell you.

Dean looked you up and down, “I think I wanna play with her for a little while you watch, is that something you’d like princess?”. Your breathing became more rapid, “Yes daddy”. Dean lead you towards the bed, your back against the headboard.

He bit his lip, “Let’s get you out of those clothes”. You started to lift the dress you’d been wearing, leaving you in just your baby blue bra and panties set. Dean groaned, “Fuck Cas, look at how beautiful she is”.

By now Castiel had sat in your desk chair, lightly palming himself through his jeans, “Breathtaking…”. You felt yourself getting wetter with all the attention and anticipation. Dean turned your head towards his, “I’ve wanted to do this since the first day we met”.

He lightly placed his lips on yours while his hand cupped your cheek. The kiss ignited a flame of desire in your core, you wanted more. When it was over he slowly dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb, “Fuck you’re amazing”.

You were so needy, “Dean..I-”. He shook his head and brought his hand to lightly grasp your throat, “Daddy”. It made your breath hitch and your core soaked. You blinked, “Daddy, I need more”. He removed his hand and kissed your forehead, “Good girl”.

His hand trailed down your stomach and slipped under your panties, he slowly inserted one finger inside of you and you moaned. Dean took his finger out and sucked on it, “You taste so good princess”. You watched him with your mouth wide open, so turned on.

Dean moved down the bed, bringing himself closer to your core. He slowly took off your panties, “No need for these doll”. After that he spread your legs and you bit your finger unsure of his next move. He licked his lips, “So fucking beautiful princess”.

His praises were turning you on even more. Dean licked up your folds and you moaned at his touch. He flicked his tongue lightly over your clit, sending shivers down your spine. Looking to your left you saw Castiel was now fully exposed, stroking his shaft.

Seeing Castiel made you even more needy, he looked so good. Dean spread your folds with his two fingers, exposing you further. He started to trace patterns over your clit with his tongue, “Fuck daddy that feels so good”. Castiel groaned, becoming more turned on too.

You bucked your hips, needing more, but with his hands Dean held you down. You loved the feeling of having no control, your pleasure all up to Dean. He moved his head faster and you felt yourself getting closer, “Daddy please I’m-”.

Dean stopped what he was doing, “I know princess, but I want to feel you cum around my cock”. He moved back up next to you and called over Castiel. You felt the bed sink down as Castiel sat next to you.

He placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear, “You look so beautiful when you’re so worked up”. Before you could reply he crashed his lips into yours, his dominance surprising you. Castiel knew what he wanted and didn’t hesitate to take in.

During the kiss Castiel shifted your body, bringing you ontop of him. Dean now kneeled behind you, and brought your ass to press against him. Once the kiss was over Castiel said, “I want to see those pretty lips wrapped around your commanders cock”.

You nodded, “Yes commander”. Dean groaned, “She’s such a good little girl”. Getting on all fours your ass pressed against Dean and your lips hovered over Castiel’s cock. You licked slowly up Castiel’s shaft, swirling your tongue around his tip causing him to moan.

You felt Dean’s tip press against your pussy, “Please daddy”. He slapped your ass, “Not until you start to suck his cock”. You nodded your head and finally took Cas in your mouth. Finally when you took as much of Castiel as you could you felt Dean enter you.

You moaned against Castiel’s cock which caused him to buck his hips forward. Dean started to enter in and out of you, stretching your walls. Following his speed you started to bob your head up and down. Castiel got a fistful of your hair, pushing your head down lightly.

Cas moaned, “Fuck this feels so good”. Dean slapped your ass, “Damn straight”. You liked the slight tang of pain you felt when he slapped your ass. Dean placed his hands on your hips, thrusting himself deeper inside you. You moaned against Castiel’s cock again, “Fuck Dean, keep feels so good when she moans against my cock”.

Dean went faster, “That’s it princess, you look so good with a mouthful of his cock”. You took even more of Cas in your mouth, the feeling of being completely filled so intoxicating. With your hand you started to play with his balls, making Castiel moan even more.

You knew you were getting close and Cas let Dean know, “Our good little girl wants to cum”. Both boys were just as close as you were, everything was so intense. Dean felt himself getting sloppier, “Fuck princess, I do too, cum when we tell you”.

Castiel started thrusting himself into your mouth, “You’re gonna make your commander cum all over those pretty lips”. Dean was thrusting so deeply into you he was hitting your g-spot every time. You felt like you were going to explode, and you didn’t know if you could hold on any longer.

Dean was moaning so loudly, “Shit this feels so good, doesn’t it babygirl”. Castiel was just as close, “Let’s let the good little girl cum for us Dean”. Suddenly both boys started thrusting even deeper, and you felt your senses become flooded.

Dean nearly yelled, “Cum for us princess, fucking cum for us right now, be a good girl and fucking cum”. That was all you needed, you let yourself go. Your body shut down, the only thing you could process was the pleasure.

It was like a bomb that went off in your core and shook through your entire body. All you could do was moan, but you mouth was filled. You moans sent vibrations against Castiel’s cock, and then he was cumming too. You felt his hot load shoot to the back of your throat, but you continued sucking.

Castiel moaned so loudly, “Fuck she’s still sucking…shit I’m so sensitive..fuck”. This was all enough to set Dean off too. He felt your walls clench against his dick and he thrusted even harder. The moans that filled the room caused his own orgasm.

He exploded inside of you, filling you up. You groaned as you felt him twitch inside of you. All the sensations were so intense, all you could do was moan. As he came Dean held onto your hips tighter. Finally you were left shaking, as both boys pulled out of you.

Castiel pulled you up towards him, placing a his lips on yours. You felt the bed shift again as Dean sat next to you both. When you were done kissing Castiel, Dean pulled you in for a kiss. Castiel laughed, “What about sharing Dean?”.

Dean smiled against your lips ending the kiss, “It’s just so hard when it comes to (y/n)”. Smiling aswell you finally spoke up, “ I am all for sharing”. Castiel pulled you so you were perfectly in between the both of them.

They each started to caress your body, sending shivers down your spine. Dean nibbed on your ear, “Fuck you’re so perfect”. Castiel whispered in your other year, “So incredibly perfect”. You sat there feeling the happiest you’d ever felt, in between two of the people you cared for the most.

Dean finally said it, “I love you princess, always have always will”. He kissed you again, preserving the moment with your bodies. While the kiss continued Castiel whispered in your ear, “I love you too (y/n), I didn’t know I could”.

When the kiss was over you were left panting, “I love you both so much”. They just smiled, just as content with life. They were incredibly excited for what your future together held, even for what rest of the night held.

Falling Slowly

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

A/N: This took so long to write because I was considering writing it as a series but here you go and I really hope y’all enjoy it.

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Watching the person you love falling in love with someone else right in front of your eyes, was hard. It hurt you emotionally and drained you physically, you watched as he absentmindedly placed his hand on her bare knee, he’d rub small love hearts against her skin, he’d whisper an inside joke into her ear and her giggles would fill the room. He’d glance at you, gulp nervously and shift awkwardly, removing the hand you were eying up and get back to what he was doing before.

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The Sunrise Part 2 (Sirius Black x Hufflepuff!Reader)

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The Sunrise Part 1
The Sunrise Part 3

Part 2 Requested By: @impossibletodealwith @susie2710 @lostxghirl @arielizzlewizzle @itswilma

Word Count: 2,630

Warnings: Minor injury, mentions of bullying.

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post. Most people who asked for it probably forgot they requested it…hehe sorry. ♪~ ()


“Bloody hell, Pads, what are you looking for?” James asked Sirius as he noticed him scanning the crowded hallway yet again. This had been happening a lot recently and as much a Sirius liked to believe, he was not subtle about it and it was piquing the gang’s curiosity. Sirius narrowed his eyes at James and opened his mouth to speak.

“Not what, who.” Remus corrected before he could say anything, making James wiggle his eyebrows at his scowling friend.

“Does our dearest friend finally have a love interest?” He asked, cutting Sirius off once again as Peter nudged him playfully.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sirius said, shrugging his shoulders, acting a little too nonchalant.

“Every time you go anywhere, you take a good long look before turning back to us.” Remus said as they walked into the courtyard for their break and, as Remus said, Sirius subconsciously gave a quick glance around the courtyard before focusing back on the conversation. James, Remus and Peter shared a knowing look.

“It’s true.” Peter chimed. Sirius stuffed his hands into his pockets and kept his head down for lack of a comeback. He couldn’t deny that he’s kept his eyes peeled for a certain head of Y/H/C hair for the past few weeks. You two had been meeting every morning on Wednesdays and, by his insistence, Fridays, but he had yet to see or talk to you during the day. It was as if you just appeared to watch the sunrise and disappeared for classes.

He had actually begun to think that you were one of the castle ghosts and never came out during the day, but he just brushed that off as crazy thought. Hopefully it was crazy thought. It’d be just his luck to have feelings for a dead person. And yes, he had finally admitted to himself that he was feeling deeper emotions than what you should feel for ‘just a friend’. It came as quite a shock to him, he had never felt this way for anyone else. Sure he flirted and…did other things but it was never with any feeling behind it. He just never connected with someone on that level like he did with you and it made him feel a whole bunch of things.

“Who’ve you been looking for?” Remus asked. Sirius debated telling his friends about you but he liked having you and the sunrise to himself, so he decided to keep it a secret. At least until he sorted out his feelings and you and just the whole situation. He also didn’t want to deal with the extensive teasing that was sure to come out of them knowing about it.

“Just this girl, we had a pretty good snogging session last week and I wanted to see if she was up for another round.” Sirius lied and gave the group a cheeky smirk. Peter seemed to accept this and brushed the whole topic off. James and Remus weren’t as convinced, but after a quick look between them, they decided to save the topic for later. Sirius gave a breath of relief as James shrugged casually and Remus started a new conversation.


You were turning into the courtyard with your two best friends when you spotted Sirius’ familiar frame and quickly spun around and hid behind a pillar. Your friends gave you a confused look. You just ignored them and gave a quick peek around the corner only to see him still there. You didn’t know what you expected, it’s not as if he would disappear in the space of 2 seconds. Your friends, though still confused, looked amused.

“Care to explain?” Your friend, Dovie, asked.

He’s there.” You hissed, gesturing behind you. Your friends turned to look and realisation dawned on their faces. Unlike Sirius, you had told your friends about him and how both of you watched the sunrise together (something they had disapproved of but thought was adorable). You had been avoiding him during school hours, not wanting your happy little bubble to burst.

You were also afraid he’d act differently with you outside of your time together. Maybe he’d be embarrassed by you being a Hufflepuff? Or by you being a muggleborn? You had yet to tell him that though. You weren’t ashamed of your parents or how you were born but he did come from a family infamous for their hatred for muggleborns. He was different though, right? After all, he was sorted into Gryffindor and not the signature Slytherin house of the Blacks. He also seemed kinder, though he was snarky, he seemed more…accepting?

“So? I thought you said you didn’t like him?” Your other friend, Annabelle, said. You felt your face grow red.

“I-I don’t” You lied. You very much had some feelings for the troublesome Gryffindor, but you didn’t want to admit it. You knew that your friends disapproved of him as a romantic…interest… and you didn’t blame them. He had a very long list of broken hearts and flings and you knew that he might never actually have sincere romantic affections for anyone but you couldn’t help it. He was just so interesting and funny and annoying and you loved spending time with him (something you would also never admit).

“You can’t.” Dovie said, her face becoming strict. You groaned, you hated it when she became all motherly on you. Both her and Annabelle had a suspicion that you had developed feelings for him and were both worried. They didn’t want you to come out of it with a tear stained face.

“I don’t need a lecture, mum.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“Right. Because you don’t like him.” Dovie said. You nodded your head


“And you don’t wait impatiently for Wednesday and Friday mornings.” Annabelle said.


“And you don’t love it when he playfully teases you.” Dovie said.

“R-right.” You said, a little quieter this time.

“And you don’t love how he seems to be different with you than with anyone else.” Annabelle said, her brows furrowing with sympathy for her obviously lovestruck friend.

“Right.” You mumbled, your eyes focused solely on your feet. You regretted agreeing to all of those things but what could you do? You couldn’t have feelings for Sirius Black, you just couldn’t. Everyone knew it was a stupid thing to like him and whoever did was bound to end up broken hearted, but he made it so easy to fall in love with his playful smirk and genuine smile, with his witty comebacks and moments of kind sincerity.

“So is that why you’re hiding behind a pillar right now, rather that facing him?” Dovie asked. Dovie, unlike Annabelle, was more of the tough love kind of friend, maybe it was the Ravenclaw in her. And as much as you loved her, you did not want that right now. You stayed silent, not knowing what to say and keeping your now sad eyes on the floor.

“Oh, Y/N.” Annabelle said, enveloping you in a tight hug. “It’s ok to have feelings. It’s ok.” She said, rubbing your back comfortingly. “Just - just don’t get your hopes up, ok pumpkin?” You almost smiled at her nickname she used for your and Dovie. She was such an old lady.

“I don’t like him.” You mumbled hopelessly.

“Of course not.” She said, humouring you. “Of course not.”

“Watch out.” Dovie said, breaking up the moment. “Bullies, eleven o’clock.” She nodded her head in the direction of the approaching condescending pureblood Slytherins that loved picking on you and your friends. You and Annabelle were both muggleborn and Dovie was a halfblood so you were easy targets for pureblood obsessed wizards, especially the ones that were coming down the hallway now, they just loved bullying muggleborns.

You and Annabelle quickly separated and the three of you scurried away. You gave the boy that had captured your attention one last longing look before continuing your escape.


A few days later, Sirius was creeping into the courtyard at 5 in the morning, lit wand in hand. He had changed into his school robes before sneaking out, not wanting to give you more ammunition about his pyjamas. He felt his heart race in anticipation of seeing you, an almost giddy expression on his face.

You were already there, reading a book, sitting under the same tree he first saw you under a few weeks ago. He stopped moving for a moment, watching how your hair fell into your face and how you blew it away softly, only for it to fall back to the same spot again. As much as he loved talking to you, he could just watch you forever. There was something gentle yet daring about you, how you held your head up high and kept yourself open. You were a light in a sea of darkness and he loved you for it. But he’d push that down, that feeling of grabbing you and kissing the living daylights out of you, for he would not be the one to corrupt the bright light. So friendship would be the place he’d settle for.

He quietly crept up behind the tree you were sitting against and jumped in front of you with a loud “boo!”, making you shriek and drop your book onto your lap. He chuckled as you groaned and slapped his arm.

“Merlin’s bear, Sirius! Don’t do that.” You exclaimed. He smirked as he sat down across from you, running his fingers through his hair (a habit you had noticed and thought quite endearing).

“Loosen up, Huffles.” He joked, making you glare at him.

“I’d really prefer it if you’d call me by my real name.” You said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“But Huffles is just so much more fun to say, Huffles.” He replied, enjoying how you rolled your eyes at him.

“Well, if I have a nickname, shouldn’t you have one too?” You asked, rubbing your chin, pretending to be in deep thought.

“Mr. Attractive?” He suggested, making you snort. “The Great Lord of Hotness?”

“Oh, Merlin, please stop.”

“Sexy? Sir Dreamy?” He kept going, making you laugh uncontrollably.

“What have I unleashed?” You cried out.

“Goooood lookin?” He said, grinning.

“Please stop. What about sloppy?” You suggested.

“I don’t know what you’re insinuating but I’m just going to steer us back to Sir Dreamy.” Sirius said, leaning back on his hands.

“I don’t know how this much arrogance can fit in one body.” You said, shaking your head. “And sloppy fits you perfectly!” You said, gesturing to his shaggy, dark hair, loosely hanging tie and messy uniform. Sirius glanced down at him self and just shrugged. You rolled your eyes at him and tucked a lock of stray hair behind your ear. In that one motion, your uniform sleeve slipped down a little, exposing messily tied bandaging over your wrist. All playfulness disappeared from Sirius’ face. He leaned forwards, a worried look on his face.

“What happened there?” He asked, pointing to your wrist. You, not having noticed your bandages were showing, quickly tugged down your sleeve. You were hoping he wouldn’t notice that.

“Nothing. I - I fell.” You said. That wasn’t a complete lie. You had fallen. Down some stairs as well. It wasn’t your fault though. The same pureblood Slytherins you and your friends had run from the other day had cornered you alone just as you were walking up the stairs. You didn’t want to remember what had happened after that, just that you had ended up with bruises and a cut on your wrist.

“Tell me.” Sirius insisted. You sighed in defeat.

“Remember when I told you I didn’t like bullies?” You mumbled quietly. Sirius’ eyes narrowed dangerously as he nodded. “Well now I’m not overly fond of stairs, as well as bullies.” You waited for him to say something, but he was just sitting there, anger evident on his face. You didn’t even know how angry he was though. The thought that someone hurt you, had caused you to fall down stairs, was enough to get his blood boiling and fingers curling into fists. He tried to tamped down on his anger.

“Who?” He said, his voice deadly quiet. You kept your head down, not wanting to meet the fury in his eyes.

“I - I don’t want to say.” You mumbled.

“What?” He asked incredulously.

“What would you do to them?” You asked.

“Nothing.” He lied.

“Sirius…I don’t want to say.” You whispered.

“How can you not want to say?” He exclaimed, shock and anger building up inside him. “Just so that I don’t hurt them?” You kept quiet, still not meeting his gaze. He released a frustrated groan. “Did you tell anyone?” He asked. You shook your head. “Did you go to the infirmary?” You shook your head again. He suddenly shot up, his hand running through his hair again. You eyes flew up at his sudden movement and watched him pace around frustratedly.

“Sirius -“ You started but was cut off by him.

“Why wouldn’t you tell anyone, Huffles?” He asked, turning on you, making you shrink away from him. “You do realise that this just encourages them to do this more, right?”

“Yes, but -“

“And if you hate bullying so much then why are you protecting them? The people that hurt you? And others most likely.” His voice rising.

“Sirius -“

“Who physically hurt you! Are you too much of a Hufflepuff to get them into trouble? Is that it?”

“No! That’s not it! Merlin’s beard, Sirius, do you not get it?” You exclaimed, standing up yourself to meet him head on. “Do you not get it? I’m not telling anyone about this because I’m scared, Sirius. Ok? I’m scared. I’m scared that it’ll anger them, make them even more aggressive. Do you know how terrifying that is? To always feel threatened and never feel like they would be punished for what they were doing to you?” You almost yelled, shutting him up. He stared at you for a moment, taken aback by your admission. Your hand flew to cover your mouth as you released a sudden sob, tears falling from your eyes. Sirius’ heart broke for you and he felt so guilty for yelling at you, for releasing his anger on you. So so guilty.

“Oh, Y/N, I’m sorry.” He said, rushing towards you and crushing you in a hug. Your eyes went wide with shock. Sirius was hugging you. Sirius Black, the boy that never showed affection, was hugging you. You buried your face into his chest as more tears continued to fall. “I’m sorry.” He repeated. You nodded your head and he pulled you in even tighter if possible, but you didn’t mind. You loved being pressed up against him, being comforted by him. The thought that you couldn’t do this romantically with him prompted even more tears to shed.

“Y/N, you can’t let them get away with this though.” He said, resting his chin on your head and rubbing soothing circles on your back.

“Why do you even care?” You asked.

“Because I love you.” He whispered, almost too quietly, but you heard it. You for sure heard it. It had slipped out before he could stop it but he didn’t regret saying it, screw the consequences.

“What?” You asked, eyes wide as you pulled away from him to look him in the eyes.

“I love you, Huffles.” He said fiercely. You stayed silent for a while, a giddy laugh escaping your lips. He loved you. Sirius Black loved you. The boy who you’ve had feelings for for weeks loved you.

“I love you too, sloppy.” You said, smiling as the first rays of sunlight flitted over his shoulder.


I AM FINALLY DONE. GOOD GOD THAT TOOK FOREVER SORRY. I don’t know why I typed that all in caps lock. Anywho, I uploaded this just in time for Valentines Day (well, where I am anyway). I hope you enjoyed it and I appreciate any feedback you have. Especially on how to characterise Sirius, tips would be helpful.

Constructive criticism is welcome.


Clark’s Niece - Part 3

So this is a bigger jump in time than I origionally wanted, but oh well! Damian the the reader have not started dating yet. Here is a little bit of angst for everyone! I don’t know when I’ll post next.


“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

You scrub the rain off your face, “Hey, Jay …”

Jason quickly pulls you into the house, “What happened? I thought you were spending the weekend at the Manor?”

You let out a soft sob, “Damian and I got in a fight”

Jason tenses, his hands tightening slightly on your shoulder before loosening, “Come on, lets get you into some dry cloths and you can tell me what happened”

He gently nudges you toward his room, “Can I get out the blue sweater?”

Jason knows that when you pull out the blue sweater it means that you are really upset, so he just calls out the affirmative. Flopping down on the couch Jason groans, “He’s only 16, how bad could he have fucked up?”

– (Earlier that night) –

Wayne Enterprise had decided to host a charity gala that Friday night, and you had been invited, but not by Damian. You hadn’t even known about the gala until you showed up at the Manor after school. Dick greeted you with a grin and a dress, telling you to get ready. Thinking that Damian had set all of this up, you made sure to look your best for the gala. This would be the first event that you were seen with Damian at and you wanted to look your best.

“Dick, will you help me with my hair?!”

Instead of Dick, Alfred walked in, “I believe that I would be much better suited for this task, Miss Y/N. I used to help Bruce’s mother with her hair before similar events, it shall be nice to help in this way again” You smile up at the older man, letting him do whatever he wanted with your hair.

When you next opened your eyes you are in awe. Alfred had pulled your hair up into a beautiful waterfall braid, and throughout the curled waved he had placed beautiful jewels, making every movement sparkle. “It’s beautiful”

“Indeed you are. Now, I seem to have lost track of time, and I believe that you will be fashionably late for the gala”


You arrive at the gala in a limo, almost an hour after the arty started. Dick glances over at you, “Even though we’re late, I don’t think that we’re the last ones to arrive”

You giggle, and accept his help in getting out of the car. The long green dress, and matching heels can be difficult to navigate in, so you use your powers a little bit to make sure you don’t fall.

You walk into the gala with a smile on your face, but it instantly drops as soon as you see Damian. He’s surrounded by models, two are hanging off of his arms, and a third has her arms around his neck. “Dick …”

Dick see’s what you’re looking at, “Shit, Y/N. We should go this was a mistake. I’m so sorry …”

“Is this why he didn’t want me to come?” you whisper.

Dick whips you around so you’re facing him, “Y/N listen to me, don’t jump to any conclusions. Damian could have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this”

You turn back around, this time to find Damian kissing, more like making out, with one of the models, the other two peppering kisses all over his face and neck. “Yeah, I bet he does”

Damian’s eyes open when the model pulls back, and he makes eye-contact with you. Instead of waiting around you pull away from Dick and quickly make your way to the roof. “Y/N!! Y/N wait!”

Completely ignoring Damian, you burst onto the roof, and storm to the edge. “What?!? What do you want Damian?!”

“I wanted to apologize for what happened …”

You let out a hysterical laugh, already on the verge of tears, “Why would you need to apologize?! You seemed to really be enjoying yourself in there!”

“No! They meant nothing!” Damian was slowly trying to get closer to you, one hand reached out.

“Oh, they meant nothing?! It didn’t look like they meant nothing! They were all over you! I thought that we … that you and I … were more than friends … but now that I saw that I know I was wrong” You draw your-self up to your full height, “I guess I was wrong, Damian. I apologize for loving you. Love is obviously something that a Wayne man is incapable of” You snarl. “Goodbye”

Flinging yourself off the roof you purposefully block out anything that Damian says, and you fly to the only place that you feel safe, Jason’s.

– (Present) –

Jason sits, shocked, on the couch, trying to absorb everything you just told him. He sighs and opens his arms, “Come here, sweetheart”

You lunge across the sofa, burying yourself in Jason’s arms, and you finally cry like you want to. “Why does it hurt so much?” you sob. If feels like your heart was torn out and left on that rooftop, like a piece of you is missing.

“I’m so sorry he hurt you like this. But I’m here, sweetheart, I’m here.”

Jason rocks you back and forth gently, and slowly your tears begin to stop and you start to get tired, “’m tired, Jay”

“Go to sleep then. I’ll make sure no one bothers you alright?”

You nod sleepily, closing your eyes and letting exhaustion overcome you.

Soon after Jason puts Y/N to bed there is a knock on his front door. It’s Damian, of course it’s Damian. Jason flings the door open, his broad shoulder taking up almost the entire doorframe, “What do you want, brat?”

“I need to see, Y/N. I need to explain what happened. Please, Jason, let me …”

“I think you’ve done enough tonight” Jason interrupted, “She’s a mess, and it’s your fault. The best thing you can do right now is get the hell off my doorstep, go home, and figure out how you’re going to win her back. Because if you leave things the way they are, you are missing out on the chance of a lifetime, babybat. And honestly that’s something I would hate to see”

Damian’s shoulders slump, he looks like the weight of the world is dragging him down, “Can I see her, please, I won’t do anything. I just need to know that she’s safe. Please, Jason, that’s all I’m asking.”

Jason sighs but moves aside. He leads Damian to his bedroom door and slowly opens it a crack, just enough for Damian to see the state that Y/N is in. Her hair in a tangled mess, makeup streaked her face, and she looks so small, curled up in Jason’s large bed. It makes a surge of protectiveness and guilt build up in Damian. He had caused Y/N pain, even after he had promised to protect her.

Damian quietly closes the door, “Thank you” He heads back to the front door, “Will you make sure that she is safe?”

“You know I will”

He nods, “Thank you, for helping her.”

Jason sighs, “Listen, kid. I know that Bruce was probably the one who set you up with the models, I know you probably didn’t want them at all. But the fact of it is that Y/N did see you with them. You need to make her feel like she is the only girl in the entire world who exists, that your love only exists for her. You need to prove to her that you are Her Dami, that you aren’t the Damian Wayne she saw tonight.” Jason raked a hand through his hair, “I don’t want to see her in pain, and I don’t want to see you hurting either. Remind her that you are hers just as much as she is yours. If you do that, then you might have a chance of winning her back. But before you do, you have to ask yourself a very important question. What are you willing to do, give up Y/N for good, or disobey your father? Once you choose, then decide what to do, because you can’t have both. You can’t expect to be seen as a playboy like Bruce, and still keep Y/N”

Damian nods at the end of Jason’s speech, “Thank you, Jason. You … you are a good brother. I know now what I have to do”


Will this fight tear them apart or will they be able to reconcile? WHO KNOWS!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Can I request a couple headcannons on how life with eight kids goes? :)

I accidentally deleted this when I was done and then had to redo it (:

UT!Sans: It’s almost too much for him. He never gets any alone time, and that kind of bothers him since he gets exhausted a lot. But he really loves his kids. And every time one of them runs up to him saying ‘’Dad! Dad! look what I made you!’’ He feels his soul swell with pride and joy. He’s good at raising them, and he has a lot of patience so he almost never snaps at them. He’ll raise them to become full of mischief though. And they’re always pulling pranks on each other, and you and Sans. He’s just as proud every time they get him good.

-PTA SANS. Omg he is sassing the living daylight out of anyone who dares go against you or him. They are never ready for his passive aggressive humor and retorts. They think that they can prepare, but he ge gets them every time.

-He’s very happy that their birthdays are on the same day. Because he could never remember eight separate birthdays. He does come up with great gifts for them though.

UT!Papyrus: This pure force of energy is no match for eight kids. He has never known exhaustion like this one. Waking up more than five times a night to feed eight hungry babies. Who also wake each other up with their crying is almost too much for him. Almost. And just when he thinks he’s handling the first few months perfectly. They start to crawl and run around too. He realizes that the first few months were just a test run. Nevertheless, he is truly a great father. Paying attention to all of his children. And always encouraging them to do and be their very best. He is constantly validating them and reminding them of how great they are.

-Their birthday is the biggest party ever. Because he wants them all to feel special and unique. Prom night is also a hell of a deal for him. Because he feels like he has to organize it all by himself. He’s helping them pick out dresses and suits and he’s exhausted, but oh so proud, He might even shed a tear as he sees how much his babies has grown.

UF!Sans: And he thought one kid would be hard. He swears, his kids doesn’t know how to chill. Which is weird considering they’re related to him. If it weren’t for the monster human thing, he’d doubt that they were even his. (They are literally crawling on the walls half of the time, he’s thought about calling and exorcist) But their snarky attitude makes up for it. They still behave, but he isn’t the best at raising kids. And if one of them hears him swear, they teach it to their siblings. And soon you’ll have eight one year olds all saying ‘’shit’’ and ‘’fuck’’ whenever someone speaks to them. You’re going to have to deal with teaching them some manners. And maybe get Red in on the lessons while you’re at it.

-But oh my god does he love them. Every single one of them. And any boy or girl who dares break one of their hearts are going to have to deal with him after. (Some advice to them would be run)

-He’s the kind of parent who tries to show interest in their interests, but he really doesn’t get what kids are into these days. Still, he’ll sit through their long rants about youtubers or actors. And he’ll grumpily get them tickets to their ‘’favorite band in the whole world omg dad you have to let me go see them!!’’

UF!Papyrus: HE THOUGHT THAT HE WAS READY. But nothing could prepare him for the horror that is eight children. His sleep schedule is so messed up now. And he has never know exhaustion of this sort before. He insists on helping you raise them, even though his job keeps him away most of the time. If you really don’t want to stay away from your job for longer than you have to, he agrees to take a break from his. Until they are old enough to go to daycare. Small advice, don’t let him do that. He’s a responsible adult but with his sleeping schedule so messed up, there really isn’t anything that says he wont forget that it’s eight and not nine children. And then he’ll go on a hunt for the last one before panicking because he lost one of his children oh my god what will he do now.

-It’s better if you take care of them during the days, and leave the nights to him. He wakes up quickly and always hushes them before they wake their siblings. If you wake up and try to find him during these nights, you’ll find him standing in the nursery with at least two of the kids in his arms. Talking in a quiet voice while rocking them gently.  

-He is such a mother hen. They can’t do this and they can’t do that. He wont let anything harm his little heirs. But for a guy who’s so protective, he tries to start training them as soon as they can stand. Please stop him.

US!Sans: He tries to raise them to be polite and nice children. But there are freaking eight of them and how is he supposed to do this? He’s really trying his best to be there for all of them. And if he misses even one’s first step he’s heartbroken. Until they waddle over to them. Then he feels better again.

-The nights are horrible though. Because he needs his sleeping schedule. Without it he can’t function. And you’re both equally tired for the next year. He tries to take the night feedings, and to rock them back to sleep every time on wakes up. But he is way too tired for that. You’ll find him sleeping in the chair in the nursery. Kids in his arms. Sure he got them  to sleep again, but at what cost?

-He wants them all to try out new and fun activities. And if they’re not as social as he is, they might argue a lot. He wants them to try new things, and he wont understand why they wont listen to him. It’s not going to harm them if they go to one dance practice or one soccer game. You’ll have to talk to him about that. If you don’t they’ll just get a lot of unsaid things building up between them. He just wants them to be happy and have something to bond over.

-He will respect any interest or hobby though. They’re not into sports? That’s fine. If they want to practice drawing instead, he’ll happily support them! Anything that makes them happy.

US!Papyrus: The early years went by in a blurr. And he honestly doesn’t remember them all that much. His anxiety made him nervous all the time. And usually he felt like a spring ready to go off. It got better the older they got. Still, with eight goddamned kids you don’t get much rest.

-But he’s the kind of dad who takes one or two of them to McDonalds at 3 am if they happen to be awake at the same time he is. He still has a fling of insomnia. Which he is a little scared might have carried over to them. But he goes on these late night adventures with them a lot. It’s great bonding sessions. Going to a 24/7 Walmart and wandering around. Or maybe taking a drive out to the pier if there is one close by.

-He’s also the kind of dad who lets them try alcohol at home. He figures it’s safer for them to do it while he’s around than out at some party. People could take advantage of them, and he’d rather he knew what they were doing and how much they were drinking. It’s not like he’ll actively get them drunk. But if they want to try some liquor he gives them a little.

-When they first started asking he just bought alcohol free liquor and gave them that. They still do not know that they weren’t actually drunk. But he found it hilarious.

The only thing he really doesn’t want them to try is drugs and smoking. He quit getting high for good when you were pregnant with them. And he stopped smoking for a few years. He took it up again when he figured they were old enough to be okay with him smoking. But he’d never do it within a 50ft radius of them. That’s why teleporting is really handy. He also washes his clothes more often. Smoke doesn’t stick to him, so he doesn’t reek of it.

SF!Sans: He loves showing them off. And he’s often seen pushing them around in an eight seat stroller. They are his little heirs, and he loves them dearly. And even though eight kids are a lot to take care of, he’s actually doing a great job. He hates taking care of them when they cry at night, and sometimes he wont even wake up even though you try to shake him awake because it’s his turn. He does his best, but putting them to sleep isn’t his strong suit. They somehow end up crying even more.

-He always makes sure to spend time with each and every one as they get older though. Even if it’s just a few minutes during a car drive or out shopping groceries. He listens to their rant. And he’s always on top of the school drama.

-His secret to telling them apart when they were kids were the accessories they wore. Green socks for child number one, pink for number two, blue for three and so on. No one realized this, and they thought he was just the best dad ever. Only you knew his secret. And I mean with eight kids you’re going to need it c’mon.

SF!Papyrus: He works himself to death so that you wont get overwhelmed with the situation. He’d raise them all while working a full time job if he could. Just so that you wouldn’t have to. But he’s not going to shun you away. You’re obviously the better parent. Out of all the skellies he’s the one who looks after you the most. The others still make sure you’re okay, but he’s always been very protective of you.

-If anyone ever messes with one of his kids, they’re gonna regret it. And if there’s a bully in their school, he’ll take care of the problem. Have a little chat with them when they’re on their way home. Nothing too threatening, they’re just a kid even though they’re a brat. But that kid isn’t going to ever bother anyone again.

-Like Swap Papyrus he quit smoking when they were born, but took it up after a few years. He needs the coping mechanism.

-He is the best at putting them to sleep. His voice is very calming, so he’ll always read them a story and it knocks them out in a few minutes. He does all the voices without exaggerating them too much. And every time one wakes up from a nightmare, he’s there before they even cry out for him. Quiet and calm, he’ll sit on the edge of their bed. Rubbing their back to comfort them. He’s not a fan of your own bed getting crowded by the kids. But if someone has a particularly bad nightmare, he’ll lift them in and have them sleep between him and you. He’s a quiet dad and sometimes stern. But they all love him.

Space Doesn’t Burn Red

2 parts, 2700 words total (also on ao3)

Part I. Taako thinks about how much he loves Kravitz

Part II. Taako tries his damnedest to parley this information to Kravitz

Part I.

“I love you.” The words taste foreign and almost dry on his tongue, and he’s thankful he’s speaking them in practice to his reflection in a mirror and not to his actual boyfriend. “I’m in love with you,” he tries once again with feeling and comes off a little less ham-fisted but no more confident than before. “Kravitz, I think I love you.” Still blunt. Still hard. Still unnatural.

How do people do this? How did Merle do it – how did Magnus do it? How did Carey do it? It’s got to be easier than this, right?

Keep reading

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I really hope these are ok and you honestly shouldn’t have to be insecure because you are perfect and beautiful just the way you are <3

Sorry it took so long too- I wrote them all and then whilst on holiday i had wifi for a bit and tried to upload it only… I caught the delete button and had to start again. I legit cried ~H

RFA with insecure, dark skinned MC


-He never actually noticed that you were insecure about it for ages
-Your skin colour didn’t affect him one bit- he loved you for your kind words and encouragement
-The fact that it was obvious that Yoosung didn’t mind really helped you to feel more confident about it
-Yoosung made you feel like you mattered
-And you loved him for it
-However, one time you were over at Yoosung’s house playing LOLOL with his guild members
-Yoosung had the microphone on so the two of you were chatting with the rest of his guild
-When one of the players made a suggestion
-“Hey, SupermanYoosung, turn the video camera on so that we can see you and your girlfriend.”
-You immediately panic a little but then tell yourself to calm down
-Yoosung never bothered- maybe they won’t
-So Yoosung turns on the camera and says hi to his friends
-You say hi too
-Until one of them says, “Yoosung, you never told us your girlfriend was black!”
-You already know where this is going and you hate it
-“Well, it’s not something that matters, is it?” he responds
-“It kind of does. You’ve gotta be careful with some people, y’know?”
-You don’t mention how hurt you are
-But you’re pretty sure Yoosung notices the tears in your eye before you turn your face away from the screen
-He notices an empty crisp packet next to the computer screen and gets an idea
-“Oh, sorry, I think there’s something wrong with my computer. I can’t hear you. We’re breaking up,” he says, rustling the packet near the mic
-“Sorry, we’re gonna log off now.”
-And he does, immediately turning to you
-“MC, I’m so sorry! They were so horrible to you. I should never have agreed to video call. Please forgive me.”
-You have to convince him that’s it not his fault and tell him you’ve always been insecure about it
-“But why? You’re beautiful. You have no reason to be. It’s jerks like them that are the problem.”
-He’s so nice you love him so much
-Yoosung promises to change guilds because of them
-That’s honestly like a marriage proposal from him
-And he makes sure you never feel insecure when you’re with him by constantly telling you how beautiful you are


-So he already knew it was something you were kind of insecure about
-But Zen constantly showered you with compliments about how beautiful you were
-And if the most handsome man on the planet thinks you’re beautiful
-Then you must be, right?
-Thanks to Zen’s compliments he has a praise kink, ok? you’d started to feel a little better about your skin colour
-Until the fan mail came
-Zen usually shared his fan mail openly with you
-So when he hid this letter
-You knew something was up
-Whilst Zen was at rehearsal, you found the letter and read it
-Zenny babe I love you so much, I’m your biggest fan! I must say that you have a horrible girlfriend, though. She’s black! An actor like you should be with a skinny, blonde, white girl, not someone like her! You should date a fan instead. We’re totally gorgeous and would be loads better for your image
-You’d read enough
-Immediately tears started to pour down your face and you dropped the letter to the floor
-Only twenty minutes later, Zen returned from practice and found you in this state.
-“You read the letter, didn’t you?” he realised, immediately rushing over to you and wrapping his arms around you.
-Zen rocked you gently as you nodded
-“Ignore them, ok? They’re prejudiced snobs who are just jealous of how beautiful you are and that I’m so in love with you,” Zen said.
-You told him that you knew you’d hear this kind of thing and that you were really bad for Zen’s image
-Zen quickly shut that idea down
-“Nonsense, babe. You’re perfect for me. And if I had to choose between you and my image, I’d choose you every time,” he promised.
-You managed to laugh a bit
-“Thanks, Zen. I love you.”
-“I love you too, babe. You’re perfect, ok?”
-He did always know how to make you feel better
-And finishing it off with a deep kiss was also something he was very good at


-You were really nervous about working in Jaehee’s cafe at first
-You’d always been super conscious of your skin colour and how that would come across to people
-When you finally decided to raise this concern with your girlfriend, Jaehee looked at you in a confused way.
-“MC, your skin colour makes no difference to who you are as a person. I need you to work for me. Please,” she begged.
-So you agreed
-But you couldn’t help but notice that people always went to Jaehee if both of you were free to serve
-If Jaehee noticed, she’d always make sure to reassure you afterwards
-Because you’re beautiful
-But one day it happened
-Jaehee was busy serving someone when a man walked in
-You smiled and greeted him like usual
-“Hi sir, can I take your order?”
-“No thanks. I’ll wait for the white girl. Black people like you shouldn’t even be working in a public place,” he snapped back.
-You just stand in shock as tears start to well in your eyes
-This is what you had feared
-But Baehee is to the rescue
-She just finished with her customer and heard what the man had to say about you
-“Excuse me, but I’d be very grateful if you’d please leave our café. I’m afraid we don’t serve people who insult our employees because of a prejudice they may hold against a beautiful, talented girl,” Jaehee said as composed as ever.
-You couldn’t help but grin and kiss her cheek as a quick thank you
-You’ll definitely thank her properly later
-“And she’s gay too! What is the world coming to,” the man huffed before walking out.
-“MC, I’m so sorry. The things he said were disgusting,” Jaehee apologised.
-“This is why I didn’t want to work in the shop. I’ll ruin your business,” you sobbed.
-“That’s ridiculous. Just because some people in the world are horribly prejudice and rude doesn’t mean that you’re any different from anyone else,” Jaehee convinced you.
-You can’t stay upset when Jaehee’s looking at you like that.
-“I love you, you know?” she told you.
-You nod and kiss her properly this time
-Whilst a customer clears their throat


-As someone surrounded by the kind of people to be racist all the time, Jumin was very understanding as to why you’d be insecure
-He personally thought that it was ridiculous for a skin colour to define you
-And the way he acted so naturally around you when you arrived at his apartment made you feel a bit better
-However, you hadn’t even found time to tell Jumin that you were insecure before Sarah barged in
-She started with her false claims of having found Elizabeth the 3rd
-So you said something, noticing Jumin’s discomfort
-“That’s obviously not Jumin’s cat and if you knew him better, that would be obvious. Please don’t be so rude as to waste his time like this.”
-Her eyes grew wide when she saw you.
-“Jumin. Who is this black woman?”
-You already know where this is headed
-“She’s a very good friend of mine. Do you have a problem?” Jumin responded calmly.
-“Jumin! You’re meant to be my fiancé. Of course, I don’t mind you having flings- I understand- but with someone like that?” Sarah scoffed.
-“What is that supposed to mean? MC is a very nice person. I can’t see why I wouldn’t want her here in my house,” Jumin smiled at you.
-You were so grateful that Jumin was actively defending you
-“She’s black! All black people are either dangerous or too dumb to understand anyone,” Sarah said, folding her arms.
-You couldn’t hold back the tears that were forming
-And if Jumin hadn’t been before, the second he saw your tears
-He was mad
-“Leave my house now. Not only have you brought me false information but you have insulted one of the most important people in my life beyond reason. I refuse to have anyone as close minded in my penthouse,” Jumin snapped.
-“You can’t do that!” Sarah tried to protest
-But he could
-And he did
-Security guards dragged her out as Jumin turned to you
-He slowly stepped towards you and wiped your tears gently
-“I’m so sorry she said such horrible things to you. Someone as incredible as you could never deserve it. It was vile,” he said.
-“That’s not the first time it’s happened,” you whispered.
-Jumin’s eyes flared
-“If anyone does it again I will personally ensure that they become jobless or bankrupt.”
-Before you could even say anything else, Jumin connected his lips to yours
-You knew from that day on that you were in love with this man


-Ha, he sure knows about being insecure
-The only thing is, he doesn’t know why you’d be insecure
-“MC, you’re amazing. Why would you hate anything about yourself?”
-You tell him it’s because people used to tease you all the time in school
-He promises you that they were just being idiotic kids and you’re beautiful and perfect the way you are
-And it makes you smile
-He always makes you smile
-But one day you needed more PhD Pepper
-And shopping is always more fun with two people
-So the two of you go to the store
-Only to meet a rowdy drunk outside the store
-Seven pulls you in closer by the waist just in case
-The drunk spots the two of you and hollers
-“Ayyy look at the black girl thinkin’ she can get a white man. Keep dreamin’, hun, you don’t deserve any rights.”
-You are beyond offended
-But not as offended as Seven is for you
-“Quick, MC,” he said, dragging you into the store
-He pulled you into a corner and got out his phone
-“Saeyoung, no!” you whispered, not wanting to ruin someone’s life just because they’re prejudiced
-“Too late,” Seven smirks after tapping some quick code into his phone
-You don’t even want to ask what he did
-But you do anyway
-“Hacked all his social media, texted his mother and maybe added a lovely virus.”
-You smack his arm
-“You can’t do that,” you told him
-“Just did,” he smiled, taking your hand and dragging you to get PhD Pepper
-When you get home, he barely lets you walk into the door before he speaks
-“MC, no-one says that to you on my watch. I won’t let them tear such a beautiful and talented person down like that without ruining their life. I love you so much. Never let them get to you.” He grabbed your shoulders to tell you.
-You feel like crying, both from what the man said and from Seven’s sweet words
-Instead, you just kiss him and he kisses back passionately
-He wants to prove that love to you ;)
-I need to stop


-He wasn’t even aware that was a thing people were judged for
-“It’s just a colour. Why does it matter?”
-Whilst you’re sad that he doesn’t understand your self-consciousness
-You’re glad he thinks it doesn’t matter
-Bc it doesn’t, guys, you’re perfect whether you’re brown, white, blue or pink (I’m looking at you Lars)
-It does mean that both of you don’t really like leaving the house, though
-So usually you don’t
-But Saeran really wants ice cream one day
-And who are you to deny your man ice cream?
-So you go down to the ice cream place
-Saeran orders mint choice chip and you order vanilla
-You’re heading out of the door when some guy yells
-“You can eat as much vanilla as you want but you’re always gonna be black. Maybe you should just get out of our country instead.”
-Opting to ignore it, you grit your teeth and reach for Saeran’s hand
-Only it’s not there
-Instead, Saeran had grabbed the man’s shirt and had him pinned up against the wall, giving him an intimidating death glare
-“Say anything like that to my girlfriend again and you’ll never walk or speak again,” he seethed.
-You want to protest
-But he looks so hot
-“Of course you two freaks are dating. You’re perfect for each other,” the man laughed
-So Saeran punched him
-“Yeah. We are perfect, thanks,” he hissed, walking back over to you as the man fell to the floor, clutching his bleeding, broken nose.
-“Saeran, you shouldn’t have done that,” you started to say but he raised an eyebrow.
-“Ok, fine, thanks for defending me. You looked hot,” you admitted with a blush
-“I dropped my ice cream,” Saeran pointed out to you.
-With a roll of your eyes yet a smile, knowing your boyfriend has your back, you take his hand and lead him back inside
-He’s such a sweetie, though- he just wants ice cream and MC


-V was at an art gallery, selling his photos
-And as the supportive girlfriend that you were, you went along with him
-After talking to so many people, he was beginning to get thirsty
-So he asked if you could go and get drinks for the both of you
-Whilst you were gone, a woman approached V to ask about a photo he’d taken of a lake
-You returned with pink lemonade for V and water for yourself
-V is totally into pastel drinks
-“Here you go, hun,” you smiled as you passed him the drink.
-“Thank you, my dear,” V responded, kissing your cheek.
-“You have a black girlfriend? As an incredible photographer, don’t you think you should have a white one. You’d be able to take nice photos of them, then,” the woman said snarkily.
-That stung
-V was such a calm person that you didn’t even know he could get mad
-Boy were you wrong
-“I beg your pardon, but you have just insulted not only a very beautiful and lovely woman, but the love of my life who has been the inspiration and passion behind so many of my photos. I will not tolerate someone like you with prejudiced views to belittle and berate her because of something beautiful that she was born with and that makes her no different from anyone else. I must ask you to leave my exhibition if you can’t refrain from insulting my girlfriend beyond justification,” V snapped.
-His tone was so harsh yet so cool and calm that it made you terrified
-But you were so happy that he would say something like that for you
-“It was just a comment,” the woman huffed before turning on her heel and walking out, much to your relief.
-V immediately turned around and hugged you
-“You are the most precious thing to me and the most important thing in my life. I won’t allow anyone to put you down like that again. Your skin colour makes no difference to who you are. If anything, it makes you more perfect. Please, never be ashamed of it. You are beautiful and flawless.”
-Honestly, how could you be sad when this man is saying things so nice they’d make anyone swoon
-Someone buy me twenty of him
-Don’t actually buy him- that’s prostitution

Freshman Orientation (Meet Darryl)

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College orientation. I been dreading this day since mid-May. Here I am now, guess this is one of the times I’d have to roll with the punches. My grandfather always told me to roll with the punches. Couldn’t help but feel like if he was still here I’d be at the University of Florida. That’s where I was slated to attend, but then the graduation fiasco happened.  I was a 5-star recruit at linebacker out of Florida. Three years barring an injury and I would be league bound. I had been on so many official and unofficial visits. The bribes were immaculate, every school seem to outdo the next. I was real life royalty. Now everything was a question mark. I was the big man on campus since my sophomore year. I led the state in tackles for two years, and was second in interceptions my senior year. I was something like the Prince of Zamunda. Graduation was just like any other day from the start. I got up, flipped on ESPN and switched between that and ESPNU.  

I had to be at the school at 2 that day and for the 4’oclock ceremony. I was ready for the shit to be over before it even started. Haircut, check.  Outfit, check. Smell good, check. Shit was smoother than Jamesha’s ass. Even the ceremony went swell. Probably a little too well. It proved to be just that. As everyone spilled out into the courtyard, I was getting mad love from all directions. Hell, all of us were. Ms. Jones approached me with her fine ass. “So, we still on for dinner?” her teacher voice was so sexy, but her tone off school grounds was on a whole different level.  

“Yeah, we’re solid.” I rebutted. I had been fucking Ms. Jones since the second semester of my junior year. That was when I had her for chemistry. It was crazy because our chemistry was tumultuous. She got off on me calling her Ms. Jones. We only showed affection away from school, obviously. Her helping me with SAT prep turned into a whole fling in a span of two nights. I guess since I was officially out of school, she felt it cool to approach, however harmless the initial intent. Ms. Tarver approached from my rear as Ms. Jones and I were still conversing.  “Darryl, you look mighty sharp.” Ms. Tarver blatantly interrupted as Ms. Jones was divulging her evening plans of dinner on the beach.  There had been tension since the beginning of senior year. Ms. Tarver was my English teacher. She was a redbone, slim thick with an ass that poked to tease the eyes of most. Ms. Jones was a chocolate Stallion.  Cakes, chest, smooth skin and had the wettest of pussies to compliment all her luxuries. Ms. Tarver wanted me. She had pressed up on me several times in school but I always managed to be saved. She did suck my dick one time though. It was an ACT prep Saturday class after the season ended. I was walking out to the student lot after everything had wrapped and she happened to be coming out of her class, just as I was passing by.  She asked if I was hungry and offered to take me to a spot up the road. She lured me in and me in my youth a nigga didn’t even see it. She suggested we head to her house as the place was crowded, “no pressure” I thought, and just vibed. In my mind I knew what was about to go down, and I wanted her too. Ms. Tarver talked as she moved about the house, while I sat in the den smashing my food. After a few minutes, she came back in a negligee. My fork dropped onto my plate. Instantly my dick began to elongate. She noticed my print and didn’t hesitate. The older women went for what they wanted and to me that was so sexy. She slurped me down extracting my seed, not even pausing. I wanted more but I had a meeting to attend. It was an unofficial in Coral Gables at UM. I never managed to catch back up with Ms. Tarver, but I had every intention of doing so, if given the opportunity.  In a perfect world we’d all parlay together, the three of us, but this would never be my reality. Too much animosity and pride would never allow such a magnificent congregation to take place. In fact, I knew they wanted to shoot the fade. I can’t lie a part of me was down to see that shit too.

Here I was on the auditorium courtyard now turned to a good old-fashioned show down. I guess women’s intuition led them to know they were each other’s competition. I never said a word, but I always noticed the side eyes each shot across the hall. Most niggas had students ready to scrap but my ass had teachers on that same shit crazy. “Don’t be rude Cynthia.” Ms. Jones said, giving Ms. Tarver a dirty ass look.

“Bitch please” Ms. Tarver mumbled under breath.

“Excuse me, what was that? See, I’m tired of your shit. I’ve been dealing with your bull shit all year.” Ms. Jones voice began to carry, turning heads.

“Marielle, I don’t have time for your posturing and shenanigans. Have some more class honey.”

Ms. Jones came across her shit with a mean backhand. Seemed like the whole courtyard said ooohhh… The lights from all the camera phones became blinding. I faded back as the crowd closed in rapidly, looking for that World Star moment. I turned around when I bumped into Celeste. She was about the only student who could have my attention. We made eye contact, and both headed to the lot. I asked if she’d mind getting me out of here. Originally Ms. Jones was supposed to take me to dinner but I wouldn’t touch her ass with a 10-foot pole right now. This debacle would surely be all over the net in 15 minutes. Celeste and I briskly navigated the maze of cars and made it to her Accord. As we got in, the crowd was just dispersing. “Where to superstar?” Celeste said it in a smug ass kind of way.

“Shit I’m hungry, you hungry?”

“I can eat.”

“I hope you still ain’t boujee like you used to be.”

“Oh, so you actually know something about me?” Celeste feigned a shocked expression. “I surely thought you were too busy taking trips across country and fucking faculty to remember.”

“What you talking bout lil mama?” I was trying to play it cool, but damn was it that apparent?

“Hmph, imma take you to my favorite spot to eat.”

I had gone to school with Celeste since 4thgrade, but she had always been somewhat of a mystery to me. I knew her well, but she was hard to figure out, if that makes sense. She was undoubtedly the prettiest girl in school, and I always had a thing for her, but I was consumed with all the other hoes that made it easier for me.  While most of them pegged me for the dumb jock, but she knew otherwise. I learned early in the game that people would try to be on my coat tails to just be along for the ride. I played the game to get as much gain as I could out of the situation.  Lil mama got shelved in the process but she was ever present internally.  We rode in silence as I noticed the beach exit was coming up. She banked of to the flyover to head to I-195.  She lowered the tunes. “Remember when you wrote that letter to me that summer you were supposed to be moving with your dad? That was so cute.” Celeste chuckled.

“What are you talking about? What letter? I never wrote no damn letter.” I had forgotten all about that damn letter. I had written that shit in like the seventh grade. At the time I felt like that was going to be the last time I saw her, so why not let it be known how I felt? The next school year we still ended up in the same school because my pussy ass pops backed out. That was when shit started getting awkward whenever I was around her. She knew how I really felt about her and I couldn’t handle it. I became reclusive towards her. By the time the spring came of 8th grade I was practicing with the high school and all the coaches and upper classmen ladies were salivating over me for clearly different reasons. I took on the persona and never really looked back. Half way through my 9thgrade season I was moved up to varsity and the local legend was born.

“You know exactly what letter I speak of. You can fool everybody else but I know what it is chump.” She looked over at me with the sweetest sassy look.

“Yeah you probably have more insight than most. Hell, you helped me on every project these last four years. So, what you saying?”

“Hmph… nothing.”

“What? Man, you flaw. How you going to leave it there like that?”

“You still hungry or nah?” She hopped out not obliging a single question. She handled me like others didn’t have the balls to do. But shit at 6’3” 230 lbs, running 4.41 in the forty 19 reps at 225 on paper but really, I’m hitting it 23 times. Celeste pandered to my inner teddy. I could only chuckle as this pretty, brown thing tortured me knowingly. Life thus far had kept me in its favor, yet this little 5’4” bombshell I’d known more than half my life was now my biggest mystery. I watched her ass switch in her dress as she led the way. I wanted to show her all Ms. Jones had taught me. We walked into the restaurant and it was apparent it had been here for eons. My nostrils instantly notified me that seafood was on the menu. I really was hoping to make Celeste my meal. I mean, it had crossed my mind during study sessions, but never on this level, it was always subtle, never this pressing in my frontal lobe. Little papi came from around back and with the most broken English, but somehow managed to get our order down. Though this felt like the kind of place that even if he got both orders wrong, no matter what came from the kitchen it would be bomb. I know she caught me staring into her beauty on several occasions. Like a G, she moved in silence. I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be it. Would this be the last time we’d vibe? In a week and a half I would be back in Gainesville. I had graduated early, in January. I was enrolled at UF and was prime for everything to take off smoothly.

We ate, reminisced, and made eyes at one another. An hour and a half later we found ourselves back at the car. “Let’s go get our feet wet.” I suggested. I wasn’t ready to leave this moment just yet.

“What you trying to do here?” She was calling bull shit.

“Man, what the hell you talking about?” She knew I wanted her.

“They take you for the customary dumb black jock boy, but I see through you. So, like I said nigga, what you trying to do here?”

“Last time was a false alarm but this time…. This time I think it’s real. I may not see you again after tonight, if not for a long time, maybe ever. I’m not sure I’m ready to live life without you.” Speechless she made her way to me. Her hands wrapped my neck, mine found her thick cakes. Our lips sent fireworks into the atmosphere, never mind if they were only visible to us. We crossed Collins Ave. to find the looming darkness approaching from the open ocean. Feet dug in deep now. Life didn’t have a more perfect feel. Crazy all the fame, hoes, and bribes couldn’t compare to this. “Promise me if I make it to the SEC Championship that you’d come see me play in Atlanta.”

“Boy Imma be all the way in Louisiana. How…”

“I’d fly you there.”

“We’ll see.” Our lips again met and hands began to get life. Exploring. Her softness on my hardness. My chiseled flesh brushing her curves. She made a nigga feel like I could take on the world. The tide caught us immersed in passion. No fucks of what the world had going on around us. I picked her up and we drifted with the current until she was waist deep. I squatted making my thighs a perfect place for her to perch. Her dress floated to the surface, leaving just her and her boy shorts at my disposal. She undid my belt buckle. Swollen and ready her hands wrapped my thickness. “Damn you feel good in my hand Darryl. I want you inside me. I been dream of this for years. Its time I let you know how I feel about you.” She pulled me close by my dick. Slid her panties to the side splitting my rod with her pussy. It took a sec foe me to get in with us being in water and all, and here I was thinking water was a natural lubricant. We found our rhythm and we were grinding in the darkness to the motion of the ocean. That was the first time a nigga came in some pussy. Love was never more real than in the moment we shared.

Short lived was the euphoric high. It was a quarter til 12 when we pulled in front of mom’s crib. There was what looked to be media across the street. I thought damn what’s going on over there. Before getting out we sat and wrapped shit up. I didn’t know what this meant in the grand scheme of things but I knew every day until I went back to school I wanted to spend with her. I thanked her and kissed her, I too let it be known I wanted to see her tomorrow.  As I stepped out I made it 7 paces before I was rushed.

A million and one questions came from every direction. I managed to see Celeste in the crowd but was unable to reach her. I bolted for the door. Once inside Mom rushed me as well. “Boy please tell me this is all a lie.”

“What are you talking about mom?” She pulled out her phone and showed me the fight from earlier. The caption reads (Teachers fist fight over student they both have an affair with).“Fuck!!!!!!”

So here I am at Southern University’s orientation. I fell from greatness to my favorite HBCU.  Here I was still big man on campus, but suddenly my pool was so much smaller than it once was. I was just like all the dumb jocks before me. The key thing Ms. Jones used to make me feel comfortable was the fear tactics of how high school girls could get me cased up and ruin my future, and yet look at me, I still fucked up. So, it was fuck bitches. I had an uphill battle now to live out my dream. The world had birthed an asshole. Losing my scholarship made me so hungry. I was going to shit on the world like it had shitted on me. 2 months of hiding and barely being able to do the one thing you’ve loved and done since you were 5 will do that to you. Savage life for 3 years and we going for the check.

The love I was getting made me feel like I was back home in High School. There were so many bad bitches. I was making a mental note of all the hearts that would be trampled. There was one I made eyes with that reminded, me of Celeste. She was every bit as sexy as my lil mama. Shit was so crazy I hadn’t seen her since that night. This little thing was a hair lighter in complexion and she had an aura about her that let the world know she was every bit of the shit as you thought she was. A room full of dames and I wanted to know her name.

The leather jacket

Prompt: Magnus wearing Alec’s leather jacket.

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After a whole week filled with bone-grinding work, Saturday starts to feel holy; it’s one of the rarer days, where there’s a chance they both get a day off from their duties, from potion-making and demon-hunting and all kinds of paperwork. So, they make the best of it and start early – impromptu coffee and brunch at a lovely indie café downtown that Alec spotted on one of his many patrols.

While it’s not easy to untangle themselves and get out of bed, they do so smiling. It’s early in the day and the weather is nice, a sunny introduction to summer with the slightest wind - something just itches beneath their skin to breathe in the city, hold hands down crowded sidewalks, visit thrift shops just to laugh at the most kooky items. For once, the world isn’t ending.

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How You Two Meet (5 Seconds of Summer Blurb)

Summary:  How you and one of the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer meet, and he posts about you.

Requested: no

Warnings: no

A/N:  I got this idea based off of looking at the boys instagrams.  These will be based off either a photo or the themes of each of the boys’s instagrams.  This may not be my best work, as I am just recovering from surgery, and I’m in a lot of pain, and my mind is a little foggy.  I apologize if it’s not the best, but I just needed something to distract from the pain.

Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine, some are off their instagrams or off google images.

Ashton:  Writing Session

“So guys, I have someone new that I would all like you to meet, Y/N Y/L/N.”  John introduces you to all the boys.

“Hi, Y/N.”  The boys all say in unison, almost like you’re the new substitute teacher and they are your class.

“Today, you and Ashton”  John says motioning over to a boy with the polaroid camera, “will be writing together.  I’d say work on the chorus on the song we were close to finishing yesterday.”

Ashton, claps his hand together, then pushes himself up and walks you over to the door, and opens it for you to walk out first.  Ashton guides you into the other recording room.

Ashton walks over to one of the guitars, and sits down in front of you.

“So, here is a part of the song we finished yesterday, but I still can’t figure out the chorus and the bridge.”  Ashton says before he starts playing the guitar and singing.

As Ashton plays and sings, you notice just how he gets into the music.  You notice at times during the song, he closes his eyes, and there is a crease between his eyebrows in the front of head when the times of when he can’t think of what comes next.

“Try the g then to the e minor.”  You say after Ashton kept pausing at the same part in the song.

After Ashton tries that, he says, “That works out perfectly.  And after the e minor, change to the c chord.”

“After the C, change to an a minor…”  You say.  After figuring out the bridge, the chorus came easy to both of you.

After figuring out the chorus, and the bridge, you both had finished the song.

“So, we have about a half and hour to spare our writing session is over and we meet the rest of the guys.  There is this sandwich truck right outside the studio, it makes the best sandwiches, you want to grab some while we wait around for the rest of the guys to finish?”  Ashton offers.

“Yeah, sure.”  You say smiling.  

When you and Ashton get back, Ashton asks Michael to take a polaroid of you two in the studio.  He says that “we always take photos with people we work with”.  You didn’t think much of it, until later that day you find that you were tagged in one of Ashton’s photo with the caption, “Best partner for writing, I just wish @michaelclifford knew how to actually take a photo without cutting her head off, lol”

Calum:  At the Club

You had been in LA to visit a friend, and she convinced you to go to a pre game with her, before you guys went out clubbing.  You’re a social person, but you’re not much of a “hardcore partier”, so like always, you were the designated driver, or the friend holding back your other friend’s hair at the end of the night.  The pre game wasn’t too bad, you ended up meeting some really good people, and was looking forward to the rest of the night.  
When you arrive to the club, you are immediately dragged onto the dance floor by your best friend.  You love dancing, so you were out there most of the night.  After your feet started to hurt, you and your friends decided to sit at the bar, to cool off for a bit.  

“Here’s a drink from the gentlemen over there.”  The bartender says handing you a drink, pointing over to a tall, and handsome young man.  

You wave politely, but you don’t drink the drink.  After a few minutes, you hear someone behind you ask, “Did you not enjoy it?”  

You turn around to see the boy that ordered the drink.

“Oh no, I mean actually, I wouldn’t know.  I don’t drink.”  You admit.

“Oh, well that puts a twist into my plan.”  He says rubbing the back of his neck.

“Plan?”  You ask raising your eyebrows.

“Yes, well”  He says taking a seat down next to you, “ I would send over you a drink, then that would give me an excuse to come over here to talk to you.”

“Okay, and then what would happen next?”  You ask putting your head in your hands looking at him with a smirk.

“Well then, I would compliment you on your dancing, and wait until a really good song would come on, and then I would get you up to dance.”  

“Pretty solid plan.”  You nod. “Now, mister man with a plan, when were you ever going to plan on giving me your name?”  You ask, laughing lightly.

“Calum.”  He says smiling, putting his hand out for you to shake.

“Y/N.”  You say shaking his hand.  “Now, Calum, would you like to dance with me?”  You offer standing up.

“Hell yeah.”  He says.

After a night of dancing, and laughing, and just a great time, you and Calum end up taking a photo together, and exchange each of your information.  

The next day, your phone is blowing up with notifications, and comments on instagram.  You recognize the picture or you and Calum, in which he posted on his account captioning the photo

“I thought I partied hard, until I met this one, and the only thing she had was water.”

Luke: On Vacation in Bali

“Girls vacay here we are!”  You best friend screams as you guys get to the resort in Bali.

“It’s so gorgeous.”  You comment looking at the infinity pool, and how blue the water is.  

“I know.  Now, let’s get settled in, and change into our bikinis, so we can get into the water, because I am warm.”  You other friend says fanning herself.

After figuring out who gets which room, and unpacking everything, all of you change into your bikinis, and go out into the pool.  It wasn’t until about fifteen minutes after getting in, that a group of guys the same age as you all joined you guys.  You and your friends didn’t mind them too much because they weren’t jerks, and they weren’t bad to look at.  You and the blonde haired, blue eyed one kept making eye contact with each other.

After a while, the boys and your friends began to talk, and all of you started to become friends.  You ended up learning that the guy you kept looking at was named Luke.   You and Luke became very friendly as time went on.  He would flirtingly poke fun at you, in which you would respond by splashing him, and that just turned into a splashing war.  

As the vacation went on, your friends and the guys were all together most of the time, and your friends would pair off with Luke’s friends.  On the last day, you asked Luke if you could take a photo of you and your best friend on the infinity pool at you two are “looking out over Bali.”

You never really thought much about you and Luke after the vacation was over.  You thought of it just as a friendly fling that lasted for a week and a half on vacation.  But when you got home, you noticed a follow request from Luke.  You obviously accepted, and noticed he posted a photo and tagged you, your friend, and Michael in it, captioning it,

“Who did it better?”

Michael:  You Are His Photographer

You and the photographer for the Sounds Live Feels Live tour are pretty good friends, and when you told him that you were thinking of taking the plunge and moving to LA, and offered for you to stay with him, and that he would help you get many different shoots as he could.

The first shoot that he gets you is with Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer.  Your friend kept telling you how great of a guy he is, and that the photos won’t be professionally published, but they will be posted on his social media accounts, which will give you more exposure.

You and Michael have been in contact over the phone before, but never actually met.  You both decided that the beach would be a perfect place to shoot, and both agreed to meet there at sunset.  You get there, Michael is sitting there looking relaxed on a bench looking over at the ocean.  You slowly lift up your camera, and take the shot.

“You must be Y/N.”  Michael says, turning his to the direction of the shuttering of the camera lens.  “Or at least I hope so, if not, some random stranger with a good camera just took an awesome shot of me.”  He says laughing, getting up to walk over to you.

“I’m Michael.”  He says reaching out his hand, in which you take it and respond, “And I’m Y/N, as you know.”  You say laughing.

“So, where would you like me to go first?”  He asks.

“How about”  You begin as you think, “Lean against the rail, and look out in the distance at something.”

Michael does as he’s instructed, and the shoot went on smoothly and quickly.  After, you invited Michael over to the place you are staying at, so you can edit the photos, and you could send him his favorite ones.  

“I like this one.”  He says, pointing at the one where he is leaning against the railing.

“Me too.” You agree.

After a little bit of editing, Michael posted it with the caption, “Beach gothin’”  and gave credit for the photo.

A/N:  I apologize if this isn’t my best work.  I am currently recovering from surgery, and I’m in a lot of pain, but I wanted to start the blurb series, and since I’m on bed rest, I thought it would be a perfect time to.  Requests are open, I should be well soon!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Torn apart (Steve x Reader & Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4

Summary: AU

Reader was dating Steve when she started falling for Bucky. After her heart was broken, she decided to leave from both man and now after two years she is coming back.

Warning: swearing

As you stepped into the building with Nat, Peter, and Clint the first person you saw was Sam.
He had his back turned to you as he was leaning on the table where some girl sat.
˝Sam! ˝ You pretend that you were mad walking quickly to him.
˝Y/N? What are y.. ˝ Before he could finish you slap him. He was confused for a second, but he joined you in your little game.
˝Baby, I’m so sorry. ˝ He took your hands in his giving you his best puppy eyes.
˝Alright, but I don’t want you to go back to this girl, whenever I’m not in the mood to play with you.˝
˝You guys are sick. ˝Peter walked past you. Sam laughed and pulled you in a hug.

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(notes! I have the rest of seventeen planned! Request some other idols please!)

•in this au, you can’t get hurt, or killed unless it’s your soulmate
•you can die by disease, or natural disaster still so you can drown and be burned to death
•you can also die from heights, so jumping off a cliff would kill you if you hit things that are in your path
•but if you’re stabbed, it won’t kill you or injure
•same with a gun
•there’s a lot of drowning in crimes though

•so since you can’t get hurt unless it’s by your soulmates hands
•everyone in kindergarten and like first grade is a little dare Devil
•mostly you though, you do something and all the others follow
•you were born questioning the world
•not like the kids who were doing it to be cool
•you did it because something in the back of you mind wondered why
•and you had no self control
•but what four year old does????
•so one day, you’re walking with your older brother to the park
•and you see a dog across the street
•soooo you run to go pet the dog, letting go of your brothers hand
•as he yells your name, you stop in the street and turn to look at him
•and a car hits you
•catapulting you up in the air, as your small body flails about
•gravity exists so you slam onto the ground, unconscious but not hurt
•everyone’s freaking out, older people are yelling at the driver, your brothers sobbing, traumatized
•but a teen boy comes and picks up your unconscious body, and grabs your brothers hand
•and walks with you guys, asking your brother where your house is
•you wake up on the walk there
•and start screaming when your up in the air again and bite the teen
•when he pretty much flings you on the floor
•you arch your back and start growling at him like you’re a cat
•and run on all fours home
•making them run after you
•because YoU JUSt gOt hIT bY a cAR
•so you run in through the doggy door and they knock on the door
•and your mom comes and she’s like yes?
•after they explain what happened she just sighs and shakes her head
•this isn’t the first time that you’ve gotten hit by something
•and she thanks the teen who introduced himself as junmyeon
•as he left you waved to him
•your mom yelled at you (obviously)
•and you just went
•"the pup mom, the pup.“
•and she sighed once more
•you were a wild child without fear
•(except heights)

•so now you’re a teen
•still a pretty wild child
•but now you look both ways
•and can’t fit through the doggy door
•but you cook!
•you like to cook, but only if it’s by your rules
•no recipes, no telling you that you really shouldn’t put paprika into pineapple porkchops
•yeah you’re still pretty wack
•but you’ve kept in touch with the teen who’s no longer a teen, junmyeon
•who’s the only one you’ll listen to
•he’s the one who got you into cooking
•(he’s apologized to your mother)
•you respect him because he tells you what’s really going on
•unlike your mom and brother who think that you’re too fragile
•you love your family but they want to bubble wrap you and never let you leave home
•but you’ve calmed down some
•it was a deal with your mom, that you’d stop doing dumb things like that
•and she would let you join the parkour club
•you agreed

•so Minghao is in this club along with dance so he comes and goes
•but you’re like acquaintances
•where the club meets is in the gym of the school
•because the teachers can put mats on the floor, just in case
•if you compare yourself to some of the other kids, you’re quiet and calm
•they’re like doing flips off the walls
•jumping over buildings
•and your just like ‘yeah, how about no’

•okay so one day when the club is meeting, they ask you to go on a juice run
•so you go, excited to get away from them for a little
•you start walking with a piece of paper in your pants pocket, telling you what everyone wants
•so you walk to the vending machine
•thankfully there’s only one person there
•it’s a boy from the grade under you
•lee chan, the boy who’s friends are older
•he’s getting a ton of drinks, having to put them down on the floor
•"you need help?”
•you asked amused, seeing the boy fumble with his possibly nineteen drinks
•when he nods, you take the plastic bag you had in your hands and start putting drinks in
•when there’s only three drinks left, you hand him the bag, and carry the others
•"where to?“
•walking with him to the basketball court while making small talk isn’t too bad
•when you arrive at the court, you help him live the drink on the bench
•when you’re about to take your bag bag and leave, he offers you a drink
•you agree, and sit next to him
•both of you watching the game
•while you’re watching, all of a sudden you feel your body hit the ground
•when the object that hit you bounces away, you’re left on the ground blinking up at the sky
•"are you okay?!”
•Chan is asking, shaking you gently
•you take your hand and touch your nose
•blood is trickling out from in
•"I’m bleeding!“
•you screeched, excited and frightened
•you sit up quickly, looking for the person who threw the ball
•he’s standing still, shocked, eyes wide and mouth open
•"you’re my soulmate, you hit me with a basketball!”
•you yell once more, still excited
•and then you stand up and walk out of the court to head to the nurse
•while you’re walking you hear footsteps
•they’re your soulmate!
•you stop, allowing him to catch up
•"i-im soonyoung. We’re soulmates!“
•he says huffing and puffing from having to run
•"I know, I’m y/n”
•grabbing his hand, you continue walking to the nurse
•conversing with the boy who gave you a split lip and a bloody nose

•three weeks later, you and soonyoung are dating and are known as the hyperactive couple
•people like to say that you guys don’t sleep
•you guys are always seen running around, maybe because if pranks or to do parkour
•he’s trying to teach you how to dance but you just want to add flips to everything
•"y/n! We cannot add four backflips in Beyoncé!“
•"so what you’re saying is that we should change it to Rihanna and then I can do back flips?”
•*soonyoung groaning*
•there’s a lot of competition between you two
•like a lot!
•so much that you’ve had dance offs that included chan, Minghao and jun

•you two are crazy
•crazy in love!!!

•"no back flips, serious y/n.“
•"fine, front flips!”

It has officially been one month since Dralentine’s day! I am super, super excited to reveal to @pottergerms who their secret Dralentine was!! I am so, so, so happy to see that you enjoyed it!! Thank you for all of your kind words and for sharing my work with your lovely followers. Dralentine’s Day was so much fun and I am already looking forward to next year!

Thank you to @dralentines-day for being such a champ! @ourloveislegendrarry @julietsemophase ;)


 Harry’s friends are desperate to help find him a date for Valentine’s Day. Considering his growing list of one-night stands, Harry finds himself desperate enough to give almost anyone a shot. When a potential date goes awry, there is only one snake sneaky enough to wrap himself around a love-lost Boy-Who-Lived.

The music was loud.

“Alright there, mate?!”

Sweat dripped down slick skin.

“Do you want another drink?”

There were so many thrumming bodies surging around them it was hard to see where one male ended and another began.

“I said do you want another drink!”

And, much to Harry Potter’s displeasure, his friends had dragged him out with one specific goal in mind.

“What about that guy, Harry?”

To find him a date for Valentine’s Day.

Harry swung his gaze in the direction that Hermione was pointing and felt his mouth twist into a grimace. He shook his head rather adamantly at her, only slightly put-out when she pouted.

“Come on, Harry, you’re not even trying!” Ron said accusingly. “Don’t make me have Charlie drag you over to some random guy—you know I will!”

He groaned. Charlie had acquired a personal interest in making sure Harry was… well looked after… come Valentine’s Day. The bloody tenacious red-head was so damned determined to hook Harry up that he’d willingly left his dragons for an entire week in order to be the ultimate wing-man.

“It’s what you do for an adopted brother,” Charlie had said with a smirk. “You’re the only one left without a partner.”

You’re still single too, you know.”

“Yeah but I’m not looking.” Charlie’s smirk had grown wider. “Perks of being ace, my friend. Besides, you’re getting on in years, you know?”

“I’m only twenty-five!”

And now they were here, two days before the fourteenth of February, in a popular wizarding gay club and rifling through every single male who just happened to be present.

“Is there anyone here that is catching your eye?” Hermione asked, swirling her drink absentmindedly.

“Not really,” Harry replied honestly.

“Well… why don’t you join Charlie on the dance floor?”

Harry gave her a bland look. “Mione, you know I don’t dance.”

“Yeah, but—”

“Two words, Hermione, Yule Ball,” Ron remarked with a cheeky grin. “Harry has no coordination whatsoever—aside from quidditch that is.”

“Exactly,” Harry agreed, nodding. “With little-to-no coordination I’m obviously terrible at sex; it’s probably the reason I keep having so many flings.”

“Probably just a flail of limbs.”

“No rhythm to speak of.”

“Sloppy kisser too, no doubt.”

“Not to mention my atrocious memory when it comes to remembering names.”

“Maybe you should start making them wear nametags?”

“Why not number them while I’m at it.”

Harry and Ron guffawed with laughter much to Hermione’s displeasure.

Honestly, Harry, it’s no wonder you can’t find a date if you’re not even going to be serious about this!”

Smiling patiently, Harry downed a mouthful of his obscenely fruity cocktail Charlie had insisted on getting him. “Mione, we’re in the one place where finding a ‘Mr Right’ is far and few between. Guys come here for anonymous sex and one-night stands. I should know, I’m practically a veteran.”

“You won’t know until you try,” the female replied persistently. “Ooh, looks like Charlie may have found someone.”

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Try and Stop Me

AH AU Klaroline fic. Chapter 1/3. Also on A03 (x)

Inspired by the Tumblr story: ‘I’ve seen this guy every day for two weeks and he always beats me to the lights. This morning I was in front of him and he literally jogged to get in front of me, turned and said “I’ve been winning for two weeks, can’t stop now. Have a good day, I’ll see you tomorrow’ - TOMORROW I’M WEARING RUNNING SHOES”

This may be Caroline’s competitive side speaking but there’s no way she’s going to lose on her morning fucking commute.

Elena and Bonnie just don’t understand. This isn’t just some random member of the general public making a nuisance of himself. This is war.

Every day on her way to work, Caroline sees the same faces that she always has for the past two years, since she started working for The New York Times. People who get on or off at the same subway stops she does, or buy coffee at the same vendor on Eighth Avenue just before she enters the lobby. There’s Louboutin Lady, who has an array of the to-die-for-shoes, the beautiful Ballet Dancer who gets off three stops before Caroline does and the Coffee Traitor, who works at Starbucks but always has a Dunkin Donuts cup.

Then there’s him.

Up until today he’s just been another New York commuter in the great city’s rich landscape. She’s never been able to come up with a name for him because there’s no stable characteristic. Sometimes he’s on the phone or has a folder under one arm. Once she saw him with a load of Fifth Avenue bags telling his friend that he loved his sister but he’d cut up all her credit cards if it got her to leave town. So at least he’s a family man. He’s damn good looking too; toned muscles, tight blonde curls and blue eyes. He’s just a little taller than her, with long legs which are always encased in dark wash designer jeans. She’s often got tickets to New York’s Fashion Week, she knows these things.

Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

But anyway. It’s the long legs that Caroline blames. It’s why he’s been in front of her every morning for the past two years and its always why Caroline’s determined to win. He joins the sea of people headed to Eighth Avenue a little ahead of her, but Caroline due to her shorter stature and trying to push past tourists walking at a glacial pace in high heels is always three steps behind him. Meaning she gets stopped by the lights and he doesn’t.

But this morning something must have disrupted him because as she’s walking along having already counted off Louboutin Lady, Ballet Dancer and Coffee Traitor, the blonde speed walker is nowhere in sight. She’d looked left and right and hadn’t been able to see him. It was only when she’d felt someone whiz past her that she’d noticed the familiar blonde curls and leather jacket beside her left elbow.

The bastard had actually ran to get in front of her. Once he was a few paces in front he’d turned and stopped. She can still remember him clear as day winking at her and saying “I’ve been winning for two years, can’t stop now Sweetheart. Have a good day, see you same time tomorrow” before jogging off again.

So. War.

As she recounts this to the girls, who are lying around the living room in various states of exhaustion, she waits for their strategic advice. Elena, who is entirely horizontal on one of the sofas, her feet resting in her elder sister’s lap is the first to speak.

“Care, I think you might be overreacting”

Caroline glares at her in response. Honestly she doesn’t know what she was expecting. Elena was always the peacemaker ever since they were babies. She always feels bad but Kat’s nickname of ‘Saint Elena’ does make her giggle, even if she always does leap to Elena’s defence. And, in fairness, Elena has just finished her rotation for the day in the ER, so Caroline can’t expect her to be at full fighting fitness. Instead she turns to Kat, who miraculously has stopped texting for once. In the city that never sleeps, Elena’s big sister makes full use of every avenue. She sleeps with her phone, although from all the A list parties she gets invited to, and the parade of guys she’s brought home at 5am, none of them are actually sure Katherine ever does sleep.

“Is he good looking?”

Elena snorts at Katherine’s priorities and gets her toes pinched in reaction. Before the Petrova sisters can completely ruin the evening by descending into their trademark bickering, Bonnie intercedes thank God.

“I think what we’re all interested to know is, why are you reacting so strongly to what was obviously just some jackass being cocky on his way to work? If you see him tomorrow just ignore him”

Caroline looks around at the three girls who have known her for her entire life. Have gotten her through every grade at school, every break-up, her parents messy divorce, even that whole thing with Tyler last fall. She should have called Enzo, she thinks petulantly.

“Because Bonnie, the guy has never spoken to me in two years but he’s noticed me. He initiated a challenge. No strike that, the guy has been beating me at a challenge I didn’t even know I was part of. I didn’t win Travel Journalist of the Year for the last three years straight by being some push over”

Caroline sits down once more, feeling her point adequately made. Taking a hearty sip of her vodka and lemonade she mentally reviews her wardrobe, mapping out an outfit she can wear that will work with her trainers and a pair of actual work shoes she can change into in the ladies restrooms at work.


Enzo [8.40 am]: Slow and Steady Gorgeous J xx

Caroline knows Enzo’s being sarcastic but she can’t help but appreciate the text all the same. She’d called him last night to ask his opinion. Given that it was all harmless really and she wasn’t about to take up her best friend’s offer of getting her laid to relieve the evident tension she must be feeling (the asshole was lucky he was in Chicago with his band so she couldn’t physically punch him) he’d been more supportive than the girls.

Gorgeous [8.41am]: Already on the starting blocks coach xx

Gorgeous [8.42am]: Now stop distracting me. I can see Luscious in Leather now xx

Enzo [8.43am]: Luscious in Leather?! Are you sure you don’t want to shag this guy?! Xx


Gorgeous [8.44am]: XX

Tucking her phone back into her bag, Caroline picks up the pace, jogging along the two blocks it normally takes her after the subway to spot Blonde and British. Sure enough, she sees him swanning along at his regular pace. He’s just about to hit the street lights so Caroline puts a spurt of speed on and dashes past him. For a minute she thinks it’s a wasted effort beyond her own satisfaction (which is important but it isn’t enough. She needs this guy to know he’s been beaten) and that he hasn’t seen her.

That is until Caroline hears a roar of laughter down the street and the sound of rapid footfalls coming closer.

“Wait! Wait love!” Caroline turns – the runner’s cardinal sin – and spots her intended victim dashing after her. There are several commuters staring at them in mild interest over the outburst from the typical quiet shuffling of a morning. As much as she’s enjoying proving him wrong, she does hope she hasn’t started something she’ll have to continue doing for the foreseeable future. Hell please say she doesn’t have to jog to work every morning from now on. Elena must never know or there’ll be no living with her after this.

The guy practically blurs past her she stops so abruptly. Ducking his head with an embarrassed smile, he wheels round and trots back over until they’re standing face to face.


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imagine; you freak out and try to leave and he’s there for you. idk basically, i had a bad night and this just distracted me. pretty sure it sucks, srry.


“You really are the most frustrating person on this whole goddamn planet,” Josh says loudly, throwing his hands up in the air in defeat.

You sat quietly on the bed, your hands in your lap, fiddling with a hangnail.  

Josh thought you were ignoring him.  

You weren’t.

Every sentence, every syllable he uttered sank deeply into your brain, settling and stacking like a layer of bricks in your mind.  

“I’m sitting here-“ he says, “actually begging you to say something, literally anything.”

You remain quiet, your head hung low.  

“You’re empty,” he says objectively.  “Are you even a person anymore?”

That one hurt.  You peel the skin back sharply, blood immediately surfaces.  A bright red drop in a gray room.  It’s pretty.  Like a rose.  You’re not empty.  You’re full of lots of things.  Terror.  Dread.  Anxiety.  Fear.  Exhaustion.  Pain.  You were practically overflowing with it all.  You just wished your insides were as pretty as the red rose on your finger.  

Josh sighs at the silence.  Letting his head hang low before standing up.  

“I have to go to the studio,” he says quietly, “I’ll see you.”

You don’t move until a few minutes after you hear the front door close shut.  Even then, it takes you a while to muster up enough energy to stand.  

With shaky hands and droopy eyes, you hastily grab the duffel crumbled in the corner of your closet and fill it aimlessly with your things.  

When you and Josh first started dating seven months ago, you remembered thinking that maybe this could be it.  Maybe he could be the one to make you feel again.  He made you laugh.  He made you angsty and excited and adventurous.  He made you hopeful.  

It wasn’t until the last few weeks that you’d noticed the honeymoon phase had faded.  The butterflies had settled.   You knew it was too good to be true.  Your doubts slowly creeped their way back into your mind, reminding you that you weren’t good enough.  Your mind had gotten bad again.  That scared you.  You never wanted Josh to see this side of you.  The drained and defeated side that could never be conquered.  The anxiety that would always win.  

He was already getting sick of you.  You could tell.  You knew from the get-go that it was only a matter of time.  But now that the time was actually here, you couldn’t help but wish with every fiber of your being that you were different.  Better.  But the fighting had become endless and if there was one thing you were good at, it was running away.  

So that’s what you did.


The house was eerily quiet when I returned from the studio later that night.  It wasn’t that late, Y/N shouldn’t be sleeping yet.  She’d been constantly tired lately though, so maybe a good night’s rest would be good for her.  

My stomach had been an almost constant pit of worry in the last few weeks or so.  Y/N was slipping away.  The two of us had gone from laughter and joking and cuddles and secrets to me never knowing what was going on in her head.  

That worry intensified as soon as I walked into the bedroom to find the bed made neatly and Y/N’s dresser drawers opened and empty.  My chest tightened as I ran frantically around the room, checking for her most valuable items, finding them all gone.  

You knew.  You knew she’d leave.  

She’d finally gotten sick of you.  

You knew it was only a matter of time.

That didn’t make it hurt any less.  


You went to Jenna’s.  You really didn’t know where else to go.  You forgot to call ahead of time.  Knocking on the door at nine thirty at night didn’t seem so invasive until you were in the act of doing it.  

Jenna answered, clearly confused to be greeting you, exhausted and holding a duffel.

“Y/N? What are you doing?”

“I don’t really know anymore,” you answered truthfully.

She let you in, of course.  

“Where’s Tyler?” you asked casually, trying to avoid the real questions Jenna obviously had for you.

“He went to Mark’s for a bit after recording, something about new ideas for a music video,” Jenna said, taking your bag for you.  She didn’t press.  But she kept giving you sideways looks filled with concern.  

Finally you gave in.  

“I left,” you say.  

“I gathered that much,” Jenna remarks, sitting beside you on the couch and handing you a glass of water.  

You thanked her, taking a sip.

“Did you guys get into a fight?”

You shake your head, “Not really.  I just-“ you pause, unable to find the words.  Instead you let yourself trail off.  “Don’t tell Josh I’m here.”

“Y/N, what is going on?”

You sigh, rubbing your temples and suddenly feeling so tired.  You’re tired of disappointing Josh.  You’re tired of not being good enough.  You’re tired of being unloved and so damaged.  

“Y/N?” Jenna repeats, louder this time.

Suddenly, things start feeling way to crowded.  Everything is closing in and you really just need it to stop.  You need Jenna to stop saying your name.  You need to just shut it all off for a bit.  

“I just need to lie down-“

“No,” Jenna says sharply, “Y/N, tell me what the hell is going on?  You’re acting crazy-“ she reached out and gently touches your shoulder.  That’s all it takes.  The slight contact sets you off.  

Your breathing instantly increases and you let out a loud sob, standing up hastily and rushing for the door.

“I can’t-“ you choke, trying to find the door knob through the tears that were starting to cloud your vision.  You finally hoist it open and dart down the hall, just wanting to escape it all.  


The text came through about half an hour after I got home.  

“She’s here, pretty upset, you should come.”

I respond to Jenna with a quick, “okay, thanks,” before grabbing my keys and heading out the door.  

I drum my thumbs anxiously on the steering wheel, the headlights making the fog look thicker in the night.  Part of me doubts even coming out.  I was afraid to approach Y/N.  What if she didn’t want me around?  What if I was what was making her so miserable lately?

I’m turning onto Jenna and Tyler’s road when I see a figure huddled on the ground.  I immediately pull over, just instinctively knowing it’s her.  I remember Jenna’s text.  “She’s upset.”

I fling open my car door, forgetting my doubt and fear completely.


You don’t make it very far outside before you collapse.  Everything inside of you aches.  You think back to seven months ago.  You think about being happy and carefree and light.  You wish you could go back.  You ache for the colors you no longer see.  You ache for the laughter that no longer escapes your lips.  You ache for Josh.  His smile, his voice, his touch.  

And you think you must be going crazy.  

You barely notice the headlights casting your shadow on the grass in front of you.  You barely hear the slamming of a door.  You barely recognize the figure running towards you.

You let out a loud cry when he kneels down beside you.  You try fight to fight his embrace, twisting your body side to side and shaking your head.  You want to run again.  You want to keep running, running, running, never stop.  But Josh’s arms are wrapped so tightly around you and he’s pulling you into his lap, cradling you to his body like a child.  He’s swaying you side to side, whispering in your ear.

You finally stop fighting.  It’s not working.  You can’t escape.  Big mistake.  As soon as you stop fighting his grip, you’re overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with fear.  Overwhelmed with pain.  You grab at his tank top, squeezing the fabric between your fingers and let out a horrifying sob into his chest, the pain just too much to bare.  

“I’m sorry,” you’re crying out.  It’s all blubbery, incompetent.  But he has to know.  

Josh is gripping you so tight.  He’s actively pulling you closer and closer into his chest.  You wish you would disappear, melt into his chest, even.  You squeeze your eyes shut, letting his scent and the pressure of his body consume you.  

He’s whispering into your hair, “Shh, I’m here.  ’m right here, baby.  I’m right here.”  

He’s kissing the top of your head.  

He’s rocking with you on the ground so securely.  

You can almost breathe again.  

Your sobs subside.  You think it’s because Josh has actively collapsed both of your lungs, but you don’t mind all that much.  It feels lighter.  

He’s still swaying back and forth.  His arms are still locked around you.  

You’re tired.  On an entirely different level than most people are tired this hour of the night.  You wish Josh would keep talking.  His voice makes you feel better.  You’re too embarrassed to tell him that, though.  You decide the feeling of his bare skin touching yours is good too.  

You have no idea how long the two of you sit there before Josh realizes that you’ve been able to calm down enough.  

He pulls back slightly, immediately your chest starts to ache again.  You suddenly wonder if Josh would be willing to hold you together forever.  

He looks down at you, studying your tear-streaked face.  He wipes away some of the moisture with his thumb.  

You sniffle lightly before deciding you can breathe well enough to speak.  

“I’m sorry,” you say.  This time the words are clear.

He shakes his head, his eyes narrowing and looking so sad.  

“No,” is all he says and he brings you back into his chest.  “It’s okay, don’t be sorry.  Please don’t be sorry.”

Your eyes are heavy.  Your eyelids are swollen from crying so much.  You don’t close them though.  You fight the urge.  

“I’m not empty,” you whisper.

“Hm?” Josh asks.

“I’m not empty,” you repeat.

You feel Josh tense up.  He unwraps himself from you.  Your chest immediately starts to ache again.  

“I know you’re not,” he says, “I’m sorry I said that.  I just wish you’d open up to me more.  I wish you’d talk to me.”  

He sounds so sad.  It makes you hate yourself for causing that.  Josh deserved better, the voice said.  He deserved happy and positive and normal.  You swallowed hard.  You could do this.  You could trust Josh.  You could open up to him.  

“I’m very, very full.  Too full,” you say, trying so hard to articulate what was happening inside you.  “But I’m afraid,” you trail off, picking the right words, “I’m afraid that if I show them to you, you’ll realize that I’m not full of the stuff you’d like.”

Josh lets out a soft sigh and nods carefully.  

“I know,” he whispers.  “I’m scared of that too.”

You raise an eyebrow to him, “No-“ you argue.  “You’re good.  You’re special and you’re kind and creative and-“

“And needy and awkward and boring,” he finishes.  

You shake your head, “No.  No way.  You’re none of those things.”

“I still get insecure about them,” he says sighing.  

“Sometimes I get really sad, for no reason.  I can’t explain it.  I can’t make it go away.  Sometimes I don’t want it to go away.  It’s comforting.” You take a deep breath, “And sometimes I get really scared when you get upset or raise your voice.  It makes me want to shut down.  It’s not that I don’t care, or listen.  I just forget how to function.”

Josh nods, truly listening.  

“And most of the time, I feel like I’m not good enough for you, like I’ll never be good enough for you,” you say quickly, the words rushing out of you.  You exhale quickly, ridding the evidence from your mouth, truly scared of what Josh would say to all of this.

He doesn’t say anything at first.  He holds you tightly and starts to rock again.  

You sit like that for a moment before he reacts.  

“I know you’re scared.  And I get scared too, like when you run away and all that,” he sighs, “but I guess I’m just asking you to trust me.  Because I want all of it.  I like the laughs and the fun,” he admits, “but I accept the bad, too. The fights and the frustration.  The insecurities.  I want it all.”

You crunch your face up, overcome with admiration and gratitude for Josh.  You start to cry again, it’s not the earth-shattering sobs that felt like they were creating a gaping hole in your chest, though.  It was more like a relieved kind of cry.  

Josh knew it, too.  He rested his head back on yours and held you through it, not telling you to stop, not telling you it’d been long enough.  He stayed there with you, tracing patterns on your skin and whispering soft, soothing words into your ear.  

You started to believe him.  Maybe he really would accept all of you.  

For the first time in seven months, you felt that shimmer of hope you’d seen when you first met Josh.  That was enough to hold onto for now.


Character: Lafayette X Reader
Prompt: The HamilSquad & Schuyler Sisters decide to go ice skating as the group outing for the week. While the boys join in happily, Angelica and Eliza plot to have you and your crush, Lafayette, forced to skate together.
Word Count: 3,104
W/T: Lots of teasing, some cursing, google translated French
A/N: What can I say, I’m a sucker for Daveed. He’s just so… Daveed. Hope y'all enjoy! ~SJ


“Angelica, I swear, if this is another one of your ‘matchmaker’ ideas to get Herc to skate with me, I’m not going.” Peggy pouts, crossing her arms defiantly next to you, and glaring at her two older sisters, who held a pair of car keys and eight tickets to an ice rink nearby. “Oh, don’t be such a Debby Downer.” Eliza groans, jingling the silver and gold keychain in her hand. “We always have one of these kinds of nights!” “Yeah, but it’s usually just the girls!” Peggy argues, flailing her arms in exaggeration. “You’re coming and that’s final, Margarita.” Angelica deadpans, tossing her dark swirling locks over her shoulder. “I already bought your ticket anyway.” “And besides,” Eliza interjects, quickly leaning over and grabbing you by the arm, pulling you to a standing position, “you wouldn’t want to leave Y/N as a third wheel, would you?” You smile timidly at your best friend, her eyes narrowing accusingly at you.

“Whatever.” Peggy answers hotly, pushing herself off of the couch. “But I’m only doing this because I don’t want Y/N to be alone with the guys. God knows what mischief they’ll get into.” Angelica and Eliza both squeal in excitement, spinning on their heels to rush out of the front door. “Don’t you hate how strung up they are on boys?” Peggy scoffs, her voice becoming a bit less hateful than before. “You can say that again.” You laugh, watching the two girls dressed in pink and light blue giddily hop into their car, their faces plastered with a goofy smile. “Eliza finally gets a boyfriend, and what do you know? She wants to invite him to everything that is meant to be for us.” “What? So you’re saying you don’t want to hang out with Hercules?” You tease, gently nudging her in the shoulder. “I didn’t say that!” Peggy quickly counters, pushing you away from her hurriedly, her cheeks brushed with a tint of pink now. “Oh, don’t be so sour about Eliza, Peg. Eventually she’ll get over the hype, and it’ll settle down a bit. Besides, once tonight’s over, I bet you and ol’ Herc will be on ‘better than friends’ terms, huh?” You smirk, taking in the obvious blushing of her face against her darker skin. “Oh shut up, Y/N.” Peggy whines, trying to cover her face up. “Aww, my lil’ Peggy’s in loooveeee~.” You gush, grabbing ahold of her wrist and forcing them down, that way you can watch her become more and more flustered. “Stop! Y/N stop it!” Peggy complains, freeing herself from your hold. “I can’t help it! My best friend is in love with my other friend!” You sigh, smiling happily at the thought of your two friends being an item. “And I suppose you don’t have anyone you’re falling head over heels for?” Peggy questions, raising an eyebrow at you suspiciously. Ha! You think guys like me? That’s adorable Peggy, honestly.“ You cackle, shrugging off the thought. “Uh huh. We’ll see about that.” Peggy answers, clicking her tongue.

A couple of short and not so subtle honks from the driveway indicates that you and Peggy have been standing here for too long, according to Angelica’s watch. “Come on. The sooner we get there, the sooner you get to see your boyfriend~.” You sing, grabbing Peggy by the bright yellow sleeve of her sweater and dragging her out to the awaiting car.

Almost instantly you are bombarded by some loud rap music blaring from the speakers, Eliza beat boxing while Angelica managed to spit out every line fluently. Silently, you slide into the backseat with Peggy, hoping that Angelica’s rapping wouldn’t distract her enough to get into an accident. “Let’s go.” Peggy piped up, surprising her two older sisters. Eliza quickly turned the volume down and whipped her head around the seat to give Peggy a devious look. “Oh? You want to arrive so soon?” She giggles, sharing a look with Angelica. “N-no. Y/N just said she really wanted to get to the rink already!” Peggy says nervously, pushing the pressure onto you. “And why would that be?” Angelica asks, backing out of the driveway and onto the main road. “Because I’m the best fucking skater you’ll ever meet.” You sarcastically joke, rolling your eyes at what she was implying. “I bet he’d love that.” Eliza whispers excitedly to Angelica, hitting her arm. “Excuse me?” You automatically scoff, this sudden comment catching your attention. “It’ll be perfect!” Angelica answers, her smile growing at whatever she was thinking. “Y/N will go off skating, and lil’ Peggy here will be struggling along behind. And then-” “Hercules will come bounding in, and sweep her off of the ice!” Eliza finishes, staring dreamily into the distance. “Because let’s face it, she will be on the ground more than she will her feet.” Angelica snickers, almost missing the turnoff.

You let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding as Angelica straightens out the car, continuing to babble on with Eliza about how cute Peggy and Hercules would be, not to mention their own love interests. You hope that they weren’t talking about you from the comment Angelica made, because you were here to help set up Peggy on their behalf. That’s the main reason you had actually come tonight, anyway. Eliza had begged you to help out in their plan, because Peggy would have never come if you weren’t there. Your gaze drifts over to your best friend as she crosses your mind, where her face is hidden by her hands, obviously to hide her blushing. This poor child can’t handle her feelings very well, and with all of the teasing she’s been receiving for the past couple of hours, you were kinda surprised to see how she was still managing to take it.

But you are quickly jarred from your thoughts as your momentum carries you forward, and your seatbelt jerks you back into place. A collective groan sounds off around the car as Angelica announces your arrival. The sisters file out of the car, Eliza and Angelica practically skipping towards the indoor ice rink. Peggy offers you a sheepish smile, her face still tinted pink. “Hey,” You start, noticing how nervous she suddenly was, “everything is going to be fine. Just be yourself, and if you need me, just wave me over. You can do it.” Hesitantly, she nods, gaining a bit more composure and confidence as you began to jog to catch up to her siblings. You and Peggy trail behind the two sisters ahead of you, their constant rambling seeming quieter as you got closer. “Oh, here’s your tickets.” Angelica smiles, holding out a pair of tickets to you. You and Peggy eagerly grab ahold of the blue entry passes, their paper seeming a bit thicker than the last time you came here. “Well? Let’s go meet up with everyone!” Eliza breathes, turning to open the solid metal door behind her. She grabs ahold of the handle and flings it open, the cool air and Christmas music flooding your senses.

The large sitting area ahead of you was alive with people, their conversations and laughter filling the air along with the overhead music. The far wall stood lines with a concession stand, a skate rental booth, and restrooms. The East wall was instead a clear window pane all the way across, it’s tinted glass allowing for you to see down into the ice rink, where many people could be found already skating. The other two walls sat blank, with tables and chairs lined up against them in a haphazardly fashion. The dim lighting of the lobby left you with a rather moody atmosphere, which seemed a bit peculiar. You pull your sleeves down over your hands, already feeling a bit chilly. You told yourself to wear something a little warmer, but God knows how stubborn you can be with yourself. “Look, there they are.” Eliza cries, her eyes falling upon a table towards the window. Everyone’s eyes follow her gaze until they also stop on the four familiar figures ahead of them, their laughter echoing quietly. Without another thought, Angelica grabs you but the hood of your F/C jacket, tugging you along behind Eliza and Peggy.

“About time you guys showed up.” A shorter man dressed in a grey sweater and jeans chuckles, taking Eliza in his arms lovingly, planting a kiss on her forehead. “Good to see you too, Alexander.” Angelica remarks, rolling her eyes at the two lovebirds. “Now don’t be bitter, the night hasn’t even started yet.” Another one of the males interjects, stepping forward. His low man bun and freckled face greets you and Peggy kindly before turning to Angelica, a goofy smile appearing on his lips. “I mean, we haven’t even gone to get our skates yet!” “Well we can’t skate without the proper equipment, now can we John?” You joke, ushering both groups towards the rental counter while Angelica frantically begins to hand out tickets. Alexander and Eliza practically rushed towards the booth, each already shouting their size at the worker. “What are we going to do with them?” You giggle to Peggy, who rolls her eyes in response. John and Angelica have already grabbed their skates, and began to follow Alex and Eliza towards the nearest bench, giddy to begin skating. “What size do you need?” The man behind the counter drones, his voice monotone. “11.” A deeper voice pipes, the owner of it gently pushing past you. His darker skin and grey beanie couldn’t be mistaken as he hands the vendor his ticket in exchange for his skates. His gaze turns to Peggy, who you nudge forward, her face an obvious mix of nerves. “What size?” Hercules asks, holding his hand out to take Peggy’s ticket from her. She happily hands it to him and replies, “6.”, earning a chuckle out of Hercules. “That makes your feet sound so much more delicate than they already are.” Peggy smiles boldly at Hercules as he takes her pair of skates into his arms, nodding for her to follow. Peggy tags along behind the large man, glancing back over her shoulder at you with a lovestruck smile. You smile back and give her a thumbs up, already loving the interaction between the two. “Y/N, mon ange, do you happen to have my ticket?” A thick and familiar French accent asks you, causing you to turn to the origin of the voice, a slightly tingling sensation rising in your chest.

You were greeted by none other than Lafayette, the French friend that the guys had added to their group during their first year at Princeton. His dark hair was full of kinks and curls, and tied up in its usual spot, almost like he had a puffball glued to his head. His darker skin made his teeth seem to sparkle as he stood over you, his height making him taller than you by a long shot. “Um no I don-” You start, grabbing for your own ticket from your pocket. But as you pull out the single ticket, you feel it shift oddly in your hand. Your eyes travel down to see that your ticket had split into two tickets, a small amount of tacky glue pressed against the bottom side of yours and the topside of the second one. “Those sneaky little bitches.” You breathe, still staring at the duplicated tickets. Lafayette says something as well, but you couldn’t understand his mumbling. Your eyes meet for a second, an all knowing looking passing between you two like electricity before you both turn to look over your shoulder at the rest of the group. Angelica and John are paused by the door to the rink, their own heads craning to look at you and Lafayette. As their eyes meet yours, they giggle, share a look, and duck their heads quickly as they disappear into the ice, obviously the culprits. “Well, looks like we’re stuck together for tonight.” You laugh, handing Laf his ticket. He tilts his head slightly, a small smirk etched onto his lips. “I don’t think I’ll mind, mon amour.” He laughs, handing the vendor his ticket, pointing to his size. You do the same, and he offers you his arm as you two turn to go to the nearest bench, ready to lace up.

“Have you ever done this stuff before?” Lafayette asks, struggling with finding the end of his laces. “Oh yeah. I used to go to the one in my hometown every Wednesday with a group of people I grew up with. It was a tradition then.” You laugh, your fingers flying along with your own laces, the muscle memory of doing this every week flooding back into your hands. “I can tell.” He chuckles, watching you stand up, your skates already tied. “Now you actually look of decent height.” He teases, finishing his own shoestrings. “Oh whatever, French Fry.” You laugh, staring at him as he stands. “Never mind.” He jokes, his gaze lowering to you. “Oh just come on.” You urge, rather eager to get out onto the floor. It’s been a while since you’ve actually been ice skating, so the cool air and overly musty scent of the arena are all but welcoming to you. You happily step out onto the ice, already gliding around like you used to to do, spinning around and around, creating a brisk and cold whirlwind around you. Slide out of it, back to the front of the rink, where you notice Lafayette frozen in place, his eyes locked on you.

“Come on, Laf! Why aren’t you out here?” You huff out, catching your breath slightly as you lean against the wall, looking up at the tall Frenchman. He bites his lip slightly, as if he were nervous to say something. “Laf? Are you okay?” You ask, your voice now softer and you gently place a hand against his arm. His gaze drifts down to where you placed your hand, a growing warmth kindling in it. “It’s nothing, mon amour, it’s just… I do not know how to, how you say?” He asks, gesturing down to your feet. “Skate?” You offer, it coming out as more of a laugh. “Skate! Yes, I do not know how to do that.” He exclaims, his voice drifting off in embarrassment. “Here,” you giggle, gliding around to the other side of him, holding your two hands out. “Just do what I do, it’s not that hard, I promise.” Hesitantly, Lafayette places his hands in yours, and you begin to skate backwards, towing him along. “So just move your right foot forward, and let it glide back around… There you go. And do the same with your left foot… Yeah. And just keep doing that.” You naturally instruct, speeding up slowly. Surprisingly, Laf got the a pretty good grasp on how to skate pretty quickly. “Now how do you stop?” He ask, cocking an eyebrow at you. “You use the toe of your skates, like this.” You explain, letting go of his hands for a moment and turning to skate the same way he was. You pick up a bit of speed before dragging the front of your skate on the ground, slowing you down enough to turn back to Lafayette, who was wobbly skating on his own.

“Like this?” He asks, jamming his foot into the ice much faster and harder than he needed to, causing him to end up falling face first into the ice. You manage to hide you laughter behind your hand as he manages to sit back up, slightly dazed. “How did I do?” He cheekily grins, holding two thumbs up to you. “Okay, you’re not allowed to stop without my help.” You giggle, attempting to gain your composure as you lean down and take his hand, helping him back up. “Yes ma'am.” He chuckles, steadying himself back on the skates. “I think I might need you for more than just stopping.” Lafayette admits, holding your hand a little tighter. “I’ll stay here as long as you need.” You answer kindly, flashing him a toothy smile. “Good, mon ange, because I think that everyone else is a bit preoccupied at the moment.” He suggests, pointing out a couple on the opposite side of the rink, her bright yellow sweater contrasting his darker one. “Oh my lord, look how cute they are!” You squeal, squeezing Lafayette’s hand. “Just look how adorable those two are together!” You stared, awestruck at the sight of your friends, while Lafayette stared at you, his attention directed to what he thought was cute. “God, I’ve been waiting for those two to date for ages.” You emphasize, turning back to Lafayette, meeting his gaze. “I was really only invited on this to force Peggy to come. Angelica and Eliza have been trying to hook them up forever.” “Oh really? Tell me more, mon amour.” Lafayette inquires, his smile soft and caring.

“Oh gladly.” You begin, a childish smile growing upon your lips. “Ever since Peggy met Hercules, I knew something was up. You know, it’s just kind of that best friend instinct, you know? Anyway, so I confronted her about it and she didn’t deny anything, which therefore means that she confirmed everything, because that’s how it works. And since then, I’ve teased her constantly about it, calling him her boyfriend and her love and mushy stuff like that. She’s tried to turn it around on me but she doesn’t know who likes me~.”

“Oh? Do you you have so many men after you that you can’t keep count?” Lafayette jests, nudging you slightly. “Ha! You think guys like me, that’s adorable, Laf, honestly.” You dismiss, glancing down to your feet. “Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that, mon amour. I think I know of someone who is smitten for you.” He teases, smiling a mischievous smirk. “Oh? And who would that b-Gah!” You yell, tumbling forward as Lafayette drags you to the ice. You crash against him, landing on his chest. “What the hell Laf I told you not to s-” But your words are stopped by the warmth of Lafayette’s lips pressed against yours, making your face heat up. You kiss back, not aware of much you had been waiting for this. You pull away, your eyes meeting his as you pull yourself off of him, offering him your hands. He takes them gently and pulls himself off of the ice, giving you another quick peck.

“You did that on purpose, you sneaky bastard.”

Gift #23, @pottergerms

Ew. Potter germs. Gross. Draco certainly doesn’t think the same thing. This one is for you, @pottergerms!

Our gifter says:

“Happy Dralentine’s day! I hope this fanfiction is everything you hoped for and more. Despite me, as always, leaving things to the last minute and freaking myself out, I actually rather enjoyed writing this one shot. Enjoy, indulge, and let us share the Drarry-love with the world! ~ Your Dralentine.”

A Dragon In Snake Clothing -  Harry’s friends are desperate to help find him a date for Valentine’s Day. Considering his growing list of one-night stands, Harry finds himself desperate enough to give almost anyone a shot. When a potential date goes awry, there is only one snake sneaky enough to wrap himself around a love-lost Boy-Who-Lived. 5k.

Tags:  smut, top!Harry

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Norta Elementary Part 5!!

It’s time for the next chapter of the fanfic that follows the lives of 5th grade Mare and Cal!

Sorry that I haven’t updated for a long time, but I’m really excited for the next part. I’m going to introduce a lot of new things in Part 6 so look out for it!!

Part 1: https://didmavenkillyou–

Part 2: https://didmavenkillyou– 

Part 3: https://didmavenkillyou– 

Part 4: https://didmavenkillyou–

Ships: Mare x Cal

Rating: lol G

Word Count: 1446

     We bustle out of the classroom when the bell rings. Everyone runs, excitedly, and I sort of just lay back. A lot of people, including Tibe, have stuff to do over Winter Break, unlike I. I wonder where he is. Probably on some cruise with his family or on a fishing trip with his half-brother.
     “Brother,” I remember him telling me.
     I don’t think I could ever feel the same way about a “sibling” from a different Mom as I do about Shade.
     And Gisa.
     And Bree and Tramy though they’re away.

     I look around, aimlessly, wishing that I hadn’t left my gum on the bottom of my seat, so I could still be chewing it. Then I glance down at my shoes, automatically stepping towards my cubby.
     Locker. That sounds cooler.

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anonymous asked:

why not tell us your sinful HC then we can build off them?

because im really fucking lazy

okayyy WELL i ship a lot of people so I’m just going to separate them into sections


  • Their relationship started as a fling during a late night in the office that snowballed into feelings and passing touches.  Their first night together was so aggressive and it was just to get out pent up frustration of some political strife that’s going on at least that’s what they told themselves. After that night Alex avoids Thomas at all cost, and whenever Alex and Thomas lock eyes they both blush and mumble some half ass excuse to leave. They never talk about it until four months later at an office party. Well talk is one way of phrasing it, more like Alex had five too many to drink and he pulls Thomas aside almost in tears because damn it it’s not fair he’s in love with him and he doesn’t love him back. Alex walks out of the party before Thomas can string together a response. Alex has to step into an alley after a minute of walking because he’s full blown sobbing now and he doesn’t want to be seen. “What’s not fair, is that you never gave me a chance to reply.” and Alex looks up to see Thomas standing there slightly out of breathe from running. Alex tells him to leave him alone, he’s rather not be made fun of. Thomas grabs his arm and pulls him into an embrace, and looks down at the smaller man. “Wouldn’t you like to know my answer?” and capture Alex’s lips in a delicate kiss. Wow and now the office is like sickeningly sweet,like they still fight a ton in like cabinet meetings but after its like constant cooing and loving gazes and everyone’s like ew please stop. The next time they have sex it’s still really passionate but they focus on each other’s needs, making sure the other is comfortable to keep going, making sure the other feels good. Alex likes to bite Thomas, and Thomas has this weird infatuation with Alex’s hair. Each day the couple walks in sporting new love marks and everyone internally groans because they could try and pretend they don’t fuck every night. Also both of them are really into voyeurism and-                                       honestly I’m going to make a separate post for these nerds


  • So the first time Laurens calls Alex ‘baby girl’ they are at the grocery store. They are standing in the cereal isle, “Do you want cocoa puffs, baby girl?” and Laurens doesn’t even realize what he has said until Alex replies with a strangled guttural noise. Laurens and Alex stare at each other for a very long time until Alex drags Laurens out of the store, leaving the groceries behind. I’m not saying the fuck in the back of Alex’s van, but they fuck in the back of Alex’s van.


  • So when Alex and Aaron start dating they don’t really go past making out. Alex wants to go father but Burr never seems to want to, and Alex doesn’t want to pressure him so he says nothing. One day Alex jokes about how vanilla Burr must be and something flashes in Burr’s eyes. “Quite the opposite, love.” and Alex is sputtering because, no way, no way Burr’s kinky. “Prove it” and oh jeez it just goes down hill from there. Next thing you know Alex is sitting on Burr’s bed while they establish a safe word and wow, where did Burr keep all those sex toys? After a night full of.. discoveries… Alex and Burr’s relationship has never been the same. And Alex has never been happier.


  • OKAY wow i got a lot on these nerds. Okay so obviously Herc gets turned on when Laf speaks french. At first Laf can’t understand why Herc gets upset when they speak with Alex in French. It’s not until they are both alone and Laf asks Herc a question in French, forgetting for a moment that he doesn’t speak French, and Herc is all flustered and is gripping the table. Laf is just ecstatic with his discovery and abuses his power over Herc, whispering French into Hercs ear, with one hand tracing small circles on his lower back, and the other on Herc’s arm. Herc can’t control himself and just pounces on Laf. French isn’t the only thing coming out of Lafs mouth that night. Also Laf has such a bad daddy kink and want’s Herc to call them fifille so bad but is too embarrassed to ask. Well one night Laf comes home after a wild night with lams and Herc is there sitting in the couch and is extremely angry because, wtf you weren’t picking up your phone and you didn’t tell me where you went. and laf is like “I’m sorry, daddy. Please don’t punish your fifille.” and passes out on the couch over Herc’s lap and Herc is just sitting there, shocked. Laf wakes up with a terrible headache and laying on the bed they shared with Herc. Herc walks in with coffee and advil, and while Laf sips his coffee mumbling their thank you, Herc mentions last night. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that babe, my phone died and Laurens ordered shots and-” “If you wanted to call me daddy you could have just asked.” and laf spits out their coffee. After several minutes of Laf choking and Herc rubbing their back, they fall into an awkward silence. Herc takes advantage of the silence and explains how last night they called him daddy and refereed to themselves as ‘fifille’ (which Herc had to look up on their phone) and how he’s up for it if Laf is okay with it. Needless to say, they don’t dont get much done that day.

Phillip Hamilton and Theo Burr wtf is their ship name guys (all these I’ve talked about with @theall-possiblegirl)

  • WOW I LOVE THEM OKAY. These loser are terrible a sneaking around, okay? Like their dads hate each other so they have to keep their relationship secret but god damn they are the worst. Like Theo moans so fucking loud all the time and ofc Phillip isn’t going to stop her because why would he ever muffle something so beautiful? Phillip is forgetful and clumsy so he’ll knock over a lamp after falling into Theo’s bedroom at 3 o’clock in the morning but he wont lock the door before they have sex. Cue getting walked in on constantly. Like poor Eliza and momma Theodosia because damn it these two make hiding the relationship so difficult (obvs the moms help the two sneak around). I feel like Phillip and Theo would be such gentle and giving lovers like they are always trying to put their lovers pleasure before theirs. Phillip goes down on Theo for hours, making sure Theo cums several times before she even touches him. Honestly i could talk about these nerds for hours because they are like the cutest couple ever okay?


  • These dumbasses. They both have ad a crush on the other for years, but have never told the other because that’s gay and they’re bros you know they are both frat boys irl i will fight everyone. So one night, after a couple fireballs, Angelica suggest that everyone plays spin the bottle. Madison not really for it because he really doesn’t want to see Jefferson makeout with another girl in front of him some more, but Jefferson is all for it and Madison can’t say no when Jefferson throws his arm over his shoulder like that. long story short Jefferson spins the bottle, it lands on Mads and Mads is all blushy and shit until Jefferson plops in his lap and starts making out with him. Madison can’t tell if he’s died and gone to heaven or hell, but he’s sure he’s dead because there is no way this is happening in real life. Well Angie tells them to break it up or take it to another room because she wants to continue with the game. When Jefferson pulls away Mads is really sad thinking Jefferson has come to his senses and is about to say how gross that was or something just as hurtful, but is surprised when Jefferson grabs his arm and pulls him into another room. They both wake up the next day with a throbbing headache, naked, and a vague idea what happened the night before. Mads is about to cry because he thinks Jefferson thinks he’s a freak (Jefferson is thinking the same thing) and tries to leave without waking up Jefferson he’s already awake fuckboi but Jefferson grabs his arm and asks him to stay. Cue really cute/awkward confessions and cuddles. Also Alex yelling at them when they come downstairs because he couldn’t sleep all night because they were fucking too loud.

So that took me forever to type. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, anon, I’ve never really typed out my HC this way before. Sorry it’s so long, i just have a lot to say about things. I also didn’t add everything; i might do that in alater post. Mullete and Jeffmads HC are both inspired by the wonderful @lafyettes go check out their blog, they are amazing and my highkey my tumblr crush