because obviously to the writers endgame is more important than character development or the journey

Gossip Girl's perfect logic
  • Nate: Serena deserves someone who would sacrifice anything to be with her.

    Dan: I didn’t publish any of that, but not to protect you. Because it was the most humiliating thing I’ve ever been a part of.
  • Dan: That girl is fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful, capable of anything and no man or magazine should be able to take that away from her.
    Nate: Serena, you’re the most beautiful, amazing, alive person I’ve ever known.

    Dan: There would be the kind of desperate, attention-seeking stunt that would prove you’re every bit as shallow and sad as the character in my book.
  • Dan: Our relationship isn’t about choosing one world or another. Our relationship is our world.

    Blair: You have me.
    Chuck: That’s not enough.
  • Blair: What if I lose everything?
    You’ll still have me.

    You’re all I have left. 
    Chuck: Actually, you don’t even have me.
    Blair: Enough.
    Chuck: I’ll try to be more succinct. You held a certain fascination when you were beautiful, delicate and untouched. But now you’re like… one of the Arabians my father used to own. Rode hard and put away wet. I don’t want you anymore and I can’t see why anyone else would.