because obviously to the writers endgame is more important than character development or the journey

Blindspot Hiatus Project - 30 Day Blindspot Challenge

Day 1. Favorite Season

I was thinking that I would have an unpopular opinion when it came to this category but I’m glad @still-with-hearts-beating beat me to it. Her post is perfect so go check it out if you haven’t read it. She basically covers everything hat for me makes season 2 my favorite season. But considering my love for talking about the show, the fact that she covered everything isn’t gonna stop me from my rambling.

Technically, if we were going to judge the two seasons separately and “academically” if you wish, season 1 on paper should be the winner but as a fan and as a viewing experience now that season 2 has concluded, I have to say I prefer it over the first.

People usually talk about how first seasons are flawless or are always a show’s best. And in many ways that is true, especially shows that have ground breaking first seasons like Blindspot had. And there’s no denying how amazing it is. Almost technically flawless. The premise, the idea, the characters, the writing, the execution (minus the shaky cam)… everything was spot on.

And usually and very commonly, shows especially those that enjoyed stellar freshman seasons, suffer through a sophomore slump. And boy did Blindspot suffer. But, still with the slump, as an overall experience, I still prefer it.

First of all, all the character growth this season was incredible. In season 1, the characters were still… new, fresh and even though they were already very complex and developed characters back then, they really came into their own in season 2. They grew and developed and became far more interesting than the “younger” version of themselves we met in the first seasons. On the one had, the things they went through over the two years really help make them grow, and also, the writing for them became more mature as they became clearer as characters for the writers. And yes, we can argue about the “phase” that Kurt went through, but it was all part of a larger and bigger journey that gave us the Kurt of the last few episodes. He became a true leader, a great boss, a good friend, and was able to become more open and more aware of his own feelings. And that is just one example. Do not even get me started on Patterson, Tasha or Reade. And Jane and Roman? These two I can write a thesis long post about their journeys. 

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And speaking of Kurt and Jane, of course, my feelings about Jeller’s journey this season have been obvious. I mean, I have been annoyingly loud and vocal about them. But here’s let me reiterate. As much as I loved every single moment and scene and look from season 1, everything in season 2 was heightened, the stakes were higher, the emotions intensified, the angst multiplied, the fluff sweeter, the journey more exhausting and more challenging and more dangerous. They had an impossible uphill battle against each other and against themselves and against the world and still, they came out of it victorious and goddammit this was one of the most amazing journey for a couple that I have ever ever ever seen. To get to where they got from where they started, battling everything in their way, overcoming so many demons and challenges, relearning who they are and how to trust each other, allowing the other person back in dispute the pain and the betrayal, trusting them with their life and their heart… UGH EVERYTHING WAS SO PURE AND PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL!!! THIS SHIP AND THEIR LOVE IS EVERYTHING.

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And from Jeller, let’s move on to the team. One of my favorite “growths” this year has been the team going from “I’ve never seen his apartment” to hanging out at Kurt’s for drinks at least twice, coming over (and Patty baking a cake) for the baby thing (ugh) and Tasha just casually dropping by to talk about Reade. THAT IS GROWTH FOR YOU RIGHT THERE!!! They went from a kick ass CIRG team that is the elite squad at the NYO to being friends to be a tight knit family that NO ONE can come between!! And yes, Jane coming into their world did play a role in that, obviously, but it was also all their collective growth and coming together through the horrible things they had to endure. And so you know that going into season 3, Jane and Kurt will be on a journey not to rescue their team but to save their family, and it is going to be SPECTACULAR.

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And then… there are the new characters, and namely, Roman. Oh boy, what can I say about Roman… honestly I cannot say much. We have a saying in Arabic that translates to “my testimony is flawed”. And that is the case with me and Roman because I just think he is the most incredible characters, the most interesting and complex and just… ugh. I am so not objective when it comes to him that really, there is nothing I can say that will not come out utterly biased. I think we hit the jack pot with Roman and with Luke and I hope we can keep him forever. he brings so much to the show, to the story and to this cast and group that he just single handedly made season 2 so much more… more! And do not get me started on his relationship with Jane! ::cries forever::

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The over arching story with Sandstorm and the incomparable Shepherd/Michelle was also such a winning added element to the show. It was great having the characters focused on one endgame, on one struggle that brought them all together despite their differences and their interpersonal issues. It made it all more believable and against raised the stakes for absolutely everyone, made it all so much more personal and gave them so much to lose and also so much to gain. Also, Shepherd was a perfect perfect villain. None of this evil for the sake of being evil nonsense. She also is one of the most compelling, interesting and complex characters I have ever come across and Michelle Hurd was a TREASURE to have on this show.

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When it comes to the second season of shows, the writers are always looking to try new things. They do know what the things that worked in season 1 are, they do, they haven’t forgotten them, but there is always the challenge of breaking out of this and trying something new and different, to challenge themselves as writers and push things further out of their comfort zone. And that isa gamble that does not always work. That is why shows slump in season 2. That exercise, and the learning curve in it, is so important because they come out of it stronger, it helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses away from the wonder of season one. They know their show better and their characters better.  

I loved season 2 for so many reasons. It’s more mature and lost some of the novelty and the innocence of season 1. It is certainly darker and edgier and more experimental in certain areas. It did not lie on the laurels of season 1, did not depend on what made season 1 so good because the writers wanted to push the envelope to try new things and while this failed at some points, it also made it so much better eventually when they hit their stride.

And of course, Rich. Rich Dotcom. Thank you.

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Honestly, the only other shows I remember enjoying their second seasons more are Alias and Haven.

And I am sorry this has gotten out of hand. Imma shut up now. Bye.

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I have been toying with the idea of writing a post about Tony and Zoe and my thinking about what this means if/when Ziva shows up again for however-long and I kept deciding not to because it’s nothing but pure speculation on my part really, but after watching this week’s ep I’ve decided I will. I want to talk a bit about the episode specifically in relation to Tony and where he’s at but also throw in my own thoughts/theories about where it’s all going. It’s under the read more so I’m sorry if you’re on a mobile device and have to scroll past it all.

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