because obviously the kid loves his father

Draco & Harry w/ Teddy Headcanons

because me and @mxrcusflint have been having a conversation about this over the past couple of days, it got me thinking, so i feel obligated to make a post

  • harry would make draco babysit teddy with him even though he absolutely does not want to
  • teddy loves draco the second he meets him and will hardly even pay attention to harry
  • draco is really unsure how he feels about teddy clinging to him all the time but he allows it because honestly the kid is really cute and he cant tell him no
  • harry gets kind of jealous of how much attention teddy pays to draco but when draco says something he obviously denies it
  • plus he really cant be that mad because draco and teddy are his two favorite people
  • draco warms up to teddy really quickly and he ends up always looking forward to when they have to babysit
  • teddy and draco both getting their first weasley sweaters and they match and teddy just grins up at draco bc draco is so cool and he’s matching with him ( @mxrcusflint mentioned this in one of our chats and i had to include it)
  • harry insists that the two of them take a picture together
  • draco “begrudgingly” does just to please harry and teddy
  • but he actually loves and treasures the picture and frames it to hang in his and harry’s house
  • teddy spending the night at the potter/malfoy household every saturday 
  • it’s always teddy’s favorite part of the week
  • all three of them have matching pajamas
  • they drink cocoa and watch movies 
  • and play board games
  • teddy forcing draco to build a fort with him
  • draco convincing teddy that slytherin is the best house
  • “shut up draco he can decide that for himself…but the best house is gryffindor, teddy, just so you know”
  • taking teddy to the park to pet the dogs that are there
  • taking teddy to quidditch matches
  • buying teddy is first broomstick
  • and it’s obviously the newest and best 
  • teddy having his own bedroom at their house because he spends so much time there
  • teddy flooing their house crying when kids at school are mean to him because his hair was pink that day
  • and draco and harry telling him there’s nothing wrong with the color pink and if he likes it then he should wear his hair that way more often
  • taking teddy shopping for all his school supplies the day after he gets his letter
  • basically just harry and draco being the best uncles/father figures ever and teddy loving them with his whole heart

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please get started on parent!phan i wanna cry

listen. dan would be the parent to be the hypothetical bad cop. he’d want his kids to be healthy and happy but in the end phil would be the one to give sweets and maybe an extra trip to the cinema. dan would love his kids so much it would be a constant tug in his heart and even if he went out for a few hours he wouldn’t stop thinking about his kids and then he would accidentally start mumbling about them and the ladies sat next to him on the bus would smile at each other because this father obviously loves his kids so much. phil would be a little more detached but not in a bad way because the kids would always go to him for emotional support and to cry about a stolen toy or something and phil would be so happy all the time. he would be more sedate but that’s good because the kids don’t need a second helicopter parent. phil would try to hold dan back from becoming the head of the parent teacher association but dan would be in control of the school within a few months and he would run every fundraiser and event for the school and everything would be meticulous and all the mothers would have a crush on him but dan wouldn’t even notice. phil would bring their kids to all their activities although he’s a terrible driver but the kids would be used to it and when their friends carpool they realize how bad phil’s driving is and tease him for it. phil would press for another dog and the kids would rally behind him and dan can’t say no to his favorite people in the world.

well I’m a first time dad what did you expect

pairing:  klance
genre:  fluff ???? smth like that. domestic shit.
word count:  1765

right so I saw this post by @lancemccute and I decided to have some fun

Keith remembers the circumstances that led to them adopting Daniella.

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Imagine... A Sci-Fi AU where a relatively human-looking alien race has long since conquered earth and integrated it into their vast empire. While humans, like all subservient races, are second class citizens, they are also considered to be the most attractive of the 'lesser' races (probably because they look similar to the conquerors) and so are often hired on as servants. As the alien son of the alien general Enji, Shouto naturally has one such servant, the clever and adorable Izuku.

At first Shouto thinks Izuku is cute but stupid (because the ‘lesser’ races are clearly less intelligent, right?) but in time he finds out the kid is actually super smart. Most humans struggle with the alien language (since they cannot hear the same range of tones the aliens can) and writing (since its pictographic and the aliens don’t teach it to them obviously). But clever Izuku has somehow figured them out and Shouto is floored (and kinda in love).

Izuku ends up giving Shouto lesson on the disadvantages and abuses suffered by the ‘lesser species’ and so Shouto quietly becomes what Enji hates most, a ‘sub-species’ rights activist. His father is like the major force in opposing said rights, so Shouto uses his position as his son to secretly feed info to the more vocal pro-rights factions, while also trying to hide the fact he’s kinda completely smitten with Izuku (which would make his betrayal obvious). 

Basically this idea is a sci-fi spy thriller / alien romance where Izuku inadvertently turns Shouto into a double agent by making Shouto fall in love with him. (Izuku fell for Shouto too eventually, once Shouto stopped being patronizingly speciesist). They both pine for each other like crazy but don’t dare show much affection lest they ruin Shouto’s cover as loyal son who would never ever feed information to the pro-rights faction to help them rise in power. 

(I realize the whole alien AU thing might be confusing, so think of it as Shouto being the son of a confederate general who falls for his African-American slave, is rudely informed by said slave how shitty being a slave is and so decides to spy for the union for the sake of abolition. The differences being they are literally different species, Izuku technically isn’t enslaved (he just has next to no rights), and the battle for said rights is a political one.)   

i honestly feel like shouto wouldn’t feel really superior to the other races?? i feel like his mother would ingrain morals into shouto (assuming she was still there until he was at least five), and shouto would not in any shape or form want to be like his father. he probably sees his dad treat the servants like shit all the time, and would have automatically been like nope fuck this fuck you i’m not following your lead.

izuku would be fascinated by shouto’s attitude, b/c shouto treats him like an equal, and izuku would help shouto learn more about his people, b/c i bet enji would have done all he could to isolate shouto from the human race’s culture. 

don’t worry my dude!!! you were pretty clear :D

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When the RFA boys find out you're pregnant with their child headcannons plz ? ;w;

yes ofc let’s go.  This kinda sorta also integrated to how they also react along the pregnancy??  I guess?? 


  • At first, he kinda freaks out.  He doesn’t want to be a shitty father, and he doesn’t at all want his kid to feel as badly as his mom made him feel if he messes up, or makes a mistake
  • Also worries because his practicing schedule is rigorous; when will he have time for the baby? He’ll obviously have to make time (no questions asks) but he also has to think about his career, which you can understand because it’s a huge part of what’s supporting your family
  • Then realizes that he has the power to make sure this kid grows up in the happiest, more loving household. He’s determined to fix what his parents did wrong for him (i.e., supporting all of his child’s choices, encouraging them, basically being a decent parent)
  • After he realizes this, he gets super excited and into it (”Do you think we need these clothes?” “These are for eight to twelve months; we won’t need it for a long while.” “But still…”)
  • Raves about how beautiful/attractive his unborn child will be, because “They have the most gorgeous father, and the most beautiful mother.  How could they not be?!”


  • Excited right off the bat; he’s amazed that he was able to take part in creating a human life!!!!  He’s ecstatic!!
  • Never stops talking about what kind of a dad he’ll be, and what kinds of activities they’ll get to do together (”Yoosung, they’ll be a baby; you can’t teach them how to play LOLOL until they can at least read” “I know, I know! I just can’t wait until I can!”)
  • Already decided that he will never buy baby food from the grocery store, and orders a food processor online.  That kid is going to get home cooked meals every day (”Yoosung, they can’t eat solid food until they’re at least four months old…” “I’m just getting prepared!”
  • Talks to your stomach all the time.  He just wants to meet them already! You can be on the couch watching TV, and he’ll come over just to talk to his unborn child.  (”We’re going to be the happiest family; I just know it.  Don’t worry.  We’re going to take care of you, okay?”) It’s the sweetest thing ever.
  • The first ultrasound you get becomes his phone background, he gets copies of it to hang everywhere, sends it to the group chat multiple times.  Everyone else is happy for you both, but they’re getting fed up with the “alien-life form spam” as Saeyoung so eloquently puts it (”Hey!  That’s a little me in there!” “Exactly.”)


  • Internally freaks the fuck out, but keeps the coolest exterior he can, because he knows you’re already freaking out about it yourself
    • it’s not that he doesn’t want the kid; it’s that he doesn’t know what to do.  If he reacted how he did for falling in love for the first time, what happens when he has his first kid?
  • Realizes that this is real, and happening, and honestly gets excited.  At the same time, extremely stressed because now he’s working double time.  
  • He wants to give this kid the world, and he knows he can, but for whatever reason, what you both already have isn’t enough.  He needs to work harder so that his kid doesn’t have to
  • You have to remind him that you need him, too, at least for the next nine months.  He can’t be working at all hours, because you’re getting hormonal and getting morning sickness, and insatiable cravings at three AM that he calls Jaehee to fulfill.  Obviously, you make sure to apologize and have her go back to sleep (”She’s my assistant.  This is what I hired her for.” “If that’s what you want, you wanted a maid, not an assistant.”)
  • Doesn’t talk too much about it (he wants to keep everything private from the public eye) but to the RFA members in person, he admits to how excited he is about this


  • At first, he thinks you’re playing a joke, but when you persist and show him the pregnancy test you took, he pulls you to him in a giant embrace, telling you how much he loves you and how happy he is
  • As the pregnancy goes on, he gets anxious about if old enemies will come to harm his new family, but he makes a silent vow to protect his child with everything he has
  • Like Yoosung, talks to your stomach all the time.  When they start to kick, he holds his hands against the bump and says things like, “I know you’re excited, but keep it in there!  I want to meet you, too, but you’re not ready yet!” (to which you reply, “He’s not a meal that hasn’t been seasoned, Saeyoung…” “No, but he’s definitely a bun in the oven!!”)
  • Talks about it all the time (to random strangers too!) (”See this beautiful woman, right here?” “Saeyoung, sto–” “She’s having a baby!  I did that!” “Saeyoung!”)
  • Late night cuddles where he likes to have your back against his chest, just so he can wrap his arms around your mid-section and hold the three of you together
  • Like Zen, gets worried about how he was raised, and how his mother was to him, but realizes that he’s in control of his life now.  He’ll never put his child down the same route of humiliation he had to suffer.
  • Okay but can we talk about UNCLE SAERAN BECAUSE

From the ‘Fic I Will Never Write’ files: 

If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold…

Abby Griffin lives in the quirky town of Stars Hollow Arkadia with her teenage daughter Clarke. They’ve always been close, but things have been difficult the last few years following the sudden loss of husband and father Jake. But life, as always, goes on.

These days Abby runs a small hotel with her two closest friends, chef Callie Cartwig and concierge Eric Jackson. Every morning on her way to work she stops in at local institution Kane’s Diner where she gets her daily dose of coffee and simmering sexual tension with proprietor Marcus Kane.

Spoiler alert: Abby and Marcus get together. There’s a bunch of pining and will-they-won’t-they first but then they totally hook up. (And then get married and get a dog and live happily ever after and nothing bad ever happens the end.)

Clarke meanwhile has just been accepted into prestigious Polis Academy where she meets the brilliant, challenging Lexa and thus begins an epic friendship/rivalry that eventually blossoms into love (just like Rory/Paris should have lbh).

Also, at some point Marcus’s simple, uncomplicated life is turned upside-down with the arrival of his delinquent niece and nephew Octavia and Bellamy Blake who come to stay with him in the tiny apartment over the diner. They have some trouble adjusting to quiet small town life but eventually form a strong bond with their uncle. Marcus becomes their staunch defender, father-figure, and is basically devoted to his adopted kids because of course he is.

Finn Collins = Dean obviously or as I like to call them the literal worst.

In other parallels, Raven = Lane Kim aka Clarke’s BFF, Jaha = Taylor Doose the annoying town mayor, Jasper = Kirk lol, Sinclair = Jackson because Callie/Sinclair would be adorable, Indra = Miss Patty and please take a moment to imagine eccentric ex-diva Indra teaching little girls ballet. You’re welcome.

Alas there are no character analogues to stand in for Richard and Emily as Abby’s parents and that bothers me so much it almost totally negates the value of this entire AU. (There are literally no old people on this show. There was Vera Kane and creepy President Wallace, like they would make the worst Richard and Emily Gilmore I can even imagine.)

Still here for Abby and her flirtatious friendship with local curmudgeon with a heart of gold Marcus Kane though.

And really what more do you need from an AU than that.

Here is the thing that I love so much about what David Lynch and Mark Frost have done with Bobby Briggs…

Way too often we get these stories about men who change for a woman. They’re guys who were messed up, or shitty, or bad guys, and they fall in love with a woman and they change for her. To get her to love him, so that she’ll be with him. This puts the responsibility of the man’s behavior and “redemption” entirely on the woman, basically obligating her to be with him and creating a situation where she can’t leave him, because if she doesn’t stay with him it will be “her fault” if he falls back into old habits.

That is 100% not what we’re getting with Bobby. Bobby Briggs has turned his life around, changed from a drug dealing shitty kid into a capable deputy sheriff and a loving father. And he’s very clearly still those things even though he and Shelly aren’t together anymore, even though he obviously still loves her, even though she’s in a relationship with another man. While we haven’t seen the specifics of Bobby’s change over the years and what his motivations were, by showing us that Bobby and Shelly are no longer together, even though he still loves her, and that he’s still a good guy, that he hasn’t fallen into his old habits and behaviors, the writing tells us very clearly that his change wasn’t just about changing so a woman will be with him, that the responsibility of his change was never placed solely on Shelly and that it was about more than just wanting to be with a woman.

It’s really quite refreshing to see, considering how rare that sort of thing is in media today.

Okay but just imagine Chloé’s backstory possibly being something along the lines of this:

  • She was actually a good kid, maybe a little spoiled but still good, possibly only growing up with her father already
  • Her father was probably already a successful politician if not already mayor so he kind of bought her all these cool toys because he loves his daughter immensely
  • Chloé trying to make friends and inviting them over only to have them be more interested in all these toys and just ignoring her (obviously not Adrien but I don’t remember when they were childhood friends, this would probably be after they stopped hanging out??? Idk)
  • Chloé becoming more and more hesitant to get to know other kids because they only want to play with her toys not actually play with her
  • She becomes more and more frustrated because all she wants is a friend, and Adrien doesn’t count because she has a crush on him, and besides she probably wants girl friends too
  • Chloé eventually grows wary of everyone, not wanting to let them in because barely anyone has ever showed any interest in HER, people are usually more interested in things she has, and later, her status as the mayor’s daughter
  • People start thinking of her as a bitch and she notices but what can she do, no one wants to be with her for HER in the first place
  • So she starts being the bitch everyone already thinks she is because no one ever wanted to be with her in the first place, why not stop caring?
  • And when it gets to present time, she has just gotten sooo frustrated that she has to bribe people to be her friend, and the only friend she ever had has started to distance himself, and she’s so jealous of people like Marinette because everyone just likes her, no one cares about Marinette not being rich, they all like her for her unlike Chloé
  • And Chloé is too scared to shed this bitch image, because it’s the only thing that’s kept her from being hurt in the past, and no one’s going to believe she has changed and she will be even more hurt
  • And she’s just so lonely

(I’m not trying to justify her behaviour in any way, I dislike her immensely too but I kind of hope she has a reason for being the way she is, call this wishful thinking)

And can y’all imagine if she gets the Bee miraculous, how happy she will be to start afresh and maybe become friends with Ladybug and Chat Noir! Ladybug who she has always looked up to because she’s everything she’s not! She would have actual friends who wouldn’t care less if she was the mayor’s daughter! She’d be like a little child again, excited to meet people! Kind of like how Chat Noir was in the beginning

Or on the other hand, if Hawkmoth gave her the Bee miraculous, she could so easily be manipulated. 

“I’m your only friend Queen Bee”

“Stay with me and I promise you’ll never be lonely again”

And Chloé just accepting it because he’s right, she has no other friend, no one cares for her and it doesn’t matter what she does, because no one ever will.

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When they say nothing makes sense about that baby, so they HAVE TO believe this, I'm so confused. Can you please tell me what they believe makes NO sense about that baby? Really, I'd love to know. I mean they only see 1% of their actual lives so how could they know enough about the baby to determine that it makes no sense? Is it something about the baby being in different countries or appearing randomly? I don't get it?

Oh, they do love to gish gallop about this and pretend there are no answers to their questions.

Off the top of my head, a sampling of things they insist make No Sense ™:

That news of Briana’s pregnancy would be released at 11w (bc they refuse to believe in the possibility of a leak {because if stuff around Louis could leak then why hasn’t Larry proof leaked?})

That Briana could not have gotten pregnant or known she was pregnant when she allegedly did (bc they don’t know biology)

That Briana’s bump changed size/shape throughout her pregnancy (bc fetuses grow and move even during the same day)

That Briana “forgot” to wear her “fake bump” in some family pictures late in her pregnancy (because black clothes and sitting pregnant women confound them)

That Briana stole pictures of other pregnant women’s bumps to post as her own bare stomach the week before Freddie was born (footage not found)

That because Louis tweeted that his son was born “yesterday” in the early morning hours of the 3rd day of Freddie’s life, he was not actually really born (??¿)

That Briana had a nose job during the time she was supposed to be pregnant, so couldn’t have been pregnant (she didn’t)

That because Louis did not release paternity test results and TMZ said he didn’t have a paternity test, that the whole story was fake because who could trust a gold digging plastic surgery having whore like Briana?

That Briana left the hospital looking as slim as she had before becoming pregnant, wearing heels and leather pants and carrying Freddie and his diaper bag and Oli and Louis in one hand each (she was not photographed until nearly a week after Freddie’s birth, she was not carrying him or the carrier (Louis did), she was wearing chunky heels, a skirt and had an obvious post partum bump and milk boobs)

And it just goes on from there, from questioning Louis’ facial expression in the pictures he shared of him and Freddie to insisting Freddie was a reborn doll because he is not moving in photographs (Not kidding. They complained he is a doll because he is not moving in photographs), to insisting that if he loved Freddie he would sue everyone for saying mean things about him, so he obviously doesn’t love Freddie and so therefore can’t be his father, and so on and so on (because they don’t know how libel and defamation lawsuits work).

So, you know, nothing makes sense, except that it all does, and Freddie is 17 months old, and nobody can explain why he’s still here, but maybe contracts.

The way he looks at you when you’re not looking (a Jason DiLaurentis one shot)

Author: imcgine // sp0na
Request: Instead of doing all of these seperate requests, this is 5 requests merged together to form a super one-shot (who knows, I may even continue it into a fic)
Word Count: 2833
Requested by: severals
Warnings: spoilers for the season 6 mid-finale, alcohol, vomit

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Richard Campbell Gansey III gets to the Great Hall for the Sorting Ceremony and immediatly goes to shake hands with Dumbledore who smiles and asks him about his search for Glendower.

The Great Hall drops dead quiet. “Wait, who is this kid? Why does he know Dumbledore? Why are they just chatting like their BFF?” and all the other first-years in line are totally intimidated until McGonagall clears her throat and sends Gansey back to the line.

Meanwhile, Adam Parrish is super self-conscious about his tunic because it was the cheapest one on a Diagon Alley shop of second-hand clothes and looks really shitty compared to the rest of the kids and he has wasted like all his money in the school supplies bc obviously his parents wouldn’t give him any. And then he gets sorted into Slytherin where Draco Malfoy is already telling everyone how great his father is. And Adam thinks: “this is going to be hell” (and he doesn’t know yet about the prejudice against muggle-borns)

Meanwhile, Noah is waiting on Hufflepuff’s common room for the new students to arrive. He’s not sure if he loves it or hates it, but everyone in Hufflepuff is happy because they have two official ghosts and not just one. (Just think for a second about the relationship Hogwarts-Ghost!Noah would have with a) Peeves and b) Moaning Myrtle, this is so full of possibilities)

And then Blue is really angry because she totally thought she was going to be in Ravenclaw, like her mother and most women on her family, but then the sorting hat sends her to Gryffindor and what the hell is she supposed to do there? (she gets over it soon, she later loves to be a Gryffindor) (but imagine Blue getting angry at the riddle-password thingie to get to Ravenclaw common room when she goes to visit Gansey bc she really doesn’t have time for this shit)

Later, on the first morning, everyone is shocked when a raven instead of an owl flies to the Hufflepuff table to bring the mail to Ronan Lynch, who looks at everyone all proud and daring while petting Chainsaw happily.

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When your baby boy is a mommas boy(4/4)?? Because I always see when your kid is closer to its father idk..

(I’m so sorry that this one sucks)

okay but like Ashton is such a family guy, so he would obviously love his little boy more than anything else. and sure, he wasn’t home that much with the tour going on and stuff, but he still made sure to call as much as possible, trying his best to keep having contact with little Theodore. and so like Ashton’s finally home with his fam, all happy and satisfied, convincing you to stay in bed and sleep for once as he goes to make breakfast for Theo. and so you agree, because who says no to more sleep?? and yeah so Ashton takes Theo in his arms, walking downstairs and placing him on the couch.
“so what do you want for breakfast, bud?” he would smile down at his son, reaching for the TV remote and turn on some kids show for his son to watch. and Theo would just pout, moving away from his dad on the couch.
“where’s mummy?”
“she’s upstairs, buddy, she’s still-”
“I want mum to make me breakfast” and like Theodore would stare towards the stairs with a trembling bottom lip, and Ashton’s heart would sink a little bit, but he would try to smile and stay positive because “why don’t you teach daddy how to make you breakfast, huh?”
and little Theodore would just sigh so deeply like if his dad is literally stupid, and he’d cross his arms, pouting when Ashton finally managed to make him a sandwich and he would stay like that until you came downstairs, and he would immediately squeal “mummy!” and when you saw Ashton’s disappointed face you would just laugh, running your hands through his curls as you walk towards the kitchen with Theo on your hip and say something like “next one will adore you, baby, don’t you worry”

okay but Michael then, he would have zero experience because no siblings and well, he never really interacted with his little cousins when they used to come over.. so the whole parent thing really scared him, and maybe that’s the reason why your little boy always seemed to prefer laying next to you as he comes in after a nightmare, or why he never wanted Michael to make him mac'n cheese, or why he always seemed to run to you as soon as he fell and scratched his knee. I mean, of course it made Michael sad that his son most of the time would prefer you over him, but as long as he knew that his son loved him he was more than happy to be able to watch you as the amazing mom you are.

and then we have Calum oh my god he would be so incredible pissed at the fact that your one-year-old was a little mummy’s girl. like Calum was so sure that his little daughter would be the biggest daddy’s girl, but oh so wrong he was. Casey never seemed to stop crying when Calum hold her, no matter how much he tried, but as soon as you took her in your arms she would calm down. and like she would honestly cry even more if it was Calum who came in her room at night to comfort her and not you, and she wouldn’t stop screaming until Calum brought her back to you in your shared bed. and like Calum would be so down because of it because he just imagined the perfect father and daughter relationship and some days it honestly felt like little Casey disliked him, but at the end of the day when his little girl sat in your lap, watching her dad with big eyes as he plays the guitar and softly sings out her favourite lullaby, he knew that she loved him just as much.

and lastly Luke. the poor thing wouldn’t know why his little princess always did as you said, but always ignored Luke’s words, no matter how hard they were spoken. and so this one time she was dressed in her nice, white dress and had managed to break into yours and Luke’s bedroom to go through your makeup bag, and she found this very pretty red lipstick and she would be all heart eyes emoji because how pretty wouldn’t she be with some red on her lips? and in her hair, face and even on that boring white dress?
and so she would be in the middle of trying to paint her lips when Luke barged inside, his jaw dropping to the floor when he sees the mess on top of your guys bed. and in the middle of all these different types of makeup little Riley would be placed, giggling while putting the lipstick on their forehead. and Luke would hurry towards her, knowing exactly what torture you would do towards his balls if he would let Riley ruin that dress. and so he would nervously place himself on the side of the bed, looking at his daughter. “Riley, honey, will you give mummy’s lipstick to daddy?”
and she would turn her head to the side and he would watch in panic how the lipstick gets stuck in her pretty, golden locks. “no”
“yes” he would sigh, leaning forward to try and take it from her, but she’s too quick for him.
“Riley, yes, that’s mummy’s, not yours”
and she would glare at him, her blue eyes burning holes.
“no, daddy can’t have it”
and Luke would be a nervous mess not knowing what to do until you get home thirty minutes later finding your husband and daughter at each side of the room, hands of hips as Luke tries to take the lipstick back. and you’d just chuckle, bending down to Riley and asking her nicely for the lipstick, and she would giggle, giving it to you before agreeing to a bath as you pick her up and Luke’s jaw would once again hit the floor because he literally just spent 40 minutes to try and get that lipstick and all you had to was ask??

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Please tell us how each of the Mysme characters are problematic because I agree that each character has their own problems with their personalities. And the fact that I'm always a slut for character analyses.

Okay this is going to be short and this is my opinion :) 


  • The death of his cousin fucked him over so bad that he is willing to accept anyone that has any form of similarity to his cousin, Rika. When you first entered the chatroom, and if you pick his route, you can see the mental damage he has acquired because he compares his dead cousin to you. 
  • If you didnt stop him from thinking so, you will get the bad ending which he is full of lust and he sees you physically that you aren’t Rika but in his mind, you still are her. 
  • Problematic: Severe depression 
  • Symptoms: Excessive online gaming, ignoring school and real life friends focuses on his “distorted reality” which is his gaming because he can control what will happen. He couldn’t control the death of his cousin. 


  • This poor guy has been emotionally abused by his family. The scar him by giving negative impacts on his looks and they didnt follow what he wanted to do in his life. He was forced to be put into a box by making him follow the expectations that his family had on him.
  • what fucked him up the most is that he was basically being compared to his brother. That he must follow the path and be good like his brother. Have a good career like his brother.  Hyun expected his own blood, his own brother to defend him with his dreams but his brother didnt. That drew the line for Hyun and he killed his old self and called himself Zen. 
  • Problematic: Suffering from Insecurities and Emotional Abuse 
  • Symptoms: he finally learned how to love himself but he took it a step further by becoming his own personal hype man. He felt alone, even though he had a shit ton of fans, he always boost himself up because he probably gets flashbacks of how he was treated like shit. An obvious one is his interactions with Jumin Han. 


  • I think we all know how problematic Seven and Saeran is so I’m not going to touch the subject because its hella long. 

Jumin Fucking Han aka me 

  • This poor fucking man understand the concept of family but he doesn’t understand the emotions behind it because his family at a young age was a shit storm. His father is a easy to manipulate man whore that preferred woman over his own son probably. With the absence of his mother, this kid had to face the world emotionally on his own. He didnt have fucking no now she he picked up his pants and was ready to face the world alone. Obviously he had V and his father but it didnt fill the hole he had in his heart. 
  • He mistaken Rikas love with him actually needed love and nurture. Rika was giving him what he needed, someone to talk to, someone to just listen. Yeah he had that with V because it wasn’t the same sense. Women give more a nurture vibe but Rika had that WITH HER MANIPULATING FUCKING ASS AND SHE KNEW JUMIN WAS WEAK IN THAT SENSE AND SHE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HIS POOR FUCKING MAN. 
  • Elizabeth 3rd 

i’m really fucking angry so i’m just gonna…. rant for a bit, ignore me

the (male) characters of merlin and how they treat morgana:

  • uther: would kill her if he knew she has magic, hides the fact that she’s his daughter because he cares more about his reputation than about her (obviously, let’s not pretend he actually does love her, he “loves” her in the same way parents who send their kids to conversion therapy “love” their children), locks her up for disagreeing with him - like… you know for trying to save a little innocent boy from being killed, threatens to kill her for saving a child
  • arthur: would probably stand next to his father and watch her burn
  • the old dude (don’t ask me what’s his name i don’t care so intensely that i really don’t remember): despite knowing her since she was little and seeing how much she always cared and how good of a person she was he doesn’t even?? give her the benefit of a doubt and doesn’t really care that merlin tried to kill her not once but twice?? he also keeps her in the dark about her magic for years and lies to her about it while helping merlin control and use his powers even tho he knows him for like a year at best and knows her since she was a kid
  • merlin: is supposed to be a good friend (or at least that’s how morgana treats him) and morgana trusts him enough to tell him about her powers even though she doesn’t know he has magic too and knows that he could tell arthur and put her in danger, the same “friend” betrays her and tries to kill her

can you blame her for teaming up with morgause - who helped ease her nightmares and saved her life after her “friend” almost killed her - to kill uther the cause of a genocide? like in what world is she the bad guy- oh right in the world of misogyny and gross sexist writing

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I headcanon Vlad as growing up with an abusive father. I don't know why, it just hit me one day, like a train, and it's been a part of me ever since.

But maybe that’s why he wants to be a dad so bad… he wants to give a kid what he never had. He wants to love them the way he wanted his father to love him. Give them everything he dreamed of as a child.

Maybe that’s why he wants Danny so bad.

He feels like Danny deserves to much more… and is afraid that if Jack knew Danny’s secret, he wouldn’t treat him right. Not that it makes sense, because obviously Jack loves Danny, but Vlad can’t wrap his mind around that.

Deep down he’s just worried, but has no idea how to go about portraying this in a non villainous way… because really… evil is all he knows.

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Wait wtf someone thought they would divorce???????

Because obviously there’s no such thing as a happy and functioning marriage. Who cares if they have literally known each other their whole life and been supporting each other through every horrible shit that happened. Who cares if Winry actually loves Ed for who he is (”Men who sit around doing nothing are boring”) – not that he would ever leave his wife and kids, as him scolding his father proved.

Ed and Winry values family above everything. I mean, even if you left out the fact that they looked beyond happy in the family picture we see at the end, even if you ignored Arakawa’s own comment on how they would go on to create a big family – If you seriously think these two won’t make it together

Well, then I seriously don’t know what else to say to you.

February II

Part I

I’m sorry for how long this is…I really got into it…I liked it a lot :) Hope you don’t mind!

“Hi honey,” you said sweetly as the your son walked into the house. “How was your day?” You asked. He shrugged and you could tell today had been rough. His button down was a bit ruffled. And no matter how many times you wanted to get involved, Harry wouldn’t let you. Harry spoke with Riley constantly about the bullies and explained to him that he knew what was happening and he would refrain from involving himself as long as he was safe and stood his ground when necessary.

“I’d rather bail you out for defensive fighting than taking you to the hospital because you were scared.”

“I’m not scared,” Riley protested angrily.

“Please answer your mother,” Harry asked the sixteen year old.

“It was good, Mum. How was yours?” He asked politely and smiled in your direction. You smiled and got off the couch. Harry pouted because he was really cold on his left side now. He loved snuggling with you and he knew you’d be back in a moment, but he missed you already. No matter how ridiculous it was.

“Good, baby,” you leaned up on your toes to kiss his forehead. He was too tall (thanks Harry) but he was your baby. You wrapped your arms around your son and squeezed him tightly. He hugged you back loosely. “What’s wrong?” You asked into his shirt.

He lightly released you. “Nothing…I’m fine,” he promised. He was lying through his teeth but you were told not to say anything. Harry proclaimed Riley was a big boy and he would figure it out. But you really wanted to intervene and cuddle him like when he was little and scared of monsters.

You frowned and watched him drop into the chair across from the couch and you sat back down with Harry and curled up to his side. Harry no longer gelled his hair back. Or wore sweater vests. His hair was in loose curls and he wore the similar outfit almost every day. It consisted of a T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. He opted out of contacts and continued to wear his glasses. He was the cutest thing in your world. The door opened again and a tiny little mass of curls and a little polka dotted dress dropped her Ariel backpack right by the door and jumped into her brother’s arms. “Hi, Riley,” she said sweetly and curled up to his chest.

“I wish she liked me that much,” Harry grumbled into your hair.

“She does, she just adores her brother, can you blame her? He’s wrapped around her finger,” you reminded Harry as you switched the TV to Disney for your princess.

“How’s the boyfriend?” Riley smirked at his little sister.

“What boyfriend?” Harry said in annoyance and his eyebrows furrowed together. “Miss Darcy. You do not have a boyfriend,” he said angrily. You smirked and looked over at Riley and Darcy.

“I do, Daddy, his name is Tommy Tomlinson and he’s cute,” she said happily. “And he shares his cookies.”

Harry gagged. “Gross. You’re not allowed to date until your fifty,” he said.

“Harry,” you rolled your eyes. “You dated long before then,” you reminded him.

“Barely,” he mumbled. “I was lucky. My next door neighbor was hot, didn’t know anyone, and I made her fall in love with me.”

You blushed shyly. “She wasn’t hot.”

“She’s still hot, actually,” he said. Riley frowned. He looked like Harry’s clone from when he was in high school. Which, you found perfect, and endearing even, but Riley not so much. He liked how he was. But similarly, history repeated itself…and some of the kids in his grade didn’t treat him as nicely as you classmates mistreated Harry. “Stop it,” you smacked his stomach and hid your face in his chest. He chuckled and kissed the top of your head and lightly rubbed your arm as you watched the movie playing on the screen. Riley couldn’t help it. You two were disgustingly in love. Still. After years of being together. He was jealous of his dad. He was jealous that Harry could get you to blush after two words and brush of the fingers. He was jealous that you always knew what Harry wanted before he asked for it. He was mad because it seemed hopeless that Harry could be with a girl that was as beautiful as his mother. He had seen pictures of Harry from high school. He knows that you could have done much better than Harry. You always told Harry and Riley that they were wrong and they just wouldn’t believe you. You were too good.

Darcy ran off to her room to get her dolls. “The five year old has better game than I do,” Riley grumbled. “She’s already gotten to first base,” he mumbled.

Harry was burning mad. “I’m going to kill Louis,” Harry promised.

You rolled your eyes. “Tommy is a lovely little boy and he won’t hurt Darcy, so stop,” you said softly to him. “And it’s innocent. They’re five,” you reminded Harry.

“She’s still got love figured out and I can barely spell it,” Riley said sadly.

“You don’t need love,” you told him.

“Mum,” he sighed sadly. “I know. You love me tons. And so does Darcy and Dad. and blah, blah, blah…” he rolled his eyes. “But Dad can vouch for me. There is nothing in comparison to the beautiful girl in school saying she loves you,” he said softly.

“Kitten, it’s the most relieving and exhilarating feeling in the world,” Harry whispered softly. He wouldn’t lie to you. You blushed more and ducked your face against Harry. He kissed the top of your head.

“I’ll be fine, Mum, I will. It’s just,” he sighed. “It’s hard,” he told you.

You frowned. Harry had you in high school. As far as you knew, Riley really didn’t have anyone. “What about Avery?” You asked.

“Avery Malik…” Riley grumbled. “The most beautiful girl on the planet? She’s a bit out of my league mother,” he said. Avery and he didn’t talk a ton outside of school. He didn’t have the luxury of living next door to the hottest girl in town.

“You’re beaut–”

“Mum,” he sighed sadly. “It’s just not the same,” he mumbled and headed upstairs to his room. You pouted and looked at Harry. He smiled down at you.

“I’m not worried about him. I found you,” he said and kissed your forehead. “He’ll find his kitten,” he promised you pulled you in for a kiss that made you feel like you were in high school all over again.


Because they were traveling to the same place, Avery picked Riley up for school and in exchange he tutored her in math. Other days, Riley would pick Avery up in exchange for help in history. (Harry was very upset that Riley liked math like you did more than history, but he’d settle for passion any day of the weak.) Avery was a tanned, dark haired, dark eyed beauty. She smelled like sunshine and looked like a flower that would cure the world of the deadliest diseases. She adored Riley. He was the only guy in school that talked to her like she was a person and not just something to drool over. “Hi, love,” she smiled at him as she waited outside in her car.

“Hi, Aves,” he said softly as he sat in the car.

Riley and Avery got to school and she smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “I’ll see you in study, text me if you need something okay?” She asked. He nodded and watched her walk to her friends hovering outside. Riley was too upset that he wasn’t good enough for Avery that he was oblivious to the fact she adored him. How could she not adore him? He was so sweet and kind. Whenever she saw him with Darcy at the store she just wanted to know who the lucky lady was that would get to have kids with Riley. Obviously she was only sixteen, but she loved kids, and Riley’s entire world revolved around his sister.

And Avery.

Which is why when Riley walked into the building avoiding the taunts and rude remarks from the bullies that told him he’d never get a girl. Girls didn’t like geeks. He knew that wasn’t true. Because his mother and father were literally physical proof that Beauty and the Geek existed. And they were the best love he knew about. But for now, he just had hope.


He was on his way to study. He was a few moments late, he stayed to talk to his teacher. He walked a bit faster than he normally did trying to get to the library as fast as he could. He loved being with Avery. She made him happy when no one else could or tried. “She’s a fucking slut,” Riley heard the captain of the football team say. “She walks around with low cut shirts and tight pants and then turns guys down left and right and hangs out with the likes of Styles.”

Riley bit his lip. He wasn’t blind to the fact that Avery was well-endowed and that her shirts were sometimes low cut. He was still just a sixteen year old boy. But she was not a “fucking slut.” Riley made eye contact.

“Why would she hang out with you?” He asked. Jealous prick. Riley thought. He ignored him and continued to walk along. Instead he grabbed hold of Riley’s arm and yanked it back. Riley’s books fell to the floor. “I asked you a question,” he growled. “Do you only know how to answer essay questions?” He asked. Riley again, said nothing. The football douche stared him dead in the eyes. “You’re little friend is a bitch. And I swear to God, I’ll get in her pants if it’s the last thing I do,” he said crudely. Riley heard the stories of the fights his dad used to get in after the two of you started dating in high school. Harry swore he would do anything to protect you and he wouldn’t stand for stupid, ignorant people making fun of you. And then Riley thought about little Darcy, dating when she was in high school. He prayed every night that she would stick with Tommy–he was a good little kid. He didn’t want to picture her with someone like the bully before him.

And he snapped.

Riley thought about what is dad said. That defensive fighting was better to be bailed for…he hoped this counted as he took his glasses off and shoved them in his backpack pocket and dropped his backpack before shoving the bully up against the lockers with some unknown adrenaline-induced power. Doors flew open as the bully screamed and threw a hard punch to Harry’s nose, causing blood to pour out immediately. Riley retaliated with a jab to his jaw and he went flying back into the lockers. Someone ran down the hall and grabbed Riley before he could inflict anymore pain.

“Riley,” you hissed at your son angrily. “Are you serious?” You snapped. Like father like son. Your math class spilled out into the hall interested in what happened. You crouched down to the football player and helped him up and you glared at your son as you walked the bully to the nurse. Riley knew he’d get an earful at home. Harry looked at you as he walked back from the copy room as you walked the boy to the office. He stared at Riley as he wiped his face off. He stopped in front of Riley. “What’s up?” He asked.

“He called Avery a slut…and he said he would do anything to get into her pants. And all I could think about is how badly I don’t want that to happen. And I thought about Mum and Darcy and, I’m sorry, Dad. But I’m not,” Riley shook his head. “I did what you said, I stood up for what I believed in,” he mumbled.

Harry sighed and tilted his head at his son. “Get to study,” he ordered. A quick stop to the bathroom to wipe the blood off, and he was off. 

Avery gaped at him. “What happened?” She asked worriedly. So Riley told her. Her jaw dropped lower and her eyes filled with tears. He didn’t look at her.

“Please, stay away from him,” Riley said finally. Avery looked at the sweet boy. Without his glasses he looked lost. But he looked less loss than he did with the glasses on. Like somehow, this fight made him figure out what he had to do. So she pulled him toward her, and as it had happened in that very spot so many years ago, beauty kissed the geek.


“You can’t punish him,” Harry told you as you erased the whiteboard from your lesson after school. He leaned against the table in the front of the room and watched you. “I would have done the same thing.”

“I know, that’s what I’m afraid of,” you mumbled.

He pulled you from the board, toward him. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too…” you mumbled.

“I really do,” he said. “And I think what he did wasn’t responsible, per se, but he meant well and he did what we’ve always wanted him to do,” he reminded you. You shrugged and Harry cupped your face. “Hi beauty,” he smiled brightly. “Don’t you want our little boy to be happy?” He asked.

“I want him to not get in stupid fights like his father did over a girl.”

“The girl is worth it,” he promised. “Trust me, beauty and the geek have history,” he mumbled and pulled you in for a quick kiss before heading back to his classroom for extra help.