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Let us fill the gruvia tag with some positivity. What are your top 5 gruvia moments?

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Here we go, this is gonna be LONG (sorry!).

NUMBER 5: The first time they holded hands is absolutely a fav from my part, Gray comforts Juvia and gives her (cough cough as always) an increase in her morale while fighting Lyon and Chelia, as a consequence, a lovely unison trust which defeated their opponents WITH THEIR LOVE POWER

NUMBER 4: SECOND TIME HOLDING HANDS I’M SCREAMING GRAY. The reason why this moment is a step higher than the unison raid is because this memorable phrase of Gray: “I’m here with you” (Not “Fairy Tail”, not “our friends”, not “Don’t worry”, I, GRAY FULLBUSTER -your future husband btw- AM WITH YOU) This moment is absolutely warmer and more private with a lot of physical contact than the last one, even the atmosphere screams “this is love” and is beautiful. Please appreciate it for a minute more before passing to the next one

NUMBER 3: THANK YOU. Here, kinda similar to the “I’m here with you” moment, exists a lot of physical contact and is very private, which I like a lot because everything screams romance with this pairing. I liked (and screamed and jumped btw) where I read this was the mutual understanding and this mixture of feelings: Guilt and pain turned into warm and grateful feels that made me cry because the impact. What I love about Juvia is her honesty and her loyal love to Gray (damn you lucky man). Juvia, our cutie encarnation of love giving up on Gray because the guilt of killing (indirectly) Gray’s FATHER? Not running away pretending nothing did happen, but to face her guilt to GRAY? My heart was in pieces indeed. I won’t deny I was SCARED of Gray’s reaction, because If I try to empathize with him, he has all the right to be angry or even be violent, and that scared me, but it didn’t happen, he was GRATEFUL that Juvia gave Silver the rest in peace he needed, not before feeling sorry for her to coming  trough all this, because he knows it was a hard choice for him, and for Juvia. THANKS MASHIMA.

NUMBER 2: If the last one was a truly precious moment for me, this is better since this is practically a summary of what I talked before. Is the first time I can see Gray so clearly and direct towards Juvia’s presence and is a page that has all my appreciation. I can’t stop reading it! If there is a reason why I prefer this moment than the Tartaros one even if this one doesn’t have physical contact (but does have the privacy) is Gray’s position: He is (finally cough cough) facing Juvia’s feelings and giving both a reason to keep living after the war. This is so beautiful Mashima, thanks so much for this, is precious.


Until the date, this is my favourite Gruvia moment ever! What I love about Gruvia is how often Mashima shows us a lot of their development, synchronization and true feelings they have for each other (Even if Gray’s are kinda indirect since he is a man of action) And this moment is the cherry of the top (Thanks Invel, without your chains we wouldn’t have this awesomeness).

Mashima shows a very human Juvia, vulnerable but brave. Scared to die, like every human, but a very strong woman who can win a battle of feels (And I loved that perspective, I could feel how precious is live) And Gray? Well, the same with him obviously. After all they did the same sacrifice.

But Giu, how about that moment were Gray died for Juvia in Eclipse? Yeah! I loved that moment too but THIS one is perfection, if I have to compare, the double sacrifice is 10000000 better. Both doing the same thing, at the same time, because they are too precious (LOVED) to give damage to the other one. Giving up their LIFES and EVERYTHING they had to live for not hurting the other IS A PRECIOUS PROOF OF BRAVE AND LOVE. THANKS FOR GIVING US SO MANY GRUVIA FEELS MASHIMA.

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Do you support gay marriage? Why? I am against it personally so don't worry I'm not here to cuss you out if you don't :)

Firstly, I think this is obviously a topic that does have to be spoken of. 


I think that as Christians we often come across as legalistic because we’re always like, “don’t do this.” 

I think a question that the church should begin to ask is, “how can we better honour those who are doing things right?”

I think homosexuality has become such a messed up topic in society because the church has treated this issue so poorly. We have totally owned the judgemental stereotype that is upon Christians.

Ultimately, I believe people are born gay - with a tendency to be attracted to the same sex. I don’t think it’s my place to hate someone or condemn them because of their sinful nature.

For me, I have a natural tendency/addiction to rely on alcohol when I’m down or even when I’m not! BUT because I believe following God and His commands is much more important than pleasing my own desires, I choose not to partake in alcohol consumption. 

So, coming back to homosexuality, I think it’s fair to want to be with the same sex. However, if God is worth taking precedence and all authority in your life, you should be willing to give up ANYTHING for the sake of serving Jesus. Even if that means your sexuality. (Worse followed. Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either—women didn’t know how to be women, men didn’t know how to be men. Sexually confused, they abused and defiled one another, women with women, men with men—all lust, no love. And then they paid for it, oh, how they paid for it—emptied of God and love, godless and loveless wretches. Romans 1:26-27)

God has given us freewill and choice to either honour Him or dishonour Him. This comes down to a choice to act on temptation or to flee from it. 

I believe God has called us to live and walk in holiness - forsaking all else. Whether it be sexuality, alcoholism, drug abuse, poor language, hatred towards others, and the list goes on and on.

We are called, as Christians, to not walk in willful sin. Because of this, I do agree with you - gay marriage is wrong. BUT, so is your poor attitude towards your roommate or the way you spoke about your boss yesterday.

I think it’s less about deeming stuff right and wrong, but rather reminding the world that God truly does love AND like them, and He desires them to walk in holiness and surrender; in complete pursuit of him - forsaking ALL else.

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mmm... I think what JKR was trying to do with the 'wizards don't have racism/sexism,etc' is part 'fantasy idealization of fixing things in our world' part a parallel on how some countries are more advanced in certain things than others (exs. How Europe don't have the rampant gun violence the US have or places like Norway have better education, health-care, compared to US) obviously that concept gets murky in 'wizards vs muggle treatment of NA, and wizards not helping NA when massacred'

Okay so like IA broadly that this is probably what JKR wants to do but I’m really not interested in understanding her motivations right now because - and keep in mind that I rarely rarely use this term on here, so I’m not using this lightly at all - a) this reeks a lot of white guilt to me, the kind that would much rather imagine that an issue has disappeared completely than tackle it head on and b) this shit hits just way way too close to home & answers a bunch of questions I’ve had a long long time that I suspected would be answered the way they were but hoped they would be answered elsewise. 

This is really much much more than “'wizards vs muggle treatment of NA, and wizards not helping NA when massacred'”. I’ve been trying to be dispassionate about this ask and give you a well-reasoned answer but I can’t achieve emotional distance from this right now, so instead I’m going to dump back a bunch of questions at you that I’ve had for some time, that fans have raised in response to this and other emotional stuff for me that’s bound up in this that might help explain why people are so worked up about this.

This is the first and the last thing I’ll say about this, so keep in mind it’s going to be really fucking long.

i. the worst case scenario

Here’s a starter post. Here’s some things to think about:

  • We’re told that wand magic is largely European and used because it’s easier and because it involves considerably less talent and focus than wandless magic. Somehow we’re expected to believe that wand magic spreading into America and the rest of the world is not in any way something that erases indigenous forms of magic, that this process has not in any way been violent, that this has not in any way scarred the psyches of Native Americans watching their magical practices (so bound up in their cultures) eroded and taken away from them because of the wand.
  • We’re supposed to believe that pre-statute of secrecy wizards weren’t puffed up with their own righteous supremacy the way a lot of europe was when they rationalized their conquering wanderings all across the world. That like somehow, these guys just saw this as fun cultural exchange and never thought ‘wow look at these weird folks doing weird shit’ and that never became ‘lol lets take their stuff for ourselves’. Because wizards apparently don’t suffer from the tendency to exoticize and fetishize people and view them as less than themselves /sarcasm/.
  • The puritans were ‘immigrants’ and the troubles they had with the native americans was ‘conflict’. not like you know, systematic fucking genocide.
  • Somehow despite the existence of Scourers, we’re meant to believe that wizards never participated in the slave trade.
  • Somehow despite the existence of the magic carpet ban, newly instituted, we’re supposed to believe that wizards never had trade practices which specifically targeted non western european cultures, that were specifically exploitative in the same way that colonialism was exploitative
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe that the need for the Statute of Secrecy was uniform across the world when the rest of the world had very different relationships with magic than christian Europe did. Somehow we’re meant to believe that fear of dark magic is equivalent to fear of all magic. Somehow we’re expected to believe that the equal application of the Statute across the world isn’t in any way an exercise of power by colonizer countries over other countries. 
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe that isn’t a metaphor for colonialism, because it’s just wizards showing solidarity.
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe Pansy Parkinson calling Angelina Johnson’s braids ‘worms’ isn’t vaguely racist, it’s just a bitchy girl being a bitch.
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe all of this. 
  • Somehow.
  • Despite the contradictions within canon itself.

ii. the best case scenario

Assuming we let ourselves believe all of the contradictions I’ve listed above, and we assume that no wizards are above all of this and there are actually really good reasons for all of this, it still raises a lot of difficult questions. I’m copying these questions from a chat with @zielenna, and keep in mind this is a thing that has been bothering me for ages about the wizarding world:

  • what do wizards do when the muggle world is persecuting people on the basis of ethnicity?
  • what happened in Rwanda in 1995 when hutus massacred tutsis? what happened in the DRC and later when there were tensions in refugee camps? did wizards just…. not participate in this? were they okay with LETTING PEOPLE WITH SHARED ANCESTRY GET BUTCHERED
  •  OR AFRICAN WIZARDS AND BLACK AMERICAN WIZARDS WHEN THEY SAW SLAVERY (whole communities and tribes destroyed and kidnapped from the continent and taken away to be slaves elsewhere) AND JIM CROW (their fellow black americans treated like shit by white people while somehow they’re treated just fine by their white wizard brothers - but their white wizard brothers won’t let them help, won’t do anything to help???)
  • I mean for fuck’s sake what about half the ethnic massacres that took place within Europe?
  • the Armenian genocide? the fucking holocaust?
  • like do jewish and roma wizards just……… ignore what their non-magical brethren are going through? or like do they just go ahead and keep on loving people like grindelwald because as long as we have magic we’re fine!!!
  • from @zielenna - I too am wondering rn how did wizards from Soviet satellites react to USSR fucking up life there for 40 years.
  • also from @zielenna - or how did Polish wizards react to muggle Russians and Prussians wiping off the country off the map
  • @zielenna - because what does it mean, kinship between Native Americans and Pioneers? how are they kin to 1 another?
  • What about goddamn colonialism. The ruination of three (four? Five?) whole bloody continents at the hand of white colonizers. What do native wix from Africa, South America, North America, Australia and huge swathes of Asia do? Are they supposed to find solidarity with white European & American wizards above their fellow kin? Are they supposed to find solidarity with people who probably are more keen on keeping them from getting involved with the very real hurts their country is experiencing because!!! statute of secrecy!!! (like, given the fact that they made rules to keep wizards from intervening in wwi I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED). What kind of fucking solidarity is that? What kind of kinship is that?
  • Are Irish wizards somehow supposed to ignore the plundering and division and ruination of their country at the hands of the English? Are they supposed to just… ignore the famines and everything in favour of solidarity with the English? (Is Ireland even an independent country in HPverse or does JKR’s paternalism wrt Scotland extend to Ireland as well?)
  • But I guess that’s the same kind of kinship we get from being part of the Commonwealth amirite? A ‘special friendship’. In which the former colonies suck Britain’s dick and Britain pretends colonialism never fucking happened.

I don’t know how to answer these questions in light of what JKR’s been telling us because everything she’s told us so far plays the Statute of Secrecy goddamn straight and assumes that wizards are just going to magically feel kinship across racial and ethnic borders irrespective of whatever the hell their muggle brethren are doing which is just NOT HOW THIS SHIT WORKS AT ALL. 

iii. my lack of objective distance from this:

so here’s the thing. I can’t be objective or dispassionate about this because everything JKR says is bound up in webs with things that other people have said and done, that other media has said and done, that is written into the history of my country and is written on to me in the way I constantly struggle with my identity. 

  • I keep remembering my human rights class people not being able to argue against ISIS because colonialism and their allyship involving preservation of culture over actual human rights & helping the marginalized with their struggles against oppressors even in formerly colonial countries and I could see the caution and the way guilt was written on them & the way my prof kept pushing them to fight for it but no. It just remained that weird cautious kind of guilt where they’d much rather say the correct, prescribed words of allyship than actually engage with the complicated question of rights in former colonial countries.
  • i keep remembering the time my friend sent me a syllabus for history in the UK in the gcse system which described the indian independence movement coming totally out of left field with the rowlatt act in the early 1900s and totally ignoring the fact that there had been tribal movements, constant battles, THE MOTHERFUCKING REVOLT OF 1857, the number of times we’d protested the Dalhousie act, all those struggles were erased in favour of describing it like we were ungrateful and magically rose up all of a sudden like we hadn’t always been fucking fighting against this, like we magically decided colonialism was bad one day and started fighting against the British for no good reason
  • i remember the time my mother was forced into a conversation by a Scotsman who insisted that colonialism benefited us - 
  • the way david Cameron refused to apologize for colonialism, the way Britain still refuses to actually accept its role as a colonial empire and 
  • the way no one knows that dadabhai naoroji estimated the amount of wealth stolen from us ALL THE WAY BACK IN 1910 so we still continue to have conversations about whether or not colonialism had some benefits for us - and this is a mainstream enough belief of the British (sure it was bad but there were economic benefits)
  • the way the economist thinks it’s a fucking joke to illustrate every article about india with ELEPHANTS but they’re totes not racist
  • the way the commonwealth has a ‘special’relationship with the UK but it’s the EU that gets all the actual meaningful economic benefits - we get loans and aid from DFID which we either have to pay back with interest & in currency stronger than ours (so we’re always paying back more than we get) or we do the economic reforms they want us to so that their businesses profit
  • the way our experiences and histories are constantly undermined and interrogated and asked - are you sure it was that bad? Are you really sure? Are you really really sure? But what about these facts? Are you still sure? Are you sure those scars are the result of that? Because we meant well. Because we’re your friends now
  • Wizards aren’t racist because of mutual kinship, its just that wizards of non-white western ethnicities are expected to shut up and not ever experience ethnic or racial solidarity because magic. trumps. all.
  • Fans of colour are expected to rejoice in how super-progressive this world is, which instead of grappling with their experiences & histories head-on, tells them these histories & experiences never occurred, were never real, don’t exist in this world because magic. trumps. all. because somehow wizards of colour, non-western, non-white wizards could turn the other way while their fellow muggle brethren were being slaughtered/killed/persecuted/systematically made extinct/forced to assimilate/starved/i don’t know insert literally any form of violence here. 
  • because magic. trumps. all.

I find it really hard to disentangle all of this from the tweet JKR made & the pieces she’s written on North America, where colonialism is just totally elided, airbrushed, swept under the carpet - even the muggle bits of it - so she can tell a nice linear story. 

So yeah, I’m sorry but it’s much more than a ‘murky’ issue or a ‘problematic’ one, it’s something that’s made me see red, that’s made me feel so angry I feel like crying, that’s just left me really exhausted wrt HP because dear god, I don’t want to engage with this or with any of the Discourse TM that will emerge from this. 

Anyone else wants to add on to this please feel free.

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Hi! I adore you and your lovely blog! I had a really rough day today. I just guess I thought I was doing better with everything butI guess I'm doing worse. I couldn't seem to do anything right. Do you think you could write a wolfstar thing? My children can always cheer me up. You don't have to, obviously, I just, ahhh I don't know.

Hi! I’m sorry rough days happen, and they suck. But don’t think you’re doing worse because of them they’re just part of life. You’re doing the best you can and that’s amazing! I think you’re wonderful and I hope this cheers you up! <3

  • Remus decided that it was getting out of control - his desperate need to kiss Sirius.
  • He wasn’t even sure where it had come from
  • One day they were mates and the next morning, as Sirius was biting his lip in concentration while desperately trying to finish an essay over breakfast, Remus had the overwhelming urge to lean over the table and just kiss him
  • And this thought had startled him so much that he’d nearly spilled the entire pumpkin juice mug in his lap.
  • And now, this need seemed to be his constant companion.
  • During potions - Honestly, all Sirius was doing was letting Remus do all the work while he just stirred and chatted to Remus about Quidditch, but Remus nearly let their frogs escape because he was so busy watching Sirius’ mouth
  • In Transfiguration - he had missed mouse they were suppose to be turning into a goblet and turned his own desk into a rather large trophy cup instead because Sirius had his tongue sticking out in concentration
  • I mean, McGonagall was very impressed but this was becoming a serious problem.
  • Over meals - Remus was legit forgetting to eat because Sirius’ jaw
  • And now, as he sits there, across the table from Sirius, he was never going to finish this paper for tomorrow. Not with Sirius sucking on his sugar quill like that.
  • He sat, desperately trying to write more than a few words and not glance up every two seconds - but it proved impossible, and he slammed his quill down in frustration, making Sirius jump and his sugar quill fly out of his hands.
  • “Merlin, Moons! Whats wrong?”
  • Remus splutters, “I- N- This- It - You!”
  • Sirius’ eyes go from concerned to hurt in an instant, “Me?” He says softly, his eyebrows pulling low over his eyes, “What-”
  • “Why do you have to do that to me?”
  • Sirius just shakes his head, bewildered, “Do what?”
  • “That!”
  • What?”
  • “I-You just- I just wanna-”
  • But Remus can’t get the words out
  • Because he’s just so frustrated and he can’t fucking take it anymore.
  • So he does the only thing he can think of.
  • He leans right across the table, grabbing a handful of Sirius tie, and pulling him forward until their lips meet in a deep, rather frantic kiss.
  • Finally is all Remus can think.
  • When they pull back for air, Sirius is stunned to silence.
  • That.” Remus breaths, “You just make me wanna do that-”
  • But Remus’ sentence is cut short, because Sirius is already kissing him again.
  • “We’ve got some time to make up for, Moons. Put that essay away.”
  • Disabled person: I can't do this thing because of my disability.
  • Nondisabled people: Just try! If you don't try to do literally everything in the world, you're letting your disability define you. The only disability in life is a bad attitude! You have nothing to lose except all your time and energy and peace of mind! How do you know you can't unless you try, even though you've been through the same situation before? I obviously know your abilities better than you do sweaty (:

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If people hate DW so much why don't they stop watching it? It's obviously not gonna get better for them, I personally really like what Moffat has been doing with the show.

That’s great for you! Hugely problematic but as long as you’re happy. But it also doesn’t give you the platform to judge who does and doesn’t get to consume media just because some may have criticisms where you don’t.

See, here’s the issue with the “why don’t you stop watching” rhetoric, as it is thrown around a lot, being the easiest defense for something undergoing a lot of criticism:

  • People say things like “why don’t you stop watching if you don’t like it” refusing to acknowledge the potentially enormous emotional investment a person might have previously had in a piece of media prior to drastic changes in tone, story and chain of command, leaving them to hang on in the hopes that the thing they once loved and once may have meant the world to them, just might make an appearance once again
  • If they got their way and those people DID stop watching, somewhere down the line, those people might be asked about the show, to which they’d say, “oh, I stopped watching it, it got pretty terrible” and NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN the EXACT SAME kind of people say “well how do you know it’s terrible if you’re not watching it?”

It’s a trap that so many people don’t realise they’re setting in order to shield themselves from critical thought and it’s exhausting to hear

Genre =/= an excuse.

“Don’t worry about the editing.”

“Don’t worry about why Crane wasn’t in the hospital.”

Being a genre show is no excuse for sloppiness in execution. If anything, it’s even more critical to get the little details right. Because you have to suspend so much disbelief for Timetraveling McCrankypants and The World’s Evilest Gardner, we have to feel like the little stuff makes sense. The show works because it’s a collision of the fantastical (Ichabod’s nonsense) with the practical (Abbie). When you take away part of the equation, it doesn’t work. The mundane details being missing suddenly make it harder to roll your eyes that Jack the Ripper apparently killed people with an ancient Babylonian knife I don’t even know. And editing is part of that continuity.

Do I get that this show is dumb? Duh. Obviously. But the first season was madness grounded in reality. One feeds off the other, like a foil. They could have fixed the hospital thing with one line: “I sure am glad you’re home. Hospitals make me jittery.” BOOM. Done. No extra set needed.

Do not give a show passes because it’s genre. Genre is legitimate. Genre is important. And genre should get the little stuff right.