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OMG I just realized something about Get Out. I’m not sure if anyone has already made this observation, but I think the reason why they chose a blind guy as the one to steal Chris’ body and eyes is to portray how being “colorblind” is actually a form of racism. The blind guy was never able to see Chris’ face, and claimed he just wanted a fresh pair of eyes, yet he still participated readily in Chris’ exploitation KNOWING what the Armitage’s had been doing this entire time. Also, the reason why he wanted a black man’s eyes was because of white people’s obssession with “feeling oppressed.” He thought that seeing the world through a black man would be artistic inspiration for him because of the dichtonomy between living life as a black person and living life with white privilege. Jordan Peele really is amazing :O

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i love reading narry fanfics, can you recommend a few? help a girl out please!

ooohhh I have read sooo many (you’ll see what I mean after you read this entire ask), this might be long, take a seat

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I started playing Pokemon Sun and I’m enjoying alot the game so far! I picked the grass-type Rowlet, who is now a male decidueye called Osiris (especially because I’ve the obssession with owls) and my friend @dserpentes picked a female litten who also evolve to Incineroar called La Tigresa.

We both joked that both of them knew each other from the beggining and La Tigresa likes to pick on Osiris. 

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are there any positive characteristics to scorpio placements (esp in moon, venus and mars) because they all seem to trail along the line of being possessive and dark/intimidating or overly sexual

I know! It’s exhausting and I am definitely a meme post about having 8th planets and someone made it about sex. Just because you are obssessed with it doesn’t mean it applies to all other people who have planets in Scorpio or in 8th.

I will talk in general about Scorpio placements cause I feel I have to make a separate post about Scorpio placements.

Scorpio placements gives a huge amount of emotional energy and physical as well to endure the hardships of life. Scorpio is the surviver, Aries is the fighter but Scorpio is the one who holds on to anything, endure pain and fights to keep on going. That’s why it shocked me that Mars would be exalted in Capricorn but not in Scorpio. If I had my way I would change all the exalted placements but that’s a different topic for another day.

Scorpio can scare people because they are so good in reading others, knowing their motivation and seeing through them. It’s very rare that a Scorpio will fall for an act cause they always tend to know it is an act.

A developed Scorpio is not ashamed of their emotions and they embrace it. They embrace their vulnerability and make it their strength. They are honest to themselves and thus honest to others. Very smart and calculated person.

EVE BORES YOU SERIES: War Veteran, Sitcom Norma Bates and Indecisive Readhead VS A Scrawny Neighbour Boy - a look at Eric Forman and how Red, Kitty, and Donna affect his character requested by sulietsexual

To start this meta, I love Eric. I can genuiely identify and connect with him, his Chandler-like deadpan sarcasm is hilarious and Topher’s delivery helps loads. That being said, I can understand why some fans don’t like him cause he does have some negative qualities, such as occasional sexism, rudeness and in particular, hostility towards Jackie (one thing I can’t forgive him for). Today, however, I’m talking about something else.

So, as the show creator said, Eric is sort of a teenage version of himself, kind of the underdog you want to root for, which makes perfect sense considering the sitcom format and the fact that he’s the protagonist. You root for him and Donna, you cheer when he stands up to Red, you get sad when he becomes the butt of the joke.

Now, it seems like Eric is sort of a self-insert character. I read that such device is used so the readers/watchers could put themselves in their shoes and interact with the story. And it actually kind of works because who hasn’t felt like Eric every once in a while - insecure, incapable, dumb, underappreciated. That’s why I connect with him so much, despite his glaring flaws and I’m sure some people in the audience did as well.

However, as a character, such choice makes him suffer because apart of his obssession with Star Wars, Spiderman, etc, he has nothing he’s interested in. No hobbies, no ambitions which can be considered typical teenage guy behaviour but let’s think about it - Hyde is interested in government and conspiracies, Kelso was shown to have a streak for mechanics (a trait thay was sadly dropped after season 1), Donna had her feminism and Jackie had cheerleading and fashion. However shallow, the characters care about something and pursue those interests. The show doesn’t let Eric have that, and it only gets worse as the series go on. Just like Joey, the writers regressed him and refused to allow him to grow.

I was asked to discuss how three people in his life - Red, Kitty and Donna - affect him negatively. To make this clearer, I will take one character and discuss how they affect Eric throughout the whole show run and then take another character and so on. This should be fun *cracks knuckles*

War Veteran chews Scrawny Neighbour Boy till the last bone - Eric/Red

As much as I find Red hilarious, I have to say - he seems incapable of emotional connection with his kids, Eric in particular. While played for laughs, his constant demeaning of Eric, calling him annoying, weird and twitchy can be really traumatizimg for a young mind that’s still developing a sense of identity.

Since the start of the series , their relationship is established clearly - Eric is afraid of Red’s iron fist while Red constantly reminds him he’s not the kind of son he wanted as he’s not masculine enough. It’s revealed Red was raised the same way so it makes sense he doesn’t know anything else but that doesn’t make it okay. He believes yelling at Eric will make him a man but from personal experience, being yelled at can significantly lower your self worth. In fact, Eric would’ve probably met Red’s version of a perfect son if he connected with him more instead of cutting him off. But since we’re talking about that, parents shouldn’t make up perfect visions of their kids in their heads and love them accordingly to that. Familial love is unconditional, or it should be.

Because of that, it’s quite satisfying to watch Eric stand up to him and the series go on. I actually believe that some part of his whole engagement with Donna debacle and his refusal to leave the house in season 7 was a way to lash out at Red. Just watch their interractions after Eric tells Red he’s engaged - you can see some obvious resentment, which, while uncomfortable to watch, doesn’t really surprise me.

To sum up, while I understand Red meant well, he actually set back Eric’s development. That being said, their goodbye in 7x25 was so sweet I shed a tear.

Sitcom Norma Bates puts Scrawny Neighbour Boy’s bones in their basement - Eric/Kitty

So, to preface this, I actually think that Kitty had a more detrimental effect on Eric than Red. Allow me to explain.

Kitty says she babies Eric so much because Red is hard on him. That might e true to some degree, but I also think Kitty has a bit of a hero complex - she takes pride in getting Hyde off the streets, would’ve taken Jackie in after her mother abandons her as well - she loves to baby people and nurture them, in short, she likes to feel needed. Since Laurie shuts her out, she projects in all on Eric.

It’s not as obvious in the early seasons, but every time Eric takes a step towards becoming a grown up, she goes ballistic (such as her not getting out of bed after discovering Eric and Donna have sex). It’s canonically said she can’t stand to not be needed by him and while I can somewhat understand a parent feeling that way when they see their child growing up, I think it’s really more about Kitty than Eric. She wants to sacrifice his personal growth so he could fulfil her needs. Such as when she’s happy he put of college in season 6 and spoils him in the episode where he’s slacking off and sleeping during the day (which is thankfully addressed by Donna). There comes a day when a mother has to realize a child is his own person as well and needs to realize his own potential.

Why did I call her sitcom Norma Bates? I’m not saying by any means that Kitty is like Norma Bates, however, her co-dependancy on Eric is detrimental to his development and frankly, it can have psychological damage as well. It should also be noted that Kitty constantly rivals with Donna to be the most important woman in Eric’s life.

I will use an example from my own life to illustrate such dynamic. My cousin (male) is 27 years old. My uncle has never been close to him so my aunt babied him in response. Only he didn’t have a Donna or a Hyde or the rest of the gang and spent most of the school being bullied. Now he calls my aunt 3 times a day every day and whines about how much his life sucks while my aunt treats him like a child. No friends, no girlfriend, nothing. I could imagine Eric doing that at some point in the worst case scenario.

Indecisive Redhead tosses Scrawny Neighbour Boy around - Eric/Donna

I already have a meta on these two but with a different question you can write up a whole new one. At the end of the day, I do believe Donna had some negative effects on Eric, which I’m about to explain right now. If you’re a hardcore Donna fan, you might want to skip this section.

We know that Eric is very insecure. Frankly, I can’t blame him - Red’s constant belittling, his friends remarks how Donna is so out of his league - boy has problems. And in the end, Donna does nothing to prove him wrong. I get that she had to be her own person and I’m not saying she never acknowledged how well he treated her. However, let’s look at the episode of their break up. In her dream sequence it’s revealed she can’t find anything that appealing in him which gives a question - why were they together in the first place? And also, realistically it’s not frequent you end up with the first person you fall in love with but no one thinks about that like “okay so nothing’s gonna become of that, I’m just passing time”. At least when you’re really in love with them. They broke up because Donna wanted personal freedom back but in Eric’s mind, she got tired of him and he didn’t have something that would make her stay. He wasn’t enough. And judging from Donna’s dream, it’s true. She sort of confirms what his parents and friends have been saying all along. And for that to come from the first person you’ve ever loved is kind of traumatic.

Then he spends half the season moping for her while she still seems to want all of what he did as her boyfriend without actually being with him. And then she falls for Casey fucking Kelso - everything Eric is not. That’s like a slap on the cheek for him and the fact that Red and Kitty called him a dumbass for not taking her back after it blew up in Donna’s face still pisses me off.

But what’s the most annoying is that his relationship with Donna season 5-onwards stops his growth. It becomes “I go where Donna goes, Donna is my future” to the point where he can’t even do well on SATs because he’s too busy daydreaming. It’s ridiculous and don’t even get me started on the whole engagement thing. Even as a teenager watching it I thought they were insane and I still think that now. That storyline turned their relationship into a punchline with continous hijinx and it was just too much. And then the whole season 7 thing where she supports him being all whimsical and losing any sort of direction in life - the earlier seasons Donna would’ve called him out in it but then again earlier seasons Eric wouldn’t have done this.

To conclude, the biggest tragedy of Eric’s character was that he got turned into a joke - a degraded, free loader, lazy, apathetic young man with no ambition. While sending him to Africa was sloppy, it at least gave him some sort of purpose. What’s sad is that some of the most important people in his life had some major contribution in such degradation.

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something different... eric x buddy for the meme, please!

You got me so well. Thank you!

  • big spoon/little spoon: It’s more like, they took turns to spoon and most times end up in very weird positions. Eric always ends at one corner of the bed, while Budy is like, all over the bed. Arms up, one leg pushing Eric out of his space, the other probably already out the bed. But when they do spoon, Buddy likes being little spoon.
  • favorite non-sexual activity: They are both kind of nerds, so I bet they would go for their comic books and sit down to read. When the other finished the number they are checking, they exchange it and keep reading. Then, they would spend the whole day commenting it.

    If it was really good, the whole week or even the month talking about it. Same if it was bad, but sometimes Eric would be so mad at the writers, he would not talk about it until one day he snaps, “IT WAS SO BAD!” and Buddy will only nod or something.
  • who uses all the hot water: BUDDY. And Eric just sighs and takes an extra quick shower. At the end, he would suggest to just take a shower together, so he can enjoy the hot water, too. But when there’s no other option, he just kind of accepts it.
  • most trivial thing they fight over: They share most lotions, soaps, shampoo and deodorant, so when one of them changes the brand they are using, one of them will explode about it bECAUSE YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT WITHOUT TELLING ME FIRST, GODDAMMIT.
  • who does most of the cleaning: Buddy, Eric is lazy as fuck. But he also has the power of putting Eric in his place and makes him clean when he doesn’t want to.
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Eric because Buddy spends too much time deciding what to watch and it gets on his nerves. So he can chose the movie at the cinema, but Eric can control Netflix.
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Eric, mostly because Buddy would try to make him do something for the house.
  • who steals the blankets: Buddy, he moves too much on bed like I said.
  • who leaves their stuff around: Eric, he messy af when tired.
  • who remembers to buy the milk: Eric, he is in charge of remembering stuff and going to the groceries store.
  • who remembers anniversaries: Both, they are pretty good at it, especially because Buddy obssessed over it after hearing his boyfriend and dad have a tendency to forget important dates.
  • Who cooks normally? Both, but mostly Buddy. He really likes it.
  • How often do they fight? Not much, but when it happens, it’s a lot of sarcasm and shade thrown their way.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? Eric will spend most his time with his parents or his friends, same as Buddy. They would call each other on the phone or write, if the travel is too long or something like that.
  • Nicknames for each other? Eric is bad at petnames, so Buddy will always be Buddy. He only never calls him ‘Bud’ because it freaks him out, since that’s Hye’s stepfather name and #yikes. While Buddy calls him cute things like “honey” and “baby” and “cupcake”.
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? Buddy, he rich af.
  • Who steals the covers at night? Buddy, he moves too much and pulls the covers with him,
  • What would they get each other for gifts? Buddy knows the kind of stuff Eric likes, he doesn’t like giving things he knows the other needs because it’s not an obligation, he tinks a gift should be something to make the other happy and no a grocerie’s store list. So Eric gets things like comics, action figures, posters and whatnot.

    Eric isn’t as good at gift giving but he does His Best™ and will probably end up calling Buddy’s brother to ask if his options are good or to Jackie, ultimately. Most times, he gets accesories like sunglasses and very expensive belts and shoes for him, because that’s what Buddy likes.
  • Who kissed who first? We all know that was Buddy.
  • Who made the first move? Buddy again.
  • Who remembers things? Both, but mostly Buddy.
  • Who started the relationship? Both, after things were talked and settle, it was a decision they took together.
  • Who cusses more? Don’t know what ‘cusses’ means, so I’m so answering this one.
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? Eric would freak out at first but then would calm down and remember everything his mother thought him when this kind of stuff happens. He’s great at taking care of hurt people. Now, if it’s emotional hurt, he would try to give Buddy space and then try and talk to him. Lucky for him, Buddy is always willing to talk.

    Buddy, on the other hand, would take care of the situation with a cold head and hands, sometimes not so gentle because deep down he’s desperate for it to be gone. If it’s emotional hurt, he’s a great listener and an even better advicer. He also cute af when it comes to it.

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I solemnly swear I have been drawing

I just didn’t find them good enough to put on tumblr but since I haven’t uploaded in awhile I figured I should liven up my blog a little…hahaha ;; 

a compilation of my live reaction to yuri!!! on ice:

episode 1

  • it’s been 10 seconds in and ???? wow the gay is leaking
  • he’s so dorky wtf
  • @ yuri - same
  • what kind of weird ot3 is this
  • :’) this russian yuri reminds me of a version of andrew minyard omfg
  • oKAy bye i’m done i’m shipping ot3
  • sEnpai noticed him????
  • what the fuck i want senpai to notice me
  • gee i love time skips
  • @ yuri - same
  • wait what
  • ???? only 3 year age gap
  • yuri looked so young compared to victor in the first scene
  • ooh i like how victor’s charm works on boys too
  • me likey
  • 5 years???
  • it’s been 5 years???
  • aw yuri’s belly
  • also boyyyyy i love anime family relationships
  • they’re all so Functional!!
  • and Close!!
  • katsudon!!
  • @ cigarette sister - i like
  • hoLY SHIT
  • i can’t believe i’ve barely ever seen animes where they’re actually set in a place that is not tokyo
  • dude @ yuri oogling at victor on the tv screen
  • if this ain’t Love i don’t know what this is
  • the dad is cute
  • he’s healthy enough to run omfg
  • me @ myself - why can’t you
  • nice ass
  • he has a crush on her!!
  • cute
  • @ victor - bring back the long hair pls
  • i would think he’ll spell his name viktor because it looks cooler but okay
  • @ yuri’s sexual awakening has to be seeing victor skating with long hair
  • ????? are your serious @ yuri - i can’t even start listing embarssing things you’re doing
  • you’re displaying so many signs of having a crush
  • 1. reading magazines with interviews of victor
    2. getting a poodle bc victor has a poodle and likes poodle
    3. naming said poodle victor
  • this man crush is getting Out Of Hand
  • wait wtf when he’s on the rink he’s like “in the zone”
  • where his belly gone
  • SkInNy
  • i don’t think i’m supposed to be laughing at this supposedly important scene buT all i can think of is the people producing this anime literally has to draw all these frames and then hopefully repeating some of the spins
  • reusing frames 10/10 A+
  • wait so are they speaking russian or japanese or
  • @ one of the greatest mysteries of hetalia (what language are they speaking?)
  • this scene is way too long but then again knb literally has like 5 episodes of one game
  • the voice actor is one of my faves Damn
  • bruh @ yuri - your posters are exposing you
  • also he must have masturbated in that room when he first hit puberty. did he really do that in his room where it’s filled with posters of victor’s pretty face?
  • @ yuri’s reaction to video - same same
  • @ victor’s face - who is dis i like
  • why is it snowing in april
  • people whose second reaction to that dog is his idol’s dog must be Real Obssessed because clearly that’s almost impossible??
  • @ victor’s nice moan
  • @ victor’s nice ass
  • #victor is super embarassing
    #your dick is out bruh
    #pls don’t
  • fuck i can’t stop thinking about the “dicks out for harambe” meme
  • i feel like animes like to end their episodes with a “ehhhhhh??????”
  • they’re both dorks aren’t they

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some thoughts about Lydia Martin

ok so i read a lot of fanfiction about lydia. and i’ve been trying to figure out why i like her so much. 

so i’m gonna separate this analysis into two sections: Before Lydia and After Lydia. before lydia being s1 and 2 lydia; she’s the stereotypical mean girl, walks all over ppl, whatever. and then you have season 3 and 4 lydia where you really begin to see the character development

 most fanfiction is about Before Lydia and the thing I like about Before Lydia, bitchy as she may be, is that lydia knows what she wants and she’s going to get it because lydia always gets what she wants 

she doesn’t just wait around for stuff to fall in her lap, she makes it happen. she’s smart, she’s calculating, and she knows exactly what she’s doing and like, you have to admire that. despite the fact that her life is pretty shitty, she still manages to be the best at everything. she’s the prettiest, she’s the smartest, she’s the strongest. her determination, intelligence, and obsession iwth perfection just makes her so interesting. she’s so POWERFUL, you know? and she’s also so complex, because her obssession with being in control of everything is both sort of admirable and also naive? like you sort of feel sorry for her because she needs to be in control SO MUCH and so much of her life is out of her control– her parents, and later, her sanity and all the mystical shit going down. and i love that she’s smart and always on her game and always thinking ahead and manipulating people to do what she wants. and it’s all to gain a sense of control that she doesn’t feel like she has

i wouldn’t want to be friends with her but i really like her as a character and while i would never want to actually be her with any permanence, i think that getting into her head and being the cunning, manipulative, always-in-control girl would be interesting

i love her sass. idk. she just plays this idiot girl and uses other people’s sexism against them in order to get them to do waht she wants? but then sometimes she forgets herself, sometimes she feels like everyhing is spiraling beyond her, and the real lydia comes out, and she’s sassy and fiery and completely unwilling to put up with anyone’s shit, and she just gets fiercer

And then After Lydia…  after lydia who’s struggling with her sanity, who still longs so much to be in control but is really just a scared little girl trying to do her (admittedly impressive) best. you have someone who’s used to being in control of everything suddenly not in control of even her own mind?? and it freaks her out. but she doesn’t just give up?? like it’s hard. it’s so hard. and she’s so scared. but she still puts on her game face and does everything she can to regain control of the situation even while she’s shaking with she runs around naked in the woods for days, she’s clearly having a psychological break, and while that would undoubtedly freak anyone out, it should freak her out EVEN MORE considering that the one thing she’s always been able to rely on is her own competence. but instead of freaking out and breaking down, when she’s found she icily demands “well? isn’t anyone going to get me some clothes?” as if she’s got the situation perfectly under control and she’s just waiting for everyone else to catch up.  she’s so brave, in her own way

and After lydia is so kind. the reason she keeps helping the pack is because she cares? she’s scared out of her mind and she has no idea what’s going on but she’s not gonna let another person die. she decides that being on top of the high school hierarchy is the least of her problems. and she feels unbalanced because she’s always been perfect and untouchable, unbreakable and unapproachable, but suddenly all of that seems a lot less important than protecting other people. so she stops focusing on herself and realizes that maybe she’ll never be untouchable again (it’s much too late for that), but she CAN help stop bad things from happening. and yeah, okay, maybe working with werewolves wasn’t in her perfect 5 year plan, but she’s good at this. things will never be okay again, but working with the pack helps her feel a bit more on top of things. a bit more like her old self. she’s accepted the fact that there are so many things out of her control, but she’s much rather be an active part of the solution than live in fear that one day she’ll be collateral dammage. and it helps, working with them, because even though she’s still scared (so, so scared), she would be scared anyway. and at least by working with them she’s doing something she’s good at. and it reminds her that she’s still smart, still competent, except now she’s not just using those skills for herself, she’s using them for other people

she’s kind, and she’s brave, and she’s determined. she’s smart, she’s cunning, she’s strong. lydia martin takes what life throws at her and she doesn’t let it get the best of her. first she makes life her bitch, and when she can’t do that anymore, she does her best to make sure that no one else ever feels as helpless as she does

Please, please please please please please please please please please do NOT characterize Fitz’s hallucinations of Jemma as him being creepy or him being obsessed with her. That is not what is happening at all. 

Barring the obvious fact that he’s suffered a severe BRAIN INJURY, there are so many reasons other than him being in love with her which would result in his hallucinations manifesting as Simmons. 

People seem to forget, but Fitz loved Jemma for YEARS prior to being in love with her. As in, likely 8-9 years. Even if he hadn’t developed romantic feelings for her, he would still likely be hallucinating her now. For Fitz, Jemma leaving is a grim reminder of the fact that he isn’t getting better, because if he had been getting better she probably wouldn’t have left at all. He constantly reassures himself that every day he is improving more and more, when in reality he is spiraling downward. He hallucinates her because if she’s there then that means he must be getting better, and he NEEDS to feel like he’s getting better. It’s vital to the fragile mental stability he currently has. 

Fitz is also hallucinating her because for a very long time, Jemma was the only constant thing in his life. He moved from the academy to sci ops to the plane. On the plane he traveled far and wide. The only common denominator between all those experiences was Jemma. The only constant presence he could count on was Jemma. After the pod incident, he has lost almost every conceivable thing. Everything important to him is gone. His intellect, his sense of importance, his position on the team. He cannot deal with the loss of Jemma on top of all that. It’s simply too much for him to handle, and as I said, he NEEDS to feel like he’s getting better. Jemma leaving would have the opposite effect on him, so he pretends she still there to cope. 

Fitz is a genius. You could reduce his IQ by quite a lot and he would still be smarter than your average bear. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a part of him that is still completely lucid, that there is calculating, logical part of him that is completely aware that Jemma is gone and he is experiencing hallucinations. I think some part of him knows exactly what has happened to him, knows exactly the likelihood of him getting better, and understand the ramifications his injury has on his life currently and the ramifications it will have in the future. He gets it. He just can’t deal with it right now. If you notice, in the scene where he’s talking to May and the rock starts to turn into flesh, Fitz kinda freaks out and ask if May’s seeing it to. He’s afraid that what he’s seeing isn’t real, because he’s been seeing things that aren’t real with some frequency. His been having hallucinations about things other than Jemma, and he recognizes this fact. 

I wonder how soon the hallucinations started after Jemma left. I think its significant that he’s picturing her the same way she looked when she came down with the alien virus in FZZT. At that time she was suffering from an ailment that everyone thought she wouldn’t get better from. That’s currently what Fitz is experiencing, seeing Jemma like that is a reminder that you can overcome the odds and win. That was when they fixed things ‘together’ which is why its hard for him to be alone now. 

ofdeathandchocolate-blog  asked:

I love your books,they are my new obsession,i want to pursue education in russia you mentioned a series about prince perfect aka nikolai lantsov!have you started it yet?Since you told us about the grisha triumvirate could you tell us something about nikolai as a king?Maybe a story of how the twins met him ?Maybe a snippet about six of crows anything related to grisha? I love Ravka and i dont think I hate any character (even Vasily because of his obssession of horses)except the King and queen!

Thank you for the kind words! Poor Vasily would be happy to know he has a fan, or at least someone who doesn’t revile him.

1. Yes, I may someday give Nikolai a book and I have a pretty good idea what happens in it, but no I haven’t started writing it. I have a lot of stuff on deck before I can even think about that.

2. Six of Crows has a lot to do with the Grisha, but not a lot to do with the characters from the trilogy. At least right now. I know what I think is going to happen in the second book, but I haven’t written it yet, so I’m not anxious to say much about it. I mean, what if I told you, “In the sequel to Six of Crows, there’s this amazing battle between Nikolai and an army of genetically engineered pandas.” Then I write the sequel, cut the battle, and all of a sudden my twitter lights up with WHERE ARE MY PANDAS, BARDUGO? WHERE IS PRINCE PERFECT? I’LL KILL YOU. I’LL SET FIRE TO YOUR SIXTH GRADE BOYFRIEND. So for now, I’m just going to say that the new books belong to Kaz and his crew and I hope you come to love them.

Ok people of Tumblr, I need clarification. I’ve seen this pic all over Pinterest for the past couple months. And I don’t what what it is for or from. I don’t know if it is Sherlock because his hair is normal here. I’m also not sure if it is photoshopped or not. Please tell me because I KEEP OBSSESSING OVER THIS PICTURE.

Because i am obssessed with this picture and the smile she has when we’re together and when we kiss each other. The smile that i can’t help but to smile back. The way time stops when we are together and how difficult it is to be apart for so long but in the end so worth it! Talking to her makes everyday worth living for and how dreaming of a future together makes us happy! @mariemichellev @paradiddlediddle