because obssessed

I started playing Pokemon Sun and I’m enjoying alot the game so far! I picked the grass-type Rowlet, who is now a male decidueye called Osiris (especially because I’ve the obssession with owls) and my friend @dserpentes picked a female litten who also evolve to Incineroar called La Tigresa.

We both joked that both of them knew each other from the beggining and La Tigresa likes to pick on Osiris. 

Ok people of Tumblr, I need clarification. I’ve seen this pic all over Pinterest for the past couple months. And I don’t what what it is for or from. I don’t know if it is Sherlock because his hair is normal here. I’m also not sure if it is photoshopped or not. Please tell me because I KEEP OBSSESSING OVER THIS PICTURE.