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SAME. I keep finding myself going back to stare at it throughout the day and I instantly regret it each time because it makes me suffer. It’s just so cute and sexy and just them.

And of course it’s something they would do. Because they’ve done it before:

Teenage Kook wasn’t much of a muscle pig (yet) and clearly struggled a bit back then. Maybe that’s why he wrote this message to Jimin?



You’re having a hard time lately because of me, right? From now on, I’ll listen to you very well. Thank you.

3 years from now, let’s work out togetherㅋ

Since then Jeon Jungkook has (mostly) kept his words. KM + Jin are now gym buddies.

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And Jimin is..

..well, he’s living the life tbh

Also, a very important reminder: Jimin calls JK ‘baby’ at the gym.

So yeah… what you’re suggesting is probably not too far from the truth..

morse code

based off of this prompt:

hi! surprise, surprise, we’re not dead (just like someone else am I right) (okay that was too much) (I’m sorry) (have some gay)


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Sherlock had been considering deleting Morse code from his mind. After all, there was never a use for it.

He knew caring was not an advantage. He knew letting himself feel things was not good, and would probably come back to haunt him. He knew he was a high-functioning sociopath, and this wasn’t what high-functioning sociopaths do.

But his heart pushed aside all thoughts of reason and allowed him to fall for John Watson.

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How’s everybody doing?
Alright, now, my name is Adam Lambert, and I am proud to be a human.
I’m also gay, cis-gendered, redheaded, Jewish, and a man, but that’s getting specific.
Look, we have moved into an era of intense categorizing in an effort to declare our identities.
We use labels in order to help others understand who we are, and how we live, and sometimes we need them to figure ourselves out too, because we want to take pride in our individuality.
But do you sometimes feel that we have gotten a little carried away with all of these labels?
Because at the end of the day we are all human beings.
I mean wouldn’t you rather identify someone by their name and their energy, instead of their sexual preference, their race, their gender, their age, or their religion?
If we could do that, wouldn’t that be more rewarding and allow for deeper connection?
Now, I know, that’s being very idealistic.
It’s wishful thinking, and sadly, this is not the reality of the world we live in.
Especially lately.
Now, I typically avoid publicly speaking about politics because of its divisiveness.
People get real sensitive and I ain’t trying to piss anybody off.
But, this year things have gone way too far.
So, I’m not speaking today about being a democrat versus a republican.
Today is about right versus wrong.
The current presidential administration has manipulated the country using fear and hate to gain power to divide us.
Our differences are being used against us, and the shockwaves of this dangerous rhetoric have rippled throughout our community and beyond.
And it fucking hurts.
We have come way too far to stand by and watch our social progress be yanked backwards.
You know, it’s almost like they’re going “Meh. You’re different, you can’t sit with us.”
What the fuck is that?
It’s childish and it needs to end now.
Now, our pride parade is usually an all-out shit show of a party where we all dress up like crazy unicorns and prance around through the streets.
It is a celebration of the progress we have made; our liberation, our freedom, our glitter.
But this year we are facing such dark forces that pride has taken on a deeper purpose.
So today we stand together in order to support anyone who’s human rights are at risk.
We resist homophobia, we resist transphobia, we resist misogyny, bi-invisibility, we resist racism, xenophobia, and we resist extremism, and anything else that helps promote hate.
We stand defiant and will not be brainwashed.
We refuse to be sucked into that kind of negativity.
But. I ask you not to fight hate with hate.
We don’t want to be hypocrites.
So how can we resist?
I’ll tell you what I think.
With unity, with visibility, truth, inclusion, acceptance, and most importantly love.
Look, we got a lot of work to do, and a lot of ignorance to combat, but we know right from wrong.
We know that we are stronger together than we are divided.
So, take some time today and connect with someone different from you. Recognize another human being.
We all deserve to love and be loved, and that goes for all of us within the queer community, within this country, and on this planet.
After all, the only way our rainbow is a motherfucking rainbow is with all the colors shining equally.
Thank you! Thank you!
(And now it’s my pleasure to introduce, once again, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, and the West Coast Singers, singing “This Land is My Land". Thank you!)
—  Adam Lambert (Resist March LA Pride 6/11/2017) (Credit to Lilybop on YouTube for the Audio of this speech)

Good God the part of this SU episode that hit me the most was how they used Garnet as a visual aid for the kids’ trauma.

Sapphire and Ruby didn’t get specific fears or thoughts, even if that would’ve been very easy to include. Instead, they got imagery that very clearly focused on their reactions and the consequences of flawed coping mechanisms. Ruby is prone to self-destructive hyperfocus on one thought, completely incapable of moving past it. Sapphire is “calm and collected” because she lets thoughts pile up until she completely overloads and shuts down.

With the mechanics of each coping flaw well-established, Ruby settles next to Connie, passing that imagery on to her. Connie was obsessing over the fact that she went into automatic panic mode and attacked that kid (understandably so). She’s scared of herself, and Ruby was there to show how heavily a single worry can weigh on someone so one-track-minded–to the point of both being blind to their partner’s distress.

Sapphire settles next to Steven. The one who’s always okay and always ready to go until he can’t push it aside any longer and completely shuts down. He didn’t even react to their falling to the presumed death. We saw Sapphire’s breakdown with the visual metaphor of that maelstrom of thoughts spiraling in on her like vultures. Now we have a sense of magnitude for what’s weighing on Steven, and how many things he’s been holding back because he doesn’t want to confront them.

Connie’s ready to tear herself apart over one butterfly. Steven didn’t acknowledge the butterflies as they showed up because if he faced one he’d have to face them all, which is far too much.

Garnet was and always is great every time I see her, but wow what a brilliant and gut-wrenching way to show how much these kids need help.

One of the Pokestops closest to my house was just replaced by a gym! And a new Pokestop popped up right next to it!

That’s super convenient!! Before, there weren’t any gyms in view from my house and I had to walk far to get to one. And it just happened to be friendly today so I finally got my first Ace Trainer medal! Earned some XP, too! I kept at it for a while and did some experimenting with different Pokemon placement and I was able to defeat 4 of the gym guardians!

As soon as I left (because it was getting late) it started losing the prestige I gave it and another team has it now, but the fact that I was able to get that far in training means I could probably handle an actual battle now if I’m careful about it (and I will be).

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I agree with you. When the SC fought the warriors in Shiganshina, I couldn't feel sympatetic with him. How should I? They were fighting, killing the heros of the story, the people we follow as a reader. And we didn't get a reason why. As far as we knew, those people in the wall were the last humans being alive (beside maybe a small village, we believed was the hometwon of the warriors). I didn't care about Bertls death, simply because we weren't shown that there was more of them. That's sad 1/2

and something I really regret. I wished I had known Bertl better, so his death would have some kind of impact on me. And now that we learn more about him I’m just “well, its too late now. I wont start caring for a character who is already dead.” I also believe that Isayama understands this and hopefully will deliver this within the anime changes. Most importantly is to make clear, that their goal may look like killing the last humans on earth, but is essential about something bigger… 2/2

I’ve been extremely curious whether or not this chapter has done anything to soften some of the anger that’s been directed towards the warriors, but especially Berthold since he’s been the least liked. I’d like to use my chapter poll to find out if others have been similarly affected. 

I feel like for most people it’s a case of too little too late. I like how you put it, “I wont start caring for a character who is already dead.” 

Thank you for your thoughts with me!

Counting Sheep [Binwoo Fluff]

Group: ASTRO
Pairing: Binwoo/Soap (Moonbin and Eunwoo)
Genre: Fluffiest fluff there ever was
Length: Oneshot; 805 words

Summary: Sleepy Bin is a stubborn Bin. 

A/N: i was thinking about this last night and thought about it too hard that i couldn’t keep it in my head so now it’s down in writing - can you tell im actually dying because of soap these two are just too cute ugh
its just straight up fluff. fluffy soap for those late night feels
also read it on ao3 here!

Lying down has never felt so good, Moonbin thought to himself as he crashed among the stuffed animals and blankets on the bed, his skin still tingling from the sensation of a hot shower after a long day. He reveled in the feeling of relief for some time, relaxing his muscles and stretching as far as he could across the sheets. Practice went later than usual today, and they had only gotten back to the dorms half an hour ago, which, according to Sanha, had been 2:46 in the morning (“Thank god this rice cooker has a glowing clock!”). They had pushed themselves harder than usual, going through their new dance routine on repeat for the last two hours until the words of the song blurred together in their heads.  At that point the dance was practically committed to muscle memory, but their choreographer had made them run through it five more times before they were allowed to end for the night. Everything had to be perfect – of course, they all understood that – but at this point Moonbin didn’t know if he’d be able to feel his limbs in the morning.

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*inhales* Demon Arthur trying to hide things from other people by covering them with his wings. I.e. Himself from Lance when they meet face to face. Awkward silence insuse.

Tagging @ecto-rp because this is their Au that exploded all over the place.

“Nonononononononooooo!” came from the corner of the room where Arthur had collapsed into a heap behind the couch, wings wrapped around him until he resembled nothing so much as a heap of green and yellow mottled tarp. The tip of his tail was the only other thing visible and it was poofed up to three times its normal size. “Vivi, don’t answer the door!”

It was far too late of course, because she was already pulling the door wide open to admit the scowling mechanic,

“Alright, so I found the place, girlie, though to be sure I didn’t like little pink spooks showin’ up at the shop to lead me here. Half’a my boys are still hidin’ in the back room.”

“Sorry, had to be sure you could find the place,” Vivi sounded entirely unapologetic. “We are a bit off the beaten path.”

“Now, what’s so important?”

“Well, I found Arthur and Lewis!”

“WHAT?! Where’s my nephew?”

“He’s here, he just is afraid to show his face because of something that happened while he was missing… there are more than a few… cosmetic changes.”

“D’you think fer one bloody second I give a tinker’s damn about cosmetic changes? Where is my BOY?!” Lance’s roar shook the furniture and sent two deadbeats fleeing.

“Over here.”

Vivi led Lance to a heap of green cowering behind the couch, still quietly going “…nononononono…”

“Arthur?” Lance, bless his huge gruff heart, actually sounded worried. “Lad, come out where’s I can see ya.”

“I can’t…” Arthur’s voice was faint and muffled.

“Lad, I don’t care what you look like, you’re still my boy. Come outta that tarp. I need to see you with my own two eyes.”

“No, I can’t,” Arthur’s voice was tight.

“I told you, I don’t give a damn what you look like, you’re still my kid.”

“No, you don’t get it.” Arthur’s voice sounded some mix between fearful and… annoyed?

“I can’t make these stupid wings work. I literally can’t come out.”

i have never felt distance like this between us before.

you know, i had plans before you.

there were things i wanted to do.
for myself.
i wanted to build.

now, it is hard to make plans without trying to fit you in.
or take you out.
everything else is just background noise.

there are things i can’t do because they remind me too much of you.
or not enough.
i am what i am now because of you.

after you, there were regrets.
missed opportunities.

i wanted to build,
and you burned me to the ground.

—  letters from drake’s ex; if i was you, i wouldn’t like me either
First Throatfuck!

Ok this will be a long post - I think I’m not going to be so detailed about all my encounters but since this was my first time getting throat fucked I just wanted to share in detail.

Ok so as an anon suggested I posted an ad on craigslist that I was looking to fulfill a rape fantasy. So I posted one!  It was very short and I just said I was looking to fulfil a rape fantasy and I couldn’t host (I still live with my parents and they probably wouldn’t be too cool with some dude coming over to rape their precious little daughter).

My ad got flagged within a day but I still received about 70 responses before it got flagged.  As much as I want to say yes to people I can’t exactly let 70 people rape me per day (or can I?) so I had to be a bit selective.

A lot of people’s replies were really short “Hi want to meet up?” or “how are you?” and didn’t include any info about themselves. So protip: If you are responding to a girl on craigslist include some info about yourself and something at least a little bit thoughtful! Even if she’s a slut she needs some info to decide who to slut herself out to!

Some people also offered me money which was enticing but I don’t think I’m totally there yet, and I just think I’d feel a lot of pressure if someone was paying.

I started chatting with one guy who said he was interested in gagging / facefuck, and even though I hadn’t mentioned this in the posting I really get off on videos like “facial abuse” so we talked a bit about it and I told him I was interested in getting face fucked but I didn’t really have much experience, but I know just from practicing myself on things (banana whatever) that I have a big gag reflex, so would that be ok?  He said he was fine with all that.   One thing that sucked was that I couldn’t go to his place because he’s married, but he said we could go to his work after hours since he had the keys and nobody else would be there.

For some reason this made me feel more safe, thinking it would be like an office or something and nobody is going to kill me or whatever in their office.   I have to admit I am still worried about my safety and one of the reasons why I started just looking for people on tinder etc. was it just seemed a bit safer to meet more “vanilla” dudes who just want to fuck.  The problem is I can see myself growing bored of doing just vanilla slutting pretty fast.

I know craigslist also has a pretty shady reputation but anyway I thought what the hell. Let’s do it!

He picked me up, and we chatted a bit in his car, he’s like mid 30’s white guy, fit.   The conversation was actually pretty fluid and natural, I told him that I was trying to get more experience and was really interested in kink etc. and (not surprisingly) he supported my plan to explore things more.

It’s evening and I don’t really know the area he’s taking me to and then we start driving around this industrial area, no people around, no stores or whatever just like industrial type buildings that are mostly closed and I’m getting a bit nervous and he pulls into the parking lot behind one building and says this is where he works.  I think: Oh great so if he wants to murder me here there’s totally nobody around, but I figure I’ve gone this far so I might as well just keep going.

We go into the place and inside it’s like some crazy fucking machine shop or something, there are all these tables with saws built into them and drills and big machines that I have no idea what they even are. Because it’s closed the place is mostly dark so it’s  extra creepy.  So now I’m thinking ok great I’m totally going to get cut into 1000 pieces here, but whatever its too late to back out now and if I get killed it my own dumbcunt fault..

So we get near some table / workbench kind of thing and he puts this sort of dirty ripped up piece of cardboard down on the concrete floor in front of the table and tells me to kneel down on that and undo his pants.  I take off his pants and underwear and then he took a handful of my hair and kind of mashed my face all around his dick, just rubbing it all over my face.

He told me to lift up my arms. I was just wearing a sundress with nothing underneath (I still don’t have a lot of slutty clothes yet, and it still feels a little thrilling to have just a little dress on and nothing else underneath) and he just pulled the sundress up and off me in a second so I was instantly naked.

Then he told me lick all around. I started licking the tip of his dick but he says “lick all around” and I licked around the tip of his dick but he said kind of annoyed “NO… AROUND” and grabs my head and shoves my mouth under his balls, so I realized he wanted me to lick around the base of his dick and his balls and everything, so I did what he said licked all around his balls and the base of his cock.

I tried to use my hands to lift up his balls but he just said “NO HANDS” and then told me to keep my hands behind my back, so I did.

By then he was getting kind of hard so he told me to take his dick into my mouth and hold it there, which I did. He reached over and grabbed his phone off the table and told me to look up at his phone and then took a picture and said “this will be the BEFORE picture.”  I was kind of stunned thinking OMG now there is going to be this picture of me with a dick in my mouth out there and he hadn’t even asked before he took the picture and I thought about saying no or asking him to delete it or something, but partially it turned me on, and partially I was scared of saying no and upsetting him, and I also thought well a lot of people probably have dirty pictures of them somewhere and there’s no way he really knows my real name or anything, so even though it made me really uncomfortable I just did what I was told and looked up at him with his semi-hard dick in my mouth. I also thought again that it’s my own stupid fault to get myself into this situation and I felt embarrassed and stupid and humiliated and.. wet.

So he started to pump my mouth slowly at first and because he cock wasn’t totally hard  is was pretty ok to deal with.   He told me to just relax and take it and try to keep my throat open.  When his dick got hard he’d push to the back of my throat and there’d be a place where it kind of stopped, so he’d put his hands on the back of my head and press harder and it would eventually just pop past that.  At first he was pretty slow and, well maybe gentle is not the right word, but not very aggressive.  sometimes I would start to gag or wretch a bit especially when it was actually down my throat and he’d give me a few seconds to cough or whatever. I also could not breathe at all when he had his cock in my throat so at least every 15 - 20 seconds or so he’d pull out for a few seconds to let me breathe.

I noticed my throat makes a lot lot lot of slime which was would run down my face and chin, and as things got more intense my nose started running and my eyes were also tearing and of course I couldn’t use my hands so I had to just let it hang down off my face.

But still I was beginning to think that this throatfucking stuff wasn’t all that bad; he’d put it in my mouth, hold me by the back of my head, firmly but not too violently push past the resistance to get into and down my throat and then thrust back and forth slowly-ish inside my throat, and eventually pull out to allow me to breathe (or wretch or whatever).

This went on for about 10 or 15 minutes and aside from my jaw and throat starting to get a bit sore, I was starting to think I’m like a natural throatfuck expert  but then he said “Ok now let’s start to have some fun.”  Then he pushed all the way down my throat and held me head really tight, and just kept me there, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, I started to panic I felt like was suffocating and put my hands up against his legs to try to push away “HANDS DOWN!” I wanted to obey but I was too panicked but it didn’t matter he was too strong I couldn’t push away anyway and he kept his cock jammed down my throat, I thought “Is this how I’m going to die?” FINALLY after what seemed like forever he pulled out of my throat but he kept a hold of my hair so his cock didn’t actually come out of my mouth, it just came out of my throat. I coughed and wretched and puked a little bit and gasped for air.  I wasn’t really fully recovered and he went back in my throat again.  

He started to fuck my throat faster and also pull his cock all the way out and then plunge it all the way in in one motion which was also really hard for me to take and I tried pulling away several times which annoyed him and he slapped my face a few times when I did that.

I’m not sure if it was because he was annoyed with me pulling away but he told me to get up on the table, I lay down on my back, and I thought he was going to get onto the table also and fuck me, but instead  he pulled me over so my head was hanging off the edge of the table.   He told me to keep my hands near my side and hold onto the edges of the table with my hands and to NOT MOVE MY HANDS AND NOT LET GO of the table. He told me if I didn’t listen he was going to mess me up in a way I wouldn’t be able to hide from my parents.  (One of the things I had negotiated him before we met was that I didn’t want to be tied up or restrained - I know it’s a cowardly thing to do but again I was nervous and this was my first time playing with this person so I’m trying to take baby steps towards this).  

This scared me and even though I wasn’t tied up I also felt really scared of moving so I almost might as well had been tied up.

Having my head in this position  hanging off the edge of the table gives a total straight line down my throat, so he just stood in front of me and started sticking his cock right down my throat.  

I found this position a lot harder for several reasons. After just a minute my throat slime was running everywhere but because my head was upside down instead of running down my chin it ran down into my nostrils and eyes and all over my face.  I also vomited a bit several times (I’d tried not to eat for the hours before I met him knowing I might puke but I still ended up puking). When I vomited my vomit again went all over my own face and eyes.  

Also it made it super impossible to breathe because my nose was just totally blocked with slime and vomit and my own runny snot, like.  The biggest problem aside from the discomfort of having his cock down my throat and the feeling of gagging was just the inability to breathe, when it would get too bad I would start to writhe around on the table but I was too scared to let go of the table so even though I was squirming and making all kinds of noise I still held on tight so that’s one thing I’m proud of.   Eventually he would give me air. He almost never actually took his cock out of my mouth, so I was almost never able to close my mouth.  He was quite smart, because the few times he let his cock fully out of my mouth I’d turn my head to spit and gasp for as much air as I could and sometimes I’d keep trying to do that and squirm around a bit before he managed to get it back in my mouth, but by keeping his cook in my mouth he had full control over when he wanted to resume pounding my throat and there was nothing I could really do to stop it.

At some point it got too much and I started to cry a bit (I still didn’t let go of the table though) but he just kept going. I couldn’t open my eyes at all cause they were just caked with slime and snot, so it was basically him pounding inside my throat then letting his cock just out of my throat, but holding me by the hair so I couldn’t move away and so his cock stayed in my mouth while I’d gasp for air for a few seconds till the pounding resumed,  My whole universe was just this sensation of my throat, my aching jaw, etc. I don’t really know how long it went on for.  At one point he just held my head again down with his cock deep inside my throat for a long time and then just pulled out fully.

I wasn’t sure if he came or not so I just lay there blinded covered in slime and puke and snot. I lay there just like that for a few minutes, still hanging on tightly to the edges of the table, I realized later he was taking more pictures of me while I was laying like that (the AFTER pictures).

Finally he helped swing me around so I was sitting on the table and handed me a paper towel to wipe my face off so I could finally open my eyes and see.

He told me kind of tersely to CLEAN UP, he showed me where the janitorial closet was and told me he was going to go out for a smoke and told me to have all the mess cleaned up by the time he came back.  So, still naked, I took some cleaner and paper towels and a bucket and wiped up all the mess on the floor (and a little the sides of the table).

I couldn’t find my dress or sandals (later I found out he’d took them with him) and I’d left my bag with a change of clothes in his car and so I found a washroom and took a look at myself: My face was AWFUL.

I’ve been trying to wear more makeup as part of my “bimboification” goals so of course my mascara and eye shadow was all over my face, my eyes were totally bloodshot from getting all that shit in my eyes, I had bits of puke and slime in my hair, plus my eyes were totally puffy and swollen from just crying and all the filth that got in them.

I tried to wash my face and hair as best I could in this grimy little shop washroom with this nasty green hand-soap from an old dispenser.  Maybe this is a stupid thought given that I’d just worn my own puke on my face, but I usually really careful about what facial cleanser I use so using this shitty hand-soap in this dirty sink made me feel extra pathetic like a homeless person.   The other problem is that without proper make-up remover it’s REALLY hard to remove eye makeup, so even after doing a wash in that sink I still had makeup smeared on my face.

I kept checking if he had come back and he hadn’t and I started to wonder what I would do if he doesn’t come back at all?. I’ve got no clothes, no phone, no purse, no ID, no nothing. What if this guy didn’t even work there?  What if he was calling the police right now to report a break in and some lunatic naked girl running around and the police were about to come arrest me? I was starting to think of who I could call but then realize that almost all my friend’s numbers are saved on my phone and without my phone or internet I can’t even contact anyone except my parents and I REALLY didn’t want to call my parents to ask them to come pick up their naked daughter in some place (which I didn’t even know the address of anyway! Ugh!)

So finally I walk out of the washroom (still naked) and go back to the doorway we originally came in through. I open it and breathe a sigh of relief seeing him leaning against his car talking on his phone.  He puts his finger up to his mouth in a “shhh” motion and then motions for me to wait, so I do.  He keeps talking for a few minutes as I wait in the doorway feeling chilly.  Then he comes over and says it was his wife so he had to take the call.  

I told him I couldn’t find my dress or my sandals and he said he took it with him to the car “for safekeeping.”  He asked me if I’d finished all the cleaning and I said I had, so We went back to the table and he checked to make sure everything was ok.   I’m soooo approval seeking so I asked him if I’d done a good job and he just kind of said “yeah its fine” which was a little bit disappointing for me (although I tired not to show it).

I told him I really needed to clean up better before I went back to my house because my parents were going to realize something was up if my face was all fucked up with makeup and my hair all messed up.   Fortunately I had prepared and brought most things I needed in my bag (including a change of clothes).  He brought in my bag and gave me some time to clean up better in that grimy washroom, (but this time at least with better cleansers which I’d packed with me before leaving home!)

My main concern was my hair was still kind of wet and I didn’t have a blow dryer or towel, and while I was able to get rid of the mascara my eyes were still puffy as fuck and bloodshot and nothing I could do about that.

As he drove back I asked him if he had cum - He said “You couldn’t tell? I came twice”  He said he had come once fairly early on and then slowed down a bit and then come again at the end.  I think I was just so overwhelmed with all my throat slime and whatever that my senses were just too preoccupied with the abuse I was getting to notice his orgasms.

The ride home was a bit mmm weird. On the way there we had been talking and even joking a bit about things.  Thinking back I think he was just trying to keep me occupied and entertained so I didn’t bail on him before we got down to the action, but now that he’d shot his load he seemed less talkative.

I asked him a few questions but his replies were pretty terse; I asked if I’d done a good job and he said I was OK for a first timer but could work on being “more pliable”  I think he meant he didn’t like that I’d moved my head away or not opened up right a way a few times when he’d taken his cock out of my mouth.

I asked him if he took more pictures (he said yeah and video) and what he was going to do with them, and to please not share them, and he said he wouldn’t it was just for his private collection.

I got the idea he he didn’t really want to talk, he didn’t ask me anything (didn’t ask if I was ok or needed anything or anything), he just followed the directions on his GPS back to my house (actually I gave him the address of a house one street over from mine).  

I didn’t want to annoy him so I just shut up and the rest of our drive was mostly silent.  He dropped me off, I felt embarrassed but managed to say “Thank you for using me” before I got out of the car, but I just got out right after I said it so I don’t even know if he replied but he just drove off.

I started walking, and now I was super worried about what would happen when I got home.  My mom especially is super sharp and I was trying to concoct some story of how I got into a fight with a friend and I was crying which is why my eyes were puffy and.. gah I don’t know.  But I came in the door and luckily my parents were nowhere to be so I just dashed into the washroom and jumped in the shower.

My throat felt like sandpaper and I actually had trouble speaking the next day.  Even the next day it was still sore and my voice a bit hoarse and I told my mom I thought I had a bit of a cold.

Honestly I felt a bit numb and sad after the experience.  Partly I think it was because of how he just seemed so curt in the car afterwards.  I messaged him “You seemed really quiet in the car afterwards, I’m sorry if I did anything wrong.”

I’ve actually played with putting things down my throat myself but I’d usually be rubbing my clit and the same time and I have to say it’s a much more intense and tough experience when you’re not getting sexually stimulated at all.  Like at NO POINT in the night did he do anything to give me pleasure (we had actually discussed this before and I’d said that was ok and that it would be ok for him to be totally selfish and he was!) He didn’t touch my pussy at all, and I wasn’t allowed to touch it either.  But I also felt this kind of pride that I was able to take all that with no “reward” for myself.

So I guess I felt kind of “used” and weak and accepting of my fate. It felt kind of like a relief

It’s this weird mixture of excitement “I really did this!” and sadness “I really am inferior” but also anticipation and desire to just wallow in that and see how much further I can go.

Before I went to sleep I masturbated while repeating some self hating mantras to myself.

Oh. P.S. he messaged me back the next day and said he wasn’t disappointed and I didn’t do anything wrong just after he finishes cumming he just likes peace and quiet. He said with his wife he likes to cuddle and be close but with “whores” he just mostly wants them to just disappear after he shoots his load “pump and dump”.

I apologized again for talking too much and told him if we meet again we could have a rule that after he cums he can just tell me to be silent and keep my gaze down at the floor till he drops me off. He just replied “sounds perfect”

My Precious

Jason POV
I pull out my pack of limited edition Apple Watermelon gum.
Ah the best gum in the world-
And I know I can’t just eat this last piece. I grin as i formulate my plan
You see I’m not the only one who likes this gum a certain green eyed boyfriend of mine happens to love it too, so I think I’ll go find him.
Ah there just far enough away I think as I make eye contact
He grins an raises his hand to wave and then he notices whats in my hand as I slowly unwrap the last piece crumpling the packet for effect. I know he can’t get to me fast enough he knows it too but he jumps over the dinning table and onto the couch anyway
“Too late its mine now” I say as he groans in defeat right in front of me.
And Suddenly the world goes blank because he’s got both my hands pinned up and his lips are melding themselves onto mine, his other hand has my glasses pushed into my hair and I can’t control the little electric shock that zings out into the kiss, which was apparently the right thing to do since he pulls away to let me breathe and I realise I’m light headed.
I only get two pants in before he kisses me again but it’s soft this time I can taste his chapped lips moving over mine as he licks my bottom lip for permission slipping his tounge in-
And hes gone
What the heck?
He’s plopping down on the couch
“Um hello? What was that?” I ask my head still reeling as he turns around to grin at me
And then very slowly and exaggeratedly opens his mouth

Of ex-boyfriends and voodoo dolls

Hi! @hades-helm-of-darkness! It is I, your backup gifter for the @pjosecretsanta2016 since unfortunately, your original gifter had to back out of the project. So here I am. Ah, I had been thinking of creating a Christmas themed fic at first but then realizing that the celebration is way pass due, so, I opted for something else instead. Still hoping that you’ll like this little something I wrote for you. Sorry, this is a bit late too…

Also, Solangelo cause its the easiest for me to write.

Summary: There’s been a bit of a misunderstanding, really, because as far as Nico knows, he can’t curse people with voodoo dolls. Doesn’t matter now, he got a boyfriend out of it.

Will Solace is a good boyfriend, he was understanding, caring and yes, admittedly jealous on occasions but, all of those within a certain kind of basis. Will Solace is a good boyfriend. An ideal one. Probably far too good that his now ex-boyfriend had ended up getting bored and dumping him for someone else.

‘It’s not you, it’s me’

Cliche breakup line from the movies that Will never would have thought would be delivered to him. And he had started wondering, where had he gone all wrong?

“It’s been a month-

-and three days!”

“Not relevant, Leo” Rachel spoke before focusing her attention back to Will “As I was saying, it’s been far too long, Will. Give yourself a chance to heal and move on from that guy.”

“Not the easiest part, Rachel.”

“Whoever says it is?” Rachel countered “But, you’re not going to get somewhere if you don’t help yourself take that first step. Seriously, you’re way much more than this mopping, pathetic guy we barely recognize.”

“Fine” Will finally contemplate “But what do I do?”

“Why don’t we start by getting some revenge on a certain douche?” Lou Ellen closed the book she was reading, finally deciding in joining the current conversation “So, any of you ever heard of Nico di Angelo?”

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patar-fuifui submitted:

it was late at night when I drew this sad au that came out of nowhere where Tetrox didn’t get to stick around for long after she laid the egg (probably because there were still some inklings out there who prolly still had a vendetta against octarians and escalated too far u.u)
and now Arnick is left to raise their child alone..

sorry bout the sad doob coming into your box like this. I needed to share~ 


anonymous asked:

my only friend who i had left has stoped replying to me and i cant help feeling that its my fault. it has to be my fault right ? because every friend ive made has left. and by now im too afraid to let people in anymore but i really dont want to loose her although i probably have already and its too late anyways because im back in hospital for going too far again. i dont know what to do anymore.

That’s good if you’re in a hospital already. Let them help you. They are trained.

You can get out of this hole, okay? You will rock it. And I don’t think that it’s your fault. It’s only the voice of your disorder telling you it’s your fault.
Hang in there, you deserve all the help.

Lots of love to you 💕

Teacher ~ S.Coups

Word Count: 1514

The lunch room was buzzing with the conversations of other students. The topics ranging from how their day was to the new episode of some show that was on last night. You and your friends, Y/F/N and Y/S/F/N sat in your normal spot while you talked about the day’s events. Your eyes kept trailing to the face of a boy on the other side of cafeteria. Your friends noticed before glancing at each other with smirks on their faces.

“You know, with the amount of time you spend looking at Seungcheol, you could probably have walked up to him and introduced yourself.” One of the said.You rolled your eyes and looked back over to them. “And say what?” You asked. You were never good with those of the opposite gender. You hadn’t had a real boyfriend in year since you were just too awkward and shy to approach anyone. That included Seungcheol.

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Monsta X when you start a prank war and it goes too far.

Thank you for your request. I know this is a bit late but i hope you like it. :)


“I’m sorry Y/N I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I know you started it to be fun but my prank went wrong. I’m so sorry”

Originally posted by allbout-starshiplanet


“Maybe we should stop this pranking game. It’s not fun any more its just becoming hurtful”

Originally posted by so-na-gi


“Y/N its going a bit too far now. We should stop. Lets watch a movie or something instead”

Originally posted by seovkmin


Hugs you to stop you from pranking (you’re changkyun)

“Babe maybe we should stop this now”

Originally posted by beastdw


“Lets stop because i dont like the way these pranks are heading. They’re getting more serious. I don’t want anyone getting hurt ok? Please”

Originally posted by madtwn


Gets a bit angry when he realises you’ve pranked him again after he tells you to stop as they were getting dangerous. The members go to calm him down but he doesn’t speak to you again for a couple weeks, until he’s completely cooled down. You both agree to stop the pranking as its going a bit too far.

Originally posted by sausagi


Skype to you 

“We just want to stop with the pranks. We don’t like them any more. They aren’t fun and people are always getting hurt.”

Originally posted by changkyon

- Admin L

Guardian Angel - Part One

Request: OMG you opened them I love u sm😭❤️ First request ever.. I’m not even sure how to do it :c But the idea is: Y/n is Robbie’s guardian-angel and is looking after him since his birth till now. Like she saw everything in his life: first filmed scene, love, kiss, etc. And she falls in love with him, but the problem is -he can’t see her. I’m unsure how I’d love this to be finished but maybe happens smth, that helps him to see her.. Is it too silly? :c thank you anyway you are the best ❤😍💫️

Warnings: none

Notes: it makes me happy this is your first request ever! like wow, you made it out to me? I feel special! and no, not too silly!

Part Two

You had known Robbie since birth. Not in the usual way like with best friends, no. You were assigned to watch over him. You were an angel, an angel who once lived on earth, but was taken far too soon. Only because you risked your life for someone else. A child. When you were alive, you saw a toddler had sneaked away from its parents, and it ran towards the street after a ball. A car was coming, you ran and pushed the kid out of the way, but it was too late for you. Now you were a guardian angel. 

Watching Robbie grow was an interesting thing. He and his family moved around a lot, he went to different schools, and he was an actor. A truly blessed kid. He got to explore bits of the world at such a young age. You cherished him. You really did. And you were always there, even if he didn’t know you were. 

Robbie couldn’t see you. Of course he couldn’t. But from time to time, he could feel you. Like the time when h was twelve and he fell off his bike. You had grabbed him a little to help make his fall less hard. He had felt you then. Felt you grabbed you. Or when he was fifteen, and on set of Ways To Live Forever. A little piece of the set was loose and eventually fell. You pulled him into you, falling back. He felt you again. You were always there to protect him, watch over him and make sure he was okay. 

Though as time went on and Robbie got older, you began to form this likeness to him. You’d always like him, but this was becoming more. A lot more. You learned to love him. You saw him every step of the way, and knew him like no one else. Literally. You knew Robbie just as much as Robbie knew about Robbie. But he couldn’t see you. You were his guardian angel. Your time on earth had come and gone. 

The part that sucked even more was the fact that Robbie was now older than you. He was turning twenty-one this year. You had given your life up at age nineteen. He was getting older, and you didn’t want to see him get older. It’d only make you sad yet happy. Sad because he was getting older and that always made you upset because you never grew older. Happy because Robbie got the chance to live a long, fulfilling life.

But one day,something happened. You felt strange. You didn’t feel good. Angels don’t get sick. They don’t feel physical pain. Why were you feeling like you could vomit at any moment?

“No, that’s not what I–” Robbie stopped himself short. He was on the phone with his sister. “I’ll call you back… Yeah, everything’s fine… Okay, bye… Love you, too.”

You were standing in front of him. He could see you. Well, start to see you. He squinted his eyes and tilted his head. His hand with his phone slowly lowers back down to his side. He just kept staring a you. You were becoming real. But how? Surely this had never been done before.

Never has a the power of love been so strong in a being. Alive or not.” That’s what you heard in the back of you mind. It was another guardian angel. You knew it was, because it was the same voice that instructed you how to become the perfect guardian angel. “You’ve been granted another chance.” Was that why you weren’t feeling good? Because you were turning back into a live human? How strange would that be? You hadn’t been alive in a little over two decades. 

“Miss, are you all right?” Robbie asked. “You look rather faint.”

You looked down at yourself. In that same white gown you’d been wearing for years. Your feet were bare, your hair was down. You looked strikingly beautiful to Robbie. How come he’d never seen you before?

“Uh, I’m… I’m fine. You can see me?” The second you said it, you wanted to facepalm yourself. Of course he could see you.

“Yeah? Are you sure you’re okay? My name’s Robbie. Let me take you to a hospital. I don’t think you’re well.” He stepped closer to you, but didn’t touch you.

“No!” You raised your voice a little. “No… I don’t need to go to the hospital. I’m fine, I swear. My name is Y/N.” You so badly wanted to hug him. Want to physically touch him. You’d be able to touch him and talk to him.

“Can I just… This is going to be a strange request, but can I hug you? I’m sorry, I just really need a hug. I’ve had a rough couple of days.” Robbie shrugged and agreed. He hugged you tightly, and you melted. He was so sweet and so cute. His hugs were even better than you imagined. 

“Do you want to get some coffee? Talk things out if you’d like?” You nodded.

You smiled gently, wishing you could hold his hand right now, but to him, you guys had just met. But you were thankful for this second chance. Thankful for everything. You were about to create such a real, strong bond with Robbie. You’d get to tell him about yourself. The parts of you that existed in your first life. How you were, how you are now. It was going to be great for him to actually see you and hear you. 

“How about we start off with why it’s been rough for you?” Robbie asked as you two sat down in the coffee shop.

Rule 47

Previous part can be found here.

Big old thanks to yourenotascoolasyouthink for reading this.

Part Six

Hannah’s never felt so intimated by classical music in her entire life. And truth be told, it’s not the music that is making her nervous. It’s what the music means.

It’s hold music.

She’s been on hold for the better part of an hour. Because it’s Monday. Monday as in, not the weekend anymore. Monday as in a regular business day.

Monday as in, the government will take phone calls again.

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[ The8 ] Years

type : oneshot
tags & stuff : [   ] highschool!au  [   ] fluff  [   ] super long oneshot  [ ✔ ] all of the above

“Miss _____, get out.” 

Your eyes go wide, flustered at the teacher’s harsh words. The sweat pools beneath your clenched fists, heat rushing to the the tips of your ears and cheeks faster than you could control it. 

“B-” You only open your mouth for one second, the teacher’s glare enough to make your knees weak as a sigh escapes your lips. “Okay…”

Grabbing your things as you go, you close the door shut, sheer embarrassment encompassing your entire body. 

“Is she angry?” 

The voice catches you by surprise, the tiny jump unhidden from his curious gaze. The boy’s grey hair is swept across his forehead, lips tilted the slightest bit into a lop-sided smile. From the messily worn clothing to the incorrectly tied tie, you’re just about sure he hadn’t intended to just show up to class now. 

He looks at you expectantly before you finally snap out of your trance. 

“Mad as a bull,” you mutter beneath your breath, slouching down the wall of the hallway. 

The boy laughs, light and melodious and everything you’ve thought chocolate would sound like if it had a noise. “I’ll take it she probably won’t let me in then?” 

You hum in response. “But I mean, if you’re okay with shattering your eardrums for a while then be my guest.” 

“Ah,” he acknowledges. He slouches down beside you, leaning his head back on the wall before sighing heavily. “I knew I should’ve double checked the alarm…”

Your eyes glaze over his slouched body briefly, mentally tracing his profile before you stop at his tie. 

“Uhm,” you nudge him gently, “can I?” 

He looks startled at first, before his eyes follow the direction of yours as he nods politely. You will your hands not to shake as they swiftly undo his tie, briefly skimming against the top of his chest as you fold the pieces above each other. 

“Sorry―” you stammer, “I have a younger brother and his ties always get messed up― it’s just a weird habit.” 

He smiles, teeth on full display in the most endearing way possible. “Thanks. I’m Minghao.”


Maybe the first day of high school wouldn’t be as bad as you thought. 

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