because now i can't stop staring at it

Being autistic isn’t always ‘cute, quirky things’, like knowing a hundred random facts about forensic pathology because it was my special interest in the sixth grade; or not knowing pop culture references because I didn’t watch that tv show, I was too busy reading books on forensic pathology.

But it’s always, constantly, that near panic fear of -

Oh no, they’re looking at me, why are they looking at me?

It’s my turn to talk!

What do I say?

Is this the right speaking volume?

Am I talking too fast?

Are these the right words?

Do I sound intelligent enough for the people I’m talking to?

Am I using too many big words?

Am I over explaining?

Wait, how’s my volume?

Oh shoot, I was distracted by my volume and I used a big word and now everyone’s laughing at me.

Why is their forehead creased? Are they mad? Is that a happy crease?

Why am I waving my hands so much?

I need to stop waving my hands.

Great, now everyone is staring at my hands.

Okay, great, I think this conversation is over!

Oh, no, wait, they’re talking again.

Look them in the eye.

No, wait, that’s too much eye contact.

Uhhhhh …

We’re done?

We’re done, whew. Another social interaction over.

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okay, I love your camp halfblood AU but also, please tell us more about Dex, son of aphrodite, because I can't stop imagining him grumpily standing in a plastic shell while the aphrodite soundtrack from hercules the animated series is playing in the background xD

OH MY GOD STOP. Now Aphrodite is Lisa Kudrow that’s what’s happening in this AU look what you did. 

Okay Dex is a son of Hephaestus it’s just a Fact, but I love him as a son of Aphrodite because it’s just…he’s not. He’s the worst son of Aphrodite ever and he knows it and he’s just so MAD. He gets claimed and everyone is staring at him and he’s like “mother of FUCK” and someones like “lol yeah that’s your mom” and he’s gotta throw down right there. 

Not much changes with him being a son of Aphrodite, like I still think he would talk his way into the Cabin 9 bunker to work with the Hephaestus kids, even if they don’t believe an Aphrodite kid can keep up with them (he can). But he probably fights a lot more, like he’s training in every weapon he can get his hands on just because FUCK YOU GUYS I CAN FIGHT TOO. He’s over compensating so hard but no one really wants to make fun of him because he’ll fuck them up. 

His sisters adore him and his brothers are scared of him but they all keep trying to give him a makeover and he has climbed out of the window of cabin 10 so many times trying to escape this Hell. They always wanna know about his love life too, but they’re always disappointed because he doesn’t know how to do that. He’s busy he doesn’t have time for this. Also he’s ugly and no one likes him.

That last part’s not true and Dex doesn’t even actually care but he said it once and four of his sisters just started bawling and it was a stressful time in Cabin 10. It’s always a stressful time in Cabin 10 for Dex but that day was particularly rough. He’s actually a good looking guy, but he’s so stressed and embarrassed about being a son of Aphrodite that he just assumes all flirting with him is a joke and he has to fight someone. 

Aphrodite Dex literally always has to fight someone it’s his Curse here. That someone is usually Nursey, but sometimes he mixes it up. 

“You look really nice today Dex. I…like your hair.”

“Yeah HAHA Nurse, you’re so goddamn fucking funny. Because I’m a son of Aphrodite and you’re Ares HAHAHAHA shut the fuck up gods I hate you.”

“HAHA. Yeah. Got you good. Why don’t you love me?

It’s okay though, because Nursey can openly sob into his pillow in Cabin 5 and no one will say anything because they’re all so fucking embarrassed they don’t want to acknowledge it’s happening. 

The Useless Lesbian Meme
  • (or: girls are hot and I am bothered) - requested by niceleatherinterior
  • Gathered up from chats and the internet. Feel free to change pronouns, add your own etc
  • "____, you useless lesbian!"
  • "My straight girlfriends hate me because every time they have relationship problems my answer is to 'dump him and date me'."
  • "I can't wait to have kids and get them caught in a constant loop of 'Go ask your mother'."
  • "My mom always said I'd grow out of thinking boys are gross well I'm in college now and the boys have just gotten grosser."
  • "I like girls like I like my glasses -- sitting on my face."
  • "Listen, honey, if the girl you're going down on isn't acting out that exorcism scene in Emily Rose, you aren't doing it right."
  • "I admit it: I only complimented your shirt because you caught me staring at your tits."
  • "My please-be-gaydar is redlining."
  • "Well dip me in honey and toss me to the lesbians..."
  • "I love and hate yoga pants. It's like going to a buffet when you're on a juice fast."
  • "Never take me bra shopping, I just wind up distracted by all the boobs."
  • "Oh sure, when he sleeps around he's a 'player' but when I do it I'm a 'lesbian'."

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(Monii) So can we discuss Jungkook's love/fascination with Jimin's body in light of recent events. Let's talk about all the times he's stroked his chest/arms, rubbed/smacked/grabbed his butt, checked him out, stared at his lips (to the point of trying to take off something we can't see), stared in general, compliments him (since when are toes cute?!), stands behind him really close (because he loves the size difference) and whatever else I missed. (p.s. your tags are making me blush. stop it.)

hey Monii ~ ~

if you look look at jungkook’s behaviour with jimin from their debut till now , you can see how much it has changed , he used to be shy around jimin , not really able to express how fond of him he really was , nor how much he liked him as a person and respected him , how cute he thought he was .. he was overwhelmed with the love jimin was showering him with when he was still figuring out himself , and this was only when it’s jimin , with every other member he’d be okay with the excessive skinship whenever there was a camera around.. etc, but when it was jimin , he’d get so flustered..

in recent interviews,he said that he’d use the “tsundere” /”cold on the outside warm in the inside” image with the person he likes/has a crush on, and well he has been using that with jimin all these years , by giving him his jacket whenever he felt cold (war of hormones mv making) , by trying to act really manly around him (trying to grill meat for him when he has never tried doing it whenever he went out with the other members) him and stuff.

so all of that was a part of : him trying to figure out who he was , and why the hell was he feeling so flustered with jimin’s love , but also trying so show jimin that even though he was shy and still figuring everything out that he still cared about him , that he acknowledges his feelings which were very sincere , he has never faked it just for the show , nor for fanservice… he knew that jimin really did like him..

- complements- nowadays , jungkook is so much better at expressing himself and how he feels about jimin , he compiments him freely whenever he wants , unlike how he used to be like , like that time he got a mission to compliment jimin , and jimin was so surprised he was like : “but you never complement me” , see ? now he does it whenever he has a chance to !  “cute toes” (!!!!!!)( are you talking about the video where he kept saying that he wants jimin over and over again?” ) , “jimin hyung is so unique” , “ jimin , are you allowed to be this cool?” <— this last one , the level of flustration one must feel in order for them to say something  like that is just …  , jimin is driving him crazy! , the countless times he called jimin “sexy”,” jimin hyung’s eyes are so pretty” <—- he literally repeated himself over three times just to make sure that jimin has indeed heard him.

-body appreciation- it’s well known that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s chest by now , i mean he was standing in front of a lake he could only get one chance to see in his life, and he was so much more fascinated by jimin’s chest ,or that time he was unnecessarilly stroking jimin’s chest when he was showing his outfit , or in their anniversary thing when he did it again with no reason at all.  he likes his arms as well , i remember seeing him not being able to stop touching jimin’s arm muscles in one video , and jimin was totally chill about it like he got used to that by now .

he has a thing for the jibooty as well , there is this video where he literally zooms in to jimin’s butt and says: “ looks at his butt”, the thirst in his voice is undeniable! , there was also this time when he literally grabbed jimin’s butt when everyone was lined up during one of their performances and were supposed to slightly touch the person in front of them , and last but not least that iconic moment when he grabbed , rubbed , then slapped jimin’s butt right when they were about to start rehearsing , oh and in the most recent run ep when he smacked it after manhandling jimin ( that was a legendary slap the best one yet)

how many times has he been caught staring at jimin’s lips ? like that time during this vlive when stared at them hard enough to notice something no camera was able to catch , and was even willing to take it off jimin’s lips ?? what? and during the same reahearsel that i mentioned above , whenever he talked to jimin he’d be looking directly at his lips!

the size difference !!! by now, it’s very clear how obsessed jungkook is by their size difference, in one the most recent fansigns he was the one to suggest to compare their fingers with jimin’s (!!) , he indeed has a thing for jimin’s hands , he’d take every opportunity to touch them , like , here he touched jimin’s hand with no apparent reason at all, or like how they’d keep playing arm wrestling just to touch each other’s hands (????)   the size difference is really notable between them , i remember @satellite-jeon once said that jungkook is getting buffer and biffer each day,it’s really so much for jimin to take .. which i  couldn’t agree more on.

he has a thing for jimin’s aegyo as well, he even said that his ideal type was “ someone cute who can’t do aegyo” , and it’s well known that jimin used to do his “horror aegyo”  . doing aegyo is just not his thing yet he is a person who’s naturally cute , he also stated that his ideal type was someone “with six packs” “tanned skin” “jimin’s height” “older” *cough*jimin*cough* , no but seriously tho , he’d high key describe jimin every damn time he was asked about his ideal type !

staring at jimin in general, looking like he just fell in love with him all over again, this one here is just … anyone can tell how much he loves / is attracted to  the person he’s looking at , this one too, and during that whole vlive where he looked like he could kiss him at any moment ………..

My second commission piece I’ve gotten by the lovely @hansaera-art!! Presenting Ena'fen Lavellan (Aka Ena), the Inquisitor of my story Monachopsis on AO3!

Thank you again for the millionth time, Saera! She is beautiful and just how I pictured her! Everyone needs to go now and check out her blog and artwork because it is amazing and she is an amazing person!

  • Trini: *sitting staring at a wall*
  • Zack: Why are you staring at the wall?
  • Trini: I'm trying to focus.
  • Zack: On what? Can we move things with our mind now? Is that a power we get. Billy was talking about it earlier. Telekinesis...
  • Trini: *sighs* Nothing that impressive.
  • Zack: Why the wall though?
  • Trini: *closes eyes* Because it's blank. Nothing.
  • Zack: Why are you focusing on nothing?
  • Trini: *turns right towards Zack and opening eyes* BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT KIM! And her gorgeous eyes. And that damn smile. And...
  • Zack: *laughs and points over Trini's shoulder*
  • Trini: *Turns left and sees Kim*
  • Kimberly: That working out for you?
  • Trini: *stands* What?
  • Kimberly: *nods towards the wall* The wall?
  • Trini: *blushes* No.
  • Kimberly: *smirks* Good. *starts walking away*
  • Zack: *raises hand for high-five* Nice.
  • Trini: *grabs Zack's raised arm and flips him* Kim! Wanna go fight over something sweet?

So, for the past ten days or so, I probably spent about 70 hours in the car and drove over 3000 miles.  So, Director Sanvers long drive hcs.

  • They are all very much of the ‘drive as long as possible and sleep in rest areas’ frame of mind unless it’s a legit road trip, where half of the point is to make stops along the way.
    • Except, there are three of them, which means they just only stop for food and short breaks, and rotate the driver.
  • They always start the trip with one in the driver’s seat, and the other two in the back.  Once the first driver gets to the point of needing to sleep, however, the other two move to the front, so the back can be used for sleeping.
  • Lucy has exactly three types of music she listens to while on long drives.  Disney music (and other animated movies), classic rock, and country.
    • Maggie is actually all for all of it.
    • Alex fucking hates her girlfriends sometimes
  • Road trip snacks
    • Alex and Lucy eat nothing but junk while in the car
    • Maggie shakes her head and throws an apple at them
      • She is also the one who makes sure they stop to eat, and not just grab fast food through a drive in
  • Alex mapping out everything, every rest area, every gas station.  She has multiple routes planned.  One is faster, one is a shorter distance, one takes them past some really cool museums.
  • Having to pull over in the middle of nowhere because I told you we should have stopped at that gas station, Lane and laying on the top of the car, staring at the night sky over the plains, as they wait for roadside assistance.
  • Me: Huh, can't believe Joseph and Robert actually had sex one time.
  • Brain: What? Joseph and Robert had a relationship that went sour?
  • Me: Wha-- No, that's not what I--
  • Brain: You saying that Robert fell in love hard and was torn up about the break up because it was the first bit of affection he'd received since his wife died?
  • Me: Please don't...
  • Brain: And now all he can do is stare longingly across the yard during the neighbourhood barbecues as Joseph acts like it never happened?
  • Me: Why do you always--
  • Brain: So Robert drinks and has casual sex with strangers to fill the void. No longer forming any real relationships because he just can't stand the pain of it ending?
  • Me: *in tears* Stop! Stop, I'm already dead!!
  • Brain: And that's why he doesn't trust anyone.

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Could I have h/c of mtmte Rodimus, Drift and Rung with an human s/o who was going to the next room to fetch something when they hear a *thud* and a loud curse word right after and when they walks in they see their s/o on the ground who had fell in splits and now can't get up. (This happened actually to my friend once.)

I need to see this because that is beautiful. If I fell in the splits I would cry.



”What the frag are you doing in here, babe?” He asks as he walks into the room and stops dead in his tracks, staring straight at you. You know that look in his optics, the mischievous gleam. Please be gentle.

He burst out laughing, holding his stomach, doubled over as he laughs so hard he starts crying. He can’t believe you right now! How did you even do that?! You feel the crushing shame of all your ancestors baring down on your shoulders as you look down at your legs, just help.

He finally gently pushes you over so you can pull yourself out of the splits and stand up, but he hasn’t stopped laughing and your cherry red face is /not/ going to stop him now. You will /never/ live this down.


He jumps up and comes running into the room, banging into the frame as he slides into the room, “What happened are… you al… right?” He is so confused as he stares down at you, how did you even?

He smirks about, “You know… If you did yoga with me you’d be able to jump right out of that.”

”Shut the fuck up and help me.” Wow. Rude.


He comes rushing in as fast as he can, ready to pull anything off you or take you straight to Ratchet, or have someone take you. He’s not very fast. However as you come into view he stops, what is this?

“My love… What… Are you doing?” He doesn’t understand, you should be able to move your legs and get out of this just fine.

“Picnicking with the dust bunnies.” You say dryly and he chuckles his helm and apologizes for asking as he gently sets you back on your feet and asks if you’re alright. Yes, yes you’re fine, just burning with the shame only rivaled by that of a thousand white, hot suns.

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Rewatching the boatbang-scene just makes me feel so uncomfortable and sad (for both characters, because they both want such different things), but I still crack up when Jon just stops and stares down at Dany, because that is the facial expression of a man that just figured out that he wants a SPECIFIC someone else there instead and now he can't unsee that.

Hi, nonny! Yes, ‘sad’ is the right word here. As I said a couple of times before, I would be completely okay with it if it was just sexual attraction and we got a good sex scene like on many other shows, for example (see Spartacus, The Tudors, Black Sails, even Camelot…). I mean, two characters can have sex without actual love being involved and that’s completely okay as long as the audience is fanning themselves by the end of it (and not just over Kit’s glorious butt).

Or make it a love scene. Give me at least two eps of build up, fighting, sharing secretes, joking, etc. Then give a proper passionate kiss, touching foreheads, nervous smiles… Oh, wait, you already gave me that with Jon and his sister, that’s right. So they know how to do it. Why haven’t they done it again? a) This isn’t a love scene, which is nice for me. b) This is a poorly written love scene, which isn’t nice for me at all.

About that expression I hadn’t thought about it that way, really. I could be really petty now and say it’s because I’ve never seen it, but I won’t. Anyway, it’s clearly the expression of someone who finds out what he’s really doing, be it having sex with someone he doesn’t care that much about, selling his body (what I need to believe, even though I don’t like it) to gain his people’s freedom, possibly fathering a bastard, realising he’s betraying the ones (not just Sansa) he truly loves just for boobies a queen he just met… It’s the face of a man who knows his actions are not 100% right and good. He knows something about is really wrong. And of course the writers want us to believe that he truly is in love and just realised their love is impossible, yadayadayada.

But why didn’t they sell it to me, then, like they sold Jonsa? By S05 I thought Jon x Sansa was a delusion, something that didn’t make any sense. I had no shipper goggles on S06. See? They know how to sell a ship. How didn’t they sell the greatest of them all?

And now about D@ny. I can’t help but to feel terrible for her as well. She is being deceived by the man she potentially loves (I believe that she has at least a crush on him, I can see that much by what D&D decided to share with us). Of course she can’t just say “Okay, I believe you on that WW mess because Tyrion says so and you have a nice manbum manbun, let me help”. That would be OOC for her, someone who so far hasn’t listened to pretty much ANYONE regarding ruling and warfare. But sure as hell she doesn’t deserve to be that lovey dovey for a man who wears the same expression to bed he wore after being brought back from the dead. She has made some bad stuff, we can all agree about that. But wouldn’t her fans be more pleased by something like Robb x Talissa ish? I know I would. I know that if Sansa ever has a good sex scene (or a sex scene altogether because rape sure as hell isn’t sex) I want something like that, or like Grey Worm x Missandei. I don’t want boatbang for my ship, and I sure as hell don’t need Bran to voice it over.

I think that sex scene is meant to make the audience feel uneasy. If you ship them, now you know they are aunt and nephew, and that Jon’s claim is stronger, and that it will end-up badly because they gain nothing by marrying each other (D@ny loses her claim if Jon is legitimate, Jon loses his claim to the North because he’s not Ned Stark’s son…) and D@ny longs to restore her family’s dynasty more than anything in the world. A man wouldn’t make her forget it, like Daario didn’t. And Jon longs to be a Stark. So clearly their supposed love story cannot be.

Oh, gosh, so sorry for the long answer! Anyway, big hug and write anytime! <3

How to Make Yourself Practice

Practicing is hard. Maybe not the actual process of running through your music - if you’ve been using your instrument for a while, that is almost an automatic response now. No, the hard part is getting yourself to the practice room, AND staying there, AND not being on your phone for half the time you’re in there. I know that I still struggle with that sometimes. However, I’ve found a couple things that help make practicing, well, not easy, but doable.

Schedule it in

I mentioned this in my previous post, but seriously. Do it. Preferably earlier in your day. I don’t mean early in THE day, I mean just schedule it to be one of the first things you do in the morning. Even if it’s just spending half an hour before your first class, morning practice will take a huge weight off your shoulders. You’ll know that no matter how the rest of the day goes, you’ve done at least that half hour. How I usually do it is half an hour in the morning, and an hour after lunch. 

You can, of course, put it whenever you focus best, but schedule it in and keep that time sacred. No homework during that time. No tutoring. That time is for you and your instrument, and if you don’t defend it you will find that the world will steal it away from you and it has been a week since your last lesson and you’ve practiced a grand total of 45 minutes. Don’t let that be you.

Have a plan

Whenever you make it to that practice room, don’t just sit down with your instrument and hope. Know what you want to accomplish. My current routine as a vocalist goes like this:

  • Spend like three minutes stretching. I get tense really easily and being relaxed as I play is something my teacher and I are working me through.
  • Ten minutes of warming up - less if I’ve already sung today. I make sure to run through some technical diction exercises and go through my entire range no matter what.
  • Five minutes going through my music and deciding what to focus on. Usually there’s one or two pieces that I know need daily work, and the rest I practice on a rotating schedule.
  • Ten minutes on two or three pieces I have pretty well in hand, to keep them in voice. 
  • Ten minutes on the hardest section of my hardest piece.
  • Ten minutes on parts for my choir and a capella groups.
  • Ten minutes on two or three other pieces that I know pretty well to end the practice hour on a good note.

Your practice plan might look completely different from this. Just know what you want to accomplish when you start, otherwise you won’t know when to finish.

Don’t force yourself to keep going.

If your attention span can only remain steady for half an hour, then only practice for a half hour at a stretch - focused practice is way more effective than futzing around after your brain is done for the day. It’s better to do three half hour practice sessions if that’s how your brain is set up than one three-hour long lump that doesn’t accomplish anything. Knowing your own limits and patterns is the best way to make sure practice is effective. 

If you’re losing focus but still want to keep practicing, take a five minute water break. It’s no good to try and force yourself to practice through brain fog. Breath, take a drink, maybe step outside your practice room for a moment if there isn’t danger of getting sucked into a conversation. Then go back in and try to do ten more minutes of work.

(Hint: It’s a lot easier to go back again if you stop practicing something mid-phrase for a break. Sounds silly but it works.)

Finally, once you’re done for the day, stop. If you feel like you’re going to scream if you play one more scale, or if something starts to hurt, or if you end up staring blankly at the music more than you actually play it, it’s time to be done. 

Now go practice.

yahoo answers questions the signs have probably asked
  • <p> <b>aries:</b> I shot my girlfriend. Should I feel bad?<p/><b>taurus:</b> I hate my life because I ate 14 bowls of cereal, what should I do?<p/><b>gemini:</b> Girls would it be a bad idea if I dressed my d!ck up in costumes in order to make a woman laugh?<p/><b>cancer:</b> I'm sad because I can't marry my Kpop idol?!?<p/><b>leo:</b> I showed my penis to this cute girl in my math class, now I'm in trouble?<p/><b>virgo:</b> How can I make people stop hating me?<p/><b>libra:</b> My grandma is flirting with my boyfriend...?<p/><b>scorpio:</b> A penis is bothering my mind...?<p/><b>sagittarius:</b> My crush won't talk to me after I shat myself on our first date?<p/><b>capricorn:</b> Why does my cat stare at me when I masturbate?<p/><b>aquarius:</b> I smoked 10 marijuanas ?<p/><b>pisces:</b> I heard mommy making funny noises last night with daddy?<p/><b></b> those are real questions btw<p/></p>
😊 9 😊
  • : : ALSO MY 10,000TH POST 🍾
  • ~~
  • *the lab*
  • Sherlock: *working at the microscope*
  • Sherlock: *casually* Molly and I are friends with benefits.
  • John: ...
  • John: *frowns* I- sorry?
  • Sherlock: *looks up* Friends. With benefits. Ever since she moved in. For her own protection, obviously.
  • John: *nods; a bit thrown* Yeah...obviously *shakes his head; stern* you better not have taken advantage-
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Of course not. She offered.
  • John: *clears his throat* Right, well...err, good for you.
  • Sherlock: Mmm, take away and a fresh liver tonight. Separately.
  • John: ...
  • John: What?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* The benefits of having a pathologist for a flatmate, John.
  • John: ...
  • John: *walking away* I hate you.
  • Sherlock: *confused*
  • Molly: *enters the lab; shaking her head* People have been giving me really weird looks all day.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *worried* Do you think I've upset anyone?
  • Sherlock: No idea. Ready?
  • Molly: *sighs* Yes. Here's your sodding liver *hands him a sealed bag*
  • Sherlock: Thank you. Chinese?
  • Molly: *gathers her bag* Yeah *rolls her shoulders* honestly, I'm just looking forward to getting to bed.
  • Lab Tech: *walking past; side-eyes her*
  • Molly: *gestures; hissing* You see? What is that?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone; dismissive* It's probably nothing, Molly. Taxi's waiting *walks off*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; hlaf-jogs to keep up*




Dinner With Parents
  • Justin's POV
  • Babe can you help me with my watch?" She smiled and walked over, "course baby" She's so beautiful and she's all mine. "Babe why are you shaking? Are you feeling alright? Do I need to cancel?" she asked as she put the back of her head in my forehead "No, no, no I'm fine I'm just a little nervous babe that's all." She laughed, "It's my just my mom and dad" "Exactly, it's your mom and dad, what if they don't like me?" She turned around and looked in the mirror and put her necklace on. "You'll be fine Justin, I promise." I walked up and put my arms around her as she placed a kiss on her neck. "You're right, you look beautiful babe." I murmured against her neck. "Thanks handsome, what time is it?" I looked at my new watch I got for this occasion, "7: 08, we have to go" I opened the door for her and walked behind her locking the door on the way out.
  • I'm about to meet my girlfriends parents, as far as I've heard her dad is intimidating but what father isn't? It's his little girl and here comes this random guy sweeping her off her feet. No dad is okay with that but other than that her mom seems really sweet. The ride was really quiet, the nervousness in air was so thick I could probably cut it. I got reservations at this really nice place in town, it was small but a classy place with the best menu in California, I wanted the best for my girl. When we got there we kinda just sat in the car for a few minutes. "We have to get out at some point babe" ,she said looking at me. "I know, I know." "You ready then?" I nodded, "Yeah." She leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. "Wait there okay?" She nodded confused, "okaaay.", she said. I got out and walk around to her side to open her door for her, "Oh thank you," she said and smiled. "I'm so excited for you to meet them, it'll be great." I nodded with agreement with everything she said until we sat down.
  • She kept rambling on with these stories she's told me a thousand times and it was cute, but I wasn't paying attention. For once it wasn't because I was nervous, it was because I just noticed how good she looked in her little dress. God damn "Baby you look so sexy." I blurted put interrupting her. "Oh I do huh?" She said with a slight smirk on her face, "Yes baby, you do.." I trailed off going in to kiss her but I was interrupted but her clearing her throat. "What?" She did a little head nod and I spun around almost falling out my seats. There were her parents, I jumped out off my seat and banged my knee on the table. Her dad already looked very displeased. I out my hand out to meet his and he had a death grip on me. "Hello Mr.(Y/L/N), so nice to finally meet you sir." I tried to discretely but desperately get my hand out of his. When he finally let go I rubbed my hand because of the pain. I'm not weak but geez he was defiantly stronger than me. "Hello Mrs. (Y/L/N) you look very lovely I can see where (Y/N) gets her looks from." I said smiling and kissed her hand, her laughed lightly and playfully slapped my shoulder, "Oh stop it you, it's nice to finally meet you too!" We all got seated and there was a lot of conversations going and the waiter had cam around with a few times, he kept bringing us rolls. A while had passed and I began to relax, "What exactly are your intentions with my daughter Justin?" Everyone looked at me, "Oh uhm I just want to make her the happiest girl since she makes me the happiest man," I said looking at her, damn she looks so good "..And I wanna provide for her and give her what she deserves, which is everything!" I looked back to her father and he just nodded. "You seem to be on the right track, what about marriage?" I looked between everyone, "W-we've talked about marriage, (Y/N) and I, it's bound to happen someday.." He didn't say anything back but went about his conversations with his wife.
  • "Babe my knee hurts from earlier." I whispered in her ear and she giggled, " My poor baby." ,she whispered putting her hand on my knee and rubbing it, her laughing brought us some attention because her dad continued to ask me more questions. "Have you heard Lebron is leaving the Heat?" (Y/N) moved her hand up and looked at me, "I did, which sucks for the Heat but at least now the Cavs got new fans right?" I laughed and so did he, I guess a few drinks lightened him up. He kept talking to me which was really nice actually, but out of no where I (Y/N)'s hand on my crotch and my eyes got wide and my knee flew up again, "Are you okay there buddy?" I looked back at him quickly, "Yeah I'm great, thanks for asking." He looked confused but sparked up a conversation about the World Cup with me, as she kept palming me through my pants. Fuck I'm so hard, I put my hand on hers because I wanted her to ease up, why would she do this right now? I looked at her and she just smiled and kept going.
  • I was biting my lip so hard trying to stop my self from groaning, "I'll be right back." Her father stood up and walked away so now her mother was asking about my family and all the good stuff. I can't focus, how am I supposed to focus? She kept moving harder and I started to shuffle around. She gripped it really hard and I choked right as her dad sat and the stared. She stopped and I look at her as she patted my back, "Are you okay?" I just kept a blank stare at her and she laughed, she put her back in my thigh and we all continued to eat but she, she just wouldn't quit. She kept going and I could even eat because I might choke. I feel a feeling in my stomach and my head turned to her so fast. She knew what she was doing.
  • She palmed faster and harder and I was pretty much a whimpering mess, "(Y/N) s-stop..." She shook her head, "Nope" oh fuck, there it was. We both knew I always moan when I cum and the only thing I could do was shove a dinner roll in my mouth. It kinda muffled out my moan but not enough because her parents looked at me. "You okay there Justin?" Her dad asked and I hurriedly chewed and swallowed it. "Yeah, that dinner roll was just really good," I panted out, " was Just a really good roll." I half laughed and (Y/N) burst out laughing.
  • she's gonna get it later.
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We’re Starting At The End [ch.1]

Summary: The end of the world happens just like it would any other day, leaving Percy stumbling on his own until he runs into Annabeth. But the world isn’t that kind, and building a new life is hard when it keeps crumbling at his fingertips every step of the way. Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Walking Dead, or anything else you may recognize. The title is from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

edit | art

It’s finally Wednesday, and I know a lot of you guys have been so excited for it just like me! Make sure to come by my ask later with what you’re thinking! Expect me to post on Wednesdays, and if I change the update day, then I’ll let you guys know. Here we go.


Percy thinks that it’s ridiculous that Annabeth carries a guitar with them. It makes too much noise sometimes, and the thing is going to get one of them killed one day.

Even though he jokes about it, he doesn’t think it will actually happen.

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Yes, I am finally a match for Amy. The other morning I woke up next to her, and I studied the back of her skull. I tried to read her thoughts. For once I didn’t feel like I was staring into the sun. I’m raising to my wife’s level of madness. Because I can feel her changing me again: I was a callow boy, and then a man, good and bad. Now at last I’m the hero. I am the one to root for in the never-ending war story of our marriage. It’s a story I can live with. Hell, at this point, I can’t imagine my story without Amy. She is my forever antagonist.

We are one long frightening climax.

text | Christian + Maddie
  • Maddie: Was last night even real?
  • Maddie: Baby you should see how hard I'm cheesing in class right now. Pretty sure I'm not retaining ANYTHING in this lecture but I don't even careeee because I'm so so so so happy.
  • Maddie: Also I can't stop staring at my hand.
  • Maddie: Also hi, I love you.