because now i actually know how to use photoshop


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Do you think you could post the tutorials you used to make GIFs, please? :)

I actually learnt how to make gifs form a bunch of different tutorials and I wouldn’t know where to find them now 

A few people have asked this question before so I’m just gonna show you with screenshots how I make gifs under the cut :)

in particular, this one

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Do you have any tips what software/app to use when you're coloring in your drawing? I found my problem to be coloring my drawing after a big issue. Btw I love your art! My favorite right now is with Anya and little Lexa, keep up the good work.

I do all my art in PaintTool SAI.  I learned/taught myself with Photoshop, but if you’re a beginner I would actually recommend using GIMP.  It’s free, and far less complicated than either of those programs.  PS is amazing for art (of course) but can be hugely overwhelming for newbies because of how ridiculously complicated it appears.  If you start with a more basic program, then move to PS or SAI, you know what simple tools and settings you need to start, and then you can experiment from there to utilize the specifics program’s tools.

I’d also recommend using lots of layers.  Lot’s of digital artists don’t (and I don’t, sometimes) but it’s a good safety net while you’re learning, and it’s easier to correct mistakes.  I think a lot of starting digital artists see all these speed runs and tutorials by amazing artists doing entire pieces on one or two layers and think they need to do the same, but nah man.  Use as many layers as you want.  

For example

That is not a progress gif, it’s just the layers of the final piece being added one at a time.  I can get dozens of layers in the one picture; I’ve gone into the hundreds before.  Not all of them make it to the final piece, they might just be tests or hidden sketches, but they were there.  Layers are good, love layers!