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Screaming about that one text “I could never hate Even.” You all remember that, don’t you ? When Isak came home, heartbroken, after learning the truth. 

Isak, who only few hours later, was making researchs about “manic” episodes and “bipolar”. Isak, this smart, smart boy, who wanted to understand what had happened the night Even ran away in the dark.  He couldn’t just shut down on Even, despite himself reaching the lowest point, he had to understand. 

“I need time.” And he took time, and in the end, what was his conclusion ? Rushing down to school, memories flashing back, to the one moment where it all began. The moment where he breathed for the first time. The moment he was sitting on that bench next to Even. “I want to be someone else or I’ll explode.”, that’s the thing, Isak was suffocating in this world before he met Even. Before he dared looking up and meet those blue eyes. Before their hands brushed, reaching for that smoke. Reaching, in reality, for freedom, for acceptance. 

The conclusion was that, there was no reality for Isak without Even anymore. “NEI!”, he maybe had let go one time, two times, but he would not this time. Not now, not ever. Nothing was sure in this world, a bomb might drop on us tomorrow, but this, Isak had the certainty. His hand would always be tangled to Even’s. He would make sure of it. Even if that meant, taking it one minute at a a time.

Flash forward to 4 months later, “Even and I” are moving in together. And in my mind, even though Even had always thought about it, i mean have you paid attention toy the way Even had always looked at Isak, like he was the most precious being on earth, and to Even he will always be. So this, every day, every night, that was the ultimate dream. But was he feeling worthy of it ? When you look at him today, you think maybe not. Because Even still feels Isak deserve better. Better than the weight he would ever bring upon his shoulders, because that’s the one thing being repeated over and over in his mind. What a burden he could be in Isak’s life.

When to Isak, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even really did save him. He’s free today because that one extraordinary being had cared enough, not just to bang at his door, but to wait until Isak himself would be ready to open. And he did. To discover those fears he had all his life about the outside had kept him locked from experiencing the beauty this world could hold as well. 

Being accepted by his close friends, by his parents, finding acceptance within himself. Because, yes, Even had remained by his side. Because Even made him feel safe, because it was okay to be himself finally, to let go of everything and just breathe. Because Even had seen right through him from the first moment he met Isak and had loved him exactly as he was.”I was there to meet you.”

And one day, Isak was probably laying in bed with Even, as they took the habit, ever since that first weekend shared together at the kollektiv. Isak, simply looking by his side, Even’s arm wrapped around his shoulder, and realizing, this is what I want. Always. So asking him, “let’s move in together”, Even staring right at him, like was Isak being serious right this second, and seeing the answer right away, in his soft smile. Isak’s hand brushing over his cheek. He knew Isak was being serious. He knew what he meant. And Even wanted it, just as much, heart threatening to burst out of his chest. (just like that day in the locker room….) Remaining speechless. “let’s move in together”, as Isak would repeat it once more, cupping both his hands now on Even’s cheek, forehead resting against forehead, waiting for an answer. 

It was more than Even could ever have wished for, those 4 months had already been so much. Isak standing by his side through it all. Even when he had such a weight over his chest, he couldn’t move anymore, or even talk. But Isak arms would always remain, like a shelter through the storm. “Du er ikke alene.” And Even knew that today. But still, that voice had never left him. He would always be the night to Isak’s light. And yet, focusing on those green eyes, it was becoming more and more of a whisper. Feeling the warmth and love emanating from Isak’s entire being towards him. There was nothing else, just Isak and him. Closing now the gap, kissing finally his beautiful boyfriend, like the first breath he was taking every time they touched. A silent “yes, you and me, always.” 

“You and me, always.” So if anything, believe in this. Believe, the moment Isak will find out, the moment Even will try to protect him and run away again, Isak’s hand will be pulling on his arm, and bring him back closer to him. No need to figure things out this time.  Wrapping his arms around Even, tighter than ever, there is nothing you might do that will ever change that. I will always stand right next to you. “OUR future.” there isn’t a life without you anymore. From the moment we met. 

“And the moment I’ve saved you, you will answer ‘I save you right back’ “

okay but Sana’s not dumb. even if she wouldn’t bring it up to the girls in the chat, what are the chances that she heard the Even and Mikael comment and thought back to the curiosity Isak showed about Mikael. 

I feel like Sana knows that there is something going on here. And I’d love to see like some text messages to Isak being like lowkey probing, but not really obvious about her intentions. But Isak isn’t dumb either and immediately catches on that she kows more than she’s letting on. So he stonewalls her and keeps nagging her until all she sends him in the link to the Roulette video and no other messages.

So Isak hides in the bathroom and watches it and nothing makes sense because Even hasn’t told him anything. Actually, the only thing that makes sense is that Even hasn’t told him anything about his time at Bakka and that needs to be fixed.

Place The Blame On Fayecastle

Dan and Phil had broken up over 6 years ago. There hadn’t been anything since then. No phone call, no text, just nothing. Until now, apparently. Because now Dan was in the bookshop with fairly lights adorning the walls and Phil was standing in front of him and everything had come crashing down once again.

word count: 4,282

triggers: drinking, mentions of self harm, mentions of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, mentions of rape, mentions of physical abuse, slight body dysphoria

ao3 link.  read pt.1 here (You can read this without reading the first part! It will still make sense dw.)

This was written for a competition ( @phanficwritingcomp​ )

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wildbloodstormer  asked:

What's your opinion on the interpretation that Lady Macbeth is a young girl? I've always been under that impression based on her deep-set ambition and her possible psychosis after the implied death of a child or loss of an unborn child. Of course it's known that girls had little to no power, and were viewed only as objects for men and mothers, nothing more. It may just be my interpretation of her character, but I would like to know a more... academic stance on it.

I’ve never actually seen that interpretation, but as far as I know there’s nothing in the text to dictate specifically how old they are. The Macbeths are often depicted as childless and middle-aged, which I (personally) think makes a certain amount of sense, because it makes their desperate power-grabbing that much easier to understand: they have no children and they’re looking to leave a legacy. Why else is Macbeth so horrified at the idea of Banquo’s offspring taking the place of his own? Dynastic inheritance is not something you usually see anxiety about among Shakespeare’s younger characters, because they have plenty of time to make babies. Similarly, Macbeth spends a lot of time in the play drawing attention to his superior age and rank (notice how many times he calls Malcolm and other, younger soldiers “boy”), which would imply that he, at least, is not that young. Of course, sometimes there was a wide gap in ages between wife and husband, but personally I don’t see anything to suggest that here. I have a hard time reading Lady M as a young girl simply because she is so strong-willed and ruthless, and because she’s clearly been in this position of power (i.e., Macbeth’s wife) long enough to know exactly what her role as wife, hostess, etc., should look like. She also knows exactly how to manipulate him, which implies that they’ve been married a while, and if she’s oh-so-young you’re going to run into a wobbly timeline with that. However, the great thing about Shakespeare is that so much of it is open to interpretation. So, there’s nothing here saying my personal reading is the right reading or the only right reading, and if you find Lady M more convincing as a young wife with a lot to prove, that’s totally okay.

MAGI 345 Full Spoiler Translation

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts ^^

@sayakakat2012 @maumauxmau

UPDATE:  I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^ 

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Even if he dies, he won’t give up!!
How did he came back to life?

*Netabare text: Wahid, Setta and Tess are piling up stones. Lethargic people are floating around them.

Alibaba: I want to come back to life!

Wahid: Again, with that? Come do masonry too, Alibaba! Everything will be fine among us anyway!

Alibaba: Nothing will be fine!

Wahid: Since Alibaba came here, he has been investigating around and listening to everyone’s conversations nonstop.

Tess: Hey big brother Setta

Tess: What kind of feeling is “to want to be alive again”?

Setta: Who knows, but Tess was also alive a long time ago.

Tess: Hmm.

Night 345: Magical Connection

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synthaphone  asked:

Sorry for adding to the ask pile, but I was curious about what sorts of art forms are highly valued or unique to the different alien cultures in runaways? (I know that its probably not that simple because a species will have different groups with different cultures, but I'm super interested in hearing about it if you've thought about it so far! Also, how would different species choose to visually depict each other, like how humans love to put humanoid faces and gender norms onto everything)

How everybody represents each other artistically is much too complex for a single reply, unfortunately, as the other species don’t even necessarily do caricatures and cartoons like humans do.

Avians, like us, mostly have visual and auditory art forms. You guys already know how detailed their clothes get. Singing is big deal for them, though avian singing sounds weird and discordant to everyone else. Their voice is similar to a yowling cat (warning: angry cat noises) but with the split pitch of a thrush or a red-winged blackbird. This is also why avian language is unpronounceable to any other race, they have words with different meanings based on pitch and chord, and we all have one pair of vocal cords like normal people. Avians also lack almost any sort of culinary arts for reasons I’m working on a post about.

Ferrets are also big on auditory stuff, but in a much different way than avians. While avians like singing and pretty tunes, they love The Beats. Drumming with the hands is a common idle activity, and musical junctions will have everyone pounding on the floor and each other in time to the beat. In their opinion, the best kind of music is the kind where you can feel the base vibrating your brains to jelly; they have some fancy high tech ‘ballrooms‘ where the floor is specifically designed to bounce to the beat. It’s over-stimulation central for anyone who is not a ferret. They also have a huge emphasis on interactive art… flat paintings and pictures are rare, sculptures have moving parts, games and video games are high art, and they have bigger and weirder performance art than humans could ever dream of. Traditional theater thrives even after TV and the ensuing wave of chaotic ferret soap operas where everybody talks and signs at once and the camera has the attention span of a 3-year-old, because ferret theater is very interactive. Audience interaction in ferret theater ranges from audience poll on plot decisions, to the entire audience being free to interact with characters during the play… the play here being essentially a room you walk into with actors in it, but a handful of aspects in it out of the audience’s control to drive the plot (usually actors on balconies, “world events” being announced by loudspeaker, or backdrop changes.) It’s fucking nuts, yo. They’re also huge foodies and have a long history of culinary art.

Centaurs on their home planet didn’t have much in the way of long distance tech except for radio and telephone, which is now getting messed up with space age tech from everyone else. On-planet their media scene is a mess, and dada-esque art and humor is popular because it embodies the cultural theme of “nothing makes any goddamn sense anymore.” They have a large emphasis on sculpture, murals, practical art, graphic design, fashion, and visual art, and videos spread through alien tech are already fighting with previously hugely popular radio shows for attention. Performance art is mostly oration– given an option centaurs seem to prefer listening and seeing a performer say a story rather than reading it– which may have something to do with the fact many centaurs are far-sighted. Talita wears glasses to help with this, since she grew up with humans, who prefer text over oration. Written language in centaur culture is mostly used in signage, or to disseminate information quickly, before it can be recorded in sound bytes. New alien tech is making the spread of information through audio rather than text even easier. Oddly enough they don’t have a lot of music, at least as we would consider it? Centaurs don’t have a strong sense of rhythm like everyone else does, the closest thing they have to music is like… collections of pretty noises and exaggerated poetry reading. They’re difficult to listen to as someone trying to find a beat or musical sense to the sound, since it’s more comparable to human media targeting ASMR than music.

Music Speaks (5/5)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: March 8th, 2017 (2 days early!!!)
Pairing: Steve x (Y/N)
Warnings: ///
AN: It is finally over!! I hope you all enjoyed reading this series as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Songs:  Let Her Go by Passengers AND Say Something by A Great Big World 

Catch Up on 1-4 here 

“Hey, I know we haven’t spoken to one another since–then. We saw each other at Wanda’s party, but we didn’t even speak one word to another. We just shared a look, which I understand. I am not saying anything negative toward you, I get it. I wouldn’t even know what to say, hell, as I type this out I don’t know how to start what I want to say. I am horrible at this, so I guess I should do as the old saying goes–treat it like a band-aid and rip it off.

Doll, I was wrong. I screwed up. I know I won’t be able to make it up to you, and honestly–knowing I can never fix the pain I caused you, it keeps me up at night. I should have treated you better. I broke the one promise you asked of me, and I am sorry. I am so sorry.

I saw you meet that new fella at the party, and I saw on Instagram that he seems to be making you happy–and I am happy for that.

I hope he treats you better than I ever did. Giving you every spare second he has. Taking you out to every party he can, because I know how much you enjoy dancing. Keeping you close, because you love snuggling. Holding your hand, because you love that sense of security. I hope he does everything right that I did wrong when I was your fella. You deserve nothing but the best, doll.

Stay well and safe, Steve”

(Y/N) read over the text message several times. Her mind was racing what to say, should she tell him? Tell him that she still loved him? Tell him that John and her didn’t work out–that he was actually just playing her the entire time? “GOD!” She exclaimed as she dropped her phone onto her desk and pressed her palms into her eyes as she rubbed them, “What do I do?!” She thought. Quickly standing up from her desk she walked out of her office and onto the streets, thinking that maybe–just maybe some fresh air would clear her head enough for her to figure something out. 

The only thing she did know was, she loved Steve, but Steve had Sharon. She needed to let him go.

Steve sighed as he chewed on his lower lip waiting anxiously for any sign of her texting him back. The read notification was there, so he knows she read it. It has been several minutes, but there has yet to be any little moving dots to tell him she was typing back. He groaned as he locked his phone back, “What are you doing, Steve?” He asked himself mentally, “You’re sit here thinking she would text you back telling you she still loved you–” Steve’s thoughts broke when his phone buzzed with a text message from (Y/N). 

“Hey Steve, I totally get the whole not talking thing. We both know that would have been awkward for us, since neither of us know how to not be awkward. Haha..”  Steve couldn’t help but chuckle at that, “Thank you for the sweet message and kind wishes. I hope you and Sharon have a wonderful life together! Best wishes, (Y/N).” Short sweet and to the point, typical of her. He couldn’t help but force a pained smile. He wasn’t sure if he should tell her about him and Sharon breaking up. Sharon and him both knew that she was just a quick fix for his hurting heart, so after awhile it just didn’t work. He set his phone aside before running his fingers through his hair. 

He loved her, but (Y/N) had John. He needed to let her go. 

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Sometimes, I think of you and I look forward.
I look forward to a bright future.
I look forward to holding your hand and leaning my head against your shoulder.
I look forward to days when you’re only a kiss away.
I look forward to days when I can rest my head against your heart and it will race because I will still make you a little nervous.
I look forward to the deep conversations where we talk about everything and I will ask you way too many questions because I love hearing your voice. I love hearing what you think. I love you.

Sometimes, I think of you and I remember.
I remember my heart breaking.
I remember holding your hand and feeling scared.
I remember all the times we were on the phone and you said you wish you could kiss me.
I remember when you hugged me so tight and my heart was racing because you made me extremely nervous.
I remember the late night conversations we used to have where soft whispers filled the air and sleep filled our eyes.
I remember the time you said my name and took a deep breath before saying you loved me.
I remember my heart breaking when you changed your mind.

Sometimes, I think of you and I’m confused.
I’m confused about where I stand with you.
I’m confused about what we’re doing.
I’m confused about what you want, what I want.
I’m confused because I want everything with you, but at the same time, nothing at all.

I need to make up my mind.


What Jason Todd is like when he likes you and tries to flirt with you.

A/N : And your local trashcan has returned ! My mids are finally over ! Ive been able to have a whole nights sleep for two nights straight !! Anywas here’s a compensation present from my side , my cinnamon rolls.

-Jason’s usually a bit of a smooth talker.

-Not like he’s usually flirtatious or anything it’s just that he doesn’t have a problem with it.

-He can do it pretty easily.

-He can be pretty charming and knows exactly what to say.

-Not when it comes to you though.

-Maybe becuase you’re the first person he’s genuinely liked.

-He’s a bit of a love struck puppy around you.

-He doesn’t stutter or get nervous or anything.

-Not when he’s having a normal conversation anyways.

-But he does randomly compliment you or say the nicest things during a totally regular conversation.

-Like you’ll be telling him about something totally random like about your eyeliner fail this morning and how you had to go with your day without it and he’ll just randomly go all,

-“Well you look beautiful either way so doesn’t matter ”

-He doesn’t exactly look you in the eye when he says that because he doesn’t want you to notice that he REALLY REALLY means it.

-You don’t either becuase his offhanded comments have a bit of an effect over you and you really can’t help it , even against your own better judgement.

-Also has this look in his eyes , where 100% of his attention is on you and you.

-His eyes subconsciously follow you around the room.

-He cant help it , you’re the centre of his attention.

-Always always complements you.

-“You look really beautiful today (Y/N)

-“Jay, I just woke up ”

-“Doesn’t matter you still do ”

-Texts you almost all the time telling you about every thing that happened even if it’s really small and random.
-“(Y/N ) Roy just set himself on fire , it was hilarious ’

-Randomly fits in a sweet text in there.

-He always texts you which is weird since he totally ignores his brothers when they text him.

-They hate it.

-“I was in serious trouble ! I needed help! Why couldn’t you answer ?!” -Tim

-“Because i knew it wasn’t (Y/N) since i just finished talking to her ”

-Also really long phone calls.

-“I just really felt like talking to you ”

-Also randomly gets you cute little presents.

-Nothing too big but cute anyways.

-“ I remember you talking about wanting this so I got it for you ”

-The first time he asks you out he actually planned the whole thing out.

-Expect a cute little romantic gesture.

-Also a backup plan in case you say no.

-You say yes almost immediately.

-Because everything suddenly makes sense, the comments , the constant texts , long phone calls.

-He was flirting with you.

-The look on his face when you said yes confirmed it.

-You can’t help but smile too.


what does BPD feel like?

BPD isn’t just phases of being sad and adding some cutting every now and then for good measure and feeling better when somebody comes along and kisses your scars and tells you everything is going to be alright. it’s not something that „just goes by“. 

living with BPD is hell. it’s deeply internalized patterns of behavior and feelings which complicate your life on a daily basis and make normal daily tasks seem like huge obstacles. there’s phases when you feel like showering or eating are impossible things to do, when you just don’t want to get up in the morning but instead stay in bed under your covers all day so you don’t have to interact with other people. 

BPD is being completely fixated on one person and not wanting to spend time with anyone else and inevitably overwhelming that person with your constant need for affection, and even though you know your expectations are impossible to meet, you just can’t stop and have to watch yourself destroy every meaningful relationship you ever have.

BPD is the constant feeling of not being good enough. it’s constantly feeling insecure if the people who you love most even care about you at all. it’s crying and panic attacks when your favorite person doesn’t reply within minutes. it means an existential crisis and suicidal thoughts when someone cancels plans with you. it’s completely breaking down when somebody doesn’t keep a promise. it’s the constant need for attention and affection from one specific person and the constant wish to have them by your side at all times. it’s helplessness and sadness when you are by yourself. it’s being dependent on how people treat you. it’s constantly changing between adoring and hating someone, based on how they behave in that very moment, no matter whether or not their behavior has anything to do with you. it’s the overwhelming wish for a social life and at the same time being deathly afraid of spending time with other people. it’s constantly feeling left out or like you’re the fifth wheel. it means feeling unwanted or insignificant when your favorite person spends time with other people and doesn’t want you to come because they ’want to do something without you for a change’. it’s constantly feeling like you have to explain yourself to everyone even though you don’t even understand yourself. it’s feeling like you are manipulative and a bad person because your expectations and demands are ridiculous and way too high for anyone to meet. it’s constantly being disappointed over and over again and feeling unimportant / unloved because nobody can ever live up to your high expectations.

BPD is the fear of losing someone when they meet somebody new and always seeing new people in their life as a threat or competition. it’s feeling like you have to convince even your significant other every day that you are still worth spending time with. it’s being submissive all the time and never speaking up or calling someone out if they don’t treat you well because you are afraid it will lead to an argument which in turn will make them leave you. it means swallowing your own feelings and problems because you don’t want to annoy them out of fear they will walk away. it’s feeling like you always have to function and can never have a bad day because people will get tired of you instantly and immediately replace you with a better person because you are worthless and disposable. it means having no emotional permanence which makes you feel like once people are out of sight their feelings for you are gone. it’s when „I love you“ and „I’m here for you“ doesn’t mean anything unless the person thinks of you, talks to you, wants to spend time with you 24/7 or proves it any other way.

BPD is the constant fear of not being able to handle life. it means not knowing who you are or what you want. it’s getting up every morning and being a completely different person with new fears, new dreams, new interests. it’s the desperate search for yourself without ever finding it. it’s trying different personalities and it never feeling right. it’s ‘stealing’ personality traits from other people and trying to make them work for you. it’s the desperate wish for a hobby of some sort to dive into and cope but never finding anything that actually interests you for more than 24 hours. it’s desperately wanting to get your feelings out (by writing, drawing, anything) but never being able to. it’s a pressure in your head you just can’t get rid of.

BPD is the constant urge to slice your skin open even if you have been clean for months. it means ups and downs in a matter of minutes. your favorite person texted you first? life is beautiful, anything is possible, I love myself and all my friends, everything is wonderful. they don’t reply to your text within a couple of minutes? might as well kill myself, I am unimportant and worthless, I’m never anyone’s first choice, everyone has other things and people in their lives that are much more important.

BPD is never knowing if your feelings are valid. it’s never knowing if you are entitled to being sad or angry about a specific situation or if you’re just being too sensitive again. it’s making a huge drama out of nothing because you always see something negative in everything. it’s sensing the slightest anomalies in someone’s way of talking, texting or energy and immediately being convinced it’s because of you. it’s being convinced that your significant other hates you when you don’t talk / text every day. it’s hearing a group of people laugh and being absolutely certain they are making fun of you. it’s getting emotional and crazy about something absolutely insignificant and not being able to stop yourself even though you know it’s stupid. it means suppressing mental breakdowns in front of other people and bottling up your feelings so nobody will see them because that would be manipulative and unfair because you would force people to take care of you when they clearly don’t care about you to begin with and at most tolerate you. BPD is not even opening up to your therapist and acting like you’re fine even though you’re falling apart.

BPD means daily headaches or stomach pains. it means a variety of psychosomatic problems that keep you from living a normal life. it’s having to get up every day and go to school / work even though you are in pain and feeling dead inside. it’s having to interact with people and maintaining superficial relationships even though you are tired and exhausted and don’t want to open your mouth at all. it means not eating for days at a time because you just don’t have the energy to. it means being tired all the time and just wanting to be in your room all day.

BPD isn’t beautiful or romantic or cute. it’s the daily struggle against your own body and mind in order to get along in a society that only sees value in people who function properly 100% of the time. it’s the daily internal monologue of having to convince yourself that nothing is as bad as it seems to you. it’s constantly telling yourself that your feelings are not valid. it’s a constant struggle to find your place in this crazy world when you don’t even know who you are.

Girlfriend Jimin

hyoyeon version; here

Originally posted by femaleidol

  • jimin would be such a perfect girlfriend omg
  • she’s the leader for a reason and I think that she suites the role perfectly, it’s not just a title to her, ya know?
  • she’s very good at understanding ppl so she can read your emotions & situations really well, always knowing when you’re upset and why. and then doing her best to fix it. she shoulders so much of your pain that it’s ridiculous
  • “jimin, I’m fine, stop worrying about me!”
  • “that’s a lie. you’re touching your chin and you only do that when you’re frustrated!” her tone starts off serious, so you know she’s not going to take your weak response as an answer. but then her voice softens & her eyes take on a puppy dog effect. “what’s wrong? you can tell me anything, you that, right?”
  • is so cuddly and loving
  • screaming so hard whenever she so much as blinks on ‘unpretty rapstar’, even tho you’ve recorded the episodes and have watched her season ten times already
  • & she pretends to think you’re embarrassing but loves rewatching her scenes with you and seeing how your eyes light up & you cheer her on
  • jimin loves casual dates, where you both look like a normal couple, and she can relax and not worry about her image
  • has rapped for you many times
  • most of the raps are playful and she’s just trying to make you laugh only to end up laughing too hard to finish
  • but there are times when she’s sat down to seriously write lyrics for you, that she’ll mostly rap but one time, for your birthday, she sang and you cried so hard that she cried too
  • “stop crying! I always cry when I see your tears!”
  • plays your fav songs on guitar
  • if she’s mad at you, will give you the cold shoulder or ignore you for a while. but that’s just her initial reaction. it doesn’t take long for it to sink in that it won’t help the situation
  • her ability to communicate is excellent
  • will always talk things out with you, so you’re at this point where you’re so comfortable and trust each other so much
  • choa tells you so much shit about jimin tho omg
  • when they’re on tour, she’s always sending you pics of jimin drooling in her sleep or texts you like “ugh, she won’t shut up about u make it stop my ears hurt”
  • the girls support the relationship so much
  • hell, all of fnc does
  • there’s no real drama in the relationship because of the way you both communicate and how you two express your love often. there’s a sense of security and trust that cannot be broken, even by media rumours or gossip. all the beautiful idols she works with mean nothing to her, not like you do, and you’re aware of this. she cherishes you so much that you feel like no matter what, you’ll never be able to return that love as strongly as her
thantophobia; Jungkook

Word Count : 1816

Genre : angst; fluff

Summary : Falling in love with your best friend wasn’t easy, it was even less when you had to help him pleasing his girlfriend, but the most difficult was to see him heartbroken [I suck at summaries can you tell lol]

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥


(n.) the fear of losing someone you love.

“I look at you, and I just love you and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you. I waste my time thinking about you and my mind is full of unsaid things you don’t only deserve a vulgar speech on the phone, you deserve a thousand books about how amazing you are so please stop sounding so fucking sad ! I know very well that you’re just another wish of mine that will never come true, and I know that watching someone you love, loving someone else is freaking hard but you know what ? The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.”

“I don’t know what to say-” he responded on the phone, probably dumbfounded by the sudden confession.

“It’s okay,” you quickly continued “I know what we are, and I know what we’re not.”

And that’s how this phone call ended, the last one before a long time…

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Ops... Wrong number (Stiles x Reader)

Imagine… Stiles being head-over-heels for you, but he doesn’t believe you have the same feelings, one day he while he thinks he’s texting Scott, rambling about how he doesn’t stand a chance with you, but the next day you approach him asking if he really felt that way.

Warnings: Fluffiness beyond belief

A/n: Hello, thank you for reading this is my first imagine, if you would like please request something: Here

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               To say Stiles was in love was an understatement, there wasn’t a single point during the day where he’d wish you to vanquish from his thoughts. In his mind you were perfect, he believed that you had been crafted perfectly from head to toe, your eyes were made from the most beautiful pears the ocean had to offer, and your smile was a gift hand made from the sun. But there’s one problem, Stiles thought he was too, too Stiles. He often beat himself up over it, he assume he was too geeky, too sarcastic, and above all he assumed he wasn’t worth your time.

               Now of course all of these thing were wrong, because although he failed to realize it, you were almost as- if not more enamored with him than humanly possible. You would struggle to keep your cool whenever he spoke to, looked at, and/ or laughed at you for any reason. Your best friend, Lydia often urged you to talk to him more, but due to your inhumane stubbornness, you only talked to him whenever required of you. This only further pushed him to believe you didn’t want anything to do with him.

               One Fateful evening, Stiles found himself rambling on and on to his best friend Scott McCall via text- or so he thought.

Stiles: Man I can’t get Y/N out of my head, it’s like she’s haunting me

In the (Y/l/n) residence the young girl/boy sat in her room, next to everyone’s favorite strawberry blond, freaking out internally. Lydia snatched the cased phone from her friend, texting back as though she were Scott.

Scott: Dude, if you really feel that way ask her out sometime.

Stiles: Scott you can’t just ask a goddess such as Y/N out with such simplicity

Y/N felt like passing out at this point, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the person she’d been crushing on her was rambling on about his love for her.

Scott: Buy her flowers, and maybe her favorite candy/snack, I doubt she’d say no to something like that.

Y/N had at this point hid her face within her pillow hiding the blush from her smirking best friend. The night had continued on Lydia answering anxious text from stiles, while the two busied themselves with homework- Y/N more than Lydia, of course.

The next day (Y/l) was urged by Lydia, Scott, Allison, and Isaac to talk to Stiles about what had happened the other night. Of course because they all wanted her to talk to him, they found some way to get them alone together.

“H-Hey Stiles,” (Y/l) stuttered as they sat alone during lunch outside under a tree behind the school. “Hey, (Y/l), how are you?” he asked absentmindedly, unaware of what happened the previous night. “I wanted to talk to you about something,” she meekly stuttered, trying to find her next words. Stiles, being the lovable Stiles he was almost immediately sensed her discomfort, and took it upon himself to make her happy again. “Is everything alright, it’s nothing life threatening is it, because if it is, I have an army of lacrosse players to help fend off the enemy,” the (H/c) smiled lightly at his dorkiness.

               “Don’t worry, it’s nothing like that, it’s a good thing- at least in my mind,” Y/N says, looking into his whiskey colored eyes. He breathed a long sigh of relief before looking back to her. “Last night, you texted me, I know they were meant for Scott but was wondering if you meant all of those nice things you said about me?” she asked, mind flooding with worry, hoping he didn’t call back his feelings. “y-you mean the ones about you being beautiful,” Y/N Nodded.

“And the ones about you being a goddess?”

As the girl nodded Stiles’ freckled face became redder and redder.

“And the one about me saying I might be in love with you?”

As the girl nodded stiles sighed, mentally beating himself up for his ignorance. “B-but don’t worry, I whole-heartedly feel the same, trust me,” the girl reassured, bringing the color back into his eyes. Smiles had erupted on either of their faces, and before they knew it their lips were enclosed in a soft warm kiss.



My pathetically emo music taste (combined with the most ultimate level of boredom and the fact I had nothing more clever to do) inspired me to create a couple of Nazi music memes the other night. Most of them didn’t make much sense but I decided to share some of these gems with you anyway. All the texts are lyrics from a couple of songs by bands I like. Some of these may be slightly offensive but that’s the beauty of them


N’say it with me- if you’re up at 4am munching cherry poptarts and flooding your blog with JTHM, then put your hands up in the air, and don’t wave crumbs everywhere *wika-wika*

nothing makes sense anymore time is fake and sleep is for the weak

getting hit with that dank hypomania again but it’s all good this time because Today I Have A HyperFocus Can You Take A Guess What That Might Be

mainly i’m just trying to gather the energy and motivation and inspiration to finish this one nny/devi WIP that’s been staring me in the face for over a month. there’s maybe a dozen other older ones too but those ones don’t scream for attention like this one.  they sit and wait, silent, patient, wondering why their irritating comrade can’t shut the fuck up. 

just picked up some fresh microns the other day so i have no excuses other than my debilitating mental health and honestly what even is a healthy functioning brain, never heard of it, i don’t know her

so, sorry for the massive amounts of JTHM spam that- wait a second that’s why you’re all here. i am NOT sorry.  

look on my murder boy content and D E S P A I R

It was a kiss not just a hug...a breakdown

Some people are still assuming it wasn’t a kiss, but a hug. I understand why some would be so skeptical, I do. So here is a scene by scene, blow by blow breakdown of the scene explaining why I believe it was a kiss. Images included.

I’ll touch upon:

1- “If it’s a kiss why didn’t they land with their mouths together?”

2- Head position

3-Reactions (from Yuri and others)

4-Fitting the text (+ “But Yuri denied a kiss earlier!”)

5- The framing of the scene

6-[Blank space for further arguments I only notice later]

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The premise here is that playboy-billionaire Bruce Wayne sends out a lot of snapchats, and actual-person Bruce also sends them to the Justice League to psyche them out. But they get used to it. 

So, in order left to right: Bruce, Bruce’s watch, Barry, Clark and Lois, Dinah and Diana, Hal

Bonus lazy fake text under this cut because I’m a sorry batlantern shipper (& no, nothing really makes sense unless you’ve heard the song):

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