because nobody *ever* suspects the butterfly


Because nobody ever suspects the butterfly…

I tell you what, one thing that’s the nicest thing in GOT are the little sigils by the cast names. The house sigils are of course fine and lovely to see, but I especially love the ones they choose for people without houses.

Look, Gilly for the gillyflower.

Daario’s stiletto, Jaqen’s coin, and Missandei’s Naathi butterfly. :)

Been kind of feeling like I want to change my icon, not sure why, though maybe I can blame it on tumblr’s new hover thingy getting me in a blog customization mood. IDK. I should make a list of pluses and minuses.


  • it’s pretty
  • also pretty unique
  • gives the impression of an all-knowing all-seeing butterfly (which is true)
  • nobody recognizes what fandom it’s from so it’s very connected to me
  • I’ve had it since I got on tumblr, so like almost 3 years now, so it basically is me to just about everyone
  • butterflies


  • it’s slightly creepy
  • maybe the omniscient thing isn’t something I want to advertise? maybe I should be more subtle?
  • nobody recognizes what fandom it’s from, maybe I should have something from something I actually talk about often
  • (also I keep worrying that if someone did realize it was from a Lord Fanny cover of the Invisibles, they’d find it appropriating or something idk)
  • when I joined tumblr and decided on this url, I just picked one icon from my several butterfly LJ icons, I didn’t think I’d stick with it this long
  • butterflies yes but it’s blue not purple

Also I’m not sure what I’d change it to. Psylocke’s telepathic butterfly mask-thing has always been a fave, but again a fandom I never talk about (also a character who I kind of stopped caring about once she was be-ninjaed; that is, her character for the last 25 years). Or maybe a closeup of Sansa’s S3 butterfly necklace, though I’d probably ‘shop it silver with a purple stone. I dunno…

stevereadsbooks-deactivated2015  asked:

I just wanted to say that your url has the best origin story that I've come across so far on Tumblr.

Heh, thank you so much. (It’s here in case anyone else wants to know.) Some days I look at people with their canon URLs and I’m like… mmmmaybe… and then I’m like, heck no, I’m a butterfly, darn it.

swiftsnowmane replied to your post: “This was your Evil Villain Maste…

That’s the best sort of supervillain ever. :D

It’s a skill, what can I say.

joannalannister replied to your post: “This was your Evil Villain Maste…

omg how does this have so many notes lol

I think a lot of people can identify with your situation. Either that or they approve. Sorry. Well, not sorry at all, really. :D

kallielefave  asked:

<3 once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to ten of your favorite followers <3

  1. I love butterflies (well, y'all knew that), and have, at last count, 3 pairs of butterfly earrings, 3 butterfly bracelets, 6 butterfly necklaces, 1 butterfly ring, 3 butterfly hair things, and 1 butterfly pin. Oh and also 1 set of dragonfly earrings, 1 dragonfly neckace, and 1 dragonfly pin.
  2. I have more than one shelf of beanie babies (including 2 butterflies, heh). I keep thinking of putting My Little Sandor among the cute animals on the overflowing shelf to see if he’ll cheer up at all. (But he’ll probably go stand next to my hound and little bird.)
  3. I worked (freelance, and very briefly) for Marvel in 1996. Then the bankruptcy hit and my contact there was reassigned or something, but the work dried up. I’m not sure if most of my research ever saw print, but I know I helped in the depiction of my favorite character and I will always be glad of that. :)
  4. (Also I’ll always have fond memories of my editor calling me up to chat about upcoming comics. And I was allowed to share this info on the internet, even! Though once he told me something and I kinda spoiled a plotpoint that was apparently supposed to be secret, lol.)
  5. I’m reminded of this because I recently found a box with old important papers, including the email I printed out from that editor. Also in the box was a copy of the speech I wrote for my HS National Honor Society award ceremony, which I have no memory whatsoever of giving. And I remember high school pretty well! It’s strange…

zoryavolchitsa  asked:

you remind me of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, idk your icon just reminds me of her. (butterflies and Maleficent, yeah I know, my mind works in mysterious ways xD) haha IDK she's smart and badass, same as you.

mwahaha. :D

Well, Maleficent is one of my absolutely favorite Disney villains, so hey. (Although I’m not evil! Really I’m not! No matter what jimintomystery or sigma7 or phoenix may tell you.)

And my icon is actually Lord Fanny, from The Invisibles. We don’t have anything in common, really, except for one shared childhood incident (in a way), but she’s one of my favorite comic characters and that particular image is one of my favorite pieces of comic book art ever, so… the icon was a natural when I thought of this tumblr name. :)