because naru

Can ppl stop @ me saying I can’t ship NaruKono because you basics say he’s married in canon.

What’s the point of any shipping if you’re only allowed canon ohmygod.

I like Naru/Hina too and I never even said anything about me hating the pair but everyone is making shit up like I hate her.

All I ask is don’t be fucking rude and you think that means I hate Naru/Hina

Learn some manners why don’t you

Akumu ch 19 Summary (Spoilers Beware)

Once upon a time, a little brat of a girl waited for four months for one of her beloved manga to update. She became like this

for a while.

Four months had now passed, and she had the copy of her long-awaited new manga chapter in her hands. She hugged it so happily like her first chocolate.

She began to read. Of course, those four months that passed, she expected to be like this

after reading it. But instead, it was like this

And her happiness melted like chocolate. 

The End—

K, k. Here’s the real summary…

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in all honesty memes aside the Noisy Narumitsus post is the worst post i’ve ever seen like how we don’t “allow everyone to quietly ship and let ship as they wish in peace” like i’m. i’m pretty sure you are doing the exact opposite of that with this post. during the stream i had to switch to the Ameba Fresh stream because the Naru//mayos were just shouting over and over in the chat about how their ship is canon even after multiple people asked them to stop because they were making the stream lag. thats pretty noisy of them lmao,,

and one of the main arguments from Naru//mayos against Narumitsu is that you shouldn’t ship it because it “devalues their friendship” and all that like. the Naru//mayos do literally the same thing oh my god if Phoenix being extremely upset and worried about Maya during PL vs AA means true love then Miles taking an overnight jet to America when he thought Phoenix was dead is also true love

your own arguments are ones that can be used against you my dudes