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PSA; miraculous fandom.

Hello fandom. I am adriexnette, and also a former admin at miraculousdaily. Even though i was one of the first people to start to blog, I finally decided to leave the blog for my own mental health. This past Thursday afternoon, I left the blog, clocked the main admin as well as the blog itself, and looked towards a new start.

However, I’ve been bottling these feelings out for so long, that to create a true new start, I had to get it out. So here I am, letting it out. 

The reason i left is the main admin, captainpoe. Without further a do, here is a list of some of the things he made me go through as an admin of that blog:

  • Deleted I post that i reblogged onto miraculousdaily from my own blog, and made another post with the exact same information.
  • Deleted a post that i reblogged onto miraculousdaily from zagtoondaily and made another post with the exact same information.
  • Yelled at me for asking him to delete a repost
  • Yelled at me for deleting a piece of fake information that was starting to circulate
  • Refused to use the zagspoilers tag and insulting me for wanting it
  • Not giving me credit when he was told that he had to use the zagspoilers tag when he was blogging
  • Yelling at me for not posting on the blog during my college apps
  • Insulted the fandom and pretended that he didn’t want to take part in it
  • Yell at me every time i forgot to tag something
  • Insult zagtoondaily behind their backs
  • Repeatedly told me that he wanted us to be the number one blog for everything.
  • Repeatedly telling me he wants to be the only blog posting news
  • Making me shake every time my chat box rings
  • Yelled at me when I was trying to get him to listen to something i had to say but he disagreed with
  • Insulted my friends and called them “whiny babies”
  • Insulted gifmakers in the fandom and calling them “whiny bitches”
  • Made the same gifset as me right after I explicitly messaged him and told him that I already had done it
  • Posted the exact same thing as me after he saw it on my blog 
  • Refused to reblog any of my original stuff on miraculousdaily unless I “payed” for it later with gifs and news on miraculousdaily
  • Prohibited me from coming up to him if I disagreed with something he was doing.
  • “banned” me from deleting any of his posts that were spreading false news about miraculous
  • deleted a post i made on miraculousdaily trying to shed light on fake information he was trying to spread
  • Has legitimately made me cry more than a few times

(and while it is true I hadn’t been posting at all, this past year has been the busiest of my life and i’ve been barely keeping my own blogs active)

I had to leave miraculousdaily to get away from this toxic atmosphere. My heart beat always picked up when my chat box rang because i thought it was him yelling at me. I was even afraid to do stuff on the blog because i would get blamed for something.

So if you also do not condone behavior like this, I would advise to unfollow or even maybe block the blog. I hate seeing abusive people like this getting all of this love and attention, justifying their behavior. Miraculousdaily was a beautiful idea, but its toxicity ruined it for me.

HOWEVER, do NOT send the blog hate. do NOT send captainpoe hate. and PLEASE PLEASE do NOT hack into the blog and ruin it. I am very sorry that happened yesterday, especially on the anniversary of Miraculous. No one deserves that. Even after all that he put me through.

Anyways, here it is. It is out now and after this, I don’t want to talk about it ever again. I want this part of my “fandom life” to be forgotten, and I don’t want to dwell on it any longer. 

I have given you my point of view, you decide what to do with it. You can believe me, or you can call me a brat who just acts like a victim. But whatever it is, please leave me out of it.

PS: I know people like proof, so i have a couple excerpts of things he has said to me that i saved or screenshotted during my time there. again i’m putting this on here so i can be free of it, because even reading it again makes my stomach turn and my breath unsteady. i’m done.

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The Signs as @wolfpupy tweets

@ TheSignsAs || IG

Aries - there are few things in life that can’t be achieved with occult dark magic

Taurus - my lights aren’t all on upstairs because i am saving energy, just doing my bit to help the planet, not that you’d know anything about that

Gemini - tired of trying to figure out how to solve problems? try simply ignoring them forever instead

Cancer - im 5 weeks old and i dont care about anything

Leo - yeah i looked both ways before crossing the street, i looked both ‘handsome’ and 'radiant’, too bad i got hit by that car

Virgo - in video games you can carry x99 of an item while in real life you can mostly carry not that many

Libra - life has never gone well for me but thats all about to change now that i have an idea for a new type of hair style

Scorpio - i am going to lay completely still on the forest floor until either things start going my way or i disintegrate into nothing

Sagittarius - once again i am not included in the list of the world’s most successful people because of my complete lack of success, bias at its finest.

Capricorn - thats cool. oh that wasn’t a response to what you said i was just noting that it’s cool that i wasn’t listening or caring

Aquarius - talking was invented when humans heard howling and decided to do that but with the beautiful and interesting qualities removed

Pisces - one of these days i will float up off into space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa

anonymous asked:

Please forgive my ignorance, but why is everybody convinced that Phil tops? Is that just because of that Virgin tweet Dan liked once? Did they do something to imply anything like that? Did we just decide it? How long has this been a thing? I'm confused :(

Hahaha, don’t worry, I think most people don’t really understand why this is accepted canonically, you aren’t ignorant at all. To answer your question though, no, it has nothing to do with the Virgin tweet Dan liked once, and he never did anything to imply something like this - or at least, not really. 

Essentially, the way most people in fandoms look at who “tops” and who “bottoms” has to do with the person’s personality. We have a tendency to view the bottom as the more vulnerable and needy of the two people in a pairing, so whoever we view as needing more looking after, comfort, etc… tends to be canonically “bottom,” while the person we view as stronger, tends to be the top. 

This doesn’t stop at just vulnerability, however. Often, the character who appears stronger, either physically or by refusing to appear weak emotionally, will be the person who the entire fandom views as the “top.” 

With regards to Dan and Phil, because Dan tends to be the more forthright about his own personal feelings, struggles, and general distaste of himself in some ways, the fandom views him as the “weaker” one who needs more comfort and tends to have more problems. Meanwhile, Phil tends to hold his personal struggles very close, and rarely talks about them with his audience unless he is making light of them in a very different way to Dan - while Dan mocks himself and is self deprecating, Phil tends to shrug his insecurities off like they aren’t actually as big of a deal as they actually are, i.e. his anxiety. 

Adding on to this, I think the general fact that Dan used to talk about how much Phil saved him, and how much Phil helped him, has cemented in people’s mind that Phil is generally the care giver between the two of them, and therefore the natural “top.”

The thing that really tends to bother me is the way people view top and bottom as synonymous for dominant and submissive on way too many levels. Not only do people tend to see the top as the dominant role, but sometimes that gets pushed towards bdsm versions of dominant and portraying that as normal, or the only way to enter into sex, while other times, being a top seems to be viewed as something highly masculine, when really… it doesn’t matter who gives or takes. 

Neither position holds more power than the other, and most couples are versatile :/ I guess what my main point is, is that it doesn’t matter if you have a preference for who tops or who bottoms; what becomes kind of a problem is when you force these strange ideologies onto people or characters based on their sexual position preference. 

anonymous asked:

Louis did a big big denial of Larry today. The biggest one he has ever had (because it was on camera). So, I know we believe in Larry, but maybe we should look at his denial and analyze it. Have you done it? I think I am gonna do it, because the fact is that we don't know them and, although I believe in Larry, I have to keep in my mind that there is a chance I can be wrong. Lot of love for you, you are the best one! <3

Here’s the biggest thing for me: WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING A DEAL OF LARRY? As others have said, we haven’t seen them publicly together save for Louis’ JHO performance in December 2016 since December 2015. 18 months. They have not interacted on camera. Louis tweeted Harry for his birthday this year. Otherwise, they haven’t communicated on social media publicly either. Ships exist in every fandom the world over. And in most of them they are ignored. Or laughed about. Either way, not brought front and center for everyone always. It doesn’t make sense. This has ALWAYS been the biggest Larry proof: “thou doest protest too much.” 

Why is Wattpad asking the question? My opinion: because he’s devil trash looking for ratings. He’s also in Simon’s pocket. So, at some point there’s likely going to be a narrative about how Simon never closeted them, that it was their choice, la la la. And honestly, we’re going to have to suck that one up and deal because we’re NEVER going to get the kind of story we know to be true. If I believe anything in this fandom it’s that Simon’s NDAs are air tight. But none of this negates the fact that the question shouldn’t have been asked in the first place.

I also think it’s important to draw a distinction between what was said in print (click free link here) and video. As @conscious–ramblings has said, if Dan could have gotten Louis to say all the things he “said” in print on video, we’d have seen it. As @srslycris reminds us, PR firms can give quotes (and photos) to journalists/outlets without final approval from their client. That’s pretty much their job, and you hope you’re putting your faith in the right company.

My big takeaway from both the print and the video is that Louis is closeted. He cannot say that he’s fine with Larry rumors. He has to mention Eleanor. I agree with @verily-i-say that when Louis talks about his “girlfriend” he seems to super impose Harry details there rather than Eleanor. The part about disrespect did stick with me. Because quite frankly, the interaction on Twitter and Instagram IS disrespectful (in my opinion). No one should be @ ing the boys or their families/friends/beards about Larry. Not ever. Speculation in your own lane is one thing. Bringing it to their front door (so to speak) is entirely different. So, I don’t disagree with that sentiment. 

So no, nothing that was said makes me think differently about the truth of their relationship. 

Why are you racist when you say that Fassbender playing a Spanish is whitewashing:

First of all I want to say sorry if I make some grammar or spelling mistake. English isn’t my first language because I’m Spanish from Spain. Also, since this morning, I’m very angry with this whole topic. I don’t use to write statements like this but I’m very tired of seeing how ignorant people can be.

This morning I saw a tweet of Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) in which he said Fassbender couldn’t play a Spaniard because he’s white. He erased the tweet but I’m sure you’ll find a screencapture of it on Internet. I quoted him a few times and I wrote this things:

-I’ve just discovered that here in Spain WE’RE NOT WHITE. OMG I’VE BEEN LIVING A LIE. (I was just being sarcastic).

-Dear USA: Spain is in Europe. In Europe we don’t give a fuck about races because we’re all fucking mixed. (I didn’t want to generalize this much but I was angry)

-I can see why Donald Trump is being voted there. Open a book and learn about how culturally rich people we’re. (Sorry if I offend someone, again, I was angry).

Finally, I wrote:

“So it’s okay for an Aussie to play a Spaniard in the old Hispania but not for a British-German to play a Spaniard after the Visigoths. OK”.

As you can see I was very angry and disappointed. I couldn’t really understand how people who thought they weren’t being racist, they were. If you say Fassbender can’t play a Spaniard is because you think here we’re all latinos. And that is the first mistake that Americans always make.

I need you to understand two things:

-First, here in Europe we don’t say we’re white or we’re 20% or 50% latino, African, etc… When you Americans do that it’s really weird to us. Because we’re all mixed, we’re not sure from where or who we came from. My ancestors could be German because of the Visigoths or Charles V Empire, maybe French from the Napoleonic Empire, or African from the Islamic Empire. Can you see my point? We’re white or black, we’re Christians or Muslims or Jews, we can be from the East or the West, from the North or the South, but at the end it doesn’t matter, we’re all the same. Maybe I share blood with a German or an Egyptian, I don’t know and it’s okay.

If you ask me what I am, I’ll say I’m Spanish. And maybe you’ll ask again, “yeah, but, what are you?” and I’ll answer the same. If you ask a German, British, French, Italian or Polish…, they’re going to answer with the same simple answer. We’re Europeans and being European means that our history is all connected and our ancestors too.

-Latino and Spanish are not the same. Latino is from South America. And not all the South Americans look or are the same, be careful with that. Spanish are from Spain, Europe. We’re all Hispanic, because we all speak Spanish.

In South America people are generally darker than in Spain because of their geographic situation, of course.

In Spain, there are people very different, but we’re mostly white. Maybe you find the olive skinned of some people from the south (mostly from the south but not everybody who is olive skinned is from the south) as dark as the dark people in South America, but you’re wrong, sorry. That’s because the olive skinned people from Spain have that skin because of the Sun (so they’re just tanned, guys) or because the Al-Andalus times. While the people from South America are darker because of the sun, our colonization and the people who lived there before us.

When you say people from Spain are POC you’re saying that because you think we’re the same as our friends and brother from South America. And I think that’s racist. Because I’m sure you wouldn’t say that an Italian is POC and they’re our historically, geographically and culturally buddies.But you think Spanish means South American and you think South Americans are all dark.

Coming back to the main point: Fassbender can play a Spanish perfectly. In the XV century when the story takes place, the Visigoths and the Celtics had been in Spain. Visigoth were from Germany (mostly) and Celtics came to Spain from the UK. Fassbender is British and German so he’s perfect for the role.

anonymous asked:

I like your optimism but Louis could find ways to show support. He doesn't. It's okay. He doesn't have to. But he's never really outspoken about anything. Vegas? Nope. Election? Nope. Tragedies / Nature catastrophes? Nope. Charities? It has been years. He just is not the poor silenced victim you all believe in. But I guess using management as an excuse is easy and lets people sleep better? :)

You know what’s easy? Supporting people who are free to be themselves. And that’s okay, you do you. 

Btw, Louis was part of the charity single for the victims of the Grenfell Tower. Just recently his team made sure he would meet a little girl who used her Wish to go to Disneyland instead of meeting him, because she wanted to meet to spend the day with her family. Louis does things all the time. Some of them we see, some of them we don’t. He has tweeted stuff before and here’s the thing, he doesn’t have to prove he’s a good person every single time. It would be amazing if he tweeted, it would be even more amazing if he donated. You don’t know if he did something or not. A charitable person is not turning bad and indifferent all of a sudden. 

Going back to the rainbows. I’m sorry, but you are so ignorant. If it’s not safe for him to show support, because then he’d have to do something stunt related or have his actions being twisted to a homophobic, ignorant piece of shit of a tweet, then I prefer him to be silent. His safety is more important than your ugly opinion.  

Just so you know, Louis has done more than I’ve ever did in my whole life for my community and for fellow humans. He’s probably done more than you’ve ever done. 

Last but not least. I’m not optimistic. And I don’t believe Louis is a martyr or whatever. You have no idea how many times I’ve been mad at Louis himself (and Harry, and Liam, and Niall, and Zayn). I don’t believe he’s perfect. But I do believe he’s in an position he’s not free to show his true self. That’s my opinion, and if it’s not yours then go ahead and hate him and call him names, it shows your character, not his. 

But don’t ever, FUCKING EVER, come back here to try to take away my safe space and my strength. That’s Louis for me, the member who wore the first rainbows when Rainbow Direction didn’t have representation for one of the concerts. Louis with the triangle tattoo. Proud Louis who loves his lgbt+ fans more than anything. Louis who wrote Home for us. Those things aren’t erased because it’s been a long time. If anything, those acts of defiance are more important, because he did them against his image and not in support of it. 

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I've been hoping for just one more kagehina from you but there doesn't seem to be any sign of that,,, I mean it's fine, artists should totally draw whatever they want! But wow it's really surprising that you just stopped drawing a ship like that? May I ask why?

hmm you could say that i was pushed into it. you really want to know why? okay, then i’ll rant a bit 💦

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Connecting the disconnected: when South Asians accuse East Africans of cultural appropriation 

On August 9th, Yasmin Yonis, a Somali-American writer, caused a Twitter storm when she started a conversation about accusations of cultural appropriation made by South Asian Twitter against Black Twitter. At the core of the debate were headpieces, henna paintings, clothing, ear chains and necklaces worn by women in East Africa and elsewhere that South Asians claimed as theirs.

Conversations about cultural appropriation have since few years been on the rise but have, for obvious reasons, mainly focused on how white cultures appropriate those of people of colour. Debates between people of colour have largely been sidelined to Twitter, Tumblr and other social media conversations. Yonis’s tweets struck a nerve and were shared by thousands, predominately Black Twitter. She argued that most accusations of cultural theft made by South Asians against Africans are expressions of widespread anti-black racism amongst South Asian communities. And she is right.

When South Asians accuse East Africans of cultural appropriation, it is less about cultural relations or power dynamics at play. It’s about brownness and blackness. It boils down to a question of race-relations and border demarcations. Such accusations stem from both widespread ignorance, but also plain old racism. A few months ago, I started my own tweet conversation on the topic, and here’s an elaboration.

The sight of a Somali woman wearing a multi-coloured dirac wrapped around her body, or that of an Ethiopian woman with henna painted on her hands irritates many South Asians because it challenges centuries-old myths about their place in this world and racial hierarchy. It’s a sharp reminder that there are understudied connections between these two parts of the world and many of its diverse communities. But, many South Asians would rather want to sweep those under the rug and pretend they didn’t exist.

Truth being told, most South Asians can’t fathom to be related or share anything in common with Africans.

If you today casually ask South Asians about historic relations and shared cultural heritages with Africans, you will most likely receive a baffled look followed by a prompt and outright negation. We’ve in fact silenced our shared histories to the extent that scholarship needs to be produced outside of South Asia to force us to look into our pasts and face the histories that were never granted its rightful places in our own history books. And when we seldolmy discover them, we treat them as if they were some anomaly, some exotic trope or even human zoo. There’s today little interest in uncovering African-South Asian relations, unless it serves neoliberal projects. This stands in stark contrast to how many South Asians remember and write about their relationships to Arabs, Persians, Turks and European colonisers, and, importantly, how many South Asians claim ancestry based on such long, complicated and often times violent histories. You’ll search in vain for any references that will connect you to the African continent. And you’ll have to search long for any South Asian to claim African heritage on their own (unless they are busy appropriating Black American culture, of course) and find some form of pride in it.

For South Asians, the Indian Ocean that connects us to East Africa is only relevant when talking about Arab traders or European Invaders. African-South Asian histories find no space within it.

Africa is of course not a country and neither is South Asia. The millions of people and communities have different relations and degrees of connections towards each other. Just as their cultures may vary, so do their histories, relationships and genetic heritages. What unites South Asia across the board however, is their embracement of whiteness. The aspiration towards fairer skin drives them towards an ‘Aryanized’ reading of their bodies and histories, which values fair skinned-bodies while equally erasing dark-skinned ones. This reflects in South Asia’s most widespread religion, Hinduism, which vilifies dark bodies by construing them as either symbols of death or demons. Fair-skinned bodies are, on the hand, seen as those of saints and saviours. Any embrace of whiteness/lightness is therefore equally also a rejection of blackness/darkness.

The community I come from, Eelam Tamils from northeastern Sri Lanka, has for centuries been construed as black within the South Asian context, including by other islanders. One of Hinduism’s holy books, the Ramayan, depicts us in its North Indian interpretation, the most dominant one, as barbaric monsters whose island is burnt to the ground by fair-skinned saviours. Diwali, the festival that follows Ram’s return from Lanka, is today still celebrated in the North as a mythical victory over darkness. Eelam Tamil (often also referenced as ‘Sri Lankan Tamil’) is today a codeword amongst South Asians for darkness/blackness, even for Indian Tamils. In light of it, calling someone a Tamil can be used as a slur by fair-skinned South Asians against dark-skinned South Asians.

Within South Asia and its diasporas, we’re next to Afro-South Asians, Andamanese and Nicobarese people one of the main recipients of anti-black racism. Being called anti-black racial epithets however, doesn’t stop us from equally producing and maintaining anti-black racism towards others. Quite the opposite: it makes us even more eager to demarcate our differences.

When I today ask my mother why our hair texture isn’t the same as to that of Indians, she provides me a dry reply that we are not Indian. When I dig a little deeper and talk to her about her hair politics and put them in juxtaposition to those of black women, she usually reacts outraged. When I say dosai tastes like injera, injera like dosai, tibs like meat curries, meat curries like tibs, my family refuses to hear it. When I tell them of the Eritrean waitress who mistook my Eelam Tamil friend and I for a compatriot and started taking orders in Tigrigna, they laughed it off. When a group of Eritrean youths at a refugee welcome party full of white Germans and other light-skinned refugees took their seat on our table to start bond with us as if we’re family, it remained an anecdote without consequences. When an Eritrean friend told me about the many times she has been mistaken for a ‘Sri Lankan Tamil’, they said that’s impossible. When my cousin was approached by four elderly Somali men playing chess in a McDonald’s in Norway in Somali, it was reduced to little more than banal entertainment. When a Somali friend wore a sari and my parents said in delight that she looked like a Tamil girl, they didn’t think about the meaning of their words twice. When white men then called us the ’n’ word, we said we’re not ‘African’. When fair-skinned South Asians addressed us as black, we called them racists. These are just few of the anecdotes we carry around but find no space to articulate or share because of how we’re positioned between fair-skinned South Asians and white people — at the expenses of possible linkages and solidarities outside of both.

When American-Indian-Tamil comedian Aziz Ansari mistook 14-year-old American-Sudanese Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested in Texas for having built a clock, for a ‘brown kid’ he could project his own bodily experiences upon, it was more than just a simple negation and/or confusion of/over Mohamed’s Black Arab heritage. It didn’t just speak to Mohamed’s type of blackness which sits at the borderlines of erasure and irritation amongst dominant Black and Arab narratives. It also spoke volumes about Ansari’s type of brownness which similarly struggles with erasure and dislocation from dominant South Asian narratives. Ansari’s misidentification shows how colour lines are not static or linear. Neither are black and brown two absolute separates that never collide, historically or in the present day. They can be ambiguous, confusing and even messy because of how racial classifications do not respond to the complexity and diversity of human bodies, experiences and self-identifications.

From attire to jewellery to food cultures to skin colour, there are many things we share. We’ve rich histories that require explorations. Anti-black racism, however, raises us to believe that we monopolise our own cultures, that they are the result of isolation or mingling with fair-skinned others — but never with our dark-skinned brethrens. It tells us that black folks do ‘brown’ things when we’re actually also doing ‘black’ things. Anti-black racism functions as a form of self-hatred amongst many of us that we’re raised with since childhood, and our communities have been instilled with for centuries, much longer than the first presence of European colonisers in the region. It remains deeply intertwined with Hinduism and South Asia’s resulting caste apartheid. Anti-black racism under white supremacy and Brahmin supremacy pushes us to position us closer to lightness than darkness in the quest of surviving racial and caste hierarchies. It makes my family think about the many intersections of our experiences as coincidences rather than results of shared histories.

When in 2004 the tsunami embarked from Ace, Indonesia, to kill tens of thousands on India’s and Sri Lanka’s coastlines, the waves didn’t cease there but continued all the way until they reached Somalia and Kenya’s coastlines. Several hundreds were subsequently killed hours after the first earthquake erupted thousands of km further east, on the Asian side of the ocean. Yet the 2004 tsunami remains to be remembered as an Asian catastrophe and not an Indian Ocean one. Most have in fact never heard about African victims of this catastrophe. It is reflective of our how mental borders, connections and knowledges are drawn, limited and reproduced by colonial mappings; how they erase connections that challenge their very raison d’être and hinder us from thinking beyond the spatialities colonialism has left us with.

But if we’d be able stop identifying by land but, say, the ocean, we’d not be people of two continents but one ocean. If we’d be able to think of the ocean as something that connects us rather than divides us, we could begin to reflect about the relationships, cultures and histories that bind us. We’d be pushed to move away from conceptions of Asia and Africa being two separate entities, but could see them as the fluid, interconnected spaces they are. It would enable us to build meaningful solidarities and embrace our darkness while remaining cognizant of how white supremacy and caste apartheid intersect and organise us to weaken us and see us as strangers, when we are in fact anything but. Our anti-black racism can erase many of our shared histories, even lead us to cry cultural appropriation when seeing Somali women wearing diracs, but it can’t erase the waters that connect us. 

By:  S. Varatharajah

PhD student @UCLgeography |Founder @rootsofdiaspora | Rsr @europapress_Islamrace|diaspora|migration|memory|geography|urbanity|
postcoloniality -  Roots of Diaspora

captain-sodapop  asked:

I don't think we can go to SE Hinton for canon questions anymore gotDAMN. Woman is senile. She can't remember her book for shit I'm cackling and also hella angry oh my GOD

Personally, I think it’s more that’s she’s just blatantly pulling stuff out of her ass and trying to pretend it was always meant to be canon than it is she’s just gone crazy, but you’re right.

I mean most of the questions about canon she gets she either responds with “figure it out yourself” or “ugggh why don’t you try reading the BOOK” when she can’t even remember the details from her own books right, so, yeah, I don’t think we’re really going to get anything very helpful out of her anytime soon.

I was actually going to ask her a question about middle names while we were on the topic (she ignored the Tweet), because I’ve almost always seen Steve’s middle name being Lucas and Two-Bit’s middle name being Daniel, but lately I’ve been seeing some people say that it’s Jacob and David, respectively, and I wanted to know if she’d come up with either of these herself (the same way she did w/ their birthdays and star signs) or if they were just headcanons that got really popular.

But, yeah, she ignored it (three questions was probably exceeding my limit), and you know what? I don’t really give a fuck. Even if one of those is “official,” it’s not in the book and, therefore, going off of her logic,that means it’s not canon, and I don’t have to listen to it. 

From now on, I say we just think of her books as being public domain, in the sense that they belong to us now–all of us–and we can do whatever we want with them, and if we have a question about something in canon, we can just make it up our damn selves and consider it official. And the answers are going to be slightly different for everybody because we all have our own ideas and our own interpretations, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s great, actually. These stories belong to everybody, and everybody has their own special version of them that’s a little different from the rest–and none of them, absolutely none of them, require a stamp of approval from the creator. It’s out of her hands now.

That said:

  • Mrs. Curtis’s first name was Louise.
  • Curly and Angela are fraternal twins, but Angela is older by 2 minutes and 45 seconds exactly. She’s very quick to remind Curly of this fact in any given situation. Their mom wasn’t planning on/didn’t know she was having twins, and Curly being the second means that he’s always been made to feel like the unwanted, accident child. :(
  • Steve’s full name is Steven Lucas Randle and Two-Bit’s full name is Keith Daniel Mathews.
  • Soda’s full name is Sodapop Patrick Curtis. His birth certificate says Sodapop Patrick Curtis. End of discussion.

I’m going to say some things that are not so popular. I’ve promised myself I’d be a drama free blog. But I’m tired of some things I’m reading. This is probably going to be long. So please forgive me in advance.

Let’s start with the fact that I’m super excited for Harry’s project. Incredibly excited. I can’t wait to listen to his songs, to see him more often, to listen to his interviews and support him. Cause that is what I’ll do. I’ll support him. Cause he deserves it, all of them do.
I supported Louis’s project, and still doing, I gifted songs, I streamed Jho for hours, paid double the usual amount of my mobile fee, cause I was moving out and I had no WiFi, when the song was released just to keep streaming, I reblogged tons of posts, tweeted radios, texted radios.
The thing is, I expect the fandom to do this with all the boys, I want them to be appreciated as artists, to be successful. I ignored every aspects that I didn’t like, contracts being shady, stunts, PR choices and so on, cause I’m here because I love them as artists!
Why can’t you do the same with Harry? I’m talking about him now cause he is the one who is releasing music right now, but I’ll do the same for Liam if necessary. I’m seeing a lot of posts about “the state of the fandom”, the fandom shouldn’t even think about not supporting Harry cause Louis is going through a lot of shits. Louis is being so successful! He has just played at one of the greatest festival in Miami! I’m rooting for all of them to be free from day one, and I’ll keep doing it and I hate what they’re going through. But this has nothing to do with me not supporting their projects.

And one last thing. If you’re a Larrie, a true one, you know how much Louis and Harry are in love with each other, how supportive they’re with each other and how they’re dealing with all of this together. Or do you just like reblogging about the 15 days apart theory cause it’s fun? If you think that Louis would be proud of some things I’m reading about Harry, well, there’s something that doesn’t work.

This probably doesn’t make any sense. But I just wanted to say that I’m here to support my boys. All of them. With the same amount of effort and love.

Good Lord.. Can we EVER get a break??

Alright so regarding the Jackson thing, I’d like to say my piece. Personally, I’ve stanned Jackson for a while now and I know this not the first time he’s made a problematic ass mistake.

He pulled this bullshit a while back..

Apparently this was some sort of edited pic of him done by a fan. But, for some reason he posted it to his Instagram… He apologized for it later though.

I accepted this apology because he seemed sincere. But then, he did it again...

I just found out about this one and man… No words.

So, the reason why I included these two incidents is to tie them into this dread lock thing he did recently.

I truly do wonder what changed with him. Like the whole reason he apologized for the first blackface pic was because he saw how much it offended others. People educated him in the comments and he realized what he did was wrong (or so we thought, because he ended up doing blackface again).

So now, the current shit I woke up to this morning…

Pepsi, of all company’s, of course it was Pepsi… *eye roll*

So, people of course criticized him when he posted this on his Instagram. And people also came to his defense. As expected, some pulled excuses from their ass saying how “other kpop idols do this all the time!”. And, “He probably didn’t have any control over the hairstyle, it was most likely picked out by the company.”

I was inclined to believe this too, but then…

*Deep sigh*

 As you can see above (and probably have already seen all around the internet) he said that this hair style was his decision. So, claiming that it “wasn’t his fault” is out the window.

Real quick, I’m gonna tell you guys my opinion on non-black people wearing black hairstyle’s. I don’t have any real problem with it, unless they act like they created it. If you’re trying to claim something cultural that is obviously not yours and/or you’re purposeless mocking it, then yea.. it counts as cultural appropriation. Personally, I think dreads and braids look tacky af on these idols lol. But, others have a different opinion on the matter and believe that just wearing these hairstyles is cultural appropriation. And I respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it entirely, I’m not gonna be an asshole and bash you just because I may not agree/understand your pov.

My real issue is with his statements. He is very unapologetic about it and totally dismisses his own fans opinions as “hate”. People are out here trying to educate and let him know that what he did offended them/others. And he doesn’t seem to care as he says, “you are on the wrong page.” His “sorry, not sorry” attitude is very shocking to me. And it’s sad to see him using this beloved excuse of “others do it all the time, so why can’t I?.”. As if people don’t dislike when other kpop idols cultural appropriate. I really don’t know what rock him and some of ya’ll are living under cause..  And wasn’t it just last month his fellow member, Jaebum wore the same hairstyle? I sure saw people bashing him. But the difference between him and Jaebum’s situation is that, JB doesn’t have a huge internet presence like Jackson does. I mean the man is barely on Instagram. Also, Jaebum didn’t comment on the hairstyle, making it seem like he probably didn’t get any real direct criticism. And this is the main reason why I’m having a issue with Jackson now. His comments on it are very insensitive.

He’s not looking at the whole picture here and brushing this off as if it’s nothing. And he tries to sugar coat it by saying that, “I have love and respect for all RACE”. That must include all races, except for black people. Because, right now he’s not showing that “love and respect” for his black fans who are letting him know that what he did/said was offensive and inconsiderate. He’s just looking at it as “hate”, just like these “stans” who like to jump on the bandwagon of defending their fav to the death.

The second tweet rubs me the wrong way especially because, again he’s sugar coating and saying all these seemingly nice things. But, at the same time he’s ignoring what people are trying to tell him. And saying, “this is a complete misunderstanding” is just his way of debunking what people are trying to explain to him.

That’s how ignorance works, some people are just too stubborn and believe that their opinion is the only one that matters. Blinded by their own ideologies, refusing to see it in another light, in another persons shoes. I bet my ass he wouldn’t appreciate non-asian (or non-Chinese people in general) wearing a Cheongsam.

I shouldn’t be surprised though. After all he hangs out with this dude…

For those of you who don’t know him, he’s kind of a male version of a groupie. You can find him hanging around the rapper Tyler, The Creator. Also, this dude Ben allegedly once said that, “Kpop isn’t for black people.”

But then again, he stays flip flopping so it’s best to chalk him him up as an ignorant mess.

LIke wtf ??

Anyways, this post is getting too damn long.

In conclusion, Jackson is currently cancelled in my book. Unless he issues an apology (which I’ll be surprised if he does), I’ll judge on my own behalf if I feel it’s sincere or not. But, in the mean time ya’ll can have fun coming at each other and fighting opinions with more opinions. As if getting mad at others for being mad about something that doesn’t concern you is gonna do anything except make you feel “entitled” in some way…

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Here's my feeling on what happened: first Camila had a girl crush on Lauren, because, look at Lauren. Lauren who thought she was mostly straight was really caught off guard by her strong feelings for Mila. Lauren felt a deep crush. Camila was starting to crush too and definitely had real feelings. And then, it exploded. The fans, media and management caught on. It was too dangerous a rumor for early pop careers. Teams stepped in. Camren started ignoring their feelings. Both were hurt a lot.

How can you think for a second that nothing actually happened, that it was just a crush that was never acted on, when they look at each other that way :

These are the looks and the actions of two people who have seen each other NAKED! On multiple occasions! With and without accessories!

They did have a relationship, that the fans, media and management caught on. And it was indeed too dangerous for early pop careers. Teams did step in, but neither of them ignored anything, the pressure of the situation is what got to their relationship and that’s why they broke in 2015, and both were indeed hurt a lot. But then they got back together and did everything in their power to keep their relationship private - now I don’t know if they’re together or not because Lauren Jauregui fucked up all my theories with a single tweet, like she always does! 

I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple days. This is me laying low. But this post and all the lovely comments was brought to my attention this morning and I sort of feel the need to defend myself. From shippers. and yes I’m going to be bitter. I think I’m allowed that. 

There’s a couple things I take issue with because, you see, I was in many of your shoes not even a week ago. Pretty innocently shipping with very little to no threats from antis. Antis being mad made me happy because, for the most part, their anger was empty bullshit. It made me want to ship harder. However. What myself, Jess and Lauren have received is not empty, angry anti bullshit. My last name, Lauren’s last name and my place of work were dropped into my inbox by some anonymous person with the CLEAR message that if we continued to ship the way we do, my job was going to be threatened. That is not an empty threat. Realistically, do I think my boss would care that I ship? No. Does it stop me from being absolutely terrified that this random anonymous psycho now knows my last name? Hell fucking no. The minute you know someone’s name, you know their address, their phone number, their family members names, all thanks to google. Lauren has a child with one on the way. She has a family, a life, all of which are now threatened. And why? Because she ships. I don’t wish our last couple days on anyone and certainly I don’t wish it on any other shippers but you know what? I do wonder if any of you would be doing a happy dance that antis are mad if your privacy was suddenly under attack. I also wonder if you’d be as annoyed as I am that other shippers, who I thought had our backs, were now partying and shipping even harder because the antis are mad. I don’t think you’d be super happy if the tables were turned. Their anger is now threatening real people. Lauren, Jess and I are not just blogs. 

So while all of you are so happy that the antis are mad, we are terrified. We’re scared to ship again. I’m scared to take my blog off private. I’m really paranoid. I made a separate locked twitter account so I can ship in peace without the fear of being quite literally stalked and harassed. But quite frankly shipping is the last thing I’m worried about. In my mind, this has nothing to do with “the ship.” This goes way beyond the ship. 

Are there things the three of us, as shippers, could have done differently? Maybe. Depends on who you talk to. Sam doesn’t seem to mind us tweeting him all the time. None of you seemed to mind that we were so active when he was faving our shippery tweets. Personally? I have no regrets on how I ship. I’m not afraid to speak my mind because, for the last 3 years or so, I didn’t think there was going to be any serious consequence. Which is how all of you are living your lives on this ship. Without consequence. Some part of me is really happy for you. I’m glad you can all ship without consequence, without nasty threats being dropped into your inbox (and that’s how it SHOULD be. But it’s not so here we are.) It’s really easy to “ignore” when the threats are not personal. 

The other part of me though is really sad. I’m sad, I’m frustrated as hell, I’m annoyed, I’m angry and I’m resentful. Partly because I can’t ship the way you guys get to and I miss it. I want to be able to. But also because, somehow through no fault of our own, Lauren, Jess and I have big red targets on our backs. Everything we do is screen capped and analyzed and ridiculed. Everything. Don’t believe me? Go take a gander at some of the more well known “anti” blogs. Just yesterday I was having my name smeared all over one of them for something I had no part in or knowledge of. And before this happened, I was able to laugh at it because it was just so ridiculous but suddenly none of it seems super funny to me. So while all of you get to ship and enjoy and have fun, we have to make a choice. We have to make a choice about whether or not we even want to continue with our blogs. Whether or not this ship, which used to be a happy place for all of us, is worth continued threats, continued harassment, continued bullying, continued screen capping etc. Potentially more doxxing. Spoiler alert: it’s 100% not worth that. Because if we decide to leave, antis are not going away. They’ll just choose new targets. 

I’m not looking for pity with this post so please don’t try it. But I am looking for a bit of understanding, a little less “stay strong” and “just ignore and keep shipping” and a LOT less “YAY ANTIS ARE MAD TIME TO PARTYYY!!!!”

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You're either lying about never arguing or your relationship is fake asf lmao basically what twin said in a tweet & it's true?! Like that's life, how do you not argue?! Just seems too picture perfect to be real. Js.

This is probably the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. Just because our relationship doesn’t consists of fights you consider it “too perfect to be real” nah when we’re the same person and have the same outlooks on things there’s not much to fight about. She’s a shit sometimes but she’s my shit.

My long-winded take...

We did not get receipts, but we have gotten the next best thing, and it will suffice for me for now. Here are the little jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit so perfectly together. Magic? Coincidence? Or just that 98% chance that it is true?

1) Z’s first free weekend that we knew of. I talked about this a week ago saying how if they are a couple, she will take the first opportunity, which is this weekend, to go visit him before he starts getting into full 16-hr/day work mode. So, this weekend was just not ANY weekend.

2) Tom’s snap on Friday implying they were done working and the weekend was nigh. Everyone thought he was pretty much saying he is ready to enjoy the weekend, meaning he is free.

3) Ohh la la, what do we have here? Z snapped on a private plane on the day we said she would go visit him. She ran to the plane first thing after KC was done on Friday night. And when does she take private planes? For personal reasons (visiting family, visiting Trev on film set, etc). She also took one for her Daya clothing line pop up store openings but there has been no Daya related anything going on outside of LA lately. 

And if she went for a photoshoot, they would NOT pay for a long-ass private plane ride and she would not pay one for a photoshoot either. No matter who the shoot is for, the budget would never cover that. So, this was her taking the plane in the middle of the night for personal business. Also, Darnell travels with her EVERYWHERE, every time. My mutuals and I never thought she would visit Tom without Darnell in tow. If you do not get this, you don’t get how a celebrity PA life is like.

4) I have been following this girl for three months now. She is on twitter liking things first thing in the morning, regardless of if she is on KC set, on a photoshoot, etc, because at work she always gets time to kill. But now, we had her come on SM at 1:30 pm barely liking a tweet and disappearing again for hours. We had Tom liking only Marisa’s pic and not doing anything else. NO SNAPS from Z, which is her MO whenever she is with Tom.

Remember, if there wasn’t a pap chasing them, we would not have gotten her snapchat that day. But my mutuals and I KNEW she was with him that day, as it was his last day in LA, and voila, we were right. Sometimes if a pattern is established, you ignoring it is like ignoring a big road sign in front of you and you still wondering where the signs are.

5) Haz being spotted alone at the gym. But the kicker was not that, but that he said “Tom was up North training”…Hmm, if it was gym/boxing training, he would have done it in Montreal like he has so far. If it was any other training and he needed to go “north”, his PA would tag along. Haz has only been completely alone abroad when Tom and Z hang together. Otherwise he is glued to Tom’s hip, as he has been with all the other training they have done (horseback riding, dog training, etc). Also, what happened to Tom’s “hard work is done; the weekend is nigh” sentiment if he was gonna work on the weekend as well?

6) Sunday comes and we get Haz’s tweet that they are moving to a house.

7) Very few SM activity from Tom and Z on Sunday, the way it was Saturday. But no Snap from Z still during the day. Then in the evening when it is time for her to hit the road again, we have a snap from her from an airport runway. I linked you to the other plane’s activity. It arrived from Denver to LAR airport in Wyoming noon yesterday, which means they were at Wyoming, and it was a refueling stop, because what else would she do in the middle of fucking nowhere? (No disrespect to those who actually live there, lol). And it looked like they were killing time, goofing around while the plane was being taken care of.

8) Again around the time at night, we get a snap from Haz. Lookie here, they are in their house, and Tom is back “from North”. And we get more snaps from  Z in a good mood with some love songs playing.

The NORTH thing is MAJOR suspect. Open your eyes, if you think otherwise. Her flying right after work on Friday and going back at night on Sunday makes it  so convenient for him to also allegedly disappear to “North” for the weekend.

All the clues fit too perfectly.  And remember:


Listen up you guys,

I didn’t think I was going to have to address this, nor did I want to, but I really feel like I need to.

I was looking through Tommy’s Twitter for the first time in a while now and I came across this tweet:

Please please please never guilt trip him into answering your questions. He doesn’t need to answer us, we are not entitled to any of this new and exciting information, but he shares it with us because he wants to.

He gets hundreds of these tweets a day, has more than one show to write and has a family to be with. He is not ignoring you, he just doesn’t live on Twitter and gets so many (especially of the same one because people accuse him of this) tweets that he has probably missed it or someone else has already asked it.

Now this is not to say that you can’t tweet him. By all means, please do because we hear loads of new or behind the scenes things! Just please don’t get snappy and angry at him or accuse him of ignoring you just because he doesn’t reply to your tweet.

This instance isn’t a one off. I’ve seen it dozens of times before on other tweets with people saying stuff like “oh i guess my question isn’t important” or “why have you replied to others and not me”, so I’m not trying to target this specific person but this is the most recent example, and as you can clearly see Tommy is starting to lose patience.

It’s happened before in other fandoms, where a minority feel a bit too entitled and do things like this and as a result, the people who are sharing this information stop sharing it altogether because it stops becoming fun to do so.

What I’m trying to say is please be respectful. If you’ve asked a question and he’s missed it and you can see he’s now on, go ahead and ask it again! But don’t try to make him feel bad or force him into answering anything.

Again I’d like to point out that this is a minority of people, and that most of the people who ask questions are really respectful and grateful. I just wanted to point out that this is happening and it looks like Tommy is understandably getting quite frustrated.

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Honestly what is with the screen capping? It must really bother them that Sam and Cait spend so much time together, whether they are together this weekend or not. Doesn't change that they are incredibly close. You would think they would have something better to do on a Saturday.

It’s fucking pathetic and I’m tired of it. It’s all they do. Their blogs are literally dedicated to talking shit about and screen capping shippers. How miserable do you have to be to spend so much time discussing the people you hate?

They must be threatened by Sam and Cait’s relationship or friendship or whatever the hell it is. They can’t stand the thought of them being in the same vicinity. I’ll never understand it because when I see Sam and Cait together, I’m filled with joy and excitement. It’s enough to turn my crappy day into a good one. I can’t imagine being filled with so much hatred that the thought of them hanging out would make me angry. Why can’t they just ignore shippers and the things we say? Why is that so difficult? They spend as much time and energy on all of this as we do. As soon as there’s a picture or a tweet posted they’re right there to refute any evidence of them spending time together whereas we’re on the other end of the spectrum just happy to fangirl over any little scrap of breadcrumbs we can find. I pity anyone who takes time out of their day everyday to participate in something so negative.

Anyway, sorry for venting but that post was brought to my attention and I couldn’t let it go. Back to fangirling now……

Dear young girls that are fans of Onision, he isn’t logical and he’s not honest.

Onision cuck isn’t a logical being. Listen to me rn all you onion fans before you start arguing against me.

True logic and true intelligens lays in the understanding of context, the understanding of a situation and all it’s contributing factors. Onision’s thinking is black and white, either something is illegal or it’s legal there’s no middle ground for him where there are exceptions, grey grounds, uncertainty and morality. And you know why he doesn’t see those things? Why he can’t truly grasp major concepts and why his logic will always be flawed? Because he’s uneducated (reading definitions doesn’t make you educated, there’s a reason why you study details and little shit that seems unnecessary in certain subjects in school, it gives you a proper and broad understanding of a subject) and to that he’s not a smart person. 

My proof:

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So I just tweeted that as a POC it’s hard for me to root for a character who’s arc relies heavily around her colonizing areas of land without ruling effectively, and her white savior complex. Because yes, for many reasons that are plausible enough, D*enerys has admirable traits – her “"good heart”“ if you will, but her ignorance and temperament overrules that. Some part of me still thinks the series will let her redeem herself but not before she falls drastically from grace.

I tweeted this, forgetting to censor her name, and was met with an openly racist, islamophobic, white supremacist who decided to attack POC as a whole, and claim that we(and I quote;) "arent smart enough to tame anials an thus develop their immune systems […]” and ‘couldn’t get out of our savage ways’ without them.

In 2017, it amazes me how ignorant certain people are. It amazes me that D*aenerys not only manages to turn every character she touches to shit, but that she also manages to garner support from racist white supremacist apologists. Yes, I’m aware not every person who supports her is automatically for racism, I used to root for her at the beginning as well, just like most of us did. And I’m sure your loyalty for supporting this character is admirable, but do not try to excuse the things she’s done and the message her arc is sending.

I highly doubt George 'war is unnecessary half the time’ R.R. Martin wrote D*enerys with the intention of her being a character for people to glorify. He’s compared her actions to the US’ invasion of Iraq for crying out loud. And if you haven’t quite made the connection, dragons seem to be symbolic of weapons of mass destruction.

This is why I will never go back to supporting her. She’s crossed the line way too many times and it’s become unbearable to tolerate her idiocy and presence on screen. I truly hope D&D’s portrayal of her downfall doesn’t shy away from what it’s meant to be for the sake of keeping her freefolk fanboys happy.

Hoping for GRRM to complete his series against all odds so we can finally see the full intent and message behind each of his characters.