because my playlist is hilarious

Couldn’t Cope with an Unfinished Melody: A Playlist for the Consulting Criminal Who Needs An Ego Boost

Beez in the Trap-Nicki Minaj/Kinda Outta Luck-Lana Del Rey/S&M-Rihanna/Donatella-Lady Gaga/You Can Be the Boss-Lana Del Rey/Diva-Beyonce/A Grand Theft Intermission-Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra/Primadonna- Marina and the Diamonds/Blow-Ke$ha/The Thieving Magpie-Rossini/Heads Will Roll-Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Be Prepared-Jeremy Irons/Rama Lama (Bang Bang)-Roisin Murphy/Staying Alive-Bee Gees