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7x10 review: “Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan in: Try To Retcon THIS, Motherfucker”.

*Takes a deep breath*

Okay. I can do this. 

*Deep sigh*

I can do this. 

Last night’s adrenaline left me somewhat in shock, so sorry if this review’s gonna be different from the others. I think there’s gonna be less humor, because my mood is swinging from anxious to hype twenty times in a minute.

You’re probably wondering what’s up with the title. What is up is that last night, an epic battle began. That’s right. I don’t know if Noel and Cam were aware of what they were going into, I don’t know if it was intentional, or instinctual. All I know is that I saw two forces fight against one another last night on screen: the power or love and the power of manipulation. 

Allow me to explain. This is gonna be hard, guys, but stay with me. Fight with me. 

If you read through all of this, you are officially promoted to Gallavich Knights. Or somethin’.

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Got7 2016 Experience

So out of popular demand here’s my meeting got7 experience on the weekend in toronto.

Warning this post will contain lots of swearing and will be long if you love got7, I suggest you read this. this is my complete got7 experience this weekend. Also will contain lots of very hyped up me.

okok so I went to koreatown in toronto to finish my got7 album collection so I just needed to buy identify and just right. I didnt know got7 were in toronto yet either. By the way I didnt go to koreatown assuming they were going to be there either because of that one time jackson was like why would I visit china town???
so me and my family go next door of the kpop store and go eat some korean food, the night before the toronto fanmeet. So we are about a half hour into our dinner when my sister was like oh look at this waiter hes kind of cute, and as I’m looking for the waiter, I see this guy looking around the restaurant for something and as his head turned, I saw his sideburns and high nose bridge and I asked my family like jokingly “is that kim yugyeom?” as everyone laughed I fuckin realized it was him, and I stopped breathing and just sunk into my booth so much I was almost underneath the table.
so as yugs is still looking around, and im still dying, fucking markson walk in together, and decide to sit riGHT FUCKING NEXT TO OUR TABLE.

So as I’m fuckin dying, 5/7 stroll the fuck in and sit their asses down, I’m almost crying at this point, And Im like if I dont talk to them Ill regret this shit.


ok so on with the story, we walk over with our jr albums in hand and we’re like “were so sorry but if you wouldn’t mind could you possibly sign this?” and mark being the ever living sweetheart was like “will you guys be leaving soon?” In my mind I was like bitch I’d stay all fuckin day if you asked me to, so we replied no and he was like okay we promise to after dinner then.
so after we die the whole dinner.

okok so the whole night jackson was showing them all memes an shit and everytime he laughed by the way, a baby is born, and at one point in the night he was like smooshing mark s face with his chest and kept hugging him, and held his hand throughout dinner ok Im emo.

so when they’re done dinner their manager comes over and is like “they can sign them now” and I’m lIKE FUCK I AINT READY.

so as we drag our asses over to their table mark grabs my sisters album and begins to sign it and jackson being the asshat he is finally notices my sweater and was like “seventeen eh?” And my mom next to me is like oh fuck and slams her hand against the logo on my cHEST by the way is lIKE NO. NO SEVENTEEN. I SWEAR YOURE HER UB GROUP.

and then my worst nightmare happens. jackson wang starts roasting me. but in korean. which I dont speak. to my top two biases. yugyeom and jinyoung. and although jinyoung didnt respond. yugyeom did. and he’s my ultimate bias. And I think I almost cried.

but anyways they make up for this shit later.

So after jackson continues to roast me he’s like “yah I’m friends with the chinese member.” As in singular so I’m like wait which one, junhui or minghao??? and then he fuckin waits a hundred years and goES “oH hao” like he forgot his name😂

so when my album gets passed around yugyeom stares at me the whole time smiling and I’m like ok I’m dying now and then jinyoung signs it at the end and paSSES IT DIRECTLY TO ME. and goes “here you go” in enGLISH and i’m like “ohmygod thankyou” and thEN HE HALF BOWS and goes “no thank you”

by then I was shook in half™ but then it got worse.

by the way the fucker jaebum was pissing the whole time so he didnt sign it. love you still.

and yj and bb were at the hotel.

so after I got no sleep that night I was already meeting them tommorow at their fanmeet so I was like ah fuck they’re probably not going to remember me but oh well.

so after we check into our hotel in toronto the clerk was like oh who are you going to see, we’re like oh got7, she was like oh and thEN SMIRKED AT ME. anD I WAS LIKE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???

(Turns out we stayed at the same hotel)

so fm time, the performance is over and I’m like I gotta check to see if they know who tf I am.

so as I roll up on stage I’m like “jACKSON” and he looks around real confused and then he sees me makes a even more confused face and I’m like “seventeen eh?” And theN HIS FACE JUST BRIGHTENS UP AND HE YELLS NOT TALK BUT YELLS BACK “SEVENTEEEEEEENNN”

and Im like fuCK SHIT SISMFP1NXmaoxnk1inejJdknzq. he remembers me.

but then I become further shook I dont know if this is gods way of tellin me I belong with yugs in life but my ass got placed in front of yugyeom on the chair, and I look up at this beautiful angel and he looks down and smiles so brightly at me and goes, I shit you not “heeey, I remember you”





so this was my lit got7 experience.
I now have an inside joke with jackson wang.
and I’m besfriends with got7.

also congrats if you read this all.

I just need to get this of my chest...

ok so, not too long ago I accepted an anonymous ask about them using one of my reaper76 art on a couple shirts for themselves (hopefully). I’ve later come to really really regret that decision because I was too hyped and happy for someone to really like my art so much that they would put it on a shirt, that I completely ignored the fact that they asked it anonymously and that there might be horrible consequences. You really can’t know for sure that the person is sincere when they ask such things anonymously because you don’t know if they’re going to make more shirts (or other products) and sell them for their own gain, and I see my mistake in that…

This has kept me up in the middle of the night because I’m panicking over the fact that I was way to ignorant of the consequences, but since I now have had time to think I am aware of what might happen. So in the future I won’t accept any ask about using my art for anything personal (then I’m talking about cards or prints to hang on the wall or even shirts or other products.)And I will especially not allow it if asked anonymously. When it comes to icons or whatever for tumblr then I might let you, but only if not asked anonymously.

I love my art very very much. I put on a watermark or signature or whatever you want to call it for a reason because I’m afraid that someone might steal it… And I will never sell my art, so if you find my art on any products around on the internet, that is differently not me selling them.

PS: I have deleted the post where I accepted the anonymous ask about using my art because I’m afraid that someone else might misunderstand it and think that I do allow people using my art for anything, even when it is asked anonymously, when in reality I don’t accept it.

I just really needed to get this of my chest because I’ve been struggling with this for a while and hopefully I can sleep easier now, and I really want you guys to know where I stand on the subject. And sorry for this kind of a lengthy post, I just needed to put my thoughts into words.

Still have a great day and thank you for listening! ♥        

I’m sorry… I’m way too hyped about Digimon Adventure Tri coming out in April. The fact that the show that got me into animation is getting a new season 15 years later has gotten me so excited… there might be a lot more Digimon related art coming later… I apologize in advance.

My 2 favorites, Koushiro and Taichi being roomates because they’re besties (LIKE THEY SHOULD, Yamato gets all the friendship cred for no reason) and watching weird youtube videos all night… because it’s 2015 I guess…

I dunno where this drawing came from… but I had fun.


tomorrow i will finally be getting on a plane and visiting america to see my girlfriend!!!!

I’m. So. Hyped. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! !!!  kinda scared too! first time abroad, first time on a plane, first time meeting her, lots of firsts… i gotta get an early night because the trip starts so soon !!!….so goodnight and wish me luck tumblr!!


LIS Alice AU I shat while I was half conscious in the midst of the night because I am sO HYPED FOR EPISODE 4 and that was the first thing my brain wanted to do in celebration

160k Followers... I. Just. Can’t. Believe. This.

You guys are so awesome. I never ever would’ve believed to even reach 2k and now look at this!

Thanks to all of you! I can’t find any words right now..

I am really happy to come this far! And I hope I can help some “unknown” photographers to get some more attention, because there are so many out there that totally deserve it!

Have a good night/day. I’m going to bed now with an amazing feeling in my heart and soul!

Special Thanks to the awesome work of the landscape exposure network! I am proud to be a part of you guys!

Cheers, Niklas

Queerbaiting Is Not Ok!!!!

As we all know, judging by the sorry excuse for an episode last night, Malec didn’t get the screentime that it was so hyped up about for the past week. So it came to my mind last night before I crawled into bed to do my nightly routine of crying over my otps: is Shadowhunters queerbaiting?

My answer? Yes. They’re using Malec for views. It’s obvious that they are. Every week is the same repetitive cycle: Malec sneak peek, everyone gets hyped, then when the episode airs, we’re let down. It’s getting old. Personally I’m tired of the sneak peeks because it’s ruining my excitement for my favorite ship. I want to see the scene for the first time when the episode actually airs and I want to feel that excitement through the episode itself. Not through a 30 second promo. To me, it just lacks the same feeling you’d get if you were watching it on Monday night (or Tuesday).

Which brings me to my next issue. A lot of people are concerned that Magnus didn’t give consent to Alec when Alec started kissing him and leading him to the bedroom. So that begs the question: did Magnus say yes? Or did he say no? We don’t know. Instead of giving us a lovely scene of them talking about consent and understanding one another’s comfort zones, we have Jace humping a Seelie in one of Magnus’ guest bedrooms (which in my opinion was really fucking rude and ignorant of Jace. Magnus didn’t give him permission to be doing this under HIS roof). That scene was unnecessary and just took up precious screen time that could’ve been used for more important issues at hand. I honestly can’t say that Magnus said yes but we won’t know until next week when MAYBE we get an explanation of what happened. If not….well I guess that’s next week’s problem.

This brings me back to my issue about queerbaiting. We’ve all seen it happen on our shows. Teen Wolf. Supernatural. To name a few shows. It’s disgusting and it shouldn’t be done just for the sake of getting views. You want your show to get views? Stop with the promos about ships. Start using clips that are relevant specifically to the plot line. Yes, you’re allowed to show promos about the relationships but don’t give away everything. Don’t hype the fandom and then pull a fast one on them. This has been happening with Malec and I’m tired of it. My absolute favorite otp is being used solely for the purpose of high ratings and it’s WRONG. It’s taking advantage of a popular LGBTQ+ representation and using it for personal gain. It’s ugly and it needs to stop.

And I’m not even going into details about Alec supposedly forcing himself on Magnus. People are too quick to pull the R to the APE card when we don’t even know the full story. So I’m just going to leave it at that for now until next week’s episode. Maybe that will clear that mess up.

To end my rant (and I’m so sorry for ranting) this week’s episode was a mess. It didn’t feel concise. It felt random and jumbled like they were scrambling to get it filmed and on air. At least that’s what it felt like to me. Feel free to disagree but that’s how I strongly feel. Praying that this mess is cleared up so we can go back to being somewhat semi-decent people again.


Okay so tonight when I went to NXT, I decided to go all out on my Hype Bros gear because Zack was finally gonna be at a show I’m at. So I asked them on Twitter if they were gonna be there before I put everything on just in case & Mojo tweeted me and said “you know it!! See you soon?” So I replied with a pic of my outfit (first pic).
They came out for a triple threat tag team match and they didn’t see me at all before or during the match bc I was being blocked by one of the teams standing in their corner. Finally they won the match & they’re celebrating in the ring & I was worried they wouldn’t see me & just leave bc Zack was selling a knee injury. Right when I lost hope, Mojo scanned the crowd & saw me. He turned Zack to face me & they both pointed at me (second pic).
So Mojo comes over to me & goes “you want a sweaty hug?!” So of course I was like “yeah!” (Third pic).
Then he noticed my mom taking pics & was like “you want a picture?!” so Zack came over & we took this lovely pic😍 (fourth).
Then Zack high-fives me & Mojo decides to take my mom’s phone & (tried) to take selfies but they were blurry bc he was jumping around😂 (last three pics).
Then he was like “how about a video?!” So he took a video with me & handed me the phone back and I burst into tears😭
After all that, Zack saw the pic of my outfit on Twitter and said “perfection” and then when I started tweeting most of the pics, he said he was gonna steal the pic of the 3 of us but he ended up just reposting it on Instagram🙈
It took almost 5 years to meet my favorite, but it was sure as hell worth the wait. Don’t Los whole guys, you’ll meet your fav one day☺️

Anti visited me in my dream last night and...well...

I’m not okay 😅😂😭😱💀
I guess all of the recent Dark and Anti hype - theories and all - has gotten to me big time because I actually had a dream involving our favorite demon son, Anti, and I just… Okay, I just feel the need to share it. It’s quite disturbing, but jeez, I can’t get it out of my head. Alright, here it is:

So I have no idea how this started out exactly - or why it happened - but basically I was in a school gymnasium with a majority- if not, all - of the students and teachers, some standing, others seated. We were all being held hostage by a group of guys with guns who meant business (I don’t remember what they looked like or anything of what they said). There was a hall window and a door with a window that both showed the hallway on the other side, so I could clearly see a line of students sitting in chairs in the hall, all very frightened. But that’s not what got my attention - what did was how, for whatever reason, Jack was there in that line, except his behavior seemed off. He seemed very on edge, and his eyes were shifty and kept glancing around, looking like he was expecting something to happen at any minute. The girl seated next to him was glancing at the door and bolted up to run for it, but suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, Jack whips a handgun out from inside his hoodie and shoots the poor girl point blank! A spray of blood and brain matter flew across the door and window - some getting on Jack and anyone who had been close to the girl. And of course, everyone including myself screams, except for Jack, who’s actually laughing maniacally at all of this, finding it extremely amusing.

It’s at this point I get a horrible feeling of dread and realize that this isn’t Jack, this has to be Anti, ‘cause there’s no way in HELL Jack would be this cruel, this heartless and sadistic. It’s beyond disturbing.

I take a glance at another nearby door and slowly make my way towards it, thinking maybe I could escape that way, only to see a girl on the other side (who I guess had the same idea) do the same thing and try to escape. Unfortunately for her, Anti bolts over to her, grabs and tugs at her by the wrist violently, and in one swift motion, he blows her brains out point blank just like he did with the other girl. And yet again, another blast of red sprays across the window, door, walls, and anyone nearby, including Anti - who now has his face covered in blood and he looks furious, almost annoyed at how stupid the girl was for trying to leave. He genuinely looks terrifying, like he’ll slaughter anyone who tries anything. And then in a split second, the menacing look on his face is replaced with one of sadistic delight, slowly grinning evilly from ear to ear as an eerie, spine-chilling chuckle is heard rising from deep in his throat. It sounds inhuman and it instantly makes my blood run cold as ice.

What made this all the more chilling was how his gaze - which had been fixed on the girl he had shot - slowly shifted to me, staring at me directly through the door window. As soon as he saw me, I felt frozen in place, like I was paralyzed and couldn’t move a muscle. I felt really unnerved by the way he was looking at me. He was pretty much testing me, just waiting to see if I was going to try and escape just like how the other girl did. His eyes seemed darker, and for one split second, I could’ve sworn his entire being glitched, even though he was there in person and not on a screen. I don’t know if my eyes were playing games with me or not though.

I can’t remember what happened next, but one thing’s for sure, this dream seriously chilled me to the bone and I had to forcibly wake myself up given just how real it felt (it felt WAY too real, I genuinely felt like I was there, living all of this). I literally woke up gasping for breath and feeling quite shaken.

I fucking love Anti beyond words, and sometimes, I like getting scared, but this…like wow, this was something else.

Good on Jack/Anti for giving my twisted mind ideas to scare me. Just what I needed 🖒💀🖒💀🖒💀🖒


Since I didn’t post any selfies yesterday here’s a double dose of me for you this morning ;)

Also on top is the mini grocery haul from last night.  I’m hyped because every single thing I bought WAS ON SALE!!! Even the fruits and the hummus which NEVER go on sale.

I’ve got to go get ready for my day now, and I’m turning my data off for the day so I shall see you all when I get home tonight!

Who wants some angst? Okay so the night before the Kerberos mission Shiro couldn’t sleep because he was so hyped about it, so he wandered the corridors and got to the roof. Somehow stargazing always calmed him down. There, he met Lance, who nearly had a heart attack upon seeing him and had to avoid a squeal.

Lance’s first thought was “FUCK, MY HERO IS HERE” the second was “HE’S GONNA REPORT ME FOR BREAKING CURFEW”. And he makes his weird… face… where he’s not sure if he wants to laugh or cry, so Shiro asks him if he’s okay.

Long story short, they spend most of the night stargazing and talking, Lance has a bunch of funny stories up his sleeves that help Shiro unwind and laugh, it’s great. At the end of the night, heart beating faster than ever, Lance considered telling Shiro about how he’s had a crush on him for a while. It was his only chance. Shiro was going to leave for months. If he didn’t say now, then when?

Except he doesn’t say it and watches as Shiro’s back disappears from view after the climbs down the stairs. Lance kinda regrets not saying it, but thinks it’s for the best.

A year later, every time Lance stares at Shiro’s back, he thinks about that night and the missed chance. He thinks about how every time they go off to a new mission, it night be his last chance to tell Shiro. But he never really works up the courage to say it. And every time Shiro congratulates him after a battle, squeezing his shoulder and smiling brighter than the stars, Lance’s mind goes blank and he is defeated.

Shiro is too much for him.


Hey guys! sorry for the lack of drawings in these few days, even though I’m doing a countdown project. I got sick and could barely keep my eyes open tbh. Idk how I got through my classes. Hopefully I can contribute to the hype over the next few days though! 

5 days!! I can barely wait. I’m calling forth all my willpower to resist from listening to the first two ACOL chapters on Soundcloud, haha. Not to mention that I’ll have to wait until my actual copies (i ordered two because of reasons shhh don’t worry about it) arrive in the mail. 

Anyways, here’s some doodles I drew today and last night. Feeling a lot better so stay tuned! 

anonymous asked:

H, I, U, V, X, Y

H - The last person I hugged:
A bunch of my friends last night as I was going home from one of the sickest parties I’ve been to all year. It was thrown by a bunch of skate-or-die-type kids and was ACTUALLY FUCKING LIT. it was basically a mini block party and people were like doing tricks in the street and like grinding on this rail they set up and there was a trampoline right next to the roof and a way up the roof through the attic and i jumped off of the roof onto the trampoline like 20 times and did a flip off of it and bruised my tailbone but it was fucking WORTH IT MAN I WAS SO HYPED

I - The last time I felt jealous, and why:
last night when i saw my homie campbell’s new Nikes!!!!!!! They’re the ones i posted earlier

U - Favourite time of year, and why:
Winter because it’s cold and i can wear all my COOL-ASS WINTER CLOTHES and it’s not hot as fuck and the sky is pretty and grey

V - Big dreams?:
making my sort of dream pet project video game thing a reality but thats a LONG WAY OFF

X - 3 turn ons (no specific order):

  1. GOTH GIRLS/really intimidating girls
  2. confidence
  3. chub

Y - 3 turns offs:

  1. people who remind me of my ex/exhibit narcissistic tendencies- biggest red flag
  2. people who are too uptight/judgemental/cant have fun
  3. brown-nosers

I swear to god I’m not an accident prone person, but ever since I broke my leg, it seems like I can’t not hurt myself like every fucking day.

I feel like all I’ve talked about since I hurt myself is this damn leg. Sorry. But I keep knocking my foot/leg against shit, slipping somehow, twisting weird…

last night I slipped and almost fell because my damn dog gets so hyped about eating & she drools sometimes. I slipped in that. Hurt like a bitch. This morning I was making breakfast for my nephew & I forgot that my other dog likes to stand/sit/lay directly behind me when I cook. I turned, tripped over him & fucking fell right in the middle of the kitchen. Couldn’t even take my painkillers because I had to drive.

I can’t fucking do this. I’m so scared that I’m going to rebreak my leg, or displace the bone somehow. I cried in front of my nephew, and I hate doing that.

Ugh. This is shit.

Honest talk

I’m really glad the boys (mostly yoongi lol) were hyping Hoseok up so much. Like just seeing his happy face every time “JHOPE” was yelled made me tear up a little bit. He deserves so much love and recognition and I’m glad he’s getting it, I’m glad he’s hearing his name yelled every time he appears on screen because he deserves it.
He deserves nothing less than the world.

so like yall know that guy collin farrell? the one everyone is like. into right now? in the new hp movie? well DAMN. i didn’t see the hype until now. he was in my dream last night. and. DAMN. he is fine as hell and like i guess he was a cop? (think because i remember watching SWAT when i was growing up with my dad) and like i got like hit by a car and he had to watch me for some reason? and i had this killer headache and it was hard for me to walk too much cause i was so like beat up idk it was cool lol it got really weird after that and turned into another dream but that part was 👀👌🏼 i might start blogging about him…