because my neck is my weakness

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Hi ! I have to take this off my chest. You are killing me with Jinyoung. Until now I was torn between JB/Jinyoung/Mark and couldn't find a bias but EVER SINCE TODAY...Jinyoung became 1st, fo real really. This is like newly found love y'know ? SO you popping up NECKS and JAWS is not helping. It hurts me physically. I might DIE at some point, because the amount of perfection is unbearable. Just kidding, post some more I got a Jinyoung tooth. I love you.

GIRLLLL torn between Jinyoung/JB/Mark all of hyung line is just my weakness tbh. (Although let’s be real Jinyoung lords it over them bc he owns my ass)

and YESSSSSSSS WELCOME TO THE CLUB! We get together every other Wednesday to drink wine and talk about the maknae line glo up. Please accept these photos as part of initiation


Hey I feel really bad asking this, but I need any donations I can get. I don’t know the goal yet, but I need several things after a horrifying traumatic experience my husband and I went through last week.

1 - Therapy for PTSD. It’s expensive, and I don’t quite have enough.  I am showing all the signs and it’s badly effecting my health. I’m either sleeping all day long, or not sleeping at all… and barely eating. Been weak and sick because every time I eat I feel like throwing up so I’ve barely been eating at all. The migraines aren’t helping at all. Fortunately, no suicidal thoughts, but I keep wishing I could just sleep for the next hundred years.

2 - A Chiropractor. Again, it’s expensive. I don’t quite have enough, and my husband and I were both injured during my traumatic experience. Shoulder, wrists, neck, lower back… constant pain makes getting good sleep hard.

3 - Lawyer fees. People say I should get a public defender, but they usually just don’t care and I want to be SURE that nothing bad is going to happen. I won’t know the final quote until likely later this month, or beginning of next.

4 - Refunds. Because of my injuries I am unable to draw for a while. At least three weeks. Using my wrist even to type starts to hurt after a bit and I don’t want to do worse damage trying to draw for money, that would be counter intuitive in the end; and people I owe art to are getting mad. I am already under so much stress that owing art has made it way, way worse and I want to find a way to just refund it and get it over with and not have to deal with it on top of everything else.

-Before you ask, NO, the injuries were not at the hands of my husband. We are very close, and we are both really stressed out and really terrified and clinging to each other for support. Please don’t be worried for my current safety.

Since my wrist is injured and stress has made me sick to the point of barely eating and feeling nauseous and headachy all the time, I need help.

If you want to know more details, you can ask me privately, but I can not say what is going on without risk of just making things worse, under the advice of an attorney.

My paypal is

If you can’t help please spread the news. I really need any help I can get.

Once I am recovered and all this is over, I will explain to everybody what happened, but until then I can’t say anything unless you are a close and trusted friend.

Rules have always confused me, maybe because I grew up in the shadow of madness in a senselessly violent, shamelessly ugly world. Women, who would be butches in any city, marry thick-necked farmers and breed weak sons and strong daughters who, like their mothers before them, will move their girlfriends into their bedrooms. I spent my childhood under patchwork quilts falling in love with girls like that, and wore peach and turquoise and mint green organdy dresses at their weddings, hoping no one would understand my tears. I ran away not because I loved them, but because I didn’t understand the rules well enough to survive in that hated and hateful place. On my infrequent trips back home, I see them sometimes, catch myself looking at them the way I would at any butch, flirting shamelessly. And they smile, remembering. Neither of us apologizes. For what we became. For what we did not.
—  Nisa Donnelly, “On Image And Reality,” found in Butch/Femme (1995)

Finally got to see my new primary since our move, and he confirmed what I was still kind of uncertain about. It was cancer, just not invasive. At least, that’s what we’re hoping.

I cant tell if its all in my head because of paranoia, but I’m worried my whole neck is swelling again. And I know that with half my thyroid gone the other half is a lot more taxed, but the doctor did say he felt the remaining portion was swollen. We’re hoping it’s swelling because of this added workload on it, but I’m getting another ultrasound to be safe. And in another 6 months I’ll probably get one again.

I was feeling pretty good after the surgery too. More energy, stronger, more appetite, losing weight, etc. But I’m starting to fall back into feeling shitty and weak and it’s stressing me out. I mean, I no longer have a fist sized lump pressing against my esophagus, so I can walk up a flight of stairs without clawing for air and falling into panic attacks because of it. And I’m insanely grateful for that. I’m grateful that someone actually listened to me, and after 15+ years of being brushed off and/or ignored by doctors (and being specifically told by one that it wasnt cancer only to find out 4 months later, by another doctor, it was), someone actually took the time to look into it and outright told me these things instead of giving me an overall ‘its probably nothing, you’re fine’.

I just kind of wish that had been the end of it and presto I’m fixed. I know that’s expecting/hoping for a lot, but after so long of feeling so progressively worse I just wanted this to be over.

She used to place her pretty arms about my neck, draw me to her, and laying her cheek to mine, murmur with her lips near my ear,

“Dearest, your little heart is wounded; think me not cruel because I obey the irresistible law of my strength and weakness; if your dear heart is wounded, my wild heart bleeds with yours. In the rapture of my enormous humiliation I live in your warm life, and you shall die — die, sweetly die — into mine. I cannot help it; as I draw near to you, you, in your turn, will draw near to others, and learn the rapture of that cruelty, which yet is love; so, for a while, seek to know no more of me and mine, but trust me with all your loving spirit.”

—  Carmilla - J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Tagging game

Thank you @timboallthetime for thr tag!!!

One insecurity : I don’t like my thr way my face squished when I smile. I don’t look human in my eyes

Two fears: someone getting hurt because of me, and not living a fulfilling life.

Three turn ons: neck kissing, poetry, and massages ;)

Four life goals: reach a healthy weight, visit every state in thr USA, travel abroad as often ad I can afford, be able to die and know I tried my best

Five things I like: thunderstorms, sound of rain, being high, making friends, magic

Six weaknesses: I overthink, I am an empath, sushi(yum) , cats (bc they’re cute) , bees (because I’m Scared) , people say I’m Too kind.

Seven things i love : I love… Love, my boyfriend, I love massaging, I love crystals and I love my cats, I love nature and I love my friends

I tag @JadedChemical @naturesxdaughter @size-18 @i-ferment-to-do-that @aubernutter @bellygangstaboo @eatmyselffit

Lazy Day ~J.S.~


Summary: John wakes you up because hes horny but y'all are lazy af

“Babe. Babe y/n. Cutie. Sexy. Ma. Princess.”

“Shut the fuck up John”

“I’m horny though”

“And I’m sleeping”

“Please babe” then the fucker starts kissing my neck. I was sleeping halfway on him and could now feel his boner poking my upper thigh.

“Damn it swazz you know kissin my neck is my weakness” I wake up fully and swing my legs over the rest of his body so I was straddling him. His hands immediately went to my hips, trying to get them to move. I crossed my arms and smirked.

“Babygirl please I’m too tired to tease.” He says throwing his head back and groaning.

“But not too tired to wake me up. Okay I see”

I begin grinding my hips slowly forward and backwards while leaning back and resting on his thighs. I slowly take off my, well his, shirt and throw it on the floor. He didn’t have on a shirt like usual and I kissed down his chest when I got down to his basket ball shorts, I kissed around the hem.

“Y/n” Swazz warns.

I pull his shorts down and feel to tired to do anything else.

“Babe I’m to lazy to do anything else right now” I say laying on his chest.

“Y/n” he says dragging out the last part of my name.

“Johnnnnn” I say laying right next to him where I was when I was sleeping.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” He pulls off my under wear and lifts up my leg. He turns so he’s kinda on his side.

He slowly slides into me and I moan at the feeling.

“No matter how many times I fuck you, it seems like you get tighter”

I laugh at him as he thrusts into me and puts his head in the crook my neck. All that can be heard is our quiet moans.

“I’m close swazz”‘I say arching my back and pushing my pussy into him.

“Cum for me ma” he says rubbing my clit.

I moan extra loud at his words and clench my pussy and that brings him to the edge. He thrust fast as he cums. Milking every drop of my orgasm. He pulls out. And puts my leg down. I was already soar from being in the same position.

I laid my head on johns chest as he laid back down to.


I groan letting him know I’m listening.

“Wanna know what my dad used to say?”

“What did he say?”

“That love is when all your happiness and feelings are dependent on one person. So I guess I love you” he says. I can hear the smile in his voice.

I lightly laugh at his confession of love. We’ve said I love you to eachother before so this was cute to me.

“I love you too John”

“My names Swazz”

I hit his chest and feel him laugh. I fall asleep to his heartbeat and him humming some song.

It isn’t real, but it feels real
It isn’t real, but it feels real

As I crane my neck to an emptiness
I feel in my chest
Cut my wrists, slit my throat, take this body and string it up
Cause I’ll never know

“I’m weak again, stay inside, hate everything.”
Well hey, that’s our lot. And I’m already inside out
Cut my wrists, slit my throat, take this body and string it up
And I’ll never know what you said, because I’ll be fucking dead by then

On idle times..

What a sight to see once you walk into Tadashi’s lab.

OR… When Hiro started to settle into his little work room, he would go in and see Tadashi sitting there. *Lies down on the floor because what a dream wow.*



And also because I have a thing for hot (pun intended sweet bby jesus please forgive me) guys in black v-neck shirts….and Daniel Henney. *shot*


I need more hatless, cardigan-less, v-neck shirted!Tadashi in my life… _(┐「ε:)_

Hope you guys like this!

march - your oversized sweater, your curly lovely hair & the way your citrus scent mixed up with your 3rd cigarette. i saved it all in my memory because they were all heavenly, they were all yours/

may - sunflowers, ocean, exchanged kisses inside your car. you were screaming along to problematic & catchy songs; you’d shout “i hate it!” after every line. i was laughing at you; the untroubled, mellow you. & you’d ask me silly things like, “where do you want me to kiss you?” i’d point my neck and say “here, here.”/

june - king-sized bed felt small because of our swelled up souls, that learned how to use our weaknesses whenever the lights were off, both in ugly and exquisite way. the moon was always serene, i heard: stay, love, please and always several times i learned to taste them/

today - the sky seems bigger it feels empty, the streets look darker i feel incomplete. the map pinned against the wall looks ridiculously endless and pointless at the same time. i am scared.
i am scared.
i place my hand on top of the bed where you used to kiss me and i ask myself, “what happened? you are an asshole & i am still waiting.” /

I am so weak for Mika and Yuu slow dancing together like oh my god.

Just…. them dancing together to some slow cheesy af love song and doing the forehead touch and smiling at each other because they’re so in love with each other and oh gosh my heart….

Gentle face caresses

One of them just leaning their face into the crook of the other’s neck and nuzzling them (actually no! Both of them hehe).

Did I mention gay dorks blushing and being adorkable?

And then finally a sweet kiss full of love and trust and now I’m drowning send help please omg…..

Some stuff about gnr in detroit

-I was so pumped when they opened with its so easy because I was literally punching people
-double talkin jive and estranged were blessings to hear
-axl put his arm around slash multiple times and you could see them chatting and liaghing throughout the show
-mine fav costume change of axl was the shirt that said “the bitch is back”
-duffs neck looks even longer in person
-this I love was so beautiful I’m pretty sure my soul ascended from my body axl was great
-the instrumental of wish you were here MADE ME WEAK
-I still can’t get over double talkin jive
-slash’s godfather solo thing was the best I’ve ever heard him do, I cried
-some guy ten rows behind us did a flying leap to catch slash’s sweat rag and I don’t blame him
-we were in the pit so all the members looked at us ESPECIALLY DUFF DAMN
-the coolest was slash soloing in front of raining fire in november rain
-also slash almost murdered duff with his guitar and I laughed
-axl made a comment about Detroit’s greasy and fried food haha
-out ta get me was HYPE
-Axl’s mic and earpiece weren’t working the first song and you could tell he was pissed but he was so nice about it by just saying “wait” and then got it fixed “so i can hear”
-slash is such a beast and slayed every solo (we already know this but still)
-axl sounded so goooooddd
-a magical experience they made me so happy


Okay so we’ve got Simon’s poster which made me DIE like I legit fell down the stairs and rolled around and then fell off a cliff right after because HOLY MOLY and then as I was slowly crawling on my hands and knees trying to get up Magnus Bane’s poster drops and I get knocked down by a freaking tornado of cat eyes and goatee and Greek godliness and pure perfection and all the while I’m sobbing my eyes out and I’m so weak and then I think to myself “Okay, you can do this. You can survive this. You can get up.” And I’m pushing myself up and I’m about to stand up but then ALEC LIGHTWOOD IS LIKE SURPRISE IT’S MY TURN AND THAT NECK RUNE AND BEAUTIFUL HAIR AND PIERCING STARE AND FACE SCULPTED BY THE ANGELS LITERALLY CAPITULATED ME INTO THE SUN LIKE MY POOR HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS ALL I WANT TO DO IS LIVE BUT I HAVE DIED AND BEEN RESURRECTED SO MANY TIMES BECAUSE OF THIS CAST I CANNOT KEEP LIVING THIS LIFE

Mornings - Luke hemmings smut

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Warning: smut, and language



♔ ♕ ♔ ♕

The cold morning breeze woke me up from my dream. Lukes warm arm wrapped around my torso and his nose was buried in the crook of my neck. There was no place i’d rather be than here, I didn’t want anyone or anything to move because this moment was perfect. I had everything I could ever want, the man of my dreams right next to me, an amazing house, and a healthy life. Nothing could be better. 

Lukes sudden movement snapped me out of my daydream. His lips where lightly kissing down my neck and spine, I couldn’t help but release a moan.

“Good morning princess”

Lukes deep morning voice always made my knees weak, and his warm breath fanning down my spine made me smile. The way he says princess or babygirl never got old, in fact it just made him an even sexier boyfriend than he already was. 

“Good morning Luke”

I said and shifted my body to face him. He chuckled and kissed my forehead. His hand rubbed the small of my back as my hand tussled his floppy hair. 

“hmm you need to fix your hair hemmo”

I chuckled.

“Shut up”

He said before bursting out into laughter.

“I’m starving (Y/N), I think i’m gonna eat the waffles we made yesterday.”

Before he could get up I lightly grabbed his wrist and pulled him back in bed. Luke chuckled and attempted to escape again. Before he could I quickly straddled his hips and put my hands on either side of his head. I smirked and gave him a challenging look.

“I know what else you can eat.”

Luke smirked this time.

“Oh really, then why don’t I get started.”

Luke flipped us over. He was on top while I was on the bottom, he began kissing down my warm naked body until he was close enough to my aching core. Luke circled around my core and began kissing up and down my inner thighs.

“Luke!! just get on with it.”

Luke chuckled and moved his head until he was right in front of my core. His warm breath fanned my core and made me even more horny than I already was. I lifted my core and moaned causing him the suddenly push my hips down.

“Beg baby. What do you want? tell me.”

His husky voice was even hotter than it was a couple minutes ago. I moaned in response.

“Baby I-I want your fingers… a-and mouth.”

My voice quivered making it harder to talk.

“And where do you want my mouth and fingers?”

Luke said. I could already tell he was enjoying this way to much.

“O-on my c-clit. Please daddy!”

I yelled the last part. Luke grinned before plunging both his fingers into my clit. His hands move rapidly in and out of my core as I arched my back and moaned he only seemed to get faster. 

Luke moved even closer to my clit and started eating me out. My moans where louder, I grabbed a fistful of lukes hair and pulled him even closer to me. Before I could climax Luke pulled back with a annoying grin.

“Actually I’m not that hungry anymore.”

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Have you ever kissed someone and forgot where you were? Felt a kiss that could pass for sin? A literal time where your breath was taken away? I feel these kisses with one girl, whom I’ve developed this severe addiction to. A kiss from her leaves me gasping for air as her neck tilts to invite me closer to her. A kiss that makes my hands reach for her hair and pull me closer as our lips continue to mesh together. I have this one girl, who’s full and soft lips, they fill me with warmth and sometimes interrupts us because my smile can’t be kept at bay. I’m no expert, but if a girl can make you weak at the knees and buckle under her hint of a smile, and if that girl can give you a kiss that leaves you breathless and craving more, then that sure as fuck isn’t a girl I wanna let go of.

can’t get over kurt rolling his eyes and being annoyed by his bleeding neck throughout the episode. like, this weak mortal body is so inconvenient for my reckless behaviour, i demand a refund, or a free upgrade, or something because i’ve got a wild wifey to run after and this bleeding and almost dying thing is getting in my way.

my biggest fear is that your body

will become a book that sits on my

coffee table; gathering dust and latent

breath, a bit of light reading when i

grow tired of intellectual conversation

and meeting mouths that latch on to

me like morning dew on fresh august grass.

don’t get me wrong, i will fixate on your

elbows for months, study your face until

my wrists ache but when it’s time to make

love to you, i won’t be able to recite your

name because every octave that lifts from

your chest will become lodged in my throat.

you will take this as a sign of weakness,

a kink in the chain of command that keeps 

my arms nestled at your sides, but really 

it’s just that i was never good at being standardized -

whether it’s sex or tests or keeping my hands

above the table in public, i am bound to make

mistakes and you’re only here to point them out.

like a slow burn, your exhales will rise to meet 

my neck, that trick i taught you in bed that you’ll

never own up to will carry you to your next lover’s

doorstep and they’ll exclaim, “you’re a fucking god!”

but in the back of your head, you’ll remember they’re

actually talking about me.

your hips will stretch over thirty different metaphors

before my tongue grows tired of tracing them, but 

i can only travel from coast to coast for so long before 

it’s time to learn a new way to say goodbye.