because my friends are crazy

what most people my age do on saturday at 2am: partying

what I am doing: building a tiny house, fence and bench for my shrimp

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Reasons I strongly relate to Detective Danny Williams:

- Sarcastic af

- “Rationally concerned” about e v e r y t h i n g

- Small dark tunnels and places? noPE NOPE NOPE

- Never get to drive

- Constantly reminding my friends that whatever we are doing is dangerous, stupid, and probably illegal

- Go along with whatever shit my friends do anyway because someone has to look after those crazy fuckers

- Don’t like most people and think dogs are better

- Mostly interested in girls but high-key in love with Steve McGarrett

Escape / Billy Hargrove

*requested by anonymous
*Hiii ! Could you write something where Billy and his girl have a daughter together? Maybe she’s like 2 years old or something ?
*in which y/n and billy leave Hawkins to raise their baby in California
*WARNING: swearing, that’s it
*word count: 3740
*this is really long but worth the read, it’s cute

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oof I just went home bec me and my friends went to a karaoke booth and holy shit there’s emo trinity songs so I chose 1 song each

I literally screamed every lyrics of Welcome To The Black Parade, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

I couldn’t even finish WTTBP because I got emotional JSDKLJFSKJFLKAJ

Four seconds



Prompt: chemistry between Matthew and the reader.


A/n: I want to dedicated it to @paradiselover-18 because I know she is in love with one-shots about Gubler


When someone lie his own lips above other ones, something changes in their relationship. Something lights up in their minds and immediately they understand if the things will turn the right way or the bad one.
It usually takes about four seconds to decide the destiny of the kiss and this story talks about these four seconds plus five years of friendships.

The same day you moved to Los Angeles you understood that it was the best decision you could take. The first evening you spent in that wonderful city, a tall blond man sat next to you at the table where you were drinking alone and when you explained him why ‘a beautiful girl like you was all alone in a bar’ he friendly started telling you which places you had to see and how good you’d been there. It all started that evening, with a failed flirt and a couple margaritas. You met your best friend that night.

Of course, Matthew initiate you to Criminal Minds and every time you watched an episode you started fangirling over him because you knew it’d made him laugh. Then you started visiting him over the set and when everyone started noticing your presence, it was difficult to explain them that you were just good friends.
It was a normal friendship that made you feel good, and so did Matthew because you finally found someone who really loved you, you took care of each other.

What do they usually say? The time runs really fast? Well, it is true because years already passed since that night. They were years full of nice and lovely memories.
You remember the photos you took when Matthew took you to Disneyland and the time where he took you to Las Vegas to meet his family. You were not together, ok, but it was important to him that the most important people in his life knew each other and you were really happy. Then, you remember the time he took you at the Awards when Criminal Minds was nominated as Best Drama Series. You wore a skinny yellow dress, which showed your best curves, with your black heels and when he see you for the first time in that outfit, you could bet that he was near to have an heart attack. Men…
But only if you knew why he looked at you that way that night, you’d changed your mind.

“I mean, look at her Shemar” Matthew whispered while you were talking to the other ladies “she is so beautiful! I bet that man behind her is gonna ask her out soon.”

“Are you jealous?” Shemar said smirking

“What? No! She is just my best friend, why would I be jealous?”

“Because you are crazy about that hot stuff, Pretty Ricky. Go and take her man.”

But that evening, he didn’t take you. Because he was not sure it was the best decision. Because he thought he was out of your league. Because you were just best friends.

Some days later you went for a walk on the beach and he was still thinking about what Shemar said that evening. He was right, he was crazy about you. Yeah, at the start in that bar he just wanted to flirt but he never imagined it’d turned out in these sort of feelings to him.

‘I kinda love her’ he thought when you touched his hand accidentally.
‘She is beautiful, ok, but everyone can be beautiful. But she is caring: when I have a bad day she always makes sure that I am ok and if it is not, she lies with me in bed until I fall asleep. She is kind: I have never seen her treats a person badly, even if sometime they deserved it. Then she is just… perfect to me.’

“Hey Matthew? Earth to Matthew Gray Gubler?”

He suddenly saw your big smile in front of him, then thinking that it was another reason why he liked you so much: you were able to make him smile just with your own act.

“What (y/n)?”

“This lovely girl asked you for a photo.”

Then the girl, who turned out as Katy, corrected you.

“I would like a photo with you too (y/n).” she said your name as you were famous too, because his fans always saw you together and since the moment you were part of his life, they wanted to know everything about you too.

“Sorry, with me?”

“Yes! Because when you two will get married I can say that I have a photo with the two lovebirds.”

“But we are not together.” you said smiling as a matter-of-fact.

“I bet you will be soon.”

But you didn’t want to disappoint her so, you took a picture of the three of you and when she left you, you looked at Matthew with an incredulously smile.

“After five years they still think that we will end up together. They are so cute.”

“But you are more.”

You smiled without saying nothing, and to take yourself out of the embarrassment, you took out your phone.

“You know, I always have fun reading your fans comments under our photos. Like, have you read this one? ‘Matthew, put a damn ring on (y/n)’s finger!!’, or maybe ‘You two are killing us! What are you waiting for to get together?’” and you went on for five minutes long, as Matthew laughed with you at his fans cuteness.

“Oh this is one of my favorite: ‘Matthew I swear that if you don’t kiss (y/n) right now, I’ll kill you. Make my day and kiss that girl for the love of God!’”

When you looked up from the screen, you could see his eyes looking at you deeply. He was not laughing at the comments anymore, he was just smiling. And while his eyes were dancing between your own ones and your lips, he licked his ones.

“Matthew what are you…”

He came nearest and nearest until you could feel his hot breath on your mouth.

“Can I… kiss you?”

“You can Matthew.”

He didn’t cut you off or anything. He just slowing positioned his soft, shaking lips above yours and stayed still for some seconds, then you dared to move.
Usually it takes four seconds to understand if a kiss is good or bad for a relationship, but you only decided in one.


Full-body, full-colour commission of my cute & awesome pal, Lindsay (@smallbutera) hanging out with her all-time favourite skelebro, Papyrus! 

i had so much fun drawing this, thanks once again, Lindsay! =)

Commission info  

anonymous asked:

Do you agree with Jimmy Carter?

[re: this post]

YES. Jimmy Carter specifically said he doesn’t believe that Russia “stole” the election and Russia isn’t why Hillary lost, but let’s unpack that a little:

First of all, let’s be really clear here: we are talking about targeted posts on social media. Showing anti-Clinton ads on Facebook “being hacked.” If that were the case, then you’re being “hacked” every single time you read any post that’s critical of Hillary Clinton. So I think that terminology is intentionally hyperbolic, if not intentionally misleading. Did Russia hack into emails and databases? Even though the FBI and CIA still haven’t physically examined the DNC computer systems, the answer is probably YES. Did Russia attempt to influence the outcome of the U.S. elections? Yes. Absolutely. Did they flip votes? No, there is no evidence that happened and until then, all we’re talking about is Facebook and Twitter ads and social media bots saying, “Don’t vote for Hillary,” which (surprise) people can and did ignore. Clinton won the popular vote by what, 3 million votes? We can and should prevent Russia from interfering in our elections—that is hugely important—but for right now, Russia did not “steal” our election, and no, they are not the reason Clinton lost. Sorry. (I don’t want to take up a ton of space, so I’ll come back to Russia’s interference under the “Read More” page break.)

Second, and this is important: there are two different questions people are conflating - Did Russia “steal” the election and cost Hillary the election? NO. Did Donald Trump try to collude with Russia and possibly commit treason? YES. Two completely different things.  

Third: Russia spent somewhere between $100,000 - $600,000 on Facebook and Twitter ads, and had hundreds of fake accounts on social media. I dO believe that advertising (propaganda) works - but it does have its limits, and only works to a degree, and only with certain things. For example, I happen to love Pizza Hut pizza (please don’t judge me) and hate Papa Johns. Pizza Hut could stop running ads all together and Pappa Johns could run a million commercials a day for an entire year, but there’s no way in hell I’m ever going to buy a pizza from Papa John’s. It’s just not gonna happen. Same with Pepsi. They run ads literally 24/7/365, and never once have I said to myself, “You know what? I think I want a Pepsi instead of Coke.” Because I’ve tried them both, and I already have a preference.

Beyonce’ or Taylor Swift? Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus? Cats or dogs? If you had to vote for one of them, does anyone really believe that FB ads, no matter how well produced, could change your mind on which you like better, or who you vote for? NO. Because most people already have a favorite, and they aren’t going to change their minds just because of social media. Especially not with polar opposites. Confirmation bias will only make people become more entrenched with opinions they already hold, but it’s never going to change someone’s mind—especially not in politics, and not with known quantities that are extreme opposites—if they have even a slight preference. And guess what? Most people already have a favorite, or are leaning in one direction or the other. Think of it like this: those targeted ads can only draw out what’s already there, but they cannot put a competing preference where one already exists. It’s kind of like the trope about hypnosis - ads aren’t going to make you do something that you aren’t already predisposed to do (like vote for Trump).  

Look, Hillary used a David Brock SuperPAC and spent $1 million dollars to troll Sanders supporters (money that could have been better spent elsewhere, iMho), and if money spent on ads were the deciding factor, then Clinton would have easily won, because her campaign spent at least ten times more than Russia on ads, so that should have done the trick, right?

When there’s a choice involved, especially between two opposite things we already have even a little knowledge of, or have personal feelings on, then slick advertising isn’t always going to make people change their minds. And both Clinton and Trump were, more or less, known quantities. Both candidates have very long, well known histories, and long before the 2016 election rolled around, people on both sides pretty much already knew who and what they were voting for.

Take me for example. Contrary to what my mom has told me for every day of my life, I suspect that I am not super super special. That is, I am no smarter or dumber than the next guy, okay? I’m a diehard Bernie supporter who has absolutely no love for Hillary or the Clintons. In fact, I had planned on leaving that space blank, and not voting for anyone for president. But I’m registered to vote in a swing state and I was taken aback (are black men allowed to be taken aback?) by the incredible amount of responsibility I suddenly felt when I was actually standing there in the ballot booth. I was literally shook. So guess what? I ended up surprising myself and voted for Hillary Clinton. But….why didn’t all those fancy Facebook ads & bots work on me, or my family & friends, who were also Sanders supporters? BECAUSE WE’RE BLACK, NOT CRAZY. All the slick ads and propaganda on earth were never going to get me to change my mind, or somehow trick me into voting for Trump, no matter how much I dislike the Clintons.

If you love Trump and hate Clinton (or love Clinton, hate Trump), then ads are not going to change your mind. Oh, and those mythical “undecided voters” already have a preference between Democrats vs Republicans.

So that begs the question: When dO ads work? I mean, when do targeted ads change someone’s mind on a choice between two alternatives? When it’s seen as a small inconsequential choice, or when the choices are not very different, or WHEN YOU DO NOT *ALREADY* HAVE A PREFERENCE, ESPECIALLY BETWEEN POLAR OPPOSITES. But once we do form a preference, we are very very slow to change them. 

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There’s always been a hint of wariness

in your eyes, when considering

the relationship between you and i.

I think you misunderstood

the fundamentals of who i am;

I was never going to ask you for your life

- i didn’t want to hold your hand.

I never asked you to reassure me

all hours of day and night

and I certainly didn’t need you

to defend my honour in a fight.

I wasn’t seeking a shoulder to cry on

-i was only looking for a friend

someone to walk the canal with,

and to laugh with at the work day’s end.

So stop staring at your phone screen

in bewilderment and fear

i’ll never ask for more than i know

you’re willing to give, my dear

I just wrote you this verse

so that you know when i call

it’s only to say i love you

i love you

i love you.

That’s all.

But I suppose old habits die hard

especially when you don’t want to change

and you’ve never been one for compromise,

for broadening that


emotional range.

You used to laugh when I cried

and i thought it was alright

because you were hoping to make it better

attempting to make it right-

but you never did, did you really?

You never really tried.

And the countless messages

to which you haven’t bothered to reply

just questions of health, work, love,

always typed with already disappointed, knowing sighs.

It’s been months, my darling, months on end

i often forget your face

your embrace

because you can’t just press “send”

and i’ll love you forever

but you make loving so tough

and i’ve had enough now

enough now

enough now.


well, this has been a long time coming and i’m sure most of you won’t really be surprised by it. if you are, you have been living under a rock like me. point is, i’m going on an official hiatus. but wait, haven’t you already been on a hiatus-like absence? yes, yes indeed. but that one wasn’t official. this one is. i’ve got a whole laundry list of reasons why but most of them are too anxiety ridden or depression-inducing to go through. but i’m fine. really, i’m great and happy. and i love where i’m at with things right now despite the pretty scary things i’ve got coming my way in the future. i’ll be poking around here a bit. checking in on my favorite blogs and things. but i won’t be around for replies, memes, and all of the above that you could possibly think of. if you want to find me around to chat or scream at about the latest season of t100 whenever it decides to actually air to our screens or headcanon (yes, this is different than actually writing. it satiates my creative side. i’m highkey @ing you bert.) or anything about, hit me up on discord. it’s below in the tags. just let me know who you are if you’re adding me. but if not, may we meet again, friend. jfc that was stupid. but it’s on par for my personality so enjoy it. xx, m.

a match made in heaven //preview

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Humor / drama / romance
A/N: Ah, yes, I’m posting another preview.. this one because I’m sort of iffy on it as a whole. I started writing it as a joke because of a group chat where me and my friends send each other the crazy shit we get on Tinder, but now that it’s shaping up to be a 10k+ monster of a thing, I’m just starting to reconsider it. I, ah, don’t really write outside of my niche angst comfort zone, so I’m just unsure about the quality and the overall feel of it. Do let me know if there’s any interest lmao. 

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; you were not looking to get a boyfriend. After your last break up, a whirlwind romance lasting a whole three months with a boy named Jungkook who coincidentally both was and had a big dick, you had simply decided it wasn’t for you. Jungkook was not much in the way of stimulating and thought provoking conversation, but god was the sex good. The break up, on the other hand, was both messy and public and it had made you swear off relationships.

Congratulations! You have a new match!

It had not, however, made you swear off Tinder.

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Slow Burn || Chapter Nine: Every Woman in the World to Me (Patrick Sullivan x Robin Ballard)

Genres: Romance, Self-Insert, Series 

Fandom: The Accidental Husband 

Pairing: Patrick Sullivan x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character) 

Summary: Patrick and Robin finally talk, but it doesn’t go like either of them expected. 

Rating: SFW 

Warnings: Break-Up, Infidelity, Injury 

Previously: Dr. Emma Lloyd showed up in Robin’s bakery looking for Patrick. Realizing that something was fishy, Robin took Emma to see him. Robin fought with Patrick about him blaming Emma for Sophia ending their relationship. When Robin hit her head and passed out, Patrick took her back to his apartment so he could take care of her. While he held her in his arms, he finally realized that he loved her. 

Story Masterlist 


When I wake up the next morning, Robin is gone. I’m not surprised; she has to be at the bakery early to get everything ready for the day. 

It’s probably a good thing, anyway. I need some time to think about what to do. 

I decide to fix things with Emma first. Ajay’s at school, so I can’t have him reverse the accidental marriage yet. I’ll ask later, but for now, I’ll go to Emma’s office and sign everything just in case. 

Besides, she might be able to give me some advice.

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Hi! My name is Bee. Ive had this blog for a while now, and I’ve finally decided that it’s going to be a music blog! (Yay!)
About me: I’m mainly a violinist although I do play a couple other instruments. I’m in my school’s band and a local symphony. I love music, and it drives my friends crazy because I never talk about anything else.
About this blog: I’ll probably not post too often, if I’m being honest. I’m really bad about being consistent with posting. I might try to do that ‘queued posts’ thing.
If anyone who sees this has any tips for how to run a good blog, message me please! (Cause I have no idea what I’m doing)!
Anyways, I’m excited to be joining music Tumblr, and hopefully I can make some friends through this. :-)

Puppy Love Pt.14


I always found Amelia’s relationship with Owen a little too friendly. She seemed to spend every second with him, every second that she didn’t spend with me, of course. At times, I felt as though she was dating him too, but I let it slide. After all, I was stealing her pads to write oxy prescriptions, so I was in no position to get mad at her for having a guy best friend. Sometimes she’d ask where her pad was, and I’d always blame it on my dog. The entire situation made me feel guilty, and many times I’d promised myself I’d stop forging her signature to get the drugs, but I just couldn’t stop. So I didn’t tell her. Until we broke up, that is.

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anonymous asked:

hello, about your post on the book winter and ableism: is the ableism that there was suddenly a magical cure for winter's illness so she could live 'happily ever after' or something? or was it something else? just curious and wanting to learn, thank you!

ableism in Winter manifests through Scarlet’s constant reference to Winter as “crazy” particularly because of Winter’s mental illness. it’s a dismissal of the very real issues that Winter experiences (hallucinations as repercussions of not using her Glamour thus Winter’s difficulty in differentiating reality versus hallucinations) and making fun of Winter’s problems as if they’re not serious. and as readers, we’re expected to accept and believe that this relationship between the two girls are meant to be seen as cute and loving and playful when Scarlet constantly undermines Winter. 

and i don’t know about you, but if my friends constantly called me crazy because i’m depressed and anxious, they would not be my friends.