because my friends are crazy

Remember that you don’t have to have anything to offer to be wanted, you’ll find people that just appreciate your presence in their lives because they like you.


Today was the first time I took out my spring boots, and I don’t want to take them off ehhhhh

It’s crazy to me that I’ve improved this much in a little over than a year, so I decided to doodle a quick Momo reacting to the earliest drawing I could find of her.

I remember being so proud of this UnU 

Gay friends

Them: YOURE GAY ?!
Me: yeah I’m bisexual.
Me: yeah
Them: have you dated both genders?
Me: no
Me: what

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My parents hate Michael and so do my friends. This sounds crazy but because of them i sometimes feel like im the only person that loves Michael. My parents always get on me for loving him, one night my mom called me into her room to ask me if im lesbain because Michael looks like a girl. Last week my "friends" told the whole school have a crush on Michael. People at school think its weird because he is gone. I feel like the only mj fan that is going through this...Can anyone else relate?

~send in your confessions!~

Note to self - Don’t mention wanting to meet #SethMacFarlane to my friend because she goes slightly crazy at the idea (even though she has had 2 chances so far to meet him herself) One day I will find a way to meet him. After all anything is possible. It’s one of my dreams. Hope it can be a reality one day soon.

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do you recommend others to watch crazy ex-girlfriend? why? because my friends they all said like it's cringe-worthy and that i shouldn't watch

i 5000% believe everybody should be watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. For me personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more painfully relatable show that also made me consistently literally laugh out loud. Now, if you struggle with second-hand embarrassment, it can be difficult to get into at first. On my first viewing, I think it took me about five episodes or so before I had fully given in and was able to get past that cringe factor. But seriously, it is so worth it, and now I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen some of the episodes and it honestly just grows more phenomenal with each viewing, and the cringe-factor has completely evaporated because you just get the main character so much better than you originally did and her path, while horrifying at times, makes so much more sense that those things that used to make you cringe you now just kind of nod along and go “okay, Rebecca, I get you, you beautiful disaster, you.” 

But seriously. Give it a chance. And if you want some more reasons why, I wrote this longer post last month that explains what makes this show so special. <33

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My friends think I'm crazy because I belt out creepy music (heathers the musical no one really knows it but still thought I should say it) and I try to tell them it's "real" song but no one listens to where I resort to screaming at them to listen they do end up liking it idk why I told u guys this but whatever

Dersha Fam Update!!!! 😩😩😩 I Know Im In Trouble Big Time With You Guys

Ughhh I feel like im always apologizing for my late post. I SWEAR ITS NOT ON PURPOSE!!!! I PROMISE DERSHA FAM ITS NOT. The night I was suppose to post chapter 2 my friends end up taking me out for my birthday and yesterday I ended up on a very impulsive trip to the Casino because of my crazy ass friends. Im on my way back now on a two hour drive. I literally have been no where near my laptop so i can’t post….The chapter has been done since Friday now and Ive literally haven’t had the time to post because this has been the crsziest birthday ever…(LITTTTTTTT)..THE CHAPTER IS SOOOOOO DAMN GOOD….(well in my opinion) and i can’t wait to share. As soon as I can. I promise you’ll have it. If you guys aren’t completely done with me. I promise the other chapters will not be this long to post.. AGAIN sorry sorry sorry!!!!

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Day 3 of the last week of school and our theme was childhood heroes.
As you can see: I was Pocahontas. :D ❤️

And my friends call me crazy!?

Pff really people why? Because I am seriously thinking of writing the Beauty and the Beast story with Demon!Dean?


I mean I was crazy enough to think of a crossover with Fifty Shades of Grey that includes Iron Man in it! 

What about this one?

This is not crazy, people! Not crazy!

…I think the gif above justifies me!

P.S. I’ve taken up so many things lately but I am definitely enjoying it! Expect lots of stories this summer… Oh and broken feels!