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Dear Taylor 💕

@taylorswift 😊😊

Hey Taylor, its me Emma. I just wanna write you a little something :) it would mean a lot if you got a chance to read this

Firstly, I still cannot believe that you invited me to go to the London Secret Sessions. That by far was the best day of my life. I still dont believe that it happened. I was so so happy that day. October the 13th will always have such a special meaning to me. Just getting to be in youre presence was everything to me. I never got lucky enough to see you on tour due to my bad luck but getting to go to this was unreal. I have loved you and looked up to you for so many years. I never thought I would ever get to tell you that. It was amazing to meet you. Your hugs were the best and I’m so sorry that I was a crying mess 😂 Thank you so much for trying to calm me down by grabbing my hand and swaying it slightly that just made me so happy and I died inside. Hopefully one day we will get to reunite ❤

Secondly, getting to tell you about my social medias (fan accounts) and you recognising them that meant a lot to me! I’ll also never forget you’re expression when I asked you to follow my tumblr. You were so shocked because you thought you had followed me. You literally are the cutest person alive. I understand that it’s probably hard to remember what we talked about but you said you would follow my tumblr 😅😅 it’s okay that you haven’t I understand that there was so much going on. It would mean the absolute world to me if you do remember to follow me it would mean so so much to me 😸

Thirdly, I have loved and listened to youre music for so many years and I am so excited to hear reputation again and have it on repeat forever. The songs were absolutely incredible I didn’t get the chance to say that to you cause I had so much to say to you and it all happened so fast. I just can’t wait to November 10th!! 🙆‍♂️

Lastly, thank you SO SO much for everything. I will always keep loving and supporting you and I will always have you’re back no matter what 💖

Lots of Love- Emma 😘

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