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So I just wanted to review this product for you. Its the new Dior Forever perfect cushion foundation so it comes in this little refillable compact with the application pad which is like a sponge, and also a mirror. I have always been intrigued by cushion foundations because I always only ever use brush & liquid foundation. I have pretty good skin, with a bit of rosacia on my cheeks and the odd spot (usually bad ones that I can cover with lots of concealer😂), and this foundation with the forever and ever wear primer & the colour corrector sticks is a DREAM!! I was so shocked by the coverage, I am wearing it now and I cannot feel a thing. Its super light and velvety! And, I also have super oily skin like reaaaally oily and this foundation is containing that so I am so pleased, this is definitely now my favourite foundation. (I usually go between Kat Von D lock it, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and both Charlotte Tilbury foundations).

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Just so you know, separating your block into nsfw and sfw has made my life worse. Because previously, I could read your sex related content at work since it was just text. But now I cannot since the nsfw blog contains outright porn. This situation may not be fixable, just wanted to let you know there is a downside. I still really like your blog as a whole.

I got several messages like this and have decided that I’m going to instead run the most boring NSFW blog around by just writing text and no longer reblogging porn.

Which feels extremely weird since reblogging porn is what all the other blogs of this genre are /for/, but alright.

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Do you have any tips for keeping squirrels off of your feeder? I'm apparently not allowed to have nice things because of the foot-long menace that tears up my feeders and steals whole suet blocks

Hi! I feel your pain… I have baffled my main feeder pole and use weight activated squirrel proof feeders for the other shepherd hooks. My suet block is hanging on that main pole, so they cannot get there. It is working very well. My first baffle was an upside down bucket, so there is no limits to your creativity. Other people say you can add cayenne pepper to the feeders (they even sell suet blocks that contain it), but I am not a fan of that and I heard people say it does not always work. There are several companies that make squirrel proof feeders. Mine are from Brome, and I love them. Good luck finding a solution!

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Joker's heart~ ((up to you to decide how it is meant >D))

Leave an object in my ask and my muse will react to it being given to them.

          She knows he’s speaking metaphorically, of course, she knows the box is probably empty…and even then, she’s terrified to open it, because a part of her cannot help but feel that this man is just not right. Something about him is not right, even if it’s just his ability to do pretty much everything needed in the troupe. That’s not fucking normal, the way he walks and smiles is not fucking normal and it unsettles her quite a lot.

           And now, as he says this, she realizes she’s terrified to actually find Joker’s bloody heart in the small box. It’s fucking stupid, she knows it is, yet she’s grown so paranoid after living through Hell and back, that she cannot allow herself to even smack him for making such a bad taste joke.

        “You can shove this box up your arse and get back to work.” She shoves the item back to his hands, eyebrows furrowed, “I’m in no mood for stupid jokes.”

mad max ramble (aka i cannot contain all my mad max feelings)

Okay, dudes, so I saw mad max yesterday and AM STILL REELING.

Like, I had heard all the feminist hype about this movie and was very excited to go see it, but I had the secret fear that it would still let me down. Like, I was afraid it had been OVERhyped. So I tried to go in calmly. CALM, COOL, AND COLLECTED. That was me.



Here are the ways that Mad Max was AWESOME (not comprehensive and in no particular order. Putting it in list form just makes me look like I am a little less crazy than I actually am. Note: there are spoilers! and cursing- lots of cursing.)

  • So the beginning is kind of what I expected. Max captured by weird dudes, Furiosa is like the most honored warrior and in charge of driving the biggest truck (coolio) and the escaping wives are very explicit in their message (also coolio. gotta be explicit with these things) but, still, LETS SKIP FORWARD TO THE GOOD PARTS:
  • In the first meeting of Max and Furiosa- THEY BOTH TRY TO KILL ONE ANOTHER. Like… there is no instant friendship of “I will help you with these women” or “We need your help because we are women.” NO. THEY BOTH ATTACK. FURIOSA THROWS THE FIRST PUNCH. 
  • Also, THE WIVES FUCKING TAKE PART IN THIS FIGHT! They are not fighters and don’t know what they’re doing but they fucking GRAB THE CHAIN that is attached to that fucker’s head and START YANKING. WOMEN WHO DON’T HAVE THE SKILLS STILL FIGHTIN BACK. oh god, just… it’s too good. 
  • Within like a DAY of meeting her, Max is following Furiosa’s orders like it’s his MUTHAFUCKING JOB. Just does whatever she says. he is still holding a gun on the wives UNTIL SHE TELLS HIM TO GET UP AND DRIVE. and then he does that. Because she’s a badass. and you listen to the badass.
  • Okay, this is one of my biggest things in life so maybe other people won’t even notice it- but BOTH MAX AND FURIOSA DRIVE. Like, it’s not assumed that because Max is the man, he is going to drive all the time. It’s her car. She can drive it. He can take a nap in the passenger seat. GAH, YAASSS.
  • The gun scene. You’ve all already heard about it. Max is a bad shot. Furiosa is a better shot. HE JUST LETS HER USE HIS SHOULDER. Just take me up now. I am done.
  • Okay, but don’t take me up because then i would miss this next part and this is great. This might be my favorite part. Are you ready? Because Mad Max, the title character of this movie, is about to go on a solo-mission. A dangerous, manly mission by himself to beat one of the big bads and steal his supplies. He’s going alone, as men do, into the night. It’s probably going to be violent and badass and - OOPS NO WAIT. WE DON’T EVEN SEE IT. Like… I don’t think people realize what a big deal this is. Because it’s harder to see things that aren’t there but… BUT GUYS. This could have been a BIG FREAKING DEAL. MAX’S SOLO MISSION AND IT IS NOT IN THE MOVIE. Like, let that sink in. Nope, no solo mission for you Max. We don’t even care enough to watch that. That’s boring. It’s been done. WE DON’T EVEN NEED TO SEE IT.

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My heart was broken for quite some time, but you never let me feel that way. If I cried, you said the flowers thanked me. If I got upset at myself again, you said that the fury of passion cannot be contained by man. If I cursed the stars, you said hush now, because once you die, you’ll return home. We all will. If I got really high, you would say just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Darling, I’ve been trying to love like you. If I cough up blood, you would say the broken needs an outlet. If I don’t know how to be happy, you would say, don’t worry, take your time. I’m not going anywhere without you. You’re stuck with me until the end of all time. If I want to die, you would say, darling, hush now. Look at how far you’ve come. If I did learn how to smile one day, I know that somewhere…

– You were right all along

Yuri on Ice is making me a crazy person when I name the screenshots

So prior to episode 6 I named screenshots like this:

Easy to find and file right?

Then episode 6 came along and I started to lose the plot

But still it’s not too many and I can understand them

Then episode 7 happens

This is because I cannot contain my feelings.  I’m a bit calmer with episode 8

Then episode 9 happens and I completely lost my shit

none of this is organised and it’s making it very hard to find the screenshot I want at any given time but I can’t help it because I HAVE TOO MANY DAMN FEELINGS ABOUT THIS SHOW.

We are just bones and broken hearts wishing on dead stars for our loves to love us back
there’s no use in a carcass of what used to contain light because now it’s just a mess of stardust
wishing on it won’t bring him back it won’t sew together your soul it will only make you feel more empty when you wake up without a text from him
why confess to the sky that every night you wake up in tears because even in your dreams you miss him?

the moon already knows and it weeps for you my dear but you must know that the stars cannot heal you
only time can and throwing your wish to the moonlight won’t make the hours slip through your fingers you’ll just find yourself waiting for it to come true

missing him won’t be the end of you
waiting for him to love you might.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write– Lily Rain

March 12, 2015 // One of the best nights of my life. 

Warning! This post is way too long so please bare with me because I really cannot contain my happiness in sharing this experience of mine watching Ed Sheeran’s concert

I never thought that I could feel this experience, I’ve waited too long for this night and finally the long wait is over. The first concert that i’ve ever watched.

The concert starts at 8:00pm sharp and we arrived at 8:30pm cause of the heavy traffic. When we got there in the arena, we heard the crowd cheer because he is already performing his first song which is the “I’m a Mess” that gives us excitement to run to our patron box. Ada and I had a deal that I will call her when I got there in the concert, So I started to call her just to let her hear Ed Sheeran’s performance.

The moment when I came to our patron, I was surprised to see my Idol and then saw him strummed a few chords and started singing and the next thing I know, I could feel the goosebumps all over my arms, music on my knees, I was singing on the top of my lungs and everyone else was singing with him. I don’t mind if we’re not in the VIP patron, I just wanted to watch him perform live and It was incredible. 

Here are some of the performance that I would like to share with you guys. 

He played Photograph which is a beautiful song. You know everyone knows every word, but they are singing quietly and they had their lights up in the air, which made Ed want to play another song he usually doesn’t play, All of the Stars. It was a magical moment: the lights, the crowd enchanted by Ed, and Ed quiet fiddling with his guitar and crooning his heart out. If someone hasn’t fallen in love with Ed by this time, I don’t know about you anymore.

A video posted by Zakey (@zaklizona) on Mar 12, 2015 at 11:31pm PDT

The next  two are crowd favorites: Tenerife Sea and of course Thinking Out Loud. Tenerife Sea is a special song in my heart because it’s the first song I fell in love with when I listened  to Multiply. A beautiful teal, light was cast over his head and it created the illusion of a sea and it was gorgeous. Ed now asked everyone to wave their lighters and it became a literal sea of blinking lights. Very beautiful sight. I am kinda hating the Thinking Out Loud for being overplayed, but live, it changed my views. It was gorgeous and undeniably the loudest song of the night. Everyone was like really happy. It’s like everyone was drunk and we’re just jamming. That’s how intimate it felt.

The next  song was The A Team and it was another crowd favorite based on how loud the singing was. This is the first song I’ve heard from him and it brings back the memories of discovering him.

The last song on the set list is Give Me Love and everyone is bat shit crazy at this point because Ed said this is his last song. I thought he wasn’t gonna make us do the gospel choir section, but luckily, I was wrong. This song is just a gem and I hope he never stops playing this.

Surprise, encore songs are You Need Me, I Don’t Need You and Sing!.  Both songs are really loud. He was great, I believe he also had a freestyle verse there and mashed it up with the chorus of Fancy. He was so damn good in that moment. Then came Sing which he made us do the Oooohhhhs, and the second loudest song of the night. Everyone was pumped up by this moment and the falls  are really high. It was worth it. Damn worth it. I didn’t want it to end and I was so heartbroken when he slowly backed away and left us sing Oooohhhhs! 

I think we kept up the WE WANT MORE chant  after Sing for 3 minutes, then gave up when they were clearing up the stage. The concert ended at exactly 10:15PM. But we stayed for like 15 minutes in the arena just to hang and talked about the concert. I think we would need more than 2 hours to get enough of Ed.

This youtube video is not mine. I just wanted to share it here on my blog because it was the EPIC last performance of the night. // credits to the owner. // SING 

One of the things I loved about the concert is a one man band. And yes, this counts done all the elements of the song, singing in perfect tune and “rapping” as necessary. The simplicity of the whole set gave it a more intimate vibe, which is maybe why the audience is really hyped. Seeing a guy with a guitar perform will usually give you chills, or butterflies, but watch Ed Sheeran does something that is his passion and you will fall in love with the guy. 

He has been my hero. He saved me from the miserable life I’m living when someone left me hanging at the quarter end of 2013 and up until now, he continuously saves me from everything that saddens me. His songs comfort me in times of hopeless moments. His songs make a way to let me escape and turn away from being stuck to stupidity. 

So close yet so far. Didn’t able to touch or hug him thinking that we’re only breathing the same air at the same time. But Thank you for this wonderful night, and wonderful experience in my life. 

I love Ed Sheeran so much, especially after this concert. The love and respect I have for him right now is so high, and he truly deserves all of his success. Thank you so much Ed Sheeran and I hope your Manila experience is as wonderful as what we had with you. I love you so much and I’m so  proud of the man you are right now! So lucky to have seen him on his first Manila Concert. I will always be a Sheerios & gonna treasure this memories for lifetime.

This youtube video is not mine too. A short coverage of Ed’s performance last night. // Credits to the owner. // All photos are mine and the instagram video. 

You helped me beat depression from now on I will always rise. 


I’m sorry, but this is going to be a long post, since all my feels cannot be contained in just one simple post.

I’ve been a KISSME since their debut in 2008, because I was a Xing fan at the time, and for you that don’t know it, Kevin and former U-KISS’ member Kim Kibum (SS501′s Kim Hyungjon’s younger brother) were a part of Xing before changing agencies to go debut in U-KISS. Yep, it’s been 7 years since I’ve started supporting Eli and all of U-KISS.

When I heard that Dongho was leaving U-KISS because he was done with the idol life, I was really happy for him. Up to that point (2013) I had the privilege of seeing him growing and supporting him for 5 years, so I was a bit sad, yes, but ultimately happy that he stood up for himself and made such a huge change in his life because he felt he needed it. Now he’s a awesome DJ and is (at least a I think and hope so) happily married to a girl that loves him.

I think that, besides his wife being pregnant for 3 months now (and so sooner than later some paparazzi or something would find out and shit could hit the fan hard) Eli was also encouraged to speak up about it because of Dongho’s wedding ceremony. He must have seem the good response Dongho was getting and felt he might as well say it and hope for good responses as well.

I’m a little sad he had to mention on his instagram post “Thank you all for supporting all this time and I apologize if any of you feel betrayed and understand if you no longer support U-Kiss.”; but it’s nothing but the truth: I know lots of people will feel betrayed and even send him some hate. I understand that feeling, specially the younger fans who have wild fantasies. I already felt it myself when I was younger, so I understand, but I seriously hope that people show more supportiveness towards him than hate.

I’m also very proud of him. Not only for giving us fans all those news (being married for a whole year + going to be a father) that could backlash him in the face, but also because, according to him: “We’ve been together for about 5 years now and love each other very much~” AN IDOL HAS MANAGED TO KEEP A SUCCESSFUL LOVE RELATIONSHIP FOR 5 FUCKING YEARS!!!     (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Like c’mon guys, we all know keeping a relationship while being a kpop idol is hard as hell. You’ve to dodge all the hate from fans and anti-fans alike, you’ve to try and protect your loved one (specially when they’re a non-celebrity, which seems like the case here), you’ve to try pleasing your company which might not be happy with you having a relationship and, besides all that, idols still  have to face the normal struggles of relationships. So he not only managed to date a non-celebrity (I’m assuming this until it’s said otherwise) for 5 years, but he managed to keep a stable and happy relationship (as it seems), marry and BECOME A FATHER!!!  ( ๑Ó﹏Ò๑)

Seriously, I don’t have enough words to express how happy I’m feeling right now. I hope he gets lots of love with these news and chooses to keep us KISSMEs updated with good news about his new family  ♥ ♥ ♥  I feel like one of my bestfriends got married and is inviting me for their baby’s babyshower. I’m way too happy, and I hope lots other people are too  (◡‿◡✿)

Now, to finish my post, I’m going to say one more thing: Eli said they haven’t had their wedding cerimony yet…


Like how Dongho invited Xander and Xander did a whole cute asf post about it (ノಥДಥ)ノ

That’s all folks. Go congratulate Eli on his Instagram~  ◕ω◕  ♥

I know a love so deep that springs life in my very bones and every whisper of doubt is overcome by a louder alleluia; I know a love so wide that the canvas of the sky cannot contain the grace that pours like rain as it touches my skin to cleanse me. I live to learn, for I know that this love is more than what I can see and this may very well be just the beginning because love is in the everyday sun and beyond. I am certain there is an abundance, and where abundance flows, there is fruit. I know a love so pure that I feel it in my heart as it beats; telling me that I will never be alone, for I am made new each and every morning.
—  Love // Pablo Verzosa
My Online Class Introductions
  • Professor: Hey class if you don't mind introducing yourself below in the discussion board.
  • Classmates: Hy my name is blah blah sally blah Amanda blah blah Luke and we go to UWG and like outdoors and traveling
  • Me: Hello my name is Brooklyn and I love Fairy Tail and ship NaLu with all my heart. Sometimes I dance around my room and accidentally hurt myself because I cannot contain how I feel when they even so much as look at each other. *breathes heavy*
  • Professor and Classmates: *never comment on my introduction*