because my feels cannot be contained







The thoughts of you just don’t seem to stop

They’re constantly swirling around my brain, and my head is spinning, spinning, spinning from this dizzy feeling that you give me

And because of you my heart is beating, beating, beating harder with each passing moment, finally having a purpose

The love I have for you cannot be contained, like a leaky faucet it is dripping, dripping, dripping into every part of me

Until it finally overflows and begins flooding, flooding, flooding all the places I’ve been and all the places I’ve thought of you

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How would the vets and cadets react to all of the memes made out of them?

Mikasa: Start to feel insecure about her name and behavior
Reiner: Love it
Bertholdt: “Why?!”
Annie: Starts hating Michael Jackson
Eren: Starts a rant on why he’s right on killing titans and it should not be a meme
Jean: Scream forever because he doesn’t have a horseface
Marco: “My tragic death reminds you of a joke?” Feel uncomfortable about it, but at least people think it’s funny and laugh
Sasha: Shrugs because hey, potatoes are delicious
Connie: Is glad to be the Avatar
Historia: is proud to be a tiny lesbian
Armin: :/
Levi: Has to contain himself to not kill someone
Hanji: Has mixed feelings about the excessive use of ‘crazy’ and ‘insane’
Erwin: Hasn’t even been that aware of his eyebrows before, cannot unsee them now
Nanaba: I’m? Not? A ? Banana?
Mike: chuckles
Moblit: Doesn’t want to laugh about the word ‘Mobliterated’ but can’t stop himself

12 days of 12 | day 9 | time lord rock star

i cannot contain all my feels for punk Twelve. I squee every time.

It makes me so happy  that Peter actually played the guitar for this intro. (i can’t find a vid that contains all of this together,which really is a shame because Beethoven’s Fifth leading into the Doctor Who theme is the bomb).

Don’t believe me??? Behind the scenes proof that it’s Peter playing.

Originally posted by parseltonguedmaiden

This whole ax fight entry was just amazing from start to finish. Like i said, dad jokes.

And why is there no clip of him playing Hey Missy for Missy?!?! They definitely should him have had him say “Dude” in other episodes. It’s all so Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  He kind of sounds a little Dr. Emmett Brown at the very end “I’d like you to meet a couple of friends of mine.” 

Which leads me right down a rabbit hole.  Doc Brown and Teacher Clara:

Doctor Who and Teacher Missy:

There are (three, three, and) four knocks.

Listen to the original intro for those same beats.

I bet you didn’t know the sound of the drums was in the original Doctor Who theme song.  We know that I Forget is Clara’s Theme but the theme song has the Master in it.  That’s my headcanon at least.


“I think I like you.”

Min Hyuk’s love confession is so heartwrenchingly poignant in its simplicity - there are no huge gestures or flowery words just raw and brutal honesty and unadultered sincerity. It’s important to confess and let the other person know that you love them because how else is BS supposed to know unless MH tells her? GD has apparently liked her for some 10+ years but he never told her nor did he do anything which would make her suspect it; therefore it’s so apt that MH has been using his actions not just his words to show his love to her.

MH knows that this is perhaps the most important moment in his life and if he messes this up he will regret it forever therefore he’s trying his damnest and going out of his way to express his emotions and convey them to BS. He uses every means at his disposal to make her realize and understand what he feels for her - his words, his eyes, his touch,… - HE TAKES HER HAND AND PLACES IT ON HIS HEART to make her see what he feels for her, that’s all true, to convince her.

He even pulls her to him, making Bong Soon take another step towards him but the DECISION whether she takes the final step - acceptance - MIN HYUK LEAVES TO HER. He has done everything he could and he is basically telling her: “I like you, my heart is hurting for you, I can’t bear the fact that you might love someone else, I cannot sleep and have come here in my pyjamas to confess my love to you because it can’t be contained any longer. Please, say something, deal with it because there is only so much I can do on my own…”

we’re gonna get a second album from zayn and i for one cannot contain my excitement. can’t wait to hear what he’s created. can’t wait to Feel more (because zayn makes you Feel, and that is just so incredible and special)

So I just wanted to review this product for you. Its the new Dior Forever perfect cushion foundation so it comes in this little refillable compact with the application pad which is like a sponge, and also a mirror. I have always been intrigued by cushion foundations because I always only ever use brush & liquid foundation. I have pretty good skin, with a bit of rosacia on my cheeks and the odd spot (usually bad ones that I can cover with lots of concealer😂), and this foundation with the forever and ever wear primer & the colour corrector sticks is a DREAM!! I was so shocked by the coverage, I am wearing it now and I cannot feel a thing. Its super light and velvety! And, I also have super oily skin like reaaaally oily and this foundation is containing that so I am so pleased, this is definitely now my favourite foundation. (I usually go between Kat Von D lock it, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and both Charlotte Tilbury foundations).

@tremendousdetectivetheorist and a bunch of other guys gave such lovely feedback on my angst vs fluff question yesterday. So while I’m editing the next chapters for both categories, I hope you’ll enjoy this little piece of silliness and fluff I wrote a couple of months ago.

John Watson was nothing if not a creature of habit, that much I had learned in the initial weeks of our acquaintance. He preferred mealtimes at regular intervals, enjoyed a pipe and a brandy after a particularly trying day and liked to engage with his writing in the evening only. He had great respect for holidays and special occasions and took offense if others treated them with carelessness that bordered on indifference.

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You...I currently cannot process the emotional overload that just went on my dash. The one with the Pap/Sans AI AU comic. I usually avoid intimate relationships between the bros if they're part of the same universe, but doshdamnit, mY FeELINGS! Thank you for sharing and creating this lovely comic.

Was their relationship appeared to be “intimate” in that comic? I don’t really see that.

I didn’t expect the sad level will be this high for you all……

I just try not to see this as an AU because I feel like making an AU only out of the two brothers is kinda… incomplete…

Ahhhhhhh h h h h ok let me explain it that way:

By Sans and Papyrus are made in two different functions, they DO NOT contains the other one’s function. Without the wire connection, Papyrus cannot view the knowledge data stored from sans, while Sans cannot receive datas of emotions generated from Papyrus.

Sans craves those lacked emotions more than he should be, and Papyrus noticed that. So he tries rely on Sans’ knowledge to figure out what is happening between them, and “learned” the solution: To keep connected forever.

Because he is willing to share his emotions for Sans, he is willing to create data more than his own need,

as this is how he “understand” love with his own thinking.

(……After I posted the comic I already came up several better visual express way to tell the story, I surely need more practice to improve my comic skills so I won’t confuse you all 🙈)

We are older than our bones,
our souls are comets that bodies cannot hold.
And all the stars we once knew, have already died.
But god, you look at me and it’s okay,
that we can’t remember how to be alive.
With our calloused fingers still gripping the sky,
the heavens burn for you and I.
—  The stories of the constellations linger in our lungs |  p.d

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Short story on Mycroft taking his significant others virginity

Even as his arousal pluses against her thigh the devil pauses, almost painfully given the amount of foreplay that has driven them to this point only to ask the angel beneath again, “Are you certain you want to do this? You know that if we do that Heaven will no longer house you.”

He is nervous of course, knowing that at any time she can refuse him-escape him and return to the Lord’s palace in the sky where everything is pure and how could he blame her?  The world below and Hell were two very vile places unworthy of the Lord’s grace much less himself with one of his divine children.

Mycroft considers himself lucky that he was able to meet her in passing during the days of Abraham and blessed (if that wasn’t an odd thing for a demon to think) to have her in turn look his way.

For centuries they had conversed on the battlefield that is earth in secret talking about everything and nothing at all.  

Each rendezvous has left them both wanting knowing that their relationship could very well be her falling out of grace.

Now Mycroft did know a few devils that had once been angels instead of being created from the pits of Hell by Lucifer. It was retold as the most painful experience of their existence that nearly drove them all mad.

And Mycroft never wanted to hurt _______, his most pure and the sweetest being in all creation. 

No, if it were the demon’s wish it would be that his sweet ______ would never be put in harm’s way.

She would remain above the clouds tending to the souls of the recently departed and playing with the young souls that had passed too early, far, FAR away from any sadness or suffering.

Oh but he wants her-oh does he desire her in a biblical way but knows that with this he can entrap her not just for today but for all eternity until the Lord finally saw fit to reclaim the earth and cleanse it. 

She looks at him so serenely, bare as the day that God had created her and with her hand pulls the devil’s face closer. Despite her labored breaths, the unnatural heat rising from her and trembling in anticipation she confesses,  "Truly, Heaven was never my home without you Mycroft and I do not wish to return to a false home once more.“

______ brings his face closer to hers and kisses him softly, “I have thought about this thoroughly for over a millennia Mycroft. I want you to take me and make me yours. I can’t be happy unless I’m with you and Heaven will no longer have a hold on me after this. I can stay with you. Forever.”

Being so close to ______ is intoxicating.

 It is all Mycroft can do not to simply take her word and thrust in but he has to try and remain gentleman.

 He may be a devil but that didn’t mean he was devoid of morals.

“We may not even have that long,” Mycroft says in a last ditch effort to give her an out, “God is expected to come again within the next 100 years or so as my sources tell me.”

It is getting increasingly difficult to think as _____’s legs start to circle him giving him little room to wiggle out. The heat between her legs is pulling him in so invitingly that it tests Mycroft’s control.

“Then you better not waste any more time my love,” ________ says saucily, “Because I fully intend to make up for lost time.”

Mycroft cannot even bother to contain his groan as he careful lines up and slides in gently.

She is hotter than the seventh circle of hell and is tighter than anything than Mycroft could imagine.

For all his strength Mycroft could feel himself losing to his inner nature to just thrust without abandon but for ____ he tries so earnestly to keep his composure. It is not small feat as every fiber of his being is screaming at him to take her roughly however Mycroft fights it.

This is her first time after all and she needs to be comfortable first or she’ll hate the whole experience and her decision later.

I cannot-will not ruin our first time like this he chants within his quickly fogging mind _____ deserves better so you must give her the best, I cannot-will not ruin our-

“If you stay still any longer I might fall asleep,” ______ complains testing Mycroft’s sanity. She rolls her hips defiantly-daringly chanting her head in challenge, “ And here I thought you devils fucked like champions? Don’t tell me all the damned that we saved were wrong.”


Dimly Mycroft wonders how ______ could have fallen so fast without any of the foretold pains but her goading is enough to urge Mycroft to abandon his noble cause and fuck her into screams.

Later _____ will admit that she had planned for it to be painful in order to override the usual fanfare that comes with falling from but fortunately her love and decision to stay with him remained.

Now Mycroft can’t claim to know what Heaven must feel like but he knows as long as _____ is with him its close enough for him.

Hogwarts Houses - Poetry

Slytherin: “My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.” - “I look at you and see all the ways a soul can bruise, and I wish I could sink my hands into your flesh and light lanterns along your spine so you know that there’s nothing but light when I see you.” -  “I sing love songs and carry steel. I would rather die than cry. I hang my head against the white refrigerator and want to scream like
the last weeping of life forever but I am bigger than the mountains.” - “Your sadness will bury you alive, and you are the only one who can shovel your way out with hardened hands and ragged fingernails, bleeding your despair into the unforgiving earth. Darling, you see, no heroes are coming for you. Grab your sword, and don your own armor.“

Hufflepuff: “I was an explorer and you were a traveller. We met at a crossroad. I saw love in your smile and recognized it for the first time in my life. But you had a plane to catch and I was already home.” - "If flowers can grow
through blankets of melting snow, there is hope for me.” - “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.” - “When it was dark, you always carried the sun in your hand for me.” - “And it has been one hell of a year. I have worn the seasons
under my sleeves, on my thighs, running down my cheeks. This is what
surviving looks like, my dear.”

Gryffindor: “Don’t apologize because you take up more space. Walk like you’re the Sun.” - “Ever since happiness has heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” - “Never regret thy fall, O Icarus of the fearless flight. For the greatest tragedy of them all Is never to feel the burning light.” - “I almost wish we were butterflies and lived but three summer days— three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.” - “I want a trouble-maker for a lover, blood spiller, blood drinker, a heart of flame, who quarrels with the sky and fights with fate, who burns like fire on the rushing sea.”

Ravenclaw: “Writing is safer, somehow, because my pen cannot stutter like my lips do, and words get stuck in throats, not fingertips, can’t stumble on paper trails of blue lines because writing is definite and clear.” - “I want to be like water. I want to slip through fingers, but hold up a ship.” - “If you ever ask me how many times you’ve crossed my mind, I would say once. Because you came, and never left.” - “Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.” - “You are enough.
Paint it on your mirrors, on the back of your eyelids, drown it in your stomach,
sing it in every word you say. You are never too much.”


So these didn’t make it to New Years haha  sorry ;; anyway start your year right, start it with your OTP! :)) 

And to answer:
1. I chose to draw teen rebel Kuvira (the not raised to be a guard Kuvira) because I’m saving Baavira for another time. <3

2. Yes and I doubt it’s nothing not hostile. On another note, someone sent me a lemony fresh prompt which IDK how to answer but wow yeah ;;; You’ll have your time when I’m better with these kinda things hahhhh 

3. Korra is advantageous and she can turn the tiniest bruises to the biggest deal.

4. Everyone is different when they awake. 

The others are extra stuff I kept thinking of… Again, engaged!Kuvira is inspired by the awesome fanfic of awickedicequeen! Go check it out. Korra and Kuvira exchanging hoodies brought to my life by holyfuckabear which is primarily what dragged me into the garbage pile. 

Also I’ve gotten an ask about Korvirasami before… anyway I think it’d make a nice sitcom about three ladies sharing an apartment and all their misadventures lol. 

The other one is going to be expressed on another post because I cannot contain my feelings enough.

Click the thing for the details! <3 Thanks for these wonderful suggestions. I’m taking advantage of the vacation season because I’ll be on serious business mode for the coming weeks again. I hope I contributed to the goodness of your holidays! 

Exo reactions to walking in on you doing gwiyomi

/ahhhh this is cuuuute!/

Xiumin: *just adores you while you do gwiyomi in your mirror*

‘I didn’t know Y/N could get any cuter…’

Luhan: *blows you a kiss and giggles at your cuteness*

“You’re too adorable Y/N, I love you.”

Kris: *sees you doing gwiyomi in the bathroom*

‘Oh my gosh, she’s so adorable!’

Suho: *walks in while you’re doing but you don’t notice*

‘Aww, she is so cute! Maybe if I just stand here they’ll keep going…’

Lay: *surprised that you can do it so well*

‘It shouldn’t be possible to be that cute…’

Baekhyun: *when you notice he’s there*

“Oh don’t mind me, please keep going.”

Chen: *can’t contain the feels because you are too cute*

“Jagiya~ why are you like this to me?! You’re too cute!”

Chanyeol: *burst into laughter*
*you send him a glare and stop*
“I’m sorry Y/N, keep going you were doing great!”

D.O: *once you finish*
“Woah, that was so good!”

Tao:*starts choking because he’s going through too many emotions*

“Oh wow look at my Jagiya-” 

Kai: *cannot function*

“Cuteness overload!”

Sehun: *jumps in and starts doing it with you*

I don’t own any gifs btw

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This comeback is giving me major minseok vibes, I cannot. Just read the new chapter of 2AM and reread the old ones. It's sooo good. As much as I love xiumin, rereading the first few chapters I've realized- he is such a major asshole and fuckboy in this story lol. Especially that money thing😭😭

This comeback is the only reason I’ve updated 2am…because I can’t contain my Minseok feels omg and yesssss he was SUCH A DICK at the beginning I’ve spent 7 fucking chapters since that money thing trying to get soobaddies to forgive him 😂😂 it’s like I enjoy the challenge of writing myself out of holes like this.

Anyway because of the comeback and just HOW MUCH MINSEOK is affecting me I also have something else in my mind. Something new that will blow your mind if I ever actually get around to doing it. 😁😁😁❤️

I am crying as I write this. Youngjae finally got to sing to Elliot….I can’t imagine the feeling that was running through his head. The smile that came across his face the way his tone changed as he announced that he was there is what really pulled on my heart strings. To have someone he’s idolized for practically all his life be in the same place at the time to see him. I cried again once he sung…it’s not everyday you get to meet the person who inspired you to sing. One of your inspirations talking to you in the face. It’s all so surreal. Tonight my baby met HIS idol. Youngjae has been through so much since debut it’s not even funny, from the ugly hateful comments, being unappreciated and unnoticed to singing on Masked Singer and gaining confidence and now to meeting his idol. I can’t contain my happiness. I am crying because he deserves so much and I hope it continues to get better for him because this is Choi Youngjae’s year. I feel it. I cannot wait until this collaboration comes out. I’m going to sing it til I’m blue in the face. I’ve loved Elliot every since American Idol in 2005. I know both of these powerful voices combined are going to make millions sit in awe. Bless Elliot and Sanjoyd for showing up to surprise him. You made an angel really happy tonight. And also bless these fans for pestering Elliot (sorry again) showing him videos and screaming collab. I need to go before I rant some more and start crying again. It was such a good night. ♡

CR: To owner, this video is not mine


“How many languages do you speak?”

“Define speak.”

“In how many would you be able to do a basic explanation of your history exam essays?”

“Uhm… One. Maybe two. Three, at a stretch. Definitely not four. Definitelier not five.”

The words roll off my tongue in time with the music. They are familiar, comforting words. I’ve listened to these songs so many times that I know the sounds and when they’re supposed to make their appearances. I don’t understand most of the words. They just roll. Maybe one in every sentence. Maybe a few more. Maybe I can try piecing together the meaning of the wonderful lyrics. But, no. I know what they mean because of what the music sounds like, because I have seen these words coupled with scenes from a movie. Characters I understand, emotions I understand. But, words, I do not. I do not need to understand them to know them, to love them, to regret not being able to write them. 

“Oh! Are you an international student?”

“Yes, I’m Indian.”

“But, wow, your English is so good! Better than most English people.”

“Yes, it’s my first language.”

“So… You spoke it in school?”

“Yes, there have been English medium schools in India since 1835, actually.”

I sit in front of the examiners, nervously. I try and piece together the words to tell them I am nervous. It is my first oral exam. I am uncertain. I have faith in my ability to speak in a classroom, to read out a paragraph, in the accent I am so proud of. But, to be examined on it? I’m not so sure. I stumble through the fifteen minutes, my thoughts spewing out all jumbly, interspersed with English, my fall-back. They are such pleasant people, they giggle chaque fois je utilise un mot en anglais. I forget all my fancy phrases in the subjunctive and struggle to convey my opinions and experiences with misogyny and racism in awkward present tense. I try, but I am yet to find out whether I passed. I tried. I tried. 

“What’s your mother tongue?”

“Tamil. Maybe Malayalam. But, my Hindi is better. Not great, but better.”

I am in a small town. Kachcha paths and sparse shrubbery. We walk around, my mother’s memory, decades old, serving as a map. We ask around, my mother’s tongue speaking a language I cannot. We find the house. We knock. We are greeted by an old woman in a white sari. She exclaims, “MEERA!” and holds on to my mother. She cannot contain her surprise, her joy, it flows down her face and dampens her cotton blouse. She has never met me, but hugs me as though I am her own. The tears well up in my own eyes, because as they converse, I am unable to contribute beyond ’sheri’ okay ’onum venda’ i don’t want anything ‘nanaitu ondu' it is good. We sit for a while, but soon must leave. She tells us to come again, she tells us to bring my grandmother, she is so welcoming, love transcends language, but I feel alien. I do not wholly belong. What will happen of these relationships in my adult life? How will I sustain them?

Amma. Ammoomma. Kunjammoomma. Chitappan. Akka. Chechi. 

I wonder what words my children will one day use to address their family. What answers they will have to give to the question, 'How many languages do you speak?’ Will I be able to raise them any way other than 'English is my mother tongue’ because their mother will be me. English speaking, English thinking, English writing, English dreaming me. 

My husband is the best man ever. He is generous and so good to me and everyone around him bless. 

Only flaw is that he is spoils me so much that I get lazy and don’t push myself enough. Whoops.

He is my great big cuddly bearded viking and I love him. <3

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I hope you haven't been overwhelmed by the barrage of fan outrage/excitement over the reveal, but I just love talking about it and can't contain my thoughts on the subject. Her pregnancy is a rather cheap way to address Dan and Amy's mutual feelings, especially since the show has reiterated multiple times that Amy doesn't like or want kids. It's a disservice to her character to force this upon her, especially now that Selina's campaign is taking off. I truly don't know where they'll go from here

I’m a LEETLE overwhelmed, but in a good way - the timing kind of sucks, because I have a whole pile of other commitments that I cannot ignore, when I really just want to squee for a while.

But… I know this is something people are going to feel strongly about, so I’m going to tread carefully.  The last thing I want to do is upset anyone, and I know that having women represented on screen who don’t succumb to the social pressure to become mothers is important.


I do think this pregnancy was extremely predictable - and I say that because I predicted it.  The show devoted an episode, very early on in the run, to Dan, Amy and a potential unplanned pregnancy.  That’s creating a benchmark, and it’s hard not to think it was purposeful - they were laying down the precedent for use later.

I’d also argue that Amy’s opposition to having children perhaps wasn’t as vehement as people think.  I’m not sure we can really use her having an argument with her family - who have clearly been pressuring her to have children for some time (because they are awful) - as unequivocal proof that she herself hasn’t ever wanted children (particularly because Dan was in the room at the time).  She can reject the social pressure and the inflated expectations without necessarily rejecting the desire itself.

Similarly, that Amy is awkward and uncomfortable around children doesn’t seem particularly relevant to me.  Lots of people are uncomfortable around children, especially if they don’t interact with them often - and Amy is awkward around adults regularly enough that I think it’s arguable she’s uncomfortable with any unfamiliar kind of interaction, more than uncomfortable with children specifically.  

Not to mention, “Doth not the appetite alter?  A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.”  Amy has spent a lot of the show pondering the question of whether she wants anything beyond her life in politics - that’s what the entire plotline with Ed in season 2 is about.  Now, so far, she’s always prioritised her career - but I think it’s clear that hasn’t brought her much in the way of happiness.  Indeed, with the way Selina’s been treating her all year, it’s hardly surprising that she might look beyond her current role for satisfaction.  (It’s what Mike did after all - though Wendy is obviously a better human being than Dan in just about every way).  

And… is it a cheap way to get Dan and Amy to address their feelings?  These aren’t characters who are going to grow up and acknowledge their emotional connection willingly (especially Dan).  Left to themselves, I think they could pussyfoot around the issue for years on end.  Amy’s been too uncertain of Dan’s feelings for far too long to force the question - and Dan’s never going to up-end a status quo that benefits him.  

Now, there are a number of ways the narrative could force them to confront their feelings - the death of a parent, for instance, or Selina firing Amy, or Amy appearing to have genuine feelings for someone else.  (Dan having feelings for someone else wouldn’t work, because Amy doesn’t get jealous - she’d just curl up in a ball and avoid him).  But all of them involve some kind of external obstacle forcing them into a revelation.  

Don’t get me wrong - I devoted many words this season to how much I disliked what they did with Amy.  Her storyline mirrors Dan’s in a weird way, in that the central plot element for both is sex, all the way through - I find it gross that the show lavishes attention on Dan’s sexiness, while heaping scorn on Amy for never having precisely the right kind of desire.  (Though the final episode has - slightly - mitigated that.  If nothing else, it’s established that everything Dan said about her this year was bullshit).

If they fuck up the plot with her next year, I hope I’ll be the first to call it out.  But I don’t think we can assume that’s a foregone conclusion.  In some ways, this may be the final push for both of them to grow the hell up (again, especially Dan).

I’m honestly more concerned about the writing for Selina, because my god it has been mostly wretched this year - she doesn’t even feel close to the same character any more.  Amy still feels in character to me (and in some ways, like she’s finally got her feet back on firm ground after a lengthy emotional whirlwind - her final interaction with Dan felt more like her old self than we’ve seen in a while).  Selina really doesn’t. 

Fic Rec’s from my inbox history.

Ah so someone asked me for some FIIIC RECS!~

First up - This AU series:

The Adventures of Adrienbug and Chat Mari - by 
aka the shenanigans of the cat girl and the bug boy

This series is freakin’ cool. It’s a powerswap AU, that is well thought out and entertaining as all get out. Adrien got Tikki and Marinette got Plagg and they are both dealing with some of the Miraculous side effects. SIMILAR (not same) to what you see in…

Tendencies - by KryallaOrchid

Lures you in with tasty Marichat sin then hooks you with well written story, good overaching plot, feels and an intriguing take on the effects of the Miraculous on their wielders. It’s freakin’ awesome. It’s a three part series up to the third part. A+ Recommend to everyone.

All of The Last Pilot’s fics.

If you like cavities and feels and just burying your face in your pillow cause you cannot contain your emotions; all of their fics. Start at the older stuff and work your way up and you can’t go wrong. I have Rainy Day’s and Clear Skies saved to my kindle and have read it at least 3 times because reasons.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk - by Inkkerfuffle

An AU based on them both a couple of years later, (post Hawkmoth) and Marinette entering Project Runway. It’s entertaining as heck. I would also recommend anything by Inkkerfuffle as well. They’re awesome.

Sealed Away - by ashesandhoney

Set years in the future. Ladybug went a way and in the mean time Chat Noir has been collecting Akuma. There is some adult romance (though the Author put this in a separate fic if you don’t wanna) and it’s wonderfully written. Gives you that special kind of update notification excitement.

The Ladybugs and The Bees - by BullySquadess

Mature Content warning for that bad boy. It’s all about growing up and doing adult things but in a mature and sensible way. All and all, there is sin but it’s not there without purpose. It’s well written and actually has some helpful advice for all you first time sexters around there. Really well written and characterised. 

Satisfaction Brought It Back - by siderealSandman

SUPER ADULT CONTENT WARNING. Potentially. It’s not adult right now but it will be eventually. AU where they were never superheroes and Ladybug and Chat Noir are their username handles in an online forum for BDSM. This could be very bad but it really isn’t, and it’s well written. So enjoy safely for now and as things get steamy you can pull your own brakes if you want,

Décide Toi - by AphelionsAnathema

Only on chapter two if you wanna sign up. Has cool art posted throughout. Pretty much Alya and Nino trying to hook Marinette up with Adrien and then all discovering that Adrien digs Ladybug and yeah, love square. all corners.

Masks - by Lynse

Neat reveal fic that is not finished but still pretty long and really enjoyable reading as it is so far. Definitely worth the read if you’ve the time. Explores a situation were LB loses her powers during a fight, protects her identity but Chat Noir ends up with her Miraculous, but how will Chat Noir find her? dun dun dun.

Fortune’s Fool - by AdJiT

Cool AU about Marinette being a goddess of Luck who has fallen in love with a mortal soul. One time she decides to forgo her god form and become human to be with him for one of his lives. Neeeeeeeeeeeeat.

A Brand New Dawn by whitebear_ofthe_watertribe

This is something I’m currently reading but enjoying. Aaaand I haven’t even got to going through my history but that’s enough to get started with right?