because my father's in the room

  • King Cailan: oh, hey you're the youngest cousland haha how's life out at highever
  • Cousland: Arl Howe just had my entire family slaughtered. I found my sister-in-law and her son murdered in their beds, my father barely alive and bleeding to death in the store room, and was forced to leave my mother to her inevitable demise within a house overrun by Howe's soldiers. I have no knowledge of my brother's whereabouts, but I've been informed that assassins may have already been sent to dispose of him. The only reason I still live is because of my enlistment to the Grey Wardens, a fate which will almost surely result in my death.
  • King Cailan: :O
  • King Cailan: anyway welcome to ostagar
Being Draco's Girlfriend Involves...
  • Him being nice to me and only me
  • Walking around holding hands.
  • Quick kisses before classes.
  • Make out sessions when we can’t sleep.
  • Hugging each other all the time.
  • Sitting together in front of the Black Lake.
  • Taking baths together in the Monitor’s Bathroom.
  • I’m able to make him laugh.
  • Pansy trying to annoy me, but Draco sending her away.
  • “I love you. Always have, always will.”
  • Snape doesn’t sending us to detention when he catch us making out in the class room.
  • Comforting him after his father got in jail.
  • Everyone supports our relationship because they think I make Draco a better person.
  • Sitting on his lap and reading together.
  • Winning a silver ring as dating birthday gift.
  • Winning jewelry in general.
  • Him leaving open mouthed kisses on my shoulders and neck when we’re laying in bed.
  • Draco protecting me from everything and anything.
  • Fighting because his jealous of Harry or because I’m jealous of Pansy.
  • “I’m sorry for what I said.” “Me too. I hate when we argue.” “Come here, let me hug you.”
  • Tickle fight when no one is watching.
  • Him staring at me during class and then later needing help to study.
  • Passionate kisses when any of us is sad.
  • Being his happy memory to conjure a patronus.
  • Being called the Prince and Princess of Slytherin.
  • Breaking up with him when I find out he has became a Death Eater.
  • Narcissa and Lucius loving me.
  • Draco staying by my side in the Hogwarts Battle.
  • Passionate sex.
  • LOTS of teasing.
  • Giving him a lap dance as his birthday present.
  • Talking about our future.
  • “Can you imagine how our kids will look like?” “As their mother, I hope.”
  • Sneaking out our dorms to sleep together in the Common Room.
  • Me getting to sleep upon his chest, with his arms around me.
  • Him coming to be with me and my mother in Christmas.
  • She actually loving him because he offers his self to help with everything.
  • He calling me love, angel and princess.
  • Almost dying when Umbridge forbidden girls and boys to be close, and hiding to be able to kiss.
  • He being all bossy when he became a monitor, and taking advantage of that.
  • “What are you doing out of your dorm this late, Miss?” “I’m just reading Draco.” “That’s no excuse. I think I need to punish you for breaking the school rules, you know.”
  • He loving me more than anything and making sure I know that.
  • Me loving him more than anything and making sure he knows that.
  • Going to the astronomy tower at night to see the stars and date.
  • Draco scaring the hell out of any boy that looks to much at me.
  • Stopping him from being mean to the younger kids.
  • “Would you like someone to act like that with me?” “No.” “Then you better stop.”
  • Him asking me to marry him after Voldemort got killed.
  • “I know we’re young, but we’re not getting married, just engaged.” “Draco let me answer!" 
  • Kissing him when he shuts up and whispering "Yes” in to his ear.
About last night...

I’m currently crying because:

a) Jemma knew that Fitz needed a little time to himself to cool off so she gave it to him and then the second she entered the room after her cup of tea, he started spilling his guts.

b) At some point at the Academy, Fitz trusted Jemma enough to tell her all about his father and his abusive behaviour.


d) They always seem to wait until they are really alone to be intimate and I find that fact adorable/on point? 

e) The way Fitz looked proudly at Jemma as he told Mack it was something she said that led to his eureka moment and she smiled back all sweetly.



Funny Phantom Fopa

One time I was at a friend’s house and we were watching Harry Potter. We just had some movie site on their Xbox and we started to get a little bit bored because they’re not quite a potter fan. Their dad tells us to be quiet because he’s going to bed, (thin walls in this house, and it was reasonably late at night.) My friend tells me to pick some random movie, and since I knew they’d never seen Phantom of the Opera well I had to share that. I started playing Phantom from the Royal Albert Hall and played it at a random point in the show because we wouldn’t have time to watch it all. 

However what I forgot was the volume on the TV was full blast because for some reason the Harry Potter movie was very, very, very quiet. 

So, full blast in this friends room, ear piercingly loud, with their father in bed, we heard:


Expecting With A Malfoy

Request: Hi could I request a Draco x pregnant reader story? Where Draco is extremely protective, possessive, and you can just tell he worships the reader? Sorry if this isn’t that great, it’s just that it’s been stuck in my head for ages.”

Summary: You’re pregnant, and Draco is treating you like you’re the most fragile thing in the room. This new side of him is quite foreign to you, but you can’t say you’re complaining.

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,232

Warnings: None, just really fluffy.

A/N: I absolutely love this request, because it’s different and sweet! I just really love writing Protective-Father!Draco, it’s absolutely heartwarming! I hope you like it, love! If you ever want to request anything, feel free! My ask box is always open! xx

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Draco had been designing your baby boy’s room for the past month, and he had started to worry you. He wouldn’t come out of that room unless he heard you trying to bustle around the house, scurrying out of the room to help you with whatever you needed before you could get your hands on anything.

“No, no, no!” He would shout, holding out his arms to stop you from moving anywhere, gently placing you back down on the couch. “There we are. You just relax, love. Let me. What do you need?”

You would continuously insist that you need to get off this damn couch you’ve been stuck on for what you felt were ages, but Draco would just shush you with a kiss upon the lips and forehead, demanding that you let him do all the work.

“Let me do it, please. You don’t need to strain yourself any more than you have already, I’ve got it!” 

You placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling at him. “Draco, I haven’t strained myself one bit today-”

“Then let’s keep it that way, shall we?” He would insist, placing another chaste kiss to your lips before tending to your every need.

When your mood swings would arrive, Draco would be completely understanding, bringing you into his arms and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

One time you even threatened to leave him all because he wouldn’t stop giving you the apple pie you had continuously asked, as idiotic as it might sound. He was shocked at your outburst, but he knew it was just the hormones, so he ignored it and continued to take care of you.

“We’ll get through this, love. I promise.”

Whenever you would try to take a peak into your soon-to-be baby boy’s bedroom, Draco would shoo you away, running out of the room and shutting it immediately, looking over at you with baby blue paint on his pale cheeks and forehead. You would grin at the sight, adoring it.

Draco always loved to speak to his son through your tummy before going to bed. He would usually place both of his large, pale hands on the side of your bump and crouch down so he’s eye-level with his soon to be son. He would whisper all the things he would teach him, how to control his magic, or how he can cook french fries in the oven.

You would giggle at how cute Draco would act when speaking to his baby boy, and he would look up at you with a certain sparkle in his eye. Then he would go on to say how good of a mother you’ll be and to treat you right.

“Make sure to cherish her for as long as you can, okay? She’s amazing, trust me. She’ll put you to sleep with just her voice. You’ll love her. Maybe not as much I love her, but you’ll love her, nonetheless.”

And whenever Draco would finish his speech, he would always look back up at you before slipping a kiss upon your bump, sliding back up to pull you into his arms.

“We’re going to be a great family.” He would state with a large amount of confidence in his voice, causing a jovial laugh to escaped your mouth.

You would look up at him with a gleam in your eyes that made his heart skip a beat and his chest swell. “Yes we are.” You would coo before moving up to place a kiss upon his lips.

His eyes would flutter close at the contact, and he would bring his hand up to lace his fingers through your hair, deepening the kiss only so much more. He would hum against your lips when your hand started to play with the small blonde hairs on the back of his neck, running your fingers through his hair momentarily.

Whenever you two were in public, possibly shopping for baby clothes, Draco would pick out the most corniest ones, claiming that your son would look like the most handsome man in them. You would chuckle and shake your head, demanding for him to put them back where he found them.

“That’s bloody hideous, Draco! Put them back!”

Draco would pout, but place them back on the shelf, nonetheless.

Whenever you would feel contractions, Draco would immediately be by your side, rubbing the small of your back comfortingly.

“Love? Love! Is it coming, is it happening?!” He would sputter in worry, holding your hand as you bent down to hold one hand on your knee.

You would try to catch your breath, but Draco wouldn’t let you, insisting that you go with him to the hospital.

“Come on. There we are. Let’s go. We’re going to the hospital right now.”

You would stop his from taking you, assuring him you were fine and that it was just contractions. He would still insists, muttering under his breath, but whenever you kissed him after you catch your breath, he would stop complaining almost immediately.

“I love when you kiss my worries away.” He would whisper against your lips, causing you to giggle and him smile.

“I know, I can tell.” You would tease, bringing him closer to you.

And when he was finally finished, Draco would let you come into the baby’s room so you could see the final masterpiece. You would gasp, covering your mouth as tears slowly started to trail down your cheeks. Draco would look at you, proud of his work, and cradle you to his chest when you started crying.

“It’s beautiful.” You would whisper, admiring the little ornaments he had placed above the crib he had built himself.

A chuckle would escape his mouth, the sound vibrating against your ear. He would just rub your back soothingly, looking around the room with utter joy in his expression.

“It is, isn’t it?”

When your water had broke, Draco started to panic. He had no clue as to what to do, but you had instructed him as best you can, and soon, you were on your way to the hospital.

“It’s actually going to happen…” Draco would whisper to himself, squeezing your hand as his eyes began to water. His chest would tighten whenever you let out a scream, and he tried his best to wish the pain away and focus on helping you through this.

The moment you two walked through the birthing room, tears had started to cascade down Draco’s cheeks, making you laugh at the sight.

“It’s not funny, Y/N, this is a serious moment!” He would spit, but you could sense the teasing tone behind his words. You would just smile, wiping his tears away and assuring it will all be alright.

And it surely was alright. You had finally given birth, and you were blessed with your beautiful baby boy, Scorpius Malfoy. Draco made sure to take real steady care with him once he was ready to be picked up, and he couldn’t help the tears from falling down his face.

He couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest man alive. He was blessed with two amazing people, his wife and his son. And in that moment, he knew he’d do everything in his power to protect you both, promising to himself that no matter what happens, he will always be there for the both of you.

And indeed he was.

When my alcoholic uncle died - and how it impacted my life as a nurse

A recent post from another nurse was so beautifully honest and vulnerable that it made me lose my snark and just get human for a minute. So I will share an experience and I have permission from all involved. I had an uncle who was a terrible alcoholic. It ravaged every aspect of his life, his work as a union tradesman, his ability to be a father or husband and his relationships with his brothers and sisters. My mom and I often visited him when he’d get admitted to the floor. I could never bear to see him in the ER. Dirty, belligerent, withdrawing in the DTs. I was embarrassed because I knew he was a frequent flier. I was embarrassed that I was embarrassed. We tried to drop him groceries and buy his Dilantin every month, but he moved around a lot, mostly renting rooms above taverns. He wanted nothing to do with sobriety. He used drugs when he could, but whiskey was his poison. In the end he only tolerated a few beers a day to keep away the shakes. To any nurse or medic or doc who new him he was a local drunk, but to me he was my uncle. I knew him as a kind loving man as well. I remember family BBQs and him tossing me up in the air as a kid. I remember him showing up drunk to thanksgiving and not making it out out of the car before passing out. I remember the disappointment in my family’s faces. I remember the shame in his eyes. I remember driving around his neighborhood looking at the entrances of taverns to see if he was passed out. I wondered if anyone would know to call us if he died. I wondered if he even had any I.D. But they did call. And I knew when I saw him at age 55 in the ICU Weighing 90 lbs dying of Hep C and esophageal CA that he didn’t have a lot of time left. I was a nursing student and an ER tech but I knew in my heart this time was different. I saw people fear him. I saw nurses treat him as if he was a leper. One yelled at him to be still while she gave him a shot of heparin and he grimaced in pain. Nurses came in one by one to start a heplock and he grimaced in pain. Despite knowing better after the 4th nurse was unsuccessful I begged them to stop and give him a break. My hospital I worked accepted him into impatient hospice. I was relieved. When he arrived I saw the 2 EMTs toss him on the hospice bed and walk out without saying a word while he grimaced in pain. They probably got held over and he probably didn’t seem like an urgent transport. They didn’t want to touch him. I didn’t say anything. I was scared to touch him too. He was emaciated with a huge head and a gaunt appearance. I wondered if he had AIDS. I felt bad for thinking that. I still kissed his forehead and told him he was going to be okay. Because I loved him. He was my family. And then I saw nurses treat him with kindness. I saw the beauty of a non judgemental hospice team make his last 96 hours on Earth a time where he could make peace with his demons. I saw Roxy drops for the first time and I saw him get some relief from the pain of untreated cancer, from the pain of dying. I saw them allow me break the rules and lift his frail body into a wheelchair, fashion an old fashioned posey to hold him up and take him down stairs for his last cigarette on Route 30. I was able to spend my breaks with him. I got to suction him and help give him a bed bath. I got off my 3-11 shift and spend a few hours with him watching a baseball game on replay. I sat with him in silence and I held his hand. I finally knew what people meant when they said the dying watch their life play out in their minds. I swear I could see it happening. I asked him if he was thinking about things he said “yep”. I asked him if he wanted me to stay or go and he said “stay”. So I stayed. I heard the death rattle for the first time. I cried to a veteran hospice nurse and she explained how the Scopolamine patch would help. I finally felt what it was like to be helpless to a family member in need and her words of comfort and years of experience meant everything to me. She said he probably had 48 hours at the most. I read “Gone from my sight” the blue book of hospice by Barbara Karnes. The whole family trickled in. His kids, all his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. His children told him they loved him and they forgave him. We kissed his forehead and washed his hair. My mother shaved his face. His daughter said words of kindness that relieved him of any guilt or regret. I saw this beautiful cousin of mine watch me suction him and she asked how I could be so calm and so strong. I didn’t feel strong or knowledgeable but when you are the “medical person” in the family they see things in you that you didn’t know you had. We surrounded him with love and light and he died surrounded by everyone who ever meant anything to him. The nurses even cried. I got to see the dying process for what it was. It was beautiful and at the same time so humbling it brought me to my knees. I have never forgotten that feeling and I pray I never do. Is alcoholism a disease? We debate it as health care providers and wonder about the others whose lives have been impacted by the actions of an alcoholic. The amends that never got made. I guess I don’t care if it’s a disease, a condition, or a lifetime of conscious choices and poor judgement. In the end it’s a human being, usually a dirty foul smelling human being with missing teeth who may or may not be soiled in urine and vomit. Sometimes kicking, hurling obscenities, racial slurs, or spitting. Often doing all of the above at once. It’s hard to empathize with a human being who arrives packaged up that way. It’s hard to care or to want to go above and beyond. And I don’t think you should ever feel guilty if you don’t have those feelings. That is okay. It’s natural to wonder about the damage these people may have done to others. Wonder how many lives they might have ravaged. Please don’t take their pain as your own. At least try not to. It is not your pain to carry. And we all know that is easier said than done. But please, Treat them with dignity. They feel. They hear you. Give them the care you know you are capable of giving. I can tell you I hold a special place in my heart for every nurse who touched my uncle with a gentle hand. Who cleaned him for the fifth time when he was vomiting stool. Who asked him to smile. Who smiled back at him. Who stroked his forehead and put a cool washcloth on it. I am eternally grateful for anyone that saw beyond his alcoholism and saw a person. A human. A child of God (if you believe in God). A father. A son. An uncle. And I believe in my heart he felt the same way, even if he didn’t or couldn’t say it. If you have that patient. That difficult, hard to like, dreadful patient. Don’t think you have to love them or even like them. You don’t. But if you can preserve their dignity and show them the kind of nursing care that anyone would deserve, than you are good. You are the reason we are the world’s most trusted profession. And even though you don’t know it, someone saw and felt it, and it meant the world to them. Go to bed and sleep soundly because you deserve that. - J.R. RN

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In Which (of all people) Alice Cooper Learns Juggie is Homeless and Decides to Rescue Him
  • Alice (storms into the Andrews House): there you are!!! All right, get your things, Forsythe, you're leaving. You will NOT be living here!
  • Fred: Is this because he's Betty's boyfriend and you don't want her with a homeless teen?
  • Alice: Of course not!
  • Fred: But he doesn't have any place to live!!
  • Alice: Yes he does---my guest room. I'm certainly not going to allow the likes of you and your SON to corrupt this fine young man, who helped fix my family and is so devoted to my daughter!
  • Fred: but his father is a Serpent...
  • Alice: unlike yourself, Fred Andrews...I do not hold such things against people! Perhaps if you hadn't been so quick to judge and send this poor boy's family into destitution, none of that would've happened, now would it have? I hold YOU responsible, not poor Forsythe
  • Fred: I.....uhhhh......
  • Alice: come with me, you poor lost lamb. What do you want for dinner? BTW, ground rules, "Jughead", I've bought Betty a brand new chastity belt, but I also know someone of your character and no ginger hair would never stoop to the level of a Jason or an Archie.....My, you DO like the color black, don't you?
{Reaction} EXO when you say daddy and both him and your dad respond.

Note: This was a lot of fun to write hehe, I enjoyed this one~ I hope you enjoy it anon! Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t on the gifs/ images used.

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Park Chanyeol

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You walked into the living room where Chanyeol was talking to you Father happily. They were discussing music, you could tell my the passion that was shining in Chanyeol’s eyes.

{y/n}: “I’m sorry to interrupt, I was just wondering what time you wanted dinner, Daddy?”

Chanyeol: “Is six okay?”

{Your Dad}: “I think she was talking to me.”

Chanyeol: “Oh no, it’s just because she calls me Da-” *see’s your warning eyes and realises* “I mean, yeah, sorry. What were you asking your real Daddy, jagi?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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You still lived in your parents house, so when Kyungsoo comes over you have to be rather quiet if you want any privacy times, or wait until your parents go out. One night when Kyungsoo had come over, you were sure your parents had gone out already…

Kyungsoo: *mid- sexy time.* “Moan it, Jagi.”

{y/n}: “Daddy!”

{Your Dad}: *From downstairs* “Yeah?!”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by blondejongin

Baekhyun was staying at your family home for a while. And even though you guys aren’t exactly staying very innocent in the dead of night, you’re obviously not being very quiet, either.

{Younger sibling}: “Daddy”

{Your Dad}: “Yeah?”

{Younger sibling}: “No not you, I was talking to {y/n}’s Daddy” *points at Baekhyun*

Baekhyun: *Smirks smugly to himself, rather proud he made you moan loud enough for the child to here.*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun pinned you up against the bedroom wall, his eyes shining with list as he held your hands over your head.

Sehun: “Better listen to me, Jagiya or Daddy will have to punish you.”

{Your Dad}: *walks in* “She only has one Father, she doesn’t need another one.” *Sassy af*

Sehun: “Please, you might be her real Dad, but we all know she begs for this Daddy.” *Sassyhun strikes back*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Let’s be honest, Yixing is going to be Daddy af in the bedroom, and innocent outside of it. So when he responds to you calling you Daddy, he doesn’t seem to notice where he’s gone wrong.

{y/n}: “Daddy, can I have some help with this?”

Yixing: “Oh sure Jagi.”

{Your Dad}: “What did you just call him?”

{y/n}: Happy… uh, yeah. I called him happy.” *thinks of the first words you can think of that sounds similar to Daddy.*

Yixing: “I’m pretty sure you just called me Da- ohhh yeah, sorry. Happy. That’s me, see?” *Grins before rushing out the room shyly.*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Your father had heard you calling Jongdae Daddy and was not happy about it in the slightest. You were both sat on the sofa, watching as your Father paced angrily.

{Your Dad}: “So you like being her Daddy, huh? Then why are there so many damn dishes in the sink? Go on, real Dad’s work their asses off.”

Jongdae: “Yes, sir.” *Even after being told off he probably won’t let you stop calling him Daddy tbh*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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You woke up that morning to find that Minseok wasn’t in the bed next to you, but you smiled, smelling the fresh scent of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing downstairs. You shuffled out of the bed, making your way downstairs and wrapping your arms around you boyfriend from behind him, muttering a tired ‘Morning Daddy’ with a small smirk on your face, it instantly dropped when you heard a presence behind you.

Your Dad: “Aren’t you going to look at me while you’re talking to me?”

Minseok: “Oh no, she was talking to me, sir.” *Turns back with a smug smirk.* “Coffee?”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by zitaoa

ou had been in the kitchen cooking with your Mother while Tao and your Father sat in the living room talking happily about China and how Tao is good at Martial Arts. So far, he had seemed to be making a good impression, but that was until you called out “Daddy…”

Tao and your Dad in unison: “Yeah?”


Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by kaisenhunnie

Your Father and Junmyeon had already gathered quite a good relationship already. It’s a good thing really, because when you called out “Daddy” and Junmyeon sassy comebacks came out to play, it was a good thing your Father was good at laughing things off.

{Your Dad}: “What is she calling you Daddy for? You’re like 10.”

Suho: “Ten inches, maybe.” *Sudaddy smirking at you. Three guesses what you’re getting later.*

Lu Han

Originally posted by harlysquad

Luhan, being the confident man he is, doesn’t really care when your Father overhears you calling him Daddy. He smirks smugly, pulling at his collar in a sexy way as you blush furiously as your Father glares at you both.

{Your Dad}: “Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Luhan: “Oh no, you remember it. I think you need to know where I stand with my princess.

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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You smiled, opening up your arms to give your father a hug as you greet him after a long time with “Hey Daddy.”

Kai: *standing next to your dad, extends his arms to hug you when he realises you’re not hugging him.* “Oh you call him Daddy too, oh okay, yup.” *awkward af*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by fyifan

Kris glared as he heard you say ‘Daddy’ numerous times over the dinner table. He kept rolling his eyes, lightly tapping you and telling you “this isn’t the time or place for it.” He was confused as to why you wouldn’t stop until you finally snapped.

{y/n}: “I’m talking to my Dad, Kris. You know, my real Dad.”

Kris: “But I’m_ ohhh… yeah.” *Looks up at your Father who is looking suspiciously at you both.* “Yeah she calls me Daddy too, sorry, my mistake I was getting confused.*

{Your Dad}: “Spits out his tea”

{y/n}: *Face-palms*

WRONG - MAFIA AU [Chanyeol]


Genre: Angst, Romance

Words: 884

Warnings: Violence, swearing & slight nswf content, [please remember that organized crime is a serious issue and not comparable with fiction]

Gif is not mine – credits to owner

Inspired by: Wrong – Zayn ft. Kehlani

 ,,You’re looking in the wrong place for my love,
Don’t think because you’re with me this is real’’’


His eyes were dark and his black hair was a mess on his head. His lips were sucking on a cigarette. The living room was filled with smoke but you could still make out a flowerily fragrance that did not belong to you. His shirt was unbuttoned so you know something had happened between him and god knows whom. Chanyeol sat on a lathe, his legs crossed.

His father and your mother were both big bosses of some organized crime. They wanted to connect their business so they arranged a marriage between you two. At first you hated it to be with him. He was a player and hot-headed and the worst thing was, that you saw yourself in him. You both quickly agreed to do whatever the f*ck you both wanted to do and see the marriage just as something that was dealt with on papers. You had lovers and he had lovers but things still happened when both of you were alone at home. At first it was all physical but last Valentine’s Day Chanyeol actually bought you a bouquet of roses: ‘’It’s a tradition and you are still my wife, don’t misunderstand it, okay?’’ he had growled angrily but that was the moment something in you had started to like him. Not physically but emotionally.

Now you were standing there after some work you had done for your mother and Chanyeol sat there with that innocent but yet sharp face.

‘’Who was here?’’ you asked, your voice was shaking and you tried to contain yourself. I mean, you were not in a position to complain about anything… but still.

‘’I had some lady’s over.’’ He shrugged the situation off, which made you even angrier.

‘’Well, I don’t want any woman to come here again.’’ You suddenly busted out. You were surprised, you actually sounded really… jealous.

‘’Where is the problem? I had some issues with our rivals in a casino and as a punishment I took two of their girls with me, who gladly followed…’’ A big smirk appeared on his handsome face and you felt your heart starting to race like a rollercoaster.

‘’F*ck, (Y/N), you are actually acting like you are in love with me or something.’’ He added now, laughing with his deep voice that sent chills down your spine.

Your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks becoming hot. You could not believe what you just had heard. When Chanyeol noticed that you were not laughing with him, he stopped abruptly and stared at your reddened face. ‘’Unless…’’ he said confused: ‘’you are actually in love with me-‘’

That was enough, you clenched your fists and with an: ‘’f*ck yourself!’’ you turned around and stormed off. You could hear Chanyeol scream: ‘’Hey! (Y/N), wait!’’ and for a second you thought the door opened again and he would come out. But to be honest you did not care anymore. It was cold outside and you were running around alleys to get away from home and to clear out your mind. How dare he? How dare he to buy you flowers and sleep with you and call you his wife when all he did was sleep with other girls in your apartment. Maybe you should get a new lover too and as revenge you will just call him over when Chanyeol and you had dinner? You huffed in annoyance. As if you could do that! You were head over heels in love with your ‘’husband’’. You cuddled more into your jacket. Dark alleys were not your favorite place to be. Suddenly you heard a dark voice. ‘’There is she, Park’s cute little wife, let’s get her as a revenge for what he did to me in that casino…’’

You froze in shock. You had no weapon with you; You only did paperwork for your mother today. You turned around but it was too late. You felt something strong pulling you up and covering your mouth. You wanted to free yourself so you wriggled, but he was too strong. Suddenly you heard a familiar voice and it screamed your name. Your eyes widened and then you saw it. A tall figure was running down the alley.  You wanted to shout Chanyeol’s name but it was only muffled. When he realized what was happening his eyes ripped opened and he screamed: ‘’HEY!’’ he started to run faster and the man who held you said: ‘’F*ck boss, he found us!’’. With that he pulled you further into the alley. You heard car doors opening and you were pushed inside. Without turning around to look who your abductors were, you only pulled yourself up to look out of the window to see what Chanyeol was doing. The engine started to roll, but he was still running. ‘’(Y/N), no, Babe!’’ he was screaming. It was the first time he called you that. You felt yourself tearing up. In shock you pushed yourself closer to the window so he could see you. His face was red from running but he still kept going for you. ‘’If you dare to touch her I will kill you!’’ he shouted.

The last thing you remembered was the face of the man you loved, not giving up, before something hard hit you on the head and you passed out.

The Littlest Winchester - Daddy Monster

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 590

Request:  Hi!! I have a littlest Winchester request, maybe she’s pretending to be a hunter and she has like a mission and she’s saving her stuffed animals and saying like Dean quotes or something, please and thank you


    “You’d better run, you little pipsqueak,” Dean calls down the hall, “because if I catch you, I’m going to eat you, and I’ll eat all your little friends, too.” Stalking into the nearest bedroom, his daughter’s room, he pauses in the doorway and listens for her. She ran in here not fifteen seconds ago with an armful of stuffed toys to hide from her father, so he knows she’s nearby. He stomps in a slow, suspenseful way towards the bed. “I’m going to find you, my tasty little snack!”

    Silently he crawls onto the bed and peers over the other side. Hunkered on the floor is one small toddler, arms gripping three toys. When she looks up and sees Dean, he smirks at her and and scoops her up before she can run. The little girl shrieks and giggles as he drops her on the bed. Then he snatches the toys one by one and makes a show of “eating” them and tossing them over his shoulder.

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No pants party

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Anon request: Can you write a Peter ParkerXreader one where you’re Tony’s daughter and he throws a party and since you and Peter are under aged and everyone is drinking you get bored and ditch the party where you end up confessing to each other that you’re in love and then you lose your virginity to him. The next morning Tony finds you and gets all protective but then gives Peter his blessing to date you

Authors note: because I’m forever a pepperony shipper I actually made it so they get together in this fic. Also remember kids, safe sex is the best sex.

part two:

“My pride and joy come I have an announcement” my father took the laser I was working on out of my hands and dragged me into the living room.

“This better be good dad I was almost finished with the laser” I sat next to Bruce

“You’re almost? Didn’t you start that like yesterday?”

“Yeah I would of have finished sooner but I took a nap” I replied trying to remember the stuff I need to finish it.

“Wow you really are your fathers daughter” Bruce let out a small laugh. “Peter it’s nice to see you again” I watched as Bruce shook the boys hand.

“Hey dr. Banner nice to see you again as well.” Peter excitedly shook Bruce’s hand “oh hey y/n” I watched as Peter nervously waved his hand.

“Hey Peter” I sent him a small smile before he walked away.

“He likes you” Bruce playfully teased

“No he doesn’t, you’re just saying that because we’re the same age”

“Did you obviously miss the fact that he was nervous when he spoke to you” I looked over to where Peter was and noticed he was staring at me but turned away.

“You’re spending too much time with my dad Bruce” I brushed off his comment because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. See I’ve had a crush on Peter since my dad brought him into the team. Although I am Tony Starks daughter I don’t have his super confident personality or flirty nature. I like to keep to myself and my work, only talk to people if they start a conversation. So it’s no shocker that I’ve never had a boyfriend before. Sure many have tried but I’m always quick to call them out when I know they only want to date me because of my last name.

“And your too blind to see that he likes you” I was about to respond when my father started talking.

“Alright people I have gathered you all here today because I have exciting news. I’m throwing a party ! ! !” There were audible groans in the room. “Before you guys get pissy about it it’s to celebrate the fact that we have five new additions to the team. One of which is my pride and joy, my beautiful and equally smart daughter y/n. Honey why don’t you stand and wave to the people, I know they know who you are but still.”

“Do I have to?” I was about to my face against Bruce’s shoulder.

“No you don’t, as you can tell she doesn’t like being the center of attention like her old man.”

“And that’s why she’s our favorite stark” Bruce said under his breath.

“I heard that Bruce” my dad glared at Bruce. “There is obviously going to be booze at the party so that means you kiddos are not allow to go near the bar. All of your drinks will be in the kitchen” my dad pointed at me and Peter.

“I don’t even drink so I’m more than ok with that dad”

“If you didn’t look so much like your dad I would of never guessed you were related. You two are the complete opposite” Steve looked at me while talking.

“She has her mothers personality” my dad replied to Steve with a hint of sadness in his voice. My mother died when I was three of cancer. My dad would tell me that my mom was the love of his life and he was grateful that he still had me in his life as a reminder that a piece of her still existed in his life.

“I’m sorry Tony” Steve noticed he struck a nerve.

“It’s alright” my dad cleared his throat. “Anyways the party is on Saturday so get excited people and now you may go on with your day” I made my way over to my dad when he said that.

“Do you want to see the lasers progress, I could use your critique on how I can improve it?” I looked up at my dad, trying to distract him from what Steve accidentally brought up.

“I would love too kiddo, but knowing you there will be nothing for you to improve on. Everything you touch turns out perfect.” I felt him hug me tightly before we walked into my lab.

*time skip*

The party was in thirty minutes and I half way ready when there was a knock on my door. I turned off my straightener and went to go answer the door. “Dad what are you doing here?”

“I came to talk to you kiddo, I need to ask you something” I moved so my dad could enter the room before I closed it.

“What’s wrong dad?” We sat on my bed.

“There is no easy way of saying this y/n, how would you feel if I started dating” I let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh god is that it?”

“I’m sorry for scaring you” he held onto my hands

“Of course I’m ok with you dating dad, I want you to be happy” I reassured him. “Is it pepper?” I asked with a smirk. I knew he had been eying her from time to time and it would frustrate me because I knew they both liked each other.

“Yes it’s pepper”

“Then please ask her out dad, I’ve seen the way you two look at each other. You guys dare I say it, love each. You two just need to take a chance and see what happens”

“You mean like the way you and spider boy look at each other?” I was about to deny it “and don’t try and deny it I’ve seen you two make goggly eyes at each other when one of you isn’t looking”

“Whatever dad” I tried to change the subject “but to answer your question: yes I’m ok with you asking pepper out on a date. She’s a very nice woman”

“Thanks kiddo”

“No problem dad, now go I need to finish getting ready” I smiled before rushing him out of my room. An hour later the party was at full swing, I watched Steve apologize again to my dad about earlier but he reassured him that it was ok. I also excitedly watched as my dad asked pepper on a date and then asked her to dance. It was so nice seeing my dad be happy after all the crap storm he’s endured. Unfortunately the party was starting get boring because everyone was getting drunk. I was looking around and noticed Peter was sat alone on the couch. I decided to take a leap of faith and go to talk him.

“Hey Peter” I said nervously

“H-h-hey y/n” he scooted over so I could sit next to him.

“You’re not having fun are you?” I asked looking at him.

“No, are you?”

“No, everyone is getting drunk and acting like idiots” I pointed to Clint who was blindfolded and throwing darts.

“Yeah … Um do want to ditch this?” Peter asked

“Sure, I have a vinyl collection in my room. Do you want to check it out?” I bit the inside of my cheek, I’ve never had a boy in any of the rooms I’ve lived in growing up.

“Sure I love music” peters voice cracked when he said that.

“Come on, let’s go” I got up and lead peter towards my room. “You can make yourself comfortable, I’m going to get the vinyls from my drawer” I turned on the light in my room and closed the door. I watched as Peter took off his shoes and sat on my bed before I opened my drawer and pulled out all the vinyls I had in there.

“Wow” I heard Peter gasp as he notice the huge stack in my hands “do you need help?”

“Yes please” Peter got up and jogged to where I was, taking the top half of the stack and taking it with him back to my bed.

“Wow you can tell some of these are really old” Peter was holding a frank sinatra record.

“Yeah most of these were my grandfathers, my dad gave them to me when I was ten. He’d tell me if I wanted to listen to real music to listen to these” I slipped off my flats and joined Peter on the bed. “Of course he also insisted on me checking out music he liked when he was our age.” I pointed out the ACDC and Rolling Stones records. “I actually like my dad and grandfathers music over what’s on the radio right now”

“Yeah nothing beats the classics, wow is this actually signed by the beatles ! ! ! !”

“Yeah it is, I believe there are others that are signed as well” I replied casually.

“Oh my gosh my crush on you have gotten ten times bigger now because of this”

“Your what?” I wanted to make sure I heard him right.

“Uhh” I watched as peters face started to turn pink with embarrassment. “My crush” he repeated. The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering.

“Really? ? ?” I tried to fight off a smile but failed. My crush likes me back.

“Yeah but I understand if you don’t feel the same way. You probably have dozens of guys lining up to date you.”

“That statement could not be more wrong Peter. All the guys that ask me out only do because of my last name. You’re different, a good different and I have a crush on you too by the way” I let out a shaky breath.

“Can I kiss you?” I bit my lip at his question.

“Yes” I watched as he leaned in so I decided to lean in as well until our lip met. It was like fireworks went off when our lips touched. I pulled away so I could grab the records that were between us and placed them on the nightstand. “Now we have more room” as soon as I sat back on the bed I felt Peter’s lips against mine again. This time we sat closer so now peters hands were on my lower back and thigh. “I can’t believe I’m kissing a boy in my room” I managed to say against peter’s lips.

“I can’t believe I’m that boy” Peter responded. One thing lead to another and now I’m laying on my bed making out with Peter. I got chills when I felt Peter’s hand sliding under my dress. His hand trembled as he reached the top of my underwear.

“Peter wait” I placed my hands on his chest.

“Oh crap I crossed the line didn’t I? I’m sorry y/n” peter started to apologize.

“No no it’s not that, it’s just if this is going where I think it’s going um” I paused because I didn’t know how to word it. “I have never, well you know” I was looking anywhere but his face.

“Oh ohhh” Peter realized what I meant. “It’s ok umm we have something in common”

“You’re also … .”

“Yup” he responded “we don’t have to you know”

“I want to, you’re a sweet guy. We both like each other and I know that if its with you I won’t regret it.”

“What if it’s awkward?”

“Isn’t it supposed to be awkward the first time? That’s what I’ve read at least” we stayed quiet for a bit until I felt Peter’s lips against mine again. This time the kiss was gentler than before as his hand went under my dress again. I didn’t stop him this time and his hand ended up on my clothed pussy.

“Is this ok” Peter asked as he started to cup it.

“Yes” I responded against his lips as ams were holding onto his back. My breath started to quicken when he pulled away and started to take his shirt off. I reached behind to unzip my dress and removed it from my body before throwing it on the floor. When I looked back at Peter he was down to his boxers, I couldn’t help but look away when I noticed he was checking me out.

“What” I asked

“Nothing, you’re just beautiful” I looked down and noticed I was just wearing a plane purple bra and underwear.

“Umm thank you” I felt my cheeks getting hot before looking at peter as he was removing his boxers, revealing his penis. I bit back a smile before reaching behind me to unclasp my bra and tossing it off the bed where my underwear soon joined the rest of the clothes. Looking back at Peter my heart started racing, we were both naked and we were about to have sex. Laying back on the bed I watched as Peter got on top of me again like last time, this time completely naked. Spreading my legs for him Peter settled himself between them as he was teasing me with his tip.

“Wait we don’t have a condom” we realized we were going to have sex without a condom. I opened my nightstand and pulled out a bunch that were in there. “why do you have so many condoms if you’re still you know”

“My dad gave me the sex talk when I was fourteen, these were in the bag he gave me after the talk. He said “safe sex is the best sex”“ Peter got a condom from my hand and put the rest back in the nightstand. His hands were shaking when he was opening to packet, I would of help but I didn’t want to make it more awkward. Once he opened the packet and slipped on the condom he was back in the position we were in.

“Are you ready” he asked. I nodded and slowly he started to push himself inside me. It was uncomfortable, seeing as this was new to me but I didn’t let my nerves get to me. Before I knew it Peter was fully inside me, he stopped for a minute so I could get used to his size.

“It’s ok Peter, you can move” I gave him the ok to move and slowly but surely he started to move. I was holding onto his back and closed my eyes. After a few minutes I was starting to feel pleasure so I started rock my hip trying to get more friction.

“Oh my god this is awesome” Peter grunted.

“Can you move a little faster Peter” I panted and soon he was going much faster than than he did before. “Oh yeah Peter just like that” I moaned as I bit his shoulder.

“Oh no no no no shit” I looked at Peter confused before I understood what he meant. “I’m sorry y/n” he apologized, could tell he was embarrassed.

“It’s ok Peter don’t worry about it, um you just got really excited” I tried to lighten the mood before I felt him pull out and took the condom off. He got up and threw it in the trash as I got under the covers.

“Again I’m really sorry, you didn’t get to finish” Peter got under the covers with me and I curled up next to him.

“It ok Peter, really. It was our first time honestly don’t worry about it, with practice we can get better at it”

“You still want to have sex with me” Peter looked shocked.

“Of course I do, Peter I really really like you”

“I really really like you too y/n” he kissed my lips before we drifted off to sleep.

*the next day*

“Hey sleepy head wake up, you’re going to- what the fuck” my dad’s voice woke me up, along with Peter.

“Dad ! ! !” I pulled the covers up to cover my naked body.

“Sir-” Peter looked like a deer in headlights.

“You and you oh god” my dad ran his hands over his face.

“What’s going-” Steve’s voice was coming from outside.

“Don’t come in here, there are two naked teenagers here. Oh god I thought I was going to be ready for this but I was dead wrong. Did you two use protection” my dad asked not looking our direction.

“Yeah, the condoms you gave me” I whispered.

“I’m genuinely not prepared for this, fuck I knew I shouldn’t of given you those condoms”

“Would you have rather us have unprotected sex” I asked

“NOOOO” he was quick to respond. “I just wanted you to stay my little girl”

“I am your little girl dad, I just. Well I like really like Peter” I looked at Peter who was pale from shock.

“Do you really like my little girl Parker” my dad asked Peter

“Y-y-y-yes sir I really do, she smart and caring and beautiful” he looked at me for the last part.

“As much as it pains me to watch you grow up, I guess Peter is the perfect kid for you to date. But if you” my dad looked straight into peters eyes “hurt my little girl, you will pay. GOT IT”

“Yes sir”

“Good, like I said hurry up you’re going to miss breakfast sweetie” I watched as my dad rushed out of my bedroom shouting that his little girl is a woman now.

“I’m sorry about my dad” I apologized as we started getting dressed.

“It’s ok” He replied as he slipped his shirt back on.

“Umm do you want to sit next to me at breakfast” I asked as we were finally fully clothed.

“Yeah I would like that” we held hands as we walked out of my room and made our way into the dinning room where everything was set up.

“Ah the teenagers have arrived have a seat, eat, just don’t have sex on the table” Steve almost choke on his coffee at my dads statement.

“Really dad” I let go of peter’s hand. I noticed Bruce smirking at my dads statement.

“Really, you’re a woman now”

“DAD ! ! !” I shouted, I could tell this is going to be a long day.


He wasn’t my friend. He was my partner. My lover. I used to hate those words, but his father hated them more, so I grew to love them. Elliot’s father, you may have heard of him. Sir Laurence Bishop. No? He owns just about everything in the U. K. including his family. When we first met, Elliot was messing around with boys in the back rooms of bars, all the while dating appropriate women. Appropriate by his father’s standards because they were women. I didn’t mean to fall for him. I’d never fallen for anyone. You see, I-I-I’m quite surprised you haven’t heard of Sir Bishop because he’s a good old fresh and righteous Anglican who wanted his only son to be so, too. It’s his his legacy. You see, we still believe in that kind of stuff where I’m from. But when he found out that Elliot and me were more than friends, he cut him off. Closed every door. Said if he wanted back, he had to come back a man and well, Elliot hadn’t worked a day in his life, so he had nothing. Well, he had nothing but me. And that lasted about three months, and then he was gone. I tried to see him. But I couldn’t find him. His family wouldn’t talk to me. I reached out to his sister, who tried, but they got to her, too, and he stopped returning my calls. So I stopped calling. A year goes by. In the mail, a wedding invitation. “Sir Laurence Bishop invites you to attend the wedding of his son.” And I think, “Is this a joke? Is s-someone someone trying to screw with me?” Or m-maybe it was him, you know? Maybe it was a cry for help. But whatever it was, I didn’t answer. Six months later, I come home from a night out, and there he is, in my house, looking like the wrath of God had hit him. He was a strung out or drunk. Couldn’t tell. Wanted to know if I still loved him. Wanted to know why I didn’t stop him. Couldn’t help him. But whatever I said, it didn’t matter because he realized then that he couldn’t have them and me. He had trapped himself in. There was no way out. And before I knew what he was doing, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and ran himself through with it. Uh well, not once, not twice. Three times. I tried to save him. I did. But there was so much blood.

Lover-Cares: A Solangelo Fanfiction

It’s those reflective days between Christmas and New Years, and it’s time to write some weird sex stuff because what else do I do in my spare time let’s be real. No but really, Nico actually discovering himself and more about his sexuality is oddly super important to me, and that’s basically it plus Will being an awesome supportive boyfriend. Just remember kids, it’s all about good decisions.


Also read on AO3


But in Nico’s mind he was first and foremost a wild creature of some sort—an animal, a silent hunter, a stalker of prey in a darkened forest. Perhaps he was more akin to the screech-owls that haunted his father’s throne room than to other demigods, dark and hollow-boned and able to fade quick and fast into shadow and night, striking prey and fear with equal flap of wing. And then there was Will Solace. Will Solace who was like a lanky tomcat sunbathing at a window, stretching and rumbling with contented purrs, who radiated sunlight and warmth and was distinctly and utterly male in a way that could make Nico’s head whirl and do silly things to his stomach.

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Today, I fucked up by cleaning my son’s room

I was cleaning my 6y.o. son’s room, and doing my annual purge of crap he’s managed to hoard. I have this big pile of stuff to throw out in the living room, when he comes in, pulls some stupid paper butterfly out of the trash pile and tells me I can’t throw this away because it was a present.

He goes to a lot of birthday parties and gets a lot of goodie bags with this sort of thing, so I tell him it’s junk and it’s going in the trash. Besides, it’s all bent up and I tell him (like a douche-dad) that if he values things he should take care of them.

He leaves, and some 5 minutes later he returns, visibly distraught (he’s clearly been thinking hard about this). He says “It was a present…for you.”

“For father’s day.”

I swear at that moment I heard every angel in heaven slow clapping.

Short Story

A famous writer was in his study room. He picked up his pen and started writing :

**Last year, I had a surgery and my gall bladder was removed. I had to stay stuck to the bed due to this surgery for a long time.

**The same year I reached the age of 60 years and had to give up my favourite job. I had spent 30 years of my life in this publishing company.

**The same year I experienced the sorrow of the death of my father.

**And in the same year my son failed in his medical exam because he had a car accident. He had to stay in bed at hospital with the cast on for several days. The destruction of car was another loss.

At the end he wrote: Alas! It was such bad year !!

When the writer’s wife entered the room, she found her husband looking sad & lost in his thoughts. From behind his back she read what was written on the paper. She left the room silently and came back with another paper and placed it on side of her husband’s writing.

When the writer saw this paper, he found his name written on it with following lines :

**Last year I finally got rid of my gall bladder due to which I had spent years in pain….

**I turned 60 with sound health and got retired from my job. Now I can utilize my time to write something better with more focus and peace…..

**The same year my father, at the age of 95, without depending on anyone or without any critical condition met his Creator…..

**The same year, God blessed my son with a new life. My car was destroyed but my son stayed alive without getting any disability……

At the end she wrote:

This year was an immense blessing of God and it passed well !!!

The writer was indeed happy and amazed at such beautiful and encouraging interpretation of the happenings in his life in that year !!!

Moral : In daily lives we must see that its not happiness that makes us grateful but grate-fulness that makes us happy.

Brewsies (the coffeeshop AU that's also a bookshop AND college AU??)

The coffee shop:
-Jack is the manager of the coffee shop, Crutchie is the assistant manager.
- Crutchie and Jack still work the cashier and machines, though.
-Jack is actually a struggling to pay for art school, he rooms with Davey who’s a Law Major. Davey got a full ride, but he’s helping out his while his father is on medical leave from his job.
-Crutchie dropped out of college because of financial problems, but he was majoring (and acing) in tailoring and theatrical costumes. (He was supposed to be the manager, but instead let Jack take it because he knew the college kid needed it more.)
-Katherine is a journalist major, and frequents the coffee shop just about hourly. She orders some pretty toxic drinks that smell like motor oil. No on has actually tried to drink them yet. (“Why do you need our darkest roast with three shots of espresso, Kath???”)
- Crutchie has an affinity for making the dark roasts, Jack works wonders on the frappacinos Davey is great with teas and seasonal drinks.
-Race, Specs, and Romeo all stay in the back to work on the pastries- especially when the Brooklyn kids come over. ( And the fact that Romeo can’t stop ogling everyone that walks into the shop.)
-Whenever Davey has a shift, his brother Les just chills in the back room.
-Crutchie is no longer allowed to play the music because “ Nobody knows who BTS or Black Pink is, Crutchie!! Play something like Selena Gomez, pLEASE”

The bookshop:
-Its run by the Brooklyn boys.
-All of the Brewsies are scared to go over there ever since Spot Colon (The manager) decked Jack in the face the last time he was in the store.
-Spot and Crutchie share an apartment together .
-EVERYONE assumes that they’re dating(they’re not).
-Spot’s just protective of Crutchie in an overbearing brother kinda way and Crutchie just rolls with it.
-Everyone is crushing on Crutchie (who is oblivious), except Race and Spot who are tensely crushing on each other.

No yea this is what I have for now because I keep changing the plot of it about every few days.

An illustration of the first Drabble of the little series Where @thelastspeecher crosses her au universe, the Stanley Mcgucket series, with my au universe, The Mystery Dads universe! 

The guest room is not terrible attractive, I tell you I struggled with the design. Also I wanted it to have like, white farm house style kind of furniture but that just doesn’t work with my drawing style and? Yeah yikes.

Anyway, the Drabble can be read here. 

Damian’s repeated run-ins with his RA. (Cause my friend is a RA and we just rolled with the sword on the wall idea the other night so this is based off that conversation.)

Damian did not understand why his whole family and Stephanie felt the need to help move him in to college, especially now that Father, Todd, and Grayson were attempting to loft his bed while Drake and Cassandra moved furniture that would eventually be set up beneath it and he and Pennyworth began wiping everything down with antibacterial wipes while Brown took pictures “because you people need better family photos”. The group barely fit in the small room with all the movement and chaos. Now his roommate and his parents and sister had arrived and stood in the hall with bags and boxes of their own. Damian had apologized and they kindly explained they were fine with waiting their turn. Damian began helping Jack carry items in, avoiding the Waynes in the process when his RA showed up to introduce himself and explain various rules and procedures to the two boys. Clearly unable to resist, Grayson and Brown decided to embarrass him as the RA left the room.

A few days later Damian ran into his RA in the bathroom while they were both washing dishes, “Hey Damian! How’s your first week going?”

“Good. Having a roommate is… new. But Jack is acceptable.”

“Haha. Ok? Things going ok between you two?”

“Yes. It is just a new experience.”

Damian was shocked to hear a knock on the door. Even more so when it was followed by the call of “RA!” He stared down at Jack who had been watching Netflix on his laptop and the other boy was just as surprised. Gracefully, Damian slid out of bed and padded over to the door, squinting at the bright florescent lights of the hall.

“Hey Damian. Someone was complaining about somebody smoking so I’m just checking all the rooms. Can I come in?” Damian blinked but opened the door wider to let him in. He peered around the room, at Jack’s side decorated in posters and baseball caps to Damian’s mini cave decked out with twinkle lights and pictures. “Is… Is that a sword?”

“Um. Yes?”

“Damian, I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to have that. Unless it’s just decorative, then I think it’s ok.”

Damian gulped and glanced over at Jack who was staring back wide-eyed. “Um… Well, you see…”

“Damian… That’s an actual sword…? You definitely can’t have that! It’s a weapon!”

“It’s an antique?”

“So Jack said you’ve been waking up at odd hours. He’s really concerned about you.”

“It’s nothing. I just require exercise to clear my head and I have problems sleeping. I will apologize and see if we can resolve this issue.”

“He’s not mad, he’s worried. So you wanna talk?”

“No. All is fine, I assure you.”

Damian was in a mild panic, not as much as he would have been had Jack discovered his Robin gear, but he was definitely pounding on his RA’s door much harder than necessary. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” The door swung open to Damian’s frazzled face and his RA immediately asked “What’s wrong?”

Damian cleared his throat, “I may have killed my roommate…”


“I administered the necessary medical treatments and will clean up the blood but I feel like I needed to inform you,” he said in a rush before turning on his heel and practically running back down the hall towards his room.

“DAMIAN!” his RA called chasing after.

Jack was still passed out on the floor, the rug would need to be tossed and he was going to have to break out the industrial strength cleaners Alfred had given him to clean up the rest.

“What the hell Damian?!” his RA said as he burst into the room. He took in the scene and glared at Damian. “I thought you said that sword was an antique!”

“It is. That is why I fetched you, I fear he may have tetanus.”  

- Little Red

Sherlock x Reader: Arthur and the Christmas List

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A/N: I’m really excited for Christmas so I decided to make this Sherlock x reader with their child. I used the name Arthur as the child’s name as I used that in a previous imagine. Enjoy. x

“Daddy!” Your four year old exclaimed as his father entered the room.

“Hello Arthur,” He said while taking his coat and scarf off. He hugged his son and kissed him on his head. “Where is your mother?”

“She’s in my room,” Arthur replied and watched Sherlock leave to find you. The boy stopped playing with his toys and grabbed some paper and a handful of pens. He pulled back the chair at the desk and climbed upon it. He had to kneel on the chair because if he just sat then he would not be able to reach the table. He began to write.


“What is my clever little boy doing?” You asked walking into the room. You walked up behind your child and placed a hand on his shoulder. Your son didn’t reply as he was too wrapped up in his work. Just like his father. You looked at the title of the paper. “You’re writing your Christmas list!” Although he was three, his writing was clear to read. His grammar was also quite impressive. There was a few spelling errors here and there but overall it was very good.

“Arthur,” You asked him. “Do you really need that many pens?”

“Yes mummy,” He replied. “I don’t want my pen to run out and have to get another one. Because it will be hard for me to get another one. It is hard for me to get back on the chair after I’ve come off.”

“You can always ask me to get you another pen.”

“I know but I want to be in-ind-in-”

“Independent,” You corrected with a smile.

“Santa would want me to be strong and independent.” Your son was very smart and would probably work out that Santa does not exist soon. However, you didn’t want to rush it and wanted him to keep believing for as long as possible. You had practically forced Sherlock not to tell Arthur the truth.


“Y/N,” Sherlock said. He was sat in his chair and you were sat in what used to be John’s armchair. Your son was fast asleep in his bed.

“Yes?” You replied looking up from your laptop to meet eye contact.

“We never read Arthur’s letter.”

“I thought you’d be able to deduce what was on it?”

“Oh I can. I just wanted to prove if I was right. And wouldn’t you like to know?”

“I have an idea on what he wants.” You closed your laptop and picked up his letter. You read aloud:

‘Dear Father Christmas,

I know you are working verry hard in the North Pol but I hope you mai be able to grant me my wishes. Please may I have:

 • Some more tois.

 • The Deathly Hallows (I haven’t read that yet).

 • Daddy to take me on a case with him.

Thank you,

Arthur Hamish William Holmes.’


“That was the most polite and grammatically correct letter I’ve ever read that was written by a three year old! There are a few spelling mistakes but that does not matter.”

Sherlock nodded. “He must get that from me then.”

You smiled. “He’s not getting that third present though.”


“Sherlock he’s three! Too young to be shown into the world of crime!”

“Yes but he must be shown what I do for a living. Also, he wants to help.”

“The answer is no Sherlock!”

“Hmm, we will see about that.” He turned around and walked to your shared room.

Dad i wish you would put that bottle down
i wish you would tell me you loved me without reeking of

you missed my school performances, you forgot to tell me you
were proud of me

dad im tired of making excuses for you, my friends cant
come over because your passed out on the couch too drunk to remember your name

i cant study because your knocking things over,
im missing school because im too scared to get in a car with you
my room has become my sanctuary because you have tarnished
every inch of this house

sometimes i feel as if your death would lift this burden
you make me feel guilty, you make me feel inadequate
dad i hate you for forgetting to be my dad

—  B.D.