because my dad is really tight with money

not expecting a heap but please rb?

i’m not really expecting a heap but i really urgently need money so i thought i might as well try this. i’m a 15 year old mentally ill bi girl who currently lives on her own and when i say lives on her own, yes, i mean i live alone. i moved out of my dads because he was abusive for over five years and i finally got out, and i can’t live with my mum bc she’s an alcoholic or my sisters bc they all live far away from my school and can barely even afford to look after themselves, let alone me. i am still in high school and i want to graduate, but i have to catch two buses a day to get into a city/my school, and everything costs so much??? like wow?? i pay for bills, rent, food, school fees, medical bills, and transport and everything is sort of building up right now. i get paid once a fortnight, but it’s all to mainly go towards bills and rent and then i have nothing left for food and transport, which makes it really really hard to get to school/eat.

my family refuses to help me because of everything that went down between my dad and i, the government isn’t keen to help because i’m a teenager and they tend to only help children under the age of 10, and i can’t get a job because i rely on bus timetables to get home and none of the buses run late enough for me to actually work night shifts. once the holidays start up i’m planning on trying to find a holiday job but atm things are really tight and i’m honestly really scared. i’m 15 and i never expected this to happen to me. i have no idea how i’m gonna get my food, or my school fees, anything. if i run out of money and wind up being unable to pay my rent, i’ll be homeless with literally nowhere to go because i’m too young to be accepted into most homeless shelters, and none of them are near my school. and i refuse to go and live with my dad again, bc tbh he would probably kill me after everything i’ve done.

i’m not really expecting much because i understand people have their own lives that require money, but if ANYONE could help me financially it would be so hugely appreciated. i’m not really sure what i can do to pay anyone back, bc i mean all i do is write lol so i could try and write you something?? or maybe figure out something else i could do? but seriously, whether it’s even just $1, any help would be a huge help


i’m so sorry for making a post like this but i really am desperate. i haven’t eaten for two and a half days now, and i’m fucking terrified. thank you so much to anyone who can help!!

Help Me Pay My Bills!!

Alright, since my commissions post didn’t really gain traction and its almost bill payment time again, I’m really asking for help. I hate doing posts like this because I sound desperate but I know I can reach out for help cuz a lot of my followers are good eggs. <3

I’ve been out of a job since the end of March since the store I worked for closed down, I worked PAX East but I won’t be working again till the beginning of July. I’m having to buy my own things for this job in July as well that only my grandmother is helping pay for since my parents are currently in pre-divorce and money is pretty damn tight between them already. 

I have two big fed loan bills I have to pay as well as my phone bill and all together its close to someone paying rent (It’s well close to $700.) I do my best to pay my fedloan bills on time and I can’t afford to skip my phone payment because it’s still connected to my dad who will come after me about money (and my dad is NOT the greatest when it comes to money tbh). I’m really looking to be able to pay off June and July and I’ve sold a little bit of cosplay stuff and some commissions that’ll help pay off the phone bill for a month. I really do not want to touch my savings account unless its a dire emergency. 

My paypal is

If you cant help, please signal boost!!! 

10/17/17 - Ups and downs, as always

Lots of good things and bad things happening.

I decided to just say “fuck it” and bought a decent $100 dress online, had it shipped to a friend for $30 bc expedited shipping, and need to buy white tights and make up remover wipes now.

It’s costing all of my savings, but I figured at this point I think I fucking deserve it.

I am very, very concerned that my mom is taking me to get a haircut tomorrow in preparation for the MOST interview. If she cuts it too short, I might just not go to homecoming and just die instead. I really, really need to pass.

I’m stressing out because I don’t have the money to afford all this and my dad might look at my bank account statement and flip his shit and I’m afraid he’ll see the $130 payment to promgirl and that would be really fucking bad for me, considering that this is the same dad that flips chairs over when I ask for a rose gold iPhone.

I just really need more money ugh why is life like this

I wish I had supportive parent who didn’t care I was trans and would just buy me dresses and makeup and let me be happy ;;

Instead no I need to somehow come up with hundreds of dollars even though I’m just 17 and don’t have an official job and I’m honestly just really struggling with that rn

In other news, I bought hair removal cream, which took me 45 minutes to figure out, but works wonders. I hope my mom doesn’t notice, because I don’t have an excuse.

I’m also starting notice that my shirt has mounds in it when I’m laying down? Barely noticeable but still suspicious so I need to start being careful

I don’t know if I’ll make it to college

There’s just so many risks and I’m not in a good spot especially financially lmao

Someone save me ;;

life update: i always come on here and begin to write some big post and then i forget the reason behind it. like who cares? what is the point? i still have some friends on here and of course my enemies check up on me as well.  but i don’t really care what they think anymore and i’ve kind of moved on.

 veganism is going pretty good, i need to get back on track with sunday prepping but it’s hard right now because both my dad and my brother are staying with us right now. 

we spent a lot of money this month (we bought a switch, zelda, and tix to game grumps for my brother’s birthday) so it’s gonna be a little tight this month. which is annoying but whatever we just gotta get better at not falling for our vices.

 i’m working from home today, i might go to the coffee shop and work there. honestly i’m a little empty right now. i have been feeling better but with everyone here it is super overwhelming and i just have to turn off my emotions in order to get through the day. my dad was spouting racist shit as a joke last night. i just kind of want my house back, but they’re both here until next monday. jeez. i sound like a baby. anyway, i don’t know what else to say, i’ll let you know if i think of something profound. 


Cosmo Belongs to @fetusmeme,Tea belongs to @exigetspersonal, Arkib and Huelola belong to @deoxyrebornicleic, Flowerfell Frisk by @siviosanei

Heyo! So~ I’m in kind of a tight spot right now with money because in June, I REALLY want to go to this animation Course being held at my future college, but it costs $700 and I’m currently about $600 short of that goal. That, and, my dad said he doesn’t want to pay for it and I don’t want to put that stress on him because he has three kids to feed. I’d like to get a job, but I have track and field and AP testing and I don’t want to be nail-bitingly stressed in my senior year of high school. SO! I figured, hey, my art is pretty good, maybe people would want to buy it! And now here we are, with an offer to get some fairly priced arts! If you are interested, message me or shoot me an ask! (Be warned, tumblr does eat asks)

I’m Currently taking 10 spots Max, so get them while they’re hot!

If you can’t buy, can you please at least spread? I want this to get around as much as possible, so please help me out!

Will do’s, don’ts and extras under the cut:

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Hey guys, Mew here! As you may of read from a couple of my earlier text posts, me and my Dad are in a very tight spot right now. Our water was completely shut off this afternoon since we couldn’t afford to pay the bill.  My dad hasn’t given me an exact amount on how much we owe, but we only have about $12 between both of us currently.

So I’ve gone ahead and opened up Commissions! There are 5 Slots Open!  As you can see with the picture above, there are 6 commission options.  There is also the option of things being drawn Traditionally (Drawn on Paper) and Digitally (Drawn on My Laptop with a Drawing Tablet)

  • Profile Options
    Sketch - $5
    Outline - $10
    Full Color - $15
  • Full Body Options
    Sketch - $8
    Outline -$16
    Full Color - $25

I do have a set of rules that I’d appreciate if you all could follow if you decide you’d like to commission from me! You can find them on my  Commissions Page (link)!

I’d appreciate it if you guys can’t buy a commission that you could reblog this so word can kinda get around, because Me and my Dad are in a super tight spot, and really need the money. 


*sighs loudly* I’m still in need of funds. I have to offset the costs of my BFA stuff, and on top of that we have no food money. Our Thanksgiving will be spent going hungry. I STILL have that Sailor Moon drawing for sale. So I’m going to try again and raise funds. The above images are both examples of my work and works that are currently for sale. The largest is the moon figure-38x50 (I have to cut it down for shipping) and the smallest is I think 22x30. These are big, detailed charcoal drawings. I’m willing to sell them for starting out at $40 a pop, shipping is around $8, except for the biggest which is $50. If you can’t buy anything, PLEASE spread this around. If you don’t want/have enough to buy but still want to donate, my paypal is I just am not making enough working, and I keep missing work and class because of gas money. Add to this the costs of my dad missing work because he has to take my mother to the doctor pretty much every two weeks and it’s really, really becoming downward financial spiral. So this is my desperate plea for help. Like I said, if you can do nothing more than signal boost please do. I know a lot of people are in a tight financial bind just as we are, so the more this gets passed around the better chances of us being able to find help.