because my contact info is on my page

maybe probably gonna start bein less open to friendship/direct interaction w/ my non-mutual followers because as much as i love the support u guys give me (among other things that u guys are really really great about) its just that over the past several months i been interacting with some of yall on a more personal level and ive had an overall not great experience w/ that

like i might close the public discord and leave a bunch of other discord groups im in and im also probably gonna take a lot of my contact info off of my about page


I’m so close to get enough money for a new computer, but still needs your help C: So it’s time to open my commissions again
This time I add new category, because some people was asking about it.

And here are my slots: 

Ink/pencil sketch : close

Watercolour painting A5 : close

Watercolour painting A4: 4/5 slots 


Pixel art page doll: 3/5 slots 



For more details contact by email:

Hi! I’m open for super cheap character sketches for a limited time (until August 20th) because I’d love to be able to eat once I go back home. Get them while you still can!

Contacts via email, 

Please title you email as “sketch commission” also give me 

  • a brief character description and visual references
  • mood, pose etc. ideas
  • if you want a full or a half body sketch

Payment via Paypal invoice. I will ask for your Paypal address once I have confirmed your commission.

Reblogs are appreciated. Thank you!

[you can find more info from my commissions page of needed]


Emergency commissions!

Due to my current mental state, I can’t really get a job (though I’m trying) but I still need money for rent, bills and food. While I’m trying to get my life together and fix my mental health enough to be able to work, I’ll be doing commissions to get some extra money! 
Because of this, it might take a few days (depending on how much I’ll have to do) to get your commission done! Please be patient with me and feel free to contact me about anything you might wonder about.


  • I will draw: OCs, fanart, gay/lesbians, mild violence, most things that aren’t included in the wont draw list,
  • I won’t draw: gore, furries, nsfw (partial nudity is OK), anything that includes homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism etc.
  • Reference pictures are required! The more, the better, but anything will do.
  • I’m up for discussion about what you want to include in your commission, and I will do my very best to meet your demands, but I reserve the right to say no to a commission or demand.
  • Payment through paypal only! 

See more of my art in my art tag

If you’re interested or have any questions, contact me at

Please reblog and spread the word! Even if you’re not a commissioner, sharing this would mean so much to me! Thank you!  ♥


I’m going to Desucon this summer! Because of this, I’m gonna use a lot of money on tickets, traveling expenses, accommodation and cosplay-making plus possible merch and art prints, which isn’t something I’m too happy about due to me moving out later this year. I’m hoping to at least make back the money for Desucon through commissions.

Basic info:

  • no NSFW!
  • payment through PayPal after the commission is done!
  • contact me through email ( or my ask box!
  • additional info + prices on my commission info page!

If you’re unable to commission me, please consider spreading the word, it’d help me a lot!


[click on the photos to see full-size]

i’ve updated my commission page for the summer! there is a temporary sale until August 15th because i reeeeeeally need to be bringing in some money for both college and SGC in july.

i have more info on my commission page HERE! you will find how to contact me about placing orders, and what kinda stuff i will/ will not draw. super great info.

if you are unable to buy anything please spread this around! as i said before i really need to bring in some cash money as i am unable to get any kind of job other than commissions at the moment. thank you so much!