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Name: Amai

Nicknames: The Amaister (I’ve been referred to that a record 1 time lol)

Zodiac sign: Taurus/Gemini cusp

Height: 5′6-5′7

Orientation: Lesbian

Nationality: American

Favorite fruit: watermelon and oranges

Favorite season: spring because it’s my birthday season, also it’s near the end of the school year, also it’s the “season of love”

Favorite book: I have so many and I can’t list them all. One of my favorites is definitely A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Favorite flower: it’s between daisies, sunflowers, and roses. I guess for now I’ll say sunflowers

Favorite scent: new house, new car, new book, gasoline, lavender

Favorite color: orange

Favorite animals: dogs

coffee I tea I hot coco: Coffee and hot coco are gr8 but I am a tea heaux first and foremost

Average sleep hours: 7-9 hours

Cat or dog person: cats are cool, but I am definitely a dog person

Favorite fictional character: Goodness don’t do this to me?? Aaah I guess I’m going to say Sweet Dee Reynolds of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Number of blankets I sleep with: two or three??

Dream trip: Portland Oregon, Portland Maine, Austin Texas, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Boston, England, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Amsterdam, Thailand, Tokyo, Kenya, Greece, Italy, Paris, Hong Kong. At this point, I kinda want to be anywhere as long as I’m alone. That sounds horrible I recognize. I have no hard feelings against any family or friends. I’m just in a very weird point in my life. 

Blog created: May 2016

Number of followers: 543 gnarly people (and possibly bots??)

Random fact: I’ve never had burgers or meatballs and I have a legit fear of cooked rice.

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to do list: 

- i might set something up for mains ?? if people are still interested in that. might post a mains call.
- i might do some character or relationship tags, and post a call for that too.
- i’m planning a giveaway because i hit a milestone and it’s really near my birthday so i want the giveaway end date to be on my birthday. i gotta decide if i wanna do that and then make a graphic???
- oh god i need to do a promo. i’ve tried like 3 times but i’m terrible and i dont like the art now.


15. December 2014: I made this follow forever to celebrate my birthday, the birthday of my blog  and the 5650 follower. I turned 19, my blog 1 and i’ve reached 5650, that’s a case to celebrate (especially for the number 5650)!!!

Well i planned to make a Follow Forever, when i reached my first thousand. But i was to lazy to make one and i moved the “project” to the next coming thousand follower. That has been repeating till 5k and then i thought, i can celebrate everything on my birthday, because it’s all near to each other.

I want to give a big thank you to everyone of my Friends, Follower and the people that inspirated me to keep running this blog. This last year was extremely fun, i read many manga-titles, i practiced my photoshop-skills, i met new friends and i got into cool networks! I appreciate every single one, every fan letter i got and every note from my post. 

Here’s the list of blogs i’m following. Those people filled dashboard with cool stuff and with mangacaps, which triggered me to read whole series!

| aichirou | ainochii | akishiki | ancestralvision | almightyone | biv0lt | christmas-bara | cold-decay | da-ten-shi | dirukari | doreishounen | e53363 | euthanaize | fliptard | fvint | gaikotsushoujo | gnomopacia | hikikoeru | jigo-ku | jisatssu | k-agura | kanye-kun | katsu--sama | kiimdracula | kurohshi | kyochin | lesfleursduaku | mai-hime | marshiro | mooloch | narukee | necrotistic | nilmerg | norunir | papyrust | perpetually-dismal | rikaadesu | rinsyo | seiifuu | s-h-i-t-a-i | spiraphobia | thediaryofwho | theplasmaz | titayen | toshimas | yamaken-chi | yumetsugu | zet-su-bou |

Here are my real life friends. Make sure you check them out!!

| alienswithdrugs | fuckrealitylovedrugs | nicht-genug | winterunterderhaut |

And big special thanks to the networks, which made tumblr funny as ever! I really thank every member of these networks! Please check them out!

- asphyxia-network (Asphyxia - Horror Manga)
- monochrome-otaku-network (Monotaku - Monochrome)
- mono-tomodachi-network  (Mono Tomodachi - Monochrome)

And big thank you for all great Mangakas, which made this blogs to it what it is!

I can’t wait to have another awesome year with all of you!  ps. all the picture above are mangacaps from me and i edited them myself.

Watching my grandmother

  holyfudgebatman submitted:

Quick backstory; my mother had just recently brought my sick grandmother from the Caribbean’s to live with us in our apartment in NYC. She’s been sleeping in my brother’s room who is away for college, and my sister and I share a room together where there is a window right near me, where I can clearly see inside my kitchen window from the other side of our apartment. And I have this neurotic tendency of looking out my window, to check out the kitchen window in the middle of the night to have a sense what time it is and whether my dad is awake or not. One of the kitchen’s light is kept on until my father passes by to get his usual glass of water which he does so every night after watching his late night programs. By 2am or so, my dad already had passed by to get his drink which means he is going to bed. Therefore, I know that when the lights are on—it’s still not that late and my dad is awake. When the kitchen lights are off, it means it is after 2am, and my dad is asleep.

So during the fall that just passed, it was a November night, I remember because my birthday was nearing, and I had just woken up in the middle of the night. You know those moments when you wake up not even realizing when or how soon you went to bed but it feels like you have only been sleeping for a few minutes? Well it was one of those moments for me. I wake up, though I’m still half asleep, scratching my head because it kept feeling like someone was pulling my hair or something. Kind of like when a hair strand gets caught and it itches and hurts at the same time. I finally sit up with my eyes still shut and untie and re tie my hair to fix it all while sensing how weird and awkward I felt at the moment inside my room.

The last thing I remembered was lying in bed, while faintly listening to the music my sister was playing from her computer with the lights brightly lit on. And now all of a sudden, the room is pitch black with no music, everything quiet, and my sister asleep in the bed next to mine. I wondered briefly what time it was and looked over to my window to check if the lights from the kitchen were off. They were. And that meant I was the only one awake inside the apartment. I debate whether to get up and go and charge my cellphone but I felt too comfortable in my bed, so I just lie back down and snuggle beneath my comforters instead.

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I´m so emo right now because one year ago i was on Chicago for my birthday, this year i was going again for the 1989 tour because on Chicago are to dates for the tour near to my birthday (18,19 of July) and my birhtday is on monday…. practically i feel sad but i hope i can see you someday on tour taylor, i had wait a long time to see you for the first time and i never can´t….. if you see this Taylor it will be the most incredible gift ever for my 16th birthday! i love you so much never forget that, good luck on the 2 shows! 


So, since I have been annoyed with my weight loss this year I decided what better way to make yourself feel better than to do a comparison picture.

1st picture is from July 10, 2010

2nd picture is  September 5, 2015

I am not going to get into the weight loss numbers, just look at the sheer difference.

I may feel bloated today because of my recent birthday over indulgence. But that doesn’t mean I am anywhere near back to were I started.

Gaining back a little is not going to kill me. I just refuse to give up in the end, and can get it all back off no matter how long it takes.

sw33tooth  asked:

Hi! I won't be anon, for this request. Can I request GOM + Kagami, Takao, and Kasamatsu throwing a surprise it can either be a party, date, gift etc. for their s/o's birthday. Because my birthday is near! Thankies~!!!

You needn’t be anon for any request, ma belle! OOOH, OHH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a great year! Kind of long, so under the cut!

Kuroko: “Shh, shhhhh.” Kagami loudly whispered. Aomine shushed him. Kise laughed and tried to shush everyone louder. 

“SHUT UP!” Midorima yelled. 

“You be quiet, Mido-chin!” Murasakibara mumbled back, nearly tossing a pillow at him before Akashi stopped him with a hand. Kuroko rubbed his temples, tired. He didn’t know planning a surprise party could be so much work. 

Though it was quite traditional, and even slightly cliché, he felt that something close and intimate with all of yours and Kuroko’s mutual friends would be nice for your birthday. But he didn’t like the impression his friends were making on your friends, as they sat huddled in a corner, trying to avoid being hit by a flying pillow. 

There was a click at the door, and everyone froze. Slapping the light shut, Kuroko dove behind a couch, and Momoi placed a hand over Aomine’s mouth to keep him quiet. 

“Kuroko?” You whispered, feeling a sort of tension in the air. “Are you hiding in the dark again? You know I hate it when you do that. It’s so eerie.”

Kuroko glared at Kagami as he barely controlled his laughs. Akashi grabbed everyone’s attention, and mouthed, “One, two, three.” before everyone jumped out from their hiding places and cried, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”, while Kuroko opened the light again. 

You gave him a watery smile, knowing that he was the one who set it up, and silently thanking him. He gave you a smile back.