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It sucks that people being genuinely nice to others is seen by a lot of people as someone trying to be passive-aggressive or ‘secretly toxic.’ Whatever they want to call it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hardblocked by another mun simply because I tried to compliment their blog/writing/ect. and have a small hope that maybe they would like to interact. I really didn’t mean to make anyone on-edge; maybe it’s not worth trying to be positive and willing to approach others in this RPC..

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hey, you. <3 i really want to create an oc but i'm kinda scared because so many people just ignore ocs or have a negative view on them in general. do you have any tips for me?

honestly,  the number one rule is to be passionate about your oc.  you need to really bring them to life.  like if nobody’s interacting with you?  be passionate enough to just write a bunch of headcanons to keep them going.  the more you slap your oc on the dashboard, the more people are going to be interested in them.  really,  that’s all it takes.  there’s a bunch of oc’s out there in different fandoms that are just fandom related,  i once knew someone who created a new redfield sibling and she was pretty darn amazing,  then there’s the fandomless ones that are so interesting you throw your character into their world or combine worlds.

but the biggest oc’s i know are out there because the mun is passionate.  they haven’t once given up on their oc’s.  maybe they took a break,  but they always come back and bring these oc’s straight to life.  pour their heart and soul into them until it’s hard to actually remember that they aren’t an oc.  like oh…  that character isn’t from a show / movie / etc???

also,  always remember stats AND a bio.  newer people need the basic stats,  but you’ll be surprised that once you get mains and relationships,  they’ll be in there reading your full bio to understand your character head to toe.

and finally support your fellow oc’s!!! 
big shout-outs to:  @silverskins, @desxderium, @bunnyboil,  @godblooded  @fcrcepilot.

good luck and have fun!!!!!

here is my shitty ass cupdemon fusion i hATE IT,,,,,,,,,,,,,


yes this shit is from an au named babtqftim by @blogthegreatrouge but unfortunately my phone got shit and didn’t tag them so i’ll tag its official au blog instead which is @thebbros so um


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But you know what I really love about Sense8 it’s how they not only love each other so much but it bleeds into their connections with how they feel about people outside of the cluster. 

You see it in RIley’s look of pure affection when she see’s Amanita’s face for the first time. How she’s a bit of awe because this is the person who makes Nomi feel beautiful and like the sun is touching her face. You see it in how Wolfgang bleeds into Nomi’s speech about her sister. How he will destroy anyone who hurt’s his family and by extension that now includes anyone his cluster loves. You see it with how they war with sun’s emotions in regards to her brother. How Will knows that she’s feeling conflicted how she wants to be able to keep old promises, how Sun is many things but heartless has never been one of them. How Wolfgang wants to kill him for her because he’s hurt her too far. How Capheus is so excited to see Detective Mun because he’s expressing the part of Sun that wanted to believe in this person, that wanted to believe that someone who owed her nothing would help her. 

it’s so absolutely beautiful.

On Thread Length

Some people use a lot of text when writing to show their muse’s mental state, some use it purely because their muse is talkative. But when things like that happen, some people stress over whether or not they should match length and it can be the reason some people have problems replying to things.

You do not need to match my length. My muses get lost in their heads/like to talk/just end up making me write a lot.

Write whatever you are comfortable with, because this is supposed to be fun and you should never be pressured to meet the length of your partner. Do what you want to, and hopefully by reblogging this, the mun of this blog will do the same.


 AU where Splinter’s final fight with The Shredder doesn’t end with death no. 72, and instead Splinter miraculously survives both the stabbing and the fall.

Obviously he can’t do ninjutsu anymore because of his injuries, so he follows through with his old childhood dream of being an artist. It takes some practice, but he gets the hang of it after a while

RP blogs that deserve to be treated with respect: 

             1.  Canons, OC’s, self-inserts, AU’s, literally everyone

RP blogs that DON’T deserve to be treated with respect: 

              1.   ???????????


       This has to be said because personally I am tired of having to establish this again and again. And it has to do with RESPECTING MUSES OF POWER. And this includes and it never limited any official canon stated titles and positions. Be it Ruthless Queens, Hard Kings, Gang Leaders, or Apocalyptic Masterminds with barb wired bats. Somewhere there is always a nice chunk of muses who are always trying to either; 1) Defy, 2) Rebel, or 3) 1 & 2 but with a try at badass snark. This PSA is concerning all of the above, and all that are included within the category of muses of power.

      It is so important that this made clear that when being a MUSE OF POWER there is something that accompanies that and it is exactly that. POWER. Muses of power ACTUALLY hold a fair amount of ACTUAL power over most muses. Especially if it’s in their favored canon timeline. A Queen or King can have a man executed for speaking foul words against them, or the Apocalyptic Mastermind can have someone beat up and locked away because he damn well felt like it. That’s because they hold a certain amount of real power to do so. And it’s so important that with MUSES OF POWER that this is respected. I’m so tired of seeing muses try to be the FORCE OF GOOD or the REBEL OF LAW and the muns get all upset because the MUSE OF POWER in question reacted accordingly.

     This is also me making note that a MUSE OF POWER is not required at all to be nice or friendly toward anyone, not everyone is kind or courteous.  And neither is a MUSE OF POWER required to be so. Do not show up and expect someone to be loving of this or that muse just because sweet words were given.


      If the defiance and rebuttal is plotted; then it is alright. Because both of the muns have a full understanding of what is happening and the consequences of said actions. WHICH THERE IS ALWAYS CONSEQUENCES WHERE MUSES OF POWER ARE CONCERNED. You insult someone or spit in their face- I can personally promise you something bad is going to happen. But again, plotted and planned, are always acceptable because as I said. Everyone is on an understanding and everyone is on the same page.

    all in all:  RESPECT MUSES OF POWER

random quotes from Super Best Friends play Final Fantasy XV

“I want him to just pick this thing [Carbuncle] up and eat it.”

“I remember that first trailer back when I was nine. This game took 85 years to come out.”

“Noctis looks like such an asshole I can’t stand it.”

In game: Find out what Gladiolus is weak to and let him have it.
Matt: “He’s weak to insults about his performance in the bedroom.”

“Prompto is the most boyband of them all.”

“When Noctis’s Papa Roach CD is done, the game is over.”

Patt: “I will rescue you buddy.” *revives Prompto*
Matt: “I rescued you with my magical boy hands.”
Patt: “My magical boy hands for my magical boy bands.”

“When teaming up with your buddies nobody can stop the amount of dicks you draw on each others faces.”

*seeing Ifrit in the first cutscene*
Patt: “The fact that it’s a perfect naked man that will not leave his chair–”
Matt: “I feel like at the end of my life that’s what I’ll be fighting. And I will fail.”

*imitating Regis* “So your boybands doing shit huh, what, you’re gonna go on tour?”

“Gladio can you please button up your shirt it’s distracting everyone.”

“Gladiolus looks like he’s from The Bouncer. In fact he might be from The Bouncer for all we know.”

“Gladiolus and Ignis look like that one guy from The Bouncer in the cactaur outfit put into two people.”

*Matt, imitating Regis again* “Remember Noctis, every moment you live is a disappointment for me.”

“And please… do something about your hair. It’s a constant embarrassment.”

*Patt, now imitating Regis* “You look like such an asshole, but, you’re my asshole.”

“It would really suck if he was doing the deed with Lunafreya, and he yells out some other dumb girls name in the Final Fantasy universe. Like ‘Oh! Yunalesca!’ and she’s like ‘Who the fuck is Yunalesca?’ ”

Matt: “Push the fucking car losers!”
Patt: “Push the car, and make sure that Gladio’s butt is the one that’s really in center there.”

“Why is Prompto always on the floor?”

“Wait, I don’t wanna play as Gladiolo– Gladiyolo, god–”

*after seeing Noctis summon his weapons* “No wonder she’s getting married, she probably saw that and went ‘Yes!’ ”

*sees Ignis walk off in the background* *Matt bursts into laughter* “Ignis is just like ‘fuck it I’m out of here!’.”

“I’m seeing photos people are posting of these guys taking selfies with themselves walking around in the background.”

Patt: “I just did a backflip slash for no reason, other than I think Noctis thought it was cool.”
Matt: “Well it’s because he knew Prompto was watching.”

“That should be the Logo of our channel – stop bitching, start killing.”

*Prompto starts singing the FF victory tune* “AHH!!– AH YEAH! ALL RIGHT, YOU WON ME OVER!”

*Ignis explains the Crownsguard attire* Patt: “Oh, so that’s why. They’re forced to dress boyband.”
Matt: “Or forced to dress like they just raided a Hot Topic.”
Patt: “It’s the law… So the King, that King? [Regis] Was like ‘everyone has to dress like this in my army’.”
Matt: “Okay, you know what? Fair enough. I never realize that.”
Patt: “That King is the weirdest old man in the world.”

*imitating Regis* “I want all the hot boys to dress in leather in my army.”

“Cindy, and one of these guys, I wanna help that along.”

Matt: “You know what this place [Hammerhead] needs!? It need one of those big inflatable floaty guys!”
Patt: “And it should be a cactaur.”
Matt: “Yeah! OH!! That makes me so excited!”
Patt: “There might be in here, who knows?”

“Why aren’t your lips moving Ignis?”

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M!A: you and your husband are fused together (like in Steven Universe) for 5 asks

Offensive Cosplays

Hey guys, so you guys know I’m not usually one to post drama on here, but something came to my attention recently that isn’t a particularly new concept to this fandom - offensive cosplays. And what I mean is blatantly offensive cosplays, such as dressing as a Nazi officer.  

The main point of this is I want everyone to know that this is not okay. In the slightest. It is grossly offensive and actually illegal to dress this way in many countries because of the connotations it holds. 

Millions of people died under the Nazi regime and the things that they did to other people is inhumane, gross, and disturbing on all accounts. No one should have ever been made to live through that. And cosplaying a Nazi uniform which represents all of those horrific events is absolutely unacceptable. Just don’t do it. If you really need reasons not to do it, I highly recommend watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Night Will Fall, it’s in my opinion a very well done documentary with footage from within concentration camps and while disturbing to watch, it puts gravity to the situation and faces to the millions of people who were brutally killed within these camps.

The reason this came to my attention recently (although I have seen countless others) is recently a Germany cosplayer decided to cosplay an SS army uniform for a convention and continued to post this onto social media. This cosplayer was then told by several people that her cosplay was very offensive. Instead of taking down these pictures or taking responsibility for their actions, they proceeded to claim they were being cyberbullied and handled the situation in a very terrible way which left others feeling resentment towards them. 

If someone does tell you that you are being offensive to them, just stop what you are doing and take a step back and really take into account what you are doing. If you’re going to straight up cosplay a Nazi, though, then just don’t. Don’t do it. You can be historical without donning a Nazi uniform, there are many other options out there.

Whats my relationship with my muse?

The PTA Mom: Ironically/unironically thinks their muse has done nothing wrong ever in their life uwu. (Especially if the muse has done something wrong)

The Cowboy: has to always keep wrangling their muse back from doing stupid shit. Catchphrase- “[name] I s2g if you do this” and “FUCK”

The Cheerleader: “you’re doing great sweetie!” supportive of whatever the muse does. Similar to the PTA Mom but actually deserves it, especially if the muse is a big ol cinnamon roll.

The Torturer: keeps putting their muse in the w o r s t situations. Seriously I think they’ve had enough. Pls. 

The Mirror: mun is the muse and is either a) calling themselves out on their own shit or b) is a combination of the Mirror and the Torturer. 

The Cinnamon Squared: both muse and mun are big ol floof cakes. Too sweet to handle. Mun never finds it hard for their muse to be nice because the mun themself is nice.

The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Mun is sooo nice while the muse, well, they’re kind of an asshole (but u didn’t hear it from me)

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Mun is not necessarily mean. Just mean to their muse. Similar to The Torturer except the muse is more innocent. Definitely does not deserve what’s coming to them.

The Jester: Puts muse in any situation that’ll most likely end up being the funniest.

The Passenger: Muse has a mind of their own and the Mun is really the one along for the ride. Similar to the cowboy but less freaked out about what the muse does. 

The Champion: Their muse always comes out on top. I dunno how you do it. But it happens

The Deadly: Similar to the Torturer except Mun straight up kills their muse. Has revival abilities, though. Makes the Mun more powerful, but crazier.

Bonus: make one up and send it in!