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Some of the the worst things about this Jack Jashi discourse is that these armchair social analysers watched one Jonathan Mcintosh video where he literally made up his own trope (born yesterday) then broke his back trying to justify it, to strip Ashi of her character and ironically objectify her.

Going by McIntosh own video: born yesterday describes female character who’s ignorant of societal norms to such a degree that she’s purposefully taken advantage of by the male lead to massage their own predatory nature. Aside from terrible examples he used to reinforce his own trope this was 100% projecting.

In regard to Ashi she started out as antagonist who’s only goal in life was to kill jack, after being defeated Jack did show her a tiny bit of the world but not in order to trick her into a relationship. And the most important thing to note is that ASHI does the majority of her growth in the absence of Jack she travels to all the areas where jack went and came to a self realization ON HER OWN. Jack wasn’t anywhere near her, jack didn’t guide her, in fact it was Ashi WHO broke jack out of his suicide attempt. 

And all that is worthless now because she’s hot and she kissed Jack?

First of all sexualization isn’t an objective thing, it’s a  subjective thing, Ashi scrubs a the black physical metaphor of her oppression and adopts a nature based outfit physically embracing the beauty she’s been denied her whole life and tumblr immediately reduces her to meat.

they didn’t stop there, after this episode where Jack and Ashi kissed after already having developed a report with one another and surviving a near death experience totally disregard her as being nothing more than a cock sleeve for Jack. Hypocrites. 

“She doesn’t know any better, she’s being taken advantage of!” 

She learned, majority in the absence of Jack  and she’s honestly no more ignorant of the world than Jack is. If she was truly as stupid as people want to believed she would follow Jack like a puppy, blindly following his orders believing everything he says but she doesn’t. She questions everything, believed Jack was trying to trick her and even in the episode they kissed she didn’t just scarf down the alien shrimp because she smart enough not to immediately trust everything. 

“Why they kiss?”

Fan service. Why in universe? Both Jack and Ashi have been denied romantic relationships due to their dedication to fulfill their destiny, they just survived a near death experience and they’re both naked and sweaty.

It was spur of the moment thing, we don’t even know if it’s going to lead to anything serious.

Also this is Genndy.

Are you really this surprised?

“But ew Jack is 70 years old!”

The intro starts with Jacks stating that 50 years have passed but he has not aged passed 20. Tumblr is no stranger to shipping character who are thousands of years or million of years old with characters who are barely legal this is such fake outrage it’s palpable. Honestly the most pop ship on here is Steve and Tony, cap has an equivalent 50+ age gap with tony but no single fuck was is given for that.

My biggest grievance here is that just because Ashi conventionally attractive by current 1st world societal norms she’s no longer valid. Like how fake can you be>

So why does Team Iron Man get blamed for the violence during the superpowered free-for-all when

  • Stark gave Cap the chance at a peaceful resolution initially.
  • Stark took in Underoos Spiderling Spiderman specifically as agent apprehend which is exactly what happens through most of his skirmishes—he’s there to web shit up, not get into a fistfight. He’s there specifically to limit the amount of damage that would take place. Stark clearly took him aside and discussed tactics with him on how to do this with as little violence as possivle.
  • STARK NEEDS TO APPREHEND BECAUSE HE’S BEEN GIVEN THE ULTIMATUM TO EITHER GET HIS FRIENDS IN CHECK OR ROSS WILL. He literally has to beg Ross to allow him to try do this as peacefully as possible before the government got seriously involved with no scruples. 
  • Guess who accidentally ends up flinging a burning tanker in the opposing team’s direction, turning the situation from OK to deadly? NOT TEAM STARK is who. 
  • Guess who also tells their team mate not to pull any punches while battling a friend and proceeds to blast said friend hard to make up for the slack. 
  • Also go ahead and take a third guess on who flings a fifteen year old they clearly identified as a kid into a column and then drops a bypass on him. NOT the same person who gave him a vastly superior battle suit designed to protect him and told him to stop fighting when things finally got too messy for webs to handle.

Are we even watching the same film or…? 
PS: Do we also really think Peter who idolizes both Stark and Cap would, in having watched the news and wanting to help in some way actually chosen to go with Cap being a fifteen-year old who can’t go to Germany because he ‘has homework’. If he had to be on a side, the side that the government wasn’t hunting down who also agreed to give him an upgraded suit so he could crimefight better and told him every safety measure to make it so he could go home to Aunt May would have been the most logical side to be on. 

Look, I like Cap and understand his love for Bucky and that he’s not ready to trust being under another jurisdiction of people just yet but let’s be real; his team and he made some bad decisions throughout this entire thing too. 

 Get to grips with it. 


It was on the headdress - the kokoshniki, the kikas, povyoniki, the crowns and the diadems - that the most thought was bestowed. The headdress was of greatest importance because by tradition a married woman had to hide her hair from strangers´ eyes. The long plaits of a Russian woman were her pride; the greatest treasure of a Russian maiden was a single, long plait intertwined with ribbons down her back. So important was the Russian plait that it figures over and over again in song and tale; an old wedding song begins “The young man with the black curls sits at the table and asks: Fair Russian plait, it is true that you are really mine at last?” Married women wore a closed cap and maidens a flowered scarf kerchief or a hoop or diadem leaving the top of her head open. The change of hairdo and headdress at a Russian wedding was accompanied by special ritual and lamentations. The single plait was carefully rebraided by the bride´s female relatives and close friends into two braids.

Kokoshniki varied from region to region in a whole variety of picturesque and poetic shapes. They were peaked like diadems or round and high like crowns; sometimes they were crescent-shaped. Each town had its own style and by her kokoshnik one could tell exactly where a maiden came from. The kokoshniki of the north were heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads and river pearls, with a mother-of-pearl network which fell low over the brow. In the central regions, the kokoshniki were high, in Nizhny Novgorod, round, in the form of a crescent. Sometimes long veil of muslin or gauze were attached to them. The headdresses were made of silk in bright colours, in red and rapsberry-coloured velvet, in cloth of gold that was ornamented with pearls, decorative glass, mirrors and foil. In the south, they were peaked with a pearl net descending over the forehead. In Ryazan and Tambov strange-looking kokoshniki with little horns were called “magpies” and had long tails of goose down or many coloured feathers. In the Ukraine, maidens wore crowns of flowers with bright, flowing ribbons. Beautiful and rich, gracefully framing the face and emphasizing soft eyes, these headdresses were in a very real way the crowning glory of Russian women.

Suzanne Massie: Land of the Firebird

Ya know what I just realized?

Captain Marvel/Shazam could kill Superman. Sure, Superman is the strongest being in the DC Universe. But, what’s his big weakness other then Kryptonite? Magic.

What’s Captain Marvel all about? Magic.

Every Punch from The Cap, would be magically charged. Superman is naturally weak to Captain Marvel, because his entire form post-transformation, is constructed through magic. All of Captain Marvel’s Superpowers, while being almost identical to Superman’s, are stronger against Superman, rather then being on even ground. Because of all the magic involved with the harnessing, and use of his powers.

But, that’s not the real scary part. The scary part, is how The Cap can weaponize the magic lightning that causes his transformation. All it takes, is one word. One, two syllable word, and suddenly lightning is raining down from the sky. Worse yet, if Captain Marvel pushed you in front of that lightning.

MAGIC LIGHTNING BOLT TO THE CHEST. Superman, more then anyone else, would die at that. Because Magic is his biggest, most common weakness. Though strangely, no one ever seems to take advantage of it.

It kinda occurs to me now, that this might be why the Justice League, could probably have a really, REALLY Negative reaction to finding out The Cap is a ten year old kid.

There is, on their planet, a ten year old street rat who has the power to likely, take down most of the Justice League if he wanted. Some higher power decided to empower a child, someone younger then even their youngest sidekick. Only a year older then Robin when he started crime fighting, with enough Super Powers to become the greatest threat to the entire planet. With the only thing stopping him from becoming corrupt or abusing his powers, being a set of morals and a good heart that could in fact change dramatically over time.

By DEFINITION, Billy Batson is the League’s biggest nightmare.

Or, maybe I’m just obsessed with Billy Batson/Captain Marvel, and spend way too much time thinking about him.

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Oh god I live for Steve and Bucky acting like the 20somthing they are together, loving junk food, and doing stupid things (like the time they made a sex tape and mistakenly shared it with all the avengers... and by mistakenly I mean totally on purpose because Bucky's probably a bit of an exhibitionist too, like "LOOK, LOOK AT MY BABYDOLL, ISN'T HE GORGEOUS? AND HE'S ALL MINE, NO YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM HAHAHA")


“Look, I don’t fucking know, it’s just broken – sorry,” Cap says, catching himself. “God. Just take a look at it for me, okay? And don’t make any jokes.” 

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t. It’s simply because my cup runneth over, you understand. I mean, I won’t because I can’t choose between the one about your uncommonly massive hamburger-hands being unable to handle – hah – my delicate technology –” 

“Stark –” 

“And the most obvious, classic choice; aged like fine bourbon, or, come to think of it, you yourself, the one about how –” 

“The one about how I’m a fossil, got it. You do know I’m actually twenty-six, right?” 

Tony ignores this, flipping Cap’s phone around in his hand. Romanoff agrees with him that the old man jokes are funny, and really, isn’t that all that matters? “So did you try turning it off and then –” 

“Fuck you.” 

“One more time? What was that? Did I hear a thank you? Thank you for both your rapier wit and your superior technological capabilities?” 

“Thanks,” Cap says, grinding his teeth. “Thank you, Stark.” 

“Hey, it’s no problem; I aim to help. I’ll give you a ring when it’s done, shouldn’t take long.” 

“I do appreciate it, you know.” 

“I know.” 

Tony flips the StarkTech device around in his hand, plugs it in to the display, and distantly hears Cap walk away.

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ZUTARA SUCKS!!!!!! -yeah it's me Attackfish attacking you on anon because I can and I'm freaking tired of your bullcrap posts about Maiko and Kataang being abusive yet Zutara is perfect without any flaws even though Katara would be STRIPPED of her culture, and her only role would be to have heirs and be a figure head. HMMM WHATCHA SAY sounds familiar?? Oh yeah it's the SAME EXACT situation that she would be if she was with Aang. But no Zutara can't be abusive because Katara is your SELF INSERT!!

Ok first of all calm down. Breathe in. It’s all right, turn your caps lock off, you’re safe here

Also, I think you’re mad at the wrong person. I don’t think I ever wrote of any ship being “abusive” on this blog because I can’t stand the way people use this word in general, since it’s not really appropriate most of the times (look up this old post if you need proof), also I never thought either Maiko or Kataang are abusive.

I’m not sure if you’re just trolling but I believe many people seriously think like this so I want to break down some myths about Zutarians

I think both Maiko and Kataang (especially Maiko) have aspects that I don’t mind. I just like Zutara more and I think that, for the way I feel, Zutara would have been a more interesting romance storyline. That’s all. Just my opinion. I respect other ships and I can see what’s appealing to them; I just find Zutara more appealing.

Never said Zutara is perfect without any flaws, but the political issue would have been interesting in a possible romance between them. Either way, Katara was not “stripped” of her culture being with Aang, and I think with Zuko it would have been the same thing. She’s not someone to just get rid of her identity once she gets married, whether she is with the Avatar or the Fire Lord or whatever. It’s Katara we’re talking about. I am sure she would have found a way to just be both the wife of the Fire Lord and a key figure in her Tribe, just like she did with Aang (we all know the issues, but I don’t think her depiction in Korra is as bad as they make it). 

DISCLAIMER: this anon is actually some crazy weirdo who apparently spends their time sending messages like this to Zutara bloggers randomly claiming they’re @attackfish on anon (who, of course, has nothing to do with it.)
Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 16: Arid Desert

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.”

For my sixteenth biome post I will be focusing on arid deserts. I recently decided to change my old desert post to a xeric shrubland post. I did this because I failed to really recognize how many kinds of deserts there really are, and with deserts covering one fifth of the earth, it wouldn’t make much sense to categorize them all as one. 

Arid deserts are not like typical Westernized deserts that you see in old cowboy movies or Australian outback shows. These deserts are the rolling seas of sand, and nothing else. No water, no bushes, hardly any rock cover, even too dry for most cacti species. This post will actually be quite similar to the next post I plan to work on, which is going to focus on ice caps in the sense that there will be no vegetation or liquid water. The only difference is the temperature. In the map below, arid deserts are represented by the lighter shade of yellow. 

It truly amazes me that in the most inhospitable regions of the earth still manage to sustain some life. Water is essential for life on earth, and there is really not a whole lot that can survive without it, but some plants and animals manage to do so.

Let’s get started!

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anyways… i love my current college and every step on campus i fall more and more in love but honestly my first year of loans caps out at 17 grand and like… thats a fucking lot. im debating on transfering to the local college before that even begins. im really conflicted on what i should do because its literally equating my happiness to money but also i cant tell if im freaking out because reality is hitting me or because im scared of leaving behind my friends and most importantly the old me 

I’m jumping on this hallowe’en “Check Please characters as supernatural creatures” bandwagon with an AU where Jack is, as he puts it “half British Isles fairy, half Canadian hockey player”.

For Alicia, actor/model is a perfect job for a fairy. She needs to be beautiful, great at acting (lying), and want to be adored. Plus, fairy/human marriage is not uncommon in the mythology

My fave theory about fairies is that they were the people who lived in Britain before the Celtic invasion and they went into hiding, which is where all those stories about hollow hills and people who can disappear in the blink of an eye come from. And tbh think about the name “the hidden people” and our Jack’s anxiety. He very quickly learns how to vanish when he needs to and finds all the hidden places but he doesn’t go far enough to find the markets or anything because he feels kinda isolated from that world. Even though all fairies in the Americas would be immigrants and a lot of them would be part human tbh

Okay so Jack had to have gotten good at illusion so he can pass for completely human. There are a lot of different types of fairies so deciding what he’d look like is more a matter of imagination tbh. But we can rule out Jack being tiny, really tall, “grotesque”, murderous, or really old. Which rules out the most common types like jack o’lanterns/will o’ the wisps, red caps, etcetera

There are still nature types, and the fairy aristocracy, and those thought to be the descendants of the Old Gods. So I’m picturing Jack with the stereotypical pointed ears and skin that’s so pale that it’s purplish blue in places, and probably something like unusually sharp teeth and fingernails. But he only looks like that around his home in Montreal, and his parents can tell when his anxiety is getting bad because he won’t drop his illusion even at home

Also I have a lot of feelings about autistic!Jack having the most accidentally accepting and helpful parents ever because they never think anything’s “wrong” with him because Bob assumes it’s a fairy thing and Alicia assumes it’s a human thing so they let him be nonverbal sometimes and encourage him to stim and only work out he’s autistic when a teacher picks it up

Also Alicia trying to teach Jack other magic and it’s anyone’s guess if he’s gonna get it or not bc he’s too human to be reliably good at magic so he mostly just uses it to play tiny pranks on people. The baking equipment Bitty’s about to use ends up on the highest shelf at least three times a week

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maybe Danse says ad victorium post 'snuggles' because he didnt think he was capable of successful romance as a filthy dirty subhuman synth, and actually culminating a loving relationship was a huge success for him

It catches you off guard. He says it - not softly, but with the heavy air of amusement. No, not amusement; just plain happiness. When you look at him, head tilting curiously, watching him pull his boots on, he has this look on his face. This grin. You’ve never seen him smile as long or as hard as he is now.

“What was that?” You ask. Your voice is just bordering on coy; he’s way too happy, and it can’t just be because he’s really that excited to climb into his power armor. “‘Ad Victorium’? Really, Paladin?” You toss him his cap - the one you bought for him to replace his brotherhood cap after he tossed his old rags.

His cheeks go bright red but he doesn’t offer a verbal comeback, instead sticking his tongue out at you. It’s the most playful you’ve seen him be… ever. “Nothing,” he says finally, and turns back to his armor. He pauses with his hands on the crank, then turns back to you.

This is a different look. Softer. Like his kisses have become softer. Like he’s become softer. It’s a glance that passes a lot. Your heart feels weird and there’s an emptiness in your stomach. Not a bad and clawing feeling, but a desperate ache, wanting to be filled. A yearning, as it were. For him. You’re suddenly heavily aware of how empty your arms feel without him snuggled safely in them.

He looks down, and away, and says, “You’re just… you gave me something I didn’t think I would ever deserve.” He turns back to his armor as he says this, going about the motions of opening it.

There is no need to ask what he means, because you know what he means. You grab his helmet for him and are there when he turns around, tucking it under your arm and beckoning him to lean down. He does and you kiss him sweetly, once on the lips, once n the corner of his mouth, and lastly, once on his forehead. You want to cover him in sweet kisses, but now’s not the time.

A lot of thoughts come to mind. Things you want to tell him. How you’re his now as he’s yours. How you’re going to be there, to protect him. To show him. How you’re going to keep him safe from the bastards in the Brotherhood and the bastards in the Institute.

How you’re going to give him the world, because he deserves the world.

A lot of thoughts come to mind, yes. Instead you smile at him, pass him his helmet and say, “I love you.”

And you melt, when he smiles back. “I love you, too.”

Some childhood in Freeside funfax partially inspired by wastelandbonerhell‘s post about Arcade playing basketball with the kids in Freeside.

  • The Followers distribute penny whistles to children in impoverished areas and encourage them to attend free classes, taught by whatever poor soul drew the short straw this week. According to official releases, it’s a way to introduce at-risk kids to music and music theory, keep them off the streets, and occupy those hours normally devoted to reading licentious comic books and pushing one another into drainage ditches. The real object is low key respiratory screening.
  • In urban areas like Freeside, the #1 childhood passtime is stickball, which is taken deathly seriously and used to settle turf disputes between gangs. In either instance, it often devolves into brawling.
  • Kids make up the bulk of the scavengers/prospectors in settled urban areas. Poor kids crawl around abandoned buildings to strip copper wires, collect rags, and hunt for other scrap. You can earn a couple dozens caps each week selling junk to the junk man, a decent wage for any Freesider. The Followers have issued a blanket condemnation of junking, partially because it leads to the formation of gangs and partially because crawling around in abandoned buildings is really, really dangerous.
  • In general, kids in Freeside have very little leisure time. Most work, as junkers, criers (see also: the Mick & Ralph’s kid), and other unskilled or freelance laborers. Most bars in Freeside pay a couple eight-to-twelve year-olds to sweep floors, scrub toilets, and wash dishes. Kids work cheap, just meals or a few caps a day.
  • Until the age of 12, kids can get free meals twice daily at Followers’ outposts. In theory (and in some wealthier areas) these meals consist of 1 fresh fruit or vegetable, frybread, clean water, and a protein. In practice, it’s more typically half a bruised apple, very stale bread, whatever water is available, and a serving of pre-war baked beans. Back when the Followers were still missionaries, they’d read scripture during mealtimes. The tradition’s endured but now it’s literature, usually Robinson Crusoe and the like. Adventure stories, White Fang, Hatchet, The Princess Bride.
Preference #24 The article of clothing you always steal

HARRY : You’re always taking the beanies he wears to cover up a bad hair day. It doesn’t matter which one it is, you love all of them because they fit snuggly on your head. Whenever you wear one Harry always looks at you with his crooked smile proclaiming: “you look smashing in everything, y/n, even my old beanie.”

LIAM: He’s gotten really into wearing baseball caps lately, and although you didn’t understand this new obsession you did love stealing the cap off the top of his head and putting on top of your own. “See Liam, it looks lame right?” but he always ignored your indirect insult and picked you up and spun you around. “Nothing looks lame on you, y/n. You’re the most beautiful girl alive.”

NIALL: He has a big green hoodie that he loves and always claims it’s filled with the luck of the Irish. But every time he goes away you beg him to leave it behind. He always does, and so you spend every night without him engulfed in his sweatshirt that still smells like him.

LOUIS: You’re not sure if you should be embarrassed or if Louis should be embarrassed, but you both had the same shoe size. But because you could fit in his shoes, you were always wearing Louis’ Toms. “Y/n!” he would yell as you were walking down the street hand in hand. “Those are mine!” he’d continue as he pointed at the blue pair of shoes on your feet. But he always told you how they looked so much better on you than him.

ZAYN: You knew it was his favourite jacket, but you constantly ‘borrowed’ Zayn’s jean jacket. The first time he ever found you standing at the door, slipping the jacket on, he scowled but his face slowly lit into a sexy smile. “Fuck, y/n, I think you should come to the bed wearing only the jean jacket.”