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Random things that make top surgery recovery easier
  • A few months before you get surgery, exercise a lot, especially in your core. If you do lots of crunches and/or situps, once you’ve lost a lot of mobility and strength it will be so much easier to sit up and stand up if your abdominal muscles are stronger. 
  • Bendy straws! It makes drinking beverages so much easier. 
  • Make sure stuff is in arms’ reach since you won’t be able to reach very far. 
  • Stay ahead of your pain. Don’t wait until you hurt so much you can hardly move. 
  • Medicines you are given often give you a dry mouth, so 1. keep lots of water handy 2. get some minty gum because that dry mouth will make it taste like something died in there. Also brush your teeth (duh.) 
  • Get some stool softener pills. Any sort of narcotic pain killers (like Norco, Vicodin, etc.) will constipate the heck out of you, and milk of magnesia is gross af, just take pills to get the same effects. 
  • Always wash your hands, it’ll reduce the risk of infection. 
  • When positioning yourself, make sure your chest is in as little pain as possible, but also make sure you’re not going to make every other part of your body sore as a result. In trying to stop any pressure on my chest whatsoever, I twisted my back around and woke up with a really sore back. 
  • If you do end up with muscle pains, heating pads are great. If your chest hurts, use cold to treat pain and decrease swelling but only for short periods and with lots of bandages on your chest. 
  • Get some nice facial wipes because you won’t be able to shower for a week or longer. Also, the night before you get surgery (or whenever the last time you shower before then,) don’t condition your hair. It’s not as healthy, sure, but it’ll keep it from getting too greasy as you won’t be able to wash it for a while. 
  • Cough drops or some sort of hard candy, also tea with honey is highly recommended, as you’ll probably have a sore throat from the breathing tube they give you under anesthesia. 
  • If you want to take a non-narcotic pain killer, take tylenol, not an NSAID like advil, because NSAID pills can make bleeding worse. Also, don’t take multivitamins for the week before, as Vitamin E can worsen bleeding. 
  • Even if you’ve got drains like I did, the first night you sleep, you should put down a towel to sleep on in case you leak from other places under the bandages or surgical vest. This is normal so long as you’re not leaking dark red blood, but then again why stain your sheets when you can avoid it? 
  • Wear easy-to-move-in and easy-to-remove clothes: no jeans, no t-shirts, stick to button-downs and sweatpants or pajama pants. 

Feel free to add more tips! 


One last thing, shave your armpits because tape WILL get caught in the hair and that’s quite unpleasant.

anonymous asked:

What inspired the design for Patience? I mean, how did you go about figuring out the design for them? I've always been nearly at a loss when trying to figure out, for instance, what color scheme they'd have. I mean, it's not like Frisk or Chara wear Red, so I can't just default to Light Blue for Patience...

patience – or “ribbon kid” as we fondly call them – was originally drawn quite a while ago. i love designing characters so this was pretty fun! here was my first pass at them:

(heart eyes are totally canon.)

i did the character design this time. minty came up with the clothes and i came up with ribbon kid’s general colour scheme. the outfit and colours have significance. 

i always wanted this child to have light blue hair! minty wanted the child to have a more natural hair colour, but i persevered until minty fell in love with them. it just took a little patience.

apparently the last time i touched this file was shortly after caretaker began! that was probably the same day i came up with their design.


This is Turquoise a.k.a. Minty! It’s the fusion of Lance and Pidge. They’re a little shit who screams instead of talk and have the special ability to hover and can reach a speed up around 100 mph while doing so.

Lance has a tendency to annoy Pidge which can make for a slightly unstable fusion, but they soon realize that their elemental and combat abilities function very well together in battle. What can sometimes be a problem is that Lance’s quick-thinking can collide with Pidge’s intellect, which results in Minty over-analyzing and making moves overly complicated, but their fast movements usually makes up for it.

They like to be called Minty because not only is it a fitting name, Minty didn’t appreciate that nobody on the team could pronounce their ‘real’ name correctly. “It’s ~Turquoise~ not turk-oise! It’s French” They’d say.

Here are some more random things I’m too lazy to write a text abt:

  • Nyeheheheh’ laugh
  • can’t close their mouth?? Teeth always showing
  • Weapon is a huge handheld drill
  • Keith jokingly called them Toothpaste once. Once.
  • pr a nks
  • snoopy. Needs to know what everyone’s up too all the time. Doesn’t appreciate secrecy.
  • pigtails flinch like cat ears when u touch them.
  • eyes and teeth glow in the dark

HELLO FRIENDS i wrote a new fic!

this new one is called A Place and A Feeling and it’s a ~23k realtor!Cas/house-hunting!Dean schmoopy-emotions-with-porn domestic feels splurge!!!! AU

it’ll be up later this week (wednesday or thursday depending on your timezone)~

in the meantime, here’s an old one about Dean teaching Cas how to brush his teeth in a motel (8k) if you want something fluffy to improve your day

(and I’ve written like 65 other Dean/Cas fics subscribe if you want idk)


*rises this art meme from the grave* WOO ALOLAN VULPIX VARIATIONS because WHY NOT i was thinking of mint flavours idk
Peppermint: Named for the green tint to its fur and the “leaves” on its neck. Smells minty fresh because of its habit of rolling in a certain plant.
Cinnamint: The result of breeding Kanto and Alolan Vulpixes. (Vulpixii?) Its body temperature is higher than other Vulpix, so the frost formed on its fur slowly melts into dewy snow. Its face looks “sharp” in comparison to other variants.
Ice Cream: The “Cat-Fanciers” version of a Vulpix. He fancy. The “sprinkles” on its fur are actually multicoloured ice crystals on closer inspection. Longer and more slender than other variants.
Candy Cane: With its festive colours, rosy cheeks and “stockings”, it becomes a mascot during the holidays. Its smaller, rounder ears and eyes give it a baby face, making it a popular pet.

hassan0022  asked:

Wow, you're style is really cute and cool, can you draw Undyne giving Asriel and Chara piggy ride because... She's like a big sister to them

(Spear of Justice blaring at triple speed.)

Here’s a cool thing to do: Not entering artists/writers/musicians/bloggers/etc.s’ IMs/DMs/inbox as a complete stranger and asking (or straight-up demanding) them to reblog/retweet your art/writing/music/posts. 

We don’t know who you are, we have no attachment to you even if you admire us, we curate our spaces how we want, and we can choose who and what we share because it’s important or because we like it–not because some random stranger told us to share their art/music/fics/whatever. This is just another aspect of entitlement by content consumers thinking we owe them anything because they personally like our stuff and choose to put it on their blogs, Twitters, etc. We don’t. We owe you something if you did us a favor we agreed upon or were notified of and felt it was justified, you’re a patron and get rewards, or because you commissioned us for our craft. Nothing else. You will not be held to the same regard as people we’re mutuals with or friends. It’s damn common sense.

Look, most of us would be willing to reblog or retweet your commission, patreon, gofundme, or ko-fi posts to help you make rent or pay bills or stay afloat in capitalism hell, but it’s not life or death if we don’t do so with a piece of art you linked us to. That’s just you trying to use someone who has a following (or one you think is bigger than yours) to promo your art without consideration whether or not the person actually wants to do that. Some people will cave, others won’t. Don’t act like we’re a bitch for not submitting to your whims and promoting you, a complete rando we have no knowledge about and will not benefit by doing this for you. Sponsoring is paid or gives the person free stuff for a reason, so it’s a win-win, this isn’t.


I was flabbergasted to learn that Chara is actually shorter than Asriel (if the flashback art is to be trusted), so I challenged myself to draw Asriel as the tall one. Chara is so small… how adorable~