because mikoto is the best

like there are certain multisaku ships that you KNOW will always have that third wheel or person(people that really support the relationship:

LeeSaku would have Gai-sensei. He’d be there everyday coaching Lee on being the proper gentleman for Sakura. (Sakura would be wondering how beneficial Gai’s advice is considering she’s never seen him in a relationship. Ever.) But he’d be there for the engagement, the wedding, and the babies too. Of course Tenten would be there as well! Sakura and Tenten would develop a great friendship over time, bonding over Lee’s exhausting personality (”Does he do that when he’s home too?” “Oh yeah, he wouldn’t be Lee if he didn’t do three-hundred squats before dinner.”) She’d also go crazy over their engagement and help Sakura with the wedding. Don’t get me started on the baby too. Tenten would be so excited to meet the little baby.

NaruSaku would have Iruka checking in now and again. Iruka was Naruto’s first real bond, specifically an adult figure in his life that really cared for him, so Naruto would always insist on Iruka visiting. Sakura and Iruka would bond over Naruto’s silliness and he’d totally sympathize with Sakura’s complaints about ‘ramen every night’ requests from her husband. The baby announcement would shock beyond anything. I mean, he’d probably freak out as he can’t picture Naruto taking care of a baby! Luckily, once she’s born, Iruka settles down and sometimes babysits. Naruto jokes that he’s a grandpa to Iruka’s dismay at such a (cruel) joke. lol

ItaSaku would have the lovable tag-along Shisui. At first, he annoys Sakura as he’s always teasing her, but he begins to grow on her as his own ‘special’ person. He often comes right into the house as Itachi and himself are pretty much brothers and eats dinner quite a bit with the newly-married couple. When Itachi has to refuse Shisui, it’s like kicking a puppy, but he gets why they want to be alone *wink* *wink*. Welcome to the world of dirty jokes that Itachi just accepts because Shisui’s his best friend. We can’t forget about Mikoto coming to visit every now and again to see how things are going. Sakura and Mikoto talk over some tea just chatting about life. Although she seems perfectly fine to Sakura, Itachi just knows that he’s going to get another interrogation on either a.) Why doesn’t he make more time for his wife. b.) Why doesn’t he help out more with the chores. or c.) WHERE ARE THE DAMN UCHIHA BABIES.

ShikaSaku would have the whole InoShikaCho trio. Sakura might as well be married to them all considering how close their bonds are. Chouji comes to dinner on a few occasions while Ino barges in to gossip about Shikamaru. Not to mention his mother visiting once in a while to spend some time with her son and his wife. Sometimes Shikamaru insists that Kurenai and Mirai come to dinner as well so he can check up on his little god-daughter. Put all of this together and they have their hands full of plenty of guests to entertain. And, very rarely, Naruto (as Hokage) will come to drop some paperwork off for Shikamaru or steal the poor guy away from Sakura in case of a ‘Hokage emergency’ as he likes to call it. Don’t expect any time alone for the two of them. Poor guys lol.

NejiSaku would be pretty similar with Team Gai showing up while the two are out. Sakura will listen to stories about Neji’s ‘amazing youthful tales’ from Lee while they were on missions. He’ll also get scolded by Tenten if she thinks he’s trying to act a bit too cool (guy can’t catch a break). Hinata will visit Sakura and Neji and he’ll act as host of their house to cater her to her because she’s the Hyuuga heir even though Hinata tells him she’s fine. After their son is born, they find themselves with even more visits from Hanabi, Hinata, and Hiashi and Team Gai to dote on their cute little guy. Neji feels a bit smothered by this, but he does like the attention on his child (I mean he is a gorgeous little boy). Still he manages enough to shoo everyone out, so Neji and Sakura can enjoy their own company.

(I’m just in a mood okay. These have been on my mind for a while and since I’m not drawing right now because of school I wanted to post something haha)

i wanted to draw the hair