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Wow…that was weak.”

Gordon throws his head back and laughs, and it’s so infectious Harvey starts laughing right along with him, even as he tries to say, “Shut up, old man.”

“Didn’t you used to be good at this?”

Harvey stops, points the end of the bat at him, left hand holding the grip, and says, “I’d like to see you do better.”

He shakes his head. “No chance. I’m two beers in.”

“Yeah…that’s what I thought.”

He turns, steps in the batter’s box again, swings the bat a few times like a pendulum then brings it back up to hover just above his shoulder, his fingers fluttering a little before coming to rest on the grip. He shifts his weight from one leg to the other before centering again and stops, waits for the pitch to come.

He’ll always regret that his baseball career ended, not that that was is choice. Tearing your shoulder in half has a way of making a choice for you. For a while it was difficult, but he’s glad he moved past it so he could do this, so he could spend a Saturday with is dad in the park hitting the ball around like he’s sixteen again and dreaming of a future in the majors.

Besides, he has a good life now.

The pitch comes and Harvey bends just a touch, squares up, keeps his eye on the ball.

And hits a soft drive that bounces once in the middle of right field and then continues on, bouncing several more times until it lands at the feet of a man in converse, sitting at a picnic table with an older woman. Harvey sets the bat down and goes jogging over, through the infield, and the man, seeing his approach, tosses him the ball underhand.


Harvey tosses the ball up once in his hand, catches it without looking. He’s too focused on the man sitting in front of him.

The man nods. “No problem.”

“That was a pretty weak hit, young man.”

Harvey’s eyes widen, taken aback, and then he can’t help it. He starts laughing. Hard.

The man in front of him sputters, says, “Grammy! Jesus…did you forget your meds this morning?”

Grammy just pats him on the hand a few times, not the slightest bit bothered by his embarrassment. The flush is creeping up his neck and he looks to be a half second away from getting up and disavowing any knowledge of her whatsoever.

Gordon comes walking up, a beer in each hand, and before Harvey can say anything, Grammy says, “Is one of those for me?”

Actually, one of those was Harvey’s, but he’ll gladly surrender it. It seems like his father had the same feeling, because he holds it out to her without a second thought.

The man in front of him, though, this man whose name he still does not know, looks as though he’d very much enjoy burying himself in the ground at their feet.

Instead he sighs and says, “My grandmother, Edith Ross.”

Harvey smiles, takes her hand. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Harvey Specter, and this is my dad Gordon.”

Gordon takes Edith’s hand with a smile, and Harvey looks at the man in front of him, smiling softly at his grandmother, and says, “We still don’t know your name.”

His head swivels to meet Harvey’s eye and his mouth opens a moment, closes, and then he stands abruptly, holds out his hand. “Sorry. I’m Mike…Mike Ross.”

Harvey holds Mike’s hand in his own a little longer than necessary, shakes it slowly, keeps gentle eye contact. He’s smiling when he says, “It’s nice to meet you, Mike.”

“Would you like to join us for lunch?”

Mike pulls his eyes away from Harvey’s to say, “Oh, Grammy, they don’t want to-”

“We’d love to.”

Before Harvey can get the words out Gordon has already sat down at the picnic table across from Grammy, leaving an open seat across from Mike. Harvey quickly takes it, smiles at Grammy in thanks when she slides a plate toward him with a sandwich, potato salad, and fruit. He sets the baseball on the table in front of him and Mike tentatively reaches out and pulls it across the table toward himself, rolling it back and forth between his fingers. His plate is half empty and he picks up a grape with the other hand, pops it in his mouth.

“I know your name.”

Gordon pauses between bites. “You might. I’m a studio musician.”

She stares him down. “I saw you play in nineteen seventy-five at The Red Room. You were backing up Miles Davis.”

He nods slowly. “I was.”

She just nods. “You were very good.”

He smiles. “Thank you. He was better.”

She shrugs. “He was Miles Davis.”

His grin grows wider. “Yes he was.”

Harvey looks at Mike to see him watching them with a happy smile, Harvey’s baseball held loosely on the table in his right hand. As if he realizes he’s being watched, he slowly turns his head to look at Harvey and turns his smile on him. Harvey doesn’t mind. He doesn’t mind at all.

“Your grandmother is…”

“Yeah. I know.”

Harvey takes a bite of potato salad and Mike’s eyes drop to his mouth. Harvey’s tongue darts out, licks his lips, and Mike takes a deep breath in, lets it out. And then it’s like neither of them can look away, as if transfixed.

The spell is finally broken when Harvey feels a hand clap on his shoulder and he looks up to see his dad standing next to him, waiting for a response to a question Harvey didn’t hear.

“Michael? Are you ready to go?”

Mike looks at her a moment then looks back at Harvey. “I think I have plans.”

Harvey feels the slow smile growing on his face. “Yes. You do.”

There’s a long pause and then Gordon says, “In that case, Edith…may I escort you home?”

Harvey looks away from Mike to see his dad pick a cooler up off the table and hold his arm out for her to take. She nods at him, takes his arm, and then pats Mike on the shoulder.

“Don’t forget to use protection, dear.”

Mike drops his head with a thud on the table and Harvey grins as he watches Gordon and Edith walk away through the park, her arm hooked in his, lunch cooler swinging from his hand.


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Harvey and Mike had been a team now for a year, which was exactly how long both parties had wanted to merge into each other’s hearts and beds.  Mike was waiting on Harvey to make the first move because he was the boss; Harvey was waiting on Mike because, as his boss, he couldn’t be seen to be harassing his associate.  

There was a sticky note taped to Donna’s desk scribbled with 72 vertical lines.  The exact amount of times that Harvey and Mike had been in the office, flirting with each other and Donna had thought this was it; this was the time they finally jump each other.  72 times Donna had thumped her head on the desk in frustration when they chickened out once again.  So unfortunately at this juncture, the only merger going on was between Feltham Pharmaceuticals and Portal Distributors.

Harvey was hunched over Donna’s desk, discussing how best to broach the rejection of Louis’s latest insane idea, when Mike strode toward them.

“How’s my merger looking? Better than that skinny tie I hope?”  Harvey teased, grasping Mike’s shoulder gently.

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anonymous asked:

can u imagine Mike trying to tell Harvey that he loves him and he's struggling to get a coherent sentence out because he's so nervous and when he finally manages to say it, it's barely a whisper but of course Harvey hears Mike, he always does, and he turns around and says to Mike, 'What did you just say to me?' And for a split-second Mike thinks he's really screwed up but then he sees the smirk on Harvey's face and when he looks into his eyes, he just knows that Harvey feels the same too



Because I literally think Mike would be the most nervous, having to tell Harvey that. Because he’d be so scared that Harvey didn’t feel the same way, or that he’d been misreading their situation for so long, and when he finally says it, it isn’t the big declaration that he’s expecting, instead it’s something so quiet that Harvey might not even hear it.

And he’s so mad at himself, cursing himself, and Harvey asks what he just said and Mike’s wide-eyed and struck, but then Harvey gives him those sparkly heart eyes that look at him like he’s just hung the moon and Mike lets out a breathy laugh, relieved, because he knows what that means.

I’m actually crying, oh my God.

#teammarvey xo

(P.S I was trying to find a gif of Mike smiling but instead I came across this and lOOK AT THE WAY MIKE STUDIES HIS FUCKING FACE WHAT THE FUCK????)

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friendly reminder: i love mike ross as much as harvey specter loves mike ross okay thank you this has been a psa