because meg is the shit

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What's so great about tfp megatron (speaking as someone who's only watch a handful of episodes)

(I just found this, it’s probably weeks old, so sorry!!) (also it’s SUPER SPOILERY for someone like you who hasn’t seen much, beware!)

TFP Megs is amazing as shit because TFP Megs is:

  • extremely powerful and strong and kickass
  • dat gladiator backstory hnnngggg
  • not just a big dumb brute kinda villian. he’s smart and clever too
  • looks great in either red or purple
  • voiced by the voice acting god himself Mr. Frank Welker
  • have you ever heard Frank Welker doing his evil villian laugh for Megatron it is utter perfection GO watch the beginning of One Shall Rise Pt 1 rn
  • obviously Megatron rules using fear but there’s definitely a charismatic element to his leadership too
  • like my overwhelming lasting impression of TFP Megatron is what happens when he walks into a room. his presence commands respect. it’s not just his physical size or strength, it’s his entire self. when he walks into a room, you fucking pay attention. even as a fan merely watching this CGI warlord on a screen, I’m utterly transfixed.
  • let’s go back to his powerful strength. because I love it. he swats aside Insecticons like they’re, well, bugs. tiny bugs. Orion Pax Part 3, he was tossing the Autobots around like they were stuffed animals. Optimus is ready to end him via sword (One Shall Fall ep) and he’s like “nah just gunna grab your butterknife here.”
  • he really gives no fucks, it’s great. Knock Out has a bomb? whatever. huge hoard of Insecticons attacking my ship? guess I’ll start shooting *yawn*. cool magical device that could restore my planet? it can wait I need to plant this fortress in the middl’a fuckin earthly nowhere
  • his goddamn raging jealous ex-boyfriend obsession with Optimus
    dear  l o r d
  • and last but certainly not least

Oh no. A man other than Gavin that Meg uses *gasp* tampons. Whatever shall we do? This is outrageous!!


TBH- She’s a woman, women have periods and use tampons. It’s normal, natural and healthy. I guarantee that no girl gives a fuck. Honestly, I know girls that would personally send Meg tampons in the mail because that shit is expensive.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that old genderbend Disney post that went around

and the movie Hercules, because I just rewatched that right now.

this is a long post because I’m going threw the whole show.  But I asked my friend, and it seemed like a good idea.

Can you imagine Hercules being a woman? I mean an actual cis female. Or she finds out later she’s maybe gender fluid? either way, she’s born and all the gods are fawning over how beautiful she is, how wonderful she’ll be when she’s older.  Zeus is the same proud dad like “heck yeah she’s strong like me too, I have the coolest daughter”. so you know, it’s starting off the same.  Maybe they give her the name Heracles though (the original name in greek myth anyway) because at least to me it sounds more feminine.   
Hades confronts the fates and they tell him she can kick his ass. He’s like “bro she’s a girl… but just in case lets kill her” and she ends up with her mortal parents just like the movie.

She’s raised as a girl… but still as a farmhand.  She’s tall and strong, and puts it to good use.  Neighbors still think she’s a freak, because she’s broke things and hurt people accidentally and on top of it all “not lady-like”.  so not only is she looked down on for being abnormal and told she’s inhuman, she’s also constantly told she’s not woman enough.  and it hurts, maybe even more than the movie.  She wants to find where she belongs.  Her parents still tell her she’s enough and loved… but then also tell her how they found her.  

She decides enough is enough and goes “well then, I’m over this.  Screw our neighbors, I’m going to find Zeus and have him to tell me what’s up.  I love you two.”

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