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Butterflies and Hurricanes

Genre: it’s like, fluff and kind of angsty.

Words: 6,135 (I am sorry.)

Warnings: Negative thoughts, maybe? Some swearing too.

Summary: Phil Lester, also known as AmazingPhil, ends up falling for the cute piano player who likes to play Muse on his recitals, even when he kept telling himself it would never happen. youtuber!Phil/pianoplayer!Dan

A/N: The AU no one was asking for! This only happened because I was like, “Man, I wonder if Dan knows how to play Butterflies and Hurricanes” and this is how it ended. oh god. I have no self-control. 

(also, I listened to Psycho, Hyper Music and Hyper Chondriac Music while writing this. You just need Matt Bellamy screaming not-romantic lyrics to write cheesy stuff.)

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Summary: 2012 wasn’t a great year for Dan and Phil.

Word Count: ~1.2K

Genre:  angst, 2012!phan

Warnings: general angst

A/N: Biggest thanks to my lovely beta Beth (dumbledorkdan). Sorry I haven’t posted a fic in so long, I’ve been so busy. I wrote this because I had writer’s block for my PBB fic. As always feedback, positive or negative, is always welcome and encouraged. I’m thinking of maybe writing a short follow up fic to this one, let me know if that’s something you would read. Thanks!


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“The woman you marry should have a really soft side.” - Chris Evans x Reader

Genre: Angsty pantsy

Summary: You were playing football at a barbecue with your fiance Chris when all of a sudden one of his friends makes a very dumb comment, a dumb comment which gets stuck in your head for quite a while leading to a lot of self doubt.

Author’s Note: Requested by wonderheart ^^ I’ve got to say guys, I’m feeling so much better and super positive now, maybe it’s because I’ve spent my day writing instead of worrying over every word of my writing but yeah. I have to thank you all for your patience and kind messages, they helped so much! Also, I think I’m getting way better at writing summaries.

It had all started at that barbeque you went to with Chris, you’d recently got engaged to him and decided to announce it at his friend’s barbeque, it was easier than making a big deal about it at your own party. You’d gone off to play football with some of the people there, and you were just about to go get Chris to be on your team when you found him talking to his friend. Or rather, you found his friend bitching about you. For some reason the one thing that got to you most was him saying to Chris that, “the woman you marry should have a really soft side.” Chris gave him a swift talking to but you still couldn’t seem to forget that one comment.

It had been something everyone but Chris had pointed out to you your entire life. You were too much of a tomboy, not enough girl. It would normally piss you off but this was someone literally telling your fiance that he shouldn’t marry you because you weren’t ‘soft’ enough. And now you couldn’t stop questioning whether or not you were worthy of Chris? Maybe he deserved better.

The thoughts kept you awake all night, you silently cried to yourself, not wanting to wake up Chris. You didn’t want to be any more of a problem for him. And then came the dreaded thoughts, the kind you would commonly feel after being put down for who you were. You wanted to change yourself, not to feel better of course, just to get everyone off your back, to fit in.

Standing up, you entered your en suite bathroom and pulled out the very rarely used make up bag. Time to try and be a stereotypical girl, maybe then people would leave you alone. You took hours, perfecting your look, torturing yourself by accidentally stabbing yourself in the eye with mascara and eye liner. The torture did nothing but make you hate yourself even more.

You were so concentrated on perfecting your eyebrows you didn’t even notice Chris enter the bathroom, releasing a mighty yawn as he did so. It was only when he wrapped his arms around your waist and snuggled his chin into your neck, asking about what you were doing, did you finally notice his presence.

“I’m putting on makeup,” you said bitterly, your voice dry like it would be if you’d been asleep for a while.

Looking into your eyes through the mirror he sent you a confused glance, “but you hate makeup.”

You dropped the eyeliner pencil into the sink along with all the other torture contraptions you’d dumped in there. “The woman you marry should have a really soft side.” You repeated the memorized words bitterly, glaring at yourself in the mirror. It wasn’t like you had anything against make up, it just wasn’t for you, it made you feel like you had a heavy layer of paint covering your face and no one had ever really taught you how to use it.

Shaking his head he stood up straight, removing his arms from around your waist so that he could force you to turn and look at him, “please tell me you’re not doing all this because of some idiot?” You didn’t reply, instead you looked at the ground feeling even more ashamed because you knew how dumb it is that you’re doing all of this, it’s dumb how much you care about this, and yet knowing it’s dumb does nothing to stop you from caring. Chris sighed, looking down at you sadly. “I don’t want to marry a woman with a soft side, I want to marry you, with your rough edges and squishy inside.” As he spoke his fingers lightly grazed your sides, tickling you.

“Squishy insides? If I have squishy insides, what do you have?” You asked, poking at his naked torso.

He made a ‘pfft’ sound, pretending to push back long locks of hair. “I’m an adonis, Y/N. All my sides are just perfection.” He said this all as though it was possibly the most obvious thing on the planet.

You let out a fake dreamy sigh, “if only I could have confidence like you one day.”

“Well, maybe one day.” He quipped, abruptly picking you up and putting you over his shoulder. “Now let’s please go to bed, it’s way too early.”

“Wait, I can’t go to bed with all this shit on my face. Make up wipes are on the side,” you exclaimed just as you were about to enter the bedroom once more, with a sigh he turned back around and you waited patiently as he took out ten wipes from your packet. “Wow, I don’t know if this is going to be enough.” You sarcastically remarked after he handed you them.

“Shuddup.” He mumbled whilst throwing you onto the bed, falling down next to you and quickly curling himself into a ball, arms returning to wrap around your waist even though you were sat up trying to rub away the layers of makeup off your face.

[Being a Pilot]

Winner’s Response (annanguyenny):
Kidding I’m back If I did get back to you in time, for my one-shot, could I please request just general fluff with Kise with reader wife and his daughter omg. Maybe a thing where he’s been away for a while because of his pilot job and finally comes back home or whatever is fine!!! Thanks soooo much this has made my week

Admin Nanacchi’s Response:
I’m glad I made your week dear ^^! Hope this is what you were looking for and thank you for entering the contest~~

Word Count: 1,391 
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Kise X Wife!Reader
Summary: Kise’s arrival back home after his shift at the airport ends. 

Being a pilot was a tiring job. It was filled with agonizing hours follow by many blinking lights all which, Kise had to know were flashing the appropriate colours. It was a career where he had to let himself go without sleep for hours sometimes just to reach the destination he was flying too; a career that took up over forty hours of his week; a career that was quite lonely. It was a career that blinded Kise from the perks of it with the amount of negative things that overtook them-it was something that he felt pressured heavily by.

However, when it was time to clock out and he would take his suitcase down a pathway alongside many others, Kise would feel himself relax. With his jacket draped over his arm, the doors would open and he would always wince at the light that hit his eyes; always not ready for the brightness of day to overtake his vision. Moments like these always brought him back to how you seemed to radiate with beauty on the day of the wedding; the way you drove him to your side and dazzled him; the way you made him fall for you even more.

It was times like this where Kise would light up just at the sight of you and his little girl-both of you waving at him once he came out of the doors. It was times like this where he would feel comforted at the fact that he was now able to throw his hat in the air, and forget about it in favor of holding the two of you in his arms. It was a time where Kise could just lose himself in the love and joy he was given.

The feeling of home filled him as his happy cry was answered with loud giggles from you and his daughter. Despite the long work hours and the feeling of emptiness because you weren’t beside him, it was all erased just by this simple gesture. You nuzzled into the spot of his neck and Kise shook a bit as your hair tickled him. Your scent filled him; gave him something that he couldn’t put to thoughts. It made him feel like he had never left. He closed his eyes as he took in the warmth. Kise leaned down slightly to ruffle his daughter’s hair as she clung to his leg. He stifled a chuckled as he felt her pull at his dress pants continuously asking for his attention. Pulling away from you, he met your eyes and trailed his hand down to the arch of your back. Pressing his forehead against yours, he grinned at you.

Kise loved this-the pink that tinted your cheeks at his affections; the way you tried to break eye contact with him only to be forced back into it just as his hot breath hit your skin; it made him go crazy. Just you being this close to him made him reconsider quitting his job. You and the child you gave him were always the reasons he had that thought-it was always something that came when he held you near him; felt his daughter paw at him.

Kise didn’t like being away from the two of you for so long; he didn’t like how he couldn’t see your sleeping face next to his every morning; he didn’t like that he couldn’t watch Riyoka grow up; he didn’t like any of it. It bothered Kise so much that even photos and phone calls couldn’t stop the feeling of worry creep at him. It led him to question the wellbeing of the two of you-questions like: were you two happy? Was everything well? Did you miss him? Did Riyoka miss him? Did you know he loves you? Does Riyoka know he loves her-it was an endless tirade of lost words. These thoughts always seemed to make a way in his mind, and no matter what he did to take his mind off his loneliness, you and his daughter always showed up in his mind.

Kise closed his eyes; laughing a bit as he knew that he wouldn’t have it any other way. The wait to see his family made the reunion so much more warming. It made him realize that perhaps, being loved was one of the best gift he ever got-perhaps even the greatest one. Kise never felt so overwhelmed and though it was always just a few simple waves and a grin shared between the three of you, it was enough to make him break through the fatigue he had. It was enough to make him cry each time he saw you waiting for him in the terminal. It was enough that he could finally rest easy now that the two of you were in his line of sight once again.

“Ryouta.” He heard you say. You frowned as you took out a tissue from your pocket. Dabbing his cheeks you let out a sigh. “You’re crying again dear.” Taking his hand away from your back and pressing it against your hand, he merely smiled. “Of course I am! I haven’t seen my _____cchi and Riyoka-cchi for a while.” Tightening his grip on your hand, he smirked at how your cheeks yet again turned into a deeper shade of red. He would never get tired of this. “Ne, ne ____cchi, did you miss me?”

“O-Of course I missed you…” Turning your head away, you pouted. “It’s not easy not seeing you everyday Ryouta…” He heard you mumble, making his heart break a bit. Bringing both hands to cup your cheeks, he looked at you sadly.

“It’s not easy for me either, but I’m here now ____cchi.” He whispered. Noticing your fluttering eyes, Kise bit his lip. “I’m here now…” He said again as he brought his lips to yours, teasing you; brushing your lips with his before he went in. Just as he was going to deepen the kiss the two of your broke away after hearing a high pitched whining sound. Looking down, the two of you noticed your daughter’s lips quivering as she held her arms up. Sharing a look, both of you started laughing.

“Okay, okay!” Kise said happily, picking up his daughter just as she was standing on her toes. He smothered her with kisses as he held her near his face, earning giggles and a couple of pats from her hands. Kise smile grew as she rubbed her nose against his. “Daddy, you’re home!” Suddenly pouting, she crossed her arms and looked at him angrily. “You made Mommy sad! Why did you come late?” As if getting an idea she covered her mouth, gasping at Kise. “Does Daddy not like Mommy anymore?!”

“W-What!?” Kise looked astonished. His little girl was questioning his relationship with you? Furrowing his eyebrows he felt guilt eat at him; but just as it began it ended once you wrapped your arms around his waist. His shoulders dropped just as he heard your laughter-the soft melody filling his ears. “Riyoka, Daddy does like Mommy still, right Ryouta?”  

“Daddy doesn’t just like Mommy.” Kise said. “He looooooves her!”

“Good!” He heard his daughter say. She gave him a big grin before rambling on about a picture she drew for him, and how excited she was to give it to him once they got home. Setting her down, he chuckled as he watched her try to pull his suitcase that was indeed three times her size. “I can do it Daddy! Watch me!” Feeling your hand interlace with his, Kise’s eyes drooped.

This feeling; it was remarkably tranquil.

As Kise let himself be guided through the terminal to where you parked the car, he could only nod his head while looking at you and his daughter with a doting expression.

Being a pilot was a job that was filled with pressure and immense worry. It was a job that Kise sometimes regretted, but because it brought moments like this, it was a nice one. It was the only thing that gave him this reunion every time he finished and that was something he loved every time. And if he could tell himself every time he got into the front seat of the plane that it was worth it, he would because really it was. It was always worth it.  

But haven’t you realized? Each of us has no unique identity anymore. We’re a collection of everyone else. You got your laugh from your mother, watching her as kid laughing from all that noon-time shows. You got your courage from your dad remembering him as your childhood hero; he wasn’t afraid of anything. It doesn’t even stop there. As you grow old, there’s lesser and lesser of you left. You had a certain preference of genre only because your ex introduced it you. You had a favorite pizza only because your bestfriend told you before that it’s worth the try. You curse like a sailor because the people you hangout do, too. You hate Justin Bieber only because all the people online had taught you to do so.

You are consisted of different people. You have absorbed everything around you that you sometimes wonder, while looking at the mirror, if the person looking back at you is still the same person 3, maybe, 5 years ago. You still wonder if you’re the same person who find little joys in watching the cartoons before you found them silly or how you enjoyed slurping while eating spaghetti before your mom told you that it’s not the proper way. You wonder if there’s still any of you left inside.

Then, comes 3am: When everything comes all clear. When your thoughts flow so much that it drowns you and you’re trying so hard to swim among the current. You’re vulnerable and you’re naked and all you could think about are the people you miss; people who left and deserted you, people you left and deserted, frustrations of not moving on and such. You’re sad and you’re nostalgic but then when the morning comes, you’re back to that same diversed you, the collected version of yourself.

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Update on 1dassinfection or whatever she's called: she brought seventeen into it I AM TRYING SO HARD NO T TO DRAG BUT I AM SO BEYOND READY TO PLS PRAY FOR ME

They apparently “apologized” for their statements but I’m sorry there’s one thing to shit on a music genre but to say RACIST things, nah fuck you. I see people easily forgiving them too like, they just said so much ignorant and racist crap and you’re gonna say it’s fine because they liked your group’s music video…..Maybe I’m heartless but I have no tolerance for racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic people goodbye.

-Admin Danny

Four Half Up Top Knots

Maybe I need something to do to my hair regularly, other than a top knot. Or, I just really like only pulling back the hair in front of my face and on top of my head. Or maybe, I kind of like looking like a teletubby. But lately, I am all about the half up top knot do’s. 

So here are my four favorites, how to do them, and what mood/situation they are good for. 

And yes, they are all super easy.

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hey mel, what are ur favorite memes? maybe a top three or five


aight so these are more like meme genres because i frickin love memes and can’t say only five lmao

  1. audio memes (Nice Legs Daisy Dukes, noot noot, rick rolls, space jam, mash up meme songs, etc)
  2. ironic 2005 KH fandom memes (Mansex, saix puppy, KH videos with movie-clips dubbed over)
  3. shrek memes
  4. tumblr screw-up memes (like glitches or horrible updates)
  5. paul blart memes if it’s after midnight tbh

I hate jumping puzzles.

Jinxx is a mesmer so she helps me a lot when doing these damn things. But I still hate jumping puzzles because if I want to play platformers I’ll play Super Mario and I don’t want to play those either because I don’t like that genre.

More airbrushing, yay. This was way too easy to color, I feel like I cheated. But it’s nice that I don’t have to log in and go get some screenshots so that I can draw. Maybe next time. 

Title: Hot Pursuit
Pairing: Hidekane
Genre: oneshot, light smut
Wordcount: 1,369
Summary: Kaneki Ken is a lone wolf when it comes to hunting around his ward, and when the mysterious gang leader Usagi comes to town, he can’t help but investigate. (Oneshot Universe)
Notes: veryvery light smut at the end because i suck at writing smut rip me

[Read on AO3]

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Book review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Have you ever noticed an extra acting their heart out in the background of a scene and wondered about their story?  Or felt let down by a book because the author was so determined to give their heroes happy endings that the rest of the world became collateral damage? Or maybe you’ve read a fantasy series that you loved, but felt unable to connect with the protagonists because they were too perfect, making you feel crushingly ordinary in comparison.  If so, The Rest of Us Just Live Here is the book for you.

Mikey lives in a small American town where strange and disastrous things happen on a regular basis.  Luckily, a select group of teenagers with unusual names and ridiculously complicated love lives are usually around to save the day.  Mikey and his friends call them the “indie kids” - you probably know them as YA protagonists.  Mikey isn’t one of them. He’s not the Chosen One, or a sidekick - he’s not even the guy who gets killed off at the beginning of the story.  Mikey just wants to graduate and maybe ask out Henna before someone blows up the high school. Again.

Like all of Ness’ books, The Rest of Us Just Live Here has some wonderfully insightful, gorgeously written passages.  It’s also funny; Ness begins each chapter with a mini abstract summarising the events of the chapter from the perspective of Satchel, the Mary Sue-esque heroine who would be the book’s narrator if The Rest of Us Just Live Here followed the action, not the characters. Satchel’s adventures parody the typical paranormal romance narrative, which you wouldn’t think would fit into a story about an unextraordinary teenage boy screwing up and causing rifts between himself and his friends, but Ness expertly ties the two stories together.

If I have one criticism, it’s that not much actually happens in The Rest of Us Just Live Here. And yet, I was hooked from the beginning and somehow read the entire book in one day. Because the story strays far from the actual plot, Ness’ characters are the backbone of The Rest of Us Just Live Here. Mikey and his friends are great characters - diverse, interesting, rather than merely likeable, and wonderfully well-rounded. It’s also great to read a YA book which doesn’t shame its teenage characters for being sexually active and exploring their sexuality. Most importantly, unlike so many YA protagonists, Mikey felt like a real teenager. Mikey is completely ordinary - he makes mistakes, acts selfishly, doesn’t get the girl, and isn’t even the hero of his own story. And that’s exactly the kind of protagonist teenage readers need.

Many thanks to HarperTeen for providing a copy of The Rest of Us Just Live Here in exchange for an honest review.  The Rest of Us Just Live Here will be released on August 27th in the U.K. and October 6th in the U.S.

Publisher: Walker Books/HarperTeen
Rating: 4 stars | ★★★★✰
Review cross-posted to Goodreads

Preorder on Amazon: US | UK

So there’s this book I read called Terror Television; it’s in two volumes and chronicles shows from like the 80s (maybe a bit earlier i forget) to 99, which is precisely the slice of time in genre tv that I love. It talks about the show’s ideas, receptions, and some behind the scenes stuff, which is great. On the downside, totally spoils important plot things in the shows.

Anyway, I bring it up because as I was reading it, the author totally has a hard-on for X-Files, and they like constantly bring it up at every given opportunity. And like. The X-Files entry is HUGE. And I’m like “man, you gave the x-files like a whole novel in here, and then you gotta shove it into the she-wolf of london entry??” Like sometimes it’s just a stretch like “You know what OTHER show had a male and a female lead? THE X-FILES!”

It was hilarious is what I’m saying.

The Breaking of Peter Pan [Prologue] // BTS' Suga

[A/N] I was reminiscing about my old CSI!Infinite fics, so I decided to make a new CSI!Bangtan one. Who can resist BTS as hot detectives? Not me, I’d let them search and interrogate me any time
Warning: this story will contain graphic images of murder and blood and maybe some smut too. If you are uncomfortable with this genre then I’d advise you not to read, but if you’re into this sort of thing then by all means, continue.

If you close your eyes and believe, then you can pretend that everything is okay. You can imagine that your life isn’t falling apart and your tears are simply raindrops from the sky, so go ahead and wipe them from your face because don’t cry, don’t cry, your eyes were meant to exude laughter and mirth. The world is a cruel place to live in, but encased in the safe boundaries of your mind are naught but bliss and serenity. Grief, sorrows, angers, regrets- they have no place with us. Only joy, only contentment. This, I can make your reality. This, I can make your paradise. So take my hand and come with me. I will lead you away, somewhere far away where pain doesn’t exist and the only thing you know is absolute happiness.

How long can you stay for? Why, forever, of course. You are always welcome here in the land of Today. There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday; there is only you and me and all those who join us in our festive merriment. No need to worry, they’ll arrive before long. I will greet them and bring them here just as I have with you, my friend, my eternal companion. You will be glad, I know. I have missed you all dearly and I’m sure you feel the same way. Let us cheer and toast glasses- to me, to you, and to everybody else who will soon complete our lost circle.

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[LJ] Coming of Age

Title: Coming of Age
Author: berryboys
Pairing: Kai/Sehun
Status: Complete
Length: Short Story
Rating: NC-17
Genre: A/B/O, Romance, angst
Warnings: Self-Lubrication, Implied Mpreg 

Summary: Jongin, still a juvenile omega, has been hung up on his friend, conservative alpha Sehun, for a while. He only wants, at least, to have sex with him, but Sehun refuses because Jongin’s first heat hasn’t happened yet. And also maybe because Jongin has never accepted his role as an omega, and rebel ones aren’t the perfect mates for someone like Sehun.

Sunggyu - Pretend

Request:  Super intelligent Sunggyu who hides behind a flower boy image, but will use his brain in complex situations.

Requested by:  best-before-end

Genre: Fluff(?)

Note: This was a pretty interesting scenario to write! I hope this is okay. ^^”



You couldn’t understand it. Why did the women in the office love him so much? Did he treat them differently than he treated you? That must have been it. No normal women would fall for the cheeky, good-looking, almost generic flower boy that came straight from a drama type of guy, would they? Or maybe you were only angry because you had to constantly work while all he did was flirt with the women in the office. Either way, you couldn’t really say that you understood the office’s fascination and love for one Kim Sunggyu.

After finishing your third year at your university, you were able to secure an internship as an analyst for a car manufacturer. Your job mostly consisted of research and number crunching, but you didn’t mind that too much. If anything, you probably would have been a lot happier doing the job on your own. However, the company had room for two interns and Sunggyu happened to snag the other spot.

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Maybe if you were a little more open minded you wouldn't jump to the conclusion that anyone who sings that genre of music is trying to be Lana. OF CORSE THEY SOUND ALIKE! So do many country, metal, pop punk, and pop singers, because they are in the same genre.

One thing is the genre and one other different thing is literally copying what another artist is doing, sweetie ;)

I mean I just finally watched Only Lovers Left Alive with hexmeridian yesterday and you know what it had? A queer character that was decently developed (albeit in the super super subtle way that literally everything in that film is developed) and treated respectfully.

You know what it also had?


Basically I’m extra angry about About Ray because for a few hours they tricked me into giving a shit about a film in a genre that I otherwise have absolutely no interest in (i.e. films where there are no vampires or dragons or people shooting lasers from their dicks or whatever). They tricked me into thinking that maybe I should care because maybe it’d be good and important enough for me to overlook my natural suspicions about films that don’t include some fantasy element i.e. some element to make it worth my damn time.

But nope, all smoke and mirrors and hollywood bullshit.

Setting aside for the moment the reactionary character of much of speculative fiction, I think this is representative of a wider failure of imagination. Oscar bait has no vision, it’s locked in some realist novel mode that’s about a century out of date. So, too, is liberal politics utterly without vision. For both, though, queers are supposed to turn up anyway because what we’re given is better than nothing, ostensibly. To embrace the imaginative faculty and create a truly utopian vision is utterly beyond mainstream cinema and mainstream politics, so we’re just going to get the same tepid shit offered to us again and again, with the expectation that we will keep showing up.

Fuck you, where’s my dragon?

Tattoo (Ravi/Reader)

Characters: Ravi/Reader

Genre: Fluff(?). No, maybe not. XD

You guys just can’t expect Admin A not to do something while Ravi id being a damn sexy beast because of his tattoos in LR. Seriously? No, I can’t stop myself from writing this. It’s unfair really. 

Why do they look so damn good in the mv? And the song…. I’m gonna stop now, since I might blabber alot of things about my feels. T^T

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What's your opinion on new adult? Do you think it's legit or kinda dumb or idk is it something agents turn down a lot?Because I have a ms I truly do not know how to categorize I don't want to say it ~transcends genres tho bc that sounds so. Cliche... But I don't know how else to rly describe.. It's definitely fantasy (realism? Maybe?) kind of new adult bc the mc's are all early 20s, and it centers around mature themes (sexuality, life and death etc) but could also be read by teens?? Hlep

For the most part, the NA I’ve seen has mostly been contemporary or romance. Once it moves out of YA territory, fantasy tends to just be … fantasy. (Though there are a thousand different subgenres of fantasy, too).