because man do you realize what he just said

Victor chooses Yuri

I’m not sure if you all have realized what Victor really… said to Yuri 

All Yuri said was that he wanted Victor to continue to be his coach until his he decides to retire. Just take a closer look at what Victor says in response… 


He just said that he wanted to be with him always!

I’m not sure if you guys understand the weight and gravity of what Victor just said to Yuri, how deep a meaning it actually holds. This statement alone  has official ended Victor’s career in skating. Viktor Nikiforov one of the greatest skaters in history has given up his title to stay with Yuri. Not only that be this is a testimony on how much Victor sees in Yuri.

At the beginning to the story where Victor, first saw Yuri on the viral video. At first Victor said that he’d take off this skating season, to coach Yuri and see where his career would go. From that statement Victor originally planned to only take off that season and maybe come later. But now he’s said that he’s going to stay Yuri’s coach. Did he decide this after Yuri asked him to stay, No… he decided that along time ago but when?

That kiss was not put there on purpose ,(there was a reason) that was the moment that Victor knew he loved Yuri and had to remain by his side. 

This was the reason why we had the interview with Victor when he was in Russia, on what he was going to do in the future, on wards. It’s hinted in his smile that he plans to stay with Yuri after she asks if he plans to compete against him. This made me come to the conclusion, that earlier that he’s already made deiced on being by Yuri’s side. Saying sorry I have other plans for Yuri, so that won’t be happening. He’s already decided and made this decision himself. He knows what he wants, and all he wants is Yuri. 

Victor had no idea he had he’d end up falling in love with Yuri, but he did… he doesn’t want to let him get. This is a choice that he’s proud to have made and one he doesn’t regret at all. 

I don’t even care that Yuri didn’t placed podium, our boy’s a fucking winner today! 

Nico slowly realizing that his cheeks heat up most of the time whenever he sees Jason or when he’s just hanging out with his best friend and he’s so confused why is that so. Until Percy tells him while wiggling his eyebrows, “That’s called blushing and I can sense someone crushing on a certain son of Zeus.” 

Percy expects Nico to deny and maybe punch him but no, Nico just blushes even more because “Oh gods. You’re right.” And Nico panics. “What do I do, Percy?” 

“You go tell him and kiss him like a man!” 

Nico’s stands up and shakes himself. “You’re right! I should just tell him and—” he looks back at Percy and blushes even more upon realizing what Percy just said “WHAT IN HADES—I can’t just do...that!” Nico was clearly scandalized.

Then from afar, Jason sees them and smiles because his two friends are getting along better than he expected after everything that happened.

My straight guy friends don’t realize the dichotomy between orientation and behavior and it’s not complicated at all. Like you can be a man fucking men and still be straight just like there’s plenty of gay men who’ve married women, gotten them pregnant and have children like… With that being said the reasoning behind these behaviors are super duper different like a gay man might do those things because if he’s suspected for being gay he could be killed or just because he wanted to know what it’s like to be with a woman and the behavior of a straight man can be anything from loss of a bet to curiosity or just boredom because straight men do crazy shit and it doesn’t make them any less straight like… at the end of the day those men are still what they identify as. Like you cant force someone to identify as anything.

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Samuel Drake was one of those people that could get anyone to do anything for him just by asking the right way. He was charming and had a way with words and you loved watching him in action. You told yourself that you could never date a man like him because you’d end up doing whatever he wanted and you were stronger than that. That’s what you liked to tell yourself, at least. You worked with him and that was the only ‘relationship’ you two would ever have.

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Milah: You… you sold our child?

Rumpelstiltskin: No. No, no, no. Th-That’s it. I mean, I didn’t. We don’t have a second-born child. We just have to make sure we never do.

Milah: Because you sold them! You sold our future.


Rumpelstiltskin:  Bae can be all the future we need.

Milah: Well, thank you very much for deciding the rest of my narrow, little life for me. I’m going to the tavern, Rumple.

I think losing hypothetical children with a man she despised has little to do with Milah’s decision to leave. It what’s said between the lines that is the actual trigger.

Between the lines Milah just realized that her life with Rumple will never change. Despite their life being pretty meager, he is still content with it, and won’t strive to improve it.

Milah was willing to pay the price for Bae’s life with the stigma of murdering someone who would only cater to the rich. (A strong segue into her life of piracy).

Instead Milah is horrified to discover Rumple happily paid with permanently keeping the status quo. I think she was more shocked by the fact that this didn’t bother him in the slightest, and this is the real trigger for why she abruptly decided to change her life and leave.

(Just saying, because it’s bugging me that people are really fixated on the whole ‘Milah wouldn’t have more kids with Rumple anyway, so what’s her issue’ vs. the ‘Milah’s right to leave as Rumple shouldn’t have decided against future kids without consulting her’ argument. When it seemed pretty obvious to me that this exchange wasn’t really about a hypothetical second child. That was simply a concept being used to address a bigger issue in their relationship).