because maggots

Awkward things that happened during claps that the fab four doesn’t want you to know about:
  • Kobra bringing everything to a standstill because he lost his contact lens. Had everyone, including Dracs, looking for them.
  • Party losing his pants and refusing to put them back on.
  • Everyone pointing at Korse and yelling ‘Bald!’ because the sun was reflecting just right and it blinded them.
  • Jet tripping over his own feet because he couldn’t see through his hair.
  • Party trying to jump over the hood of the Trans Am dukes of hazard style and hitting himself right in the balls.
  • Ghoul torturing a Drac by reciting vegan brownie recipes
  • Kobra punching out an exterminator so hard they were flung back like ten feet but no one seeing it.
  • Kobra karate chopping a blaster in half when no one was looking
  • Poison’s gun jamming and him throwing it at a Drac before freaking out and trying to get it back
  • Jet ‘accidentally’ suplexing Ghoul
  •  Ghoul ‘accidentally’ kicking Korse in the balls so hard that Party felt so bad he called off the fight
  • Kobra pantsing Korse during the middle of a clap and no one knowing what to do
  • Ghoul and Kobra accidentally making out
  • Jet stopping the fight because he found someone’s finger and needed to make sure it wasn’t any of the guy’s.
  • Party and Jet getting into a fight with a group of maggot babies because they kept touching their hair
  • Ghoul forgetting to fill the Trans Am with gas so their ‘dramatic’ escape took several hours.
  • Party being so sleep deprived he started fighting the cacti instead of the Dracs

it’s been a dry couple of years, bills and loans and overtime. whenever i’d look at my writing i’d get kind of disgusted with the quality so, i’m trying to get back into the swing of things. just bear with me

a snippet of a WIP fic as an apology for the lack of content/a reminder that no I have not died and that Things are happening and to watch this space i guess

WARNINGS FOR: Abuse, Bulimia, Bullying, Hallucinations, Self-Harm

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When I was in high school we had a really weird fad that got way out of hand. Some kid had found out how to tie tiny strings to the legs of flies so he could carry it around and keep it as a pet. Teachers couldn’t really do anything about it since it was just a fly, y’know. They aren’t so uncommon in schools. Anyway, he started teaching more kids how to do it and it caught on.

Soon every kid in the school had pet flies tied to strings. They’d even get like multiple flies and carry them around like fly balloons. Even some teachers were getting in on it. Personally, I never got into it but I didn’t have the dexterity needed to do something precise as tying a string around a fly’s leg. No one would help me with it either. I was introvert and weirdo with no friends. I still am.

Things started to fall apart when state testing came around and the sound of constant buzzing became way more aggravating to everyone. There was also the problem of flies dying and the floors being covered in dead fly bodies. Like, despite having them as pets people still didn’t like touching flies with their bare hands. When the flies died they just left them on the floors, seats, and desks or whatever. It wasn’t uncommon to sit in a seat just covered in dead flies. You get used to having fly corpses, and fly juice on your butt after a while.

Even though fly pets were eventually banned (and hefty punishments were thrown out for anyone caught with pet flies), there was still a large amount of flies left in the school. The school had basically become a breeding ground for flies. Lunch was inedible because of all the maggots. They’d even be dripping from the ceilings and stuff. They had to shut down school for at least a month to get the exterminators to purge the place. It wasn’t that effective. There were just so many maggots in every nook and cranny of the school that no amount of exterminators could effectively purge the place without completely knocking down the school.

So, the principal decided to release a modest of amount of spiders into the school to eat all of the flies and maggots. Long story short, it didn’t work. They just managed to create a weird fly-spider based ecosystem in the school. The school had to reopen eventually, and everyone just got used to all of the flies and spiders. The cafeteria had to be moved to a nearby building since the school’s cafeteria had become so infested with spiders and maggots that it had to be locked off.

I moved away at the beginning of my senior year. It was weird adjusting to a school that wasn’t filled with bugs, but I made some cool friends there. My old high school burned down. No one was hurt, but arson wasn’t ruled out. It burned so long and so hard that the land on it had basically become scorched hell. They rebuilt the school elsewhere. They say that if you go to the old school’s location on a dark night, you can see a weird man walking around with tons of ghostly flies tied to his fingers. They say that you can hear them screaming for mercy. That’s probably not true, though.

Jealous!Reborn, Colonello, Tsuna Headcanons 


  • You’ll never guess it unless you’ve been with him long enough but the quieter he becomes, the worse his mood is. And this happens often when you talk about another guy with any sort of enthusiasm. In this case, your boss at work.
  • He makes sure to drop by your office often on the pretense of missing you while glaring bloody murder at your boss who wasn’t even near you at that time. The man was in his glass walled office and shivering at the chills running up and down his spine.
  • He pretends your boss isn’t there. Whenever your boss starts talking to you casually Reborn would interject and open up a conversation with you; his body completely blocking the other man out of your sight and forcing you to give him the full force of your attention.
  • He will find ways to keep track of your location and what exactly you were doing to make sure you weren’t running off with your boss somewhere and doing illicit things. His favorite tracking device is a beetle from his insect network, hence the reason why he asked if insects bothered you before you two started dating. Note that if you are afraid of insects, he would force Giannini or any of the tech boys to spit out a tracking device with a camera and microphone for you disguised in the form of jewelry.
  • Any guy who asks for your phone number makes it on his hit list.
  • He can be unreasonable when he’s jealous. If you try to explain that your admiration for your boss was strictly professional and that he was actually a harmless guy he will use his roundabout Reborn logic that basically bends the laws of nature making your boss sound like a loser lunatic from Loner’s Land. Or a potential homicidal maniac.
  • He talks down to your boss or any other guy who tries to get your attention that will make them feel like they are dirt beneath his feet.
  • He clings to you in front of potential rivals. You would think it was horribly sweet that he would wrap an arm around your shoulders while he nuzzled the top of your head while you talked to your friends but in reality, he was actually staring at your guy friends with cold murder in his dark eyes just daring them to come closer from behind your back.
  • You had to go on a business trip alone with your boss and Reborn proceeds to stalk you in various disguises you would definitely have contact with i.e. the hotel bellboy, the coat rack in your hotel room or the waiter. He would stand by and quietly glare at the man practically daring your boss to do something to you.
  • After a close call with your very drunk employer, you get saved by the bartender and rushed to your room only to find out that your savior is Reborn in disguise and is furious beyond belief.
  • He then proceeds to make sure your boss had nothing compared to him and he lets you know. Body and soul.


  • Colonello might look like a happy-go-lucky sort of person but behind that smiling façade is a possessive man who saw men around you as a threat. He just doesn’t want to tell you because he’s afraid you would hate this unreasonable part of him. So he sits with a big, bright smile on his face as you fangirl over some pansy, peppy pop star you’ve taken a liking to lately or a wonderful guy friend you are hanging out with next week while wondering if he should put on a silencer on the sniper rifle he was going to use to blow their brains out.
  • Suddenly, that pop star you like was reportedly seen tied to a crane by his ankles screaming bloody murder late at night over Tokyo Bay, piss still streaming from his pants. He looks over your shoulder while you were reading about it in shock and innocently comments about it. (Colonello: He doesn’t look that handsome, does he?)
  • While stalking― er… keeping you safe from a distance, he almost shot a guy for giving you flowers. It was a good thing you were quick to give the florist his money before Colonello could squeeze the trigger on that sniper rifle. He still didn’t like the way that guy’s smile lingered after you, though, so he just shot one of the pots in his cart to spook him.
  • He uses his COMSUBIN trainees to act as your invisible bodyguards when he can’t be there himself to keep idiots away from you. If caught, he will say it was all part of their training. (You: But they almost killed the mail room guy for handing me my bank statement!)
  • He comes up to the guy trying to cozy up to you, get in his face and tell him he shouldn’t breathe your air. Because he’s a maggot, kora.
  • You used to have a high school class picture you keep in a box under the bed for sentimental reasons. And then he finds out the guy sitting behind you was a former boyfriend and suddenly the picture was no more.
  • Anytime you go out to a friendly lunch with a male acquaintance, you always wonder why they looked so tense and uncomfortable. Unbeknownst to you it was because Colonello had already intercepted your phone messages and had ‘visited’ the guy the night before. Your male acquaintance is more than aware that he had a gun aimed at his head from some forty meters away.
  • He would cuddle you often and make you think he needed you more than you needed him to arouse your maternal instincts and pamper him with attention.
  • Eventually he would slip. You weren’t stupid, it was one of the reasons he fell for you in the first place. So putting two and two together was really not that hard. You confront him, he gets defensive, you have a loud fight and you threaten to leave him.
  • To which he responds with his eyes taking on the sheen of a heated blue knife, his smile melting into something predatory, and you being shoved against a wall with his hand up your skirt as he physically makes you realize there’s really no going back now.


  • Whenever you talk about any other guy other than him with any measure of enthusiasm, he listens quietly and attentively with slightly narrowed eyes.
  • He has someone dig dirt on the man you’re so find of and makes sure he knows everything about the guy up to the fifth generation of his family’s ancestry.
  • This guy you were always talking about was a fairly new friend so you haven’t had the opportunity to introduce him to your boyfriend yet. So Tsuna does that for you by suddenly showing up to take you out for lunch riding a limousine, wearing a hundred thousand dollar suit and a high class attitude. All the while smiling quite benignly as he subtly rubs his power and wealth in this guy’s face.
  • Tsuna is nice enough to invite your guy friend to join the two of you for lunch while putting a possessive arm over your shoulders. But although his words were persuasive and kind his eyes were narrow and cold as he stared back at this potential rival silently telling him in no uncertain terms to FUCK. THE HELL. OFF.
  • Tsuna will also orchestrate scenarios where he would convince you to kiss him in a ‘secluded’ area since he knew you hated being publicly affectionate. His kisses and caresses were so hot and passionate though that you forget where you are as he practically dry humps you against an alley wall and you never see your boyfriend coldly eyeballing his potential rival coldly as he did so, making sure he was watching the way he made you moan.
  • Tsuna will do this on repeat for several weeks when he knew the guy was going to be lunching with you.
  • You confess you’re worried because your guy friend has been avoiding you lately and Tsuna will take this as an opportunity to toss some of that dirt he had researched about the guy in a tongue-in-cheek manner. (Tsuna: Marlon? Oh you mean your friend from the office. I heard he has syphilis.

     You: What? No he doesn’t!

         Tsuna: That’s not what his high school boyfriend said.)

  • If you keep on insisting that you want to confront the guy about why he was avoiding you, Tsuna will sneakily stop it by humbly asking you for your help with some of his work (the legal stuff). He will act pitiful and in need of assistance. Of course, since you care about him and knew he had a lot of work piled up, you drop everything to do his bidding in a heartbeat.
  • Meanwhile, the poor object of Tsuna’s jealousy gets a one way trip to Acapulco.
  • Sex every night with you while this is all going on gets more heated and possessive bordering on violent. Tsuna would make sure to leave marks on your neck and chest to help remind you that you belong to him.

anonymous asked:

Crazy!Anon from earlier. I do have other symptoms, but the Big Problem is the hallucinations. I also get bouts of paranoia or inexplicable rage (not usually at the same time, but sometimes). I have trouble keeping track of what Actually Happened vs what Could Have Happened. Sometimes my brain moves so fast it trips over itself, or refuses to stfu about something really weird. But, mostly, I realize it's happening. So, I can usually ignore or wait it out, or otherwise deal. (1/2)

Crazy, 2/3?) The hallucinations suck, tho. I haven’t really been able to eat since February because EVERYTHING is maggot infested and gross, no matter what I do. Previously, when shit like this happened, it would go away after a week or two. But this isn’t going away, I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I can’t deal anymore. I’m super stressed and scared. I live in the Bible Belt, I’m gay, and mental health services are basically non-existent or limited to addiction support or, no shit, (2/3)

(Crazy, 3/3) conversion therapy (Which a friend of mine got put into via her gynecologist’s recommendation.) It’s terrifying, but I can’t move, and I can’t deal with my brain anymore. So I’m gonna take your advice and look for a doctor by Yelp reviews, etc, and make sure that I tell them up front that this isn’t new and I’m not suicidal. But? Should I tell them all my symptoms up front? Or will that just make them think I definitely need to be hospitalized? Is it safe to just say about the bugs?

Well, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll just second my recommendation to get help.

And, uh, very tentatively - are you *sure* you don’t want to go to a hospital? No competent person would send you to a hospital just for chronic hallucinations, but some of the other things you’re saying - lost a lot of weight, everything looks maggot-infested, brain going really fast, etc - seem pretty bad to me. The verbal description you gave me doesn’t make a clear diagnosis super-obvious, and one thing that psychiatrists do recommend in a case like that is that you do consider going to a hospital where your doctors will be able to spend a little more time with you, try some things out, and generally get to know you better than someone can in a fifteen minute office visit.

I don’t know how much you know, so I hope I’m not talking down to you, but psych hospitals today are pretty different from the stereotype. For one thing, they rarely keep you in more than a week or two unless something goes terribly wrong. For another, it’s legally near-impossible for them to give you ECT, they rarely restrain people, et cetera. I don’t know where you live in the Bible Belt, but I’ve worked at University of Alabama Birmingham hospital and I can recommend it as a nice place that delivers good care; can help you with other places nearer to you. Most psychiatrists are super-liberal and not going to recommend gay conversion therapy, but if you’re not comfortable admitting you’re gay, don’t admit it.

twosidedsana  asked:

TMIT: Fuck, Marry, Cuddle - Maggot, Ember, and Sana

“I would fuck Embraelle. She’s a creature of desire and unfiltered inhibitions, driven by instinctual curiosity and hunger for sensation. I’m certain I would leave her sated

I’d marry “Maggot”, because I basically already am married to her. I’m loathe to put a label on what we have together and what we mean to each other. A union like that has power in its symbolism.

I’m not a cuddler. I’d cuddle Sana, if I have to cuddle someone, out of these three. I’m sure she’s no stranger to a hard fuck, but I feel like she might be a bit pedestrian and vanilla for me. She’s got plenty of soft places to touch and lay my head on, I’m sure, though.”

(( @twosidedsana / @heresmaggot / @embraelle ))


People like you two used to call me “little Maggot” because I was always younger than you, and smaller, and smarter. And my lisp… You guys had a field day with my lisp. So I was “little Maggot Pierth.” It wasn’t cute, not when I was begging not be pantsed in the middle of the quad. I mean, really think about that. My pants were literally pulled off of me in front of other people. Or when I was screaming for help after being locked in the janitor’s closet and left there until the cops found me the next morning.


the front half probably made it home

For all the Stark kids, the most important thing in endgame as I see it is that they are together (in WF), safe and as happy as it’s possible for them to be, and that they have as much agency as possible in their own lives. 

This re Sansa: currently LF is using her for his own revenge-on-dead-people plans and he is actively trying to change her into his cynical, unscrupulous sidekick with benefits (both sexual and social/status). He has equated her safety with her complying with his plans (still largely unknown to her) and ultimately also his methods, and her real father and his values with failure and being weak and helpless, plus he’s sexually grooming her. Sansa very much ignores her own instincts when it comes to LF because, to her, he is the one thing standing between her and death, beatings, the black cells etc.*

Cut because possible spoilers.

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drrockso20  asked:

honestly I figure the worm thing is just something written by someone who was unfamiliar with how weird a lot of birds look as babies, the kind of person who's only ever seen chickens, ducks, and geese, which are all born fairly recognizably birdlike in appearance, wouldn't be the first time something weird in a bestiary happens because the priests/scholars writing and drawing it are only familiar with like 5 kinds of animal

That sounds pretty plausible, actually - especially considering how loose bestiaries were with their taxonomic classification.

I’m also wondering if it’s related to the misconception that maggots were “born” from feces - alchemists thought that feces might hold the key to making new life (which led to the idea of a hommunculus, i.e. a little man made out of shit) because of it, so maybe phoenixes, which cheat death by being reborn, also have a miraculous maggot-like stage because maggots are a key part of the “creating life where there should be none” process?

Or they might be completely unrelated.  Who can say really?

Time is On My Side - Part 1

Word Count: 3110

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You walked in circles around the demon you captured, swinging a jug of holy water. With one flick of your wrist you sent the water raining down on him, making him scream and trash in the chair.

“You ready to talk?” Dean bellowed.

“I don’t know.” He gasped. “I don’t know anything!”

“Oh you hear that?” Dean chuckled. “He doesn’t know anything.”

“Yeah.” Sam nodded and smirked. “I heard.”

“I’m telling you the truth!” The demon yelled.

“Oh, you are?” You laughed. “That’s so cute. I guess Dean should apologize, huh?”

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Bully - 1/?

“Ugly” “Fat” “Useless” “Dim”

None of these words defined Y/N at all. In fact, she was a caring girl who was humble, daunting and beautiful. Y/N places other’s needs before her’s, and her inner beauty reflects her on the outside. But somehow, she tends to get hurt from a boy who tends to call her these false remarks.

She lived with her mom and his boyfriend, Noah. Y/N is really fond of Noah; he is a laid-back man with a cheery persona. What was there not to love about Noah? Y/N also lives with her two elder brothers- Emerson and Marco. Despite the fact of their gender differences, she adored them with all her heart.

It was time for school and Y/N was ready for a load of feuds with Dan. It was known as a fact that both of them annoy the living crud out of their piers because of the amount of fights they had. She wouldn’t let Dan come rain on her parade; it was a Friday, and Y/N was ready for a club night with her friends at six.

Y/N grabbed her black bag, and tossed it at the back seat of her BMW X6. She was going to pick up one of her best friends, Yumi, from her home. Yumi was one of Y/N’s best friends from Japan, who was clever, kind and had a real sense of humour. But it does bother Y/N that Yumi’s dating her ex, Ken.

Y/N parked in front of her house, as she cranked up the volume on her car radio. Yumi soon dashed over Y/N’s car, with a perky grin. ‘Hi there’ she chuckled. 'Hi Yumi’ Y/N greeted. 'I can’t wait for club night!’ she exclaimed. 'Me too’ Y/N lightly chuckled. They drove while rocking out to Top 40 Music all the way to their high school, Orion High.

Personally, Y/N didn’t like Top 40 Music. She preferred mouthing the lyrics to My Chemical Romance and blink-182. But she knew that her friends didn’t like it. Yumi and I walked casually together to their lockers that were linked together, and stumbled across Dan- unfortunately.

Y/N glanced away from his dark eyes and felt a rush of anxiety rush through her. 'Hi Yumi’ he greeted, plastering a grin across his face. 'And hey there, lard’ he snickered. Y/N gulped loudly while Yumi grew furious. 'Shut your mouth, Howell!’ she snapped.

He raised his hands up in defence. 'Alright Yumi,’ he chuckled, 'You can do so much better than that freak-of-a-friend’ he insisted. 'I swear to god Howell, if you don’t shut up,’ she raised up her fists, 'You’ll regret it til’ the day you die’ she threatened. Dan just laughed hysterically and walked away.

'Don’t listen to him, Y/N. You know you’re better than what he says’ she cooed to the distressed Y/N. Y/N nodded her head and faked a smile. 'C'mon, we have a class to look forward to’ she said. They headed to their home room, which they were supposed to have reading-time.

They stumbled across Paris and Aisha on the way, so they greeted each other. They were deep into a conversation, and Ken walked pass them. Yumi caught him, and pressed his lips against hers’. Y/N’s face dropped and she felt her insides twist. She couldn’t blame them for being together, though. After Ken and Y/N’s departure, she introduced Ken to her.

The bell buzzed, leading them to dash up to their home room with Mr. Stromberg. Y/N sat besides Paris while flicking through another page of Gone Girl. Paris eavesdropped into the soccer boys’ conversation and chuckled throughout it.


Y/N hugged her books against her chest, and listened to All Time Low. Being unaware of what was happening, she tripped against Dan’s leg and fell flat on the floor. She was on the verge of tears while Dan let our a loud laugh. She picked herself off from the ground and swiped her knees.

She was relieved that her phone screen didn’t have scratches on it. 'You’d die forgotten, because maggots like you are worthless’ he said bitterly. She ran quickly to the car park, and didn’t even care the shower of rain poured outside. She unlocked her car and sat there, feeling her tears roll down her eyes.

She drove back home, where no one else was there besides her brother, Marco. Y/N felt discouraged and miserable, therefore she didn’t want people to see her in a poor condition.

As soon as she entered her bedroom, she buried her face into her pillow. She felt her phone vibrate, so she turned her phone on to see a text from Dan.

Dan: Oh, is the poor little prude going to cry? Go ahead, no one really cares.

Y/N quickly turned off her phone, and silently wept. She didn’t know why Dan hated her, but he sure did hated her with a passion. He seemed to be nice towards others, besides Y/N.

Dan: Do society a favour and kill yourself, you sack of scum.

She tried to keep the thoughts off of her mind. Tonight was supposed her night, and she wouldn’t let him ruin a second of it. She picked out her pretty white dress that complimented her beautiful, piercing eyes and complimented her streaks of y/h/c hair. She looked slender and she sure would make boys mouths water.

Beyond the Field (part 8)

Sorry for it being a day late ^^; This is dedicated to natsus-neck-scar. I love you sis, you’re amazing no matter what ~

Read more chapters: Here

Summary: To him, football met everything. Nothing else was more important, but that day he picked his little sister up from the hospital and saw her blonde haired patient, everything changed.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman welcome to today’s football match between The Magnolian Mages and the The Lamia Scale!” The announcer spoke, voice booming throughout the stadium. “I can sure feel the excitement of the crowd, can’t you Yajima?”

“Sure can’t Chapati. I can’t wait to see the game, especially since both quarterbacks have an outside the field rivalry.”

“Oh yes, how could I forget!” Chapita exclaimed. “Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia have been fighting over the lovely Juvia Lockster since the high school days.”

“Do they really have to announce that?!” Gray angrily shouted, giving a deadly glare towards the announcer box. The players were currently in a secluded tunnel waiting to get announced to go out on the field. He felt a hand on his shoulder, bringing him out of his thoughts of the past.

“Don’t pay attention to them. Use the anger to go and kick Lyon’s ass. Show Juvia why she should be with you.” Gray’s eyes bore into Natsus. He was thankful for the comforting words he was providing, but usually the running back would be ‘suck it up you sissy’.

“Whats got you in such a good mood?” Gray questioned.

Natsu blinked in confusion. “Do I need a reason to be happy?”

“Well, with such a beautiful blonde now living in his house and whom came to support him today; I would be in a good mood as well.” Loke cut in, answering for Natsu.

“How did you-”

“You told us dipshit, you wouldn’t stop talking about it for the past week.” Gajeels’ gruff voice cut in.

“I’d be excited to, having a woman like that under my roof. How do you keep yours hands off of her?” Loke asked frantically, placing his hands on his helmet in a ‘what are you thinking’ manner. Natsu sighed.

“Unlike you, I don’t need to have sex with every girl I meet. I have standards.”

“And apparently this girl might meet them.” Gray said with a smirk. Natsu narrowed his eyes.

“What do you-”

“I am proud to introduce to everyone, the Magnolian Mages!” The crowd went wild as their home team was announced. Gray looked to Natsu.

“Guess you’ll have to figure it out later. Lets do this boys!” Gray shouted to his team before making his way out of the tunnel.

His team followed suit, giving their own calls of excitement riling the crowd up even more. Natsu’s eyes scanned the crowd of the packed stadium, eyes landing on where his family usually sat. He seen Igneel throwing his fists in the air in excitement and Grandeeny standing up whooping and hollering. Sitting down next to Grandeeny was Wendy, who was clapping her hands while having a conversation with Lucy.

One look at Lucy and Natsu knew that they had to win this game.

They could lose every other game this season, but this one… they just couldn’t. Natsu wouldn’t allow it.

She was just sitting there, a pleasant smile on her face. Her golden locks were pulled up in a bun with strands framing her flawless face. He could see she was wearing a light pink top that sleeves came to the elbows accented with a white pleated skirt that stopped just above her knees. Maybe Loke was right, maybe the reason he’s been so happy lately is because of her….

Because of Lucy.

“Alright maggots, listen up!” Makarov voice boomed over the loud music that was playing. “If you go out there as play like you have been the past couple of weeks, there’s no way you guys shouldn’t beat these pansies. Now go out there and do it!”

“You heard him, lets win this!” Gray announced to his team who were pumped up to max potential. They shouted even more, trying to relieve some of the energy. Natsu stole one last look to the blonde who was looking towards the huddled team, a smile still etched on her lips.

“I’ll win this for you, Lucy.” Natsu thought before going out on the playing field, intending to keep his promise.

It was the last quarter and Magnolia was up fourteen to three.

“Lyon sure is throwing an off game tonight, it’s not even fair for us.” Gray said, sitting on the bench next to Natsu. He felt a cold water bottle touch his shoulder. “Thanks Erza.”

“Don’t mention it.” She replied. “But Natsu, you need to be more careful on the field. You’re being more reckless than usual.”

“Yeah, even if I do love my job I don’t want to see you guys get hurt.” Jellal explained looking towards the running back. He just waved both of them off.

“I haven’t gotten hurt yet have I?” Natsu casually answered, taking a swig of his water.

Gray gave a knowing smirk. “I think I know why you’re acting so reckless today.”

Natsu quirked his eyebrow in interest. “Oh, and why is that?”

“You’re trying to show off for your woman.” Natsu went rigid at his statement. He slowly turned his head to glare at the ink haired male.

“She’s not ‘my woman’ and no I’m not. You hate Lyon so I’m trying to save your ass and win the game so you won’t be embarrassed.” Gray scoffed in disbelief. Sure, him and Lyon didn’t get along for more than a minute but there was no way in hell that Natsu would win a game to save Gray from embarrassment; hell Natsu would probably even purposely make them lose the game if it meant Gray’s pride was on the line.

“Bullshit, as if you’d ever win a game for me.” Gray commented, Natsu turned his head to answer but was interrupted by the announcer.

“And a sack by Gajeel Redfox! Man, he can sure pack a wallop.” Chapati shouted through the microphone.

“And with that it looks like the two minute warning is in play.” Yajima announced.

Natsu and Gray looked at each other and shared a smirk, already knowing that this game was in the bag for them.

“So, feel like showing off some more?” Gray asked, getting up off the bench.

Natsu followed suit, putting his helmet back on. “When don’t I?”

“Great game as usual team. So far we’re three and zero for the season! Next weeks our first away game against Blue Pegasus, lets go kick coach Bob’s leotard next week. No practice tomorrow. Bring it in fellas!” Makarov place his hand in the center followed by the rest of his team. “But be there an hour earlier on Tuesday!”

Groaning, Gray said the chant. “Mages on three!”

“One, two, three mages!” The team said in unison, breaking away to go to shower and home after after a long day of football. Natsu wasted no time in grabbing his towel and soap. He headed straight for the showers which was unusual for him, he usually stayed and talked to Gray and Gajeel for a few minutes.

“He really wants to go see his girl.” Gajeel grumbled as he made his way to his locker.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to go see a woman like that.” Loke commented.

“Keep making comments like that and I’ll kick your ass Loke.” Natsu stated as he walked back in the locker pit fresh out of the shower.

“Dang, you really want to go see this chick don’t ya?” Gajeel teased, shutting his locker. Natsu turned to give him a glare.

“No actually. We all carpooled here today so we could give Lucy a tour of the stadium.” He explained, buttoning up his jeans. “So they’re waiting on me, and you know how my parents get when they’re kept waiting.”

Gray shuddered, oh he knew that all too well. “Yeah, even if thats not the true reason get out of here so Igneel and Grandeeny don’t kill you.”

“Why not? It’ll be fun to watch the Salamander squirm.” Gajeel laughed. Natsu finished pulling his black shirt over his head and sprayed his cologne on him to mask the remnants of his sweaty stench.

“You guys are assholes. I’m out of here.” He grumbled before making his way out of the locker room.

“Hey don’t forget! Erza wants a get together tomorrow! Make sure to bring Lucy!” Gray called out for his best friend. Natsu threw his hand up signaling that he heard him.

Well, so much for a relaxing day tomorrow.

Natsu walked out of the locker pit, seeing a familiar figure waiting on him.

“Lucy?” Hearing her name, she looked over to the football player and smiled.

“Good game out there!” Lucy praised walking over to him. “Ready to go?” He nodded, starting to lead her out of the stadium.

“Yes I’m just ready to go home, relax, play video games and eat some junk food.” Natsu said with a grin. Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Thats what you’ve been doing for the past week!”

“Its a lifestyle, what can I say.” As they were walking, he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate.

Igneel: Good game boy. Lucy was thoroughly impressed by your skills. Anyway, we’re going to Fairy Tail again tonight and since its not far from the stadium we suggested that you could walk Lucy there so she would be able to see a bit more of Magnolia. Love, Dad

Natsu groaned at the text message leaving a confused Lucy. “Whats wrong Natsu?”

“We have to walk to Fairy Tail.”

“So? I think it was a great idea, I haven’t seen half the city yet.”

“I just played an entire football game, I don’t wanna move anymore.” Natsu complained, making Lucy laugh lightly.

“You sure are lazy you know that?”

“Tell that to my six pack.” Natsu mumbled as they began to make their way towards the restaurant. He smirked, remembering another part of Igneel’s message.

“So, Igneel told me you were thoroughly impressed by my skills.” He seen from the corner of his eye how Lucy’s face heated up, her pale cheeks turning a slight pink color.

“I, uh, yeah… I actually was.” She admitted.

“Just thought I was all talk huh? Well Luce, you kind of have to be good to get in this league ya know.” He noticed how she remained silent, her face darkening.

After a few minutes a silence, she finally spoke again. “You’re a really fast runner.”

“That’s why I’m the running back.”

“Would you stop being a smart ass?”

“I’d rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass.” Lucy groaned at his teasing nature, trying her best to ignore the laughing she had caused. She looked around as they passed nice houses. Seeing the kids play in the front yard while their parents did the yard work. She missed times like these, she remembered times like these. Her and her little sister playing in the yard, while her mother tended to the garden and her father cut the grass…

“You okay Luce?” Natsu’s question brought her out of her saddening thoughts. She nodded her head.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“About what?” Lucy internally sighed, of course Natsu’s naturally curious nature would have him question farther. She stopped walking, confusing the male.

“Luce?” He looked at her, a worried expression planted on his features.

“Its just… I remember time when my family and I use to go out and do stuff like this.” She looked to see a mother and father chasing after their child. After finally snatching him, he pulled the youngster in a tight hug, kissing his head lovingly. The sight brought tears to her eyes. She froze as she felt two strong arms wrap around her shoulders and her face being met with a muscular chest.

“Hey, it’ll be okay.” His soft words comforted her a bit. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his torso. “I remember times like this too. When Igneel, Grandeeny and I would do this, and how I wished that it would be my birth parents.”

She tightened her grip on him. “Do you… do you know what happened to them.” She felt him lift his face out of her hair, she buried her face out of his chest and looked into his onyx eyes.

“I do. Its just, difficult to talk about.”

“Natsu…” She whispered. She seen the vulnerable look in his eyes, how they were glossed over a bit due to the unshed tears. She never really seen a man cry besides her father, but seeing Natsu like this… she decided she never wanted to see his tears again.

“Lucy…” He whispered out, staring in the chocolate brown eyes he always seemed to get lost in. His eyes flickered to her plush pink lips. As if gravity was forcing his too, he started to lean his head forward.

Lucy’s eyes widened, seeing that Natsu was beginning to bring his head down towards hers. Her face flush, she hadn’t had her first kiss before… she didn’t even know how to kiss. But, the thought of Natsu kissing her just felt right at the moment. She raised herself on her tiptoes, their lips only inches apart…

Both abruptly pulled away when they felt cold water being sprayed on them.

“What the hell?” Natsu voiced looking next to them, seeing a sprinkler going off. Natsu internally groaned, he was about to get his first kiss but got cockblocked by a sprinkler.

Natsu sighed at the curse of his luck and turned to Lucy who was still in the same position but looking down at her now wet clothes. Natsu pulled his scarf to relieve the heat from his cheeks at the sight of how the water made Lucy’s clothes cling onto her body even more snuggly than they had been before.

“Ah, so… should we, continue walking?” Natsu awkwardly said, taking his place next to the blonde haired woman. She looked up at him with a cute pout, but nodded nonetheless.

As the two teens started walking, their minds couldn’t get off their almost kiss. Lucy brought her left hand up to her lips that were almost touched by Natsu’s. Natsu seen the action, and smiled gently. He reached his left hand out, and interlaced his fingers with her right hand. He noticed the way her eyes widened as she glanced over at him.

He was just looking forward, his scarf covering his face to the tip of his red cheeks. Instead of freaking out, Lucy gave him a soft smile. She squeezed his hand gently. As she did so, is when the corner of his eyes flickered over to her. He smiled behind his scarf.

The two teens walked hand in hand to the restaurant, if they weren’t meant to kiss today… at least they could have this.

They reached the restaurant and looked at each other, silently agreeing that it wouldn’t be the best idea to walk in with their fingers intertwined. They walked into the restaurant and began to walk to the booth they had sat in the previous week. Lisanna was the first to see the two teens approach.

“Natsu! Lucy! How’re-” She started to greet but noticed the wetness in their clothes. “Why are you two wet? Its not even raining…”

Natsu just shook his head as he let Lucy slide in the booth before him. “Its a long story.” He said simply, before sliding in the booth after him. Lisanna gave her childhood friend a knowing smile.

“What’d you do, let her shower with you?” Igneel’s snide remark made Natsu thankful there were three people between them.

Natsu just sighed, not having the energy to reply back to the comment. He felt a soft pressure on his hand from under the table and seen it was Lucy’s hand on top of his. He looked at her face, the smile she always wore decorating her features. He smiled back, flipping his hand over to intertwine their fingers once again.

His family and friends were right, Lucy was special to him. Hopefully one day, she would let him show her how special she truly was.

smile for me - a prince of the seven seas sideshot

Summary: “Harry takes out the picture and stares at its charred edges, and now the water damage. Most of the colours have faded, so that Harry can’t even make out the blue of the young prince’s eyes anymore, but even in all the confusion and fear and the shock of the day’s events, Harry still thinks that smile is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.”

Pairing: Harry/Louis’ picture

Warnings: Mostly angst, some baby Harry cuteness overload.

A/N: So I have a headcanon about the picture of Louis Harry saw when he was little and how he got a hold of it, as well as what happened to it. The characters, setting, and pretty much everything belongs to the wonderful Oxy and takes place in her Prince of the Seven Seas universe.

Thanks to her for letting me do this. :)

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