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You are bi no matter what, even if you have a preference.
You are pan no matter what, even of you have a preference.
You are transgender no matter what, even if you like a certain thing that is stereotypically gendered.
You are ace no matter what, even if you sometimes want sex.
You are aro no matter what, even if you sometimes want a relationship.
You are agender no matter what, even if you have a pronoun preference.
You are (insert sexuality/gender/romantic identity) no matter what, even if you have a preference to something.

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poetry book recs, kind sir?

ooooooh YES!! 

ok so I’m going to leave out stuff that’s Too Obvious, which means a lot of this is niche (to me) or contemporary, and… I recently had a canary on twitter about how much ~*~modern~*~ poetry GETS MY GOAT. I’m reading a lot of New poets/collections this year purely because I… didn’t really read that much contemporary stuff before, and I thought I should branch out. (so far I’m dubious.) so, yes – obviously Plath, Blake, Hughes, Sappho, Eliot, Keats, Shelley, etc. etc. ad nauseum, The Greats, yadda yadda, here’s some others.

so far this year I’ve read (and ENJOYED - I’m not reccing the ones I wasn’t into/thought were pants, soz): 

  • Letters From Medea by Salma Deera
  • Grief Is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter
  • Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest (I actually LOVED this) 
  • Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics

I’ve also read and loved:

  • Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire
  • The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton
  • The Curse of the Vampire’s Socks and Other Doggerel by Terry Jones
  • Love Poems by Carol Ann Duffy
  • Let Us Compare Mythologies by Leonard Cohen

my personal 10/10 all-time go-tos are:

  • Crush by Richard Siken (despite appearing on every single tumblr graphic between 2011 and 2013, it still gets me in the heart guts)
  • The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy (which I have loved wholeheartedly since I was 17 years old)
  • pretty much any collection of Great War poetry: Up the Line to Death, Men Who March Away, Lads: Love Poetry of the Trenches (the Great War poets are my favourite. like, of all poetry, ever)

my favourite individual poems, as we’re on the subj, are: 

finally, a heads up: youtube literally anything by Brave New Voices, sit back, prepare to be Shook. ‘Transcript of Civil Rights’ by Shanita Jackson and Dakota Oder still DESTROYS ME five years later.

THERE YA GO. not much, but not nothing! enjoy!! maybe?!?


rucas meme ♥ [1/8] quotes 

“hey jexica, my name is lucas friar! i have to choose between two girls. and i thought that i liked them both, but what i really love is that you want to ride unicorns while eating cotton candy and collecting falling stars. i think you would fit in with our group of friends but please don’t tell them i invited you.”

BTW I’m not even trying to be hard on Dipper here, he’s a sweet boy but he’s been taught by society and media that this is how a boy is supposed to act when he has a crush on a girl. 

But it’s also so important that the narrative calls out this behavior as bad and that Dipper learns his lesson.

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Can I share the reason why I ship Molly and Lestrade? When I first watched Sherlock I ended up randomly watching The Sign of Three and l thought that Molly and Lestrade were together and were worried about Sherlock like they were his parents lol - I was surprised when I learned that they weren't together (l wasn't even aware of tjlc or anything at this point)

This is LITERALLY the scene that made me ship them SO HARD. They are SO precious together, OMG <3 I’m so sad that they completely disregarded this little relationship they were building on since ASiB for…destroying Molly’s character completely.

I honestly think madzie would be so protective of alec and magnus because they showed her nothing but kindness and she actually likes and trusts them which fills her with this need to make sure nothing bad happens to them, to make sure that no one can take them away from her. I can just imagine her staying at the loft with magnus and alec, sitting on the couch playing and automatically using her magic to make sure the front door is impossible to open and the wards are up because she senses someone approaching on the stairs even though it’s probably just jace or clary. I can imagine her placing her hands on magnus and alec’s cheeks and searching their faces for any sign of pain or injury whenever she sees them after they’ve been out on a mission or helping a client. I can just imagine that in the first few months it takes ages for them to convince her that they’ll be okay whenever one of them has to leave the loft for work. and magnus and alec of course find it adorable and so endearing and they always find a smile making it’s way on to their face after they’ve had a rough day but madzie comes over, climbs on their lap and hugs them saying she’ll protect them from the world.


ordering online vs the actual delivery

i love the women’s hockey fandom so damn much??? we go from ridiculous, making up conspiracy theories about the handles of the isobel cup, to serious, learning and sharing what’s going on about the could-have-been uswnt boycott, and straight back to conspiracy theories about the damn handles. you guys are so amazing and make me smile day after day

friend: i fucking love raw cookie dough holy shit

Ra follower: 🙄🙄 you think YOU 👈 LOVE RA?? ☀️👑 you couldnt even START 🏁 to know Him 📚📚 until you spend 26 hours a day ⏱️ seven days a week 📅👊 out in the SUN 🙌☀️😤 throwing ORANGES 🍊🍊 at BIRDS 🐦🐦😊 so next time you say you love Ra 😠 you better have a LIFE SIZE MARBLE STATUE of Him in your living room 🕴️☀️😍 cuz ya boy 💁 aint playin 🔪🔪🔪🔪

The larrie fandom is unparalleled, like. I look at our fandom in the context of other fandoms, and even sections of this one, and it’s so fascinating to see just how many things we have set in motion. With fan projects and just how seriously we take them, how there are large sections of people dedicated to promo, or sponsorships – people taking money that could be used elsewhere for IRL things to buy and gift for people they will never see. It’s amazing, like. We did that. And we did it because we love the boys. Because we know they deserve better and we wanna give it to them. But honestly? Shout out to us for being incredible because every single one of us has /made/ something incredible and sometimes it just hits me and I’m so in awe of who we are and how we got here, and why we’re /still/ here like it’s just awesome I’m so proud of us tbh cause we really are fighters and we really do Get The Job Done