because look at themm


Draco: Oh damn, (Y/N), you look so beautiful, although it should not surprise me: you’re the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts.-Malfoy said when you came down the staircase.
You didn’t can believe it, you wore a beautiful dress of silk, you were most beautiful than ever and you were going to the yule ball with…Ronald Weasley, instead of one Durmstrang’s student or any of the handsome slytherin guys who had asked you. It wasn’t funny reject that handsome guys, but you had to do it because you lose a stupid bet against Malfoy.
Y/N: Shut up, Malfoy -you said annoyed. - I hope you enjoy with Pansy.
Draco: Don’t worry, I’ll. But I can’t say the same about you and Weasley. Hey (Y/N) I have listened that he was going to wear a super ugly tunic, what you think about people seeing you as beautiful with him as horrible? Well (Y/N) next time you won’t underestimate me.
You moaned.
Y/N: Know you I hated you, right?
Draco: Oh (Y/N) don’t lie, we both know that you’re for me.

Y/N: Ugh…
Hogwarts was so beautifulm but it couldn’t compare to you. You know it and everybody knew because all of themm looked at you captivated by you; girl wanting to be you and boys wanting to be your ball’s couple.
Draco: There’s Weasley, (Y/N) go there -Malfoy said with a smiled. You whispered, but you lose the best and you have to go; so you went to him with all the sights on you.
Y/N: Hello Weasley -you said and him and Potter looked at you hypnotised, while Parvati looked at you with envy.
Ron: (Y/N), You look so beautiful! -Ronald said nerviously.
(Y/N): I know…I’m here as you couple, but I want dance and have fun, and if you don’t it doesn’t matter: you haven’t to go, you can sit down and I’ll go, okay?
Ron: Oh, don’t worry! I’ll dance with youu!
He said and you knew he wouldn’t leave alone that night.