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Random ask: Facial Hair. What would cause Derek to shave his face clean? What could cause Stiles to grow facial hair? What would be each's reaction to the change in each other? I have my own thoughts, but I'd like to hear yours.

Oh, interesting… I’m really curious about your thoughts on this actually, because this isn’t something I’ve particularly thought about and I’m not sure I have a good answer for you.

For Stiles, I think all that would take is a few days too many on a research binge, or maybe finals week during college. Something that would pull his focus from general day to day upkeep, brain on bigger things, more important things, than keeping up with what his face looks like. It’s not so much a problem in high school but as he gets older and his body moves beyond producing peach fuzz once a week or so, it becomes inevitable that Derek walks in to discover a tired looking Stiles, face covered with patchy looking dark scruff, every couple months or so.

And, because I love my Sterek with some banter and snark, Derek would inevitably tease him for it, lift his brows and toss out some dry insult he’s barely even paying attention to as he says it because he’s so totally lost on this boy and Stiles looks beautiful like this. Alright, objectively terrible but… beautiful, because this patchwork scruff is just a sign of Stiles’ incredible mind working: how focused he is, how deeply he cares about whatever the hell’s swallowed up his focus: schoolwork, a pack problem… hell, even one of those internet games about wizards and goblins he falls into for days straight sometimes.

And Stiles will grumble and shave and feel a hell of a lot better afterward, but Derek can’t help being a little too fond of that damn, scraggly mess of a beard whenever it appears. (The pack signals that out as a sure sign he’s hopelessly in love because facial hair is absolutely not Stiles’ friend.)

As for Derek… we’ve seen him go through so many phases of facial hair in the show –– beardless and babyfaced in season one, that beautiful s2 stubble, building up into a full beard by the time he left. That makes me feel like Derek doesn’t have a particular preference and that –– like Hoechlin –– he just doesn’t like dealing with shaving. (Although… I might come back to this later. I have a pinging half-thought about his beard being a physical sign of him relaxing into himself and being more comfortable with his life and his body, but it doesn’t entirely make sense to me yet so I’ll have to think about it for a bit.) So I think he definitely prefers the beard, wouldn’t want to put in the effort into being clean shaven unless he had to. Unless he got something out of it.

So maybe if Stiles and Derek were seeing each other secretly, and Derek wanted to kiss down Stiles’ body without beard burn giving them away. Or! Oh, poor sunburned Stiles, after a badly planned beach day, skin soothed down with aloe but still aching and all Derek wants to do, tight and panging in his chest, is press gentle kisses across that hot skin, distract Stiles from the itching  ache of it, but his beard will just irritate Stiles more so he sighs and disappears into the bathroom (Stiles whining from the bed because “where did you go, you’re supposed to be taking care of the fragile human when he’s in pain, here”) and comes back out ten minutes later with his face shaved clean.

And Stiles would gape up at him from the bed, all blotchy pink skin and lips parted in shock, until: “holy shit, you look like a sixteen year old’s wet dream.” And then, when Derek’s brows just crawl up skeptically: “Mine, I mean, back when I was, because back then you looked like––” waving his hand out vaguely toward Derek. “And not that every look isn’t a good look for you, but why the sudden urge to experiment? Aren’t you supposed to be––”

“Kissing you better?” Derek cuts in, and Stiles shuts up because oh. Oh. And as much as he definitely looks forward to the scruff coming back in a few days, he doesn’t think he’s ever been quite as in love with Derek as he is now, knowing that he’d shaved off his beard just because he couldn’t stand the thought of not pressing soothing kisses over Stiles’ tender skin.

So my dog knows that when he sees me in my scrubs I’m going to be gone for 12 ½ hours. And I just came out of my rooms In my scrubs because I picked up a 4 hour shift. My dog looks at me a scruffs before walking away???? I think he thinks I’m not gonna be home for 12 hours. Doggy is going to be so surprised when I come back in 4 hours

Oktober Fest Mess - Imagine Request

Request:  Heyo! Could you do a Dean x reader where they’re best friends and go to a beer festival together. The reader has feelings for him, and started to feel like he likes her back. So she tries to tell him, but every time she looks into his eyes she gets lost and fears loosing her best friend. You can end it however you like! Maybe dean doesn’t like reader, maybe he does..

Characters: MOC!Dean, Reader, Sam (mentioned), Charlie (mentioned), Abbadon (mentioned)

Warnings: It may be angsty for some of you.

Word count: 1,674

Originally posted by ijensenackles

“I can’t believe they brought the Oktober Fest” Dean beamed.

“Yeah, me neither.” Replied (Y/N)

“Too bad Sammy didn’t come.”

“His loss.”(Y/N) laughed.

Dean almost lost it when he found out that Kansas would be hosting an Oktober Fest that year. It was like a dream come true.

Sam, on the other hand, wasn’t that excited. He wasn’t an alcoholic like his brother; also, Sam was trying to get the Mark out of Dean, so having his brother distracted by the beer festival was a great chance to go check up on Charlie.

The place was crowded; every employee was wearing the typical German clothing. There were also a few German representors there. Dean couldn’t help but to notice the female representor, who were obviously taller than (Y/N). They were pretty, blonde German girls who could easily be super models, and they were all smiling at Dean.

(Y/N) felt jealous. Dean had been his crush for over two years now, ever since they took her in the bunker. She was the one to be by his side during the worse and the best; she was always there when Dean needed her and yet, the hunter didn’t seem to notice how in love she was with him.

Shoving her feelings aside, (Y/N) dragged Dean to get their first beer.

“I think they liked me.” Dean smirked.

“Who?” (Y/N) asked nonchalantly.

“The German babes.” (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows, “Oh come on! Don’t tell me you didn’t see how they winked at me.”

“I think that’s their job, Dean.” (Y/N) laughed.

“You’re just jealous.” Dean defended himself. (Y/N)’s eyes widened, did he know?

“Je-Jealous?” (Y/N) trembled.

“Yes, jealous because there are no handsome Germans for you to flirt with.” She sighed in relief.

“You’re right, D. There isn’t a single hot guy in here.” Except for you, that is.

“Except for me.” Dean joked, mimicking the words in her mind.

“Get over yourself, Winchester.” (Y/N) laughed, trying to hide her true feelings for him.

In spite of being a womanizer, Dean had his soft side and (Y/N) knew it. He had always been different with her, either by risking his life to save her ass during a hunt, or by sharing his food with her. They would spend sleepless nights together, talking about everything and anything, resting over Baby’s hood and watching the night sky. Dean was always different with her.

She knew she shouldn’t get fake hopes, but (Y/N) had seen how Dean acted around other women and compared that to his behaviour around her and realized that Dean could actually be feeling the same way. That without mentioning she tried all kinds of tests online – “three signs he likes you”, “does he like you back?”, “how to know if that person likes you?”, etc. It was dumb, yes, but she was sure that Dean had feelings for her.

Why weren’t they together? Easy: Dean is always pushing people from getting too close. (Y/N) knew it and didn’t want to pressure him; she needed to give him his own space. Also, Dean was her best friend along with Sam, and in spite of him having feelings for her, she was afraid that pressuring him to have a relationship would scare him away – especially now that Dean had the Mark of Cain.

There were a lot of different beers to try from; (Y/N) and Dean couldn’t figure out which one to try first. They decided to walk around before choosing one; Dean intertwined his fingers with (Y/N)’s as they walked.

He likes me so much. Dean you couldn’t be more obvious!

She had a big smile on her face; not only was she holding the hottest guy in the festival’s hand, but also everyone was staring at them. She knew they made a great couple, everyone told them so. In fact, more than once had they acted like an actual couple during the hunts, giving everyone the most credible performance ever.

I should make a move.

(Y/N) shifted closer to Dean as he stopped in front one of the big barrels. A German man started explaining the history of the beer inside the barrel; Dean was too focused on that to notice how (Y/N) rested her head on his shoulder, still not letting go off his hand.

It wasn’t the first time she did that, though. Whether it was after a hunt, or while sharing a bed at a cheap motel or when she rode shotgun while Sam slept on the backseat, she always found a way to be close to Dean. She would rest her head on his shoulder, or chest or even his lap. Dean didn’t mind, he was used to his female friend being extra cuddly and it was cool. Charlie would also do that when she was around, so Dean didn’t find it weird.

“I think we should try this one.” (Y/N) whispered into Dean’s ear. He smiled widely and looked down at her.

“Definitely.” Dean squeezed her hand as they got in line to get served. Said action made the butterflies in her stomach flutter.

After being served, the two of them sat down at an empty table. They clicked their big beer glasses and took a swig of them. It tasted amazing, the best beer they had ever drunk in their lives.

One beer turned into twenty. Dean and (Y/N) were too drunk to even filter their words anymore. They were laughing drunkenly at everything the other said, no matter if it hadn’t been funny at all.

“So I told him ‘suck it, bitch’ and she said ‘no’ and…” Dean continued. He was telling the story of a witch hunt. It wasn’t close to funny, it was actual rubbish, but (Y/N) was too drunk and couldn’t help laughing. “And I dropped her cauldron to the floor and green goo splattered all over and she said “no!” and I laughed.”

“That’s so funny!” (Y/N) replied, “You’re so funny, and I love you for that.”

“I thought you loved me because of my perky nipples.” Dean joked, not taking her words seriously.

“That too.” She granted, “And your eyes and your hedgehog hair in the morning… And I like It when you let your beard scruff because you look older and…” Dean might have been drunk, but he wasn’t an idiot.

“What are you talking about?” He asked in a serious tone. His vision was still blurry and he kept dragging his words, but his mind was completely focused now. Her mind was having a big dilemma- it was Dean, after all, and pushing it could make him back away. She could lose him.

“I like you Dean.” She confessed. Her drunken words resonated inside the hunter head. Dean’s eyes widened for a second before he cleared his throat.

“(Y/N) I… uh, I…” Dean couldn’t find the proper words to explain his feelings for her.

“I know, I know… You like me too, but you’re too busy with the Mark and Abbadon and all… But it’s fine, we can make it.” She smiled.

“No, it’s not that…” Dean muttered, “I don’t like you back, (Y/N).” Just like her words reacted on him, his words reacted on her. Her drunk state was finally ceasing.

“You don’t?” She asked.

“No.” Dean replied, “I mean, as a friend yeah but… Not as something else, I’m sorry.” Her heart broke into million pieces.

Thankfully, they were sitting at one of the large tables; otherwise, she would’ve fallen to the floor. A pearly tear left her eye and she nodded slightly.

“I guess I should’ve noticed… I’m so dumb for thinking that you’d like someone like me.” She whispered, looking away and wiping her tears with her hands.

“Don’t say that.” Dean begged, “You know I’m not boyfriend material, and you’re one of my best friends… I wouldn’t want to ruin that.”

“Ruin that? How could you possibly ruin something I already did?” Both of them had lost the drunken feeling, they were practically sober.

“You haven’t ruined anything, (Y/N).” Dean replied, “We can still be friends.”

“Bullshit… I shouldn’t have told you, I know but… It’s your fault.” She whined. Dean frowned.

“My fault? How is this my fault?” Dean inquired angrily.

“Because you keep giving me fake hopes and…”

“Fake hopes?” Dean fumed, “How exactly? Did I ever flirt with you other than those times we joke? Or have I ever tried to make a move on you?”

“No, but…” Tears had started to stream down her face.

“The how could you possibly misunderstand my feelings?” Dean was trying to be chill, but the Mark had other feelings.

“Because you treat me differently! You hold my hand and spend the night with me; you don’t mind kissing me when we play a married couple during the hunts and you’ve risked your life to save me more than once.” She cried.

“I also hold Charlie’s hand and spend the night with her when she’s around. I don’t mind kissing you because that’s part of the job and I’ve risked my life for everyone, not only you.” Dean’s words were cold and sharp.

“But… But I…”

“You created yourself an illusion, not minding to look around and notice that I was treating you like a sister.” Dean’s voice had turned raspy, his green eyes were dead serious.

“That’s the Mark talking, Dean.” She whispered. Dean sighed heavily and shook his head.

“Not this time, sweetheart.”


For a whole week, (Y/N) and Dean tried to keep living normally, not letting their past conversation ruin their friendship. However, it was almost impossible for (Y/N) to look into Dean’s eyes without her heart breaking once more.

Therefore, when Dean went to hunt down Abbadon, she escaped. She didn’t leave a note, she didn’t called, she didn’t do anything – she just left. Obviously, she never came back.

She had been with Dean whenever he had needed her, but now, after being killed and brought back as demon, and then cured, she wasn’t there – and that’s when Dean needed her the most.

**I am 100% willing to do an alternative ending if that’s what you want.

Tyler Seguin #5.2

Here is the second part of the fifth Tyler Seguin drabble. Thanks to all who requested! :) Enjoy!!!

Part 1.

Word count: 946

Originally posted by so-hockey-eh

The warning signs were clear. Sirens should have gone off the moment he texted you this morning that he ‘got caught up at work,’ and that he’ll meet you at the game. You understood, of course, because work can be shit sometimes and you’ve been there. You’ve bailed on dates before because of work.

Not that this was a date since you just met the guy forty hours ago.

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can you write bottom!twink!sammy + daddy kink with older!dean???????

of course i had to go and throw in some angst at the end, sorry.

neither of them expected this to happen when dean showed up at sam’s dorm covered in bruises and looking, oh, only about ten years older than he actually was, because some witch bitch had hit him up with a spell. only, now sam’s straddling his brother’s lap because dean just looks so good like this, all scruff and strong muscles, and fuck, he just can’t help himself.

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It’s still Ed’s birthday in my time zone so I though it would be appropriate to give you, the fandom, a little present. And that is this gem of a picture I took back in august 2014. I want to thank you all for making this fandom the nicest, most welcoming place ever, and don’t worry our little bean will be back in no time!

Happy 25th Ed!!! 

P.S click the picture to see it in it’s full HD glory 


happy 28th birthday dulquer salmaan muhammadkutty panaparambil/dQ

you’re a bundle of sunshine and joy and i hope you continue being the same forever. 

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top three pictures of louis?

I don’t want to go through the entire library of Louis to choose because he is just too beautiful, so I’m going to go for the top 3 pictures of louis that I have taken of the past 3 years: 

2014: this one because like look at his little face and messy hair and slight scruff, he’s beautiful:

2013: This one because it might be the best picture I’ve ever taken in my life, and also look at how gleeful he is that he tricked Liam and Harry into running down the catwalk, lol louis tomlinson is so funny

2012: And this one because it was March 2012 and twink realness was in full effect and wow he’s so pretty, look at him. He looks like a little sailor searchin for some booty. I love him. 

see more of my louis pics here

You my dear are cruel in making me choose only 3 pictures.

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That post with a 22 year old Hugh made me think that is about the time Will might have been a cop and could you imagine if 30-something doctor Hannibal saw him? Do you think there would be tears involved, because I think there would be tears involved.

22 yr old baby Will Graham in his little uniform, clean shaven because he doesn’t yet realize that he looks like a little baby without scruff, trying to act all COP-LIKE tough and …

Hannibal is just like “wow okay Emperors have fallen to their knees to worship such exquisiteness in human form, countless wars have been fought by would-be conquerors, may I but live in the shadow of your delicate beauty I might count myself lucky among mortal men”

Will is just like *blinks puts up hands walks away slowly* 

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"maybe they both start growing out their scruff and rubbing it on each other’s cheeks to see who wins in the scruff wars" CRIES, TELL ME MORE. ....

Of course, yes, the scruff wars…

The Wars begin when Erik gets lazy and stops shaving. At first Charles is cool with it because Erik looks best with scruff (take that thacmis), but Charles soon discovers that the scruff is much better from a distance. The hair is coarse as hell and sharp and how is he supposed to go and teach when every time they kiss it looks he got mauled by an animal? This whole red ring around his mouth look is really, really not good. (Plus, his hair might be thinning (he’s not going bald, dammit) and Erik’s freakin’ stupid stubble irritates his head when they cuddle. Charles can’t comfortably tuck his head under Erik’s chin anymore! This is a travesty.)

Erik, who is still lazy, and frankly, kind of enjoys marking up Charles, refuses to be rid of the stubble scruff.

Charles, in a fit of extremely mature adult feelings, decides to grow out his own scruff in protest to give Erik a taste of his own medicine. Unfortunately, he’s never been very gifted in the facial hair department and he gets a patchy, somewhat weak amount of scruff that he rubs on Erik’s cheek for revenge. Erik laughs and tells him it tickles and calls him cute.

Charles doesn’t talk to Erik for three days.


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Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Rating: NSFW
Warning: It’s smut.
Prompt: Steve is staring at you from across the room, but you’re staring right back.

You watched him from across the room, the way his muscles strained against his shirt with every move, and the way his lips curved into a smirk every time he caught you watching him. Steve was teasing you, from that damn blue shirt to the full-on scruff he’d been growing out. He knew what he was doing but then again so did you.

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Style by Taylor Swift 4/4

5sos Imagine 4/4



You come and pick me up,
no headlights.”


It was late.

Yet, you still got a text from Calum saying he was coming to pick you up.

You looked over at your clock and saw it was midnight. The butterflies in your stomach reminded you how your parents were asleep downstairs, and would freak if they found out you were leaving with your boyfriend, Calum.

But they would never find out.

A couple minutes later, you heard a low hum of an engine. You slipped into your vans and grabbed your phone.

You looked to your window, knowing if you tried to open the front door, your parents would wake up.

You unlatched the bottom of your window and quietly raised it. Your room was on the first floor, so you only had to crawl through. Once you were on the other side, all you had to do was lower it back down.

You walked to the front of the house, to the street, where his car was parked. You couldn’t see a light coming from his car, realizing he turned off his headlights.

You walked up and opened the passenger door, getting inside and looking over at Cal.

You locked eyes with him.

As you were driving away from your house, you laid your hand on his thigh and you saw a small smile rest on his lips.



“You got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes.
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like.”


Your eyes moved from your cheeks to your nose, making sure every little flaw was covered up. Lastly, you applied your signature red lipstick. It stood out, but it was classic. And you loved wearing it.

You were taking a cab to a club.

When you arrived at the club, you paid the fare fee to the cab driver, and opened the door to get out. The club was huge and there were lights on top shining beams into the sky.

As you walked closer to the door, you could feel the vibrations from the blaring bass from whatever song the DJ was playing. You walked through the doors and you saw how dim it was inside.

Sweaty, drunken bodies were grinding on the dance floor in one part of the club and you saw a small little lounge area in a corner of the room. It was lit a bit more.

However, you made your way over to the bar, and ordered yourself a couple shots.

After a while, a tall and handsome man came up to the bar and ordered a drink. While he waited for it to be made, he looked over at you and smiled charmingly.

“Well, aren’t you pretty?”

You glanced over at him.

“If you say so.”

“I wouldn’t definitely say so.”

“You’re drunker than I thought.”

He looked a bit taken aback before he started to protest.

“Hey, this is my first drink of the night,” as he took the drink from the bartender.

You turned to face him and inspected him a bit further. Ok, so he wasn’t drunk.

He had a blonde quiff that would normally make him look adorable, but because of the lip ring and the scruff on his chin, he looked quite manly. It was a good look for him.

You met his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes.

His eyes.

You hadn’t seen it before but he had this certain look about him, especially his eyes. He had this James Dean feel to him. It was refreshing. This is what you were looking for.

It was classic.



“You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt.
And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt.”


His arm was around you and you couldn’t help but relish in his warmth. The two of you were in the front seat of his pickup truck.

You looked up at him and kissed his lips. After a couple moments, he deepened the kiss. That’s all it would be though, as your good girl nature held you back. You still intrigued him though.

There was something about you that Ashton couldn’t get enough of. It was the slight tease you gave him, wearing tight skirts and drawing him in, just to pull back in the end. But it was also the look in your eyes. It was a look only he received, and it was so full of love that he didn’t really care whether the two of you kissed, or talked, or just sat by each other.

You attracted him. You were like a drug to him and he was addicted without even getting a taste.

But you were attracted to him, too. With his simple way of slicking his long, golden brown hair back every day. You found it extremely sexy.

And today he wore a t-shirt, a plain white t-shirt. He never understood what you saw in him, but you loved him with all your heart. And as you snuggled back into his side, you could hear his heart beat and knew it beat only for you.



“He can’t keep his wild eyes on the road
Takes me home
Lights are off, he’s taking off his coat.”


You were in the car driving to Michael’s apartment. He was driving a bit too fast with the radio a bit too loud.

His eyes kept flickering to you. He couldn’t keep them off of you. If the roads weren’t so vacant, you’d tell him to pay attention to the road, but it was past midnight. There were barely any other cars on the road, and mainly, you liked the attention. You hadn’t had his attention in a long while.

The lights along the road casted shadows as you turned onto his street. Everything was dim and you counted the street lights one by one as you drove past.

You turned into the familiar driveway, and opened your car door. When you walked around the car, Michael grabbed your hand and led you to the front door.

When he opened it, everything was dark. You heard him taking off his coat, and shuffling into a different room. A lamp in the corner was turned on, and the soft glow that emitted lit up the features on his face.

He looked over at you and a small smirk played on his face as he walked over to you. You hadn’t been here in so long, and both of you had been seeing other people.

It didn’t matter tonight though.

Tonight, there was only the two of you.


I hope you liked it!

Just reminding everyone that requests are open!