because like wut

There are two things about this moment that I like way too much:

1. Yuri has a cute af onigiri pillow

2. While Victor is like “OMG YAAAAS!” Yuri - the one who did it - is just sitting there like “wut” 

Happy birthday soprana-snap


Source: 怜渚(付き合ってない)Rei&Nagisa Not Dating Yet by あくた
Translation/Typesetting: aitaikimochi
Notes: I love stories with Rei being secretly madly in love with Nagisa *dreamily sighs*. Please give the artist stars if you liked her work! She also gave me permission to translate her art (´∀`)☆☆

Why did Glee never do a Bring It On parody episode?

Where the Unholy Trinity gets owned by a group of cheerleaders from like Carmel or something, and so they teach the other Cheerios a routine with singing, and then it turns out most of the Carmel cheerleaders are also from Vocal Adrenaline, so they pop right back at them with an impromptu performance, so Quinn is like, “That’s it,” and back at WMHS throws new cheerleading outfits at Mercedes, Tina, and Rachel and is like, “Congrats. You’re cheerleaders for the week” and then Rachel and Quinn lead them with a new singing routine and own the Carmel cheerleaders, and at the end Rachel is like, “So we’re friends now, right?” and Quinn’s like, “No. … *winks at camera*”

>most people after spoilers: haha ferid went through the windshield

>me after spoilers: Look at him. Look at his eyes full of apathy and self-loathing. After centuries of being cursed to never enjoy the pleasures of life, being unable to love anything or anyone, never once offered an unconditional act of kindness, used and thrown away by a person he may once have put his faith in, of course he’s grown to be cynical, completely done with the world, and only finding amusement in the suffering of others, seeing that is the one thing he could relate to on a visceral level. 

Hannah is getting hate for traits/things she has done that are exactly mirrored and celebrated in Cas and if that isn’t indicative of what a large portion of this fandom is really all about then I’m not sure what is