because like the first chorus is perfect

Phantom of the Opera characters as songs from Moulin Rouge because I am utter trash

Christine- Your Song (because it’s so sweet and beautiful and musically wonderful but not overbearingly dramatic)

Carlotta- Sparkling Diamonds (because it’s totally glitzy and diva-y and don’t try and tell me Carlotta wouldn’t be perfect singing the chorus of Material Girl)

Raoul- Elephant Love Medley (because it’s all about love and totally sweet even though it’s a little frantic at first)

Erik- Tango Du Roxanne (because he’s a dramatic butt who probably loves tangos and pretending like he knows better than everyone)

Daroga- Like a Virgin (because God knows his whole life is crazily trying to distract a lovesick maniac)




I’m just going to casually bring back this legendary performance because it’s 90% of the reason I would trust Seventeen with my life tbh. Just listen to it as a song first and how it sounds like a song, how it flows from the smooth opening into beat with the really great underlying bass playing and then how balanced the rap and vocal parts. How the outro to the chorus is a perfect linking to the rap part coming in after but also teases the performance unit bridge solo. How in the last chorus there’s this hint of electric guitar but it still really keeps to the classic feel and adds a perfect blend. Then watch the performance and how well they’re on the beats as well as the lyrics tying in to the actual choreo, how their expression work is flawless and they even incorporate a bit of prop work with the chair. And hell, why not, appreciate that the camera work is really on the spot too even if it’s not something Seventeen was in charge of. It just further proves the point that they are right on point and on timing. Seventeen, working this hard on a song that isn’t even theirs and is a single throwaway special stage performance to not only end up with a remade, flipped on it’s head song but on it’s own a legitimately good song. I mean as a song it’s balanced and fabulously mixed and made and they pulled out all the stops just for this single performance and it was just generally A+ work.

I saw Fury Road again today. This was in a better theater in 3D; I figured I should give that a try even though I’m a curmudgeon who usually avoids it.

It was so worth it. :-)

Besides the visuals, I was able to hear things I hadn’t heard the first two times. Like this: After the lancer on the war rig’s fuel pod chromes himself and shouts “witness me!” before leaping onto the Buzzard vehicle, you hear a chorus of war boys shouting “witness!” in response to his sacrifice. But there’s also one shout of “mediocre!”

Which was hilarious, but so perfect. Because in the hyper-masculine war boy culture, there’s always going to be That One Guy.