because like eleanor is so posh to me

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the thing is though, Elk is genuinely plane as hell. look at Sophia, she really is striking. even Danielle, and i can't believe i'm saying this, but she does have a pretty face and a really beautiful figure. Elk is absolutely unremarkable, and the fact that so many people follow her "career" is baffling to me, she's got 0 personality (at least from what we get to see) and she doesn't catch your eye at all.

Listen, this is going to sound harsh, but whatever. I specialise in Casting; I’m highly sought after and I’m extremely good at what I do. This means that I spend the majority of my days looking for people to appear on television, and while personality is extremely important, the majority of shows can only get away with having a moderate number of “normal to ugly” looking people on it, so attractive people are in high demand.

I see A LOT of faces every single day, and I have to be ruthless. If I’m told “find us some eyecandy”, then I’m only allowed to put forward extremely attractive people, with no exceptions.

And let me tell you, if Eleanor applied for one of my shows as I was asked by an Exec to describe her, I’d say “She’s skinny but she’s a bit faceless. You should watch her video because she doesn’t look like any of her pictures in person. She acts like she thinks she’s posh, but she comes across as a bit of a wannabe. I’ve got better options.”

When I talk to girls that look like she does, and they tell me they’re a model (and there are a lot of them) I immediately think “Uh huh, sure you are” and know that what that means is they’re unemployed and they’ve been lucky enough to book for two modeling jobs in the past 18 months, probably for something fairly low-budget and local, like a small town car show. Or I keep asking questions and find out they’re an ASPIRING model, but right now they’re working at H&M or Nandos to pay the rent.

This is a girl who resoundingly WOULD NOT be where she in today, if it wasn’t for the attention her bearding has brought her, and frankly I’m sick of her vanity and her attitude.

Re: Sophiam

I just wanted to expand on your Sophiam/bearding thoughts. I never really took notice of them apart from to blanket assume all of 1D were bearding anyway, at all times, lol. But I totally agree. The tabloid nonsense never addresses the depth of knowledge and timeline that fans -or- those that bother to look can see. I think Sophia was a quick fix and management looked after her well, just as they did/have with Eleanor. The girls got to travel the world, stay in top hotels/take first-class flights, gain attention/exposure, and it has been undoubtedly well paid. Look at Eleanor now. I like the girl, but what actually does she -do-? She seems a lovely person and quite harmless but it’s like she’s retired at 23 to run a fashion blog and sip coffee at Bistro’s all day? What happened to the politics degree and joining the rat race of society? Afaics, she’s always in LA/posh London suburbs or strolling with her dog/friends, day after day, like being on permanent holiday. This is post Louis, so either her family is incredibly rich, she’s been well paid off, or both. It’s just not normal for someone of that age to be able to afford what looks to me like a very easy, luxury London lifestyle like that without working a top job, hard, every day. Or coming into very good money.  

Sophia is interesting because her PR has taken a similar route without being quite so overexposed as Eleanor. But the bizarreness of tabloid talk that Liam couldn’t maintain his relationship with someone a. always on tour with him b. soon could be together full time, at home, and do what they want, is pure nonsense. A real couple would literally be counting the calendar days down with a smile at the thought that in a few months they’d be free. If that relationship meant anything he’d have waited for her/her for him, not breaking up and using that as a weak excuse.

I always feel like whoever writes 1D’s phoney narratives doesn’t understand young people at all. Or plausibility.

I wouldn’t put it past 1DHQ to ‘reconcile’ Sophiam, esp if Liam is seen within a sniff of Zayn or his property (Popbitch will let us know, lol!). Although I’d assume they’ll try and link Liam maybe with industry women and random girls in the press to keep his name ‘out there’ during hiatus. I know these girls have benefited from a wonderful life bearding or hanging out with the boys in lots of ways, but it’s still wrong.


I agree with you. Eleanor’s post Louis activity is pretty suspect. But also totally expected. Because the lifestyle is addictive and she’s gonna do what it takes to hold onto it. I don’t think she (or Sophia) come from a posh background. I think 1DHQ very intentionally sought out working class girls because the lifestyle would seem more appealing to someone who hasn’t experienced it before. Therefore, they’d be extra cooperative. There’s a science behind all this fakery.

Eleanor and Sophia’s public lives are carefully curated for fandom consumption. It looks glam and happy but there’s a not so nice underbelly to it. I don’t wanna even get into details but that kinda gig can come at a price. These aren’t nice people who respect women that they’re working for. They’re rich, entitled, chauvinistic dicks. Obviously I’m not talking about 1D, but 1DHQ. It’s predatory and intimidating. Neither of them was any match for 1DHQ.

Yes, the Sophiam break-up narrative is totally senseless. I’m guessing maybe 1DHQ had another story lined up but were negotiated with to drop it. So the fallback was some I-love-her-so-I-let-her-go crap. Sure. People who are in love and have the means to be together break-up all the time for vague illogical reasons that even E.L. James and Stephanie Meyer would reject. LOL

I don’t think there’s any getting back together for Sophiam because 1DHQ ended it because they needed to. Time is running out. But yep, I think they’ll keep no homo-ing it until the end.

I also agree that forced bearding is wrong and both Eleanor and Sophia were wrong for participating. But I’m sure the money and access and perks were hard to turn down. At the end of the day, they still benefited from someone else’s oppression and that’s not ok.

Written Preference - He needs you more than you need him.

Luke: (Your POV)

Luke had just got back from being away on tour for 6 months. And it was sunday. Sunday was take out in bed and tried to watch films until we fell asleep and Luke would wake up in the middle of the night and turn the film off. We were lying on the bed, my head rested on his bare chest.
“There’s no place i’d rather be but here with you (Y/N).” Luke murmered into my hair as he kissed the top of my head softly.
“I’m so happy your back home, i’ve missed you so much babe.” I lifted my head to look into his sleepy blue eyes, i smiled. God i was so in love with this boy.
“What film do you want to watch next?” I moved back to my side of the bed and he got up to change the film.
“Actually, i uh.. I’m feeling pretty tired could we just cuddle for a bit but if you wanna watch another film you can i’m just a bit tired after work today i-”
“(Y/N) it’s okay. I’d love to cuddle. Let me just go do my business in the toilet then i’ll be all yours.” He smiled and pecked my lips as he walked around the bed to go to the ensuite. A minute later he came back and got in bed next me.
“Hey.. lukey.” I murmered as i flipped over so i could see the outline of his face in the darkness.
“C'mere.” Luke stretched his arm out and pulled my waist so we were lying on our sides and i found comfort in his chest again. I was seconds from falling asleep when Luke spoke.
“(Y/N)?” He whispered.
“Yes Luke?”
“Can you swear to me that we’ll always be this way?”
“I can’t promise anything but i will always try my hardest if you do too.”

Ashton: (His POV)

It was mine and (Y/N)’s one year anniversary and i had decided to surprise her with an romantic dinner. Being from Australia and not knowing any amazing restaurants in the UK. I recruited the help of Louis Tomlinson. He told me about this really cute restaurant in Manchester that he likes to take his girlfriend Eleanor to and he managed to get us reservations for tonight. I had told (Y/N) i’d pick her up at 7pm. It was now 6:55pm and i was running a little late because i wanted tonight to be perfect. Pulling up outside her house i got out my car and checked what i looked like in my side mirror.
“Wow Irwin. You wore a white shirt and posh shoes that aren’t vans for me?” (Y/N) joked as she walked up to my car. I fumbled with my clothes. I don’t know why i was so nervous.
“And you wore an dress for me? Thats so not like you (Y/N).” I blushed. Damn she looked good. We got in my car and i set off to the restaurant.
“So where are you taking me?”
“It’s a secret but you’ll find out soon enough.” I chuckled A bit of chit chat later about our day and i parked near the restaurant.
“Rosso’s? Ash? Really? Wow. Isn’t this place really expensive?” (Y/N) Practically screamed.
“Well the album’s just come out and it’s doing well so i thought i’d treat my girl to some good food.” I winked. We were seated by a front of house staff and enjoyed and delicious and romantic meal. Thanks to Louis. We payed for dinner and i left a tip for the lovely waitress we had and headed back to my car.
“This was amazing Ashton. You’re seriously amazing. I love you.” (Y/N) smiled. Normally those three words would circle around in my stomach like butterflies but this time it annoyed me more than anymore. See the thing with (Y/N) is, she’s not a very affectionate person. And i’d love a kiss to follow those words but after a year of being together we’ve kissed probably 10 times and it always seem as though she’s not as into it as me.
“(Y/N). Why don’t you give me physical affection?” I asked. It had really started to bug me these last few weeks and i thought i’d get something out of her tonight, obviously i didn’t.
“I do Ash. What are you talking about?”
“It just seems to me, that you know just what to say. But words are only words (Y/N). You never kiss me. I always make the first move. And i don’t know i’d just like to be reassured that you feel the same and i guess i just don’t know anymore whether you do.”

Calum: (His POV)

I walked in the front door from doing a signing with the boys. I threw my keys on the table in the kitchen and went to find (Y/N). I heard talking in the bedroom and i made my way up the stairs. Maybe she had a friend over.
“I don’t know (Y/F/N). I just find it hard. I feel like i can’t tell Cal though because it would look like i’m ungrateful and complaining.” There was no reply so i figured she was on the phone. I stopped at the top of the stairs and leant on the wall. She can’t talk to me? Why can’t she talk to me?
“I know i should confide in him. He’s my boyfriend i should be able to confide in him.”
I can’t believe she doesn’t feel like she can talk to me. I’m understanding. I rarely get annoyed. I just don’t get it. All of the boys confide in me so why can’t my girlfriend.
“Okay (Y/F/N) thank’s for listening to me ramble. See you tomorrow. Bye!” (Y/N) walked out of the bedroom door and stopped noticing i was on the stairs. Before she could question me i questioned her.
“(Y/N) why can’t you open up to me like you do your friends?”
“Cal… it’s complicated.” She walked past me down the stairs, obviously ignoring to elaborate. I followed her.
“What’s so complicated about it (Y/N) ? I’m your boyfriend. I can confide in you so why can’t you do the same? I don’t understand. And that’s something for me because i’m a pretty understanding guy. Why is it so hard for you to open up to me? Why are you keeping things from me? Are you happy with me? Relationships are supposed to be two way (Y/N).” I was so frustrated, i just didn’t get it. At all. I need someone that will give me everything i give them. And it’s just not happening in this relationship. I don’t know what to do. I love her.
“Calum, please. It’s just hard for me. I’m not as open with my feeling and you know i hate to speak up when its not my place to. I’m trying Calum. Just give me time. Some people aren’t as understanding and able to spill their guts out as you are. Of course i’m happy with you. I just don’t like to burden you with my problems when you already have enough to worry about.” I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her.
“ Your problems are my problems. Ok? Just please, i don’t want to lose you but i feel like i do when you’re not straight with me. I love you (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). Don’t you ever forget that. I’m happy for you to burden me with your problems.”

Michael: (Your POV)


————— An hour later ——————

I heard a fumble outside and keys rattling in the door. Getting off my bed i walked in the bathroom and locked the door. I wasn’t ready to talk to him right now. What he said wasn’t fair and it hurt. I looked in the bathroom mirror and sighed quietly. I looked a mess. I had mascara running down my cheeks and my face was full of red blotches from crying.
“(Y/N)?” Michael shouted from downstairs. His voice was calm. Well calmer than earlier. It was desperate if anything. I didn’t reply. I heard quick footsteps run up the stairs and into the bedroom. He must’ve saw the bathroom door locked because in seconds he was knocking the door.
“(Y/N). Please. Come out. I’m sorry okay.” I still didn’t reply. He needed to grovel. I wasn’t going to let him off the hook this time. He hurt me too much to be forgiven after a small ‘I’m sorry okay.“ No it wasn’t good enough for me today.
"I know i’ve fucked up bad. I didn’t mean to get so angry. I love you you know that right? So much. I’m so sorry for hurting you with my irrational words. I don’t wanna be angry anymore. You know I could never stand for this. I could never stay angry at you. You’re my world (Y/N). You mean so much to me. The thought of not being with you for the rest of my life creates a hole in my heart. I know i can say some things that hurt and i am forever sorry for it. Please (Y/N). I need you. You don’t need me. But i really need you. I live to see that beautiful smile appear on your face when i say something dumb. Please. Please. Please.” I could hear in his voice that he had been crying too. My heart ached for him. Slowly i turned the lock and opened the door. He stumbled and got up and looked me in the eye. His green eyes watery and red. I wrapped my arms his neck and pulled him into a tight and needy hug. Michael’s arm wrapped around my waist.
“I fucking love you (Y/N). Forever.”