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Inside Choices is a behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team!

With Choices nearing its one year anniversary, The Crown & The Flame trilogy has come to an end. It’s been an epic year-long journey for Kenna, Dom, and the rest of their ragtag crew. As one of the first books to launch with Choices, the team behind TC&TF started work on it long before August. Months later, saying farewell to one of our first series feels like saying good-bye to an old friend.

The team has weathered marathon brainstorms and late-night writing sessions, and celebrated epic plot twists and awesome character art. With the final chapter in the rearview mirror, the writers of TC&TF took the time to reflect and reminisce…

The Crown & The Flame trilogy is over, and it’s been quite the journey. How do you feel?

Kathleen: Super weird. It kinda feels like graduating from college, actually. Like, you’ve been immersed in this cool new world for so long and surrounded by these people you’ve grown to love (even though Val’s always stealing your food and Dom wants to party all the time instead of doing homework), and you get so attached that you kind of forget there’s a world outside. Now graduation is looming and half of me is like “oh thank goodness” but the other half is going “WAIT, NO, I LIKE IT HERE, AAAAA”.

Eric: So many feelings! Sad because I’ve dedicated so many hours to TC&TF, and it’s like saying goodbye to close friends. Happy because we were fortunate enough to get to create this whole world from scratch! Proud because I feel we’ve brought the series to a satisfying conclusion. And of course grateful for the fans, whose passion for it made Books 2 and 3 a reality.

Since we’re at the end, why not talk about beginnings? How did TC&TF first come about? What were the early days like?

Kathleen: Lot of brainstorming, LOT of revisions. The first story that we outlined was much more focused on courtly intrigue, less so on the action. It looked totally different from the version of TC&TF that exists today, but there are a few relics from that first version that we kept because we loved them so much. For instance, Sei Rhuka was one of the first characters we created for that earlier story, and she survived the move to TC&TF pretty much unchanged (because what would you change? She’s perfect).

There were some late nights, and times when I definitely thought I was gonna crack under the stress. Fortunately I had Eric and Kara, two heroes of legend, fighting by my side.

Kara: The first draft of TC&TF was written under so much pressure and at such a frantic pace that it was nothing like the book that ended up being released. To give you an example of how much things change, Val Greaves, everyone’s favorite mercenary, was originally a male character just named Mercenary. Kathleen had the idea of making her a woman, and then the character of Val really started to emerge as the snarky, mean voice that the cast was currently lacking.

Another thing that came about because of that time was just the incredible trust between the writers. On most products, there’s a more formal process of logging changes, but because we were so short on time, we were just actively editing each other’s work, and I think we managed to get through that without killing each other, so it really says a lot about how well we work together! Sometimes you write your first draft and you don’t realize how much better it can be until you take a step back. I wrote a scene once where Dom is carrying a sack of flour down the castle hallway, and I thought, this is boring, I’ll add in a choice. Oh, I’ll give the choice a timer! Then I realized I’d just made a minigame about carrying a sack of flour. So I cut the whole thing. But sometimes it isn’t until you write the scene that you realized you’re going down a bad or boring path. The early days were a lot of that.

We rewrote a lot of things together, but it was such a privilege to work with Kathleen and Eric on creating this world. It was amazing when we reached a point where we’d revised and revised and revised and finally felt like we’d burned away everything that was boring or not working and all that was left was even stronger than it had been before.

Eric: Hectic! It’s one thing to write a book now, knowing what Choices looks like, but back then we were writing with placeholder art (everyone was Queen Adriana!) and we just had no idea what was going to work and what wasn’t.

Also, I echo everything Kara said above about trust. So many times I wrote a thing and thought, “Oh gods, I’m a fraud! I’m a terrible writer!” and then had either Kara or Kathleen or Jessica swoop in and turn my garbage into gold. Having the safety net of a great team makes standing on the tightrope a lot more fun.

Strong world building is crucial to any good fantasy story. That ranges from history and culture to what you yell when you stub your toe. What was the worldbuilding process like for the Five Kingdoms?

Kathleen: You start super general (place names, general time period/level of tech, climate), then build your details on top of that. Every detail comes from somewhere, everything is the way it is for a reason. In those early stages it helped us to give each of the kingdoms a “thing” that they’re known for. For Fydoria, it’s knowledge and art, for Thorngate, it’s trees and archery, for Lykos, it’s jerks and backstabbers, lol.

That gave you a jumping off point for what these people would be like, and how they relate to the other kingdoms. We were also very deliberate about what colors and styles of clothing the different kingdoms would wear, which I was really into. It’s great to look at a character and immediately know whose team they’re on (or whose team they want you to think they’re on…)

Then you take your pages and pages of notes to the artists, and they do some kind of beautiful magic that turns your dreams into something real you can look at. We work with some AMAZING artists. I have the Aurelian castle set as my computer’s wallpaper because I like to stare at it all day.

Eric: Ditto what Kathleen said. The incredible art helps tremendously with this process. Sometimes we’d get a piece of art back and it’d be SOOOOO good that it’d inspire us to go in a new direction. That kind of moment (like with Val) is really special.

What did you consider the most challenging part of writing TC&TF?

Kathleen: Not making every chapter 5,000 lines long, haha. I have issues with writing these super long, flowery dialogues, but thankfully Eric is there to keep me in check. It can also be hard to find a character’s voice sometimes, especially if you and that character don’t have a lot in common.

Eric: Keeping Kathleen in check. HA! Seriously, though, we had a HUUUUGE cast, and all of the characters have compelling backstories and fun voices and fans on social media. Trying to make sure everyone got ample screentime (while still telling a good story) was tough.  

Going off of that, what were your favorite scenes to write in TC&TF? (Spoiler alert!)

Kathleen: Oh man. I’m a mean person who loves writing the super intense emotional climaxes where everyone is crying and screaming at each other. So basically the whole Whitlock/Hex arc. One of my favorite writing moments though was when I was working on that kraken scene in book 2 and I had to turn to my boyfriend and say “Hey, what sound does a kraken make?” Boyfriend: “<kraken sound>” Me: “Yeah… but like, how do you spell that?”

Kara: My favorite scene to write was a dream sequence where Kenna and Dom get married, because I got to jump around in different scenarios and it felt a lot like fan fiction in the best way. But my second favorite was when Val has to pretend to be a handmaiden for Zenobia Nevrakis. I loved the idea of getting to see from Val’s point of view as she has to infiltrate this girly world of gowns and bodices. She’s usually a character who’s seen it all and can handle anything, so it was fun to get her out of her element for once.

Brandon: I had a major blast with the entire final battle, but I have a special place in my heart for the scene between Luther and Kenna in Chapter 13. I love when you get to shine the spotlight on a bad guy, in a way that makes you almost sympathize with them…but not quite.

Eric: By far, the action scene where Dom turns into a dragon for the first time. I was actually writing from my apartment, and I was like, “If I turned into a dragon, what would be the most fun, badass things I could do?” (Cut to me flapping my arms through the air as I run around my apartment breathing imaginary fire on unsuspecting Nevrakis boats…) It was silly, but I did get some good stuff outta that.

TC&TF is filled with so many different villains, heroes, and everyone in between. Who was your favorite character to write?

Kathleen: I have a soft spot for terse warrior types who just have no time for your nonsense, so writing Sei is always super fun. She behaves the way we all sort of wish we could, except she can get away with it because she’s crazy strong and can light you on fire with her mind.

Brandon: Oof, tough choice. I think we all have a lot of fun writing Val (because who doesn’t love that character who gives the bad guy the finger?). Personally, though, my favorites to write have been the Nevrakis, specifically Luther and Zenobia. Zenobia is just so annoyed and out of place most of the time, which is fun to play with. She’s like, “Ugghhh, dragons? Really? Whatever.” It’s like she stepped in off the set of Mean Girls. And Luther is just such a fun jerk. He’s got sort of a cynical wisdom, but also has zero self-awareness and is totally unapologetic for any of the ruthless stuff he’s done. That is a character I really love to hate.

Eric: Severin. I felt like his art asset was really imposing, and his character represented this first challenge for Kenna on this impossible path. It was fun to make him this physical, monosyllabic, gruff presence that couldn’t be reasoned with. She’d have to eventually fight him in combat to prove herself. Plus, he’s kinda dumb, and I love writing dumb characters. Alas, no one seems to care much for Severin…

In a way, TC&TF lives on in The Royal Romance. Olivia in TRR is a descendant of Zenobia, for one thing. If Kenna and Dom and the rest of the crew were around now in present day Cordonia, what do you think they’d be like?

Kathleen: Kenna is super responsible and runs her Kingdom like a proper adult, but when she gets frustrated with politics she dreams of running away to tour with Val and Sei’s metal band (Damsels of Destruction). Kailani just won like, 12 olympic medals for weightlifting and martial arts. During the off season she and Noa split their time between running a gym and touring with Cirque du Soleil. Whitlock runs one of those tech companies that does supersonic maglev trains and smart dishwashers and stuff. He’s totally gonna colonize Mars. This is fun, I wanna do this all day!

To write fantasy, you had to know the fantasy genre pretty well. What makes the fantasy genre special to you? And what are some of your favorite books?

Kathleen: I was raised on a diet of Grimm fairy tales and Greek legends (which probably explains a lot about me). I love the fantasy genre because you take these wild, magical worlds that look completely different from anything we know, and use them to explore themes that are really close to home (coming of age, sacrifice, family, etc). Fantasy is a dramatic metaphor for real life. Because I’m a huge nerd, I dig fantasy books that have logical, internally-consistent magic systems. Sabriel by Garth Nix is hands down my favorite book, but the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede was the first series I got super into. Arglefraster!

Eric: When I was little, I wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons with the older kids in my neighborhood, but they wouldn’t let me play. That led me to this one book (I don’t remember the name) that was basically like single-player D&D. It had a page where you kept track of your hit points, potions, etc. It was incredibly nerdy, but also the awesomest book I’d ever experienced. Little did I know it was paving the way for my career.

Pixelberry was the first place where I really felt comfortable letting my inner nerd loose. I finally got to not only play D&D (we ran a campaign after hours), but to write something within a similar world…

What’s next for The Crown & The Flame team? Can you give us a hint about what you’ll be working on after this?

Kathleen: *Evil cackling, hands rubbing together in glee* Ahem. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that I seem to have been typecast as a genre writer and I am 100% okay with this.

Eric: No hints. We’re definitely not planning something for Halloween.

Ooh, intriguing… To all the fans of The Crown & The Flame, thank you for coming with us on this epic journey! Check back every week for more Choices adventures!


Okay, can we talk about how amazing this scene is for a second??

So, this is an image of Giorno and Mista during the White Album fight and holy crap I think I might cry. This is absolutely beautiful; The combination of the golden background as well as the sun rising with Giorno carrying Mista is literally eye candy. This scene really shows how much Giorno cares about him; He’s not just holding Mista for the sake of it– He’s holding Mista as if he wants to protect him. It shows how much these two have come together; Mista’s literally evaded death about three times and Giorno’s always been there to back him up. Their friendship is practically oozing out of these panels. (Kind of like the blood from Mista’s multiple bullet wounds)

And we’re not even on the dialogue yet. In case Giorno’s text is too small to read, he says this:

“Mista… Your determination blazes brighter than the rising sun, illuminating our path with its brilliance… We’ll face the light and walk our path onward… Together!

Holy moly… I’m almost in tears; This is fantastic. Giorno’s admiration for Mista is literally pure. Giorno, being the type of person to keep to himself with compliments, praising Mista like this and telling him how they’re going to continue their journey together is so heartwarming. The fact that he uses the sun’s symbolism makes this like, five times better. Comparing Mista’s determination to the blazing sun was perfect because of how accurate it is– Mista continues to stand up and fight multiple times even when he’s on the verge of death. These two, I just– I can’t–

Their friendship is literally the light of my life. Their interaction throughout Vento Aureo was a blessing and I’m so grateful. Am I overanalyzing fictional characters? Definitely. Am I using this panel as an excuse to ship them? Probably. Either way, this has to have been my favorite scene from Vento Aureo just because of how amazing the pictures and dialogue work together. All together, the White Album arc was beautiful. 

Mars' Recs: Joshler Multichaps In Progress YA GOTTA READ

You all should be so excited because there are some truly fantastic multichaptered fics out there that are being regularly updated! It’s just so awesome to check the AO3 and be notified that omg this fic was updated again!

Here’s five (5) fics I’m LIVING for (in no particular order). I guarantee that you will be hooked to most, if not all of these fics ;

1. Joy to the World by edy

@edyluewho is publishing a truly stupendous novel, and it may be early to call but…it’s their best one yet. I love edy so much, and I love their signature style–don’t get me wrong this is definitely an edy fic, but there’s still something just a little different to what we’ve grown to expect in terms of style that makes me go whoa. This is an apocalypse fic, but of course edy keeps it fresh in terms of how the world is ending and the course of the external events. We are #blessed, myfrens. #blessed 

That’s not even touching upon how amazingly they write Josh & Tyler and all the other characters, but this is edy we’re talking about, so you know it’s good.

2. Set Fire To My Soul & I’ll Burn A Little Brighter Baby by PastelMess

The sequel to Light A Match (we’ve been calling this Equal Elms, because who doesn’t love anagrams?), and it’s so enthralling and exciting.  All your favorite Talents are back again for another adventure! Intrigue! Infighting! @pastelxmess has done it again! If this was a movie, this would be the summer blockbuster you’d rave about.

3. Another Western Vampire (Different Time, Same Place) by stalksoftly

If you haven’t read anything by @stalk-softly , then you’re missing out. They create amazing stories that are so complex and well written, you’re like…wait? this isn’t a published novel? This fic in particular has such a unique setting with fantastical elements, you will be thrilled by how different this all is. Western? Witchcraft? You will be hooked by the mystery and twists. This fic is so advanced in how it’s put together, you will be amazed.

4. Sweet Creature by olgushka

I’m really enjoying how much olgushka has grown as a writer with each fic they post. This is, I believe, their first attempt at a Joshler multichapter, and it’s going very well. Usually when one sees an update to a fic, you get all excited and your heart is light when you click on the link.  With this story (Josh has a secret child and Tyler finds out….and then the ensuing adjustments and difficulties), your heart is taken on a powerful journey. I feel so acutely the struggles that the characters go through, and I walk away feeling older and sadder, but in a good way! this fic hurts so, so well, and I know there will be a good pay off and happy ending……OR ELSE

5. Kairos by liliesandstags

One thing I always used to love about summertime was the newest season of Teen Wolf. My guilty pleasure show since I wouldn’t normally admit to liking high school stories or werewolves, and this fic is the Teen Wolf Summer Season of 2017 in terms of it being fun and entertaining and sweet and silly, but still has those emotional moments. 


These fics are all fantastic and are being posted regularly, so please, please check them out! I know people often complain there’s nothing fresh or new being posted but the above 5 prove there is so much talent in our fandom!

Things I like right now

Steven Universe: favorite character is Steven because of his positivity and boundless love. Lesbian rocks are also awesome. I love magic so great show. Silly and cute but actually has a plot to keep me interested. ALSO SONGS

Young Justice: favorite character is Dick Grayson. I’m not sure why but his growing up in the circus doesn’t hurt anything. Pretty swag. I didn’t like superheroes before this show so that’s awesome.

Gravity Falls: favorite character is Mabel because of her positivity and wonder. She’s not afraid to be herself even if it’s silly and she cares deeply for everyone, especially her brother. Sad it’s over. Plot was good but I kinda wanted more goofy filler episodes because I’m watching a children’s cartoon for a reason and also more episodes means more time to enjoy the twins

Miraculous Ladybug: favorite character is either cat noir or tiki. Tiki is super cute. Adrian is also adorable and charming and smart and kind. I’m excited to see more plot development in the next season. All the villains are so creative! And I can’t wait for Adrian/Maronette to be a thing.

We Bare Bears: super duper cute and adorable at all times. Love it. Idk who my favorite character is but maybe ice? Anyway it’s light and fluffy! It doesn’t have a plot but that’s not why I watch it. Sometimes having a plot is good and sometimes silly cuteness is all I need. This show is always a pick-me-up

Star vs the Forces of Evil: ok just watched this for the first time which was right in time cuz third season is starting soon. I’m super pumped. My favorite character is Star. She’s just so STAR. She is silly and cute and loves rainbows and glitter and her best friend is a unicorn head! She also has normal emotions like stress regarding her future as queen and sadness when she loses Glosserik. She’s great and the show is great and I can’t wait to delve deeper into the plot in season three! I just hope there’s still plenty of silly episodes too!

Loud House: LOVE. It’s super funny and great for watching with my little brother. When shows have a plot it’s way harder to watch with him because he’s so busy and I’m impatient. But this way we can just watch it whenever he has time. There’s so many characters which can be confusing but they all have their own personalities and individuality. Every sibling is fun to watch and characters outside of the family are great too! Besides simply being an entertaining show, I love their diversity. Yeah there’s a family of 13 with all white people as the main focus but they still manage to include all races, sexualities, and even disabilities in a positive light and normalize it.

Henry Danger: I kind of like this. Henry is cute and the show is funny. My brother likes this one too. Personally I love Charlotte. I hope maybe Captain Man with make her a sidekick too:)

anonymous asked:

I really do love the way you color !! Perhaps can u make a tutorial about that? I'm having trouble with coloring my characters and blending.. .

i’m bad at explaining mostly because i have no idea what i’m doin while drawing 8D but i’ll try (with sai)

first of all is basicly the sketch and some basic colors 

after that i like to set up my light source and some shadows. Gives some orientation for later.

before blending smash all layers together to get to painting. Here’s also my favorite brush settings (which i use all the time) 

in the end its just messy and i literally have no idea what i’m doing all the time. Sorry if that won’t help ya so much D: 

CSBB Author Spotlight: the-corsair-and-her-quill

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @the-corsair-and-her-quill!

What is your writing process like?

I usually write down, pen to paper, every scene. I think that’s the best way to think. I read it out loud, imagine the expressions of the character. And when I do write, I mimic some of the actions, see how it comes out in real life so I can incorporate it exactly. I usually write three-four scenes maybe, at one sitting. But I try to make it as long as possible.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a writer?

I think my strength is in how I write my dialogues. Words are everything to me, and I personally think that my lines would be something that resonates with people, and is true to the characters.

What’s a particular trope or kind of story you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet?

I’ve always wanted to try a secret romance trope, or a forbidden romance trope because it has the best parts of all other favs - friends to lovers and angst!

Who is your favorite OUAT character to write?

Killian Jones. ALL FORMS OF KILLIAN JONES, but my favorite is Killian as he is now, a man with flaws and so so so REAL. For one, the character is one I have a connection with. I am the kind of person who knows self-loathing to a T, and I know how difficult change is. I’ve been told a few times how I write Killian so well, and I think it’s mostly because he’s the epitome of what love and kindness can do to bring a man from darkness to light!

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

The first reason I signed up for it is because I wanted to just do something without overthinking it. I knew that it was a huge commitment, but I wanted to do it because I know I can. I just needed that push.

The thing I’m looking forward to most would probably be getting more involved in the fandom. I’ve been a part of it for 2.5 years, and I just wanted to be more active and get to meet and interact with more of the amazing people from the fandom!

Favorite Fics:

Red Hearts and Non-Believers (AO3)

This is my first bigggg fic, and I drew inspiration from my personal AND future professional life. Psychology is a huge part of who I am, and I wanted to give a Grey’s kind of spin to it. And I’m just really proud of the way I stretched out the romance, because that’s really hard for me.

The “‘Are We There Yet?” Series (AO3)

This was the first time I’d worked in OCs in my fic. And I just loved the dynamic between Killian and his niece and daughter!

First In Line (AO3)

This again, I was inspired by my degree. I remember staying up late cramming for an exam the next day, and I came across postpartum blues and I thought “CS in this situation would be sooo painful yaaas!” PS. I love angst.

Check out the-corsair-and-her-quill on FFnet - AO3 - Tumblr

My favorite TLOU fics

Thanks for showing interest, guys! I’ve kind of clustered them around certain categories, so you can more easily find what you like.

Joel [Because our favorite man is still shrouded in mystery.]

  • “Dirt” (T; incomplete): This covers the 20 years between the game’s prologue and the actual start of the game, and is told from Tommy’s point of view. Hands down, one of the best TLOU fanfics I’ve come across yet. Don’t let the “incomplete” status scare you off, there’s already 29 LONG chapters of goodness already posted!
  • “Joel, Broken” (T): Joel’s life with Sarah, told in reverse chronological order. I think the author really provides realistic character motivations as she studies what happened between Joel and his ex-wife.
  • “no light, no light” (T): Fatherly torture, beautiful writing.
  • “Curiosity” (M): Even if you don’t usually like reader inserts, give this one a try – the writing is absolutely beautiful, and everything feels so true to Joel’s character.

Tess [Why is it so damn hard to find good Tess fics? Whatever, let me help you out.]

Joel/Tess [Because I make no bones about my OTP.]

Joel & Ellie [Mostly feels-tastic father/daughter stuff.]

  • “on rusted things that had stopped moving” (NR, probably a T for language): The writing in this is just completely beautiful. I dare you to still be breathing right after you read the last line.
  • “landscape” (T): More totally gorgeous writing. The last scene takes my breath away.
  • “Hands” (G): Just a really beautiful meditation on Joel and Ellie’s relationship, told through one short scene.
  • “in the end was it fireflies or lightning bugs and did it really matter” (G): I think this was written before Left Behind came out, so it diverges from canon in terms of Ellie’s sexuality, but I still think it’s beautiful writing.
  • “Flying to Wyoming, Chapter 13: The Feminine Abyss” (M, but this chapter is probably just a T for language): Lots of people have wondered how Ellie deals with her period – so please enjoy Ellie making Joel jimmy open a tampon dispenser. It’s fucking hysterical. (Note: This chapter is part of a much longer Joellie romance. This chapter stands alone and is not romantic at all. Read the rest of the story or not as you will.)

If you really want to cry


Joel/Ellie (Joellie) [-ducks from thrown rocks-]

was tagged by the most amazing @sparklesandchalk to answer these and in turn to tag some followers I’d love to get to know better!

name: Gina
nickname: None really. Some people just say G (which seems very Gossip Girl imo) 
zodiac sign: Gemini
hogwarts house: Slytherin (Ravenclaw is my next highest)
height: 5′5″
ethnicity: German, Swiss, English, Scottish
favorite fruit: Mangos
favorite season: Summer (in college it was fall now it’s summer because I finish work and it’s still light out LOL)
favorite book series: I’m not really a fan of any book series.
favorite fictional character: Elizabeth Bennet
favorite flower: any tropical flower
favorite scents: fresh scents and tropical scents and apple. I don’t like savory scents or dessert scents
favorite color: mint and coral together
favorite animal: wolf
favorite artist/band: I haven’t been listening to much stuff lately, so I’ll go with my all time fav Kelly Clarkson 
coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Coffee (espresso)
average # of hours of sleep: 5-6 right now…it was down at like 4 earlier this year though
number of blankets: 1
dream trip: There are so many….
last thing i googled: benefit plan discrimination testing for HCE and NHCE
blog created: I don’t think until like 2014
how many blogs i follow: 244
number of followers: 541
what i usually post about: gymnastics and current events and stupid things I find that are funny and sometimes figure skating and dance and Broadway
do i get asks regularly: not very often, thank god

I will tag @amygym @jpww @stone-faced-sunset @itssimonebiles @kylarossisaboss and anyone else who wants to do it! 


Josh & Donna | All This Time


I watched all 7 seasons of The West Wing for the first time this summer and I truly cannot put into words how much I love the show and Josh and Donna’s relationship in particular. The West Wing completely redefined my definition of what television can be.  Josh and Donna have quickly evolved into two of my favorite characters ever.  I really hope I did them justice, I am so rusty after not vidding for over a year.  I tried to show as many of their little moments as possible, because those are the moments that kept me falling in love with their relationship episode after episode.  

I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has!!

10 Fictional Characters I Would Kiss

I was tagged by @imaginative-neverland and immediately began thinking about why I chose these people. This is exactly why I’m glad it’s summer!

1. Newt(The Maze Runner): For obvious reasons…

2. Peter Pan(Once Upon a Time): He’s only second because Newt holds a special part in my heart.

3. Spot Conlon(1992 Newsies): Childhood crush, even though this movie was released before I was born.

4. Liam Dunbar(Teen Wolf): This is just because he’s physically attractive…

5. Peter Parker(Spiderman): Spiderman is my all time favorite hero(I’m not interesting at all).

6. Oliver Wood(Harry Potter): I wasn’t interested in any of the main characters when I first saw the movie. :-D Only the boy who plays a minor role in the books.

7. Marius Pontmercy(Les Miserables): Okay, okay. This is more because I am a music nerd, less because of actual logic.

8. Percy Jackson(Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief): a) I ship Percabeth, but I always thought their relationship was rushed and came out of nowhere, and b) that was why I crushed on Percy while I read the books.

9. Barry Allen(The Flash): Look at this puppy!

10. Kile Woodwork(The Heir): There hasn’t been a movie about this book series, but apparently, the fandom decided that this guy is Kile. I have no complaints.

Looking back at my list, I realize that they all look vaguely similar…oh well. I’m tagging @winchester-with-wings @stuck-to-tmr-coz-newt @robbiekaysfavouritelostgirl @booksknowledge15 @slytherinqueenofneverland and @hoe4ham

“Crypt Ticks are HYSTERICAL. After feeding on the flesh of the dead they hunt the living. SUPER FUNNY." 

We’re very close to launch right now and the Character Team, the people who model and animate all the denizens of the Necropolis, are actually content complete. That means every character model and every animation is done and in the game. There’s still plenty to do, bugs come back and there are adjustments to enemy behaviors that require rework of animations (not to mention a new trailer!), but the pressure is off a bit. So I swung by to ask them a simple question, “Who is your favorite character in the Necropolis?”

Fiona Turner (Character Artist): The Gemeater is one of my favorite characters. It was really fun to create concept variants for him (below) because of his comical look. His large head, vacant stare, and reckless attacks contribute to his appeal. I imagine he has a peanut sized brain and has only survived the Necropolis long enough to meet you due to his brawn.

Marian Huber (Character Artist): My favorite critter from Necropolis would have to be the Chemist, our cowardly, bird-brained merchant. It’s always funny when you open up a chest and finding him cowering in there, hiding from the horrors of the maze. He was a blast to work on; It was fun to work out how stylized feathers should look in the world of Necropolis. I love how his animation really sells his bird-like and flighty movements, as well as his salesman attitude.

Jakob Zoepfl (Animator): My favorite character would probably be the Changeling. Mostly because it’s rarely seen and it was super fun to make. It moves very fluidly and it’s long gangly limbs make  for some interesting shapes and poses.

Hollie Mengert (Animator): My favorite character is also the Gemeater! So many things in the Necropolis, are calculating, thoughtful and deadly. But the Gemeater survives by pure brute strength. I love seeing him thunder his way around the Necropolis.

(Hollie would also like to remind us all that, "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”)

Steven Rynders (Character Artist/Technical Artist): Shadowborn, they’re creepy, they really cool, and we put a lot of work into them!

Brigittie Tijerina (Animator): My favorite thing in Necropolis is the Eel Trap. Animating it was so fun and its movement reminds me of a dog shaking prey in its mouth. Also, because the lair in which the Eel hides blends with the environment very well, it startles me every time it pops out. Brigittie divides her time between Animation and Quality Assurance, and testers are the unsung heroes of development.

And finally, here’s what happens when you ask Doug Magruder, our Character Team Lead, which is his favorite character in the game:

Doug Magruder (Character Team Lead): Narrowing it down to one “favorite” is like picking a favorite child out of your multitude of available children. It is less that you don’t have a favorite and much more due to the fact that at any given moment your favorite changes. I have moments of each that I love and cherish just as I have aspects of them all that I make me want to toss them screaming into a pit of fire as sacrifices to the god Ar. Every time I see them I not only see what is onscreen but I instantly re-live fragments of all the meetings and discussions surrounding their creation, all the artwork approved and rejected, all the models in their varying state of completion, the animation from scraggy and blocking to polished and gleaming in Maya, and from their broken and mindless ingame states to the final implementation where they finally become a fully realized work that is the sum of all their disparate parts and culmination of all the efforts of each artist’s effort to bring them into this world.

All characters in Necropolis are special to me, from the lowly Rat King and Scrounges whose skittering movement and simple designs are endearing and pleasant (or as pleasant as a 3 headed rat can be) to the Hollowman Brute whose fierce aspect of a monstrous mechanical gorilla is carried brilliantly through his movement and mesh in equal measure. The timid, happy Fade is as charming as the angry, slithering Changeling is to me.

All creatures in this game, even the ones that will never see the light of day, due to reason both inside and outside our realms of control, are at any given moment my favorite.The ability to pick just one is something that is simply not within my ability to do, simply because by the time I finish typing the characters name my favorite will have changed, and changed again once I deleted the texted and started to retype a new name. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite child, it just isn’t fair. All that being said I can say that the character that fills me with the strongest emotions is the Blackguard. It has gone through the most hands, had the most work done to it, the most joy and pain and heartache and triumph are present in that simple player avatar. I see each moment of the game through the eyes and actions of that little avatar. It is my window into Necropolis, and as such, if gun-to-head I had to chose it would be their name that would end up being blurted out. “Blackguard! Please don’t shoot me, I have more characters to make…”

That’s it for now. Next week I want to share what it is like to sit in on a discussion about character polish and what kind of considerations we talk about when discussing how to make sure fighting our enemies is fun.  


warpedchyld  asked:

*cups your face in both hands and gets uncomfortably close* GIVE ME DEATH NOTE FIC RECS PLEASE@!

ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE (ps these are all Lawlight fics since that is what I am assuming you want, but if you’d like Gen or you want to sail other ships you just let me know <3 )

I am going to go ahead and take this as an opportunity to make a whole list of fics I adore, and to give shoutouts to the wonderful writers of this fandom. Thank you so much! (Listed in alphabetical order because why not.) So without, further ado,



Chocolate Always Loves You Back by tierfal

Light Yagami is not having a good Valentine’s Day. Between the new guy with the candy fetish, his partner, Matsuda, and the unsettling new case… the chocolate may be the only thing that loves him at all. Light/L. (Word count: 41,711 )  

This fic is so cute. I’m pretty sure I got cavities. Tierfal is a wonderful writer, and incredibly engaging with both her plot and her characterizations. This was a blast to read, and I highly recommend that you read her others works. You can find her on Ao3 as well, though she has moved onto RoyEd fics. If you are like me, however, that is hardly a problem, and YOU OUGHT TO GO READ THEM because they are wonderful and very, ahem, hot.  

Change of Circumstance by wordbombs

(Word count: 8,351) Sometimes all happiness takes is a change of circumstances. L/Light, fluffly lemon meringue AU one-shot. Answers- What if Light was a Wammy? 

Also very cute. A nice little ‘what if’ scenario with no angst, and I thought it was rather well-done.

PITCH by uberneko-zero

(Word count: 257,928)  L is a reclusive detective who takes his job seriously. Too seriously, in fact. Once he takes note of how neglected and stagnant his life truly is, he decides to make some changes. Challenges arise through an unanticipated meeting. AU

To be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve read this, but I remember liking it A LOT when I went through it the first time. The author’s writing style is very unique and quite memorable, so I’d suggest it. Plus shenanigans. 

The Life and Time of Genius Detective L Lawliet & Repentant Murder Light Yagami by mellodear

(Word count:  37,985)  L manages to outwit Kira!Light but chooses not to have him executed. Instead, and because Light has no memory of having used the Death Note, he decides to help him redeem himself. Oh, and they fall in love somewhere along the way. Years later, a biography about them is published and it’s a best-seller. Here is why.

aslkfjasdfjsfljfljhglkdfblnfg. This fic. THIS FIC. I really wish I could succinctly describe how much I love this fic and how amazing it is but I will, sadly, fall short. It is literally one of my favorite fanfictions of all time, and I have read a LOT. Its just so very true to the characters, and does an excellent job as portraying L and Light not just as caricatures, but as human beings…. I just. Blah. Words. I feel dumb. Go read it, and it will speak for itself. Warning: be prepared for an onslaught of feels. You will not leave without battle scars on your heart. 


And Indeed There Will Be a Time by lawlietismyfavorite

(Word count:  26,753)  An alternate universe in which humans grow until the age of eighteen, and then are frozen in time until they find their soulmates, or “One.”

Aaaaaaah I love this fic so much!!! Light has not entered the scene yet (though its been promised), but the writing is just so lovely and out of this world. Its a fascinating premise, and Sara does a wonderful job executing it with style and gusto. It will tug on your heart strings, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Our Bodies, Possessed by Light by mellodear

(Word count:  57,957)  L. Lawliet is a gifted photographer who believes he has understood the light and its secrets. Light Yagami is a young, narcissistic and slightly crooked model. Together, they kill time.

Yes, she is on the list again, because I love her writing so much and it absolutely killed me to limit myself to two of her stories. This is another example of her excellent characterization; keeping true to Light and L (and all their long-suffering companions) even in a different world and different professions. Its wonderful to read (her writing style is very evocative, and its so easy to see and feel everything that is going on), and quite fun as well. Go poke through her Ao3 account, there are literal goldmines there. You will find feels and angst and you’ll cry but it will be worth it.

Primitive Liars by nilah-xapiel

(Word count:  76,786 - also available on Light is a being of intellect, not of instinct. He tells himself this to the point of nausea, until his vision blurs and his hands shake.(Omegaverse AU.) Eventual LxLight.

I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant getting into this because Omegaverse is really NOT my deal, but I read the first chapter and got hooked. The Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics and their affect on society (and ergo the characters) are examined closely and very well-explained, and more importantly, BELIEVABLE. It is handled respectfully and delicately while also not holding any punches. If that makes sense…. and also, the more intimate scenes are very… ahem, titillating, you could say. <3 Or, in other words, hot DAMN those scenes are steamy.

Stories About Stars by lawlietismyfavorite

(Word count:  55,794) College!AU: What would happen if Light Yagami had found the Death Note after he already started university? After he had already fallen in love with L?

Yes, she’s here again, I just adore her writing style so much. I said out of this world earlier and I should have saved it for this story (because ahaha star puns), but seriously this story has just a touch of the mystical and its reflected in the writing. The story is both wonderful and heartbreaking, and I’m seriously worried for how my poor soul is going to fare as we get farther along.

Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall for Anything by youcannotrelight

(Word count:  645,540 - also available on Ao3 in multiple parts under the name The Hinterland Doctrine)  Light is a politician. What could go wrong?

Okay, do not be intimidated by the length. It is so. Very. Worth it. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH I READ THROUGH IT IN THE PERIOD OF TWO DAYS. During FINALS week. That is how much I love this fic. Everybody is an asshole and everybody is so problematic, and there are SERIOUSLY dubious ethics and morals at play here (which the author disclaims ahead of time), but my God it is fun to read. It’ll tug on your heart at the strangest of times, and you’ll get emotional whiplash from how quickly you’ll switch from going “awww poor bby” to cussing them out while wanting to strangle them. *shrugs* It’s first person, so it threw me off at first, but its wonderfully done, and you should definitely give it a try.


Coexistence is Boredom by Sakurazukamori6 

(Word count:  232,973)  A new deathnote. A new plan for world sanctity. And an entirely misled Catholic clergy. Raito and L take their respective places on the sides of their own justice. A final battle waged in the Garden of Eden. LRaitoL. For a Brief Moment.

To be honest this is the fic I thought of when I was reading warpedchyld‘s tags. She’ll know what I mean. But its wonderfully written and presents an interesting dynamic between L and Light. Its both cute and hot, and you’ll definitely get frustrated (in more way than one *insert obnoxious winky face* while reading it). Its been a while since I’ve read it all the way through, but I remember it fondly. Definitely give it a shot. Its not complete, though, and I’m not sure if it ever will be.

Nights by youremyqueen

(Word count:  352,693  - also available on  L imprisons Light and then Light imprisons L and then L imprisons Light again. Sometimes they have sex, too. [ADDING FROM THE AUTHOR’S NOTES BECAUSE I FIND IT NECESSARY] The actual summary is something like: L has sex with everyone, FOR JUSTICE. Except with lots of angsty monologuing. I kind of don’t know what I’m doing here, so bare with me, kids.

This fic is not for the faint of heart. I didn’t get into it initially because, frankly, its tags scared me off. But then I trudged into it and found it to my liking. Though maybe I’m just a sucker for the way she writes L. If you read it, you’ll know what I mean. Some seriously questionable stuff occurs and I’m not sure its addressed in a particularly appropriate manner, so give yourself a heads up ahead of time. Its been a while since I’ve read it, but I do go back to it occasionally.

(Honestly everyone should check out ALL of the works of these writers, but I am going to be ~chill~ and only post one or two stories for each otherwise this would have been much longer than it needed to be. Though it is much shorter than I was expecting. Maybe I’ve gotten pickier? Its probably because I have only been in this fandom for about six months, and I still have bookmarks upon bookmarks of fics I’m still trying to get through.)

warpedchyld I’m so sorry this took so long, but it took me a long time to comb through all my bookmarks and favorites on Ao3 AND I hope you enjoy these!!! They are all favorites of mine!!! <33


What’s this? Two uploads from me in two days? It’s like we’ve gone back in time. Haha!

I took a little time last night to draw something just for fun because I hardly get time to actually do that anymore, and usually if I have any time, it goes to Sybal Heim stuff. Which I love, but it means that pretty much all my other OCs have gotten ignored for quite a while now. So I decided to draw my favorite garbage child, Mouse, because he hasn’t really seen the light of day since like… last April. :’D And dang I forgot how much I enjoy drawing this kid. Enough to post both the sketch and the colored image because I like them both individually!

I sorta kinda used to pretend that me and everyone else were Pokemon

It was from 3rd grade to around 7th grade lol

I was an Espeon because it was my favorite Pokemon at the time. Also my parents happened to be completely different Pokemon in my mind. (They weren’t Eeveelutions)

Except when I was in the water it sometimes changed to Vaporeon because I felt like one? After all, I loved the water.

I also used to pretend everyone looked like an anime character, and we all had Pokemon!

The sad part is though, when I imagined myself as an anime in 5th grade, I had light skin instead (along with purple hair). It was mostly because back then it never occurred to me that an anime character could have dark skin and still be an anime character. That, and a bit of internalized anti-blackness.

Well this post went everywhere quick.

jossan415  asked:

Favourite female and male character and least favourite female and male character?

Since you didn’t specify I’m gonna assume from any fandom?

Favorite male character of all time?? Oh gosh this is hard one! My first thought goes to Sting Eucliffe from Fairy Tail because he is my son and the light of my life and I think he might have to take the cake.

Favorite female character….also hard but since it’s fresh in my mind I absolutely ADORE Breath of the Wild Princess Zelda! (She has so much more character than any other Zelda variations I’ve seen!)

Least favorite male character is without a doubt Ichiya from Fairy Tail. The omake episode was the bane of my existence

Least favorite female character…I had to really think for this one but who’s that girl from the Tartaros arc of Fairy Tail who was tiny and chibi and really annoying???

I had to do a google search but THIS GIRL –>

LAMY! She was so annoying!

Now that we’re on the topic too, how about the main female character from Zankyou no Terror- she was pretty weak tbh.

Anyway thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

which House of Cards season is your favorite?

Many spoilers ahead, so read at your own peril. 

Argh!! Don’t make me choose!

But if I have to choose one to spend the rest of my life with on a desert island, I choose Season 1. Because it’s perfect. It might be the most perfect *season* of television I’ve ever seen. The story, pacing, lighting, production values, costumes, sets, music, characters, acting, directing…everything about it captivates me each time I watch it. Yes, I’ve seen every episode an embarrassing amount of times. I was enthralled from Kevin’s very first entrance. I was watching with friends, all cozy on the couch with a glass of cheap wine, when he came busting out that door in his crisp white shirt and suspenders like fucking Cary Grant - and then he strangled the dog as HE WAS BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL telling us why it had to be done - and the hairs on the back of my neck went “whoa…hello! What’s this I’m watching? Must watch more…” The thirst was real. 

Season 2 is right up there. As a matter of fact, for me, Season 1 and 2 might as well just be one 26 episode season. I don’t mind saying that if the series had ended after Chapter 26, with Frank banging his ring on the desk in the oval, I would have been completely satisfied. That ring bang was epic. And perfect. Mission accomplished. Wrap it up and put a bow on it. I’m glad it didn’t end of course, but I would have been okay if it had.  

Season 3 is the problem child for me. It was very uneven, IMHO, although it wasn’t without some spectacular scenes and some very good episodes. Chapter 33 in particular was outstanding. But overall I felt there was too much time spent on secondary characters (I’m looking at you Tom Yates and Kate Baldwin in bed…a lot.) Mercifully the Rachel/Doug storyline was finally buried ;) Love you, you batshit crazy Stamper, but it needed to end. I love Claire because she’s such a magnificent, elegant, enigma; but christ on a cracker she drove me crazy in Season 3. I call it the *season of Claire’s discontent.* I empathized with Frank’s utter bewilderment when he was asking her “WHAT DO YOU WANT??” Claire seemed oddly emotional at the worst times, and Frank was uncharacteristically petulant and impotent much of the season. He was so good at harnessing his considerable skill and power in congress and as Vice-President, but as President he was mostly relegated to lashing out at people, being toyed with by Petrov, drinking too much with Tom, or wondering what the fuck is going on with Claire.  Not that Kevin and Robin weren’t compelling and masterful as always, it’s just that the entire season felt very different, even distant, from the first two. Apart. Although looking backward, this may well have been absolutely intentional on the part of Beau Willimon and TPTB, because…

Season 4 was a revelation and I now see season 3 in a whole new light, and with a much greater appreciation. As a matter of fact, I’ve enjoyed watching Season 3 again, because in retrospect, Claire in particular makes much more sense. We finally come to understand in Season 4 just how ambitious she really is, and why she was so dissatisfied and restless in Season 3. Season 4 is Claire’s coming out party. I will admit that I was worried that after Frank and Claire basically assaulted each other in Chapter 39 (she demanded he fuck her and when a startled Frank said no he was busy, she smacked him across the face, and then later in the oval he grabbed her by throat) I was hard pressed to imagine how we would ever see Frank and Claire together again in any sort of believable way. But Beau and team did it. Fuck yeah they did it. And it was glorious.   

God, I love this show.

It is 5 AM and I am rambling but one thing I think about a lot is how, as I have grown and learned, I’ve come to realize how bland my original stories and characters have been regarding diversity. And in many ways I’m glad that I have not yet pursued any “official” creation or publication of these stories (I barely post artwork of my OCs) because I now have time to rework them to be much more diverse. If I have the power to create my own media then I want to create media with a standard of diversity I myself would like to see in the media I consume. I want as many people to see my work as possible but I want it to represent many different people as well

But I have my concerns about that too. One of my more recent stories (which is pretty old now since I created it in 2010) used to feature a cast almost entirely comprised of cis, hetero, white, neurotypical, abled characters. Revisiting those characters now I’ve found that those different aspects of their identities aren’t just completely changeable, but they feel RIGHT in various orientations. Realizing my characters don’t HAVE to be cis or white or straight as I previously imagined them is refreshing, but realizing that they sometimes make more sense to me as people, as individuals, when their identities deviate from that template, is very exciting. It’s like meeting them for the first time. Like “hello OC! sorry I thought you were white before. it’s nice to see the actual you”

But I worry about how I might screw up when it’s time to put these characters into play. For example one of my favorite OCs who was formerly cis and straight is, as things stand now, trans and bi. I would have no business writing the experiences of a trans bisexual person, no authority on representing that character’s struggles. But if the tone of that character and their story is light and not at all dramatic, I worry that I’d be glossing over the struggles that character might face. But I don’t want to NOT have characters of certain identities or race just because I can’t speak for them, because then the casts of my stories would exclude so many different people

I guess the only solution is, and this advice I see given often, respectfully consult friends who CAN speak from those positions, so that I can, if necessary, use their consultation to inform my writing. I guess my concern there would be treating my friends, or whoever could best inform me as tokens, throwing every little thing by them as the ultimate authority on what is or isn’t appropriate for me to include in my story. I would definitely want to consult friends when it is appropriate to but I suppose it would be up to my own discretion not to overdo it

I don’t know where this is going. I’m really really excited to re-discover my own characters and to create new characters with a broader scope of the complexity and diversity of people. I want to fill worlds with people as unique as the ones in this world, but I really really really want to do so respectfully so that the people experiencing my work can get something special out of it too. I can’t wait for you to meet my characters and the worlds they live in, I just hope I do a good job

anonymous asked:

I saw your ask post about Symmetra and Vishkar, and it just makes me sad that she's not talked about more? Like, she is so underrated

i do think that out of all the overwatch ladies she does receive the least attention, which is a shame because she’s one of my favorite characters and i find her so /interesting/. the fact that she’s following vishkar’s orders because she wants to contribute to helping others out just like vishkar helped /her/ out by giving her the power to use hard light technology (something that made her feel better about herself, and it’s clear she’s very proud of her skill with it) while realizing that said orders can be questionable at times and having this inner conflict with herself is so darn intriguing to me! symmetra has probably always felt alone and out of place for being ‘different’ as she says herself in the comic, but vishkar made her feel special (they call her their ‘finest, most talented’ hard light engineer) and how can you go against the organization that helped you from when you were a child and made you feel like you were doing something for the good of everyone? in the comic, even after the little girl’s face is burned, she /still/ tries to convince herself vishkar is doing good. i guess the real question is how far she’s willing to go to ensure that the world becomes a better place, or vishkar’s version of a better place.