because light is my all time favorite character

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name/nickname: Annie/ Frellie or Sadness

gender: female

height: 5″5

hogwarts house: hufflepuff !

favorite colour: light blue

time: 3:15pm

last things i googled: temporary sharpie tattoos, my friends and I keep meaning to try it

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: This is really hard because I’ve always wanted an older brother, so maybe Derek Hale, or Ronan Lynch, even though he may be a little too intense.

number of blankets i sleep with: two. One of them is a big comforter, and the other is like a smaller throw blanket.

favorite band/artists: I don’t really have one, I listen to a multitude of things

dream vacation: Going to all of the disney worlds, that’d be awesome

when did i make this blog: oh um like may 2012? i think

how many blogs do I follow: 183

what do i post about: multifandom mostly. cute animals, funny stuff i know my friends will like

do i get asks on a regular basis: nope

aesthetics: FALL

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Nicknames: Peeli, Peels, Lim, Texas (spanish way), potbaby, the list goes on

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw (teeny bit of hufflepuff and slytherin)

Favorite color: Blue, all blue, currently light blue grey

Time: 16:12

Last things I googled: a coffeeshop near my apartment

Character I’d want as a sibling: uhhhhh Bolin, or Wells (the 100) (i already have a sister so)

Number of blankets I sleep with: depends how cold i am, usually two because i blast the a/c

Favorite bands/music artists: hahahaha. too many, most recently cafuné, sufjan stevens, home, chainsmokers, jai wolf, etc 

Dream vacay: fuck. a tour of south asia probably (and south east)

When I started this blog: uh… january 2010? or something

Posts: pretty guys, lots of water and plants, memes, puppies, aesthetic af, fandom shenanigans 

Asks on a regular basis: i only send asks when I have actual questions or I think someone needs a cheer up or something. i suck at communicating basically

Aesthetics:  water, galaxies, succulents, hands, spilled paint, jasmine, rain, shoulder and back muscles, pastels, glitter, black cats, chipped nailpolish, dark brown lipsticks, black chokers, sun and moon, plants and flowers, art nouveau, monet, curly hair don’t care, idk the list goes on

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