because light is my all time favorite character

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I really do love the way you color !! Perhaps can u make a tutorial about that? I'm having trouble with coloring my characters and blending.. .

i’m bad at explaining mostly because i have no idea what i’m doin while drawing 8D but i’ll try (with sai)

first of all is basicly the sketch and some basic colors 

after that i like to set up my light source and some shadows. Gives some orientation for later.

before blending smash all layers together to get to painting. Here’s also my favorite brush settings (which i use all the time) 

in the end its just messy and i literally have no idea what i’m doing all the time. Sorry if that won’t help ya so much D: 

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Do you like the character zatanna? What's your opinion on her?

I like Zatanna just fine. My sister thinks her outfit is super cool. 

I couldn’t care less what she did to Dr. Light because lmao fuck that guy. However, she pulled the same stunt with Selina, which pissed me off. 

For those unfamiliar, in Catwoman volume 3, Selina became somewhat of a hero for the East End, protecting the people living in her neighborhood. It’s one of my favorite comics of all time, and unlike other comics I recommend, I’d recommend this one to anyone

Apparently, later writers thought that these pages weren’t enough to justify Selina’s shift from thief to vigilante. Instead, they decided that Selina was actually naturally irredeemably selfish and self-absorbed, and needed Zatanna to intervene to change her personality so that she would stop being a thief. Because…that’s apparently on the list of Zatanna’s priorities? Making a Gotham thief stop stealing shit? 

However, I acknowledge that this was probably as OOC for Zatanna as it was for Selina. It’s mostly the writers that I’m pissed at.

BUT ASIDE FROM THAT…Zatanna is cool. I don’t have much to say about her.

Two years ago, we all said goodbye to one of the most beautiful angels and actresses that graced our tv (in my personal opinion). She was a light in the darkness, a friend to those who needed it, and a shoulder to cry on when the going got tough. She was the hope in a world that lost it all. Not only was she one of my all time favorite characters on the show, she was the one that got me started in writing within the fandom. I put her in such high regard because she deserves all the love and praise she has ever gotten. This day last year bummed me out but this year, I’m definitely taking a different approach to it all though you have no idea how much I miss seeing her face on my tv every Sunday. Regardless of her being gone, she left such a mark on this fandom and whether you enjoyed her character or not, she will always be one of the most graceful and pure souls within the show’s history. In the short time, she touched so many characters lives, conquered her own demons, and stood up against injustice though it took her own life. Beth was such a well written character and it was such a shame to see her gone so soon but I personally am thankful for the time she have.

To all the Beth rpers: Let me just say that I appreciate every single Beth writer that I come across, whether you’ve been writing her since the beginning or since yesterday. I appreciate you because you all are so incredibly unique in your own lovely ways and you should never feel like you aren’t doing her justice. We all may have different portrayals, different ways of viewing her situations but we all have one thing in common that we literally adore everything about this cute little songbird. Today, celebrate not only her but you because you keep her alive through your writing. Not even a gunshot to the head can keep her from being gone in our hearts. So to all my fellow Beths, this day is also for YOU.

Keep on writing and keep our beautiful love alive xoxo

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Name: Elizabeth, or Liz/Lizzie if you prefer :)
Gender: iron man (Female
Star sign: Virgo!!
Sexual orientation: idk e tbh
Hogwarts house: for the longest time i thought i was a hufflepuff but then i took the official test and apparently i’m a slytherin
Color: ?? is this like. my favorite color? if so all of them because i don’t want to hurt the other colors’ feelings
Time right now: 8:41 pm
Average hours of sleep: somewhere between 7-9 hours
Fave characters: probably victor from yuri on ice
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When did you make your account: in like 2015 although i’ve known about tumblr and used it for a few years
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