because light is my all time favorite character

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Birthday: 07-31-98
Height: 1,61m
Time right now: 22:26
Last thing I Googled: change your address on PS3 (it was for my 8 yo brother, I can’t even play, I’m so bad at video games)
Favorite fictional character: REGINA MILLS! MY cinnamon roll (and Emma’s of course)
Favorite famous person: Lana Parrilla duh!!!!
Favorite book: wow… Ugh… It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book. But the books from Pierre Bottero were amazing and lighted my childhood. So thank you for your 15 books that were all related through only one small detail… It was my first addiction.
Favorite band: I have no idea. I’ll say the Beatles because it’s the only band I actually know songs from…
Last movie I saw: I’d have to look my historical on my laptop and it’s super slow, so I’m too lazy… It was something like Cracks. But I’m really not sure…
Last show I watched: Fear the walking dead
Dream job: Surgeon

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Name: Catherine

Nickname: Cathy (which is what i prefer to be called)

Star sign: Pisces

Height: about 5 foot 7

Sexual orientation: demi

Romantic orientation: hetero

Favorite Color: the color of my bog background. the site i got the hex code from called it “light jade”

Time right now: 4:24 PM

Average hours of sleep: like 6 

Lucky numbers: 8

Last thing I googled: Adam Scott Actor (I saw a picture of him when he was younger and oh my g o d)

Favorite fictional character: roxy lalonde because unfortunately im trash

Favorite book(s): i cant decide. when people ask me what my favorite book or my favorite movie is i can’t come up with anything at all rip me

Favorite band(s): fall out boy (i love patrick stump so much)

Dream trip: the one where i get to go everywhere to meet all my friends 

Dream job: probably a writer but im gonna study to be a teacher

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anyways yeah thanks

inquisitivewitch asked:

-slides url over-

send abby memes so she can ramble

my opinion on;

character in general:

another one of my children. Hermione Granger is such a bae such AN ABSOLUTE BAE and i’ve loved her for as long as I’ve read the books and watched the movies. she’s such a genius little girl, and I just relate to her SO MUCH with much love yes.

how they play them:

i haven’t had much up-close work with this particular hermione, but I am known for stalking threads on my dash and a lot of the interactions that they’ve done have been spot-on! it takes a lot to know the character, and they definitely know their character!

the mun:

such a sweetheart! i don’t know them that well, but i’d absolutely love to get closer and nerd out about all sorts of things!

do i;

follow them:yessss
rp with them: not quite yet.
want to rp with them: OF COURSE!
ship their character with mine: lmao i was ruined by a friend and yes i do, but i don’t force ships on anyone, so NO WORRIES.

what is my;

overall opinion:

totally worth a follower! siriusly, get down on this and enjoy this lovely person! it’s 70890% WORTH IT i swear!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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⏩ Write your name in song titles

Miss Jackson
Second To None

Why did you choose your URL

I Chose My URL Because I Had Already Planned Making This A Multi-Muse Blog. However, Not All Characters Where Doctor Who Like An Old Blog I Had, I Also Had Anime Characters. So My URL Was Going To Be Just Whoxanime, But I Remembered That The Characters Are Usually Just A Crazy Party All The Time. Thus, Whoxanime-Party Was Born.

What is your middle name


⏩If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be

Possibly A Dragon, Or A Fallen Angel.

Favorite colors

Crimson, Pink, Light Blue, And TARDIS Blue.

Favorite song at the moment

Nightcore - Serenity & Spyer Feat. Tevin - Club Rockin Beats

Top four fandoms

Kuroshitsuji, Doctor Who, Pandora Hearts, Black Rock Shooter.

Why do you enjoy tumblr

I Don’t Know Really. I’ve Been On It A Couple Years And I Still Can’t Fully Figure Out Why I Like It So Much. It’s Just…Enjoyable. I Love How I’ve Made So Many Awesome Friends And How Awesome They Are. I Just Really Like Tumblr. Despite It’s Slightly Rude Updates. It’s Still A Place I’m Not Leaving. I Got Friends Here, And Again, It’s Just A Fun Sight.

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All About Me Meme

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Name: Shakeyla
Nickname: Kiki, Keeks, Shak, Shakkattack (most people think Kiki is my real name hahahaa)
Birthday: ❄️January 7th❄️
Star sign: ♑️Capricorn
Gender: Female 
Height: 5'4- 5'5
Sexual orientation: Gaaaaayyyyy….possibly pansexual. 
Favorite color(s): 💙Blue! All shades of blue! But also maroon and 💚lime green. 
Current time: Past midnight!! 
Average hours of sleep: …HA. “Sleep"
Lucky number: 27 ^_^ 
Last thing I Googled: "Princess Kida crystal gif” 
Words that come to mind: “NEVAH!” Because I finished up a play two weeks ago and the songs and lines are still in my head. 
# of blankets I sleep with: This light blue one that’s no longer soft and the silver one that’s kinda soft. 
Favorite fictional characters: A lot of them are my girlfriend’s original characters! ^_^;;;; but also Deadpool, Chibi Moon, Princess Kida, and Mindf**k from Adam Warren’s Empowered. 
Favorite famous people: ummm…….Johnny Depp? I’m not really into celebrities tbh 
Favorite books: *uncomfortable cough*
I haven’t read in an eternity!!! I’ll do genre: Fantasy, Scifi, and historical fiction. 
Favorite bands: Breaking Benjiman, 2ne1, Three Days Grace, and Pentatonix
Last movie I saw: In the theater: Dragon Ball Z- Resurrection F On DVD: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Dream trip: Tokyo!!! 
Dream job: To be an art therapist. (I love psychology art and child education…so that’s a great mix of the three ^_^)
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