because life is not all about football

Today times has stopped in football. This is the day when I realised that football is not all about hating your rivals, winning games and throphies, but football means people. Peope who are heroes for others, but they are also weak and breakable. Football means all the players, stuff and fans, who are right now all united to support all of the families and friends, who suffer the most.

Today is the day who every one of us is a Chapecoense fan and pray for all the people who are still fighting for their lifes and also for every person who died in this tragedy, because they will play the most important game in heaven. 

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genre: fluff, angst and implied smut (with a cheeky mention)

word count: 1.7k

warning: contains swearing

a/n: my first hoshi imagine which is sooo strange because he’s my seventeen bias, but i felt like i needed a really good piece to do him the justice he deserves. i hope i’ve achieved that!

I remember the first day I saw her again. It was three in the afternoon on a Tuesday, it was raining heavily outside and I had run to take shelter in a bookshop when the first crack of thunder sounded. All it took was her to look up at me for my world to spin.

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Happy December everyone! Today is the 20th of December 2016! I decided in honor of my favorite month and because the year 2016 is about to be over that I’m going to make another follow forever. It’s been about 7 years for me on this site, but only about three in dedication to the football world. I cannot imagine life without football and all that I’ve taken in these past three years. Football has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve gotten more confident because of it. I feel like my capacity for love is greater than before. I believe that football is capable of calming me (except you know when it comes to my top three: Argentina NT, River Plate, and FC Barcelona). But honestly, the feelings I have gained and continue to get from this beautiful sport inspire me every day.

Another thing I can say that this sport, this beautiful game, is the people I’ve befriended along the way. There’s the people that I consider my friends even though we don’t live close to each other. Sometimes we don’t have too many conversations, but when we do have them I appreciate every word said to me no matter how small or great in meaning.

There are the people that I follow all over in site. I see beautiful people with personal stories expanding as the world spins. I see people with a whole lot of heart, so much ability to love and to be incredible too! I see everybody so smart, so funny, so filled with potential yet to be achieved and potential achieved and then some. I’m amazed and proud to say I am friends or at least mutuals or at least a follower/followed by incredible human beings.

I see drama on Tumblr. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen it. I’ve witnessed it. I’ve been a part of it. But you know what, there’s a beauty to Tumblr too. It’s the people I’ve met. It’s to the people who follow me. It’s to the people I follow. It’s the people who I am blessed to actually call my friend.

I don’t know how any of your year has been. I don’t know the trials any of you have had to gone through. I know there aren’t words I can say that can make any of it easier, make the load just a bit lighter either. All I know is that I appreciate you, your scrolling through my blog, your following me, your reblogging and/or liking posts I’ve made or reblogged, your replies on posts, your asks, your submissions, and your private messages. I appreciate it all.

Thank you for allowing me to be with you in this community. 2017 is around the corner. It’s going to be grand, somehow and someway. Thank you again.

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Jessica Fishlock: Her Own Path 

So the compass is the Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow compass. That compass is not like north or south - it takes you to whatever you want most at that particular time. And for me I kind of feel that is what my life is. I kind of go with what I want to do and what I want to achieve and how to be successful. And it’s never necessarily about right or wrong or what is good or what I should do. It’s always, always been what I want most and that’s why my life has always been what it’s been - like a traveler’s life and following the football. Because that is ultimately what I’ve always wanted. I do travel all the time and sometimes it gets hard. You’re on your own and you miss your family, but I never really feel like I’m lost. I always know that there’s a purpose for what I’m doing. 


If Sodapop grew up as a Soc…

-He grew up an only child to parent’s who never had any time for him, and instead, dedicated their whole life to their work.
-And even though he was a Soc, he never treated the Greasers like they were lesser than him.
-His parent’s had planned his whole life for him, enrolling him in all the great schools that would lead to an ivy league college.
-Sodapop was never any good at school, he paid a Greaser named Ponyboy to do his assignments… he always made sure to slip the kid an extra 5 or 10 dollars because he knew he and his brother were doing it tough after their parent’s died in a car wreck.
-Sodapop’s girlfriend Daphne was only with him because he was the captain of the football team, she never really cared about his feelings and often cheated on him behind his back.
-Ponyboy shares his feelings and worries with Sodapop… and even though Sodapop knows how hard the poor kid has it, he would trade places with him any day, because he has a big brother that cares so much about him- even if he cannot see it.
-Daphne get’s pregnant and leaves him, moving halfway across the country to live with her biker boyfriend that knocked her up.
-He gets conscripted to war… this is one thing that his parent’s cannot buy him out of… he gets shot and killed on the last day of the war… he gets sent home in a casket after saving a Greaser boy named Steve that he had seen around town- because his life was worth living…


Can you a cal blurb or imagine or something where you’re like best friends and he gets all jelly bc you ask one of the others to help you learn how to play guitar?

Calum had been your next door neighbor for as long as you could remember and you two had become best friends one day when he kicked his soccer ball into your backyard and it knocked over the castle you were building in your sandbox. Since that day you two did everything together. From the very first day of school, he  would always meet you at your front door so you two could walk the two miles to school together. Those walks were your favorite because it allowed you and Calum to talk about anything and everything. He told you all about his dream to be a star football player and sometimes even made you practice with him, even though he was way better at it than you. When the boys, Luke, Michael and Ashton came into his life, Calum told you all about their plans to start a band and make it big. No matter what it was that he wanted to do you supported him 100 percent. How could you not? He was your best friend. Of course, over the years and being in such proximity with someone as amazing as Calum you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him on a romantic level. Though you had never told him of course. Your friendship with him was the best thing in your life and there was no way you were going to risk losing it for the chance of him liking you back. So instead you listened to him talk about the girls he fell in and out of love with over the years and tried not to let it bother you. The day they got the call about accompanying One Direction on tour, you were the first person Calum told. You were there the day before they left the country, when Calum opened himself to you and told you how scared he was that the band would fail or that he would mess up in front of thousands of people and you had comforted him, telling him he was the best musician in the world and that people would have to be crazy not to like his music. The day him and the boys shipped off to the UK was the day your heart broke. Even though he called you almost every night, you still missed him like crazy. Walking to school alone was torture without Calum to walk beside you.

Now he was finally coming home to visit and you were beyond excited. He told you not to meet him at the airport because the fans would likely be there and he didn’t want you to get hurt in the excitement. So here you were, pacing around your house like a madwoman, waiting for him and the boys to knock on your door. Suddenly you heard the slam of a car door outside. Running to the door you heaved it open and were met with a grinning Calum walking up your driveway with his suitcase in hand.

“CALUM!” You ran towards him as he opened his arms for a hug. You jumped into his waiting arms and threw your arms around his neck, pulling him close. “I missed you so much!”

“I can see that” He chuckled. “I miss you too.” He smiled as he buried his face in your hair.

“Well what about me, did you miss me that much?” You detached yourself from Calum and looked up to see Luke with his guitar case in his hand and duffel bag slung over his shoulder and sunglasses to cover his eyes. You laughed.

“Of course I missed you Luke.” You stepped away from Calum to give Luke a hug. He set down his guitar case and picked you up spinning you around. “Luke!” You laughed as he put you down and wrapped his arms around you.

“Glad to hear it babe.” Your cheeks flushed at the nickname, but you ignored it. Looking back over at Calum you saw that his arms were crossed, eyes hooded and his jaw was set in a firm line. You gave him a quizzical look, but he just turned to go inside.

“Well, can I help you guys carry anything in?” You offered as the other boys unloaded their things from the car.

“I think we’re okay but thanks for offering!” Ashton smiled at you.

As all of you walked inside, Luke immediately opened up his guitar case and started strumming. You sat down next to Calum on the couch, he immediately put his arm securely around you, and listened to Luke as he strummed and the rest of the boys hummed along. It felt great to have everyone back together again, but better that Calum was sitting next to you for the first time in months. “Ugh, you guys have more talent in your fingers than I do in my whole body.” You groaned. Luke laughed. “You know I could teach you to play if you want.” He suggested. You lit up, excited to learn, but wishing it was Calum that could teach you instead. You glanced at the dark haired boy sitting next to you and you thought you might have caught an eye roll from him. A little hurt at the irritated gesture you accepted Luke’s offer and joined him on the loveseat. “Here, sit between my legs and hold it like this.” He put the instrument in your arms as you sat between in thighs.

“Well not that this isn’t fun, but I’m going to go play fifa.” Michael excused himself from the room with Ashton following closely behind. Now it was just you, Luke and Calum sitting angrily on the couch across from you. You wondered what his problem was and why he was suddenly in such a bad mood. Perhaps it’s just jet lag, you thought to yourself. “Okay now put your fingers here…” Luke guided your hands across the neck of the guitar and placed your hands on the correct strings. “And here…” His fingers brushed yours and you could feel his eyes boring into the back of your head. “Now strum” He instructed. You did as he said and the guitar made a beautiful sound. “That’s a C chord.” He said proudly. “Look at you you’re a natural! I knew you would be.”

“Thanks Luke I really appreciate…” You were cut off by Michael’s voice yelling from the kitchen. “Where do you keep your beer?” You sighed at the colored haired boy’s idiocy. “Yeah, it’s in a really weird place! Let me get it for you.” You yelled back, getting up from Luke’s lap. You padded over to the kitchen to get the beer for Michael. “Here ya go Mikey. Sorry I keep it hidden so people won’t steal it all.” You poked out your tongue as Michael winked at you and strutted away back to his fifa game. You stalked back over to the living room. As you got closer you heard the raspy whispering voice of Luke. “I don’t know what the big deal is Cal, I’m just teaching her how to play a few chords.”

“Don’t play that game with me Luke, I heard you in the car talking about how hot you thought she was and how much you wanted to bed her when we got back I’m not stupid.” Calum whispered angrily. “Cal, chill out! I know she’s your best friend but you can’t expect a girl that fine to be single forever and I just happened to be taking advantage of the situation.” Luke argued. “God, Luke you just don’t understand!” Calum ran his fingers through his hair and squeezed his eyes shut before taking a big breathe. “I’m in love with her Luke. I always have been, I just didn’t want to make it weird with us. She’s gorgeous and I know she thinks of me just as a friend I didn’t want to embarrass myself. And then we left for tour and I just missed her so much…It is a big deal Luke and I don’t want you hitting on her like that.” Calum said sternly. You gasped at his confession then quickly slapped your hand over your mouth to conceal yourself.

Luke smiled. “There’s the confession. I know you love her Cal. Hell we all know you love her. I think you talked to her more than us the whole tour and she was miles away!” He chuckled. “I would never take her from you Calum I just needed for you to finally grow some balls and admit it.” Calum blushed.

“You’re such an idiot.”

“I know, but at least she knows now.” Luke glanced in your direction.

What the hell do you mean?” Calum asked

Luke nodded at you. “You can come out now.” Embarrassed you stepped out of your hiding spot.

“Uh, I didn’t know how to interrupt so I just kinda…I’m so sorry Cal I didn’t mean to eavesdrop I just…” You stuttered

“I’ll just leave you two then.” Luke exited the room to join Michael and Ashton.

“So you heard all that then.” Calum’s eyes were fixated on the ground, not daring to meet yours.

“Calum.” You grabbed his chin in your hands and made him look at you. “I love you too.” His eyes widened and he grabbed your waist and pulled you close.

“You…how? Why didn’t you tell me?” He stammered, surprised out of his mind that a girl like you would ever love him.

“For the same reason Cal, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but I love you and I think I always have.” You smiled looking into his big brown eyes, full of blatant adoration. Suddenly, a pair of soft lips met yours in a flurry of emotion. His lips molded with yours like they were the only ones you were ever meant to kiss. Between soft peppers of kisses Calum asked, “Be my girlfriend.”

You smiled up at him and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips before replying “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”



So, guys, I was having a hard time finding fanfictions to read so in case you’re searching for some great jedtavius fanfiction here are some of my personal favourites, by @slenderlock 

Here is an alternative telling of the third movie and I swear to god it made me all warm inside.

Here is a series of some smaller jedtavius that you can read anywhere, anytime and be completely happy about it. They’re shorter so it’s great if you want to read something but are in a rush?

Here is some AMAZING teacher’s AU that I love with all my heart, god bless. Lots of bad words, also cat puke

Here**** is a great story about a company’s CEO and what was possibly the best metro ride of his life. Well-written porn. Dig in.
(****nsfw because porn, yes)

Here is the best high school AU ever. Octavius watches american football for the same reason I got into rugby and everything is amazing.

Virginia Tech Freshman Guide

Hey Hokies! I know you’re all super excited about your first year in Blacksburg but maybe you’re a bit nervous and don’t quite know what’s what just yet. Well luckily for you I am a rising sophomore with way too much time on my hands so I constructed this little guide to hopefully help you guys feel better about life at Tech.

I’m going to break this into sections for you:

·        Dorm life

·        Football games

·        Food

·        Classes

·        Getting involved

·        Campus life

Dorm life

So I know the first thing you’re worried about is where you’ll be living. Unfortunately, the new cadet dorm won’t be finished in time for this semester so that means we have a housing shortage on campus. They are offering $2,000 to all upperclassmen to move off campus just so they’ll have more room for you guys! This means that some of you might be tripled or even placed in a lounge converted into a room (that especially sucks because I don’t think you’ll have a sink then).

              My freshman year I lived in Lee hall which I would say is a pretty average. Some are better (like the AJ’s) and some are worse (like Slusher). You’ll each be given a closet, dresser, desk, desk chair, bed, and you’ll have one sink. The sink and closets pretty much take up an entire wall so you essentially have 3 walls to work from. I recommend both of you at least half lofting your beds (I full lofted mine and my roommate half lofted because she’s scared of heights). This will give you more floor space and open up the room in general. Here’s what my room looked like back in August before we fully decorated and it became a total disaster.

             As for roommates my number one tip is to be honest with each other. My roommate and I have a ‘no shit’ policy meaning that we’re both extremely honest with each other about any issues that might come up. I regularly yell at her to take out her trash and she yells at me to clean up under the sink. We are the only roommates I know that haven’t gotten in some weird passive aggressive fight because we stick to being straight up with each other. We’re rooming together this year too so clearly it works.

               The building itself won’t be bad either. In Lee the floors are separated by gender but honestly living on a co-ed floor won’t be an issue either. I have seen boys walking to the bathroom in just their towels and they have seen me doing the same. Think back to those first couple of days in 7th grade when you had to change for gym for the first time. Everyone was super self-conscious and you changed in a bathroom stall so no one would know that you’re on your period. Now think about the last day senior year when girls strutted around the locker room in nothing but thongs and it wasn’t weird at all. That’s what walking to the bathroom to take a shower will be like. It’ll be weird at first but you’ll turn into that thong wearing senior in no time I promise.

Protip: They don’t clean the bathrooms on the weekends so if it’s Sunday night wait until tomorrow to take that shower. Trust me.

              You’re RA is not some scary person out to get you! They’re actually the nicest people in your building and if you’re cool to them they’ll be cool to you. If something is bothering you in the building (roommate issues, gross bathrooms, loud neighbors, broken elevator, etc.) they are the people to talk to. Contrary to popular belief they’re not out to get you either. As long as you’re not disturbing everyone around you and you’re not a danger to yourself or people around you they most likely won’t write you up for being drunk. It’s only when they see alcohol with their own eyes or you’re throwing up all over the place that they HAVE to step in. I’ve gotten an RA to let me into my room at 3am while I was visibly wasted and my roommate and friends waited in the bathroom for the all clear and they didn’t care. Be responsible, respectful, and coherent and they won’t write you up.

Protip: If an RA hears you throwing up in the bathroom they HAVE to call an ambulance by law so if you have a little stomach bug (or knocked back one too many drinks) your sink is your best friend.

Football Games

              I’m going to write this section as if I was writing to my past self. I knew how to play football and I regularly watched NFL games (fly Eagles fly!) but I didn’t know people got so excited over college sports (I’m from the north I’m sorry!). So here is your basic northern girl’s guide to Beamerball.

              First off this man,

Frank Beamer, is the most winningest active coach in college football and if you don’t love him now you will by the end of the season. Hokie football is regularly referred to as Beamerball because of his unique coaching style. Personally, I love him most for the creation of the Fantastic Frank, but that’s a story for the food section.

              Our quarterback is Michael Brewer

He threw the most interceptions of any quarterback in all of college football last season but he did beat Ohio State and he kind of looks like Zac Efron so people have varying opinions about him. Apparently we just got a freshman that will be a lot better than him so fingers crossed!

              Your first game is going to be a bit insane because we were the only team to beat Ohio State last season and you guessed it, we’re playing them first! Plus Sands is giving us the next day off so if nothing else be excited over that!!

              Now for Lane Stadium… The side with the scoreboard is the North end zone aka the student section. If you’re in the student section (which you want to be) expect to never sit down. People have shirts that say “you can sit when you graduate” and they mean it. This is the section that’s always on TV and is the representation of our school. If you’re not going batshit crazy then are you really a student here? In front of the students in this end zone is the Marching Virginians. They have set songs for each situation on the field and you will know all of them by heart by the end of the season. South end zone is home to the cadets and their marching band (yes we have 2 marching bands). When we score they’ll do pushups on the hands of other cadets. They get to wear fancy uniforms and is probably the most fun they have all year to be honest. You will love the cadets.

              If all you care about is being a good spectator, all you need to know is jump for Enter Sandman, don’t sit, yell like crazy whenever the other team has the ball, shake your keys on “key plays” (when the other team is on 3rd down), every 1st down and touch down we get you will chant “H-O-K-I-E-S Hokies!!”, Skipper (the cannon) will be fired every time we get a field goal or touch down (don’t be scared it’s fun), and if you hear “LET’S GO!” you respond by screaming “HOKIES!” at the top of your lungs. Also we love horses on treadmills. Don’t ask just cheer.


              Apparently they don’t do a good job at teaching you guys about this stuff. Basically the bigger your plan is the more money you have to spend throughout the semester. Everything is bought using that money. It is not a swipes per week system. If you buy steak 24/7 you’re going to run out of money pretty dang quick but if you live off of nothing but coffee you’ll have extra money left over at the end of the semester. Everything is 50% off with the meal plan so that $10 steak will only take $5 off of your meal plan. Every dining hall has these little cards that tells you how much money you should have left by what date so you can tell if you’re on track or if you should lay off the sushi for a couple weeks. Try your hardest to stick by them. I get the smallest meal plan because you can always add more at the end if you need it.

              I’m going to break down all of your food options by dining hall here so this section may be a bit long.


 Although it’s not the fanciest looking dining hall it still has amazing food. Here you have stands for smoothies, sandwiches, locally grown organic food (closed on the weekend), Chicken and mac and cheese, pasta, Chinese food, burgers, Mexican food, “cheesesteaks” (I use the term very loosely), sweets, and a salad bar.

Personal favorites: Fantastic Franks from Frank’s Deli, Buffalo chicken sandwiches from Flips, and of course chicken parm from the pasta place (this is a special and is only offered every other Wednesday and Friday. People actually go nuts for it I once waited a half hour for it and I have zero regrets).

Warnings: I’m from South Jersey and let me tell you that “Philly style steak sandwich” is NOT a cheesesteak. If any variation of a cheesesteak has the word “Philly” before it do yourself a favor and don’t get it. I could go on an entire rant about how bad this “cheesesteak” was but let’s just leave it at I almost threw up and I became very homesick and craved the real thing for 3 months until I finally went home and got a real cheesesteak. No one should try it but if you’re from the Delaware Valley I’m sorry but you can kiss cheesesteaks and Wawa goodbye for as long as you’re in town.

Hokie Grill

               Attached to Owens is Hokie Grill. There’s not much to say about this place. There’s a Chick Fil A, bbq place, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Doughnuts. Protip: doughnuts are only 49 cents on the meal plan.

West End

              West End was the world’s first pay for what you get dining hall in the world and is what earned us the #1 spot in food. Here you can get burgers, sandwiches, wraps, steak and lobster, salads, sweets, smoothies, pizza and pasta.

Personal favorites: Steak from JP’s, chicken Cesar wrap from Wrap World (best bargain on campus if you ask me), hot wings from the Fighting Gobbler, and the Cajun cream sauce special at the pasta place.

Warnings: Super crowded from 5:30-7pm. Go early or late if you don’t want to wait ages for your food.


              This is the only all you can eat dining hall on campus. Because of that it’s a bit more on the pricier side. Don’t go here unless you’re really going to get your money’s worth. Definitely go here if it’s a themed day (CHOCOLATE DAY IS A REAL THING AND IT’S GLORIOUS) and be sure to stop by at least once for Sunday brunch (which lasts until 3pm).

Personal favorites: Everything on chocolate day, eggs benedict on Sunday brunches at the Chinese place.

Warnings: This is probably the worst dining hall on campus which means it has pretty good food. If this is your worst food than you are in the right place my friend.


              Located on the first floor of D2 is Dx. Basically take a crappier version of Wawa and shove it into a hallway and make all the customers drunk and you’ll have Dx. Since it is the only food option on campus after midnight (it closes at 2am) it is a popular place to go after a night out. You will find yourself stumbling through here at one point.

Personal favorites: Corndog nuggets and the butterscotch pudding with Heath bar crumbles.

Warnings: The sushi is gross and a lot of people get sick from the food here (I never have so I don’t know what their problem is). Basically this is what normal schools have as their actual food and this is your crappy late night place so be happy.


              This whole building is basically all dining halls. Deet’s is your typical little coffee shop. They have ice cream, coffee, baked goods, and even paninis. It’s open until midnight and there are lots of chairs so I usually find myself there late at night working on group projects with people.

Personal Favorites: Blacksburg sunset (get lemonade for sour, sprite for sweeter) and the southwest chicken panini.

Warnings: No outlets for your computer so come charged up if you plan on staying awhile.


              Although mainly the student center Squires still houses Burger 37 and ABP. It’s all a bit pricier but it’s on the meal plan and you won’t find a better burger or milkshake on campus.

Personal favorites: B7 burger and the chipotle mayo for the fries at Burger 37, free refills of lemonade at ABP.

Warnings: Super crowded most of the time but worth it.


              The only dining hall on the academic side of campus! It’s closed on the weekends but here you can get bagels, convenient store stuff, coffee, crepes (crepe guy is super attractive), sushi, hibachi, salads, Qdoba, southern fare, steak and fish, smoothies, and pizza. Check out the cadet room on the first floor it’s one of my favorite places to study.

Personal Favorites: Beef at the hibachi place (only at lunch), custom salad at the salad place, taco salads at Qdoba, and salmon from Fire Grill.

Warnings: closed on the weekends and always packed between classes.


              Now the part you all hate: actual learning. This is more going to be little tips and tricks than anything since I don’t know your major. I am majoring in Mechanical engineering with a minor in Biomedical engineering so if you happen to be doing one of those feel free to ask me about more specific questions!

              Please don’t be afraid to go to office hours! Your teacher will help you I promise and sometimes they’ll even give you little tips or benefits that won’t be offered to other students. I’ve gotten extensions, extra credit, news before everyone else, and candy just from dropping by my teacher’s offices. Trust me it’s worth it and a whole lot better than failing and feeling alone.

              Do your work as soon as you can. Life happens and you will have unexpected events come up that you didn’t plan for. Would you rather fall to just 4 days ahead of schedule and go out and play bumper soccer with your friends or stay up until 3am doing that chem lab you haven’t looked at since lab day? You will have so much more fun (and sleep!) by staying on top of your work.

              Plan out your next semester schedule early. Look up your proposed degree path and see what you should take in the spring. Go to Hokie Spa and sift through the timetable of classes for the spring until you’ve found that perfect schedule and request those classes. When you don’t get any of the classes you requested, use coursepickle to tell you when the classes you want are open and get your perfect schedule. Protip: schedule free time for 8am and never be scheduled an 8am ever again!

Getting involved

              This one is the most important if you ask me. Classes are one thing but being a part of the Hokie nation is another. Every year in September we have this thing called Gobblerfest which is basically this event where almost every club on campus comes out to the drillfield and tells you information about their club. This is a great time to explore your interests and find where you belong at school. Thanks to Gobblerfest I’m now a sister of a sorority, on a design team, public relations officer of the Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society, and vice president of Engineering World Health (and all of this in one year!). I met some of my best friends from these clubs. If nothing else you’ll get tons of free things at Gobblerfest (all of the sunglasses I own are from this event) so make sure you go and check out clubs!

              However, clubs aren’t the only way to get involved. In the spring Tech has The Big Event, the largest collegiate Relay for Life in the world, the 3.2 for 32, and so much more. Get a group of friends together and spend you weekends helping people and having fun. You don’t have to commit to a club, just one day. It’s a lot of fun and I promise you you’ll come out feeling like you were really a part of something bigger than yourself.

Campus life

              As a freshman you’re guaranteed campus housing. But what is campus like? Are there traditions I’m not aware of? Are there shortcuts to places I’m not aware of? Don’t worry! I’ll break it all down for you here!


              By this point you probably have seen the drillfield and know the two distinct features in front of Burruss and Torg Bridge.

The pylons each represent Virginia Tech’s principles. In the center sits a cenotaph, DO NOT TOUCH THIS!!! The cenotaph is there representing all of the Hokies who have received a purple heart. We don’t touch it as a sign of respect to them. If you see someone touching it (or using it like a coffee table like I once saw) kindly tell that person why we don’t touch it. Hokie respect people.

              This is the April 16th memorial. After the shooting that took place on April 16th, 2007 a group of students were sitting on the drillfield wondering how they could honor their fallen Hokies. They decided to go to the quarry and take 32 Hokie stones (one for each live lost) and place them in a semicircle in front of Burruss. These makeshift stones were eventually given to the families of the victims and were replaced with today’s Hokie stones (which have each of their names engraved into them). Every April 16th a memorial service is held here and cadets guard each stone with pride. It is easily the prettiest place on campus during that week.

              The next tradition occurs on the first snowfall of every year. The cadets vs. civilians snowball fight happens on the drillfield and is easily the most epic snowball fight you’ll ever be a part of. Last year I saw people with lab googles, Captain America shields, American flags, and even the Hokiebird took part in it! Keep a look out on Facebook when it snows because that’s where the date and time will be announced.

              Each and every class at Virginia Tech creates their own class rings. After the rings are given out there is a huge dance to celebrate it. It’s kind of like the college version of prom except you’ll actually have fun at this dance.

              Similarly, the Military Ball takes place every year. Cadets HAVE to bring a date so get out there and find a cadet to dance the night away with!

Getting around

              So now you know some of the traditions on campus but how do you get around easily? Well you can’t go wrong with walking. If you have a crazy schedule like me and you need to go to Litton Reaves to Randolf in 15mins (good planning on my part I know) you might want to invest in a nice bike. Make sure you register it! It’s free and it will stop you from getting a ticket with VT parking services or will help VTPD track down your bike if something happens to it. If bikes aren’t your style I’ve seen people on skateboards, longboards, scooters, unicycles, tricycles, you name it. If you plan on bringing your car make sure you get a parking pass and be careful where you park! Getting a parking ticket is on the Hokie bucket list because it happens so often. When in doubt don’t park there.

              If you need to go off campus Blacksburg Transit is your best friend. Download the BT4U app to see which bus will take you where and at what time. Below is a list of places I went to often and which bus will take you there. I know it’s scary at first. (Note: there are 2 Krogers in Blacksburg. “Ghetto” refers to the smaller, older one next to the math empo; “Gucci’ refers to the bigger, newer one on South Main (no I didn’t make these nicknames up.))

University Mall- Ghetto Kroger, Math Empo, the “mall” (like 4 stores and the empo lol), Panera Bread, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, and Macado’s.

University Boulevard- Literally all the same places as U Mall you might just have to walk like 3 feet extra.

South Main- Gucci Kroger, Cookout, Our Daily Bread, and downtown (if you’re super lazy).

Two Town Trolley- CHRISTIANSBURG, Walmart, the hospital (only on week days), the Christiansburg mall (aka the closest thing to civilization you’re going to get down here), and the movies.

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I hope this whole thing helped someone out there and I can’t wait to see you all in Blacksburg in just a couple weeks!

experiences with the signs

ARIES: laughing so hard i almost pissed my pants, going to high school football games, telling you everything when life crumbled down

TAURUS: laying in your lap at 1 in the morning, going to front row of my favorite band, almost going to the principles office with you because we kept fucking around in class

GEMINI: our first mosh pit, lending you money for huf socks after you spent all yours on $50 tea, your first music festival

CANCER: crying on your shoulder, you ranting to me after a bad date, breaking our swim time record

LEO: getting into constant fights with you but end up making it up to one another, ranting about crushes and everyone we hate at our school hugshugshugs

VIRGO: road trips, 2am food runs, nonstop concerts

LIBRA: running around our neighborhood at midnight, watching breaking bad, gas station runs in a rainstorm

SCORPIO: twerking on niall horan posters, hating your boyfriend, piggyback rides through our school hallways

SAGITTARIUS: little coverband concerts, buying incense, making fun of kiss

CAPRICORN: not caring about anything in the world, facetiming each other while watching american horror story, yelling across a room about how much we love evan peters

AQUARIUS: sorting everyone in our grade into hogwarts houses, confessing our deepest secrets, talking about our future

PISCES: counting on you for everything, heartbreak, smiling and hugging each other after not seeing one another for a year

shiver me tinders

it’s late and i’m halfway drunk this is the best pun i come up with atm

because i have gotten like a million messages asking me for part 2 of the tinder au and i am a small salt mine tonight (because of other reasons), here is what part 2 would be about if i ever decided to write it (which, i probably won’t but still go forth have fun)

seriously though this is just free form all in one go typing it straight here and i’ve had wine it’s going to be a disaster

  • the first date goes terribly because james was trying to pretend that he has his life together and no he does not spend his time coming up with football related puns
  • (spoiler alert: he certainly does not have his life together and lily does end up going out with him because of football related puns so.)
  • the restaurant is nice (and expensive) the food is nice (and expensive) james is…well he tried to slick his hair back and tame his riot of curls which is less nice
  • the whole night is nice and lily likes it but she doesn’t like it ya feel? like it feels awkward and forced for some reason
  • anyway, she’s being an idiot about it and james is being an idiot about it just ok everyone is an idiot and lily is kinda undergoing a bit of an existential crisis because what if their connection was solely tech based
  • granted she did have a fairly good time at the pub and james was right, she and sirius immediately took to each other, taking pleasure in ribbing him
  • anyway, existential crisis from lily during which mary mostly rolls her eyes and marlene livetweets the entire thing because he mates are super helpful
  • in the end she plans on marching over to james’ flat because they haven’t talked since the disaster date (marlene refers to it as the ‘double d catastrophe’ in her tweets)
  • she’s still getting ready (what it takes time to figure out if she wants to go demure in all black and trench coat or just y’know, the trench coat alone because have you seen his hands they’re great)
  • she doesn’t get to choose between being a poptart and just a straight up tart because james shows up at her door with wine and a sheepish grin
  • the grin falters a bit because lily is still in her tiny robe with wet hair and he just blurts out ‘did you know football players can go for 90 minutes and know 11 different positions?’
  • he turns bright fucking red and lily grins because here’s the dork she’s so painfully attracted to
  • they netflix and chill with some 10 things i hate about you
  • their second date is much better. they go paintballing. lily wins, but only just because she used the technique of seduction to lure him under false pretences before shooting him right in the head with an orange paint pellet
  • (she does help him get out the pain later. do with that what you wish ayyyy)
  • james is still a celeb though and it doesn’t take long for the paps to start tailing them and writing articles about potters new mystery woman
  • lily sends a very strongly worded letter to an editor when they publish something with a lewd redhead joke
  • she also decks a pap in the face when he got too close to her
  • but other than that she takes to fame well enough
  • they’re that couple; the disgustingly cute ones that make you want to throw up and also the hell hot ones you wouldn’t mind watching for a while
  • she wears his t shirts wit the name ‘potter’ printed on the back, and comes to most of his games, usually dragging along her friends to sit in the VIP box with her
  • after the first month things quiet down considerably but the internet is still buzzing (lily introduced james to fanfic and the amount of times he’s read that james makes out with sirius is astounding really. and also just a tiny bit hot.)
  • the move in together eventually. his parents all but adopt her on the spot
  • things are…normal. sometimes her boyfriend disappears for weeks at a time and he’s on the telly/ in magazines/ on newspapers more than the average folk, but he still likes to cuddle and write bad poetry and post dorky pics to instagram with him
  • but yeah, her boyfiend is prety cool and she loves him, in a non friendly, non familial way and she makes sure to tell him that
  • he proposes after almost 2 years, and he does so via text
  • J: come out side
    L: i can’t i’m binge watching things and the remote is too far to actually stop it. check me back in 18 minutes during the 40 second opening sequence
    J: what if i told you i’m not wearing underwear
    L: then i would tell you to stop texting like a straigh white by and to put on some pants befor your penis freezes or the police charge you for nudity. whichever comes first
  • she does come outside eventually, and is almost hit with one of those tiny hand sized footballs
  • she catches it before any damge could be inflicted and glares at him
  • ‘wtf potter’ ‘open it’ ‘what?’ ‘open the ball’ ‘that’s not a weird sentence at all…’ ‘gdi lils come on’
  • she does open it and it turns out that it’s not a ball but a ringbox shaped like a football
  • ‘i told you evans, you’re definitely a keeper’
  • she’s crying and after he slides it on to her finger she tackles him to the ground because she’s in love with this dork
Short Stop

You had always been short. Being only 5’1, you had always been shorter than every single one of your friends. For most of your life, you’ve heard all the mocking you could about short people. ‘How’s the weather down there?’, ‘You’re cute because you’re so short.’ After a while it gets old, but what could you do. This is your life.

Your friend who probably mocks you the most would probably Neymar. Given the fact that he is so much taller than you, he is constantly ragging on you whenever he sees you, which given the fact that he is your best friend, is almost every day. Most people look at the two of you whenever you’re together and say how cute you look, because of your height difference. Each time, you roll your eyes, not believing in what they say. You might be cute together but you honestly couldn’t see what height had anything to do with it.

The sound of your phone going off tore you away from your television where you had been watching on of your favorite shows. You had just been about to unlock it and check why it had gone off when there was a knock on your door. Leaving the phone on the couch, you walked over to go check who was at the door. Swinging it open, you saw Neymar on the other side.

You were confused. “What are you doing here? I thought I wasn’t going to see you until tomorrow.” He walked past you and let himself in, not before he patted you on the head though.

You huffed. That was one habit of Neymar’s that you really didn’t like. Anytime he walked past you he always patted you on the head. When you had asked him about it the first time, he had simple said that because of your height, to him, it was an instinct. He had many habits like that. Some nice, and others, not so nice. Nice ones included: helping you reach things when you couldn’t get them (He always seemed to know when you needed help) and giving you piggy back rides often. Not so nice things included mocking you every chance he could about your height.

Walking in after him to see him on your couch, you placed your hands on your waist. “Well, are you going to tell me what you’re doing here?” When you noticed him raise one eyebrow, you quickly added onto that question. “Not that I’m not happy to see you but…” He looked away from you and towards your phone. “Did you check your phone yet?”

That was an odd question to ask. “No, I was just about to do it when you rang my doorbell.” He tossed the phone to you. “Take a look.” You almost dropped it when he threw it to you. It had almost flown over your head. The only thing that saved your phone was reach up and grabbing it before it hit the wall behind you. After glaring at him, you finally unlocked your phone.

You noticed that someone had posted a picture of you on Instagram. Opening it, you noticed that the person was Neymar. It was a picture of the two of you from a few weeks ago. You were on his back, while he was facing you, more specifically placing a kiss on your cheek (something which he did often, saying he liked how your skin was smooth). You had been so focused on the picture that you failed to notice the message that was to the right of the picture. The message Read: Hey Short Stop (Please don’t kill me), there’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while and I guess I just couldn’t figure out how to tell you. I like you. I know you probably think, only as a friend, but I like you so much more than that. I don’t know the right words to say to confess to you but I hope these words will be enough to get my point across.

You read what Neymar had wrote about three times, still not believing what you were reading. Looking away from the phone, you looked up at him who was intently staring at you. “Ney…” That was all you could say. His face dropped. He stood up. You walked over to him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything…” Before he could continue, you grabbed the side of his face, pulled him down, and smashed your lips onto his. It didn’t even take him a minute to respond. He grabbed you around the waist, almost lifting you off the ground, you were definitely on your tip toes, and kissed you back.

When you pulled away, the two of you were out of breath. “What was that?” You smiled at his question. “I thought it would be obvious. I like you too, you dumbo.” The smile on his face was infectious. It was like your words had completely lightened up his entire face. When he pulled you into a hug, almost once again lifting you towards your tip toes, you really didn’t mind the height difference.

- i hope you like it Anon

“I don’t let my personal happiness depend on titles. As much as I of course wish to win them as a footballer. But in real life - and I refer to that - I’m also happy without titles, yet already because I’m able to work in the sport I enjoy so much. That’s all I ever wanted.” - Marco Reus

My idol is Cristiano Ronaldo.
He is an example of triumph in life, not only in sport.
The work he has rendered to be the best player in the world is incredible and therefore he is an idol.

There are many football players (whose agent is Jorge Mendes), I know almost all of them, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Ricardo Carvalho, João Moutinho, Falcao, James Rodriguez …

There is a good relationship between us because we are all Portuguese, it is good that there is this good atmosphere.
I am very happy to belong to this agency, which gave me the opportunity to interact with these great football athletes.


- João Sousa

(my translation)
Funny observation: So James and Falcao are honorary Portuguese?
P.S.: I always hoped that Cristiano and Falcao would be in the same team some day.

some fics for you

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose

American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers).

Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football.

A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

one more for the stars

It’s different, and Louis knows that, because Harry’s got so much riding on this - a career and a future and his whole life. There’s talk of him going first overall in the draft, of entering the NFL after only two years in college, of going to New York or Seattle or Green Bay, and Louis wants to be there for him, wants to support him and help him make decisions, but he also kind of wants to pin him to the bed and cry and scream, What about me what about me what about me?

(au. Harry’s the star quarterback and Louis is about to graduate. It’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.)

you and me were kings

harry plays football in a small town in west texas. louis might be the only person that doesn’t give a damn. au.

I don’t feel there is any injustice when people expand beyond my music and speculate on who certain songs might be about. I’ve never named names, so I feel like I still have a sense of power over what people say—even if that isn’t true, and even if I don’t have any power over what people say about me. The fact that I’ve never confirmed who those songs are about makes me feel like there is still one card I’m holding. So if you’re going to look at your life and say, “I get to play sold-out football stadiums all over the world. I get to call up my favorite artists and ask them to perform with me, and most of the time they say yes. I get to be on the cover of this magazine”—this is all because I write songs about my own life. So I would feel a little strange complaining about how it’s covered.

Hey Faggots,
My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “argue about cartoon rock people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch

I woke up from a dream about football.  Seems like all I do is dream about football latly.  Daydream, too.  Seems like my whole life is football.  it’s easy to be all about football because my facebook feed is all football and I’m playing fantasy football and I talk about football at work with my coworkers and I’m always getting notification on my phone from the NFL or from ESPN and everywhere I look theres people wearin football shirts or jerseys or hats.  In the dream I was watching a football game and I was lifting a dumbbell with one hand.  I was sitting on a bench in the gym but there was a football game on and I was watching it.  I was watching myself growin bigger watchin my bicep start to pop and I heard the crowd on the football game cheerin and yellin and I pumped harder an harder, bustin through my reps.  One of the tight ends had a breakway and took off runnin down the field, 40 yd line, 30 yd line, 20 yd line … I just kept pumpin, gruntin, poppin, 10 yd line … TOUCHDOWN

I woke up and stared at the TV screen.  Halftime was over and the game was starting again.  I sweat right through my clothes during the dream.  I looked at my bicep and it was its normal size … or was it a lil bit bigger?  I have been doin alot of workin out latly.  Lot of arms and back an chest.  I am a lil sore.  Im not sayin I get confused, but I kinda get a little hazy sometimes, I like pingpong in my head from football to workin out to gear an shit.  When Im not workin out or watchin football I feel wierd, my hands flex for no reason, and I stretch my muscles.  If Im not wearin gear I feel even wierder, itchy, kinda, just like Im gonna explode if I dont do somethin about it.

Weird huh?  Wonder what will happen next.  What do you bros think?


Lionel Messi shares the 5th Ballon d’Or with 5 FC Barcelona youth teams Captains  

[cat] [ESP]

Lionel Messi met with Juanma García, Arnau Comas, Àlex Rico, Pablo López and Pau Prim, the captains of the five youth first teams, from U10 through to U19, and answered their questions,

Here are some highlights of what he said:

You are very lucky to be in a club like this”

 “This is a rare opportunity not only in football, but in life. Barça gives you the chance to study, to grow and to get an education. I think it’s important for you took make the most of all this and then to enjoy your football and be as professional about it as you can.”

“It was hard for me because it was such a big change” 

“I left a lot behind in Argentina and unlike other children living at the Masia, I hardly ever got to visit my family. I only saw them once or twice a year and that was very hard for me.”

 “This club always aims to win and I want to end my career having won as many titles as possible” he says.

“Just to hear people saying and thinking that makes me very proud indeed. But I try not to think about it too much and just focus on enjoying everything that I have in this life.“


Ever since I was a little girl a dolphin had been my favourite animal. Whether it was a dolphin bedcover or a dolphin teddy, every possession was related to the beautiful water creature. Nothing in the entire world could top the love I felt when I saw my beloved animal.

Neymar obviously thought different.

My boyfriend of nearly five years had been trying to convince me that the love I felt for him was far greater than the one I supposedly felt for this animal. Time after time we would have the same disagreement about this statement. He would say I was crazy for having this obsession with an animal whilst I would say that it was just like his obsession for football. After saying that though he would go on a little rant about how football was his life and his job and was far more important than liking a creature that just swims around all day.

I definitely didn’t mention to him that all he does is run around all day because this trip would have been cancelled straight away.

As it was coming up to our fifth anniversary of dating, we had booked a trip to Orlando, Florida. I was obviously excited about going to Sea World and seeing all the dolphins on show, Neymar on the other hand was excited about seeing how many people were wearing his jersey.  

Typical boy.

“Ney I don’t think you understand how excited I am to visit Sea World!” I squealed, violently grabbing his wrists to get his attention. He lightly growled in pain at my actions, rolling his eyes at how excited I was getting. “Dani, there are more important things to see on this trip! Just think of Mickey and Minnie or enjoying the American heat, or seeing my name on people’s shirts.”

I playfully squeezed his wrists again, causing him to chuckle. “Getting in touch with your feminine side are we? Bet you are super excited to take selfies with all the characters then go buy their merchandise and finish the day by sitting under the stars,” I mimicked earning another roll of the eyes from my less impressed boyfriend.


Today was finally the day. I had been planning this day since we had landed in Orlando a couple of days ago. Not only was today the day of our fifth anniversary but most importantly it was the day we were finally visiting Sea World.

Bring on the dolphins!

Neymar had promised to stop his teasing just for today, to complete the deal I had to let him dictate in what happened during tonight’s sexual antics. A deal my horny boyfriend could not refuse. I was hoping he was secretly excited for today, with it being a big day for us as a couple it would only be right that the two of us both enjoyed the day.

“You excited for today?” Ney asked a quick brush of the lips against my forehead as we entered the car. “Stupid question babe! Getting to spend it with the two favourite things in my life is going to be amazing.”

We gradually made our way round the park, noticing all the different animals they had on show. After going on a few of the rides, we made our way round to where the dolphins section was placed. As I expected it was the most busy place in the park, every space being taken by visitors making it very hard to see the animals, luckily for us Neymar used his celebrity status so that we was stood in the V.I.P area for an apparent special show.

The show lasted for nearly fifteen minutes as we witnessed the dolphins expertly do flips and tricks on command. Turning my head I noticed the big grin that was placed on Neymar’s lips, seeing that sight also made myself burst out with a big grin.

“We also have one final performance for everybody!” the trainer announced.

After she finished talking all the dolphins made their way back out so they were now all in a straight line across the pool. The trainer did a quick countdown finishing with all the dolphins turning onto their side where they all had a letter painted on them, narrowing my eyes I noticed that they had spelt out my name.

“Ney they have my name spelt out on them!” I squeaked.

When I didn’t hear a response from my boyfriend I quickly turned my head to see him bent down on one knee, a black ring box placed in hand. He slowly opened up the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. “Danielle Moore, we have been together for five beautiful years and I know you say you don’t love me as much as these beautiful creatures but would you do me the greatest pleasure of becoming my wife?” he smiled, a single tear falling down his cheek.

“Yes yes yes yes! Of course I will!” I screeched as he placed the ring on the correct finger. Raising his head, he attached his lips onto mine giving me a passionate kiss, a round of applause erupting from all the visiting guests.


Imagine #77 Getting your name tattooed

You just walked inside your and Neymar’s house that you two bought before your marriage. It was all ready to move in and you two just came from your honeymoon. It’s been a beautiful week spent away from everyone, just the two of you. No football, no work and no paparazzi.

You looked around the house happily, because you couldn’t believe how much things changed in a month. You married the love of your life, bought a house and already talked about getting a baby. You and Neymar were together for almost three years and it was an important step for you to get merried with him, everyone kept saying that you both were too young for making this decision, but you both knew your love was bigger than what they thought.

When you heard Neymar walking inside and closing the front door you ran downstairs to him. He put down his begs and you jumped around his neck. Maybe it was because of the marriage and honeymoon that you two were even more in love and always wrapped on each other.

“You like it?” Neymar asked and you let him go, placing your arm around his waist while his was around your shoulders.

“I love it. Our little house.” You smiled and looked at him.

“Well, it’s not really little, but it is our” He laughed and kissed your head.

“I can already see Jo and Gil shouting and playing here,” you said, because you knew they were always around and you were okay with it, because for Neymar they were important.

“They already asked to see the house”

“No more playtime with me then” you winked and kissed him then moved away.

“Oh trust me, I will kick them out for this kind of playtime,” He said as he grabbed you back to him, placing his hands on your lower back.

“Didn’t you have enough this entire week?” you asked as you got your hands under his shirt.

“I’ll never get enough,” Neymar said as he started kissing your neck.

“But I had” you said and moved away, to play with Neymar who was clearly in a mood to have sex.

You loved teasing him so you walked away and undressed your shirt and shorts, being just in your white bikini that you had still on from the honeymoon. You knew Neymar was crazy about it, but you didn’t pay attention to him.

Then you walked to get in the pool you had in the garden. You heard Neymar following you so you turned around and saw him standing right behind you.

“Such a teas” he had a serious face, turned you around and pulled you closer, “You know how much this drives me crazy,” he whispered and his breath made you go crazy. You turned around to face him and noticed his proud face.

You grabbed his head and pulled him in a long deep kiss and he pulled away his shirt. When you had your hand on his chest, you suddenly felt a plaster and pulled away from the kiss confused.

“What’s this?” you asked.

“I got a tattoo last day, when you were shopping” Neymar smiled.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me? I want to see it,” you said still confused and not so happy, because you were not really enjoying Neymar always getting tattoos.

As he put away the plaster, you were shocked. It was right on the place where the heart is and it was a key made of your name.

“Oh my…” you placed your hand on your mouth. You were shocked, because you never believed in getting matching tattoos or just tattooing a lovers name on yourself to have it forever.

“You don’t like it?” Neymar asked upset seeing you were not smiling.

“I just… I never imagined you getting this kind of tattoo”

“Well you are my only love and I will never regret it” Neymar smiled as you looked at him almost tearing up you kissed his tattoo.

“Te amo preta minha” Neymar said and hugged you and kissed you.

“You deserve some fun now”

He laughed then immediately lift you up and threw you inside the pool as he followed.

“I didn’t mean this kind of fun” you said and pulled your hair back as he approached you and got your legs around his waist.

“I know” he winked and kissed you passionately. You were so happy he made this kind of tattoo, because he confirmed once again his love for you. It was something you never supported, but this time you knew it was worth it, because the love you two felt for each other was strong and infinite.