because life is not all about football

I think the most underrated bit of genius in 17776 is the overlap with real life items. Items, not really places or people. So far all of them have been related to the main themes of 17776 in some way:

Bee States Ballroom: doing busy work because not only can you afford to do pointless work, it’s the only thing you CAN do in your current situation

Livermore Bulb: eternal but meaningless life

Koy Detmer balls: arbitrarily enforced scarcity and conflict for pure entertainment value. also football

The fact that this much information is being expressed through objects goes in line with what Nine said about humans becoming machine-like. In their quest for entertainment and meaning, humans have centered their entire lives around things that would normally be incredibly boring and worthless.

Every human we’ve met has been totally dedicated to whatever game they’re playing and all of its bizarre conditions. Nobody does anything for the hell of it anymore, they need something concrete to work towards, no matter how stupid it is. Sure, there are mentions of people that don’t play football, but even these people are completely sunk into their daily routines and a sense of constancy.

The most human beings in 17776 are machines millions of miles from Earth. They deal with immortality well because they were always supposed to be immortal.

Recommended Reads of 2016

(in which I realize how horrible I am at describing books)

As 2016 draws to a close, I decided to make a list of ten of my favorite books I read this year (not necessarily books published in 2016 though).  I hope you all appreciate this, and I’d love to know what books you loved this year as well!

In no particular order:

1. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord: This was one of the first books I read this year, and it was so adorable I just had to put it on this list.  It’s about a girl whose first and only boyfriend died, so she is now living her life with a lot more caution.  Basically, it just chronicles how she copes with this and lives her life (I’m so sorry that was a horrible synopsis haha).   By no means was the writing beautiful, and there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments, but it was just a nice and (mostly) fluffy read.  All the references to literature (specifically to Pride and Prejudice) made my nerdy heart happy.  Also, I am such a sucker for a cute nerdy guy (both in books and real life, haha–honestly, if you know of a good book with this kind of guy, let me know) so I understandably loved Max.

2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: The Start of Me and You was actually what convinced me to finally read this classic, and boy am I glad I did!!! Honestly, I’m so obsessed with this story (which I don’t think I need to summarize).  Like, this obsession is unhealthy.  I’ve only read the book once, but I’ve watched the miniseries like three times this year and the movie (from 2005, obviously) probably (and I am not even kidding) 20 or 30 times this year.  Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen (if you’re as in love with him as I am, you HAVE to listen to him reading some of Pride and Prejudice – I want him to narrate my life omg) are literally my faves fajkldjgaoi I AM OBSESSED AAH.  But I digress, because this is about books.  Basically I love it.

3. First & Then by Emma Mills: Okay so this is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (are you noticing a theme?? – I could literally read/watch nothing but P&P adaptations for the rest of my life and be perfectly content).  As the blurb on Goodreads said, it’s like Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights.  Basically, it follows this girl named Devon and the football star, Ezra.  I’m so obsessed that I completely ignored my complete and utter abomination for all sports in order to enjoy the P&P aspect and it was so cute I finished it in less than a day.  

4. Winter by Marissa Meyer: I loved the entire Lunar Chronicles series, but this one was my favorite.  Basically, the series is a sort of sci-fi/dystopian fairy tale retelling with cyborgs and space travel and I really enjoyed it .  Also, the cover??? Amazing.

5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: This is a well-known classic, so I’ll spare you the details, but it was just so good (and it’s nice and short if that’s something that interests you) and so scarily accurate for a dystopian novel.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Again, a well-known classic about racism and basic human morality in a southern town during the Great Depression.  I have nothing to say that you haven’t heard before, so I’ll just say: it was absolutely wonderful.

7. Paperweight by Meg Haston: I want to preface this by saying it heavily discusses eating disorders, so that is something to be mindful of. It was such a raw and captivating story and I felt it handled the topic well.  I really felt for the characters.  The story was sad and disheartening (an intrinsic quality when it comes to mental illness) but I just felt Haston did a really amazing job with it.

8. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon: This book is about a girl with an illness so severe she can’t leave her own home.  It follows her life as she becomes interested in her new neighbor (I am blowing myself away with my horrible synopses hahaha - if you really want to know, click the book titles to go to their respective Goodreads pages).  It was a really interesting story that I flew right through.

9. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon: I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but I’ll do it again.  It’s about a Jamaican girl whose family is about to be deported and a Korean boy who doesn’t want to follow the plan his parents have set out for them.  They spend a day together in New York City and it’s pretty great.  I loved the little in-between perspectives we got and the blend of science and romance/fate/destiny kind of stuff.  I loved it!!

10. The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork: This is another book about mental illness – specifically depression, suicidal thoughts, and schizophrenia.  It’s about a girl who, after attempting suicide, gets to know three other kids with problems like hers.  It didn’t romanticize mental illness or sugarcoat anything, and it made me cry (and I don’t cry often at books) but it was a really captivating story.  

There you have it, folks! My top ten from 2016.  I sincerely wish you all a wonderful 2017 filled with happiness, love, and new memories!!! I love you all! 

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my girl is back!! so glad to see that you are back ❤❤ you've been missed truly. im so excited to see more of you and your creative writing!!! if you are can you write a jealous archie fic, where he starts making comments that bughead shouldn't be together & one day finally jughead tells archie to fuck off. betty chases after jug & then they go back to his trailer 😉😉🔥, love you 😘😘

Thanks love! I’m so happy to be back! I’ll give it a go!

Betty wasn’t naive this much was certain, she was practical, Sharp and curious but Jughead Jones girlfriend was never naive.

So why on earth was she so absolutely blind to one Archie Andrews and his newfound appreciation for everything Betty Cooper?

“And then when I told him I couldn’t wait for him after practice because I was meeting you he nearly bust an ankle he spun around so angrily” the Beautiful Blonde cheerleader wrapped her lips around the strawberry milkshake in front of her and shrugged her dainty shoulders “I don’t know Jug, he’s just been so weird lately. I know it probably has something to do with his dad but Fred is doing great! You’d think Archie would be relieved. I’m worried about him.”

The concern was clearly evident in Betty’s Crystal eyes as she glanced up at Jughead, her fingers tapping the glass anxiously. This was Betty, she cared about everyone and every thing, her heart was so full sometimes he worried it might burst. Of course Jughead knew what this was all about, his redheaded best friend was Jealous, painfully so.

“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” that phrase played through Jugheads thoughts every time he caught the football player staring at his girlfriend a moment too long or when Betty and jughead spoke about leaving for college together and Archie just laughed, he had told them not to get their hopes up because highschool relationships don’t last. He had sat through it all, bit his tongue and rolled his eyes but not anymore.

He could see the pain it was causing the love of his life and that? Yeah that wasn’t okay with him.

Reaching across the diner table Jughead gripped her tiny scarred hand in his own
“I’ll talk to him okay? I’ll figure out what’s up.”

Betty sighed and nodded
“Thankyou Juggie. Anyway, I looked at Sweetpeas bike, you guys really have got to stop playing around with those things you’re destroying the engines! There’s only so much I can do before I become the Serpents honorary mechanic.”
It was two days before Jughead had worked up the courage to take his bike over to the Andrews. They were best friends! This shouldn’t be weird, it was just a civil conversation between two friends is all.

Fred had the door opened before Jughead could even knock, a knowing smile on his lips as he let Jughead in.

“That’s Fps old bike, I could hear it a mile away. Do you know how many girls your dad scored for me with that bike? All I had to do was lean up against it and bang, a whole group of ladies. Not that it matters much to you, Archie told me you snatched up Betty? Good for you, she’s one of the greats. Head on up he’s just working on his music.“

He made his way up the stairs cautiously, leaning against the door as Archie played a sad love song about a girl next door.

“That about Veronica?”

Archie jumped his eyes widening at the leather wearing boy in his doorway before they narrowed

“No. No it’s not.”

Okay so they were just gonna jump right into it. Fine by him.

“You had your chance Arch. She’s mine now. She’s my girlfriend. You didn’t pick her, I did. That’s just how it goes.” Jughead spoke evenly, shoulders back and frame tall.

Archie let out a bitter laugh
“For how long? Look at you Jug. No offense but you aren’t really Betty Cooper boyfriend material. You’re a Serpent, a thug. You don’t even go to Riverdale and I haven’t seen you at one game. She’s gonna get sick of all the drama that surrounds you, and when she does, which it will, she’s gonna pick me. It’s always gonna be me, you know it, I know it and she knows it. It’s only a matter of time.” The redheaded boy set down his guitar turning to step closer to Jughead.

Jughead shook his head, fists clenched
“Ya know something? Maybe you’re right maybe I’m not Betty boyfriend material, maybe I’m not good enough for her. Hell no ones good enough for her. But guess what? She loves me. I get to hold her every night, I get to kiss her in places you could only dream, I get to be the one she comes home to. So while you write your love songs and plan your make believe future with MY girlfriend, I’m living it. I’m only going to tell you once, you’re my brother Archie no matter what happens but Betty.. Betty’s my everything. So stay away from her, I mean it.” He growled deep and low.

Archie seemed stunned silent for a moment before he shook his head and took another shaky step forehead

“I can’t do that. I won’t do that. Me and Betty are soulmates, I can make her happy, you can’t.”
Archie yelled.

Jughead squeezed his eyes shut, the anger boiling in his stomach
“Betty is my girlfriend. She’s mine, not yours. If I find out you so much as touched her..”

“What are you gonna do Jughead? Kill me like the Serpent you are?” He taunted

That was it, soon Jughead and Archie were both on the floor fists flying before Betty and Fred came fumbling through the doors, Fred got a hold of Archie as Betty bent down beside Jughead

“What’s going on here?! Fred called me over and said you two were shouting? What is this about?!” Betty gently titled Jugheads head back and held her sleeve under his bleeding nose.

“He came here, he started it!”Archie defended himself.

“You’re a coward Andrews!” Jughead growled, rising from the floor and heading down the stairs

“We are going to talk about this later Archie Andrews but right now I am going to go tend to my boyfriend.” She was gone in a flurry of pastel pink and ballet flats.

Fred looked down at his son
“She’s made her choice. It’s time to move on.” With one final disappointed glance toward his bleeding son Fred left the room.

“Jughead! I can’t run in flats!” Betty called from behind the speeding beanie wearing boy he abruptly stopped, he never wanted her to hurt, not because of him.
“Juggie” She panted “what happened?”

Jughead whipped around
“He’s in love with you Betty! God can’t you see?!And he’s right, you deserve someone like him, someone who can give you a life! I’m stuck here! I’m a Serpent I can’t go anywhere! You can do so much better than this life!”

Betty stared blankly for a moment, wide eyes filled with tears before she flung to him, fingers wrapping around the Signature S on his jacket
“I’m as much a Serpent as you are Jughead Jones and if you’re stuck here I’m stuck with you. I love Archie, as a brother. I love you as so much more. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I don’t care where or who you are as long as I’m with you.” She held on until she felt him squeeze back, so tight she felt it in her lungs.

“Okay Juliet. Okay.” He whispered against her neck.

“Take me home Juggie.”

And so a tiny blonde and a dangerous dark haired boy rode through the dark place they loved so desperately heading toward the trailer they would call home for the next four years of their lives all the while a redheaded boy watched from his window, a single thought running through his mind

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.


Pairing: Reddie with background Stenbrough and Mike/Ben + lesbian!Bev

Word Count: 1904

Prompt: modern, college, soulmate au

Warning: mention of childhood abuse (but only in the past – not major theme)

Dedication: my faves in the loser club gc !!!!


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tell me a lie

I couldn’t sleep so here, have this. I’m running on zero hours of sleep so if it’s shit, don’t be too hard on me.

ya’ll already know who i’m thanking for looking this over ;) @itstenafterfour

Summary: Jughead Jones has loved Betty Cooper since they were fourteen years old. So how the hell does he end up as a guest at her wedding to another man? 

Angst with a happy ending. :)

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EXCLUSIVE: Inside source reveals L-corp executive Lena Luthors scandalous entanglement in business and pleasure with up-and-coming college soccer star

By: Kim Spencer. CatCo Magazine


Lena Luthor has been an item in many media outlets for some time now. She’s already done remarkable things in her position as first-line executive in her family company L-corp at the ripe age of 25. Fresh out of business school and plum-faced, her division launched a successful eco-friendly bio-fuel for commercial airlines that propelled the company to a top ten position in the stock market.

But Luthors adventures don’t stop with just business. Since november last year, numerous speculations have surfaced concerning her relationship with a very special college soccer star: Kara Danvers. Luthor herself has declined an interview, but an inside source reveals all you need to know about this gal pal entanglement. Spoiler alert: it’s a little bit messy, and all kinds of juicy.

The story seems to begin during kick-off for college soccer season in 2016. Kara Danvers was a young and promising box-to-box midfielder for Stanford college, playing in first division, and in the spotlight from media and scouts for professional teams like. There were rumors about calls from both Bayern-München and Toronto FC. Renowned international clubs wanted Kara Danvers on their team.

Then it happened. Danvers tore her ACL. The dramatic injury occurred during a forceful tackle in the second period of her first match in the season. Even though her team wins, Kara Danvers stands to lose everything.

Soccer facts:

ACL tears are one of the most common injury in soccer players
An ACL tear is a tear in the ligament of the knee
The severity of the injury greatly varies, and some recover after a short break and physical therapy
Danvers’ tear was severe, and she needed surgery to ever dream of returning to the field. claims her entire career is on the line. she risks losing her scholarship, and in turn her college education. “Surgery can fix her knee, but the window into professional leagues is small, and she’ll be on the bench for a long time.”

Although this article isn’t backed by a source, it’s plausible to believe. Danvers is from a small town called Midvale. She was raised by a single mother, and her older sister Alex Danvers is on the rocks with several drug convictions over her head. The young protegee has always been avoidant of the press, but during this time she full-out disappears. Some believe she’s already left Stanford and is living life back in Midvale. Stanford college refuses to comment on the situation.

We can only imagine how difficult such a time is for a young journalism student. In a rare interview after her team won the league last year, she proclaimed with excitement that her dream was to play for the national team in the 2020 olympics. Now she may never play professionally.

But then a white knight sweeps in. L-corp suddenly awards Kara Danvers with a full scholarship, even though they had previously filled all their spots for “Influential young voices”. L-corp denies any correlation between the scholarship and the injury, stating that “Danvers application had been lost by an intern, but was too strong to pass up. We see a good investment in Kara Danvers.” This could be a plausible explanation, save for the fact that Danvers already had a soccer scholarship paid in full, and the fact that Danvers’ cousin and reporter Clark Kent is a well known friend of L-corp CEO Lex Luthor.

Here’s the juicy part you’ve all been waiting for: During summer break Kara Danvers was spotted on a private beach with Lena Luthor herself. At the time, it was attributed to Danvers’ cousin and his involvement with the Luthors, but upon further investigation it doesn’t seem like he was present at all. In fact, the day after this photo surfaces Clark Kent released a political think peace as a corresponder in Brüssel concerning Brexit for The Daily Planet.

The scholarship seems to be the rescue. Stanford releases a much awaited press statement concerning Kara Danvers, informing the world that her spot will be waiting for her when she is ready. Coach for Toronto FC tweets: “The best players of all times are the ones who didn’t give up.” And: “Good luck with your recovery @Kara_Danvers, and don’t mind the speculating press.”

Lena Luthor is spotted one wednesday in december wearing a Stanford soccer sweater at a store downtown, picking up ice-cream, eggs, toilet paper and protein powder. Photo: James Olson. Our inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous reveals Luthor has never cared for sports, much less college soccer.

Our source has also seen Kara Danvers in the L-corp office “more times than she can count. The higher-ups says it’s always because of Clark Kent, or L-corps business investment in her journalism career. But we all know better. They’re dating of course!”

We can’t say for certain. In an e-mail Kara Danvers’ agent discloses that “[she] will happily talk about her football career with serious press, but will not have her personal life scrutinized and on display in a [redacted] tabloid magazine.” There have been numerous sightings of the two throughout the city, seemingly just enjoying each others company.

Kara Danvers played her first match after her recovery yesterday, the closing match for the season. And for some reason Lena ‘doesn’t care about sports’ Luthor was seated right in the VIP lounge. Makes you wonder.

If the two stars, one corporate and one soccer, are involved in an intense lip-lock, it sure is scandalous, and a serious conflict of interest. Some eyebrows will be raised. But we guess love conquers all.

Talk about power couple.

BTS taking their S/O out to a ball game


Yoongi will most likely take you out to a basketball game. You guys love basketball. Considering the fact that you two are the same person made the night even better. You guys screamed when your team made a basketball, curse up a fucking storm when the other team made it, pissed off the fans of the team yall hated and made cute faces whenever the camera was on you.  

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Baseball was Kookie’s favorite sport, you guys would always go to games and have the absolute best time. This time was special though because kookie was actually playing the game! He was the patcher, you sit on the bleachers super excited and whenever kookie was up to bat you would scream at the top of your lungs. Jungkook loved this so much, you were his #1 supporter. 

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Rap Mon 

Rap mon lived for football, he always attended the games but without you because you never wanted to go. You never really saw the point of the game. Until this one time where namjoon practically begged you to come because it was his birthday. You went and had the best time ever, you were actually hyper than namjoon was. You honestly didn’t know what you were missing. You screamed and yelled like you’ve been watching football all your life. Namjoon found it so cute and it really a turn on to see you like something he loved. 

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Jimin knew absolutely nothing about sports, his thing was dancing but he did anything for. Your favorite sport was baseball you and your family have been into it your whole life. Only thing was you never been to an actual game! So of course when he heard that he bought you tickets and made sure to give you the best night possible. 

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Jin wanted to surprise you with something for your birthday, something cool and different. He knew that you really had a thing for sports. So he thought out the box! and he bought you tickets to a soccer game…..

you don’t even like soccer but it’s the thought that counts? 

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J hope 

Hobi wanted to scream every time you brought up going out to a ball game with him, he knew everything about track and field. But you don’t run, so you just went to the game by yourself.  

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“Y/N you know nothing about basketball!”

“Tae I know everything I need to know! Wanna bet on tomorrow's game?”

“I bet you that the Cavs will win, and I’ll buy us the tickets right now because you’ll be paying me back when you lose anyway.” Tae said laughing at you 

“Well, I bet the Warriors well win!” you fired right back. 

“ Yeah, in your dreams baby.” he winked at you. 

…. The Warriors won, you seriously knew all you needed to know. 

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 Requesttt guysss! ~ Rae ♥

What I Wish I’d Known Freshman Year (a.k.a. How to Survive Your First Year of High School)

I’ve been thinking about making this post for a while now and have gotten some asks about freshman year so without further ado, here it is. Freshman year considered the worst year of high school by most. You’re young, nervous, and stuck in this big new building with big and ‘scary’ upperclassmen and have probably heard all these rumors and stories about the teachers and how hard they are. It’s definitely a confusing time but fear not, it’s not as bad as it seems!

  • Grades matter but it’s not life and death. Grades are important. Most colleges only look at your GPA from grades 9-11 and possibly first semester senior year so you’re looking at freshman year grades being worth as much as 33% of the GPAs colleges see. That’s a lot. So please don’t take grades as a joke and not study/not take things seriously. You could jeopardize your college chances or make it really difficult to rebound. With that being said, it’s ok to get a B or two and to struggle a bit. You’re getting used to a new schedule and a new class rigor so some stumbling is to be expected. Just don’t dig yourself into a hole you won’t be able to get out of. Show up to class on time, do your homework, take notes, study hard for tests, and ask for help if you need it.
  • Be nice to your teachers. There’s this idea that if you get along with your teachers you’ll be ostracized as the teacher’s pet. That is not true (and anyone who thinks that has no idea what they’re saying). Being the “teacher’s pet” or nice to teachers isn’t a bad thing. See, freshman year teachers are stuck having classes full of squirrely and immature 14 year olds who make their life difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one student in the class who was nice to them and appreciated what they do? If you’re nice to your teachers, they’re much more likely to be more lenient with you if you have some outside issues that affect your school work, they’ll be eager to help you, and you’ll do much better in the class. Most teachers are smart, kind, and interesting people that are definitely worth knowing. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me during high school that I was friends with my French teacher from freshman year and my junior and senior year English teacher who helped me with my college apps and valedictorian speech. You’ll benefit more than you know.
  • Make a friend in every class. Because you’re just starting out, you most likely won’t know that many people. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of having to choose partners for a project or activity and you don’t know anybody. Thus, you should make an effort to get to know a person in each one of your classes. It’s a good way to make new friends and they’ll be super helpful if you miss a day and need to get the homework. I met one of my best friends freshman year in biology so who knows, you could meet your future best friends too.
  • Don’t be stupid. And by that, I mean don’t party hard, experiment with hard drugs (or any drugs for that matter), and don’t get drunk. You’re young and I know it seems cool to get drunk or stoned, but it can negatively affect your schoolwork, health, and social life. It’s not worth it. You’ll have time later to experiment and have fun but freshman year of high school is not a good time to do so. Let’s not mention the numerous legal consequences if you’re caught underage with drugs or alcohol and how detrimental they can be towards your future.
  • Get involved. I know you’re new and probably have no idea what you want to do with your life yet (and if you do, it will most likely change as you go through high school) but find activities both inside and outside of school that you think you’ll enjoy. Some ideas are sports teams, student council, volunteering, clubs etc. It’s not only starting to prepare your college resume (although you shouldn’t be worrying about college apps yet) but also helping you make new friends and discover what you’re really into. Don’t be afraid to join something for whatever reason. Chances are, everyone’s nervous because it’s freshman year and they don’t know anybody so you’re all in the same boat.
  • Be organized. This will help you all throughout high school and getting a system set freshman year will only work in your favor. First, get a planner or agenda. Write down all of your homework, tests, quizzes, and projects and when they’re due and any other events like club meetings or practices so you’ll know what your week looks like. It will prevent forgetting anything important and will help you manage your time. Also find a study system that will work for you. Experiment with different note taking and study methods until you find one that works for you. And finally, don’t eat the elephant a.k.a. don’t leave your homework for Sunday night. It’s not fun and you’ll tire yourself out. Be proactive and get things done early.
  • Make friends with the upperclassmen. They will help you more than you know. I know they look intimidating, but talk to them! Most of them are super nice and can help you get to know your high school better, give you gossip, and you’ll look super cool talking to your upperclassmen friends. Truthfully, up until junior year, I got a long better with the upperclassmen than kids my grade because they were more mature.
  • Relationships don’t matter. It sounds harsh but it’s true. You’re not going to be together with your freshman year significant other for a long period of time, you’re just not. You’ll both grow and mature and realize you want different things and breakup and that’s ok. Don’t take your relationships too seriously and make them your whole life because you’ll regret it. Instead, your dating life should be more about having fun than something serious and long lasting. 
  • Make an effort to participate in school spirit activities. It doesn’t have to be all of them or even most but you should attend some events. Try to make it out to a football game, go to homecoming, and attend spirit rallies or assemblies. I get that some of you don’t like them because they’re loud and can be boring, and that’s fine, but spirit events are a great way to bond with your class and get a feel for what high school really is. They make great memories and it would be awful to look back on high school senior year and realize you’ve never been to one school activity.
  • Mental health is super important. Please don’t ignore it because it affects every facet of your life. Talk to someone if you’re depressed, anxious, stressed, overworked etc. Get the help you need. Don’t hide your problems and think they’ll go away because they most likely won’t and you’ll suffer in your academics, social life, and overall health. You’ll naturally feel different all year because high school is a big transition and you’re getting used to everything but make an effort to reach out to friends, teachers, counselors, and parents to talk about how you’re feeling.

That turned out kind of long but I hope it was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck next year! 

okay y'all, i know you guys don’t really seem to like the new heathers tv show that much yet, but I would like you guys to consider what this show could possibly hold for the heathers universe!

• Heather C could have a full backstory, showing her family life as well as the reasons why she acts the way she does, maybe even a redemption arc!

• Heather M might struggle with her attraction to girls and discover more about herself + sexuality

• Heather D could finally be more than just bulimia and a red hair band! we could know finally more about who he is, and what kind of life he lives!

• JD might have an accurate portrayal of mental illness + abusive homelife, with his character slowly descending into a more chaotic mindset as the show goes on, not just having him reduced to “Psycho Trenchcoat Kid”

• Veronica might deal with some mental illness herself, and she hopefully won’t be the stereotypical white blonde female protagonist who doesn’t get consequences to her actions

• Betty. Finn. Finally. Having. A. Full. Character. Brings. Me. So. Much. Life. Since we didn’t get to know much about the movie Betty, seeing what the directors make Betty become will be very exciting for me.

• Kurt and Ram being “modern” high school assholes who get away with all sorts of shit because they’re on the football team, but they eventually get caught.

i know that this show isn’t the heathers we all know and love, but i encourage you guys to give this show a chance. I know a lot (maybe all) of my ideas won’t be in the show, but they are possibilities for what it could be. we won’t know anything until we can watch a couple episodes and then decide for ourselves wether or not it’s a good show.


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It was safe to say you weren’t anything like your adoptive siblings. You weren’t as popular, you didn’t care much about football or cheerleading. Not to mention you were dating Jughead Jones. Despite all this you loved Jason and Cheryl so when Jason died you were devastated.

“He didn’t even get to live a full life” you said to Jughead as you looked through an old photo album. Tears fell down your face as you found picture of you and Jason laughing and smiling together.

Jughead didn’t say anything, probably because he didn’t know what to say but him at least being here with you was helpful.

“I know Jason wasn’t the nicest guy but…”.

“He didn’t deserve what happened to him” Jughead assured “you didn’t deserve this either. [Y/N] I’m sorry but i’ll be here if you ever need anything”.



“Captain, teammate, friend, machine…

Who knew this day would come. 17 seasons with the first team. 17 years passed too soon, Xavi. We know that getting there isn’t easy, but the trick is to always stay up, just as you did.

I don’t think any of us can imagine the first day of training next season without you among us.

You, who has always welcomed the new players with a smile and a word of encouragement. Who has explained the responsibility that comes with wearing this shirt and defending this crest. The football world thanks you for all that you’ve given, which is so much. We give you thanks for being an example to all.

Thank you for always putting the team first, before yourself.

Thank you for conveying all of the values that you’ve learned in the 24 years you’ve been at this club.

Thank you for all of your advice, which has always been incredible and authentic lessons about football and life for us.

Thank you, because you’ve always been the voice of experience in our dressing room. The player that has given us the historical memory necessary for us to value what we’ve achieved together.

You’ve lived through criticism and praise, good and bad moments. Thank you Xavi, because you’ve made us stronger. Any culé knows you’ve defended the Barça shirt more times than anyone else, and whenever you did, it was with all of your passion and your love.

All of us who know you know that you’ll be back, because this is your home. Because you have a Catalan heart and soul and blaugrana in your blood. The reality has exceeded your dreams, and now you have time to evaluate everything you’ve got. Your family, your friends, the people you have always accompanied in football, and certainly today, I remember your grandfather - more culé than the flag. If he was here today, he would be so happy and proud to see all of this.

Personally, I would like to thank you for all these years - not just for the magical moments, but for the day to day, for how much you’ve helped me, and all of the talks that we’ve had about things that are not about football. For being able to play together or apart. For being my teacher. It’s been a privilege to be by your side. You are great.

Thank you Xavi, for all you’ve done for this club and all you still have left to give. You will always be with us, my friend.”

- Andres Iniesta

Injured Football Player Ch 5

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Summary: Bucky’s doctors appointment didn’t go as well as he thought it would. He takes out his anger on the reader.

Word Count: 1088

A/N: I’m back! I couldn’t write a series without some angst, so this chapter is jammed back with angst and the next one has a little bit of angst! Thanks again for reading! If you want to be added to the tag list, just ask! Enjoy!

(Chapter 4)

 Bucky sat in the chair next to you bouncing his leg. You were at his doctor’s appointment to check on the progress of his collarbone.

 You put your hand on his leg, “Buck, calm down. Everything is gonna be okay." 

 "I’m just nervous. If everything is going good, I can play in two weeks,” he played with your engagement ring.

 "Whatever the doctor says, we will handle it, okay?“

 He brought your hand up and kissed it, as if that was going to calm him. 

 "Bucky Barnes,” Dr. Bruce Banner walked in, “how are we doing?”

  Bucky stood up and shook his hand, “Doing pretty good Doc.”

 "Y/N,“ Dr. Banner held his hand out, "it is always a pleasure to see you.”

 "Hello Dr. Banner,“ you smiled.

 "So Bucky,” he sat down at his desk, “I’ve got some bad news. Your collarbone isn’t healing as well as we would like it to. So we are gonna go back in and add a couple screws to the plate.”

 "What does that mean?“ You asked him.

 "How much longer am I going to be out, Doc?” Bucky asked.

 Dr. Banner sighed, “Honestly, Bucky, you will be lucky lucky if you will get to play the last two weeks of the regular season.”

 You ducked your head and let out a sigh. Bucky ran his hand down his face and sighed, “So what do I do now?”

 "We schedule you for the surgery as soon as possible and get you back in there. The sooner we get that done, the quicker we can get you into PT, and hopefully the sooner you get back onto the field,“ Dr. Banner saw Bucky’s long face, "Listen son, I know this isn’t the results that you wanted, but we would rather it take a little longer to heal properly, than you going out on the field and getting hurt again.”

 "I understand. Thank you Doc,“ Bucky forced a smile as he shook his hand. 

 Bucky didn’t say a word while you scheduled his surgery, the whole way down to the car and the drive back home. He walked into the house and went straight to his office, closing the door.

 You sat down on the couch when your phone went off. It was a your dad calling. You sighed when you answered it, "Hey Dad.”

 "So how did the doctors go?“ You dad asked.

 You rubbed your forehead and let out a sigh, "He isn’t healing like they wanted. So they are going to go back in next week to put screws in to help the healing. The doctor said he would be lucky if he played at all this season.”

 "Oh damn, how is he taking it?“

 "He didn’t say anything the whole drive home, and he is in his office right now,” you put your face in your hand, “I’ve never seen him like this Dad.”

 "He will be okay. He just needs to be able to process,“ your dad always tried to make things sound better for you, "Don’t worry, sugar, he will come around. Promise.”

 "Okay, Dad,“ you looked at your watch, "I better go start supper.”

 "Alrighty. Love ya kid.“

 "Love you too. Bye Dad,” you hung the phone up.

 You were in the kitchen cooking dinner when you heard a crash coming from Bucky’s office. You ran in to see him throwing trophies against the wall. You ran over to him, “Bucky! Bucky stop it! What the hell are you doing?”

 He looked at you; his eyes were filled with anger and hurt, “What am I doing? What the hell am I doing? All of this means nothing now,” he threw the trophy he had in his hand, “It means nothing!”

 “What are you talking about? Hey, look at me,” you grabbed his good arm and turned him around to you, “What are you talking about?”

 “Don’t you get it, Y/N, this is my contract year! Do you really think the Dallas Cowboys are going to negotiate with someone who will be out all year? Because they wont! So all of this,” he waved his arm around, “this life, this house, us, means nothing! Absolutely nothing Y/N!”

 “You know they will negotiate with you! You are the best wide receiver they have ever had! Bucky, they will keep you! I promise,” you tried to brush the hair out of his face but he jerked away.

 “God damn it, Y/N, you don’t get it! You can’t just wish things better,” he yelled at you, “All you care about is me getting a big contract so you can live this fancy life. The only reason you are concerned about me is because you are so worried you wont be have your perfect Dallas Cowboys football player’s wife life! Everything is falling apart! Everything is falling apart! Fuck! I had everything, now I have nothing! I had the perfect life just a month ago!”

 You felt the tears falling down your face, “How dare you! I have done everything for you, and you treat me like this?” you wiped your face, “Your life is falling apart? You have lost everything? Well, you just lost me,” you took your engagement ring off and threw it at him. You stormed out of the house and drove off.

 Everything that just happened registered to Bucky. He looked down and saw your engagement ring was at his feet. Everything that he had just said to you sunk into his mind.

 “Oh God, no! No, what have I done,” he cried out picking up your ring. He ran outside and saw your car gone.

 He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed your number, “Y/N, baby, please pick up! Pick up!”

 You saw he was calling so you sent it straight to voicemail. You cried as you drove down the road.

 “Y/N, baby, please call me. I am so sorry. Oh, God, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean it! Please, call me,” Bucky left a message on your phone.

 Bucky sat on the front steps of your house and cried. He clutched the ring in his hand. He didn’t know why he said such horrible things to you. You were not the reason that he was upset, you were just there and he took it out on you. You were the one who had been there since day one, before he was a famous football player. You didn’t want to be with Bucky for the money, you were just with him for him.

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Klaine one-shot - “Winner Takes All” (Rated PG13)

Following the sex-a-thon that ensues after Will and Emma’s disastrous wedding, Blaine takes Kurt out for a much needed break.

Kurt is less than thrilled with Blaine’s venue of choice. (2437 words)

Notes: This is a re-write.

Read on AO3.

“Okay, I know I said that you got to pick where we went on our “date” (Kurt includes air quotes to indicate that this isn’t actually a date, a fact that Blaine has been reminded of about three times in the past hour … and which he’s rolled his eyes about with each reiteration), but what about me screams bowler to you?” Kurt asks as he peruses the various multicolored bowling balls, cringing visibly at the idea of sticking his fingers into any of them.

“It’ll be fun! I promise.” Blaine chuckles as his disgusted ex walks along beside him, searching for a ball to use. “Take a walk on the wild side.”

“Ugh! Don’t say walk. It’s bad enough that I’m wearing a pair of shoes used by at least several hundred other people.” Kurt turns a ball around on the rack to check the weight. “As it is, I’m going to have to throw the socks I’m wearing in the trash after tonight.”

“Which pair? You’ve got three on!”

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Hi !!!! First of all i love your blog and your writing !!! Do you have any headcanons for isak talking to even about his family and life at home when he was younger? I'm a sucker for h/c so that'd be great !! Hope you're having a lovely day 💝

  • it’s the nicest things Isak remembers that are the hardest to share, because everything feels a little bit tainted by how violently it all fell apart
    • he’ll be sharing a fun memory of the day the football team he played on age 8 won their championship and his parents took him for pizza and let him babble about the two (two!!!!) goals he scored and then his voice will trail off and Even just pulls him closer and kisses his forehead and says that maybe one day they’ll all be having dinner praising Isak on his university grades rather than the goals he scored
    • Isak particularly struggles talking about his mother, because even though he’s learned a lot about mental illness he still feels such a disconnect between his mother he remembers from his childhood and his mother now. talking about her before she really got ill always make him a little teary eyed, but Even always wipes those tears away
      • Isak mostly feels bad about how harshly he judged his mother, how harshly he still does sometimes judge her, for something she can’t control but hurts him so much.
      • Even always squirms a bit when Isak admits this, because he knows he himself has caused Isak pain with his illness through no fault of his own and it places him in the uncomfortable position of empathising with Isak’s mother and feeling incredibly bad for Isak
      • talking about Isak’s mother inevitably leads to them having a brief talk about their own mental health, about how they’ll look after each other through the ups and downs and sideways and whatever else life throws at them because neither of them could just leave the other like Isak’s dad left his wife
  • Isak doesn’t have a lot of memories of his dad, but all of them leave a bitter taste in both Isak and Even’s mouths because neither of them are particularly fond of Terje Valtersen
  • a lot of the time Isak doesn’t need to talk for Even to see the impact his childhood had on him
    • the first time they had a proper fight and Even rose his voice he watched the way Isak immediately switched off. the lights were on but no one was home. after that Even made sure to keep his voice level during arguments so they can talk it out rather than set off Isak’s hard wired self preservation instinct.
    • their upstairs neighbours quite often have screaming matches and Even hates it because Isak almost always ends up in their bed with the pillow jammed over his head.
      • he starts off putting his music on and playing it so loud that Even can hear the earbuds crackling a little, but their neighbours seem to shout at a trillion decibels
      • Even doesn’t want his boyfriend to go deaf though, so he always removes the earphones and Isak goes straight for the bed. it isn’t a question that Even will follow. he wraps Isak in their duvet in safe cosy little boyfriend burrito and tries to distract Isak through the noise
      • after the first couple of times when Even realised this was going to be a regular occurrence he saved up some money and bought Isak noise cancelling headphones (Isak was very grateful for those)
  • there are times when Isak will tell Even something and Even is the one to get upset, because it isn’t fair that Isak had to deal with so much so young
    • Isak just shakes his head and tells Even that he’d do it all over again - living in Eskild’s basement and all - if it meant it lead him to that moment right then lying in Even’s arms trading secrets and kisses and feeling safer than he ever has in his entire life

((I don’t even know what to say here, if I’m completely honest.  It might seem like a lot of rambling as I go forward.  I haven’t really had a moment to take it all in yet.  But death is a weird thing for me and it just hasn’t hit me fully until now.  You can ask me on my mod blog about it.

@askrustynail is one hell of a guy.  That must be said.  It cannot go unsaid.  Rusty is one of the very few that have been around as long as I have in this community.  And he is without a doubt deserving of a place on the Mount Rushmore of Tumblrpon.  Not only for his unique blog and his fun character, which is how we were introduced to him.  But for his kindness, his brilliance, his giving spirit.  That is what I and anyone who’s met him in person will take away from him.

I first met him at Trotcon 2013.  It was where I got my first jar of honey vanilla vodka from him.  It wouldn’t be the last jar I would get either.  I will fully admit that it wasn’t my favorite drink.  I did sample it from time to time, but I enjoyed sharing it with friends just as much.  I took the jar I got at Bronycon ‘15 to an Illini tailgate and shared it with my college buddies there.  Daniel said it was one of the best drinks he’s ever had in his life.

I still have the jar he gave me at Trotcon last year.  I plan on sharing it with everyone when we get back together this year, in a toast and tribute to him.

Rusty is a genius at mixing drinks.  He helped Wiggles and I out immensely during King Pirate Power Hour at Trotcon last year, serving as the unofficial bartender for the panel.  He got me to sample a drink that was basically hot sauce with alcohol in it.  It took me by surprise, but it was good.  He made that panel a lot more fun.

Rusty is hilarious too, and is outstanding at dishing out puns.  I know all you guys think I’m really good at it (for some reason), but Rusty was a pro at it.  During Punanel last year with Sam, I invited Rusty to come on it.  He stole the show for that hour and had people roaring with laughter.

Most of all, Rusty has a kind heart and spirit.  He’s always willing to help people out.  He’s always able to sense when people are in trouble or stressed and give them a calming presence.  And you could talk to him about anything too.  One of the last times we chatted in person, Rusty and I were talking about public radio and what I could try to do to get our station’s name out there more.

It’s going to suck to go to Trotcon or Bronycon this year, and not see him there.  There’s going to be an empty feeling, and everyone is going to wish he was with us for one more round or one more conversation.

I know this is going to sound cliche, but we can’t take life for granted.  Rusty is only one year older than me, and he’s not going to be with us anymore.  That’s just not fair.  He was taken too young from us.  I know I’m going to try and make a better effort to reach out to friends old and new, because I wish I had chatted with him more outside of conventions.  We should all strive to live life like he did.

And my heart goes out to @technomod.  It’s not fair for Rusty and Tech didn’t get to live the rest of their lives together.  We’re all thinking about you and want to help you in anyway possible.

So here’s to a last call with Rusty.  I’ll miss you good sir.  I’ll see you on the other side for drinks and arguments over football.))

being asexual is about the same as watching football for me.  Allow me to explain:

I don’t like football or understand why anyone does, but I do understand the rules and once upon a time I thought I liked playing it.  In fact, most of my life the Greater Hive Mind of social interaction REQUIRED me to know about football, to have a preferred team and to agree or disagree about Popular Opinions regarding Football.  Of course there was my Family’s View on Football to contend with as well.  Meanwhile, I’m in a corner, contemplating if ANYONE really cares that much about football or if they’re all basically faking it the way I am.

But there are people out there that are fucking nuts about football: like they have team shirts, and team colors, and they do that tailgating thing.  And they have all these ideas about the Right and Wrong way to love Football, about who can love football and to what degree.  They learn all this shit about football players and they argue ethics and rules and if things don’t turn out how they like it, they shout obscenities at the refs even if its not their fault.  (Or even, make up new and exciting things to say about the players.)  

There’s also a general understand and fellowship when you meet others that like football, an understood “yes we can be friends, because we too love watching other people throw balls around for competitive athletic purposes.”

And like, the people actually playing football are there for all kinds of reasons: to make money, to have fun, to compete, to interact with others.  And then there’s the whole “he’s a master of the football” thing where if you throw the ball a certain way you’re TOTALLY AMAZING and if you can’t throw it so well you’re basically a girl, and girls probably can throw the football pretty well but they aren’t allowed to advertise that because it’s a Man Thing, ok.

And people who love football are so DEFENSIVE about it.  Like you can’t just say, “I’m not really into football,” because all of a sudden it’ll be a twenty minute lecture about how FOOTBALL IS LIFE or how it’s probably just because you’ve never BEEN TO THE GAME and they might agree that there are some bad points to football, or they might actually be one of the few that have no strong feelings about football but they grew up with football and now they have to have an opinion about football and since they do, you should, and your opinion can’t be: “I don’t care for it.”  There’s an overwhelming presence to football.

AND YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TEAM, you can’t just be like: oh well those guys look cool.  NO YOU MUST HAVE A TEAM.  And you can’t just pick a team that’s doing well because then they assume you’re just jumping on a bandwagon because it’s popular.  No you have to prove your worth by showing off how much you know about your team or you’re not a Real Fan.  AND GOD FORBID YOU REACH A POINT WHERE YOU’RE LIKE: ACTUALLY I THINK THIS OTHER TEAM IS MORE MY STYLE.  It’ll be 10 years of “you traitor” and “i don’t even think we can be friends anymore since you abandoned our team” even in jest that gets super annoying.  And you cannot just observe a group of Football Fans, or dip your toe into Football Life because there’s a pre-qualifier for every level of it so if you have no opinion or don’t know the secret code words you can’t get admitted to the party.  It’s insane that there’s even enough vigor about Football that you can legitimately EXCLUDE PEOPLE from Watching/Loving/Thinking about it if they don’t meet those minimum requirements.  It’s even more insane that this is Socially Acceptable.

I mean, I literally can’t imagine a scenario in which I would ever attend a football game.  But when the occasion calls for it, I have enough stored memory to reminisce about the game because I don’t have enough time in my life to deal with your opinions about my opinions about something as stupid as football.

And that’s exactly the same experience I have with sex, and people talking about it, and their views on it, and all the rules around it, and the arguments over it, and all that pressure you have put on you from basically the minute you’re born that one day you too will grow up and join the great Humanity that Must Sex to Live.  

Yeah ok, the world’s overpopulated, my hobbies don’t involve nudity generally, the only sport I’m down for is speed typing, I don’t want to have sex with you, and I’ve got shows I actually care about to watch so, move along my friend.  Move along.

I think that just, a really Cool Thing about 177776 that I’ve been trying to pin down is, it really IS just meant to be an adventure.

Throughout the story there is daunting existentialism at the fact that things have gone unchanged for so long, and changes DO HAPPEN in the eyes of Nine, but the whole story has an overwhelming feeling of “this is just how things are. There are no problems left and this is a whole new world that isn’t MUCH different.” It’s not going out to tell us that the future is full of awful things, and it’s not out to tell us that there’s going to be tons of advances either. It’s realistic but in comparison to most other predictions of the future it’s very..optimistic and a breath of fresh air..

And the fact that we are largely seeing this through the eyes of Nine, who is just now experiencing this world again and seeing all these changes but never actually Living on earth and viewing it mostly as an feels in a way like he and the other satellites are just reading along with us. It all feels very personal, and the lack of consistent concrete conflict makes the overall story feel like we truly are experiencing a series of actions that ebb and flow just like real life, which makes it all believable. We’re viewing as outsiders, just like the satellites are, and trying to piece together experiences on Earth into a story WITH them.

And you know the story will go on even after you’re finished reading because, nothing has changed! These satellites will still float around in space, people will still play football, Nine will wake up and they’ll all have the same conversations and literally ALL the characters we met will be okay and continue on EXACTLY how they do in the narrative, and you never ever have to worry about the story not going on…it’s consistent and ensured and just, comfortable and real.

I’m Always Here

(Miniminter X Reader)
Imagine Simon breaking down and you being there for him.

A/N: For anyone who has a crush on a certain Sideman… (Simon) ;)

Pairing: Simon/Miniminter X Reader

Warning: Just some cute fluff

Just a little guideline before we start:
Y/N = Your Name
L/N = Your Last Name
Y/YT/N = Your YouTube Name
Y/C/N = Your Country Name

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welcome to my one year anniversary follow forever!! it feels absolutely unreal that I made this blog exactly a year ago on june 25, 2016. back then we were in the midst of the euros and I honestly had no idea what was going on in the football fandom, but I’m happy that I’ve found my place :’) a lot has changed, but my love for football has not!! if anything, I have grown more passionate because I now have clubs I support, too, and people to yell about them with! 

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i get so happy thinking about all the little girls listening to taylor who hear things like “you don’t have to save me” and “not because he owns me” because i remember how much the line “in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team” helped me growing up