because let's be honest his face is the absolute worst

Yo what if instead of completely eliminating Madeleine from 00q fics we make her an actual character who ships James and Q just as much as we do

Like imagine:

- Her and Moneypenny gossiping about their two favorite lovestruck dorks over coffee in the break room

- While Moneypenny is Q’s right hand woman, Madeleine is Bond’s

- Madeleine constantly uses her psychologist brain tricks on each of them separately to get them to thinking about each other

- Moneypenny and Madeleine devise stupid dorky plans to get them to ask each other out

- Madeleine giving dating tips to Bond

- Madeleine texting Bond stupid heart/sexual innuendo emojis whenever he’s talking to Q

- Madeleine and Moneypenny celebrating with a bottle of champagne when their two dorks actually finally get together

- Madeleine taking care of Q’s cats while he’s away (because lets face it she loves his cats)

- Madeleine and Bond going shopping together (because they have such similar taste lets be honest)

- Madeleine helping Q and Bond plan their wedding because Q has absolutely the worst taste in the color of the table settings and Bond is clueless on where to start

- Madeleine helping Bond choose the best wine for his and Q’s anniversary dinner

- Madeleine doing a “gift check” to make sure Bond isn’t getting Q a stupid Christmas present