because lady a is awesome

You know this girl? 

Yes, this one. 

She’s awesome. She climbs trees like a monkey with an ax, treats twelve-year-olds like equals in her otherwise all-teenage gang of friends, casually survives the apocalypse best out of nearly everyone, and openly expresses that women should take what they want rather than putter around with outdated ideals of purity. And she does it all without the narrative sexualizing her, turning her into a prize to be won, or treating her friendship as a cheap conciliation prize for the protagonist. 

Wendy is awesome. We as a fandom should appreciate Wendy more. 

sometimes I think about the badass moves some of the twd ladies did and I want to weep because they are so awesome.

when Michonne set Rick straight and told him they need to take their chances and go to Alexandria. when Michonne protected her man and knocked down that Hilltop woman after Rick killed someone.  

when Sasha over came her mental health problems. when Sasha wasn’t scared to protect Maggie at Hilltop when the walkers came and she just started slaying the walkers with only a knife.

when Rosita killed a bunch of walker turned saviors then took their guns. when Rosita didn’t fear death just so she could kill negan and save her family. when she lied to negan about the bullet so she could save the others even though she knew she could die. she didn’t fear the knife in her face or the bat what she was mentally tortured with.

when Tara was all alone with the Oceanside community but she wasn’t afraid, she lied to them, played them multiple times so she could escape and when she didn’t succeed she didn’t give it up, she could convince that oceanside girl with the truth, that her family won one fight against the saviors and that they still could win again.

when Maggie chose fighting for life instead of giving despite everything happened to her. she doesn’t suppress her grief she lets herself to mourn her family but she doesn’t let the grief eat her away. she is on the way to become the leader of Hilltop, she gained the trust and respect of one of the most skilled fighter of Hilltop.

when Enid saw her parents die she wasn’t afraid of the world outside of the walls and even though her views about the world, that the world is dying and they should let it die, are not the healthiest she is over coming those and lets herself open up and lets herself love someone. 

Tbh I’m so disappointed that the new ghostbusters game doesn’t have any of the 2016 characters in it.

  • day 1 - favorite quote 
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Don’t forget to tag your edit with ladymidnightchallenge to everyone who is doing or not the challenge see it. This is my idea because I just finished Lady Midnight and this book deserves all the awesome edits we can do. Let’s do this!! Everyone can do the challenge and you can choose the challenge you want, it’s not necessary to do all of them.

PS: I recommend you tag the edits with #lady midnight spoilers because not everyone read the book yet.


By popular demand, by which I mean one of you, here are gifs of usagi just friggin’ clubbing and braining her enemies with her giant pink magic stick. 

You know, everyone seems to be absolutely convinced that, as soon as the Reveal happens, Marinette and Adrien will get together. But lbr, the most likely outcome is far more frustrating.

Adrien will probably start flirting with Marinette, because she’s his lady and she’s awesome and he loves her.

Marinette will shake her head and laugh and tease him, but ultimately return his flirting because she loves Adrien.

They both think the other is just playing around, and that they’re not really serious with the flirting.

Because Adrien was never interested in Marinette, so why would that change now?

And Ladybug never seemed interested in Chat, so obviously Marinette doesn’t like Adrien.

my-insanity-is-an-artform  asked:

For the change 5 things; How about Big Hero 6?

An anon also asked for BH6 as well!

Well, that’s a crummy one lol.  I love that movie so hard it’s hard thinking of things I would change but I’ll give it an honest go.

  1. About the movie itself I would probably add a little bit more backstory to Aunt Cass because I love her character and even though the story was about Hiro and his grief, I think it would’ve been interesting to see Aunt Cass’s grief too.
  2. Looking to the future, I hope that Honey Lemon and GoGo will has episodes that focus on them because they’re awesome characters.  Ladies of science and heroism… actually can I just have a few episodes focusing on all the characters?  Yeah, that’d be great thanks!
  3. Future episodes that deal with Hiro’s relationship with Tadashi.
  4. I think I would’ve also liked a few more subtle hints in the movie that Callaghan was actually Yokai.  Nothing wrong with the hints that they gave but it was just one or two.  I want more.
  5. This last one is definitely about the fandom.  Guys!  I love you but seriously, please leave romantic love out of Hiro and Tadashi’s relationship.  They’re brothers… not… yeah.

Drawing of Peggy - Detail from Captain America by Gassada

Because some people have mentioned what Steve had been up to.

I figured Steve is an artist but Steve is not a saint.
And why should he not do what we as fan artists and authors do, give a shape to his dreams and fantasies even if they never have been or never will be real. Because clearly he was a fan of Peggy.

Also, I am crushing massively on Hayley Atwell.

EXO REACTION When they see their girlfriend with a dress for the first time. (Beagle Line - Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol)

There you go guys~! A brand new EXO Reaction! 



“Oh my! Who’s this pretty girl I’m seeing right now?” Jongdae would be happy to finally see you in a dress. He’d give you a lot of compliments and ask you to keep wearing clothes like that, because you looked awesome.


“You all see this beautiful lady in this pretty dress?”

“Yes we do Baekhyun..” D.O would answer.

“Good! Cuz, you can’t have her because she’s mine, you see?” he’d say more than happy and proud to have such beautiful girlfriend.


The wide smile that he only shows to you would appear as he hugs you, hiding you under his big body.

“You’re gorgeous jagi..”


Hope you all like it! 

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Bellamy Blake + the ladies in his life

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You know no one really ever asks about you guys on here? How are y'all? Are you guys good? Have you guys had enough food and water? Enough sleep? Take care guys and keep doing what you're doing because you ladies are awesome!

LMFAO. This made our night!! We are actually doing really well, thank you so much for asking! And you’re awesome too, thanks so much love 💞💖😍

It is just so amazing to find such good people, who write awesome fanfiction, that makes your toes curl with so much feels; it sorta feel sinful sometimes. Here’s me spreading my appreciation to all you wonderful FT writers here on Tumblr. (‘∀’●)♡

Never stop writing, please. I beg you. (ಥAಥ) ♡