because king is brushing this off like nothing

i struggled with the ending but who cares take it 

au where whatever pain your soulmate feels, u feel. ya feel me


day 5 - hair // soulmates 

“It huuuuuurts,” Hinata cries, holding his right knee in pain. A harsh sting travels around it, like he’s just cracked his kneecap open, or something. In the midst of his pain, he remembers to thank his soulmate for this, whoever that dumb ass is. Tanaka snorts from the seat behind him, leaning over to level him with an amused expression.

“Wow, Shouyo’s soulmate must be a real beast if he’s always getting hurt like this,” he teases, and everyone soon joins in. Kageyama shifts beside him, pushing his earbuds deeper into his ears to block things out. “He’s always getting hurt on his knees; maybe your soulmate is into those activities.” Hinata blushes, and Tanaka bursts into a round of laughter.

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Pet - King!Ryan x Reader

Name: Pet

Pairing:  Ryan Haywood x Reader 

Summary: Based on Pet by A Perfect Circle. (x)

Rating: M for abusive themes.

Word Count: 1,518

Notes: Trigger Warnings for abuse and manipulation. I’m doing a series of king au song fics, so feel free to send in song ideas!

The low murmuring of the square has you on edge as you await the execution. The word ‘traitor’ is whispered only, not said aloud. Somewhere in the distance, a horn is sounded. The sound is long and low, nothing like the cheerful fanfare typical of kings. The noise seems to send a shockwave through the crowd. For a moment the chattering rises to a crescendo; and then perfect silence.

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