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Pokémon Asks

Leaf Stone: What is your favourite grass type?

Fairy Tale Girl: What is your favourite fairy type? 

Alola: Who were your team members in Pokémon Sun/Moon?  

Max Repel: Which Pokémon annoyed you so much, that you ended up using a repel? 

Completionist: How many times have you completed the Pokédex? 

Hex Maniac: What is your favourite ghost type? 

Gym: If you were a gym trainer, what would be your specialist type? 

Kanto: What is your favourite gen one Pokémon?

Team: What team do you belong to in Pokémon Go? 

Gen: Your favourite Pokémon generation? 

Swimmer: What is your favourite water type? 

Ash Ketchum: Your favourite Ash Ketchum (anime) hat? 

Poké Snacks: Poké Puffs or Poké Beans? 

Rotem: What is your favourite region in Pokémon?  

Blizzard: What is your favourite ice type? 

Eevee: Your favourite eeveelution? 

Legend: Your favourite legendary/mythical Pokémon?

Companions: Who is your favourite travelling companion from the anime?

Flame Charge: Your favourite fire type? 

Buddy: Your all time favourite Pokémon?

Name Rater: Do you nickname all your Pokémon, only some or none? 

Hoenn: Ruby or Sapphire? 

Variant: What is your favourite regional variant? 


space craigslist missed connections:

you were a giant fish man, i was the cool smart hot old man you had against a wall. you were either gonna break my face or make out with me but i never got to find out because my shitty grandson scared you off with an ugly gun.


-rick xoxoxo

(el-gar’s face is completely out of my control and it vexes me)


I was really trying, honestly. Messaging every single person, asking not to delete captions, hoping, they accidentally deleted them and will fix it. But in return I got rude answers, telling me to go kill myself (amazing, right). So I just wanted to warn those, who decide to delete credits from edits, my discount codes and links. I will block you. And I don’t care anymore. I was dealing with this for far too long, trying to be nice. But you brought it on yourselves. I can’t be bothered wasting more time and getting answers that makes me the bad guy for asking not to delete captions on MY posts :) So if I see anyone deleting captions, doesn’t even matter if it’s my post or someone else’s. You will get reported and block, on all of my accounts and side blogs. That is huge disrespect and looking down on people who actually put time in making posts. 

And those who think this is ”crying” or being “bitchy”, suck it up and shove it up your sorry anon asses :) More better, block me and unfollow and move on. 

Everyday Enchantments: Accessory Edition

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Looking for some quick and easy magic for your everyday life? Look no further! Here is a quick list of ways to enchant some everyday accessories.


Sunglasses- For blocking out negativity, shielding you from triggering images, hiding emotions

Prescription glasses/contact lenses: See through lies, see somebody’s true self, enhance perception and awareness

Colored contact lenses: Enchant based on colors (i.e green for seeing money-related opportunities, blue for seeing someone’s true feelings, purple for psychic/empathetic/metaphysical awareness

Head gear:

Hats: Covering up flaws, keeping a “cool head”, suppressing unpleasant thoughts or memories

Visors: See sunglasses uses

Ponytail holder: Enchant based on its color. Tying it into your hair keeps the intent locked into place

Hair flowers or bows: “Dazzling” or distracting people, making you look super kawaii because hair flowers/bows are cute af

Flower crowns: Making you feel like a fucking fairy princess or woodland queen. I don’t care what anyone says man, wear that flower crown because you are mystical af and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise dammit


Necklace/ring/bracelet/earrings w/ crystal or gem (real): Research the gem’s properties and enchant based on that (I have an aquamarine pendant that I enchant to help soothe nerves and anxiety)

Necklace that ties onto the neck: Knot magic!

Statement necklace/bracelet/ring: Making you stand out in the crowd, dazzling or distracting people

Friendship bracelet: Attracting like minded people, knot magic, making you appear more youthful or fun


Purses: Keeping secrets safe

Belts: Keeping you strong/motivated/etc

Have fun enchanting your accessories! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thanks for reading,